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  1. I think knowing that it's a sequel might actually be a spoiler 😅 I can't remember to say for sure but I feel like that wasn't known at launch The thing that made the story special for me is, after the reveal it keeps going and layering on the consequences, following it through to a conclusion. It's more fleshed out than most game stories
  2. I thought that was an internal communication from the publisher for a second. Resetera have banned talking about all kinds of games before, I don't think this is particularly out of character. I wouldn't be surprised if the dev team wouldn't prefer them not to be talking about it anyway with what they'd say about it 😄
  3. Shame, that first reveal did look good
  4. Glad there's more news coming. This year looks a little quiet so far, so good to get Nintendo and Sony showing stuff I'm up for better VR too. Realistically I struggle to play much, I don't have the room for it really but I enjoy it, and the PS4 was a bit limited for it
  5. none of those are similar to Demon's Souls in any way other than having monsters in them. I mentioned Virtual Hydlide the other day, that was notoriously awful to play, it probably wasn't until the PS2 generation you were getting smooth 3D action rpgs (I mean with full analogue movement, not something like Resident Evil or Tomb Raider) on console. PC had a few before them, but they weren't great either. You need the power then the time to work out how to do it. I don't mind hugely how a game looks, I still play on my Saturn from time to time, and that certainly had a look wi


    I was reading a little bit about Walt Williams (Significant Zero) tonight coincidentally, he's the guy who wrote Spec Ops The Line How Games Move Us – Katherine Isbister sounds interesting, but I'm not paying as much as is being asked for it


    so it's a new game and not dlc? I wish I'd stuck with Blasphemous longer, I enjoyed what I played but I had other things to play
  8. Kentucky Route Zero: Chapter 2 - PC Sonic The Hedgehog - Game Gear Maneater: Platinum - PS5 (not sure if that counts) Lighthouse Keeper - PC Astrobot - PS5 Kentucky Route Zero: Chapter 3 - PC Kentucky Route Zero: Chapter 4 - PC Streets of Rage - Game Gear Kentucky Route Zero: Chapter 5 - PC Doom Eternal - PC Shining Force: Sword of Hayja - 3DS / GG Spec Ops: The Line - PC
  9. I've been watching a lot of McMuscles recently, he's aright. A bit youtuber-overreaction-y at times, but plays some interesting games. His horror stuff is decent, and I've watched a few What Happened
  10. not that I don't agree with the general point being made, but I don't remember any of those controllers being littered with the drift issue. I had problems with a PS4 pad, slightly different issue, and an old 360 pad used to drift. So, I don't entirely disagree with the argument that it's probably being amplified as an issue because of how common it is with the joy cons If Nintendo lose the various court cases over it we might well see it disappear as an issue at the midpoint of the generation, assuming there's a console refresh or you replace your controller
  11. I'm surprised to see Phantom Hourglass so low (and low on other people's lists too), I thought that was well regarded, it's certainly one of the few I can say I've enjoyed Wind Waker is probably the one I've most enjoyed, then the first Musu game is probably the next best
  12. @one-armed dwarfyeah I think it's the same problem, that you've let the fan boys review the game, but there you're talking about specific game franchises whereas it seems to happen across Nintendo's line up. You could maybe make the case for it happening with Rockstar, but that's a game every 4 years. I could see Sony getting there if they keep the quality up this gen, they've been around long enough. On some level, what does it matter. Nintendo fans like Nintendo games. Where's the point in putting someone who's going to be critical on Animal Crossing if its selling t
  13. @MaryokutaiI'm not going to argue with you, if you liked it that much cool. For me it's not the worst Zelda game but it is the most boring and I think it's madness that it got higher than a 7. My issue though is that the 93% is an aggregate score. Considering how devisive the game is, that's not reflected in that score. Same for Odyssey. For whatever reason the press have a reverence for Nintendo that imo skews their scores
  14. @mmmark yeah, but the game press seem incapable of scoring big Nintendo games properly. Whether you like it or not Skyward Sword has enough problems that 91% is way too high. It took about 8 hours to start for one. Then it kept giving you tutorial text every time you re-entered an area iirc
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