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    Been waiting for this to be in some kind of sale, it currently has 30% off on Xbox.
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    Vote to reinstate down voting for use of both Holibobs and Famalam?
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    I started playing this today and my day is just gone. Fuck. It's a digital card game in the vein of Hearthstone except the cards are made up of Capcom characters so that was enough to draw me in despite meaning to try one of these out for a while. I guess I just needed my interests tickled more by stuff I think is cool and not fairies and rogues or whatever. Since I'm new to this I dunno how it compares to others but I'm having a lot of fun. I picked Albert Wesker as my character and I'm enjoying being evil. The kinds of cards he has are about powering up defeated cards and turning the last stretch of the game on its head. I guess he might be a necromancer archetype. Sometimes I can't do it, especially against Ryu users who's decks are more about just getting in and doing damage and I can't get set up. But when I do, it feels pretty good. Towards the end of my session I did use what I'd accumulated to buy a load of card packs and I got some good ones but now I'm trying to build my own deck rather than the one you're given. The arts pretty nice. It does have that look that a lot of these games have but still somehow works and all the characters do seem to fit this theme, despite different origins.
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    Case arrived with my PSU and SSD, couldn't resist opening them and taking a look. Ended up mounting the SSD and partially wiring in the PSU which is probably a terrible idea as I'll most likely need to take them out again..
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    I honestly was hovering over the warn button
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    Progress continues ln the motherboard I've fitted the bracket for the cooler and just ordered a ryzen 2700 as it was reduced to £166 which was too good to miss. Also added the ram although may need to pop them back out when I seat the cooler. Incidentally, I can already tell the cooler is going to be painful to fit. In the case I've added two extra 120mm fans as an intake but seated them the wrong way around so had to do them again. Also had to buy some SATA power extensions for the two SATA drives as the power cables with the PSU had L shaped cables which prevented the SSD sitting flush in the mount. Coming together nicely. Just GPU and monitor to sort now *cough* @RoboticMonk3y *cough*
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    or >OBSERVER_ as I think it's actually called Observer is a Rutger Hauer-em'up, it's by the Layers of Fear people and it's fairly similar. Layers of Fear was an exercise in being locked in until you turned around where the level would have changed behind your back. Observer does do that, but nowhere near as much, it's not simply a Layers of Fear with the paintbrush replaced by the microchip There's a bit more game to Observer, which is a bit of a mixed blessing. You play as Dan, an Observer, which as far as I understand it means he's a detective who can go inside people's E-brains and see their last memories. He goes to see his son in a poor district, trying to find out why he needs help and what he's doing in the slums. When he gets there he finds a headless body and can't be sure whose it it, he was attacked by someone or something and that's what most of the game is about. To get on to the trail of the killer you have to examine the crime scene, superficially that's a bit like Batman, but unless something is locked away really it's mostly a token effort, and you're just their to deep dive and experience the trippy nightmare that is their decomposing memory. Observer isn't an especially scary game, it can be at points, but I found Layers of Fear scarier and that was more cool and clever than scary. But the cyber nightmares are an excuse to leave the more grounded reality, they can be cool, they're where the game is even if I prefer the world outside of them. They are home to the worst part of Observer; fail states. There's points where you're being hunted, there's not loads of these moments but they're the worst part. There's also some puzzles in the game, these can be a bit fiddly. It's not so much that they're testing your brain, more that you've tried everything and can see everything I think one of its biggest problems is that it kind of buries the main story. There's 3 things going on, Dan's son, a serial killer, and an evil corporation. I get why it's paced the way it is, it's to have a middle act that doesn't feel drawn out, but it means the middle feels more important than the rest of it. There's a lot of themes running in the background, again probably too many, but it mostly handles them well Overall I quite liked it, or bits of it. I liked the tone and the setting at least. I was pining for it to end well before it wrapped up though, it's probably a little too long but I do think it's more of a pacing issue than anything else
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    So. Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force. Brought to you by the geniuses behind the Mega/HyperDimension Neptunia series, it's a medieval JRPG for the ages. Ok. It's not. It's a bit of a pervy game wrapped in a lovely little Dark Ages anime art style. @Sly Reflex was asking me about it last night, and the only answer I really had was that it's inoffensive. Which I then immediately clarified by saying the GAMEPLAY is inoffensive. The story itself just seems to be an excuse to get questionably aged female characters into questionable states of undress. One character in particular, Harley (who thankfully, looks of age), has a particular comfort with herself, so gets herself into situations like this... Anyway, I've just discovered this game is a remake of a 2013 PS3 game. It uses a modified version of the Neptunia battle system, so it's a turn-based JRPG. You have a circular battle arena and your characters make their moves, then the enemy makes theirs (obviously depending on speed levels). When it's your turn, each character gets an area they can cover, where they have to get close enough to an enemy to make an attack. Or far enough away if you're defending/healing. It's easy enough to get to grips with, and as you progress they introduce more and more twists on the formula. You level up as per RPG rules, then also gain a kind of ability points that allows you to increase your attack, defence, movement and attack range, as well as the amount of physical attacks you can do in a combo. It's a nice idea and lets you personalise each fighter to your play style. The story involves finding swords - known as Furies - and using them to release the Goddess. Well, in my story that's what's happening. You can also release this other dude - he's a bad guy - or there's a third option. I'm not sure if you can release both or what. I assume so. A few other systems are in place, but that's the main gist of the important stuff. After about 10 hours of gameplay I'm around level 10-12 and have 4 characters in my party - Fang (the main character), Tiara, Harley and Galdo. All 4 have three hits in their combo, I've unlocked a few extra moves for all of them, and they all have a Fairy giving them benefits/bonuses. It's good. Not great. But there's enough there - besides the perviness - that's keeping me playing, so i'll carry on at some point this weekend.
