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  1. mmmark

    Far Cry 6

    Looks good.
  2. I bought this on the sale for £15. Any tips for a newcomer or is it self explanatory?
  3. That’s impressive for 3 minutes 38 seconds.
  4. SC is one of my all time favourite series so I’m definitely on board for this. Hitman is fun and all but SC tone I like a lot more.
  5. Oh nice. I’d forgotten that was out this week. £25… tempting 😍
  6. mmmark

    Ark II

    They gone done a rare thing and re did the original switch port from 2018 that was infamously bad.
  7. mmmark

    GTR Revival

    GTR Revival aiming for Q4 2024 release, powered by Unreal Engine 5
  8. mmmark


    The Twitter situation is fluid as musk is a hack that uses wealth to look smart and has no idea how to do any of it himself. I don’t care enough about twitter to want it to succeed or think it’s as important as it was valued at. I can’t see anywhere near as many people moving over to mastodon. The infrastructure just isn’t as simple from what I’ve read.
  9. It’s not 😆 but I understand why you’d think so.
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