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    A few millennia ago I said i'd have a look at a new MFG logo. I had dabbled a bit and forgot about it, but I stumbled across this the other day. I was going for a CRT screen effect...
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    Did some tidying up so took some pictures. note the Lego GPU brace. Cables in the back could be neater but no one is going to see.
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    Nice article on Eurogamer about the C64 conversion of OutRun: C64 OutRun Article Even if you're too young to remember the arcade game it's a great insight into the 'bedroom programmers' of the 1980s.
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    One of the earlier memories I have is my sister's dad's family had an SNES and seeing them play F-Zero. I'd played some racing games at this point: Hang On and one of the Monaco F1 games but I got the pad passed to me on F-Zero and I didn't get it at all. I put it down to some complicated, technical game at the time. Fucking F-Zero. It's easy as fuck now but then...that Mode 7 was mind fucking.
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    Luigi’s Mansion 3 statue https://www.first4figures.com/groups/luigi-s-mansion-3-pvc.html Hyper expensive but Gears 5 statue https://www.first4figures.com/groups/gears-5-kait-diaz.html Sonic 3 statue 😮
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    Great article. It's the sort of stuff I used to buy Retro Gamer for back when I read magazines. Then I saw the contributor bio at the bottom. Makes sense.
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    Thought you wanted fewer good games to play?
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    I’d like no light, speaker or motion control so it lasts more than 3 seconds. Also I remember putting a cd into my PS4 and then being shocked bugger all happened. More shocking is @DANGERMAN thinking it took a different laser.
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    Look at you fools, talking about backwards compatibility and your hopes and dreams for the future. I won't bite until I see a tech demo of something stupid. My hope is that they bring world famous mathmagician Arthur Benjamin out on stage. They show him a beach rendered on PS1 and ask him to count the grains of sand, he does it easily. They show a PS2 beach, same. PS3? Easy, he's counting grains of sand like a mad man. A beach rendered on the PS4 is shown and he frowns slightly before answering. The Sony mouthpiece smiles as a spotlight hits the new PS5. A beautiful beach appears on screen, Arthur Benjamin gasps slightly, he frowns, his nose starts to bleed before foam begins to form at the corners of his mouth, tremors, convulsions and finally. Death. The crowd cheers as the pre order price of £999 appears on screen and we all rush to place our order.
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    Honestly if the next Xbox is BC and Gamepass carries directly over from the One with the same offerings then that will be my console of choice to kick off with. Because then I’ll at least still have stuff to play after the initial let down of the inevitable bad launch line up is done.
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    Confirmed PS5 is out Christmas 2020: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-10-08-sony-confirms-ps5-is-indeed-called-ps5-and-its-out-christmas-2020
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    75 hours now. I’m now on to the second act of the game, I assume I’m still relatively close to the end though. My characters are all mid 30s in level and I’ve changed their learning goals to focus on getting the Master classes. My opinion of this game has gone up and down but there have been a couple of constants, the music is good and sometimes great, and the anime cut scenes are amazing.
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    I think the notion of being offended pre-dates the internet age... I don't think I've played any games that are overtly sexist, I can see why some would feel uncomfortable with the portrayal of war in games... I'd find it interesting to get the takes from people who've served how they feel that's shown and how it makes them feel. Me personally, I've never felt that strongly that I've stopped playing a game... I think my biggest reaction is a very strong eyeroll.
