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  1. Not so much me, that I remember at least, but my brother did. He loved International Superstar Soccer on the Snes and wanted the sequel for Christmas. The problem was, pretty much the only difference between International Superstar Soccer and International Superstar Soccer Deluxe is the colour of the box. So we went and found where my parents had hidden it, then not so subtly mention that it would be really easy to buy the wrong one but that the right one was blue
  2. You've reminded me that I need to get Air Twister and Bomb Rush Cyberfunk
  3. Can you watch it elsewhere? Weird situation though, I always think this is massively counterproductive on the publisher's part. The more people lose content the more likely the government is to step in
  4. This does look good. I saw Patrick Klepeck saying it was rougue like or something? That's a bit of a downer, but it at least looks interesting
  5. Unfortunately not, or at least don't think so. Same as you, after enjoying the sequel I'm kind of curious
  6. I think this really suffered from being the 3rd or 4th magic shooty game this year. The performance issues and generic main character really damned it. Shame because in the preview stuff this looked the most interesting


    probably clear from this thread already but I loved Control. I've chipped away at a 2nd playthrough on Steam Deck, and another one with the fancy RT stuff on big PC. It's a great game, much better at a better frame rate, so playing it first on PS4 and still enjoying it is testament to the quality of it I suppose, that version was probably carried by its atmosphere as much as gameplay
  8. High On Life - PC Mickey Mouse World of Illusion - MD (PC) BABBDI - PC Dragon Quest Treasures - Switch TMNT Hyperstone Heist - MD McDonalds Treasure Land Adventure - MD God of War Ragnarok - PS5 Golden Axe 2 - MD Jedi Fallen Order - PC Portal RTX - PC Figment - PC Resident Evil 4 Remake - PS5 9 Years Of Shadows - PC The Murder of Sonic The Hedgehog - PC Redfall - PC Rambo The Videogame - PC Guacamelee - PC Metroid Prime - Switch Bramble - the Mountain King - PS5 House of the Dead Remake - PC Iron Lung - PC Rambo: Baker Team - PC Alan Wake - PC (and the 2 dlc chapters) Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion - PC That Which Gave Chase - PC Spiderman 2 - PS5 An Arcade Full of Cats - PC
  9. Oh, SNES Batman Returns is a great game, the Turtles being mentioned reminded me of it (licenced brawler). Mega Drive Batman Returns is terrible
  10. It's obviously Streets of Rage 2 for me, but so that I don't just repeat myself. Gunstar Heroes, which I've also mentioned loads, what a game. Hard but brilliant, and bar the later levels I think would still be well regarded if it came out today. Sensible Soccer is still great fun, particularly the easier to control Mega Drive version (I might sit and play that today). Strider was great, although I never completed it. I quite liked that X-men game, but it was a little clunky. Toejam and Earl, Ristar, Flashback, Rock and Roll Racing (and the Biker Nice from Mars game that ripped it off), Shining Force 1 and 2, Story of Thor. Also Doom if that counts, on pc at that time? I never played a PC Engine at the time, but playing the Mini, there's some really good games on that. Castlevania, Chu Man Fu, a bunch of shoot em ups The Neo Geo is a weird one, because it lasted about 20 years (someone buy me one, please). I'm not sure if Metal Slug came too late, but that's great. Obviously the Fatal Fury games, Magical Drop, Twinkle Star might have been too late too?
  11. Couple of pick ups this week (plus a couple of Steam games) The game is Tengai Makyou Dai Shi no Mokuijiroku: The Apocalypse IV. It's a Jrpg and I bought it because the combat system looks amazing. It's canned animation, a bit like Dragons Lair, so it looks like an anime. Also it's all quite twee looking, except the cover is giant crucifix surrounded by a murder of crows. Then the booklet is maybe even more badass and looks like this
  12. I'm back on this at the expense of everything else. I'm at the point where I'm basically playing it to complete the tarot cards and unlock the characters. It's not the most exciting reason to play a game but I just need any reason at this point It's meant I've with a greater variety of characters, because a lot of things are unlocked by reaching a certain level with the various characters. There's also the tougher inverse mode, but that might be better with the character I've already collected a load of eggs with
  13. I'd rather it come out and be good, there's a lot counting against it, but I like the original enough I want this to be good
  14. I can see a use case for it, @DisturbedSwanis pretty much the exact example of it. For me, even if I was competing for the TV, I have a pc, Steam Deck, and Switch. Then I'd probably look at a controller and remote play for phone/tablet. Money spare and a reason to need it, it looks like a decent bit of kit
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