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  1. Yeah, the game just really weirdly never got boring for me, never experienced that before with a game of this kind of length. This is definitely my favourite of the RPG Creed games. I still don’t think the world is as fun or visually arresting as Origins, and I still would’ve liked some more naval stuff thrown in but they absolutely nailed the story - and the way it is doled out in episodic portions - and the side activities in this. The balance was just superb, you never really got too much of anything, nothing outstayed its welcome. It goes into my top 3 alongside AC4 and Brotherho
  2. Played the Maiden demo last night and absolutely loved it. With the first person perspective I immediately felt way more uncomfortable and on edge than I ever did in REmake 2 and 3, could cut the atmosphere with a knife. Graphically it looked a little better than I thought it’d be, it didn’t blow me away initially until I got out of the dungeon area and then wow. The mansion interiors looked amazing with all the light glistening off the ornate golden lined cupboards and walls, then you walk down into the lobby and see that phenomenal glistening Chandelier that’s been in t
  3. DisturbedSwan


    I saw KoTM on the plane in 2019 and enjoyed it quite a bit. Way more than any Godzilla/Kaiju related stuff before or since anyway, not a great film by any means but fun dumb nonsense that kept me entertained throughout its run time.
  4. I’d definitely give it a go personally. Didn’t know about the negativity going in (although looking at RT it’s 60% fresh 🤷‍♀️) but yeah I absolutely loved it. EDIT: It’s actually 59% rotten on RT now.
  5. 22/01/21 - Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (PS5) - 9/10
  6. Got into the ReVerse closed beta, looks trash but I’ll give it a go.
  7. DisturbedSwan

    Random News II

    Well on the plus side it seems they’ll all be keeping their jobs, but yeah it’s shitty they won’t get to head anymore projects. I guess this means any Crash/Spyro stuff going forward will be handled by Toys for Bob.
  8. Nah, I would’ve said that’s bloody great if they’d done that 👍😘
  9. Fucking awful that, $60 for 6 months and you have to pay that to play F2P games? Get fucked Microsoft.
  10. About 115 hours in now and the end is in sight. I’ve got 2 areas left to finish in Hampshire and Winchester and I’m done, I’ve already finished the story part of Winchester as well, just need to mop up the side activities. Almost killed all the Order of Ancients too, just two more targets to go there. All looking good for the Plat as well, the Trophy I was dreading the most was the one for catching all 19 different types of fish in the game and I picked that up in my last session on Tuesday so I can’t see any speed bumps on the horizon now. I think the most remar
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