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  1. Wow @Snaggletooth I never realised they done Philips Laser Disc versions of those modern games too !
  2. Resident Evil I really enjoyed 1-4 but I felt the broader franchise just lost its way. I don't think it was helped with every dreadful entry to the film series either, where I waited in anticipation that just one might follow the videogame series, but none really did. I bought, but never finished Code Veronica, then there was the mixed reception for 5 & 6, a bunch of spin-offs and remakes, and sadly, despite its good reputation (and having a dabble on it during a PSVR demo) I've still not been drawn to RE7, or been tempted by the recent remakes. Maybe it was just that those early games seemed quite innovative, before the influx of other zombie games.
  3. shinymcshine

    Random Vid Clips

    @OCH Have you listened to the excellent modern adaptations of The Case of Charles Dexter Ward & The Whisperer in Darkness, serialised on the BBC Sounds app ? Highly recommended - with the final installment, Shadow Over Innsmouth due later this year. Alternatively The White Vault is another great Lovecraftian style podcast/web series.
  4. With all the MS talk about Xbox & PC cross releases , looks like they're just going to release a midi tower but call it a games console....
  5. That's Outward sort of finished - the only main quest line involves joining one of the three factions and seeing their questline to a conclusion (I joined and completed the Blue Chamber). But you can only join one per playthrough, so would need to restart to do another - there are 4 'secret' legacy chests (one in each of the regions) where you can leave an single item for your next character - but they are tough to get to, so won't help you over the early starting difficulty hump. I enjoyed it - not the most polished RPG, minimal spoken dialogue, mostly just text, but really gave a sense of adventure (and vulnerability). I crafted a horror bow that poisoned enemies (DOT) and it was much better doing ranged combat than relying on the dubious hit boxes of melee. There's also a whole magic system that I barely used (since again it's set up that you can only really go down one skill route per playthrough, as you get just 3 breakthrough points to access advanced skills). Maybe I'll play again in the future, but now for something else.
  6. From the Gamecentral review (7/10): "To be honest, the jump button isn’t very reliable and it’s not clear whether that’s a mechanical flaw with the controls or just because you’re playing as a giant walking bean and you’re not very steady on your feet." I feel less of a loser now.
  7. Yes, the problem is as consumers we get an awful digital deal - we get pages of EULA thrust at us when we've paid for and just want to watch/play - but what we sign up to actually doesn't usually give us much right to do an awful lot - and, as above, isn't flexible to modern life/changing circumstances. At least physical ownership (disc based media) gives you a bit more certainty - albeit in 20 yrs time whether the 'game patches' etc are available still is debatable - but now I'm somewhat drifting 'off topic'.
  8. Fair enough - just wonder if this will be the new business model - essentially 'locked-in' to enduring subscriptions, even to access extra paid for content. Then you add in a Netflix and Prime subscription, for their exclusive content (and maybe paid for extras) and it rolls on. The digital format allows companies to give you even less 'ownership' for the things you thought you'd bought - I know this is a long trodden route with iTunes over what do you actually 'own' and what, if anything, you can transfer/resell etc. Throw in the whole 'rights' issue (e.g. where games are withdrawn from digital sale as licences/music rights expire, or movies have restricted releases in certain countries) and the digital future looks a bit messy.
  9. Wow, so the through life cost of that is $$$ !?!? e.g. If I pay $30 then it costs me $9.99 (or however much a sub us) a month just to keep it ! $150 in yr 1, then $120 per year afterwards. I know I'm being extreme (in putting nil value against other Disney+ accessible content) but it isn't really a great deal at all.
  10. Weirdly a 5 game Data East SNES cartridge has popped up for less than £9 on ASOS. Data East SNES Games included: Fighter's History, Fighter's History Mizoguchi, Magical Drop, Magical Drop 2 and Super Side Pocket
  11. I guess under the C-19 situation, with cinemas re-opening, they have decided to pitch a PPV price inline with cinema prices ($30, for a couple?) rather than standard 'straight to streaming' rental prices we've had when cinemas were closed. It'll be interesting to see if any studios go head to head with cinemas over the pricing structure, and aggressively compete (with an acknowledgement that would to put cinemas out of business for good).
  12. Fair play to @Maf for getting the crowns, when I did play I found the controls to be so imprecise that it was more frustrating than fun.
  13. 30 mins to download (PS4) then .... servers down for maintenance.
  14. Wasn't this the best "Megadrive".... Scorpion Multi Format Console or maybe:
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