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    Digital copy of TLOUP2 for me as well. These magazines arrived this morning from eBay. SEGA Pro I remember getting issue one when it released at the time. Amiga Power is tatty but what an issue, jam packed with content and a couple of my favourite games reviewed. Great mag.
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    Recent bargains. Got all 3 for less than £30.
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    Will set it to install while I'm working
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    The Playstation excitement made me break my “No new/expensive games” rule hard this week
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    I dug out my 360 on Friday to play some OutRun Online Arcade and After Burner Climax. Then I went on eBay and bought a mint copy of PGR4 for £2.88 delivered. It arrived this morning.
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    I am one of the many who managed to get some 3ds games to the top of the charts Picked up Bravely Second and awfully named Little Battlers Experience
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    That’s my evening sorted. It’ll take 20 minutes to install the data disc, 3 hours to download the latest update. The joys of modern gaming lol
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    Let me kick off TLOU spam Also Outer Wilds is on steam Loaded it up and blasted off into a fiery death, still a pretty cool game
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    A couple of days before this thread is filled with Last of Us posts, my Evercade finally turned up. I got the 10 cart set so that I can have a complete collection (for a while at least)
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    Physical, and quite limited, copy of one of my favourite games, and its sequel. This sold out within ten minutes after the page went live.
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    Someone I know said I should treat myself which somehow I translated in to “be stupid” so I bought both Curse of the Moon games on Xbox and Dragon Ball FighterZ and all the characters on PS4. A lot of the characters I want to play as are in the Season Pass’s for DBFZ so the game for £15 is cheap and comes with all 8 original DLC characters but after that it gets pretty fucking pricey 😬
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    “I’m gonna kill every...last...one of them...”
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    Runner 3 is currently only 98p on Switch. I got it for free using points and well worth it. Normal price is 14 quid!
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    The Streets of Rage 2 soundtrack I ordered several months ago has just turned up
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    Purchased Burnout Paradise again...switch this time.
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    Not played Dead By Daylight in a while. Seems a good time to go back into it, now Silent Hill has been added.
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    eShop purchases. Gone a bit crazy on sale items over the last couple weeks, and Mr. Driller DrillLand. Here's the latest. Shantae £7.29, Va-ll Hall-a £7.25, Duke Nukem £3.99.
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    Basically the same game I posted last time here on a different system:
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    Next step is to not allow them to post
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    Purse owner 4 is on Steam, for some reason
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    Back to work on Monday, after two weeks off. This should keep me going.
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    Keep Fighting Michael Also picked up Nex Machina in the sale.
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    Got MGSV on PC cause TLOU2 put me in the mood to try it again, this time at 100fps 1440p Also got Patholigic 2 because fuck it. I liked what I saw on gamepass and wanted to support the devs. Apparently this was a massive financial failure for them. Both of these are in the steam sale And I got titanfall 2, this time I will go that silly origin sign up thing cause everyone says this has the best campaign ever for some reason. Putting in spoiler to make my post smaller for mobile
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    So people can't raise criticism they have to either buy it or not? I'd argue its a good thing the developers have listened to the criticism and decided to change things. They didn't have to, but they did. This is a different thing from Mass Effect, that wasn't about how culture or race were presented, people complained because they didn't like the story. It's a world away from this and equating the two is misguided at best
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    I completed this yesterday. For me this was an almost perfect linear, story-driven experience to the point where I sometimes found myself forgetting I was playing a game. It's the little things that break the illusion, for example characters knowing when no enemies are left in the area and commenting on it so that I as a player can relax. But they are needed to make sure it stays playable and readable as a game. I won't be going into the story side of things because of spoilers but I'm totally fine with almost everything of it. It's an excellent way of continuing where the first one left off which, at the time, was a game I never would have wanted to see a sequel to. I'm glad Naughty Dog proved me wrong, this was just as memorable as the first one and superior in a lot of ways, too. I think for this kind of genre this is, or should be, as impactful as Breath of the Wild was for the open world. It's mature in a way lots of games aren't, not necessarily by what it portrays, but how it does. It's also not just a cutscene-fest but a lot of stuff happens organically while playing the game and characters are talking about it. The first one did that as well, of course, but due to the bigger cast there's just more nuance in this one. On the gameplay side, I appreciate how much diversity they put into encounters. No two areas really felt the same and there was always something new to use to your advantage, be it a lot of cover in abandoned houses and stores, a flooded lobby with "underwater cover" and lots and lots of other ideas that would spoil a few surprises. Despite all the praise Naughty Dog got last-gen for Uncharted, The Last of Us was always their highlight for me. This is no different. I hope they bury Drake for good and continue on this path. It doesn't need to be a sequel (I'd gladly be proven wrong a second time though) but I think this stealthy, extremely intense and slow-paced type of game fits them like a glove. Fantastic all around and definitely my highlight of this year and very close to my top games of the entire generation. Wonderful swansong for a console I honestly never really liked, but now am glad I bought when I did.
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    This took longer to get out than I wanted it too, but I finally pulled my finger out and got it done
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    Huh, interesting. Got the game today and this is how my steelbook looks:
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    "The way 2020 is going, I'm not buying a PS5, as it's likely to turn into a Decepticon." Thank you for that one Facebook.
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    What about if instead we got ourselves worked up over something that hasn't happened and treated well meaning sensitivity around perception, societal norms and stereotypes as an attack in a misguided and ill-judged attempt at world weary cynicism. Ha ha
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    Made a start on this last night, got about 2 hours in. Not much has happened so far but I do not want to give anything away at all about this game so will put all of this in Spoilers: Needless to say I’m very impressed. I honestly couldn’t put it down, if I could’ve stayed awake I would’ve happily played it all through the night.
