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  1. why the leap then, and the opening line? Like, why would people be buying Animal Crossing last week but not the week previous?
  2. maybe, but Jeff Bakula was one of the sources of this and he was misquoted. I'd also say Rich is way off if he thinks heaters begin at 2000w, you can get them from 400w. I also used to not bother turning the heating on in my room when I was playing on my old pc (much better insulated flat than the one I'm in), so it doesn't take that much but yeah, it's clearly not some massive design flaw and the console is going to be scalding people, way more was made of this than there should have been, but it's the press and blogs reporting on press and blogs
  3. I don't actually want this but how about a Breath of the Wild Ring Fit? You've got running, gliding, climbing, all of those could be Ring Fit mini games easily enough
  4. So did amazon have a promotion on Switch stuff then?
  5. I was never going to buy this. I always wanted to play Gal Fighters on the Neo Geo Pocket but never picked it up, now it's really not worth the price, especially as it's just the Fatal Fury game with a different roster. SNK Heroines Tag Battle isn't Gal Fighters, but it leans on it. It's more gratuitous than Gal Fighters, which was just a fighting game, and Mai aside, treats the female characters as it would the males. This takes Terry and makes him a pretty girl, puts everyone in revealing novelty costumes, it's like a Tecmo game. I didn't want to support that, but the novelty got the better
  6. Some of the things she's been doing recently, like setting up an office, I could believe that she wants to do something else. I always thought she'd leave after a few years, I think there's stuff she'd rather be doing. Good luck to her, hope it works out
  7. If it's just essentially a save state on the hard drive then it doesn't need power. Not that it's not a good feature, just I'd have been surprised if that didn't work
  8. me too. Loved it, I was a bit surprised they didn't port it to PS4 just to get some more people to play it
  9. pc/phone browser? or is it in game so needs to be done in game?

    Yakuza news

    from the Eurogamer video, they said not to bother with Performance mode, because it barely drops below 60 in any meaningful way on the Normal mode

    Yakuza news

    Colm from the very good RPS PC Gaming Week Spot has played this and they showed a load of his footage in the background. It's actually got me excited for it. There's some use of crawfish that is hilarious. They've really moved the mini games on this time too. You've even got a Mario Kart clone
  12. I hope not because Blakey would have got dogs abuse for a post like that
  13. What's the relevance of this?
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