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  1. 4TB external drive for the PS4. No more deleting games
  2. Final Fight Outer Worlds The King of Dragons Gitaroo Man Yakuza 3 Remaster
  3. Holy shit, I am so fucking wet right now, that trailer is awesome 😁
  4. I always enjoyed Animetals cover of head chala
  5. Snaggletooth

    The Outer Worlds

    Finished this over the weeked, done pretty much all the side quest I came across and think got about 50+ Hours out of it. For the most I really enjoyed it, though it was really well written and structured, the dialogue choices felt like they actually had an impact not just on the story but the way I was playing as a character, it looks great, doesn't suffer the bugs a bethesda game does, and the shooting mechanics feel really solid. Also the world feels way more alive than fallout at lest, but I guess it should given its not post apocalypse. There were a few things I really felt it could improve on, the tech skills hacking, lockpicking felt a bit bolted on, never really felt they lead anywhere important, other than cupboards with loot while the important choices on terminals generally came from science abilities, which left a lot of skills feeling redundant at least until towards the end. Also felt the loot was to abundant, weapons felt quite similar in many instances and could have used a little variety, and similarly some of the perks felt a little pointless. Definitely a world I want to go back to though, hope it done well enough for a sequel, technically its but bethesda recent works to shame.
  6. Again no issues work wise here, most people know I game, but is also not what defines me. At work its just not something need to talk about as nobody else really has the same level of interest in gaming and if they do they are more likely Fifa, CoD, GTA players, which is fine but not really my bag. So its more the case that its the equivalent to non gamers watching TV, they dont harp on about the shit they watch because there is little of interest to me, and similarly I dont talk gaming it's just not relevant and for the most part people are more obsessed with their own lives over what I'm doing in the evenings.
  7. Final Fight Outer Worlds The King of Dragons Gitaroo Man Yakuza 3 Remaster
  8. One more on the post xmas spending roundup
  9. Few PSN sale purchases and also boxed copy of Dirty old Pervert Simulator 2
  10. Picked up a copy of Lingua Ignota - Caligula recently and given it a fair few listens It's really not going to appeal to the masses it's probably one of the most challenging albums I have listened to lyrically delves into the domestic abuse suffered by the artist, but at the same time the purity of the vocals really adds to the whole thing, be it's the rage fuelled sheaky screams of pain and anguish to the vulnerability of some of the softer vocals. It's definitely an experience and if you can get through the more you play it the more it gives back.
  11. Picked up outer worlds today, really enjoying it so far.
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