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    Suddenly, working from home doesn’t seem so bad.
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    Unable to resist the hype any more I cracked and got the new Doom game. I have to say I’m so super impressed with it’s cutting edge graphics and next generation gameplay It’s har - - Wait, what do you mean?
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    aka everyone leave me alone for 12 weeks
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    My Ps4 collection, and below that ps2 and 3 which trying to build both back up after having sold majority of both in the past
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    Digital copy for me and picked up a physical copy for my son who has potentially just had his last day at primary school.
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    I never played a Zone of the Enders game back in the day, but this was very cheap at thegamecollection and I've heard good things
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    Went with EDF: Iron Rain and Bloodstained in the March sale. Not as if I’ll be spending £40 a week on petrol travelling to work anytime soon.
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    £12 in the Ubi sale on Steam
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    What a ship load of improvements and a great way to start with far better motivations than just selling fruit to get by. This is wonderful.
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    Horace is a narrative platform adventure about a robot butler that's absolutely full of charm and wit. It's very British in character with tonnes of jokes and references to old computer games and 80's and 90's pop culture. The story is told through cutscenes in a pixel art style narrated in the robotic voice of Horace, and really goes places. Just when you think it's going to be a tale of robotic domestic bliss, everything changes. The game itself has some pretty fiendish platforming with metroidvania style uprgades and is really fun to play. The levels and and what you need to do in them show a lot of imagination and variation. Death comes regularly, but infinite lives and and instant respawns help alleviate frustrations. My only criticism is that it's maybe a little long, but I had a blast with it.
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    This is just for the demo so far... release isn't too far away now though. I'm presuming this isn't too far in to the game, you start out already having met Carlos and entering the Subway train, after a brief conversation you're free to head up to the streets. First impressions... and it's a big one, HDR is vastly improved over RE2... I wish they'd actually go back and fix that but after a year its highly unlikely, anyway it's a lot better in this game. It controls very similar to RE2 but with the added dodge, I actually had to go and change the controller setup as I didn't like where they'd put run (clicking left stick) with the change it felt much better. Obviously it looks lovely, already it's a much more colourful game than RE2, shooting feels pretty much identical... all though I think they may have toned down the zombie dismemberment a tad... presumably because there's more on screen. I've had a good wonder around, it's got some nice little shortcuts you can open up to move around easier and I'm surprised at how many shops you could actually enter. I didn't actually get to finish the demo though... Nemisis killed me...🤣 Everything is looking good to me so far, fingers crossed that shitty real life virus doesn't delay the game.
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    Mutazione is a narrative game following a 15 year old girl who sets off to a distant town to visit her estranged grandfather, having received news he's on death's door. The titular town was once a busy place until several decades ago it was destroyed by a meteor, and which slowly mutated the people animal and plant life left. The game itself mostly involves talking to the townspeople and getting to know this community and their lives, planting musical gardens, and solving the mystery of the giant tree in the middle of the town which sustains the island. It's gentle, slow-paced and relaxing stuff, lasting about 5-6 hours. I had a lovely time with it.
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    Finished this last night in about 13 hours, ended up 100 percentng it and finding all the collectibles. So yeah after @Maf's tip for the combat I just stomped on pretty much everything really and breezed through it. I'd been mainlining the game for most of my way through it and only begun to go back and explore once I got past the place where you release the Wind energy (Forlorn Ruins I think) so I was quite under-powered and didn't have much health, abilities or energy up to that point which probably didn't help. But yeah, I started exploring after the Wind place and I couldn't stop! With me once I start getting all the little bits and pieces it's difficult for me to leave any uncollected so I had to get them all, and when I was doing that I then realised I'd got 100% or near that in most areas so I then needed to make sure I got 100% in every area too. Neither of these were too difficult, I had to use a guide to get a few of the collectibles that were more hidden away and it was lucky I had loads of health upgrades to go back to the Ginso Tree because I had to make my way back to an area I don't think I was meant to go back to in order to pick up a final couple of bits to get that area to 100%. But yeah, I managed it quite easily and had a blast doing so. I think this is the first game like (Metroidvania) this I've actually finished. I adored Hollow Knight in the 10 or so hours I spent with it but bailed on it because it just seemed so long, big and overwhelming for me. Ori is such a neat, concise little package with a map that is far easier to navigate and it's relatively fast to complete but at no time did I feel like it outstayed its welcome or became a slog. It was pretty much the perfect length. The story was surprisingly emotional in places, I remember tearing up at the beginning which is rather heartbreaking and at the end the way things played out but this was another thing I think the game gets spot on because it never feels like its intruding on the way it plays. It gives you just enough story to allow you relate to this world and know what's going on without feeling intrusive or annoying in any way. The one weakness is the combat because it's merely serviceable but yeah I loved everything else about it and would definitely recommend it. Now to decide whether to dive straight into Ori 2 tonight or wait a few days.
