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  1. I'm looking forward to launch now. Already have DiRT5 pre-ordered, and now I'm eyeing up Valhalla. I can tell the difference on the UI resolution, too. PS4 Pro's looks super sharp.
  2. I'm pretty sure she's leaving of her own accord.
  3. Managed to get on Fall Guys before work this morning and grab the Sonic gear.
  4. It has to be done in-game @DANGERMAN
  5. My son wanted to use his crowns to buy the Sonic outfit in Fall Guys, and it disappears from the store tomorrow.
  6. Didn't realise this and just installed the update. Now we can't load Fall Guys and the friends list isn't working at all.
  7. Prime exclusive deal for today only at Amazon. I have one and it's bloody awesome. Usually £99.99. Amazon exclusive.
  8. retroed

    Dirt 5

    Same. Pre-ordered, will likely be the first disc I insert into my Series X.
  9. @Manicm I sent my son's Pokémon Switch Joy-con away for repair as both were faulty, and they're almost two years old. Put proof of postage in the box. No charge. Free label to print off, then just take it to the post office. I had them back in a week or so.
  10. Send them off to Nintendo for repair. @Manicm
  11. retroed

    Pikmin 3

    Finished the demo. I absolutely loved it, and wanted to keep on playing. Pre-ordered!
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