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  1. this is coming to PC next week, same day as the consoles get the Crimson Moon update


    just to be clear I'm probably going to go watch it myself 😄 it's just to stop there being multiple threads saying the same thing


    as a heads up, I know the marvel films are films and as such should belong in this thread, but as there's a lot of comic stuff posted recently, and we're on the eve of Avengers, can we keep all thoughts/reviews/etc about it in the MCU thread As much as anything so there isn't 2 conversations going on about the same thing

    What's your....

    I don't think I spent quite as much but it has to be up there for me too I suspect it's probably Samba de Amigo on the Dreamcast. I got it with the 3rd party maracas rather than the official Sega ones but it must have been around £100 still
  5. Yep. I was getting a bit fucked off with never having any money even though I was playing as United and winning everything. So when I got to preseason for a new season I stopped To take that picture I booted it up, quit as United manager intending to have 2 saves. Forgot to make the 2nd save and its just auto saved me being unemployed
  6. I haven't played it in weeks but

    Mortal Kombat 11

    because its hilarious? In all seriousness, its not like there's been talk of it being in trouble, but then I don't think we've seen footage of it either

    TV Shows

    I could happily have an entire episode of Tormund trying to win Brienne round 😄


    their tv stuff is good, but considering it;s Amazon and they make £10mill a second the list of films they've managed to buy is absolute shit I watched a couple of other films yesterday too. Glass was decent but it felt a bit pointless. It wasn't bad, which makes a nice change, but it felt like it had built up to something, tried to pull a switch, but the reveal wasn't interesting enough I also watched The Sisters Brothers. I'd heard a lot about it, there seemed to be a bit of a buzz about it, which has since died off. It's pretty good, possibly the best of the 3 films I watched yesterday. It's slightly meandering, which I suspect is the point. The Sisters brothers are hired killers, chalk and cheese. They're hired to kill a particular man, Jake Gyllenhaal is their scout who's already on the trail of the guy, and as the story progresses you find out why, and see the characters change a bit. It's good, not the best western ever, and it seems to struggle to find a balance between humour and its more gritty tone, which is probably a consequence of hiring John c Reiley


    I've not watched that yet but I've heard it's awful


    one for @wiivo 2.0 I think. I've just watched a film called Arctic starring Mads Mikkelson. I was half expecting it to just be The Martian but set on earth, but it is it's own thing. The synopsis I read is that a man is stranded in the arctic, and just when he thinks he's about to be rescued things go wrong, which is pretty much what the film is. It's very quiet though, barely any speech, maybe 1 conversation. It's good, maybe not amazing but I enjoyed it a lot
  12. I installed the ray traced version of Quake 2 on my pc today. Ray tracing, for those that don't know, essentially treats light as though it's real, so it bounces off every surface. This means, theoretically, reflections are accurate, and you get lighting looking real rather than a candle lighting up an entire room, even behind objects. The problem is to do this requires a lot of maths, the latest Nvidia cards (RTX) have a core dedicated to doing this, doing this on a traditional card will use the resources of the card. That means even something like Quake 2, which came out while I was at school, will run at 17fps on a GTX1080 if you try to run it at 1080p, I dropped it to 720p and managed to get over 30fps I'm going to put them in spoilers, but here's a few videos of it working. First up the game without ray tracing turned on. This is the vulkan version of the game, so it has some modern touches (I don't think the window that smashes was as transparent), but you can see the laser beam is a light source, it did this even back in the day but I don't think it casts shadows, so it lights up things but the world doesn't react the way it would to real light. You can also see how lit the hole where the armour is, and how the grunt hidden in an alcove is very visible next is the same section with ray tracing on. You can see how dark the alcove with the armour is, how the grunt is hidden, and how dark areas can be lit up by the beam and finally the reflections. These aren't great, you can see that they're accurate, but because the game wasn't built with them in mind the surface of the water isn't transparent at all, so you're basically walking on a mirror (Quake guy has no body). When I find the secret in the water you can see that it looks like the water emits a green glow, but as I leave the area it's clearer that the green is a texture on the walls, , which is how it was faked back in the day. You can see the silencer I pick up briefly lit by the laser as it travels past it, before going dark because the light is behind it. You can also see the light from the exploding barrels at the end create a slight shadow on the rear of the boxes, where the light created wouldn't hit

    Mortal Kombat 11

    here's the thing though, I don't know you from Gtm, I haven't posted on there in over a decade, yet your posts read the same to me as they do to people who did know you from there. I didn't know your old username, I don't know your history, but you still come off a certain way to me. If people new and old all read your posts the same way, surely that implies the issue is with your posts. I'm willing to believe you don't mean them how they come across, but it's something only you can fix I think

    Mortal Kombat 11

    @OCH I'm still not seeing a proper explanation as to how you've been misunderstood, which does seem to be a common trait of your posting. You get pulled up on something then claim to be misunderstood, but never walk it back and make yourself understood. Unless something changes this is just going to keep happening, which isn't enjoyable for anyone anyway, I'm sure we've all got better things we could be doing on a bank holiday than arguing on the internet 😄
  15. I laughed almost all the way through that. It also made my rape of Jennifer Lawrence look positively gentlemanly and I think graph paper is how Nintendo originally designed Mario levels (plus Riley will fucking love that graph paper)
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