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  1. regemond

    God of War

    Finished. Holy shit.
  2. regemond

    Post your latest gaming purchases

    I can see it. It's like a game of Where's Mario?
  3. regemond

    Dragon's Dogma : Dark Arisen.

    Not enough. Buy it again.
  4. regemond

    God of War

    Jesus. Didn't realise I hadn't posted on this in so long. Anyway, still playing it, sloooowwwlyyyyy, still working my way through, really enjoying the story for what it is. I've just killed... Combat is a lot of fun, I never tire of the R3 murder button. Some of the puzzles have been a lot of fun, too. One recent section I really enjoyed was the area where you... I'm really having fun with this game. There's not one part I'm disappointed with, or flat out don't like.
  5. regemond

    Valkyrie Drive -Bikkhuni-

    I introduced my mate to this on PC Saturday. Ended up buying it for him on his Steam account. Because I'm an awful person and an even worse friend. So that's £20 I've spent on this shit. Anyway, as he was discovering how wrong it is, I took some pictures and sent them to another mate of mine, with the caption 'Because Japan.' - I literally have no other comment on this besides 'Because Japan.' I've put them in spoilers because trust me. Also, ignore the wonky images. I was half cut and trying to be artistic.
  6. regemond

    The Anime Thread

    Fucking Black. Really, all that potential you had to come up with a story and THAT is what you go with? Meh - at least Trunks is getting cool again. Really annoys me his hair is blue but Kid Trunks' is still pink though. Edit because there's no point doing an extra post: just finished the Zamasu arc. While I really liked some aspects, others were really disappointing. The origin of Goku Black sucked. The 'this isn't even my final form' trope was relied on too much (just die already) and things like were just a bit too convenient. That said, some parts were really good. (Spoiler just in case, because I mention a couple of actual plot points). Definitely starting to enjoy the subs now too.
  7. regemond

    Resident Evil 2 Remake

    It was just a random 'PS4 games we're looking forward to in 2019' video, but I saw him on fire and kept coming at one of the characters. He looks cool. Totally gonna watch a Let's Play, or stream, of someone playing it.
  8. regemond

    Resident Evil 2 Remake

    Literally haven't seen a single video of this (until a clip just now), or ever seen the full original game - who's the dude in the hat and trenchcoat?
  9. regemond

    The Anime Thread

    No. Fucking dumbass (me). I'm watching subs. Sorry. Change dubs to subs in the above post.
  10. regemond

    The Anime Thread

    Nah, don't spoil it. I'm getting invested in Dragonball for the first time in 16 years (Jesus, 16 years!) If I don't work it out I'll let you know. And yes, dub. If I'm going to see Broly I feel like I need to catch up. Now I can watch dubs I might be able to finish One Punch Man and Kill la Kill, too.
  11. regemond

    The Anime Thread

    He's literally just unleashed rose and I'm super confused because... Dunno. It's getting weird. I love the arrogant/asshole nature of Black though. He's such a dick.
  12. regemond

    The Anime Thread

    Fucking Super Saiyan Rose. Getting a tattoo of that son of a bitch.
  13. regemond

    The Pinball Thread

    I bat it about on multi ball modes. I still haven't got the skill to concentrate on 2-3 balls and placing them accurately at once. Just not quite there yet. Other than that I feel like I did really well on that run. I was going for specific mini goals (ie unlock extra ball - ok got that, now let's do the gargoyle, now let's do the citadel, now let's try the forest loop), and while I'm still not 100% with my aim I can see I'm getting there. Ended up with 91 million on my first ball (ok, first 3 balls, but the second two were extra unlocks) and it all went to shit from there. It's great fun when you get into that zone.
  14. regemond

    The Pinball Thread

    So is classic the 'tougher' mode? Because I'm happy with that if it is.
  15. regemond

    The Pinball Thread

    What's the difference between Single Player and Classic Single Player? Because I just smashed all my previous scores on Sorcerer's Lair in Classic mode...