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    What the fuck is this in the 'coming soon' section?! NSFW warning.
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    I think that needs its own thread. Not a fan of these catch all threads if I'm honest.
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    Unless anyone knows of anything better, I think this is the cheapest you can get Paper Mario: The Origami King It's from Currys, and you need to use the preorder code GAME10 at the checkout to save 10%. You can use it for Ghosts of Tsushima too https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/tv-and-home-entertainment/gaming/console-games/nintendo-switch-paper-mario-10210711-pdt.html
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    Finished early this morning. I absolutely fucking loved it. It’s genuinely the most powerful and emotional experience I’ve had in a game. The gameplay loop is just perfect IMO too, it has some of the most intense stealth, horror and action which is nicely book ended by more quiet exploration, flashback and story sequences which just always made me want to see more and just gave me enough time to breathe. Enough whereby even though I’d feel exhausted by a certain section to the point where I’d feel I need to turn it off (in a good way), the immediate part afterwards would always relax me just enough to go “I’ll just do one more encounter” or “explore this next part” & keep playing far longer than intended. Speaking of that, it’s a very long game for a linear story experience. Personally I enjoyed every minute though, I never felt bored. It probably could have had 5-10 or so hours trimmed out without losing too much but I was enjoying the gameplay and story so much that the length of it never bothered me and I enjoyed getting new parts and locations to experience throughout. Near 30 hours of this felt far shorter and was far more interesting to me than your average 20+ hour open world game. I will say though, I think I may prefer the Joel and Ellie’s story in the first. There was just something so fresh, unique and new with that experience. It was also the first time a game ever to make me so invested in it’s world and its characters that I don’t think any other game will be able to match it. One of those 1st time experiences which is unfair to everything after it. I’m thinking of returning to it to see if it’s my memory playing tricks on me but I’m also scared of ruining that memory so may not... The gameplay is vastly superior in this too which may make it even harder to go back to.. After saying originally I didn’t want TLOU to have a sequel, I’m so fucking glad they did. Which speaks volumes as far as I’m concerned. 10/10 If you’ve not played the original, I strongly recommend playing it before this. I very much doubt it’d have the same resonance with you otherwise. Similar to playing FFVIIR, I think playing the original adds a huge amount to your enjoyment of these games. Just as a little footnote - I hate people. Ive managed to avoid all spoilers and discourse around this game while I’ve been playing it. So I went on a bit of a dive watching videos and reading stuff regarding it this morning. WTF is wrong with people? There’s some good criticism out there, a lot I understand completely, if it doesn’t click with you there is some things I can see why you’d dislike it. But the amount of whining seems to be on another level.
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    Supraland is a charming first-person metroidvania set in a child's sandbox, almost entirely the work of a single developer. You play as a red toy person who's village water supply appears to have been sabotaged by the blues on the other side of the sandbox. Your job is to find out what happened and get the water back. The game looks really nice, with lots of oversized human items making up the landscape. It's funny and fun to play, the powers you gain are interesting and have multiple uses, the more you gain, the easier and more enjoyable backtracking through the area and looking for secrets becomes. The puzzles are quite inventive and it's usually clear what you need to do, I only found a couple of them a little obtuse. The combat feels a little tacked on and repetitive, only really serving as a way of gaining coins for upgrades. I think it's currently PC only, both this and a sequel are apparently console-bound soon.
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    Oh my god, so many. The Castlevania picture is a good starting point. Mercury Steam isn't quite what they used to be anymore but I'd love something like Lords of Shadow 3. I don't really want a new 2D game without Iga's involvement and I doubt Konami is going to work with him again. I've read a couple of rumours about a new Perfect Dark which I don't believe at all but that reminded me that, yes, that would be a cool IP to bring back. A more brainy shooter than your usual Call of Duty, with a female lead which is all the rage right now. Legacy of Kain / Soul Reaver has also always been one of my favourite franchises. They canceled a reboot during the PS360 era which means some people at least still know about the franchise. I have no idea how you could do this today because releasing a straight sequel almost 20 years after the last game is not the brightest idea but still, more of that universe please. There's some unused scripts and lore from Hennig still lying around, don't let it go to waste. Mirror's Edge.This already got its very unlikely second chance but a third one to wrap it up would be more than welcome. Imagine the city of glass with Raytracing, oh dear. No open world anymore though, please. Mass Effect. It's a bit sad that the best games of the PS360 era are now considered a franchise with an unlikely chance to return, but I enjoyed Andromeda despite its numerous flaws and it had an interesting cliffhanger ending which I'd love to see explored in a sequel (which was certainly planned at some point). And to honour my new avatar, SEGA should totally revisit Skies of Arcadia. I think it could work commercially, JRPGs have a very supportive and loyal fanbase today and if they release it on multiple successful systems instead of just a Dreamcast and a Gamecube it will reach an audience. Please, just do it. I'm really happy btw. that this is limited to PS5 and Xbox, Nintendo has so many good IPs collecting dust, it's ridiculous.
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    There's really no reason to not get the disc version to be honest. It's the Switch vs. Switch Lite discussion all over again. Yes, you're potentially going to save a little bit of money early on. But you also get a system that's by definition inferior to the other because it simply does less. You'll never be able to watch a BluRay movie on it, you'll never be able to borrow a game from a friend and you're always going to have to pay full price for your games unless there a sale on the store. The latter in particular will reduce the initial cost-saving exercise to dust after a couple of games anyway and might make the digital version, in fact, the more expensive one in the long run. So even if you plan on going mostly digital it's probably still the better choice to "invest" a few more bucks for the full package to avoid some disappointments down the line IMO.
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    Fits right in with an R&C game if you ask me.
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