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  1. Yeah, thankfully we paid for movers this time so it wasn’t as stressful as our last move from the Flat we were in to the old house, as we did that ourselves. Everything set up now, 3 rooms painted a different colour by the Missus’ command lol, settled in to work and the new area, everything returning to normal now somewhat.
  2. Haha it’s a difficult job but someone’s got to do it 😂 Just had a pretty mad year really from March onwards. Having to move out of our old rented place with 6 weeks notice, living with my parents for 2 months while the new house was ready, all the mortgage/money stresses that go along with that, settling in to a new job from Feb onwards. All go this year really, hardly played much aside from a few games of EA FC, still got FF Rebirth in its cellophane wrapping lol.
  3. Apologies, was late seeing this, have just chucked over some cash.
  4. Looked super impressive graphically. I am already worried about the combat though, it doesn’t seem too deep and reminds me too much of Inquisition’s combat, which I detested.
  5. Handy for me this is coming to PS5, easy Day 1 purchase for me.
  6. 85 hours to 100%, you can do it.
  7. Yeah, we’d never claimed on it before. New TV has arrived anyway. Was half the price of the old one and paid outright, trying to wean myself off finance with the mortgage coming into play within the next few months.
  8. A moving casualty, genuinely don’t know how it happened. Moved it from the lounge to the kitchen so it was out the way. Nipped to B&Q, came back and it had a crack in it. Claimed it on the house insurance, which luckily ran out 2 days after it happened. Given me the full purchase amount back (well it’s processing but shortly will have it in my account hopefully) -£250 excess. Still paying the fucker off on finance too so first thing I will do is pay that off once the money filters through. Ordered a replacement today, hopefully that’ll be here at some point this week.
  9. Struggling with this to be honest, put 10 hours in at the start of the month and haven’t touched it since. Just hasn’t grabbed me really which is a shame, need to play more I know but the amount of things to do just puts me off nowadays unfortunately.
  10. Great casting all round, chuffed with that.
  11. Sounds like Microsoft is going third party now Acti-Blizzard is on board. It’s the sensible play at this point, consoles cost shit loads to manufacture and the Xbox isn’t that popular (no hate but it’s true). Game Pass being blocked on PS means if they want a larger audience for their games and the place where the majority of current-gen gamers are then putting them on PS will bring in a lot of cash. Especially in Xbox’s seemingly all digital future.
  12. January has long been and gone. @HandsomeDead scored 20 points for Tekken 8, 4 points for Another Code: Recollection (which lost @mmmark 4 points) and 15 points for Under Night in Birth II. @mfnick scored 20 points for Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth and 17 points for Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown. Leigh takes an early lead with 39 points, closely followed by Nick on 37 points. Everyone else has yet to score. As for February releases: @Nag has Granblue Fantasy Relink on February 1st, Helldivers 2 on February 8th and Pacific Drive on February 22nd. @Nabby9 has Ultros on February 13th, Mario vs Donkey Kong Remake on February 16th and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth on February 29th. I have Persona 3 Reload on February 2nd and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake on February 28th. @radiofloyd has The Thaumaturge on February 20th
  13. That trailer was absolutely fucking phenomenal. I never finished the original and never fully got on with it but am definitely up for trying the sequel.
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