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    Generation Zero

    I went back to this and restarted it on Thursday night... Yeah, it's not for me. Unfortunately when it comes down to it it just isn't very fun. It's just a little too boring and janky for its own good what with huge expanses of not a lot and bullet's clipping through walls during combat. The fights generally just become battles of attrition as long as you have adrenaline shots you can self revive... Or face a huge fucking walk back from the safe house you're forced to respawn at when you run out. It's been a while since I've felt jipped for not taking note of the reviews but I certainly should've in this games case... It's being traded later (along with DMC5)... it'll help fund Rage 2.
  2. Nag

    Days Gone

    That was the best music!
  3. Nag

    Website feedback

    It's the same on Android and it's annoying.
  4. Nag

    Days Gone

    All you fucking newbs jumping on the game like its the best thing ever... you're only 7 years late.😝😝
  5. Nag

    Days Gone

    I've seen two review scores so far, one below 70% and one at 90%... so it's one of those games. I'll be picking it up tomorrow, doubt I'll start until Sunday though.
  6. Nag

    Days Gone

    It's a PlayStation exclusive... It'll sell well.
  7. Nag

    Gears 5

    It's probably from the Gears of War Retrospective.... I'll know at some point as I have that on pre-order.
  8. Nag

    TV Shows

    They always say you hate the ones you love the most....
  9. Now that's a loaded question if ever there was one.
  10. Nag

    TV Shows

    You seem to be @ing me quite a bit just lately... if you want a date just say.
  11. Nag

    Gears 5

    This image has surfaced recently... It's probably going to end up as just concept art but I like the look, Alanah Pearce should be chuffed in any case.
  12. Unless you've had 5 pints!....
  13. Put it on repeat until Friday...
  15. Nag


    I've been back to Anthem over the last week or so, some of the QoL improvements I've seen with the last couple of updates make it a more pleasant experience but it still seems weirdly disjointed. I've finished up with the story so I'm in the Endgame now and yep, it's basically run the same missions over and over again... I'm at level 24 now and I'm pretty certain that without some decent content drops I won't be seeing level 30. Like @Sly Reflex said apart from seeing bigger numbers when using better equipment there really is no change from earlier on in the game which is a crying shame because this game is all about throwing pyrotechnics all over the place (especially in multi) it's a shame there's no sense of escalation in those. I'm almost ready to bounce off... It remains to be seen if Bioware can do enough to get me to go back.
  16. Nag

    What's your....

    I suppose it's better than hearing "Give me back my alloys" all the time eh, @regemond...👊
  17. Nag

    What's your....

    I've just had to check how much Virtua Racing was on release for the Megadrive, for some reason I had it in my head I paid £100 for it but turns out it was £70. For three tracks...
  18. Nag

    What's your....

    I didn't finish the title as a figured the thread may change over time, we'll see. Anyway to start off, Whats your most expensive game? Could be a one off purchase of a highly collectible gem, a game with loads of Dlc or a game (God forbid) you spunked a load of money up the wall with on microtransactions. I think for me it would probably be the American version of Resident Evil Zero (GC) I picked up in (then) Another World, I needed a Freeloader to actually run the the thing which cost around 25 quid, the game was £70 so all told around £95 to play that. Could've been worse.
  19. Nag

    Crackdown 3

    Yeah, threads aren't merged here so pretty much as a game is released most posts will go into the actual "Games" thread... It makes sense to be honest.
  20. Nag


    Final trailer...
  21. Nag

    The Most Played

    I used to manually update my Raptr hours at one point and its a right fucking game and not particularly accurate. Trueachievements tracks hours as it can skim that data from Xbox Live, the only problem is once you have all the achievements on a game it classes it complete and stops tracking. Truetrophies can't do the same as Sony doesn't track game time.
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