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  1. MTX Confirmation from the pre-order page Very disappointing, especially from a Sony published title. It looked shit anyway but I’ll give it a wide berth, hoping the MTX are cosmetic type stuff similar to Fall Guys but even then there’s no excuse for them in a £70 game, it’s just shit.
  2. Some random dude concern trolling based on 0 evidence? Jesus Christ. Can we please provide decent sources for stuff, we’re just spreading rumours based on fuck all at this point. That dude has no idea what ‘grains’ are, neither do I. There’s no ‘in game purchases’ tag on the pre-order page so they aren’t anything nefarious like this dude expects. Absolute bollocks. Please try to stop spreading FUD and please source spurious rumours if you must post them.
  3. Any confirmation of MTX? I’ve seen one photo that has in-game currency. Doesn’t mean there are MTX. Is there anything else more concrete?
  4. The standard game will be worth every penny, fuck spending anymore for that tat though 😂
  5. And you don’t need any of it. People acting like they’ve just seen a deluxe edition for the first time. Sony has done these for pretty much every Digital release 😂
  6. £70 Digital. So indeed will be cheaper Digital with Wallet top-ups.
  7. PS Blog: Slam, smash, and boost your way to fame in Destruction AllStars, coming to PS5
  8. Not on Game Pass I don't think. I think I bought the Ultimate Edition on PC, but then never played any of the DLC, I've done that so many times 😂 I felt much the same with XC1, almost threw in the towel so many times but dragged myself to the finish line.
  9. Relatively painless for me. I registered my interest with ShopTo in February so knew I was all but assured a Day 1 PS5 there and got confirmation of this yesterday. Also managed to get onto the GAME and Smyths websites just as the consoles dropped the night of the 16th just as I was going to bed. Not 100% whether they're Day 1 yet or not though. I'll be cancelling two of them closer to the time just to keep my options open as long as possible. I don't like to be left without a backup just in case the worst comes to the worst.
  10. Yeah I get you @one-armed dwarf that makes sense. I wasn't calling you a naysayer though, I apologise if it came off that way 👍
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