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    Gaming Industry Sales Figures and Charts

    As they sort of said, it'd be interesting to see if there was a spike in gamepass for Crackdown. I'm also willing to bet Far Cry has done ok with digital. I can believe its not done as well as Primal but I think Primal released later in the year

    Buying a Gaming PC

    @Jimbo Xiii I don't really know enough about them but double check that the power supply is enough in case you add more hard drives and a more hungry card For the cost of ram you might as well get 16gb, not much will use it but picture, video and audio editing will If you're gaming on it I'd get a better card. The 1060 is still a good card, but we're only a year away from new consoles so it might show some age then. Currently though it's going to run everything at 1080p, only stuff like the new Metro you might have to go below high settings (that's a guess, I haven't played it but it looks ridiculous) Talking ssd seating, they weigh nothing, you could just leave it dangling or sat on your hdd, although for £2.50 you might as well

    TV Shows

    I'm not sure, 4 or 5. The Irish guy (the one that's in this) left, his replacement was really good (he's in Preacher, which also isn't a million miles away from this), the guy that's in Game of Thrones left, I think one of the girls got fired. I thought it was alright, but it definitely dropped off, I seem to remember it turning to gross out humour by the end

    TV Shows

    I'm watching it at the minute. It's decent but it's been done before, it's Titans which came out a few months ago, or Heroes. In fact it's very like Heroes in a lot of ways, I like that there's some larger story going on but I do wish it would get to the point. I'm 3 episodes in and there's no answers to anything yet, and things the characters seem to understand they don't bother to explain to the viewer. The characters all seem to be dicks, but that's just building to them all becoming a better team. Ellen Page is Ellen Page's character, and they're all bizarrely shitty to her The lad who can see dead people was in Misfits, which was like a funny version of this and was brilliant


    I don't know much about Chris Pratt but he was on Colbert the other day and he's fully religious. He's been doing some biblical diet, it was a weird interview, bit creepy

    Far Cry New Dawn

    This hasn't reviewed amazingly, and while I loved Far Cry 3 and Blood Dragon, I couldn't muster to energy to do the same stuff again in far Cry 4 and 5. In fact I booted up Far Cry 4 towards the end of last year because I wanted a nonsense fps to play, and I still couldn't. I ended up doing the pacifist ending, then booted it back up and ran about it bit, then realised I just couldn't be arsed For whatever reason the more I've seen of Far Cry New Dawn the more I've been interested in it. I think knowing that it's shorter is a big part of it, like I said I loved 3 but the amount of time I spent with it, doing the same routine over and over did start to drag by the final island, although at the time I put that down to me doing everything before moving the story on. New Dawn looks amazing, maybe a bit too amazing. I'm playing it on high settings (it can go to ultra) on a GTX 1080 at 1080p, and I still get framerate drops to 50 every now and then. It's less when there's lots of combat, more when I'm in dense woodland with lots of mist and fog. Which I mention because it is ridiculously dense, so dense I've been bitten by snakes I couldn't see, and have to rely on watching when and where my A.I. teammate starts screaming and where she's shooting at. I'm impressed with how it looks though, I had this pegged as a bit half-arsed, and granted it could be I didn't play 5, but the colour and the environments look great Gameplay wise it's kind of just Far Cry. It's not as reliant on taking back encampments as the old games, although there are still some, and there's no radio towers. You're still randomly getting attacked by animals, and there's still a skill tree, you're still playing good guys vs bad guys. Enemies take more damage before they go down than I remember, with some enemies having a 2nd health bar, possibly a 3rd but I've not seen that yet. You're kind of dumped out in to the open world pretty early, you have a story mission but it's far enough across the map that you can't help but do other things along the way. A lot of the side stuff involves you stopping trucks, be it for all important ethanol or less important humans, chasing them down isn't fun, being in the right place to stand in the road and shotgun the driver in the face is fun, that said I've not managed to get an ethanol truck yet. Beyond that, I've just been rescuing people by killing bad guys I'm really enjoying it though, played for hours tonight and I've still not got halfway to the first proper story mission. Before I go there I've got some treasure to find, an ally to recruit, then a bunch of buildings to kill everyone in, then I'll do the thing I've been asked to do

    Play/Want/Bin Feb 19

    the cut off for posts is tomorrow, but hopefully that's enough time for the Switch demos and the likes of Crackdown to get a mention

    Daemon X Machina

    I don't think I like this. It does control better with a better controller, but the framerate is terrible, makes it hard to target enemies, I found myself running low on ammo on larger enemies (I do pick up the ammo that's dropped by the fodder enemies). The big boss fight at the end, maybe you're supposed to go and redo the earlier missions again and pick up some better weapons, but fuck me it takes a long time to kill the giant robot. So long in fact I died (me, actually) (in the game) and rather than retry I just turned it off, nuts to spending 20 minutes struggling to target the weakpoints, scurrying around for ammo and health trucks, resuscitating teammates, unless of course the ammo and recovery stuff haven't dropped, then I'll just have to fly around looking stern

    Post when you complete a game ‘19

    Witcher 3 - PC Witcher 3: Heart of Stone - PC PikuNiku - PC Battlefield 1 - PS4 Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon - Switch Crysis 3 - PC

    Crysis 3

    I've been playing through this again over the past week, it's still a decent game. It trails off a lot towards the end when you're dealing with the Seph. It starts off with relatively large confined areas where you can make use of the suit powers to take down the CELL guards (the human soldiers), there's multiple ways in to bases, plenty of opportunity to blitz people, even switch tactics and use your power armour to stand and fight once you've stealthed your way through a bunch of enemies. The final few hours it throws a few different gameplay mechanics at you, I think trying to recapture the tank and plane sections from the first game. They're ok, the flying section is pretty good, but it adds to the final sections feeling a bit too drawn out. There's a section where you have to take down the Seph anti-artillery, only it's not just one, it's never just one, it's 3, it's always 3, this section is compounded because there's huge areas of land between locations. You're really supposed to drive there, but there's high powered enemies, mines, things that make you get out of the car, assuming you find a car anyway. It's still a fun game, but I preferred the earlier sections, I'm not sure if I'd turned it off before finishing it today I'd have gone back

    Play/Want/Bin Feb 19

    there's been a few games out in the past week, so just a bump in case anyone wants to add/change anything before we record next week

    Best Song Ever Written

    I'm torn on my favourite REM song. Find The River, for me, is probably the best song they ever wrote, but Daysleeper means the most to me, the live version of Country Feedback might be better than both Not sure how this will go down, but Bjork - Joga. It's a good song in and of itself, but Bjork uses her voice to pull out so much emotion from it.

    Best Song Ever Written

    Have I said that to you before? 😅 Edit: new album soon. New Tool album soon too!

    Best Song Ever Written

    I wouldn't have had you down as a Pearl Jam fan, but yeah it's got to be up there

    Yoshi's Crafted World

    of the game I hope