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  1. 2 and a half-ish. I mean, Harley keeps forgetting her underwear - what am I supposed to do?? @RikSP honestly, I think I got it for less than a tenner in the sale. It's worth it for the laugh. The dialogue is cringe-inducingly bad, but the gameplay itself is brainless and relatively fun.
  2. So. Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force. Brought to you by the geniuses behind the Mega/HyperDimension Neptunia series, it's a medieval JRPG for the ages. Ok. It's not. It's a bit of a pervy game wrapped in a lovely little Dark Ages anime art style. @Sly Reflex was asking me about it last night, and the only answer I really had was that it's inoffensive. Which I then immediately clarified by saying the GAMEPLAY is inoffensive. The story itself just seems to be an excuse to get questionably aged female characters into questionable states of undress. One character in particular, Harley (who thankfully, looks of age), has a particular comfort with herself, so gets herself into situations like this... Anyway, I've just discovered this game is a remake of a 2013 PS3 game. It uses a modified version of the Neptunia battle system, so it's a turn-based JRPG. You have a circular battle arena and your characters make their moves, then the enemy makes theirs (obviously depending on speed levels). When it's your turn, each character gets an area they can cover, where they have to get close enough to an enemy to make an attack. Or far enough away if you're defending/healing. It's easy enough to get to grips with, and as you progress they introduce more and more twists on the formula. You level up as per RPG rules, then also gain a kind of ability points that allows you to increase your attack, defence, movement and attack range, as well as the amount of physical attacks you can do in a combo. It's a nice idea and lets you personalise each fighter to your play style. The story involves finding swords - known as Furies - and using them to release the Goddess. Well, in my story that's what's happening. You can also release this other dude - he's a bad guy - or there's a third option. I'm not sure if you can release both or what. I assume so. A few other systems are in place, but that's the main gist of the important stuff. After about 10 hours of gameplay I'm around level 10-12 and have 4 characters in my party - Fang (the main character), Tiara, Harley and Galdo. All 4 have three hits in their combo, I've unlocked a few extra moves for all of them, and they all have a Fairy giving them benefits/bonuses. It's good. Not great. But there's enough there - besides the perviness - that's keeping me playing, so i'll carry on at some point this weekend.
  3. Well that's my decision made. Be assed with ghost types.
  4. This video looks like you're trying to work your kinks out.
  5. I'm an awful human being because I really hope they say "and dedicated to yesterday's winner, here's Sorry from Justin Bieber".
  6. regemond

    PlayStation Plus

    Tournament off. PES out, Detroit: Become Human in. https://blog.eu.playstation.com/2019/07/02/detroit-become-human-and-horizon-chase-turbo-are-your-playstation-plus-games-for-july/ Not gonna lie, fucking sold this month. Been waiting for Detroit to come on PS+!
  7. regemond

    PlayStation Plus

    I'm up for that. Will get my ass kicked, but happy to have a punt anyway.
  8. There's alternate colours of everything else. Why not the cosmonauts? Oh god. That means there's probably gonna be new versions of the frogs too. Both the flying and walking varieties. Fuck sake.
  9. I just hope there's not an alternative colour of the aliens. That's not gonna be a fun time.
  10. Is this a general statement, or does it relate to the game in question?
  11. It'll be fine. I'll deal with it. Only tenuously related, but this just made me laugh: Apparently my brain is automatically starting to EDF things now.
  12. I hate that mission with a passion at all difficulties.
  13. It's hardly my fault if you have the willpower of a toddler left alone with a cake.
  14. Yeah I discovered that tactic when I turned around in one level and there was about 8 of them just staring at me. Didn't even get the time to move or fire off a shot before I was taken down. Nice introduction to the fuckers, though.
  15. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07T4Q53ZL/ref=as_li_ss_tl?keywords=zelda&qid=1561554679&s=gateway&sr=8-16&linkCode=ll1&tag=fruggami-21&linkId=f599a216000ba066d00917ce9f53c388&language=en_GB On Amazon UK. £69.95.
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