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  2. Last Day Of June (PC) Lair Of The Clockwork God (PC) Mutazione (PC) Horace (PC) Gris (PC) Yakuza Kiwami 2 (PC) Yakuza Kiwami 2: The Majima Saga (PC) Rakuen (PC) Supraland (PC) Super Arcade Racing (PC) Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King (PC) Deliver Us The Moon (PC) Enjoyable sci-fi narrative adventure game. I played it via Game Pass, highly recommended.
  3. Finished it in 3 sittings. On my previous session I ended just before a stealth section, which was probably the weakest part of the game. Other than that it was a great little game. Well worth a go if you've got Game Pass.
  4. yeah. I'd rather they release them all on the same day but you're right, the complaints about it not looking great were because of what people expected from the PS4, One X, and PC, not the Switch
  5. bellow

    The Last of Us

    Except for that silly 'boss' fight in the big restaurant where Ellie suddenly 'forgets' how to do a stealth attack from a hidden position - something you, as the player, have been doing for the last 15 hours! Feckin' hate it when games do that. Anyway it's spring. We've stroked the Giraffe (not a metaphor) and the end game is upon us.....
  6. Switch version still on track: They probably realised they already hit the limit with that port. Looking forward to the Digital Foundry video for that one.
  7. I’ve got a current game of Master Mode. I’m not done 😕
  8. Anyone here (other than maf the quitter) put time into the Master mode? I might dive into this again as it is the best game ever after all but I'm not sure if that mode will just ruin the game or something.
  9. Maryokutai

    Random News II

    Seems amazon isn't off to a great start with their videogame business. Crucible isn't doing to well either as far as I know, even going back to beta status after its initial launch.
  10. Metroid: Samus Returns. Well, for me that was one at least.
  11. I can give some advice if you want it. I think if you cleared that fight the game would start to make sense. I agree it’s bad at explaining itself.
  12. I really wanted to enjoy this game, being a huge DBZ fan. But that fight against Raditz seriously pissed me off. No matter what I tried, I failed time after time. And the game didn’t really tell me what I was supposed to be doing.
  13. One way to keep the platform running.
  14. Score. Superhot was bloody awesome.
  15. Finished the Frieza saga. When this game is fun it’s really quite fun. Going Super Saiyan for the first time was a real blast. Despite how extremely truncated this version of the story is they still manage to evoke a sense of excitement and danger in the story. The weird thing I’ve noticed about this game is despite being called Kakarot the character I spend the least time playing is Goku. Easily the “main” character at this point would be Gohan who I think I must have spent maybe 75% of the game as? Because most of the time in this game I’m waiting for Goku to show up or heal from getting his ass kicked it means I’m waiting long stretches to play as Goku again. Not that it’s a huge deal. Most of the characters control roughly the same and even a lot of their special moves are similar so gameplay wise it’s not like I’m missing out. It just struck me that I waited this whole time for SSJ and now Goku isn’t around anymore so I’ll be waiting again to do it! The other thing which is a small detail but I think is funny is how well DBZ lends itself to RPG level up mechanics. All of the characters just talk about power levels all the time, every time a major fight is won someone literally gets stronger, learning new moves or more powerful versions of moves fits the story, because it’s Dragon Ball when levelling up once I don’t get 100 extra HP I get 13,000 extra HP so all the numbers are ridiculous. Before Piccolo hit level 30 he had over 300,000 hp. It is silly but DBZ is silly so it all fits really well. Lastly I found something that was really annoying and that’s there are certain boss fights where it’s a 2v2 or 3v2 scenario. The support characters on my side are generally kind of useless, though. Krillin can Solar Flare which is amazingly helpful but the cool down is long. On the opposing side it is literally two bosses at once. Which is really annoying because 1v1 there is a sense of flow, pace and proceedings to the fighting but in these 2v2 fights all that goes out the window. It becomes a cheap ass mash fest and there is never anytime to do anything. Particularly charging energy where in one fight every time I tried to charge I got punched into the ground, so in the end it was mash the punch and block buttons and at one point desperately mash the health potion button. Kinda just felt like the game fell apart. Aside from that, though. Really enjoyed playing the Namek stuff today. When this game is good it’s really enjoyable, but also yes when it’s lame it’s super lame.
  16. Remake version of second track is pretty good imo, end game spoilers for ffvii remake Can't find a standalone track that loops because Square ninjas keep deleting them.
  17. I've got into listening to some FF OST of late. Thinking on the theme songs of the villains, honestly I think there are only three that are amazing and I can't really pick between them. Although I am leaning towards my current game, FF9.
  18. I was looking forward to what Wayforward were up to next but this looks a little too slapped together. If the battles had some more drama to them I'd be up for giving it a chance but it seems a bit dull. But, I still haven't played the latest Shantae which looks like a bit more of a return to form after finding the last game a little weaker than the previous. So I guess I still have that.
  19. Yeah, the cel-shaded style is new. I only had half an hour before work to give this a try, I never got out of the opening conversation. First impressions aren’t great. I didn’t enjoy having to press a button to move the conversation going at every step. A character will say one word and then won’t move on till you’ve pressed the button. Then they say a whole sentence, press a button. Then say some more words, press a button. Then it’s the turn of the other character to speak. It’s weird. Hopefully there’s an option somewhere to change that.
  20. Fair enough, that makes sense. I think I've only watched one before for Animal Crossing so not really in the best position to say what they do in them.
  21. mmmark

    Nintendo News

    I don’t disagree with that, it’s just how people (certain gamers anyway) handle that disappointment I find bemusing. @Jimbo Xiii They always play the big titles known about and out soon, but I honestly can’t think of one game announcement happening during a THL.

    Nintendo News

    yeah, for me this is the downside of hype from the publisher's side. They could have said "look out for Bakugan news on tomorrow's Treehouse" but they didn't, they teased it as Wayforward's new game, then that they were working on a 3rd party property, which leaves everything apart from Mario, Zelda, Metroid etc on the table for people to speculate. When it doesn't live up to that speculation you're going to get disappointment
  23. Yeah perhaps, they always seem to be for bigger 1 titles though don't they? Isn't this getting attention, as it was announced as a mysterious new game, only to be a licenced cartoon game. It would be like a paw patrol game getting the same treatment. To be honest, I'm indifferent about the whole thing, but I can get when people are a bit confused by it though.
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