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    Picked up my Argos deals after work, and Tokyo Mirage Sessions was waiting for me when I got home.
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    Few PSN sale purchases and also boxed copy of Dirty old Pervert Simulator 2
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    Decent haul today. Traded in Modern Warfare for 30 quid as I have it digitally now. I wanted eShop credit to buy Slay the Spire but GAME were all out. Browsing the Switch games they had one copy of Slay the Spire reduced from £39.99 (lol wut) to £24.99 so I grabbed it. Fiver more than on eShop, but I think it's had a limited print run so nice to grab a physical copy. Smyths had Bowser's Inside Story on 3DS reduced to £19.99 on clearance. It was one of my favourite games on DS and I've wanted to pick up the remake for a while to go with Superstar Saga, so I'm happy with that. And then there's the Retro Gamer annual, which I get every year. Annually, even.
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    went in to see how much it was to renew game pass and saw this was half price for EVERYTHING, so seemed rude not to. It will be the only game I play from game pass anyway, so might as well own it outright.
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    I'm going to stop saying that I'm not buying anything, Ed put me on to this being cheap at Nisa's shop Legend of Legacy for the 3ds
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    I'm struggling to remember anything outside of the last couple of years, so I doubt this is my actual top 3, but 1. Witcher 3 - I think this is probably the best game of the generation. I know some have issues with the combat, I think it's perfectly fine, but everything else about it is head and shoulders above everything else 2. Nier Automata - This is a game that will stay with me for years and years, it's high concept without the cheese you'd get from a Final Fantasy. It's a bit slow to get going, as in 10 hours in I thought it was just alright, but from the 2nd run onwards I loved it 3. Yakuza 0 - Probably the most videogame ever created. It's so stupid and over the top, but has this really well told crime story running through. Hilariously funny at points. I remember reviewing it and giving it a 9 when the embargo was up worried that I was losing my mind and everyone else was going to give it a 6 or something, as much as my memory of 2 is my favourite Yakuza, 0 is probably the best, they'll never match it, it was a perfect storm
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    bought a few more Steam games. There's still a couple more I want, but I won't play them any time soon and I really should stop spending money A Plague Tale is great so far, Sonic Team Racing is really good based on the hour or so I've played. Dungeons & Dragons I really liked when I had a dodgy copy on the Saturn, and Supraland I played the demo of a few months back and loved
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    I have a few of these but I think this is my best Sonic Mania video
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    I think Grave isn't technically Ghibli. I got the Internet here, let me check. Yeah, made by Ghibli but not owned. From Wikipedia:
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    I really love this game. It is already the second best Final Fantasy that I've played, and I can see it being the best. The combination of gambits and licence boards is really ticking my boxes. The story is getting going now as well. Vaan isn't to intrusive (half the characters seem to forget he's even there, and I've left him pretty much subbed out of my party, he's never the lead) and I like all the other characters. Mainly I like just walking about letting my team kick the shit out of stuff, until something kicks the shit out of me...
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    Generally speaking the Gambits don't mess up. If you think you set someone up to heal party members who are below 50% as their first priority and they're not doing that then they're either dead, turned to stone, don't have any MP anymore or you made a mistake setting up the Gambit. There's no other explanations. If they can heal and are set to heal, they heal. It's black and white.
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    Does anyone want to codes for any of these games? Pc only.
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    My first achievement of the year. The last one I got on Alice: Madness Returns was in August 2011 and it always annoyed me I never got around to finishing it. Mainly because my now ex-wife threw a hissy fit that I was catching up to where she was in the game. Anyway - that leads me to an interesting question - what's the longest you've gone between achievements on a single game?
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    So they added photo mode https://www.resetera.com/threads/kingdom-hearts-3-photo-mode-thread.166420/ (Nsfw)
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    My tendency to want to visit every corner of the map led me into big trouble last night as I ventured thru the the salikawood. Stumbled across an outrageous boss who wiped my team in 2 moves. But rather than scarper I opened up the books, found a couple of relevant protective items in my accessories bag, spent a few licence points to activate them and loaded up my reserve team which, luckily, included my white mage (who holds my 2 espers because she can heal them as they fight). What transpired was half an hour of gaming anarchy and one of the most satisfying victories I've had for a while. In beating him I also opened up a couple of areas in which the normal mobs made the defeated boss look like a small defenceless kitten. I'm assuming those areas are for the after-game. Feckin hope so, anyway!
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    Yooka Laylee and the Impossible Lair (Switch) - £13 - Sold Death Stranding - £20 - Sold Link’s Awakening - £26 - Sold Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - £31 - Sold Pokemon Shield - Sold All prices include P&P.
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    @Nag I bring you resident evil juice
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    I took some A Plague Tale screen shots
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    @Jimbo Xiii My latest save is showing 53 plus hours! Story wise I'm way ahead of ya, but quite a lot of those hours have also been spent on the hunts. I've taken down a good few level 5s, and I'm just about to set off on a level 6. This side questing has been more than enough to keep my squad ahead of the game in terms of level, and the last story boss I came across fell easier than a house of cards. So, for me this has been a blast. At least as enjoyable as DQ11, with nice characters and fast moving gameplay (superfast if needed😃) And the best endorsement of the game I can give is that I'm in no hurry to finish it off. I wouldn't mind another week or two in Ivalice, bringing that obsurdly camp empire to its knees while become a hero of the hunters clan. (Probably duck out way before the truly big bad post game bosses rear their ugly noggins, having said that)
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    Easy, the developer I completely trust is Ryu Ga Gotuku, creators of the excellent Yakuza series. Each game gives at least 30/40 hours of solid entertainment. They’ve not made a bad game yet. And the price you pay, is exactly that. No charging £35 for a bloody Season Pass.
