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  1. Did "Vib-Ribbon" ever appear on PS4....?
  2. So given the dormancy of the game series, it's odd that Radio 4 are doing an 8 part radio play based on Splinter Cell - commencing Fri 2 Dec. https://www.eurogamer.net/step-aside-netflix-splinter-cell-is-getting-a-bbc-radio-4-adaptation
  3. It annoys me that most reviews don't mention anything about accessibility options or screen text size adjustments. I've bought a number of console games that are really difficult to play as text size/ on screen icons are too small (probably due to being PC conversions). Likewise NS reviews still seldom mention any differences between playing on different NS versions/ configurations (OLED v Standard v Lite or handheld v docked).
  4. The text part of reviews are generally fine, it's the scoring that's hugely skewed - where anything below 70% (or even for AAAs <90%) might be perceived by some as poor/not worth bothering with, which adversely affects sales - and this has somewhat affected whether devs will take a risk on putting out new IP or stick with releasing endless sequels. Also, nowadays, with Day One patches, the reviewed content isn't always reflective of the actual retail experience.
  5. A Good Nurse (Netflix) Based on a true story of a nurse in the USA who killed many patients and how it was covered up/ignored by different hospitals until a colleague assisted a police investigation to finally bring justice. Starting Jessica Chastain and Eddie Redmayne, whilst the story is of some interest (albeit the actual scale of crimes isn't revealed until the end text) its glacial pacing means it's not particularly well told and all rather unsatisfying. Anyway, here's who it's centred on: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Cullen
  6. Watched it, and it was okay - albeit I had more fun recently watching "River Cruise" and "Lost City", which offer similar treasure hunt stories, but with a bit more humour. I don't really understand why they bother to make movies of a game franchise but then make fundamental changes to story/casting - so it has a passing similarity to the game, but not a whole lot more (e.g. RE and TR movies especially). Not quite sure if Nathan Drake even picked up a gun in the entire movie - so nowhere near the killathon of the games - guess this is just an 'early years' film given relative ages of him & Sully - so maybe in the sequels...? Sure it gets some box office traction from the brand name, but ultimately pisses off most of the gaming fans, who just want a movie adaptation of the game (not some directors vision / own take on it all).
  7. If we can include arcade games (which had home conversions) then it's this (2 players on an arcade cabinet).
  8. Maybe worth a try over on the unofficial Retrogamer Forum. @merman1974 pointed me in its direction, after the official RG one was closed down a few months ago. https://retrogamerunofficial.freeforums.net/
  9. There's also a blurry line between gameplay mechanics of 3D platformers such as Mario Odyssey and things like Z:BotW and Portal, as to whether the latter could be considered as 'platformers' as they share some similarities (Mario/Link picking up gear to access previously restricted areas, warping (through pipes/wormholes) to new areas etc).
  10. Not really may favourite genre, but I loved "Ape Escape" and "Gex Enter the Gecko" on PS1 - the latter more poignant due to the recent death of Leslie Phillips who provided the comical voiceover (for the EU release). I've had some fun with the Mario games on the NS in more recent years.
  11. So related to both old console question, and deserves a sequel question, I give you....
  12. And if only I had some LR44 batteries lying around...... (I've had this original, from new, c1980something).
  13. In terms of gaming horde, I've still got: Mega Drive Gameboy Gameboy Color PS1 (x2) GBA GBA SP DS Lite (x2) PS2 GC Wii 360 (x2) NS PS4 SNES Mini Plus a PC (Win XP c.2005) So NS and PS4 get played the most, then PS2 and DS, with occasional dabbles on the others during a year, depending what takes my fancy.
  14. I use my PS2 and DS quite regularly still (and would also use the PS1 if it wasn't for BC on PS2 - i.e. I still occasionally play PS1 games).
  15. Is Geri just there to sing "Scream if you wanna go faster", her top 10 hit from 2001 ?
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