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  1. Snaggletooth


    Think I'm gonna give it a second watch tomorrow, Love the fact they have not diluted the story to make it more accessible. Really does show the excess. Couple of odd casting calls, Ozzy wasn't quite there, great on his initial entrance, then becomes clear he is to Aussie to be Ozzy. On the other hand thought the role of doc was spot on, and Heather Locklier was almost a spitting image. Disappointed it didn't cover any Tommy/ Pamela era. Also think some event were to quickly brushed over as such the big shock moments didn'tt have the impact they deserved.
  2. Snaggletooth


    Just watched the Dirt Motley Crue Biopic, not gonna win any awards but pretty enjoyable, just for the pure excess. Was really impressed with Machine Gun Kelly's portrayal of Tommy Lee.
  3. I feel like I'm missing out on something Whatever give you that idea 😂
  4. Seen a few old collection posts about while was having a browse through the forum so thought I would chuck in one of my own. It's far from complete, there are still a handful of Titles I need to pick up ( Just ordered import remaste of no.4) Plus so many collectables out there many of which I will never own due to price, but it will keep growing.
  5. Play playing Resi 2 and DMC5, these two titles back to back have reminded me how great capcom were, and how they are nailing it so far this year, hopefully a Return to form for capcom, now all I want to see from them is a killer new IP. for now though back to some sim racing. Want MK11 , Dangerous Driving hopefully a couple of shorter titles which don't need me to sink in stupid amounts of hours, as my netflix backlog is really stacking up right now. Bin Wagon Wheels honestly these taste shit nowadays, sore they weren't this bad when I was a Kid!
  6. Fist of the Northstar My Name is Mayo Kingdom Hearts 3 Resi Evil 2- Leon A DMC 5
  7. Snaggletooth


    I would just imagine they will patch him out. They did the same for Tanimura's character / Actor.
  8. Even more from DMC5, despite a really basic photo mode getting some cracking pics. Testament to how good looking the game is.
  9. Think this is best mod I seen
  10. Fist of the Northstar My Name is Mayo Kingdom Hearts Resi Evil 2- Leon A
  11. Snaggletooth


    Nice to see love for RGG Studio here. Remember for the longest time singing praises of Yakuza Franchise, and the games being largely ignored. Really looking forward to Judgment.
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