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    Hollow Knight collector’s edition.
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    Been waiting for this to be in some kind of sale, it currently has 30% off on Xbox.
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    MFGamers Podcast - Play/Want/Bin June 2019 Dangerman and @illdog sum up their play, want and bin selections for June 2019. Contributions from @Whiskey_chaser @regemond @Sly Reflex @Nag @Hendo @radiofloyd @mfnick @Blakey and @Duck Download the episode HERE Subscribe to the feed HERE iTunes link - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/mfgamers/id1318429602 Non-iTunes feed - http://feeds.feedburner.com/mfgamerspodcast hopefully I've not fucked anything up
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    Cheaper than a Fortnite skin.
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    Vanquish was £3.74 on Xbox’s super sale and I only have the PS3 version so this was well worth it. One of the best action games I’ve ever played. They also have Bayonetta on there for £5 something but I have the disc in the other room and I’m not that lazy Though I did consider it
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    Could have done without the DLC code insulting me when I opened up the game but I guess that's the first blow to my sanity.
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    Less than an hour in and from a gameplay perspective this is already deeper than any of the previous games. The levelling up system alone reminds me of FF X. You can block! You can dodge😳 There is something a bit off about the powers though. Which might be indicative of the One player experience. Your AI teammates don't automatically use their abilities, so the revamped combo system has to be done manually and it is a bit clunky as a result. Obviously not an issue in the slightest for those playing with others. Other than that, it is pretty good so far. At the first available option, which isn't right away, my team now consists of: Star Lord Hulk Drax Wolverine
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    First time I’ve got a limited run games game.
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    Been on a Switch spending spree this week. God Eater 3 is a review code so technically didn't buy it, and I backed the Legrand Leagacy kickstarter a couple years ago but never got round to playing it. I actually own it on PC because of kickstarter, but it was on sale so picked it up on Switch. DragonFangZ is a pretty cool Rouge Like with some of the worst localisation I've seen in a game, I'm sure it was done in Google translate. Phantasy Star is Phantasy Star.
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    Super Mario Maker 2, Dandy Dungeon and Urban Trial Playground all purchased digitally.
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    Lets get creative. Are people’s codes in impressions?
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    Been wanting this for a while. It's a rogue-like Colony Wars by the looks of it and I've played it for 30 mins and hate the controls and hopeless alternative options. I wish I bought Monster Hunter Generations instead right now. I'll sleep on it and try to meet it on its terms.
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    Why haven't you got both of those through GwG @Maf?
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    Vote to reinstate down voting for use of both Holibobs and Famalam?
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    Latest Nicalis release from the States.
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    This has probably been the biggest surprise of the year so far for me, this game is incredible. I’ve never much been one for making levels or anything like that and the most I’ve dabbled before was way back when I was a kid in Rollercoaster Tycoon and more recently with some of the LBP and Trials series tutorials and such. So going into this the making aspect is probably what got me most excited about the game but also apprehensive as I really didn’t know if I’d bounce off it again like I have done in the past, I just don’t consider myself a very creative person and am always more likely to enjoy levels made by others than actually be any good at creating my own. There’s just so many other layers to it than that though. It feels amazing to just play other people’s levels that they’ve shared on an FB Group or forum, I can’t quite describe it but playing through a level and admiring the work of someone else approachable and ‘real’ not some pro level designer feels so uplifting and joyous. I’ve only played a little of the story mode but from what I’ve played it’s another excellent 2D Mario game. It’s clever how they implement ideas from the Maker template to inspire you and get you thinking about how you can implement little bits and pieces from their Pro courses into yours. Then you can play in co-op with others online and against them which is just fun silly nonsense really. There are frustrating moments when you may lack the coordination to get past a puzzle and eventually have to give up but it’s just such a nice change of pace and another layer of depth the game has. I think the most amazing thing about the game is how creative it’s made me feel, playing through other people’s levels, playing the story mode’s levels or tinkering about in the Maker mode just gives me so many ideas for so many new levels I can create and how I can improve my level design skills and get better. Even when I’m not playing the game I find myself thinking about ways I could do a pipe level, a runner type level, a car level and things like that. To make someone who wasn’t creative in the slightest before think creatively about level design for the very first time is damn incredible, it has been quite the revelation for me this game and awakened a side of me I didn’t really know existed before. My two courses if anyone wants to try them out: Quick video of one here:
