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  1. That £73pm is for a 24 month iPhone 15 Pro contract, I would own it after 2 years if I kept it for that long. Roughly £40 of that is for the 'device plan' and then £33 is the airtime bill. The cost is expensive, but I've always paid around the same really so it hasn't really ever changed, had new iPhones since 2009 which have never been great price/tariff-wise (and a 4-6 year stint on Android where I got the latest Samsung Galaxy - and a shitty Sony Xperia one year -). As long as it doesn't go up significantly from that I know I can afford it if that makes sense. The phone part is only £40 a month then £33 for the airtime part.
  2. £73 a month, that's for 30GB data, unlimited everything else. It doubles if you're with Virgin Media though. I did it last year as it was about £3 a month more than a regular plan for 5GB more data a month.
  3. Just announced via Xbox's TGS live stream
  4. I guess? But I was doing that anyway every 2 years, the difference now is that I'm doing it over a shorter period of time. Even then I'm probably not going to switch every 3 months, more like once or maybe twice a year at most. We'll see how this one goes on Friday.
  5. UK Chart Roundup (Week 37 2023) UK Chart, week ending September 16th 2023 (Week 37)
  6. Yeah I never got to play the OG or P3 PSP games so this is a must-get for me, even though I have GP I'll be buying this on PS5. Maybe not day 1 though now as this is out a week after Like a Dragon 8.
  7. Whole Direct Infinite Wealth Story Trailer Infinite Wealth Gameplay trailer Like a Dragon Gaiden opening cinematic Infinite Wealth is out 26th January 2024.
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