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    Just to reinforce @Blakey's comment above. Can we keep the discussion to content that is in the demo. I know some of us are big brains when it comes to 7 and we like to share that, but quite a few of us are coming to this cold. If you want to talk about the original 7, please use the thread for the original (but spoiler anything that is a plot point) Thanks.
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    My son is slowly (accidentally) renaming all the Marvel heroes. So far we've got Black Hamster and PorkEye.
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    Ok, so I wasn’t sure about this one. Sure, the Predator license is ideal for a quality gaming experience. But I was a bit weary, as the team’s previous game, Friday The 13th was a mixed bag. A fun concept, let down by a toxic community, general jankiness, and lack of consistent support (though that was due to the court battle relating to the franchise). So, I downloaded the demo for this last night. And it’s definitely made a good first impression. There’s no team-killing for a start, something that constantly ruined the experience for Friday. You have a choice of either Fireteam (4 humans), or Predator. The fireteam has to complete various objectives (hack computers, take over control points). Multiple enemy AI will try to stop you, so it’s most effective to team up, and defend objectives when you’re capturing them. It plays like pretty much any FPS, with your typical selection of weapons (Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol). Firefights can feel pretty tense, especially if an alarm gets triggered and you start getting swarmed with enemies. Then....you hear THAT sound. The tell-tale clicking of the Predator. Or it’s cloaking device activating. Or worst of all, see the red beam of its laser cannon pointing directly at you. At that point, all hell breaks loose. The Predator takes quite a lot of damage to take down, spraying recognisable green blood all over the place. Taking it on, one on one, is an extremely bad idea. If you get downed, there’s a chance your team can get you back up. Unless the Predator rips your spine/head off. Though that’s a gamble, as in doing that, you’re locked in place for several seconds, giving the rest of the team time to pump the Predator full of lead. Once the Predator finally dies, two things can seem to happen. If you’re quick enough to shoot it in the head after pulling it’s mask off, you can capture its body. Though you’ll get attacked by a ton of mercenaries for a few minutes, who can shoot up the body and decrease its value. Or, the Predator activates it’s self-destruct mechanism. A large red circle appears on the map. Anyone left in it after it detonates, is going home in a matchbox. If a member of the fireteam is killed, it’s possible to respawn them by “calling for reinforcements”. Which involves legging it to the specific radio point on the map, and defending it for a short time before your team-mate respawns. Though again that’s a gamble, because if the Predator is attacking you, you’ll have your hands full as it is. I spent last night purely as Fireteam, and had a bloody great time with it. I played as Predator for the tutorial, obviously it’s more complicated to play in comparison to Fireteam. Practice will certainly help, no doubt. There’s also a decent ammount of customisation options for both sides. Some are locked behind level progression, others in lootboxes. Lootboxes are earned in game, or bought with in-game cash. The game seems quite generous with money, and duplicate items give a decent bit of cash. Overall, I really enjoyed my time with this. More than I thought I would to be honest. I’ll certainly sink some more time into it over the weekend. And I had that much fun playing it with Gary, that I’ve preordered the full game. Well, I’m hardly spending money on petrol travelling to work for the next few weeks.
