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  1. @Blakey I think @Sly Reflex means the in-game purchases have ruined gaming, not the remaster.
  2. So hypothetically, if I wanted to play around with the other characters, what's the strengths and weaknesses of each one? I like the look of the Fencer's 'run in, fuck their faces up, move on' style, but from what I've seen it looks really difficult to control him/work into a flow. I watched a video of the Air Raider too - he just looks like chaos personified... Stand back, request various bombs, watch carnage. Oh and turrets. Fun! I've had a quick go of Wing Diver, and can see the areas she'd be useful for zipping in and out, taking stuff down quickly, dodging shit and basically making a nuisance of herself. Like a fly. A fly with big, elaborate guns.
  3. I know a couple of people have been waiting for this to drop in price so this seems as good a time as any to jump in. I paid £29.99 a few weeks ago, so £21 is an absolute steal. Standard Edition Here Deluxe Edition also available for £33.79 Here
  4. Overcooked/Overcooked 2 - [Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC] Run a kitchen in increasingly intense/ridiculous situations. A Way Out - [PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows] Think Prison Break for two. Unravel 2 - [PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch] A wonderfully distinctive 'indie' platformer from EA. I've not played any of the above, but know they can all do local MP.
  5. regemond

    Fallout 4

    One of my mates slightly cheated the game when it comes to settlements. His first one (I think it was before he bothered with settlers etc) was placed on top of a petrol station with a ramp up to it. He then removed the ramp and just used to fast travel in instead.
  6. So I've spent another few hours Friday and Saturday playing this with Sly. Having a really good time with it now. Still only mainlining one character, Ranger, and I feel like I'm learning his strengths and weaknesses so finding it easier to adjust my play style level for each level. The main reason I wanted to post about it today, though, is because of something I mentioned online last night. The design of this game is fantastic in some respects. Ok, it's basically horde mode with a story attached, but the developers are really clever in the way they do things. So the first third of the game introduced ants, jumping spiders, wasps, flying drones and giant humanoids. It's done in a really streamlined way, where each new enemy is introduced on its own in a couple of different situations so you can learn what they do and how they do it. You then get them mixed in with other enemies you've taken on before (so for example, the jumping spiders are mixed with the ants a few levels in). That's the entire first third of the game, and it ramps up the chaos more and more before trying to screw you over with a completely ridiculous mission. I went a little in depth there but tried to keep it as brief as possible, and that's for an important reason - around level 40-odd, it scales it right back. Each mission is a little less intense. The war seems to be turning in favour of the EDF. Then it starts introducing new enemies again. A new type of drone, a giant walking robot thing that can kick you across the map, new humanoid enemies and more. And it does this in the same way as it did previously. The new stuff gets mixed with ants, or thrown in with spiders. Fuck - the new humanoid enemies pair up with the old ones for a nice little combo that can ruin your day. It's a really simple system, but not only does it give that feeling of progression, and the feeling that both sides are slowly ramping up their attacks/defences, but it's a much more organic way of offering training. At no point in the game is anything explicitly stopped and explained to you, except for little hints through the dialogue. You're left to discover everything. I've waffled on there. Again. But considering this is a 'budget' game, there's just so many clever touches that constantly impress. All that above is just one aspect. With one character. So gives one experience. The developers of this game are incredibly clever.
  7. So 75 hours in now and I've finally played around with the main missions again, but I just want to talk about one particular mission that was SO frustrating but one of the reasons I love the game so much. I'm going to keep this as vague as possible to not give any major details away. Ok, so you get to a point in the story where every time you step into a specific region there's a 3-star bounty on your head. It gets to a point where... (I'm keeping it vague but think this belongs in spoilers anyway) So off I trot on my merry way, doing my normal survey of the area, get all the pop-ups and work out where the pyre is. I then head sneak through and set a trap in the fire. Ok, now remember that 3-star bounty on my head? Yeah a level 55 bounty hunter wades in and starts casing the joint. I keep wandering round killing off guards here and there, eventually getting spotted by this meaty fucker. So I gets into a fight with him, then a couple of captains, then the polemarch, and a couple of minions. All at once. Then I hear the familiar deep, bassy tone that signifies a bounty hunter is near. Another bounty hunter. So I had all of the above plus this guy on my case. THIS is what the situation looked like: This is after sneaking around killing off half the area first. Unsurprisingly I died. Several times. Even on the occasions I DID manage to end all these guys, when I finally headed for my goal I'd have another bounty hunter on my ass. Which led to a few more deaths... Anyway, I know I've waffled on there, but the way that was all set up, the way the game scripts the bounty hunters in to fuck your day up, the freeform approach to clearing out the fort, the combat that even when I was getting repeatedly owned gave me that one more go mentality, it all combined to give one of the best gaming experiences I've had for a long time.
  8. Fear Effect Sedna. 90% off at £1.59 (down from £15.99). I used points on my account and already had like 26p in credit so it's cost me 25p. Why do I feel like I'm still gonna feel a bit ripped off...?
  9. Ahh I thought it'd be ok given there were no characters named. Didn't think naming an illness would be too much of a spoiler!
  10. Just happened across a really interesting article on Polygon about one character's health issues and how it was a fantastic portrayal of a deadly illness. Link! Spoilers in the article, obviously, as it goes into details re the game's story and ending, but safe to say that I definitely won't be playing RDR2 for a while. Don't really fancy putting myself through that, especially given that the writer of the article has CF.
  11. We're talking about a kids TV show where one of the first bad guys was a pig who literally had arms (or legs, depending on your viewpoint) coming out of his mouth: I'm not sure the creators were ever too concerned about logistics or realism...
  12. Developer: nWay Games Publisher: Lionsgate Games/Hasbro (I think...) Platform: PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch Release Date: April 2019 In no way is this going to set the world on fire, given that it's a console port of a mobile game, but between the 25 years worth of Rangers - including comic book exclusive characters like Lord Drakkon - and what looks to be surprisingly fun gameplay in the second trailer, I'm kind of holding out hope for this one. It's not going to be fantastic for £15, but it already looks better than the awful side scrolling MMPR beat-em-up from a year or two ago. If there's a half-way decent story mode I'll probably end up getting this at some point for a laugh. https://battleforthegrid.com/
  13. I'd have put this in the Borderlands 3 thread but 1) I don't know if there actually is one and I'm too hopped up on painkillers to check, and 2) there's no guarantee that it's 100% BL3 (although I can't see what else it might be). Edit: thanks to whichever mod moved this.
  14. I was introduced to a new band on Friday - Zeal & Ardor. Not gonna lie, they're kind of fantastic. They take slavery music, give it a metal spin and turn it on its head, basically praising Satan/the devil instead of Jesus/god. The title track off their first album (Devil is Fine - embedded here) is so, SO good. I don't know what it is, but they just seem to have gripped me. I NEVER listen to music in work and I've currently got my headphones in going through their first album again.
  15. regemond

    Random News

    Heads up - most important Twitter gaming account ever. Each tweet names a game and whether you can or can't pet the pups in it, along with video/gif content. https://twitter.com/CanYouPetTheDog
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