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  1. Nice little video comparing map areas from videogames: Facebook link
  2. Just killed the dragon (main storyline) and got my heart back, after around 40 hrs gameplay, so I must be around halfway done (noting Bitterblack Isle still to come too).
  3. shinymcshine

    Random News II

    Nice article on Eurogamer about the C64 conversion of OutRun: C64 OutRun Article Even if you're too young to remember the arcade game it's a great insight into the 'bedroom programmers' of the 1980s.
  4. I'm still really enjoying playing this again, on the NS, but not convinced the visuals are really any better than the 360. There's notable pop-ups (boxes and trees suddenly appearing as you run etc). Still a fab game IMHO, and despite hitting LV 40 I'm still holding off going to the Island !
  5. The Autopsy of Jane Doe is one of the best horror films I've seen in the last few years. Small cast, claustrophobic setting, and a few nice twists - just don't read too much about it beforehand though as might spoil the impact.
  6. Suppose the other issue with Sony is the whole PSVR thing; where noting the age and limitations of the current tech, they'll want (no doubt) to update it; but it's a big ask to get folk to buy a PS5 and new VR headset too.
  7. I'm not sure the industry knows what it wants to sell me anymore ? Is it the online streaming model subscription (PS Now) or a games on demand subscription, or a shiny new console that the former (dependent on speed/lag) makes rather superfluous?
  8. Albeit the PS1 could play CDs, PS2 could play DVDs & PS1 games, PS3 (original release) could play PS3 and Blu-ray's & DVDs, PS4 can only play PS4 & Blu-ray's, whilst my Sony Blu-ray player can play CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays. Is it the physical laser, or software conversion issue ?
  9. Sadly I've never felt more apathetic than with the next gen thing - what the current gen (& NS) has demonstrated is that there's no real need for more power or fancy graphics if the bulk of the catalogue is to consist of remakes, retro titles and indie games.
  10. On Strictly Come Dancing (movies themed week) a couple did a Pokémon inspired routine : Strictly Pokemon
  11. So the price point isn't actually based on how much it costs to convert it, just how much profit they can maximise from it !?!?
  12. Smaller dev manages to put out NS version of CoC for a reasonable price :
  13. Not convinced with that argument - converting code can't be as expensive as developing a new game from scratch - likewise advertising for the NS version needs nowhere near the same budget either - so yes, charge a reasonable price for it, just not £45 !
  14. Apologies, I'll take some responsibility too for taking us down that path.
  15. shinymcshine

    Random News II

    p I think the problem nowadays is that the corporate world plays by its own rules - eg unless it clearly says you can't then they'll try it on even if it's implied in spirit that you shouldn't !- hence multinationals set up multiple minor divisions each which then exploit the tax rebate (bit like that tax avoidance thing where they set up (sometimes physically non existent) loss making companies etc). It's like playing a game of Monopoly then sticking your hand on the bank every so often and taking £500, and when people complain, you say, well there's nothing in the rules to say that I can't do that !
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