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    Mutant Year Zero : Road To Eden

    @Hendo no the 4th character is after that, you're in the right area. The boat area needs you to save a lot and try to avoid the middle group. If you head to the right of them (there's some steps leading to a cabin) there's enough gap behind their alert ring to get a single character at a time behind them, then 2 enemies who can be taken out on their own if you get the time right (you can then take out one of the people at the cabin from where you are with the high ground if you get lucky too)

    Mutant Year Zero : Road To Eden

    I've unlocked a 4th character now, you can only use 3 in battle though. They're the first character that's felt really different, Borman is a bit more like a tank I guess but the other two I use interchangeably. On paper the worst character is probably Dux (Dex?) but he's my go to, I might have to bite the bullet and drop him though, I want to turn him in to a sniper but he has a habit of missing 75% shots Famous last words but I've not been beaten on the mainline route yet, I did take a detour to a crashed plane where I got fucked up and reloaded, even that was partly my fault. I'm playing on normal, I've been quick travelling back to town a decent amount to improve my guns. The shop is shit, I've ended up buying the pipe rifle she has just in the hopes she replaces it with something better It really pays off to get enemies on their own, try to reduce numbers. My last fight was against 3 enemies, all stronger than me, but I managed to take the pyro guy out in the first turn, then had to move 2 people to high ground so they didn't get flanked, which meant they were harder to hit and could get crits on the lead enemy, with Borman on the ground shotgunning him in the face, while his minion had gone the long way around. The boat area looks a nightmare when you get to it. If you can get behind the group you can pick a couple of people off without alerting anyone. Once they're done it seems to trigger a route change for some of the main group so you can whittle them down too

    The JRPG Thread

    I personally don't think Zelda is an rpg but the term is confused and vague as fuck. By either of the definitions posted in here either old or new God of War is an rpg, but I don't think any of us really believe it is I'd argue Yakuza is an rpg though. It's got leveling, skills, gear, encounters

    Mutant Year Zero : Road To Eden

    I might be have imagined him saying it, I've just rewatched the start of the quick look. I'm really enjoying this, I've put a decent amount of time in to it today, I'm in the north in a snow area to rescue someone. The issue I'm having at the minute is not understanding what governs being heard. I now know that if you kill someone with your silenced weapons, so long as you don't break cover, even if they're with other enemies they won't react However, I've got in to fights with enemies away from groups, had to use a louder gun, and people have heard. The specific bit I'm on (a school) the guy in the next room heard, a medbot across the map heard and came over, and it looked like a large group heard too but they either shrugged it off or are rooted to a specific spot for story reasons, because they didn't come over and I ended the fight when I killed the medbot

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider

    I finished it yesterday, it's comfortably the worst of the 3 for me. Not that it's terrible, it's got problems with the combat, the story is pointless, Lara is even more of a monster. The hub areas seem really out of place, tonally it doesn't know what it wants to be, but it does feel tighter than the other 2 games Something from the end of the game that I thought was stupid

    The Classic N64 Mini Thread

    Nintendo really do have the best exclusives

    Mutant Year Zero : Road To Eden

    @Hendo did you catch where Vinny said he'd found that 3rd silenced weapon?

    The JRPG Thread

    4 is great, it takes a massive lull in the middle though, but it does get good again after that. Lucifer's Call was too difficult for me back in the day, but it was more or less the first game like that I'd played, I might do better with it now


    I haven't seen it, but I always thought bringing in Americans was the antithesis of what Kingsman was about (which is why I never saw it). I'd not heard anything good about it until today either

    The Hot Topic

    I've thought of an example of actual loyalty. When Sports Interactive left Eidos, and so started Football Manager (that's actually a licence that predates their stuff but whatever) leaving Championship Manager to Eidos, I, and just about everyone else, followed SI. I suppose Rock Band/Guitar Hero would be the non-football equivalent. oh yeah, I forgot the last question too. I say this everytime it comes up, but Burning Rangers needs to be on a console that can run it rather than the Saturn. Panzer Dragoon Saga needs to be released in a format people can play, same for the Shining Force 3 trilogy. And while I'm maybe not itching to replay it, how is Chu Chu Rocket not on everything with an internet connection

    The Hot Topic

    Sega I guess. Kind of hard to be when they don't have a console and the only thing of there's I regularly play is Yakuza, but I still have a lot of fondness for their franchises Which I think is the point. You get people who are fanboys, and some of that is in the worst way, but not always. I liked Sega, Treasure, Konami, and Taito back in the 16 bit days because I liked the feel of their games, they had an identity. From are probably the best modern example, although I'm not a fan. It's just understandable that if you like the stuff that Nintendo puts out you're going to be a fan of the or consoles. If you like western style games the Microsoft consoles have been a place for that etc

    The JRPG Thread

    There's another famous Saturn rpg, I think it's called Dragon something too, I've never played it. It's crazy expensive but it's apparently brilliant. Grandia still holds up, the Super Robot Wars games are decent, and there's a game called Wachenroder that I really want to get back to, what I played was cool

    The JRPG Thread

    In no particular order Shining Force 3 Panzer Dragoon Saga Dragon Quest V Witcher 3 The World Ends With You I'm probably missing something I loved, and you could definitely put Chrono Trigger in there

    Mutant Year Zero : Road To Eden

    Yeah, I've stopped for the night. I've got 3 characters now and tried exploring, but the enemies are too bunched up, and too strong, so I'll have to leave those ones. I think I'll head back to town tomorrow and try to pick up a 3rd silenced weapon and power someone up

    Mutant Year Zero : Road To Eden

    I'm enjoying what I've played so far (playing on PC), it's not been too difficult yet, but I've heeded the advice to start on normal and to scout around before starting fights. This being said, I've only just returned back to town for the first time so I've basically managed to not die during the tutorial, go me. you can see already that you really silent weapons, I've only got the one still