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    I honestly was hovering over the warn button
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    I started playing this today and my day is just gone. Fuck. It's a digital card game in the vein of Hearthstone except the cards are made up of Capcom characters so that was enough to draw me in despite meaning to try one of these out for a while. I guess I just needed my interests tickled more by stuff I think is cool and not fairies and rogues or whatever. Since I'm new to this I dunno how it compares to others but I'm having a lot of fun. I picked Albert Wesker as my character and I'm enjoying being evil. The kinds of cards he has are about powering up defeated cards and turning the last stretch of the game on its head. I guess he might be a necromancer archetype. Sometimes I can't do it, especially against Ryu users who's decks are more about just getting in and doing damage and I can't get set up. But when I do, it feels pretty good. Towards the end of my session I did use what I'd accumulated to buy a load of card packs and I got some good ones but now I'm trying to build my own deck rather than the one you're given. The arts pretty nice. It does have that look that a lot of these games have but still somehow works and all the characters do seem to fit this theme, despite different origins.
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    Case arrived with my PSU and SSD, couldn't resist opening them and taking a look. Ended up mounting the SSD and partially wiring in the PSU which is probably a terrible idea as I'll most likely need to take them out again..
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    Finally finished this for the first time ever. Got it 22 years ago when it first came out but never managed to get to the end despite starting it many times. Really glad that's done now, took around 27 hours & didn't really have to grind at any point. Maybe start FF IX again & might actually get to the end of that one as well.
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    New film and funny shit threads created. Any other long beasts let me know.
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    Picross S (Switch) Resident Evil 2 (PS4) Tomb Raider (Xbox One) What Became of Edith Finch (Xbox One) Dead Cells (Switch) Never thought that would happen!
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    A quick search tells me you can change the camera to isometric ("classic"): https://twinfinite.net/2019/07/marvel-ultimate-alliance-3-change-camera-angle-how/ Sounds like it might help a few of you. There's no lock-on in classic view for example.
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    or >OBSERVER_ as I think it's actually called Observer is a Rutger Hauer-em'up, it's by the Layers of Fear people and it's fairly similar. Layers of Fear was an exercise in being locked in until you turned around where the level would have changed behind your back. Observer does do that, but nowhere near as much, it's not simply a Layers of Fear with the paintbrush replaced by the microchip There's a bit more game to Observer, which is a bit of a mixed blessing. You play as Dan, an Observer, which as far as I understand it means he's a detective who can go inside people's E-brains and see their last memories. He goes to see his son in a poor district, trying to find out why he needs help and what he's doing in the slums. When he gets there he finds a headless body and can't be sure whose it it, he was attacked by someone or something and that's what most of the game is about. To get on to the trail of the killer you have to examine the crime scene, superficially that's a bit like Batman, but unless something is locked away really it's mostly a token effort, and you're just their to deep dive and experience the trippy nightmare that is their decomposing memory. Observer isn't an especially scary game, it can be at points, but I found Layers of Fear scarier and that was more cool and clever than scary. But the cyber nightmares are an excuse to leave the more grounded reality, they can be cool, they're where the game is even if I prefer the world outside of them. They are home to the worst part of Observer; fail states. There's points where you're being hunted, there's not loads of these moments but they're the worst part. There's also some puzzles in the game, these can be a bit fiddly. It's not so much that they're testing your brain, more that you've tried everything and can see everything I think one of its biggest problems is that it kind of buries the main story. There's 3 things going on, Dan's son, a serial killer, and an evil corporation. I get why it's paced the way it is, it's to have a middle act that doesn't feel drawn out, but it means the middle feels more important than the rest of it. There's a lot of themes running in the background, again probably too many, but it mostly handles them well Overall I quite liked it, or bits of it. I liked the tone and the setting at least. I was pining for it to end well before it wrapped up though, it's probably a little too long but I do think it's more of a pacing issue than anything else
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    It's god damn amazing. I like how I'm not constantly being called a potato in this one.
