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  1. Wonder how that will play out on the Switch Lite , with fixed JoyCon and potential lack of local multiplayer?
  2. Especially if they end up with a Switch Lite and only experience those games on a 5.5" screen. Bit like watching Avatar on your phone. I really wonder how devs will react to the Switch Lite and whether they'll optimise games for that or the regular NS, when it comes to on screen icons and gaming visuals etc ?
  3. It's a decent technical achievement to get W3 running on the NS (albeit we are talking about a game that is 4 yrs old), but as I found with Dragons Dogma, the novelty of playing in handheld mode quickly wears off as it lacks the shear scale and intensity of experience that you get with the big screen TV. So then you end up with just a compromised version of something that you've already played years before.
  4. shinymcshine

    XCOM 2

    Don't know if you've got a NS but Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is amazingly more fun and strategically challenging than I ever thought it would be, and Into the Breach was pretty special too.
  5. shinymcshine

    XCOM 2

    I gave it another go today, but sadly still not feeling it - I like the turn based tactical combat, but hate all the base stuff and cut scenes in between - and with the way I'm feeling with games currently, I just can't be bothered with those bits.
  6. shinymcshine

    XCOM 2

    Balls - 3 hrs and I'm done with it. You know when something just doesn't click, well that's it here, all feels too much like I might as well be playing XCom:EW all over again, including all those base building and research bit that I wasn't keen on then either. Think I'm probably just in a gaming funk.
  7. shinymcshine

    XCOM 2

    I'm hoping that me missing three 82% shots on the run (on the first proper mission) and my ranger subsequently dying, was either just an unfortunate quirk, or a way to demonstrate that your squad isn't infallible.
  8. shinymcshine

    XCOM 2

    Bump - as I'm going to start this properly tomorrow (PS4). Really enjoyed XCom: Enemy Within on the 360 - although those aliens which just use to teleport in next to you were an unnecessary inbuggeration, but looking forward to it. Also - wow, hadn't quite realised how long ago it had been released !
  9. shinymcshine

    Random News II

    Kings Bounty 2 announced for PC/Xbox One/PS4 Only 30 yrs have passed since the original was released, so why not - I'm actually looking forward to this strategic RPG. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-08-15-kings-bounty-2-blending-classic-turn-based-tactics-and-third-person-fantasy-next-year And we've got the enhanced version of Bard's Tale IV arriving on consoles very soon too.
  10. I'm now on the 20x20 grids, 70% down.
  11. Okay - so the boat is on the south shore (and you can warp back to it and respec your party if needed) - there's a village to the centre, tar pits to east, mountains to west, forests to north (and mystery island to NW)
  12. Yep, there's certainly a few min/max type builds out there. With regards to where you are, 2nd area, from what I can remember (general hints rather than actual spoilers)
  13. There's definitely areas which say something along the lines of "your party is too weak to continue this way" but no physical barrier to stop you proceeding. There is a district lack of signposting at times though - but suppose that's a good thing in an open world RPG isn't it?
  14. Unsurprisingly progress slowed when I reached the 20x15 grids, shame there doesn't seem any way to zoom in with these ones.
  15. Puzzle Quest was great, but then again so was Might & Magic Clash of Heroes on the DS too. Meanwhile I've picked this game up, and seems pretty good (but maybe short, 25% done in less than an hour)
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