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  1. Mother fucking Crayola Scoot

    Marvel's Avengers

    It is a bad comparison but only because the lego games have the building mechanic to make things more interesting
  3. It's a term almost exclusively used in America. Basically what it sounds like from that description, they believe you get what you deserve, so if you can't afford medication then that's on you for not working hard enough to earn it or to get a better job

    Marvel's Avengers

    Yeah, it's like a less engaging lego game
  5. you wouldn't have the current Marvel ubiquity if it wasn't for those Raimi Spiderman films (except the 3rd). Spiderman was huge for them (Sony), it did stupidly well, just not as well as it's doing now. The first 2 films were good, the 2nd especially, the first Garfield one is decent enough

    Marvel's Avengers

    god that looks fucking boring. The script is horrendous too, Iron Man is a bigger twat than in the last Avengers film, which takes some doing
  7. 😄 That looks pretty good tbf. I think Satanism is idiotic but hard not to route for them against American Christianity
  8. Yeah. I suppose at least with Insomniac they only did 1 (I think?) non Sony game so its not changed too much
  9. I bought a couple of Switch games. I feel like I'm more likely to play Gris on Switch rather than pc

    Random News II

    Post in the game's thread, it's what they're there for
  11. Ed posted that above 😄 I like Digital Foundry but they definitely have their favourites. The posh lad is a big Switch fan and it tends to show in what he covers. There was a point in the video where it's a side by side between PS4 and Switch, he says the geometry and foliage are identical despite the shot showing the Switch has no more than 50% of the foliage, it barely looked to hit 720p to me despite what DF said, but they should know better than me. I don't think they'd give the Xbox the same easy ride, you can say it doesn't look good while also saying it's an amazing achievement. The framerate does look better than I expected
  12. Sega did it with Rez and Sonic Adventure 2, look how it turned out for them
  13. yeah but the Xbox isn't getting turned around. Everyone who wants that game and has an Xbox has it, might as well put it on PC, then Switch and get another burst of funds for a game that isn't one of your big names. It might even get some Switch players to pick up the next Xbox, or at least get the sequel to this
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