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    This bad boy arrived today, my mother board is arriving tomorrow as well. Last parts now are the CPU and GPU.
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    Hmm, interesting. Must be good I wonder what this is abou- Nope
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    I'm amazed this isn't already on other platforms as it's been on pc for a bit and looks ideal for the Switch market. It's a Sonic inspired 2d platformer, Mega Drive style graphics and all. It plays quite a lot like the Sonic Mania Encore dlc, in that you play as Spark the Electric Jester (himself), then pick up power ups that change his moveset, with you being able to switch between a couple of them that you have in stock. Different outfits have different moves, Wind lets you double jump, float a bit, roll like Sonic, but the trade off is that the attacks are weaker and have no range. There's an archer outfit that can't double jump but has range and can attack in different directions If you played Freedom Planet it has the same feel as that, it's floaty in a way the Sonic games weren't, a bit loose to control, and enemies don't feel solid. It's not a huge criticism, but it doesn't feel as tight as classic Sonic which it's aping. I'm enjoying it though, I've been chipping away at it over the past 6 months, and I've put a bit more time in to it over the weekend to get it done. It's fun, not amazing, but deserves to have had a bit more attention that it's had
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    ordered a 3700x a 3600 would have been more sensible but i've been holding off upgrading for ages so went a bit crazy.
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    I was given this for Father's Day, but only got around to building it today.
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    I guess the 90s cause I like a lot of shoegazey/dream-pop stuff.
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    Yeah probably the same for me. There's some stuff I love from the end of the 80s, and I do like some recent music, but there's enough 90s stuff I listen to still
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    Enjoyed the podcast @DANGERMAN and @illdog. Also enjoyed the awkward looks I got from the women leaving the yoga class near my office, as I drove past with the car windows open with Illdog speaking about masturbating into women's shoes.
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    Hitman 2's current elusive target is in a night-time version of the Marrakesh map. They appear to have done some work on details and lighting, it looks fantastic.
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    The book is fantastic. The film is a missed opportunity of ass sucking proportions. @Nag is supremely on the money.
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    Mutants are scary. You can see the panic they induce in players when they hit the playing field. When they come it's like nothing else matters, they have to be taken down and they have to be taken down now. If that means ignoring another huge potential threat, then so be it. Each unit has a purpose and how they intertwine with each other makes the game work. There's a mission you might remember, there's a few UFO's that are closed and loads of ants and spiders. After you've killed a few of them a queen ant or more shows up and starts showering you with acid. You might recall that there's a red flyer or two in that mission. Pretty much everything in that mission revolves around knowing where that red cunt is and destroying it as soon as you can will allow yout to progress. Issue is all the other stuff going on, the queens will be putting pressure on you, the UFO's will be open and dropping more bugs into the level with the aim of trying to overrun you. It's that really hard enemy that's taking free potshots at you while you've got a plateful that's the real kicker. I think you both, @regemond and @Whiskey_chaser, have found ways that work for you. I don't know if you noticed, but depending on who we have in the lobby dictates how I deal with frogs and greys, as well as what I have equipped and how much health I have. If there's an Air Raider in the game I take the legs out, so gunships get a more accurate bead because they're not jumping and rolling about. Otherwise I disarm them and aim for the chest, since I think that's the quickest way to deal with them depending on how I'm playing. When you step into the other classes shoes you're going to have to find a way that works for you, part of that is going to come from watching other people and how they play, but also you're going to imprint yourself on the class. Even players that use the same loadouts play differently.
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    Bumping this after a five year hiatus. I forgot about that Senran Kagura post. One for @regemond? Anyway, this is what I came here for.
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