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    I massively bounced off the first game, Grow Home. It was awkward, a little too twee and just not a game I had a good time with, at all. So obviously it's only natural I try this one anyway. And I'm really glad I did. I had so much fun with this game from start to finish. I just really enjoyed it. The artwork and animation were adorable, the gameplay was still incredibly awkward, with your character, B.U.D. seemingly having legs with a mind of their own. Once you built up a little bit of momentum it became really difficult to slow down or stop. But that also tied in with the other systems in play. It was all based around climbing. The story involved collecting the parts of your crash landed ship, M.O.M. to reach orbit and jet off home again. Her 9 different parts were scattered all over the planet, and your job was to navigate your way to each one. Climbing was done with the shoulder buttons, LB/LT made his left hand grip, RB/RT the right. So when you built up a little bit of speed and needed to stop, pulling back then hitting the shoulder buttons would get B.U.D. to grip on to the nearest surface. There were a few other goals - scanning all of the planet's flora, growing star plants, that kinda stuff - but as long as you were restoring your ship you were heading in the right direction. I played it start to finish over the last week or so, and had a lot of fun with it, but at one point my brain said 'this is like a cute assassin's creed'. I'm really starting to enjoy Ubisoft's more artsy stuff. It wasn't fantastic, but I did have a lot of fun with it.
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    Quite possibly! I’ve come out of the woodwork cos I’ve seen a few heads from here playing it 😜 Hoping to trade some fruit (my native is cherry’s, and my wonderful in-game mum has sent me some peaches) Enjoying it so far, lots more to do than previous AC games - which considering the time I’ve plowed into them can only be a good thing! Although I’m not smashing it as much as I would normally - trying to get my 4 and a half year old into it and I’m trying to hold off a bit so he can see some of the islands progress for himself.
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    Today's Indie World video:
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    I don't really understand the topic system here but let's just roll with this. I decided to give this another go and put a good three hours into the beta today. Generally speaking I think it's an okay game. If everything goes your way it flows nicely and if your teammates have a brain it's good fun. Still there are some minor issues with the basic gameplay that I find a bit weird – like the fact that you can evade while being combo'ed and some moves being really hard to target when three teammates are close to one another. I guess that's why they gave some healing abilities a minor AOE effect because there's no way to be 100% precise with those things. That said it has two big flaws which kind of ruin the game. The first one is the skill ceiling, which is basically so low that anyone who can use two analogue sticks at the same time can do everything this game has to offer perfectly. On paper that's not per se a bad thing but the problem in a game like this is that you can't outplay anyone. If your character has an advantage over the opponent's, you win. If you have more people in a fight than the other team, you win. If both teams have four people fighting, whoever team kills the enemy healer first wins that fight. You can't do any kind of sick comeback with a healer against a damage dealer to turn the tide because a healer simply can't kill a damage dealer in a 1:1 scenario. Meanwhile you also can't do a cool comeback with a three against four setup because they'll just put out either more healing or more damage or both and individual values are so low that those 25% are game changing. Now while that might not be that big of an issue in a perfect world where everyone works together, but alas we're living in reality and this is an objective-based team game. Those two things are classic ingredients that the average online player is too stupid to grasp. To put it bluntly, this game only works if you communicate with everyone and/or are simply playing with friends exclusively. I've been getting matched up with randoms all day and 9/10 people think they can go against a full team solo and win or just completely ignore the objective or let me (the healer) get focused all match and then complain that I'm not healing – well, you catch my drift. I think this launches as a budget release so I might still give it a go just for the heck of it because Gamepass kind of guarantees a solid playerbase but as low-budget, buggy and unbalanced as it was back then, Anarchy Reigns was quite a bit ahead of this.
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    Finished! I seriously enjoyed that. It doesn't reinvent the wheel, or do anything original at all, but it is a good little game.
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    You plan your route, you practice your route, you fail your route, you readjust your route, you complete your route. Also you sweat a lot. And be awesome. Most important part. This is how you do it.
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    The follow up to the previous Ben and Dan games: 'Ben There, Dan That!' and 'Time Gentlemen, Please!' which as well being great for having punctuation in their titles, are also really good and very funny tributes to/pastiches of Lucasarts era point & click adventure games. This game is pretty different. It sets its sights on indie games in general, drawing from a wider range of influences. Ben is stubbornly sticking to his 90s point & click roots, and is all about looking at things and solving puzzles by combining items from his inventory (which is DEFINITELY not crafting!). Meanwhile, Dan wants to get with the times and be an indie platformer because that's what's cool these days. The result is a hybrid point & click/puzzle platformer, that surprisingly works very well. The game starts with the pair in Peru looking for a rare flower with the power to cure cancer, because, according to Ben, games about cancer automatically get respect no matter the quality. This is basically the tutorial, they get the flower and return to London to find something has caused the Apoclalypses (multiple apocalypses, not just one), trying to stop it is the main plot of the game. The writing and humour is by turns clever, silly, perceptive or biting as required, and works well for me as a fan of the previous games.
