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  1. Speaking of, that's officially dead this year, too: https://www.cnet.com/news/razer-will-pull-the-plug-on-ouya-gaming-console-on-june-25/ (unless that's what you were referencing, in which case ignore me)
  2. Well this is out of leftfield. Panic, publisher of Firewatch and Untitled Goose Game are developing a new handheld console for $149. https://www.polygon.com/2019/5/22/18636485/playdate-release-games-handheld-panic Random Info: Dimensions: 74 × 76 × 9mm 2.7-inch Black and White Screen Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled USB Type-C charging $149 price point includes the first season of 12 games to be released Hand Crank feature can be used in conjunction with D-Pad, on its own or not at all Scheduled for release in 2020.
  3. regemond


    Forgot to post about this a couple of weeks ago so I'm gonna do it now. I ended up playing this when drinking with a mate of mine and we had a blast working through it. It's full of charm, has some great level design (as well as some questionable design choices, but still), and a steady stream of upgrades that for the most part are pretty easy to find. A lot of characters are full of personality, and it really captures that mid-century personality that was obsessed with human living in space. Think the maid from The Jetsons but with huge amount of variation between characters. The story is absolute B-Movie schlock, but we already know I love that shit so I was happy to just enjoy the ride. It was definitely an unexpected gem, and I'm happy I gave it a shot. Especially seeing as I'd completely forgotten about this thread so had no idea what I was going in to. Also, the phrase 'suck off their noggin' is never gonna not make me laugh. Recommended. Great fun!
  4. I've seen literally about 100 memes on the finale already but I'm disproportionately entertained by this one in particular:
  5. Ha! I wish it was just that - I'm just loaded up socially at the minute. Between trying to look after one of my mates, looking after my kid half the time, AND spending time with the girlfriend on top of that, it's just tough getting decent time to get a game of ANYTHING in. Plus I work 7.30-5.45 Tues-Fri. Mondays are always with little dude too, so I can't even get on a console then. So yeah. Busy life right now. I'm sure it'll all settle again when I can change my hours in September. That was more of a rant than I expected...
  6. I think this is definitely my switch off game at the minute. I'm having a hell of a lot of fun every time I play as the challenge ramps up. I'm about half way through Hard Mode with @Sly Reflex and @Whiskey_chaser, and we seem to work quite well together, splitting off where we need to and coming back together when it gets a little hairy. I've even noticed a couple of instances of flanking, which when it works just seems to absolutely rape any enemies. For someone that doesn't play games online very often, I can quite confidently say this just wouldn't work if I went through it in single player. Looking forward to bumping up to the next difficulty, and to getting at least comfortable with characters other than the Ranger. Now I just need to find the time to do it...
  7. Oh! Then yeah - that's exactly what happened!
  8. 😂 I can neither confirm nor deny the appearance of any spider fluid and/or webbing.
  9. She does. So much so she booked us tickets for the Infinity War/Endgame double bill on opening night.
  10. Yeah, started speaking about 2 months ago-ish over Tinder. Went out at the start of April and really hit it off. Having a lot of fun right now.
  11. Yeah my new Mrs has got a thing for him, too. TBF he rocks Rihanna...
  12. Valkyrie is bi at least... Have they said fully gay (really bad way to put it, I know), or just LGBTQ representation? http://collider.com/thor-ragnarok-valkyrie-bisexual-scene-cut-taika-waititi/
  13. I think it's one of those cultural phenomenons where no matter what they did it wasn't going to please a big portion of the fans. It's been built up too much, and everyone has their own theories on how it should have gone (spoiler alert - I'm even gonna throw in what I would have liked to see in the spoiler tags. Hypocrite? Yes. Regrets? No.). Personally I really didn't enjoy the episode. I dunno, I know they had to pack more in because it was only a six episode season, and the final season to boot, but I feel like there's been a few missteps and a lot of rushed parts in the last five episodes.
  14. They probably won't tbf. I reckon it'll be games from this gen only.
  15. Salute is a great pop song. Honestly, if you ever decide to listen to their albums, give Get Weird a go. There are some really good songs that weren't released as singles on there.
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