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    Website feedback

    They give an unsafe site error, which probably isn't genuine but better to be safe than sorry Similar to Ed I'm not in a position to sort it atm but will be later on if it still needs doing

    Netflix recommendations

    Pause just for your own mental health. I found it was leaving a bit of a dent after I binged it all

    Website feedback

    I was doing some proper bad racism. Sorry everyone, I was on those pills Roseanne was on to do her racism

    The Division 2.

    It's the equivalent of a Hollywood blockbuster or Saturday night tv. Personally I'd find it hard to tell that story without some commentary to go with it, but I can't say I'm surprised they've pussied out

    TV Shows

    Me either. I wonder if that's the problem, they've just not attracted the viewers to make it worth paying Marvel for. Tbh I haven't watched series 2 of Luke Cage either as I thought that was a bit shit after a decent start. I will watch Daredevil though

    Gaming Industry Sales Figures and Charts

    It doesn't deserve to, have you seen how much they're charging for a ps2 port?

    Gaming Shout Thread

    You got more points for disarming the perps in Virtua Cop. But yeah, I think for a few years now we've started to see a reaction to the more mindless aspects of gaming, which is probably why we got the God of War we did

    The MFGamers Podcast

    @HendoI almost bought Game Dev again the other day, but fuck that. Its years old and 3 times the price. If/when the price drops I'll probably grab it, my copy was tied to my long gone ipod touch @Sly Reflexthanks Sly

    Gaming Industry Sales Figures and Charts

    I quite like the charts, but yeah, at this point, particularly for a multiplayer game like COD, you can't really infer much without digital sales

    Dragon Quest XI

    I think that's not far off from where I've put it down. I'll go back to it next week, I did some stuff with a mermaid (not puff-puff sadly) which opened some stuff up, I can't remember after that though

    Random News

    I think the only game I'm getting on there is Smash, and even then I'm not in any way hyped

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    It wasn't, I'm just worried how they end all this. You've got multiple actors leaving and I think they'll want to give them all a nice send off, it might get a bit saccharin Not that I necessarily want some dark ending to it but I don't want the power of friendship or some bollocks to win

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    @NagI believe the last time I pulled anyone on it it was for slating the Xbox? Unfortunately in this case there is a pretty good chance Wiivo is right. My guess though, Iron-man's coffin being fired off in to Space (or Thor's)

    Play/Want/Bin October 2018

    PLAY I finished up Spiderman, I enjoyed it, it's not game of the year material for me, and not as good as God of War. The story missions are the strength of the game I think, although I did enjoy the takedown sections until they descend in to wave after wave of combat. I'm not sure if this is harsh, but I think I'd take 3 of the Batman games over it, definitely 2 of them I also played Batman The Telltale Game. I was surprised how much I enjoyed this, for a while it's got a really good story before they start pulling shit with established characters. It still doesn't run great even on a Pro, but it's worth playing through if you've already got it on your account Chuchel, cool game. It's very musical, but I played a bit of Botanicula afterwards and that seems to be too. It's very much an interactive cartoon, well worth trying WANT My copy of Captain Toad didn't turn up before I went on holiday. Pricks, probably not worth getting it forwarded. BIN It's rare I actively decide to give up on a game, usually I lie to myself and say I'll go back to them at some point, but I think I've got 2 this month. I played some Black Ops 3 because I'd got it free on PS+, fuck me it's boring I went back to Hollow Knight. I'd beaten a boss I was really struggling with and stopped, went back, died and lost all my souls because of the impossible place it had put my ghost. Game of the generation contender my sweaty balls, there's so much obstructive design in Hollow Knight Also bin not getting paid

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Yeah, if anything relationships have gone backwards in Ant-Man