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  1. retroed


    This'll be why, then.
  2. retroed


    Damn, I could have downloaded the game on PS4, purchased the pack there and saved 20p. Epic username is EdRetro @RikSP. Yep, cross-play and also cross-progression across consoles and PC. I just booted the game up and it says all servers are full, estimated wait time 30 minutes. 😂
  3. retroed


    I've been playing it. It's good fun. There's currently a pack on the store (on Xbox at least) called the Timely Arrival pack for £4.19 which has a skin, emote and 1000 credits which is enough for the battle pass. I bought it.
  4. That's an odd way of looking at it. EDGE feature is massive, 20 pages of a 130 page magazine. Plus the cover.
  5. This is on offer again for another 22hrs. £14.99 for 6 months Xbox LIVE and 1000 Apex Legends coins.
  6. Great selection of games so far. All I want on there is Quackshot.
  7. Very good deal when you consider 3 months has officially risen to £17.99.
  8. Wow, looks like I touched a nerve. Don't take it personally, @Blakey 😂
  9. Rorie replied saying there will be a sale soon, but if I renewed at full price hit him up and he'll sort me out. Looks like Premium sale is on now.
  10. Cool, I'm going to send him an email too. Edit: is it support @ giantbomb.com @DANGERMAN?
  11. Just checked mine. Due to expire May 18th.
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