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  1. I'm a few hours in, I think I've done 3 bosses now? I've just got the big hand skill at any rate. The point I'm at now it's really starting to show itself, I've started to get passive abilities (shards) and familiars (also shards) (all the magic is shards, it's like Order of Ecclesia) Miriam seems to be moving a little quicker now too unless I'm just imagining it, it could just be I've switched from a claymore to a fast sword. I did pick up a magic whip using an 8-bit coin that I found * I've stopped using it because it naturally swings down and a lot of enemies are above you, which is something the claymore was good for. I'm also now throwing 5 bats at people and my sword familiar is starting to get useful, I like that they level up too I do have questions though. I bought some rice seeds because that's apparently how you make rice for a quest, but I can't work out how to grow it. There's also a skill you get that lets you save loadouts, only I can't workout how to save loadouts, you got that yet @illdog
  2. to be fair, and I say this as a Sonic fan, I'm not sure why anyone would be buying Sonic 4 at this point
  3. cheap and dirty screen grab of what's listed as free (10 of them at least)
  4. the combat doesn't look great, early on at least, but Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines 2 was probably the most interesting thing I saw. Maneater looks great if they can turn that in to a game. I want Panzer Dragoon to be good. If Fall Guys ends up being what the trailer hinted at that could be a laugh

    Devolver Bootleg

    released during E3 Devolver Bootleg is a compilation of fake bootlegs of Devolver's more famous games, based on what I've played that mostly means retro takes on some Devolver games, but there are a few reimaginings in there. Hotline Milwaukee is very similar to Hotline Miami, more retro, and unfortunately with worse controls. Hotline Miami was fast and largely reliable and responsive, Hotline Milwaukee relies more on 8-way movement that feels like needs to be dialed in, as such it's not as responsive and you'll die because you weren't facing the way you needed to be. Aside from that it's pretty faithful, more of the same Enter The Gun Dungeon is a rogue-like dual stick shooter, only it doesn't use dual sticks it just uses one, and isn't all it could be entirely because of that. It's basically Binding of Isaac, retro-ified, except you lock in to a direction when you shoot, meaning you're way more vulnerable and while you can shoot and move, you can't aim and move. I'm also shit at it, but I do blame the controls, I suspect I could break the back of it eventually like I did with Binding of Isaac Shootyboots is Downwell. I'm not entirely sure how Downwell plays because I've never played it but in Shootyboots you're in a giant boot leaping down a giant well. You charge up to jump and can shoot for a period while airborne. I liked this, it's not amazing but it's a decent enough retro take on what already looked like a retro game Catsylvania I am shit at. It's a slow, clunky Castlevania-em-up with a large slice of Ghouls and Ghosts added in. You're a cat in a suit of armour, get hit and you lose the armour but are still a hench cat with a sword. It's a bit dull and slow, maybe it gets better as you get further in because I really didn't get very far at all Luftrousers is a retro (almost Atari) version of the Vita classic Luftrausers. It's pretty similar, just slower and easier early on. It reminds me of Amstrad classic Harrier Attack, except without bombs. Actually there are bombs but I couldn't work out how to fire them. Also I don't think it saves your progress which is a bit of a shame because I spent a while playing it. Initially there's only a handful of enemies, and you're rarely attacked by more than one or two at once, once you get to level 10 it starts throwing UFOs at you as soon as you dispatch one, you're not left alone for a second and don't have the range of movement you do in the original. I liked it though, it's probably the one that would work as a standalone game better than any of the others I've played There's a few others, a couple of 2 player games and one based on Ape Out/Donkey Kong Jnr that I'll get around to at some point
  6. Witcher 3 - PC Witcher 3: Heart of Stone - PC PikuNiku - PC Battlefield 1 - PS4 Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon - Switch Crysis 3 - PC Far Cry New Dawn - PC Pixel Ripped 1989 - PSVR Devil May Cry 5 - PC Assassin's Creed Origins - PC Bright Memory (episode 1) - PC Sonic Mania Plus - Switch Metal Slug - Switch Toby and the Secret Mine - Switch Burning Daylight - PC Box Boy + Box Girl - Switch (also the Tall Tale mode) Days Gone - PS4 Mushroom Cats - PC Rage 2 - PC Hotline Milwaukee - PC
  7. anyone else, we should be recording this week

    Rage 2

    I'm getting to the end of this now. I've just got the tank, which I managed to destroy, I think more from me shooting things at point blank range rather than the other vehicles themselves doing any damage. I've enjoyed it for the most part, especially after upping the difficulty a bit. The main story seems short, particularly once you get the Icarus and fly to places, you kind of need to do the various shit that's all over the map to get more from the game. The problem with that is that it's all really, really short, too many side quests and locations are 5 guys, maybe 15 if you're really lucky, but they're dumped in the centre of a small base and you just take them out. This would be a much better game if it had longer levels like the first game I'm having fun though, I feel like I should wrap it up once I get the last ark (I saved outside it), but I'm also not really ready for it to be done. I do want to stop before I'm tired of the game though
  9. Nah you've not broke any rules I just thought you were a bot 😄
  10. I've been trying to decide if this is spam @peskybee and if I need to delete it and ban your account. I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt but having a marketing post be your first (only?) post would ordinarily mean you're a spambot
  11. annoyingly I bought some digital credit to get it from PSN before checking the price. I'd almost rather have got the physical version on Switch for the price Oh well, might also just wait until it's a little cheaper, I've got other stuff to play
  12. I know complaining about game prices isn't a good look, but Bloodstained is £35 digital?! I thought it's be about £15

    Apex Legends

    Pretty quick turn around from "I don't know what I'm doing" to '5 kills in a win' tbf

    Fallout 76

    I put a few hours in to this as it was free for a while. It's... boring. It's not awful, it's not shit, it's not even stupidly broken, it's just a bit dull. The early quests aren't exactly inspired, walk here, use machine, collect water, boil water, look for person, go to machine etc. I did end up finding a mine that I walked through, it should have been more tense, old Fallout would have been, but the enemies are piss weak so it was a bit of a non-event. Talking of non-events, I was in an event, killed an enemy, there were 2 left with 28 minutes to find them, then the event disappeared. I'm presuming someone else killed them but I didn't get anything for it so who knows. Similarly a mission that was available yesterday wasn't there when I booted it up today What did surprise me is how badly it runs. It defaulted to Ultra on my pc and I was getting anything from 26 to 38 fps. I turned it down to high and got exactly the same. My pc was silent so I'm pretty sure it wasn't taxing the pc (it certainly shouldn't), so while it doesn't have any massive bugs that I saw, beyond a few enemy quirks, it still doesn't run well I dunno, I put 4 hours or so in, obviously that's nothing in Fallout terms, and now I've uninstalled it. It's not shit, just boring, and I'm not going to pay money to play it so might as well drop out early
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