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  1. retroed

    Nintendo News

    https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2020/07/inappropriate_stealth_game_donrt_get_caught_wont_be_coming_to_switch_after_all It got caught.
  2. retroed

    Nintendo News

    Thankfully I have parental controls on my kid's switch and those types of games don't appear on his version of the eShop. Hopes crushed.
  3. retroed

    Nintendo News

    Please be Wario Land.
  4. retroed


    This is out now. It's on Game Pass on Xbox One, too!
  5. retroed

    Nintendo News

    What the fuck is this in the 'coming soon' section?! NSFW warning.
  6. The whole of Donkey Kong Country's soundtrack is amazing. Great game, have 101% it many times.
  7. I dug out my 360 on Friday to play some OutRun Online Arcade and After Burner Climax. Then I went on eBay and bought a mint copy of PGR4 for £2.88 delivered. It arrived this morning.
  8. retroed

    The Hot Topic Returns

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons Coffee Talk Final Fantasy VII Remake The Last of Us Part II Mr. Driller DrillLand Streets of Rage 4 Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore (a 2015 WiiU game but new on Switch and first time I've played it)
  9. It means you get to watch that streamer with no ads, and likely you've been given some extra emotes to use from their channel and an icon next to your name in the chat.
  10. I haven't listened to this week's Bombcast yet @Maf, but near the beginning of the latest Beastcast there's a bit about him.
  11. 7 years today. Fuck, Ryan Davis. ❤️
  12. I finished this last night, and now can't stop thinking about it. Extraordinary on multiple levels. A masterpiece. I've just watched this Girlfriend Reviews video on the game, which is good viewing for those who have played through the story.
  13. SoulCalibur VI now on Game Pass.
  14. Just finished each level 1, and the boss at the end. Figured as a newcomer I should be playing it on the casual mode, and I am having a lot of fun with it. All the modes are decent. I've bought a ton of the card packs, and goods from the shop! Love the style of it, the artwork, the music. It's great.
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