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  1. Snaggletooth


    Last night was pretty awesome.
  2. I'll wait forever for the one that wont come out, which is just a base unit with no screen that only attaches to a TV.
  3. Does taking advantage of mime and counter materia really count as cheesing it? Anything that does that level of damage then fair gain.
  4. Some Screens of Judgment PS4
  5. Fist of the Northstar My Name is Mayo Kingdom Hearts 3 Resi Evil 2- Leon A DMC 5 Final Fantasy VII - Platinum Devil May Cry 1 Donut County
  6. Managed to find it with a bit of digging Happy to provide links .
  7. Latest Progress made have got the Pi booting directly into Workbench 3.1, Plenty of WHD's now on the mapped HD image, It's Running largely an A1200 setup with 2 mb Ram but also added 4mb of Hard Ram as seems to have alleviated any issues with flickering nd sticking games on booting them. Ordered a couple of Competition pro Joysticks for it as well. Might setup another couple of Configurations running A2000 and A4000 machines, as seems the Pi is more than capable.
  8. And thats the Last trophy done, Barret Dated , And Platinumed.
  9. Nice that looks really good. You could have told me you bought it online, and I would have believe you.
  10. Nice. I keep threatning to build an arcade cabinet one day with pi inside running mame. Guess i might as well wait for 4th revision now , hardest part for me tho would be biilding the cabinet. My carpentry skills arent that great. 😄
  11. Couldnt see any other Raspberry Pi threads , any one else here enjoy the little wonders of awesomeness. Had 3 or 4 different projects over the years, and just started my latest after wanting to go back and play the Amiga Classics of my childhood. Have set up Amibian on a Pi 3b+ and got the kick roms running, so now boots into the floppy prompt. Just need to add some adfs and set up a hard disk install of work bench, not a massive project but def nostalgia filled.
  12. yup,swear I hit all right dialogue choices, still should be quick enough to get to if start again with the modifiers on.
  13. Just finished my latest playthrough, beat everything, if your playing for trophies there is a grind, namely earning 99.999,999 gil or whatever it it, but thanks to 3 x speed and grinding the swamp in north crater it didn't take long by mastering multiple sets of ALL materia and selling them. Got 2 sets of master materia, took down the 2 hidden weapons while experimenting with Materia setups, then went on to sephiroth, took him down before he had chance to land more than 1 ihit, didn't even get chance to cast SuperNova. Yet still didn't platinum, as I missed 1 Trophy relating to the golden saucer date.
  14. Fist of the Northstar My Name is Mayo Kingdom Hearts 3 Resi Evil 2- Leon A DMC 5 Final Fantasy VII - Everything done ruby defeated blah blah blah, did I get the Platinum no, cus i didnt date barrat. mini part playthrough coming up,
  15. Burning through my current playthrough on this now, just grinding out Levelling Materia and Gil,. in order to get trophies as going for the Platinum. From Story perspective just need to fight Sephiroth, though still got Emerald and Ruby to Beat , only missed 1 Trophy on this play through Going on Date with Barrat. I recon another 10 hours or so, The 3x Speed function has been an absolute god send for grinding, done ore than ever have in previous playthroughs, and enjoying it more than have done in a long time.
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