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    It's god damn amazing. I like how I'm not constantly being called a potato in this one.
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    This bad boy arrived today, my mother board is arriving tomorrow as well. Last parts now are the CPU and GPU.
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    The truth isn’t always nice like Coca Cola and ice cream. Sometimes it’s harsh like wheatabix and lucozade. But they bring it on them selves
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    Hmm, interesting. Must be good I wonder what this is abou- Nope
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    These were both absolute bastards:
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    I'm amazed this isn't already on other platforms as it's been on pc for a bit and looks ideal for the Switch market. It's a Sonic inspired 2d platformer, Mega Drive style graphics and all. It plays quite a lot like the Sonic Mania Encore dlc, in that you play as Spark the Electric Jester (himself), then pick up power ups that change his moveset, with you being able to switch between a couple of them that you have in stock. Different outfits have different moves, Wind lets you double jump, float a bit, roll like Sonic, but the trade off is that the attacks are weaker and have no range. There's an archer outfit that can't double jump but has range and can attack in different directions If you played Freedom Planet it has the same feel as that, it's floaty in a way the Sonic games weren't, a bit loose to control, and enemies don't feel solid. It's not a huge criticism, but it doesn't feel as tight as classic Sonic which it's aping. I'm enjoying it though, I've been chipping away at it over the past 6 months, and I've put a bit more time in to it over the weekend to get it done. It's fun, not amazing, but deserves to have had a bit more attention that it's had
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    ordered a 3700x a 3600 would have been more sensible but i've been holding off upgrading for ages so went a bit crazy.
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    First two box sets arrived! Millennium era set is in the post and going to order Showa Classics volume 2 later today. Unfortunately the box sets don't have The Return of Godzilla or vs Biolante in them so I have to track them down separately. Minor complaint though.
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    Slow start for me this month. I suppose I finished Bloodstained but apart from that I've just been dabbling in stuff The new Wolfenstein comes out before the end of the month so I'll be playing that. I'm not sure what I'm in the mood for beyond that
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    Yup, 90s for me as Hip Hop went fucking full throttle at this point. Best decade for music for me.
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    Honestly I'm probably more likely to get regret over the amount of hours I've put into games I really enjoyed. Just cause of the 100s of hours that I wont get back. 👴
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    Yeah, if I don't want to play something then I don't. Never pushed my way through something I wasn't up for. Even games I didn't like too much I guess I'm kinda glad I did so then I know what I don't like for sure and can use that going forward.
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    July update: 17/07/2019 - Isabelle, Pokémon Traner, Pichu amiibo - £38.97 (Nintendo UK Store) 24/07/2019 - Fire Emblem: Three Houses (Switch) - £37.99 (Smyths) 30/08/2019 - Astral Chain (Switch) - £38.95 (TheGameCollection) 30/09/2019 - Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan (PS4) - £20.85 (Base.com) 03/09/2019 - Catherine: Full Body - Hearts Desire Premium Edition (PS4) - £69.99 (GAME) 20/09/2019 - The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Limited Edition with Red Rupee Lamp - £74.99 (Nintendo UK Store) 20/09/2019 - Link amiibo - £12.99 (Nintendo UK Store) 15/11/2019 - Pokémon Sword (Switch) - £38.86 (ShopTo) 19/11/2019 - Shenmue 3 (PS4) - £75.71 (Kickstarter)* TBA - Luigi’s Mansion 3 (Switch) - £39.95 (TheGameCollection) TBA - Shovel Knight Treasure Trove amiibo 3-Pack - £34.99 (Amazon) TBA - Snake, Inceneroar, Bulbasoar, Squirtle, Castlevania guys etc. amiibo - £50ish (Nintendo UK store)
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    I'm not sure if I knew this was coming out or not, but there's a PC Engine Mini on the way next year and they confirmed the list of games. Nicely it's all these games, it's just that some of them are Japanese roms so might not have English language to them pretty good list
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    I’m going to say something controversial and I hope you’re ready for it. I don't think the controls are bad. For what they’ve had to do I think they’re serviceable. The problem arises when the controls are different depending on a variety of circumstances. Stood unarmed Stood weapon drawn on horse next to horse slightly further away from horse I do think the shootout/slow mo parts are poor tho. I couldn’t tell you what you need to do in them even now. Just push down on RT slow as fuck? 🤔 I think the first time it happens the game doesn’t even pause? And it’s worded dumb.
