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  1. Craymen Edge

    The Hot Topic

    I don't think I really have much loyalty to brands in video games. I don't currently have any consoles. I had all 3 consoles last gen, and initially preferred Xbox 360's interface and friend management features, but had pretty much abandoned it a couple of years before the Xbox One was announced, I had already decided I didn't like the direction MS had been going in the couple of years proceeding that. I'm not 'loyal' to franchises or series either. I stopped playing COD games ages ago. I played 1, 2, Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2 and was satisfied with that. Battlefield 3 was the last one I bought in that series. I played a Forza game (Forza Horizon 4) this year, and that was the first time I've tried one since Forza Motorsport 4 .
  2. Craymen Edge

    Post your latest gaming purchases

    The Hex (PC) £7.19 This new game from the makers of Pony Island came out 2 months ago, and completely passed me by until I saw an impressions video on youtube.
  3. Craymen Edge

    Post when you complete a game '18

    Superhot (PC) David Lynch Teaches Typing (PC) Divinity Original Sin: Enhanced Edition (PC) The Awesome Adventures of Captain Sprit (PC) Far Cry 4 (PC) Life Is Strange: Before The Storm - Episode 1 : Awake (PC) Life Is Strange: Before The Storm - Episode 2 : Brave New World (PC) Life Is Strange: Before The Storm - Episode 3 : Hell Is Empty (PC) Yakuza 0 (PC) The Hex (PC) Hitman 2 (PC) Katamari Damacy REROLL (PC) Not many games completed this year, but 3 of these games made it into my top 10 most-played games on Steam, totalling about 260 hours between them. I spent another 50 on Far Cry 4.
  4. Craymen Edge

    Sony Consoles and Updates

    😮 I thought my 450 hours was excessive!
  5. Craymen Edge

    High-res Screenshot Thread

    Just started The Hex, it's getting weird already.
  6. Craymen Edge

    Gaming Shout Thread

    The game knows if you're starting again, and apparently some characters will even comment on it. I accidentally killed a training dummy and another enemy during the tutorial, which affected the ending and how some characters reacted to me. I restarted it at a later date to try a non violent run, and although I never finished (the first hour or so is a little slow), I think the scenes with Flowey were different. I wouldn't say it was essential to play it through more than once. I was perfectly satisfied with my playthrough.
  7. Craymen Edge

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

  8. Craymen Edge

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    It's a good teaser. I don't need to see anything else until it's out.
  9. Craymen Edge

    Post your latest gaming purchases

    Snapped up this week's big release:
  10. Craymen Edge

    Post your latest gaming purchases

    I was very grateful my parents "tested" my first gaming system back in the day. Because it meant they returned the Spectrum before Christmas and got a C64 instead. 😎
  11. Craymen Edge

    The JRPG Thread

    Eternal Sonata was pretty good. The premise was absolutely mental. Blue Dragon was quite simplistic on the surface and had one of the naffest bad guys in gaming, but the job and combat systems were so much fun.
  12. Craymen Edge


    I didn't like Bastion as much as a lot of the internet, I don't think it lot up this place either, but I thought it was pretty good with a few too many repetitive arena fights. I really liked Transistor. This looks like beautiful. It also looks like a Rogue-like. It's high time an indie studio finally released a rogue-like, I don't know why it's take so long to happen, but it's here at last.
  13. Craymen Edge


    Presumably they're getting a little something from Epic to debut on their store, but I wonder how that'll work out for them. I'll probably watch the trailer later, but that's about as much as I'm going to engage with it until the game is out proper
  14. Craymen Edge

    Random News

    Bethesda's PR nightmare continues
  15. Craymen Edge

    The Game Awards 2018

    happy The Game Adverts 2018 day everyone. I won't have time to watch it, but I'm looking forward to videos of stupid/awkward moments/ highlights the next day.