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    PlayStation Plus

    I think Biomutant is getting next-gen patch, so presumably this is the launch of that. Unless it already came out and no one cared?
  2. The football has killed my game time, at least for bigger games


    I heard a theory that after accidentally buying it through being a fucking bellend, he's now being encouraged to kill the platform by someone like Russia or China (or Saudi), as it's been such a good way to get information out that if it goes there's nothing to replace it
  4. I'm late posting this, but I bought God of War the other week I also got Yakuza 2 Kiwami. I got it digitally at launch, and I've got the original PS2 game, but in terms of having the modern releases physically it's the only one I was missing
  5. This starts really well. I'm only just past the intro playing between World Cup games, but I'm really enjoying it. It feels like it plays better than the first one, possibly because I think it's defaulted me to the 120fps mode, either way it feels smoother
  6. Granted I've only played the pc version but Ryse was still a ridiculous looking game back when I played it a few years after release
  7. this does look good tbf. A little empty, a bit like Bright Memory, which I think gives away its budget, but it's running well now at least
  8. not a full game but I think PT was the first game that really impressed me last generation. The Orders would be would be up there too. Guilty Gear looked amazing Then it's the obvious stuff like Last of Us 2. Was The Unfinished Swan last gen? That looked cool. I feel like there's probably a load like that, indie games we've all forgot about but had nice art styles. I thought Captain Toad looked great on WiiU
  9. I think with Bethesda they've got enough developers, by this time next year they should have a packed release schedule

    Random News II

    love the idea of the xenomorphs endlessly yammering on about their dicks. It'll be like Scorn
  11. it has ray traced Global Illumination and AO on pc, plus FSR and DLSS. There's also Ultra+ settings, it doesn't sound like a global preset, more that a number of settings are getting an additional setting PS5 and Series X are getting RT GI too, Series S isn't but it is getting 60fps. PS5 is getting adaptive triggers too


    yeah. I'm slightly walking back my entirely dropping twitter. I use Talon on my phone, no adverts, no money for Elon, and I only see what I want to see. So I likely won't be posting on there but I can still use Twitter for what it's good for. What we basically need is Twitter of about 10 years ago. As it is I'm on Mastadon, I'll post there, and keep an eye out to see which way the wind is blowing. I do think Twitter is kind of done though, certainly I don't want to be on there


    If anyone wants a link to Mastadon, I've set up an account for the site. It'll likely get used even less than the twitter account, but at least no one else can take it @MFGamers@toot.community or just @MFGamers https://toot.community/invite/W4tgQVGX
  14. I'm pretty sure we used to have a manga thread but it's gone now, I don't really mind if people are using this one. It's rare it's going to be an issue, but let's say you're on book 114 of JoJo, it'd mean having to be extra careful about spoilers in case someone is watching the series


    anyone want to explain to me like my age starts with a 4 how Mastadon works? I've signed up on my pc, but when I've tried using the app it seems to not find my account. It's also not finding the community that I think I joined? Do you do that, or is it like Twitter and it's all just one place essentially, because I'm not really seeing how this isn't just Discord atm
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