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    So, for the first time since Forza 3, I have all 1000/1000g on the base game. I'm not gonna lie, after the bullshit of the Mishima Saga, everything else really turned my opinion around on this entry in the series. Arcade mode was the same fun it's always been and it had these cool 'character battles' where you go back into the Mishima Saga and have to play through a fight that expands on the main story. That was cool, and a unique way to get you to try more characters who you might not necessarily give a second look to. I also took the game into the unknown and went online with it. As Eddy. Because I'm cheap and suck at fighting games. I had four achievements to get from this mode - win a battle in a tournament, win a ranked battle, win a normal match-up and play 10 matches total. These were the only ones I was worried about getting, given the fact I barely ever play online, so I thought I was gonna have to slog away for hours to get the wins. Anyway, after a little bit of difficulty actually getting online I finally managed to knock these out. Turns out I'm not too bad at learning people's tactics and waiting until the right moment to spam Eddy's combos. I put about 10 hours into T7 total. And while the first few hours of that was fucking ridiculous, once you drill down to the rewarding parts it's great fun. It's not something I'll go back to play any time soon, but it's definitely worth a look if you want something to tide you over for a day or two. It would have been a great rental back in the Blockbuster days.
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    FAR: Lone Sails is a beautiful indie game that definitely has that special something that the best indie games have, at least in the opening 30 minutes that I played. It looks like this: You’re basically piloting this hunk of metal across a barren wasteland. Gameplay has been very simple so far. The ship will move slowly if you open the sails but you can also fuel it to make it move faster. And then occasionally you come to roadblocks like this which require some gentle puzzling (so far). It looks beautiful. And everything is communicated visually. There’s no dialogue or tutorial. Very impressed so far.
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    Once RE3 is released as far as I'm concerned they can leave the Resi remakes alone and move on to either a Dino Crisis or Onimusha revival... or Resident Evil 8 of course. Or a modern Black Tiger!!!
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    The ending is one of the criticisms of U2 that I’m on board for as well. You can beat the blue guys with the gold crossbows, I think it’s almost an insta-kill. I don’t know it’s been a while. But the whole last chunk of that game gets super hard and is kind of a dick. It’s like what happened, man, I thought we were having a good time? Must be the warm up for Uncharted 3.
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    Nier Replicant Remaster announced Never played the 360 (or PS3 version which this is I guess) so could be interested in this.
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    Well, this is a weird one. I’ve always enjoyed the EDF series. With its army of enemies, terrible dialogue, and absolute carnage, it’s consistently been a fun series. Many people don’t touch it due to its janky looks, but it’s certainly a good time. This one was developed by a different team, Yukes. And it definitely tells. It looks slightly graphically better than say, EDF5. It’s still not ‘triple An quality, but you can definitely tell the difference. However, that does go against one of the series’s main high points. Quite often in an EDF game, you get bombarded with enemies. To the point where you can barely see what’s going on. Chaotic, sure. But fun to blast your way through. That unfortunately never happens here. Sure, there’s the occasional swarm attacking you. But never on the scale that EDF5 provides. The series trademark awful dialogue is also absent. There’s no furious chants of EDF, or ridiculous conversations between allies. Everything said in this one is instantly forgettable. Combat wise, you have 4 classes to choose from, ranging from your standard Soldier, to being able to jet pack around, to wiring around the level Spider-man style. All with the typical range of over-the-top weapons. I was mostly having fun with this. Until I reached the final boss of level 52. There, it stopped being fun, and became a frustrating chore. Throughout the fight, the boss has its energy recharged by support ships. If you haven’t brought in a good long-range weapon, this renders the fight impossible. Enemies constantly respawn, and choose to ignore your squad and go straight for you. So while you’re trying to aim a rocket at the bastard health recharging ship, an enemy will often run into your face, and into your rocket, damaging you. Then, as if that’s not bad enough (and it is), multiple more recharge ships show up. Just to make your life a misery. I was hammering away at the fucker for a good 20 minutes, at least. Eventually, a further form of the boss appeared. By this point, the health recharge ships were constant, and the respawning enemies constantly got in the way of my line of sight of the boss. Then without any warning, it activated a massive area of attack energy blast, that killed me instantly. Do all that again? Fuck no. I’d seen online various people say “the last boss is fucking awful”. So I thought I’d prepared for it as best as I could. But that motherfucker, can fuck right off. I’m done.