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    @Maf spoilers dude, I know it's not new or anything, bit still.
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    To be fair, if Switch owners couldn't pick old games...
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    😮... are you saying we're jumping the gun?... never!
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    There's also the oddly named "teleport" ability that lets melee character hit birdies. It takes forever to get there on the licence board though.
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    Better to get a retailer replacement in case they just send you a refurbished machine probably. Remember this bs with MS and the 360.
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    As much as I love Silent Hill, in lieu of a return of Team Silent, I'm not remotely interested in this. I've been down this road too many times now. The Room, Origins, Homecoming, Shattered Memories, Downpour and Book of Memories. Each time a lesser experience until the series plunged to rock bottom via BoM. Kojima and Del Toro could have made something special with Silent Hills. I doubt any creative on Del Toro's level will be party to whatever pitch has been okayed now.
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    I dont know, what did he do?
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    Great so far. also a David Lynch short is up on his 74th birth. What did jack do?
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    The new series of, the most excellent, Inside No 9, starts on 03 February, BBC2.
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    My missus still refers to videogames as 'baby games' and would be mortified if I ever brought up my hobby in a social situation. I just don't talk about it. And if a visitor ever questions the obvious videogame paraphernalia all over the place in our house I simply blame the kids. Sort of worth having the lazy barstards just for that.
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    It probably depends on if you read comics as a kid but I feel like if you did there’s always a really random comic or random story that you probably remember for no real reason other than you just do. For me this is actually a story from Sonic the Comic, and I’ve thought about it a lot before but only half searched for it and never found it. Until tonight! All I remembered from it was it was a story about Knuckles in an elephant graveyard and (I thought) some select panels that for whatever reason stuck with me. Well, it isn’t quite what I remembered. I remembered it being grittier and darker than what it actually is. But then I also remembered Sonic the Comic being a well drawn comic and that hasn’t rung true, either. But, here it is. I found it. Also going through I think I know why I remembered this story. It’s because it’s actually the back up story in the issue where they did Sonic’s origin story and the attack of the million Metallix’s (#70-72, I never knew that until now) Here’s that as well I never thought about it until now but Sonic Futurama’s himself. Super, extra bonus memory. When they made Knucklix and I thought it was the coolest shit in the world Wow. Blasting through all these comics I read dozens of times each but still forgot 95% of was a real head trip 😕
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    Oh, it was a thing of unfiltered, barely controlled, ever spewing, err, beauty @Jimbo Xiii you should of seen it There was a a crazy butcher, a picture of a dead guy, an endless army of spambots. And I stood there and defended it like the Lone Ranger [enter gun sound effect] not on my watch you dirty, kitchen seller
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    We'll see, I can't help but think CV will get left behind.
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    Good thing I don't give a shit about what you think then.
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    Cuphead is great @OCH
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    This was great, and also made me realise all the issues with the film.
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    I enjoyed the first one a lot, it was one of those rare things where I didn't actually know what it was about before watching it... I'm looking forward to the sequel.
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    This game is so good. Played a few rounds of elimination this evening which seems good but I kept challenging the wrong people in my mini. Tried it some of the cars from the Bond dlc and drove around the map for a bit in the classic Aston Martin (racing green though), completed the drift story which was really fun (need to go and buy an RX7) and started the top gear story as well.
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    Sort out those cables!😁
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    I watched a couple of films yesterday. The Lighthouse, which is Willem Dafoe being perfectly cast as an old sea dog lighthouse keeper, and Robert Pattinson as his new assistant. It's all black and white and set against the drone of a siren. It's hard to say exactly what the film is about other than madness and paranoia but it's very good Zombieland 2 is pleasantly much better than I expected. Maybe not as good as the first film but not the disaster I expected it to be. Its not laugh out loud funny but I suppose few films are, but yeah, not embarrassing I also watched Ashes in the Snow which is about the Russian occupation and pillaging of Ukraine (in the 40s, not the more recent attempt). It's good, its got someone from Mr Robot in it, and its a little harsh to say but its been done before, a lot. Its a shame because its well done and well acted, but every beat of it is familiar
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    It doesn't feel like Game of Thrones at all IMO and that's only partly due to the lower production budget. It only has three focal characters instead of thirty and while GoT's background seems entirely build upon politics, The Witcher uses a different kind of lore to establish its world. It's way more deeply rooted in the classic Lord of the Rings fantasy genre and the stories are more about personal growth and finding your own path. Anyway, I watched the last episode a day ago. I think it's a solid first season. The last episode drags along a bit too much but it's a great starting point for season 2. The chronology can seem a bit confusing at first but it's pretty clear after a while how they structured the narrative. No idea why some people complain about that, I can only suspect they were posting stuff on facebook while watching. Forgot to mention, but yeah, Cavill is really good as Geralt. I already forgot it was him in Episode 2 or something, he really fits perfectly.
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    It’s Sunday so I’ve bust out the old Columbo box set. It’s shaped like a cigar box and it’s hours of heaven.
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    1. Super Meat Boy 2. Last of Us 3. Forza Motorsport 4 Console would be 360. Introduced so many things which are standard on consoles now - proper dashboard, integrated online stuff, achievements, Live Arcade/indie stuff on consoles in general etc. It changed everything. Arguably for the worse at times but for the most part I think the good outweighs the bad that’s come from all this.
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    Reason pride is like that is for people to say "look at me, I refuse to be made to feel ashamed for who I am." (Which is why "straight pride" doesn't really work as a similar concept because straight people haven't been told that they are broken and sinful since birth) CDPR aren't being told "stop doing that", (well mostly) they're being asked what's the meaning behind the image. Cause their history leads to dark interpretations. Not that the anti-SJW twitterati will show it in that light.
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