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    TV Shows

    The funny thing is, it's the same content as skygo. The skygo app is pretty good, and there quality is much better
  2. They're bringing Adam back for this. Watching the trailer, I've really fallen out of love with the look of this again, I hope it plays well I'd like Max next, fuck Zan, I'd rather have the kangeroo

    Twin Peaks

    Hmm, I know I've talked about it repeatedly on here. Episode 1&2 were shown side by side at the time, if memory serves the first 4 episodes are supposed to be watched as 2 films also, brace yourself for a lot of chaff, some of it is important, some of it is literally just a guy brushing up

    TV Shows

    Tv is probably the reason to get Nowtv tbf. I've got the film sub at the minute and it's shit, but if you've not had it before Nowtv will have all the HBO stuff to watch The quality is shit though, Amazon and Netflix offer a better service even if the selection isn't as good On that note, Watchmen is good now, I've enjoyed the last few episodes after a slow start. Mr Robot has been fantastic this series, last night's episode was probably the weakest of the series. It wasn't bad, just dull, and it feels like they're ticking off characters before the series ends
  5. I honestly thought Maf was being sarcastic but I guess not. An actual exclusive is one thing, timed exclusives are just dickish, it's saying you don't care about some of your audience as much as others
  6. I'm more down with them turning it in to a kids film than what they did with the last one. It doesn't look especially Ghostbusters to me, but if you told me this was 'Ghostbusters: The Next Generation' then this looks like what I'd imagine

    Twin Peaks VR

    I really don't need that, I've got all the TV episodes, and I think Fire Walk With Me (I don't think I own Missing Pieces but I've watched it recently), but there's every chance I'll get it if I have the money and I agree with you @one-armed dwarf theoretically Lynch could make a terrifying game, especially in VR, he does horror better than anyone when he touches on it. But he couldn't possibly stay focused enough to actually make a game

    Twin Peaks VR

    This, unfortunately, looks shit but I'd be delighted to be wrong.

    Dragon Quest XI

    I think I worked it out, can't really remember but I do remember not doing a lot of damage so trying a different tactic
  10. I doubt anyone else will care about this but Rock Paper Shotgun have/are been doing a Divinity: Original Sin 2 let's play. I mention it because I was always been a decent number of episodes behind but I watched a bunch the other week and caught up with them. It's got to the point where when they missed a week last week I was a bit disappointed. It can be really, really funny, particularly when things go wrong. They've been going over a year so Matthew and Alice have got a good relationship together They also do an occasional feature called Reviews Roulette that they don't do often enough but it's worth checking out
  11. just putting this here as a tentative list, hopefully I get to a couple more things before whenever the cut off is (mid Jan?) The top 2 were really good, everything else was a bit of a severe drop off tbh GotY 2019 1: BloodStained 2: Apex Legends 3: Box Boy & Box Girl 4: My Friend Pedro 5: Burning Daylight 6: Rage 2 7: Devil May Cry 5 8: Gears 5 (might move this up a bit) 9: Outer Worlds 10: on the maybe pile, Vampyr, which I'm enjoying but haven't played enough of, Danmaku Unlimited 3 if it came out this year on Switch, and The Takeover if I play more of it and it's good, and a couple of other things that seem like I might like them but either haven't played or not played anything like enough of (Void Bastards, Judgement, Astral Chain, Night Call). Oh, and Resident Evil 2 but I feel like I might have had that spoiled Multiplayer 1: Apex Legends 2: Shock Rods 3: 4: 5:  Games not from 2019 discovered in 2019 1: Divinity: Original Sin 2 (my Game of the Year comfortably) 2: Pixel Ripped 1989 3: Sonic Mania Plus 4: Spark the Electric Jester 5: Observer Maybe Moss if I play more "Indie" Games of 2019 1: Burning Daylight 2: Bright Memory 3: 198X 4: Sticks and Bones 5: doubt it counts but I initially had Bloodstained in here

    My Friend Pedro

    I really enjoyed this by the end. I was worried it was going to be a bit one note, but it does mix things up, not just in look, but the gameplay does become slightly more of a puzzle later on. Definitely one of the better games I've played this year
  13. Witcher 3 - PC Witcher 3: Heart of Stone - PC PikuNiku - PC Battlefield 1 - PS4 Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon - Switch Crysis 3 - PC Far Cry New Dawn - PC Pixel Ripped 1989 - PSVR Devil May Cry 5 - PC Assassin's Creed Origins - PC Bright Memory (episode 1) - PC Sonic Mania Plus - Switch Metal Slug - Switch Toby and the Secret Mine - Switch Burning Daylight - PC Box Boy + Box Girl - Switch (also the Tall Tale mode) Days Gone - PS4 Mushroom Cats - PC Rage 2 - PC Hotline Milwaukee - PC Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night - PS4 Sticks and Bones - PC Spark the Electric Jester - PC Observer - PC Wolfenstein Young Blood - PC Gris - Switch Gears 5 - PC Untitled Goose Game - Switch Ape Out - PC Monument Valley 2 - Android Outer Worlds - PC Felix the Reaper - PC 198X - PC My Friend Pedro - PC

    Dragon Quest XI

    My god this game is adorable It's a bit sickly to begin with. I really liked the english voices in DQ8, while it was hardly the Witcher it had the slightest of rough edges to the characters, so far everyone has been far too nice. It's the wrong side of cliched too, you the born-again saviour, abandoned in a small village and have just discovered your origins and this is so far the worst thing about the game. Dragon Quest 5 has one of the great JRPG stories imo, 4 is unique, 7 is fairly decent, but the last couple have a really plain protagonist and a nothing story It's too easy to begin with too. I'm still very early, and I've been running around the area outside the first town, getting in to fights against things I'd actually quite like plushies of, and for the most part I'm one-hitting, or only taking 2hp damage. It will get more interesting later on though, especially once there's a few more party members It's very familiar, which is nice, I like the Dragon Quest games, and it's simple. They've brought back a couple of developments from past games. There's the 'pep' system I'm sure I used in something, I can't remember what though, but essentially, if you get hit a few times you become 'pepped up' (not enraged because, like I said, this game has no edge), and become more powerful. There's also skill points when you level up (once you're a bit in to the game). You'll still unlock spells naturally, as you gain levels, but there's other attributes and skills you can spend points to buy, opening up a hexagonal skilltree with each skill you pick. This might mean picking a special sword attack, a boost to your attack, or extra spells I'm not sure you'd otherwise learn The pc version is very much a console port. I was playing it in 4k before and it looks ridiculously nice, but the graphics options are all on a scale of 1-3 (or 1-5), with stuff like shadows and AA being as far as you can drill down. There's also a console quirk where by, you can shut the game down from the menu in the game, but if you go to a church to save (there's sporadic autosaving, it really could do with something better on pc given you can't suspend), save, then when asked if you want to continue select no, you'll go back to the title screen, but there's no option to shut the game down from there. Not the end of the world, you can just alt F4, and the port itself runs perfectly well so far, just an odd thing I noticed anyway, the main thing is it's adorable

    Streets of Rage 4

    I'm kind of dreading this. I don't think DotEmu have put out a classic game or remake that hasn't felt off in some way
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