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    I think sidequests in JRPGs are pretty poor in general. The best ones coming to mind are probably the social links from the Persona series but even those are basically just little visual novels with multiple choice sprinkled in. As for FFX, from my perspective it's just one of those games that came out at exactly the right time and found exactly the right target audience. It is basically the FFVII of a slightly younger generation and will therefore always be considered one of the classics of the franchise. But just like other cult classics that were impactful at their release – I'm thinking of Halo as another example – it's just a rather average experience all around if you look at it from a more distanced perspective. FFX has a solid battle system where every enemy is kind of like a little puzzle and the Sphere Grid is a good idea, at least during a normal playthrough (maxing it out shows its flaws though, as every character will turn out to be the same). But the story is messy and really vague and the characters never really open up, so you feel kind of like a detached observer (IMO). Dungeons are extremely poorly designed and the game is basically as linear as FFXIII later turned out to be. I'm pretty sure that if it got released today, it would never gain the status of a classic of the genre. It was a game of its time, funnily enough the polar opposite of FFXII which was way ahead of its time and only, finally, got the recognition it deserved when SE released the HD remaster.
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    played a few games with Hendo today. We haven't played in months. First game we did ok, not amazing, second game we did terribly and came 19th. 3rd game we only fucking smashed it, loads of kills between us all, loads of damage caused, and we're only fucking champions 💪
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    I played the DS version for a full year, really hammered it, so I had no intention of going back in for the last few releases. Due to the current worldwide situation, I thought I might as well play something warm and pleasant and it's great being back. I like the new additions, or I presume they're new anyway. I'm on my second house now, just put up enough materials to get the shop. Hopefully I can get bridges and ladders soon. My village (the mighty Poo Island, same as the DS version) has apples as the native fruit, but I'm also growing peaches and coconuts. If you see me on, I might well have my village open and you're welcome to hop in and steal anything that I haven't already sold.
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    I've been playing this for around 6 hrs and really enjoying it. It describes itself as a roguelike, tabletop, adventure - and plays across a turn based, hex grid, environment. It feels a bit like the boardgame 'Runebound' (in co-op) although you have a party of 3, which you can move around independently, noting if they stay within reasonable proximity they support each other in battles. All actions are % based, and you have a limited (but rechargable) amount of 'focus' which can improve your chances. Lots of reviews seem critical of the random number generator (RNG) but I've not found it any different than the XCom one (i.e. I tend to get checks to >70% before trying). The interface works fine on PS4, albeit tutorial and help screens can be lacking a bit of instruction. Also, despite being called "rogue like" I've survived so far, now Lv 7, so I'll assume my careful steady progress and previous crpg experience has helped. It's only £20 RRP but often on sale across PC and consoles, well worth checking out if you like the genre.
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    The Colin McRae Flat Out pack is out now for people who are interested! It’s got me back in, I’m loving it. The scenarios are great to play through so far. Up to his Legacy RS days. Im rusty as fuck though, used to have assists off and do ok on last one. I did ok but didn’t win all the time (in fact this is one of the only racing games where I don’t feel I have to get 1st in every race). But I’ve had to put it on very easy and all assist on full I’m that bad at the minute ! It’s mad hard. But this does mean when you finally do nail a corner or section it’s more satisfying than just about any other racer. Like in my vid, it may not look like much but the way I took that corner felt good enough to actually shout out “FUCK YES!!” And save the clip. That narrow little bridge is far easier to screw up than it looks. Anyone who’s played it will know. & It’s genuinely frightening when you’re going fast in this game compared to lots of other games, I do wish it allowed you to rewind a couple of times though when you put the difficulty down. Some of these tracks can take well over 10 minutes and I’ve stuffed it in last section a couple of times. Really miss that assist on this, although I understand why it’s not there, but still if I’m playing on very easy I think the option should be there. FullSizeRender.mov
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    Finished it earlier, 100% all the areas, which I didn’t do last time - I’m pretty sure it originally locked you out of some areas. Not much to add really, same as above, really enjoyed it, and think it’s better than number 2 other than the first hour was a bit boring and the save system can be annoying, oh and the time trials in number 2 are good to be fair.
