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    Metroid Dread

    I think I got to the last boss last night, one attempt at it then figured it was better to just wait until after work. The previous boss kicked the shit out of me too. Annoying as I'd largely got the pattern down but was let down by the double jump too often, and 1 hit was taking off 2 health tanks
  2. might be something about Fable...?

    Dying Light

    I know I'm quite often sniffy about the Switch, but I do find stuff like this fascinating. It's not how I'd want to play Dying Light, the mushy colours aren't going to help when you're out in the world, particularly handheld, but it's amazing what they've managed to do

    Metroid Dread

    I think the 8-12 hours comes from the game clock which doesn't seem to include deaths. I'm nowhere near the completion level of OCH, I've not got lost that much, but I have died, quite often unfortunately. No doubt there'll be people who can beat it in 8 hours first go, but fuck those people
  5. I watched this last night and agree. I liked the last one, this was just boring, didn't land it's message, in fact spent too much time pushing that mindset. I was liking how Michael isn't superpowered, people are just shit scared of him I also thought Old was alright. Not perfect, obviously the end isn't all that, but up until that it's a decent film

    Metroid Dread

    I got very stuck for a while just. I can sympathise with the complaints about the hidden blocks. It's one thing when there's only 1 room to go in, it's another when you have to go to another area, then do a platforming puzzle to get to a teleporter to then continue the game
  7. the boring answer is probably Sonic 3 and Mario Galaxy. I'm not sure I'd have counted Prince of Persia SoT as a platformer prior to seeing the picture but I suppose it is, and it was one of the best games of all time when it came out I'm struggling, it's not a genre I spend a lot of time thinking about, but Kirby Canvas Curse, Ivy the Kiwi, and Soul Bubbles were all great on the DS
  8. I probably will pick this up eventually but not any time soon

    Metroid Dread

    The blue Emmi absolutely took the piss out of me until I googled a solution. Annoyingly the way to beat it is one of the first things I tried
  10. A habit I really need to break, but I've been ploughing The Game Collection's bargain bin again

    Metroid Dread

    I suppose this is similar to some stuff Spatular has said, but I'm a couple of hours in, just arrived at the 3rd area, and I feel like the game is just kind of happening to me. I suppose that's good level design, I've only once had to look at the map and plan a route, but it does feel like I'm just barrelling forward and ending up at the right place I did also have a moment where I assumed I'd got to the 3rd area too early but there's some hidden blocks to shoot It plays a lot better than the first one of these, much more responsive, but fairly early impressions I think there's something to say for the smaller scope of the 3ds game
  12. Metroid finally arrived, along with Lock's Quest, which I think looks fairly interesting. It also came with some cartoon llama stickers, which I'm not sure about. Llamas are pricks, I'm not sure I'm ok with whitewashing of their personality
  13. god that looks so cheap. I hope it's good, or reasonable at least, but it doesn't look like it's going to be also, the antagonist has already been in the Sonic movie, and played a spectacularly miscast M. Bison in the Chun-Li film everyone's forgotten about
  14. Kentucky Route Zero: Chapter 2 - PC Sonic The Hedgehog - Game Gear Maneater: Platinum - PS5 (not sure if that counts) Lighthouse Keeper - PC Astrobot - PS5 Kentucky Route Zero: Chapter 3 - PC Kentucky Route Zero: Chapter 4 - PC Streets of Rage - Game Gear Kentucky Route Zero: Chapter 5 - PC Doom Eternal - PC Shining Force: Sword of Hayja - 3DS / GG Spec Ops: The Line - PC Streets of Rage 2 - Game Gear Super Street Fighter 4 - 3DS Persona 5 Strikers - PS4 Genesis Noir - PC Guardian Heroes - Saturn Narita Boy - PC Metal Slug XX - PS4 Rain on Your Parade - PC Sonic Advance 2 - GBA Cloud Climber - PC Resident Evil Village - PS5 Soul Calibur - Dreamcast Scarlet Nexus - PS5 Crazy Taxi - Dreamcast Dynamite Cop - Dreamcast Streets of Rage 4 - PS4 100 Hidden Cats - PC The Ascent - PC GP Boyfriend Dungeon - PC GP Blood Spear - PC Neo: The World Ends With You - Switch Quake - PC The Artful Escape - PC The Pathless - PS5 Bezier: Second Edition - Switch Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart - PS5 Murder By Numbers - Switch Gal Fighters (NGPC) - Switch
  15. Yeah, Dirt 3 is great, really enjoyed it back in the day
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