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    Okay, I really can’t figure out a way to organise my thoughts here so I’m just going to shotgun them all over the place. For reference I’ve uncovered 99% of the map and was trying to get to the boss fight in the ice cave but apparently now I’ve got a second boss fight in the ice cave I can’t get past because of books borrowed. So here we go. Some of this might be gameplay spoilers but none of it is story so here we go. I would never have figured out what to do with the moon and the sword. I had been avoiding that boss fight because last time it ended the game so eventually I had to look up a guide for that. Stuff like that, and this game is kind of full of stuff like that, I admire the “gameyness” of it and it’s old school throwback type of connecting the dots to progress, it’s cool. But the part where I would never have got that makes me think it’s also kind of fucking shit. Like I’m all right with it being in the game, and I don’t want it to hand hold me to the answer, but give me something. Bosses. Why are they so fucking tough? With the 2nd Zangetsu fight I had, what I feel, was pretty much the best stuff available to me at the time. And still I just got blown back by that prick over and over because he is such a fucking damage sponge. And in fact, a lot of the boss fights are just damage sponges. Fighting them is one thing. Sometimes their attacks are quite tricky but always learnable, the rate and randomness the attacks come out at I think is bullshit. Particularly Z who does the jump and slash attack, his direction to which he will slam is never locked in until the very last second so it’s so hard to get behind him it was way more luck than skill. But all that is doable. But then each fight takes 10 minutes because you can only chip away at them while not only are the health bars enormous the damage they dish out is insane. I tested one fight where I wore armour that had a defence rate of 60 and another that had a defence rate of 80 and the damage reduction was about 10 to 15 points, which seems fair enough, except for the part where the damage was received was near 130 points and I have a 1000 health. Like shit is ridiculous. The boss fights are so hard and I never feel like the gear is really good enough to compensate. Maybe that’s the point and this game is supposed to be hard but I think it’s well out of balance. Shards and Gear. Why is it all garbage tier? For the amount of customisable options in the game I feel like 85% of it is entirely throw away. I have tried so many shards and most of them are rubbish. The lightening one that follows people is good, the fireball one is good, the best ones IMO are the ones I’m using now which is the portrait defence spell and the one that shoots a beam of light at enemies. Simple, direct, not quite consistent damage but you can just tap it instead of hold it and it is a bit more economical with MP, but also does pretty decent damage and is easy to use. But there are so many others which are just kind of wank. The familiars are garbage, the passive ones are garbage, the craftwork ones are garbage. Like what a waste. All the melee weapons are basically the same so just use what has better stats. Builds just come down to the two shards that I’ve found that I like (If someone recommends others shout them out please) and just constantly equipping better armour. Like it seems like there’s a lot of thought put into the gear and all it’s systems but the results are imperceptible to me. I’ve tried adding elemental damage to stuff but my best weapon is an Ice weapon that does around 60:damage to everything. Even ice enemies. So it’s like how the fuck does any of this work? I don’t know, it all seems like garbage. Speaking of garbage somehow I found all 4 hidden keys and got to all the secret rooms but either their basically pointless or I messed them up. Pretty sure the Carpenter one glitched out big time because I just wailed on him and potion’d and ate my way through the damage and after the fight he didn’t die, he just walked against the left wall while I took out the remaining demons and then after he tried to fight me again. Don’t know what the fuck. Also the millionaires room. There is an achievement for getting £500,000 is the game so I was hoping that would help but actually I got nothing out of that room except another useless shard. To bring some positivity to this Inlove the main castle area. It’s why I liked the game so much in the beginning and through most of the “main” game. But all these other areas are so laborious. They either rely on super awkward platforming in a game where the controls are really badly mapped or in very late game areas they just enemy spam. It’s like is this a bad Super Mario Maker level or what is going on? Also, them fucking diamond enemies that go through walls and floors and off screen and can just reappear and hit you whenever they want. Man, oh, man, late Friday at the office when they came up with that one, huh. I have so much more to say about this game but I’ve already forgot it all. And for the record, I actually think this game is kind of all right. Despite all this negativity I know it really doesn’t read like it but I think the game is kind of all right, it just has mountains and mountains of bad and questionable ideas but somehow survives getting buried by them, even if at times it feels really close to just being drowned by it’s own bullshit. I don’t know. Please recommend builds, advice on how to complete quests, why can’t I find tomatoes, how much stuff can only be done in NG+, etc. I don’t care about spoilers so what do I need to know to get all the points in this game? Can I do it on this single run or am I missing. A bunch of stuff? Because it feels like I’m missing a bunch of stuff
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    I grew up with the Mega Drive so I have more affinity for it though I played some SNES at friends and borrowed one for a while. I think SNES games were maybe bigger and had a sense of adventure to them that informs some modern games more but then I really like the Mega Drive's focus on arcade style action games. They're different enough to offer different kinds of worthwhile experiences and I guess I'm just gonna sit comfortably on the fence this time.