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    Completed this now. I fucking loved it, so well designed, felt amazing running and jumping about and has a nicely dense but relatively compact map. Looked brilliant throughout too. Had a bit of a wobble about 3/4 of the way through where it started to frustrate more than it was enjoyable but it soon passed. I just want to give a shout out to the abilities for collectibles too. I really appreciate games where you can have the collectibles show on the map near the end and tick them off. I’m far more likely to go for them this way, plus as the developers know we’re only going to have to look at a guide anyway, make it easier for us. I mention this so much here because I was enjoying the game so much I actually wanted to go and get them all before the end. I was consistently surprised by how touching and well done the story stuff was too. Animal stuff always gets me, far more than anything to do with actual people. Good lord it looked amazing throughout too. The background art is beautiful! Great game. 9/10
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    Video game delays are the only positive to Corona Virus. Delay that shit for as long as you like, there are already a billion video games no one really needs any extra
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    Yeah, backwards compatibility the way they do it by slightly improving the technical side of older games is really good. I recently stated playing Panzer Dragoon Orta again and not only is it still sort of unbelievable that this game is an Xbox game and not an early 360 title, it's just really cool that I can play it on current hardware in HD without having to re-buy it (even though I did, that franchise needs all the love it can get). I'll probably go back to some games when the new Xbox is out. Mirror's Edge Catalyst was targeting 60fps on all systems but only ever ran at around 40-ish on Xbox for example.
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    Yeah, it really cemented Naughty Dog's way forward. And for the love of god, please stop making top lists with both Uncharted and TR games in them.
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    Nah, BD was an action RPG. The only real similarities was that there was an element of cover shooting. IT had this awesome personality that really makes me wish it had been added on 360 BC. Anyway, personally I love both Uncharted and TR, but for me TR ekes out the Uncharted series. U3 and 4 were great, 1 was a cool intro to the series and 2 was sublime, but the open-world stuff of Lara's revival beats the corridor shooter/action move of Uncharted. Going back to 1 specifically though, I thought it was a great start t a new series. It was different. IT gave Naughty Dog a real sense of direction. It was beautiful when it first came out.
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    I've not posted about this because I've not had a lot to say about it. It's a decent enough game, and this is going to sound like more of a slight than I mean it to be, but that's it. It's not bad, it's not boring, but nor is it anything special. It's a good palette cleanser, enjoyable without staying with you The gameplay loop is very set. You play as Ash, your town is seeped in darkness, and it's affecting people, the whole town is angry and depressed, with local kids bullying you and chasing you if they see you. You need to use your magic paintbrush to graffiti the walls, lighting up string lights, when you light all the lights in an area it clears some of the darkness, opening up the next area. The titular concrete genies are figures you'll be prompted to paint on to a wall, you'll need them to solve some simple puzzles. They'll in turn prompt you to use certain items from your paint box, stencils in a way, so they'll want a sun painting, or grass, a tree, these are things you select and place using the motion of the controller. This will get you super paint which can be used to clear areas that can't be cleansed with normal paint Clear enough of the area and you'll get to make a masterwork, it's the same mechanic as the previous paragraph, your genies will tell you what to paint, do that and it will clear the area. Beyond that there's pages from your drawing book to find, you'll need these to make the requested designs, and there's a few walls where you can make bonus murals. I'm not sure if these are needed beyond just being another thing to do and ostensibly a collectible. There's light platforming, Uncharted style where you're grabbing ledges, it becomes more important as the game goes on, but it's never especially taxing And that's the game, that's Concrete Genie... until the end. I've not seen this happen for a while, it feels like something game's have got past, they've become more confident in their own ideas and not felt the need to add combat. Concrete Genie all of a sudden throws in a combat mechanic, I'm glad it's not running through the whole game, and it's not unplayable, but it is a bit of a shame, I'd rather have just had to draw one last big picture. Anyway, I've got, presumably, 2 more parts of this combat section, then maybe a final boss, so nearly done. It's been decent, if I was going to write more I'd maybe focus on how all the bad kids have had awful shitty lives rather than just being dicks, sometimes people are just bellends
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    https://www.gematsu.com/2020/03/cloudpunk-for-pc-launches-april-23 Looks cool. Coming to everything.
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