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  1. Weird setup mixing a new relatively small 1P dev studio with an established 3P studio, kinda odd to be honest. Sounds like this is a very long ways away.
  2. EDIT: You're right, PS4 copies do always get downloaded to the SSD. For me, they just get deleted along with the PS5 file once I'm done with something.
  3. No idea where the thread went but anyway...
  4. Director's Cut Reviews: Metacritic OpenCritic
  5. Pretty terrible direct I thought, Bayonetta 3 and Kirby were the only two highlights for me.
  6. Hyped as hell! We finally got to see it, fuck me, I was in my 20s when it was first announced! Graphically it doesn't look great but beyond that it looks great, very similar to B1 and B2 but couldn't go into the nitty gritty of what has changed, looks better etc. As I can't really remember those past titles all that well. But yeah, it's fucking Bayonetta 3, that's good enough for me.
  7. Finished this myself on Monday too, took me about 20 hours at a guess. Currently going around now trying to mop up all the collectibles for the 100% completion (my OCD wouldn't let it go) and currently only have 3 levels left to do. To the end it was a real mixed experience for me, much like others here. The combat and platforming never rose above serviceable, the game is just too easy, not tight enough or challenging enough for me and my own tastes, coupled with this I feel like the game has the Crash 4 problem of just having one too many collectible types to pick up. The 'humour' in the game never even roused a smile from me either, it's just not a funny game in the slightest for me or my personal tastes. The visuals, creativity, innovative level design and pure imagination put into each of the weird and wacky levels does elevate it above mediocrity and should be applauded but crucially for me never elevated it to a level beyond 'good' due to my issues with the combat and platforming. I also found the game a bit too long and felt like it could've ended 1 or 2 levels sooner and been more satisfying as a result. I struggled throughout motivating myself to play it but once I got into it towards the end I was enjoying my time with it a lot more and the hours were going by quickly rather than the clock watching I was doing some of my sessions with it during the first half of the game. During my Friday night session with it I played non-stop for 4.5 hours and didn't want to put it down which is a good sign. I do recommend it as it is a unique, innovative game teeming with creativity and joie de vivre but with the caveat that if you're primarily a gameplay first kind of person I don't this is for you. With Game Pass it's easy to dive in and give it a go though, it won't be for everyone but it's definitely worth a look at the very least. Pics:
  8. Written Previews: GamesBeat Game Informer PushSquare PowerUp Gaming Wcctech
  9. Mine was shipped yesterday. I watched one of the reviews and it said to play the first game first to get the most out of it so I'm considering playing through the first game before I get into this but I haven't really got the time.
  10. DisturbedSwan


    Reviews: OpenCritic Metacritic (PC Version)
  11. Interesting, will give it a watch. That's 23:00 UK time (BST).
  12. I didn't think of it this way, my first thought was you could sell the PS4 code to get some money back but your idea is better, I believe you could do it but would have to sell as disc-only if you wanted to keep the CE Steelbook.
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