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    DD has I think the coolest gameplay moment I've ever been part of in a game, which was the first time I brought down a griffon. I posted the video of that on here I think Its something everyone goes through in this game but having a proper combat engine in an open world game is so cool Itsuno better make a sequel..
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    I know others have mentioned it in this thread already but I saw Hereditary about a month or so ago and it was incredible. Horror films rarely get under my skin anymore but that certainly did.
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    So apparently this doesn't run too hot on ps4 and this really isnt the best price in the world. But fuck it, I need to know what this game is. Also Doom is next year now anyway and I cant let Death Stranding be the last game I give a shit about in 2019
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    These are nice: http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2019/10/uniqlo_reveals_mario_kart_friendship_range_of_shirts_and_hoodies
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    I know. You won’t get overwhelming anxiety, nightmares and a sense of hopeless loneliness from holding the pad. This isn’t Destiny.
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    It's spooky times again RLM had a cool review of The Exorcist Also I'm bumping this thread to steal other people's horror movie suggestions. What are some of people's favourites? One I watched a while ago that I actually got recommended by RLM is Lake Mungo. Very low budget (like 30k or something in AUS$) but extremely sinister. Not in a jump scare way necessarily but in how it generates dread that sticks with you after the film. It's a fake documentary about a girl who dies, that's all I'll say. Not exactly riveting in terms of plot but it has a very realist style which sells the horror in a much more powerful way than screamy nuns ever can Someone mentioned Mulholland Dr on page 1. Obviously everyone should watch that, tho it sort of sits in a weird spot between horror and surreal softcore erotica/psychological thriller. Would love to see Lynch try his hand at more horror stuff.
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    This morning I found out that Zero Punctuation is still a thing. I don’t think it has changed a single bit since the last time I watched it about 9 years ago. But the video also had a 185k views so I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised. I guess I just associate those videos with an era of video games that is quite old now
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    Just finished. Brilliant game, I absolutely loved it!
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    You mean double plus good. Which means bad But to answer your question @Nag it's all explained in the vice link above the tweet so you can read that. This has become bigger than a gaming story now, its international news Edit, Fox news covered it too. Kind of wonder if Trump will wade into it. There's mass walkouts at Blizzard as well, and planned protests at Blizzcon. It's a huge disaster for them and they deserve it
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    This is a good deal already. 43% off https://www.cdkeys.com/xbox-live/games/star-wars-jedi-fallen-order-deluxe-edition-xbox-one
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    The predictive stuff is already kind of used in some fighting game net code. I'm not 100% sure how it works though. Not sure if it's right but the explanation I remember is that, let's say you throw a punch and that lasts for 5 frames, the code knows what you're doing for those frames so can use that time to buffer Although I will say I've not liked the feel of it always either Edit: Wiki's explanation
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    All those years of “But I pressed the button!” will turn into “I absolutely did not press that button!”
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    I'd love to get some trophies on the old PS1 Resident Evil games... Just a Gold "Complete the game" type would do me.
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    I like the speaker aswell but it feels criminally underutilised, the same way i guess the sixaxis was. If Sony do include BC i hope they make good on the patent they applied for that would allow them to give all ps1 and 2 games trophy support, as some games i really enjoyed and hold in high esteem and would like to have a platinum for.
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    Aight I'll give it a try. 89p here so practically making money.
