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  1. shinymcshine

    The Surge

    Spent about 90 mins on this, and seems promising so far - reached an area where I now need to acquire body lights, so still quite close to the starting area, but I've powered up a couple of weapons, got some limb mods etc. It does seem fairly similar in structure to Lords of the Fallen, which isn't a bad thing (since despite dubious reviews I actually quite enjoyed that too). Only slight disappointment is I'm going away for the long weekend so won't get to play it again for a bit.
  2. shinymcshine


    Bit of an odd one. Now only if they put a remastered Killer7 onto consoles I'd be interested....
  3. Wonder if they'll just do a really limited production run and they'll end up like the NES Mini (first batch) ?
  4. I get the concept of giving you a 2 player arcade stick controller, but it's going to be an arse to use, either cosied up on the sofa balanced on your knees, or dragging out a table to sit it on. Only viable alternative is to cabinet mount it - but if you were going to do that then I'd imagine a jamma board etc would be better.
  5. shinymcshine

    TV Shows

    The funny thing at the end was EDITED BY JIM BECAUSE SPOILERS
  6. shinymcshine

    TV Shows

    I do wonder if they'll just end up somehow dumping the Ice King & white walkers on the Iron Islands - since they reinforced the point (again) that they can't get there - hence they can't get off there either (ice dragon aside). Seems odd otherwise why they keep cropping up, cause they're not that strategically important.
  7. 55 hrs and just about to drop down the pit (Act 3) which my missus says leads to the endgame. It's been okay, suppose since I played D:OS2 recently it compares unfavourably to that, real time pause with radials doesn't work that well for me, and the AI behaviour scripts don't seem all that great - I so much prefer turn based in games like this. So I'll give it a push on to the finish but likely to skip The White March DLC.
  8. shinymcshine

    TV Shows

    The cringe factor was a whole part of it - where Meg's rant outlined her obsession beyond all reason (have you sh*t in a bucket?).
  9. shinymcshine


    There's the theory that all stories are rooted around just 7 basic plots: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Seven_Basic_Plots
  10. Or MichaelJacksonsUnder11s
  11. ....or when you're trying to light those blue beacons, and then the rain puts your torch out.
  12. And the rain, when you're climbing and end up sliding off.
  13. shinymcshine

    TV Shows

    Dead Pixels (E4) Comedy about a trio playing an mmo. It's surprising quite decent. The rant that Meg has to the girl at the bus stop in ep 2 is hilarious.
  14. Idiot Savant is a good perk for loads of extra exp. I mostly played as a sniper using VATS and focussed on those perks which gave you back APs, enhanced criticals and gave you hits through cover. So things like Concerntrated Fire, Critical Banker, Grim Reaper Sprint, Action Boy, Gun Fu, Penetrator, were extremely useful.
  15. Unicorn Store Starring & directed by Brie Larsson Quirky tale of growning up (from the adult twenty something side, when college hasn't worked out) Also stars Joan Cusack and Samuel L Jackson, but the real highlight was Mamoudou Athie as Virgil who was fantastic whenever he appeared on screen. It's not a great film though but pleasant and different enough to watch.
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