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    In most cases I find the term ‘ludonarrative dissonance’ repugnant but in this very specific case it is 100% acceptable
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    Last night was pretty awesome.
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    Two free games on Steam at the mo. Quake 2 has been redone with ray tracing amoung other things. Free to download and keep now. And Age of Wonders 3 is free to download and keep until the 15th.
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    It’s because you are a dirty heathen whose bullshit must be cleansed with fire and lucozade
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    I'm as critical of Nintendo as anyone but I don't think what they've said is contradictory. They could have made it clearer, I'd agree with that, but all it is is that some games won't work with just the Lite
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    Not only that but it's still contradictory even if they watch it. First they say you need Joycons to play 1, 2 Switch. Then they say Switch Lite is compatible with Handheld-enabled games which 1,2 Switch isn't. I already posted this, I don't know why I have to write it again. If you want a clear message out you don't tell people that "you can play A with extra controller C" and then go on to say "Switch Light is compatible with B". Why not just say: Switch Lite plays every game but you need additional controllers if handheld mode isn't supported? Probably too simple and clear for the company that brought us: "2DS, the 3DS that doesn't do 3D" aaand "New 3DS, the 3DS that is still a 3DS but a bit better but no successor".
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    Resident Evil 2. Amazing game. MK11 could have been up there but they fucked it.
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    When Jenova starts counting down is when you just increase DPS and stop healing/buffing. Reflect doesn't work on ultima also.
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    Game has pissed me off now. Tried Jenova 3 or 4 different times and each and every time it has wiped me out with one singal Ultima spell. Why? Because I'm not casting MBarrier or Reflect, or have Final Attack materia. Why? Because I didn't pick the fucking materia up earlier in the game. I've had to reload and fly to literally every town on the map until I found the shop that sold Barrier materia (Rocket Town. I picked up a Time materia for good measure too), and now I'm in the forests around Mideel grinding AP until I get Reflect, making my "You don't need to grind in FFVII" statement earlier moot through my own idiocy. Luckily I have Cloud's Apocalypse weapon with triple growth on it so it shouldn't take too long. Hopefully.
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    Nice one @illdog, really enjoyed your level man I was a bit stumped at the POW block bit towards the end for awhile but managed to figure it out eventually 😂 then had to go back and try for the WR.
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    @Blakey I see you got the world record on Beat the Shell so i returned the compliment on Cats in Trees. I liked it, once i figured out what the fuck to do. I can do it faster too, i know it...
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    This video looks like you're trying to work your kinks out.
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    done her missions. I don't think I did all the food missions first time through so I'll do that. I've got most of the shards, just need 2 from normal enemies plus the ones from the bosses I've not reached 2nd time through yet. The worst part is I still need the 8-bit Overlord, and that means redoing it over and over. I've done it 4 times back to back, so probably 8 times all said, and still not got it. It takes a while, even if you just run along the ceiling, largely because I'm still taking too much damage from him so I don't want to go in lower on health, so I use my heal spell which wipes my magic, so I'm sat waiting for that to charge up. Shame you can't just skip to him edit: got it!
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    Don't you usually have to call up while the radio show is on to win those things? Was she in the hearse and heard, "baby baby baby ohhhh" and was like, hol' up, RIP in peace lil' soldier but momma gotta make that cheddar. This is all very sus.
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    I'm an awful human being because I really hope they say "and dedicated to yesterday's winner, here's Sorry from Justin Bieber".
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    Super Mario Maker 2, Dandy Dungeon and Urban Trial Playground all purchased digitally.
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    Picked up a few Blu Ray's today. Just watched Godzilla (2014) and enjoyed it a lot more than I did the first time I watched it 4 years ago. Felt more like a disaster movie with the humans and MUTOs as the focus, with Godzilla just kinda being there as a Deus Ex Machina. I don't know what settings my mate has his TV on but I had absolutely no problem seeing anything this time. It was dark, but well lit and clear. Itching to see King of the Monsters again now.
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    Off to spend the weekend with a couple of mates, thought I’d pick up a third pad to go along with the Pro Controller and the Hori wired pad. I wondered why this was 20 quid cheaper than the official Pro pad. Turns out it’s because it’s old school battery time. Has mappable buttons on the back for whatever reason. It’s one of these if anyone’s interested. The shop also had a GameCube style pad which was tempting.
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    I used Scan and they were very good.
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    If it helps, I put the machine I roughly have specced out into chillblast and it comes in at about £1000, which means you're paying roughly £250 for someone to build it (although I did add a different cpu cooler instead of the stock one). Not a bad amount to save the hassle of doing it yourself.
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    Yeah that's the dilemma. Doing the research and dealing with issues or let them do the horse work. Cheers. I'll check em out and weight it up 👍🏻
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    I wonder of they got permission from Trent Reznor for episode one. That Miley song is 100% Head Like A Hole. [EDIT] Yes. Yes they did. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/black-mirror-miley-cyrus-nine-inch-nails-songs-845056/ [EDIT] Just finished the episode. Ha.
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