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  1. Will play Scorn and Plague Tale for sure, the rest I won't.
  2. Woo congrats @retroed welcome to the C2 club! I probably should've mentioned this when Maf got his, but there's a thread on Era that has optimal settings for the TV on the various different sources you'll encounter (SX, PS5, DV, SDR, HDR etc.). It's what I used for mine, I'm no good at that kind of stuff so just went exactly but what they've got on there in terms of settings.
  3. DisturbedSwan

    Far Cry 6

    I'm pretty much the same to be honest, I only care about AC. I guess new Splinter Cell will get my interest in the 8 years or so they take to get it out the window, likewise with the Avatar game.
  4. DisturbedSwan

    Random News II

    Insider Gaming: Codemasters' WRC 23 lets you build your own Rally Car
  5. DisturbedSwan

    Far Cry 6

    I didn't really like FC5 all that much to be honest so it put me off trying this. From memory it came out at a pretty crowded period which didn't help either.
  6. I'll definitely give Hot Wheels a go, already played the other some years back, IJ2 is fantastic, Superhot less so but both worth a go if you've not played them.
  7. I think they gave up on it before ever really giving it a chance to be honest, easy to say in hindsight but they should’ve not announced anything before they had some big AAA games from their few Google Game Studios (all closed now) to launch with. I was a day 1 adopter but never really used it all that much beyond the first 2-3 months to be honest, most of the stuff on there was ports of PS4/XB1 games I’d already played, the one exclusive I did play and finish was Gylt, which I really enjoyed as a more cartoony Silent Hill almost. But it was a smaller title and not a flagship release the service needed. Overall, it needed some proper commitment and money spent on it in terms of investment in studios, buying some timed exclusives and patience from Google and they never wanted to give it any of that. From my experience of the service, it was excellent and I never had any issues from latency or all that jazz, everything ran superbly and looked as good if not a little better than the last gen systems at the time. But yeah, an unmitigated disaster that was doomed to fail from the beginning thanks to Google not wanting to dive into its funds as much as it should’ve done and the world just not really wanting or being ready for a streaming service. I sold all my stuff for it aside from the controller back in 2020 and have never really thought about it since.
  8. Resetera: First Screenshots released
  9. They are keeping it, Kevin Feige has already said D3 will be Rated R. I doubt TJ Miller will be in it though.
  10. Well, can only speak from my experience 15 hours into the game and it hasn't happened once. Overall, the companion and enemy AI is a huge noticeable improvement from the original (I've not played the Remaster aside from Left Behind).
  11. Looks really interesting, will definitely be one I keep my eye on.
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