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  1. Snaggletooth

    PSN Usernames (PS3, PS4, Vita)

  2. Snaggletooth

    Kingdom Hearts III

    Originally planned on playing 1 and 2 again before this comes out, Finished 1 and beat all sub bosses 🙂, though will be watching a video recp for the rest of the series, as haven't got time to go through it beforehand.
  3. Snaggletooth

    Random News

    Because mobile adaptations of loved games always go down so well.
  4. Snaggletooth

    Post your latest gaming purchases

    If you click the + button next to ‘quote’ @Snaggletooth you can multi-quote, just saying. If you click the + button next to ‘quote’ @Snaggletooth you can multi-quote, just saying. Oh look so you can 😛
  5. Snaggletooth

    Shenmue 1 & 2

    I picked up the Remaster when it came out with great anticipation, I had alway wanted to play this game, but did not have a Dreamcast at the time, the Visuals always looked so impressive and from gameplay videos I had seen on a Video Game VHS (I Think) I looked on in envy. Alas the Remaster comes out and fire it up, and I wish I hadn't, That's not a slant on the game itself, I can appreciate why it was held in such high regard, but by modern standards even the remaster was showing it age in many respects. Granted as an avid Yakuza player since its launch this really did seem like something I should enjoy but the controls to much of the game felt archaic, and the combat I couldn't get on with them but then I never really got on with Virtua fighter games so that might explain that, still I persevered. The Audio, Seriously Sega, would it have hurt to clean it up just a little? Fortunately the Visuals reminded me of what I remembered watching over so much, and once cleaned up for the main still look pretty good for a game of its age. The Story was fairly good though pacing was let down badly by the god awful day clock, I get they wanted to add a sense of immersion, but there really arent enough side activities to help fill out the time, I found myself waiting at relevant spot, watching videos on youtube or reading, c'mon If I'm playing a game like this I dont want to have to find real world distractions! eventually the game changes up we get to the harbour despite some slightly janky controls I enjoyed the forklifting, but again killing time around the harbour and horrible stealth section before , grahhhhhhhhhh. The waiting just broke any interest I had in the game, I did slog through it to the end, but I now have no interest in PLaying Shenmue 2, I will no doubt watch a story playthrough on youtube sometime, but just cant bring myself to play it. Though to be fair to the game, Its the same for a lot of early 3D titles and we have been spoiled in recent years and so frequently these titles dont hold up well. It's a shame I really wanted to play it, but I would say to anyone in same position as me, dont bother, much the same as I suggested to a friend who last year kept asking me about Final Fantasy 7 to me one of my most loved titles to be it holds a warm nostalgic feeling, But going into it now, its a Horrible mess at times, from poor translations and annoying controls. All i can hope is Square Enixs remake is more playable than Segas Remaster, but having recently revisited FFXV Im not holding out much hope for that either.
  6. Snaggletooth

    The Anime Thread

    Finished watching Baki on Netflix really quite good with exception to the abrupt ending, nice to see some nice gratuitous violence in Anime. since then though decided to Start watching High Score Girl, which is a really nice nod to Retro and Arcade gaming, only 2 or 3 eps in though.
  7. Snaggletooth

    Post your latest gaming purchases

    Got it for £320, with a discount code, though I believe you can buy it separately as the front and chair half come apart really easily.
  8. Snaggletooth

    Post your latest gaming purchases

    Remember Bringing the earlier version of this back from Japan after my first visit, was quite an enjoyable fighter and rare find even back then,
  9. Snaggletooth

    Play / Want / Bin January 2019

    Play GT Sport - racing when I can put down photo mode Euro Truck Simulator 2- Strangely Zen like. Fist of the Northstar - Revisiting this after playing the Japanese Hokuto ga Gotoku release last year. Want Ace Combat 7 - A return to its original style after the Dross version last Gen Kingdom Hearts 3 Bin Illness - seriously fudge off already.
  10. Snaggletooth

    Sony Consoles and Updates

    And still nothing to entice me back to PS+ over a year without renewing now, and not missed it one bit. Admittedly some of the free games haven't been bad, but I just either already own them or previously did, but way more filler content on it than good titles, maybe the phasing out of PS3 support in March will change things.
  11. Snaggletooth

    Forza Horizon 4

    Downloaded this for PC it seems good though having to run at low detail. The Wheel support leaves a lot to be desired as well. Despite that seems great fun, going to look forward to bombing around the map exploring.
  12. Snaggletooth

    Post your latest gaming purchases

    Sober purchase, yes, just irrational, do enjoy racing games, though know found myself with a bizarre desire to play european truck simulator as well. The rigs pretty good though splits in 2 so can use as a separate chair and tuck the wheel part away. Works pretty well on GT Sport, also got Assetto Corsa and Forza Horizon 4, though wheel support on the latter isn't implemented quite so well.
  13. Snaggletooth

    Gitaroo Man Lives!

    Remains my Favourite Music game ever, just amazing. Whats really annoying is we have never seen a remaster with lag calibration options, on my setup its as good as unplayable.
  14. Snaggletooth

    Post your latest gaming purchases

    Think, I got a bit carried away this week