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    I like the speaker so hope they keep that
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    Forum favourites We Lost The Sea have just released their new album. I've only had one listen so far so can't judge it, but if it's even close to Departure Songs then I'll be happy
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    Same as Maf, the next Xbox will no doubt be my first purchase. Once they made their BC plans clear, during a time Sony were saying they don’t care at all about BC I started buying all multi platform games on Xbox since I know they’ll work next gen along with loads of my 360 games. Then Gamepass came along and now I don’t see any reason to buy the PS5 first at all, even if it’s full 100% BC unless they make PS Now comparable to Game Pass and put new 1st party games on it. ill defo get a PS5 later though and still looking forward to it, let’s be honest their exclusives - apart from the racing genre - have been loads better and more frequent. I expect them to keep that up. Really like the sound of the new pad too. One of my favourite under appreciated features of the One pad is the rumble on the triggers. I think they’re great, make those even better and you’re onto a winner. Would like it if they swapped the D pad and Left stick around too on the next DualShock.
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    I want you to build a wall around the video games border and make them enter the market in a more orderly and restrained fashion. And cheaper KFC, please!
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    There's no need for PS3 BC as everything worthwhile has already been Remastered...🤣
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    Just think of all the free time you'll have now that you don't need to check the price of Anthem anymore.
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    Undertale Everyone’s Gone To The Rapture Shovel Knight Castle Crashers Probably many others, but those are off the top of my head.
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    I mean, unless you have a specific reason I'd like to request you get banned instead. For killing gtm when you were a mod.
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    I love indie games and play them a lot. Audiosurf and Torchlight were the games that lit the spark for me I guess. Without a doubt my favourite indie game to this point is Hollow Knight. Honourable mentions to: Anodyne Divinity: Original Sin Fez FTL: Faster Than Light Into the Breach Hyper Light Drifter Kentucky Route Zero Machinarium Rakuen Return of the Obra Dinn Spelunky Super Hexagon Sunless Sea Thimbleweed Park Torchlight Transistor Undertale
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    This reminds me of I, Daniel Blake. He has a run on with a certain Job Seekers worker that doesn't ring true at all, at least to me. I've had one that thought the worst of me but even he wasn't as much as a charactateur as she was in this film. I get, and agree of the criticisms of the system but to show it through indeviduals like they did wad kinda shitty.
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    Oh absolutely. And that’s something that rings true. Resources are cut all the time, especially in Adult social care. That’s something I’ve seen for myself already. But her saying “nobody gives a shit about you Arthur. They don’t really give a shit about me either” isn’t helpful. With my social worker hat on, the appropriate thing to do would have been to signpost him to the next appropriate service. As there’s always one other resort, especially regarding mental health. Instead, she pours gasoline onto the fire. I get it, her department was getting closed down. But I just felt her empathy was pretty crap. The “I hope my death” line rang massive alarm bells. Yet she did nothing with it, at all.
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    Oh ok, you're just comic book guy gate keeping.
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    Always takes me ages to get round to dlc, anyway just finished the outsider dlc, it was flipping brilliant, really great being back playing dishonoured again. Was generally trying for stealth/no kills but often failing with a lot of restarting early on and later on going a bit more on the attack with my now favourite move of putting someone to sleep, getting noticed, throw the body at the next person, then knock them out as they’re stunned, keep repeating this until everyone is knocked out - doesn’t work if loads of people notice though and does get people killed sometimes, but not by me. And there were a few times I couldn’t work out a nice way to do something, there was a contract on the bank level for not harming anyone or being spotted, I got all the way to near the end but sat right next to the vault I just couldn’t get rid of the people to do it. And two bits where you have to steal something I used the disguise power to walk up to it, steal it, then leg it with loads of people chasing me. Not the stealthiest approach. had a pc upgrade since last playing and it looks really nice, the art style holds up really well, the peoples faces less so.
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    Servers are up and down like a yoyo obviously but that just means it will last longer and that's the Ubisoft VFM guarantee.
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    I never actually played Origins and I'm not sure why...😕
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