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  1. Nag

    The Last of Us Part II

    I gonna need to play through the first game again before this drops... Woe is me!
  2. And I'll continue to live in the dark...😉 I've seen 9 of those, by the way.
  3. Nag

    Random News II

    What did you think of it?
  4. I like my films like I like my videogames... balls to the wall, AAA blockbusters, fuck this arty farty bullshit.😂😂
  5. Nag

    Random News II

    Alright, think I need to buy this...
  6. Do the decent thing and give us some space between this and the FF VII Remake please....
  7. Not sure when this was published but the entries for Gears, Dead Space and and Resident Evil are completely wrong...😖
  8. Nag

    Gears 5

    I think I've said a few times but I've no interest in playing through The Pendulum Wars, human on human combat (in this universe) holds no fun... Not when you've got all these big horrible beasties you could be murdering.
  9. It's by the guys who were doing that unofficial RE2 remake before Capcom stopped it, I think it's actually repurposed from that. @DANGERMAN
  10. Can someone who owns a PC play Daymare : 1998 (there's a demo) and tell me if it's worth being excited about.... Pretty please.👍
  11. Buy them anyway, it's what everyone else does.👍
  12. Go on, do it... I'm actively leading you astray on this one. They're even X enhanced and the best place to play them.
  13. Nag

    Gears 5

    I really enjoyed the last act, it put me in the mind of 2 or Judgement where these battles were on your doorstep and things were amped up to the max, what with Swarmaks and some of the larger beasts roaming around... For me now, if they can give me a great final game with 6 I'll happily say goodbye to the series. Maybe a few different genre spinoffs would be nice, I'll already be getting Tactics once it goes to console.
  14. Nag

    Gears 5

    Who knows @Maf?... Only Skittles have the answer.
  15. Nag

    Gears 5

    See, I've got a skewed look on this now... I've read all of the books multiple times and there's a far better story to the whole shebang than people give it credit for... Yes, there's the argument that you shouldn't have to rely on supplemental material to get the full picture but it is what it is. I think 5 looses some steam with the story during Act 3 but by christ does it lift itself back up during Act 4... To those who aren't invested in the subject or characters it probably won't matter but for me this was the best campaign so far and that was because of the voice work and acting.
  16. Nag

    Gears 5

    Wow... Are you the other half I didn't know I had?
  17. Nag

    Gears 5

    Skittles strike back... Don't worry @Blakey there's no spoilers in that post. Nothing that make sense in any case.
  18. Nag

    The Hot Topic Returns

    He says through gritted teeth.
  19. Nag

    The Hot Topic Returns

    Me and a group of friends decided to go and see in the millennium in Andorra and I'd taken way too much spending money with me, Andorra at the time was (maybe still is) a tax haven so everything was cheap as chips and I'd been eyeing up a Dreamcast while I was over there... in the end I chickened out because of the difference in powering the thing and thinking I'd get hit with a massive import tax on the way home. As it turned out after I'd changed back the currency I had left there was more than enough to go to my nearest Currys for a Dreamcast and two games... I honestly can't remember the games I bought though. Soul Calibur, Code Veronica and Jet Set Radio were revelations at the time... I'll always have fond memories of that console.
  20. Nag

    Films II : The Filminator

    Sherlock has nothing on you...
  21. Nag

    Blair Witch

    Yeah, can't really disagree with that... I'll be very surprised if I actually go back to it, maybe with a walkthrough.
  22. Nag

    Gears 5

    Finished this today, Act 4 is excellent... In fact the whole campaign is excellent to be honest, easily the best since three and it very well may overtake that for me. Biggest thing for me is the Mass Effect style choice you have to make which for such a linear story driven game is brave as fuck on the Coalition's part... Actual spoilers I'd read that the end was kind've an abrupt Halo 2 style affair but to be honest I was happy where it went and with the place they choose to finish, it's obviously set for a third and final game. Gears never really needed to return to form for me but this was excellent.😊
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