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  1. I seldom play in handheld after finding many games really weren't optimised for the small screen
  2. Hard West and Phantom Doctrine down to just £1.79 each at NS Shop. These are both XCom style turn based strategy games, the former with a Western theme, the latter with a Cold War spy backdrop. Both sound good to me !
  3. Finished it this morning @Maf yep that pretty much sums it up (inc. the crossbows bring pretty effective too). Don't think I'll bother with U3 though.
  4. Struggling to keep enthused with this, as some of the enemies are now total bullshit. eg. yeti types, minigunners and natives are all ridiculous bullet sponges Still, I'm in Shambhala with Chloe and Elena, trying to escape/find the stone, and my last save shows 95%, so not too much of this left (thankfully).
  5. Big Fish Games are currently offering 8 free PC games: 8 Free Games Offer I use to enjoy their hidden object games, Mystery Case Files and Huntsville especially.
  6. shinymcshine


    Greetings from Bury Park by Sarfraz Manzoor An autobiographical reflection on a life growing up on a Luton housing estate in the 1980s as a young Britain with Pakistani heritage, and seeking understanding through the works of Bruce Springsteen. It's a bit of an odd book, as chapters jump around, often repeat the same themes, and when there is real opportunity for further insight, when we venture towards more recent times, post 9/11 and 7/7, there feels a bit of a lack of depth. For me, the Springsteen parts stand out, albeit there's really not that many. Overall as a small insight in to the cultural clash between father and son, the father who left Pakistan to raise his family in Britain but wants to cling to his roots, and a son inspired by a new land and culture he want to embrace, it's a revealing tale. Furthermore, its been loosely adapted into a film, Blinded by the Light, which stays true only to the spirit of the story, rather than replicate the chronological facts. Throw in a few Bollywood style dance numbers, and it's a heartwarming romp. Both book, and film, leave the glaring mystery open as to Sarfraz's friend 'Rupe' (Amolak) who introduced him to the music of Springsteen and his own Sikh upbringing (there's a bit more in the book than is ever touched on in the film).
  7. It's really just a reimagining of this 1985 Capcom arcade game, with a bit of light platforming occasionally;
  8. I'm just at The Monestary level and have already killed 700 people in 8hr 30 so that's almost 1.4 per min* (inc. 61 by explosions, 102 by melee). * Slightly up on the 1.3 pm in U:1 The biggest issue though is that Drake is such an unlikable moron. With those bombastic 80s film there was a clear motive for payback/revenge, I just don't get that's here (the whole Chloe & Flynn relationship is so underbaked, then chuck in a clichéd Nazi reference and a Russian bad guy, honestly!?!?).
  9. It's not totally devoid of fun, just that it gone from Michael Bay to one of those ridiculous one man army action films of the 80s like Commando or Rambo. I'd be surprised if this isn't one of the unlocks:
  10. This whole train sequence is super annoying and not much fun.
  11. So by the time I've reached the part where I'm off to the train, its back to the whole one man* killing machine again. *
  12. I didn't kill him, the two suspects are gravity and the ground/landing impact.
  13. Here goes, it's U:2 Played a couple of stages and just reached Borneo. Seems okay so far, nice bit of climbing and sneaking , but a bit too heavy on the cut scenes, which are fragmenting the gameplay a bit, but I suppose they are trying to drop story in as we go. I had a wry smile when they gave you 'tranquilisers' and stealth 'knock-outs' - don't think I've actually 'killed' anyone do far (the guy near the train definitely blew himself up).
  14. The Game Collection has added a bunch of NS games at £9.95, nothing too amazing, but well worth a look. Titles include: Aces of the Luftwaffe De Blob Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Rad Rodgers Radical Edition The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 The Raven Remastered Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy Legend of Kay Sine Mora Ex The Game Collection - NS £9.95
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    TV Shows

    Yes, IIRC there's a bit with Scott Hall (aka Razor Ramon) included too.
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