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  1. Think it’s too early for Fable but Wolfenstein 3 is a possibility, only if Machinegames have a second team though as they’re on Indiana Jones.
  2. Someone's probably going to call the hyperbole police on this post, but this game is nothing less than a masterpiece from what I've played. It is one of the very best racing games I've ever played in my lifetime. It's all down to pretty much one thing and that is the handling model, it is just absolutely phenomenal. There's no racing title past or present that has made me feel a cars weight, trajectory and movement through corners with a controller as much as this game. How all the cars weight distribution, understeer, oversteer, tyre movement over kerbs and circuit imperfections are all different from car to car resulting in them behaving wildly different to one another. Obviously the DualSense plays a large part in this as you can feel the car beneath you (so to speak) so much more than ever before, cars feel alive and almost challenge you to a wrestling match at times to keep them on the road. Some cars and events I can't tell you how many times I had to restart as the back went on me halfway through a corner and I stacked it into a wall. Completed all the National A and B licenses with a Gold medal, I might've been able to beat some of your times if I could be bothered to practice but typically I was just happy to get the Gold and move on. The Missions are a really cool addition, little fun challenges similar to the licenses but with a but more joie de vivre about them, a really fun little mode. I think I'm up to about Menu Book 11 or 12 from memory, all of these have been super easy so far to do but fun nevertheless. I tried my first Online Sport race (had to tune my Golf up a bit first though) the other day and it was one of the best experiences I've had in games, a super intense (no camping involved! ) race where everyone was super respectful and the AI Director actually doles out penalties to folks being idiots. While I'm here, another thing about the game I love is the racing and brake line. I'm used to the Codemasters/Forza racing line formula but the implementation here, whilst aesthetically not as pleasing as those two competitors, is more open to your own interpretation and input. It tells you roughly where to brake and which line you need to take into and out of a corner but there's still some experimentation there, it isn't as clear cut as the competitor's interpretations of a similar concept, for me anyway. There's something about the graphics as well. Whilst on paper the backgrounds might not be as impressive as something like a Forza Horizon, something about the game (particularly when you're in cockpit view as I almost always am) is super sharp graphically, there's that one track in the desert with the hot air balloons all over the shop with the sun setting that is absolutely glorious. No matter the track though the graphics always seem to look super vivid, vibrant and really pop with colour, the presentation is pristine. I think this is probably the best looking racing game I've ever played as well. So yeah, safe to say, I think this game is incredible and its by far and away my GOTY so far. I will say I haven't properly played a GT game since GT3 on PS2 but so far this is a lot better than my memories of that, I haven't played many simulation style racers lately either so that may be colouring my opinion somewhat, but yeah, it's by far and away one of the best racing games I've played. Pics:
  3. Yeah, the whole gaming schedule for the rest of the year is a huge tumbleweed for the entire industry at the moment, but outside of Starfield we know practically nothing about Xbox's end of year/next year lineup so it'll be good to see if they've got anything else lined up. I don't think Bethesda will have much else apart from Starfield and maybe some MP game, possibility a Deathloop Definitive Edition announcement coming in late September. On the Xbox Studios front I've honestly not a clue, none of their games seem close at all, maybe Forza Motorsport reboot? Who knows, but yeah it'll fun to find out. I hope they've got something big other than Starfield for the rest of this year.
  4. Decent month to be fair, just FIFA alone really but Tribes is meant to be good as well.
  5. Yeah @radiofloyd Rykard is super easy once you know what that item does and what the fight 'is' if that makes sense, I could've made life a lot easier for myself if I just read weapon descriptions lol. I've always loved being invaded and invaded others myself, playing offline you miss out on a whole 1/3 (maybe 1/2) of what the Souls experience is really, in my view at least. Anyhoo, back to my own progress. Spent the last number of hours in the Capital exploring and goddamn this place is humungous! I got decision anxiety on which path to take almost right at the beginning of this mammoth dungeon, so many different paths to take, nooks and crannies with possible strong enemies behind that may also hold some sort of trinket or treasure that would be worth your while. Do I go down this path to the left? Do I go down this path in front of me? Do I jump off this ledge and go over the rooftops? Do I go down this lift to the right? Pretty damn crazy, I just felt so lost, hopeless and bewildered being here. Everything just towers above you in the Capital which doesn't help either, huge ornate buildings litter the entire area and make you feel very small and meaningless, a foul tarnished. After a lot of trial and error, forcing myself to stick with a certain route I eventually found my way to the end of the main thoroughfare, fought a mini boss here and discovered a bonfire (which for this game are quite hard to come by in the Capital). Gradually made my way upwards, using some tree roots and a dragons wing as a staircase, eventually leading to the first boss of the dungeon, Morgott, who went down on my first try (with Mimic Tear) and then a bit more exploring afterwards before getting to Godfrey, who also went down like a sack of spuds with the help of the Mimic Tear and an NPC summon. That's pretty much that really, now I've been given an item which I presume I can use to enter a new region (as the path behind Godfrey is blocked off), so will pick up from there next time round. I think there's probably tons of the Capital I've not explored yet still though. Pics:
  6. UK Chart Roundup (Week 15 2022) UK Chart, week ending April 23rd 2022 (Week 15)
  7. For me, Hawkeye feels like the only real 'dud' so to speak. Wandavision is by far and away the best of the TV series for sure, but I've enjoyed pretty much all of them, it's just stuff like Hawkeye will have only 1 or 2 good episodes and others like Falcon, Loki etc. will have more. I think they're definitely worse than the movies (apart from Wandavision) but that's kind of to be expected, I think a lot of them are uneven, that's their biggest issue, you'll have a few eps being amazing and then some which are just a little dull at times. Saying that though, Loki and Falcon would wake me up like a Monster drink, definitely not put me to sleep Booked tickets for Doctor Strange last night, IMAX Sapphire 13:45 on opening day, can't wait.
  8. Picked this up over the weekend
  9. DisturbedSwan

    Splatoon 3

    Releases 9/9/22
  10. DisturbedSwan

    F1 22

    Game Collection But yeah, £70 digital for standard, gotta love that digital + current gen tax.
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