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  2. Blakey

    Google Stadia

    Wait, @one-armed dwarf you went to Gamescom Kyle? Your impressions sound more positive than I was expecting to be honest. Your time with DOOM sounded far more optimised for Stadia than MK11 though. Still safe and sound @wiivo 2.0, it’s only £120 and if I don’t get on with it I’ll sell the Chromecast Ultra and Controller and move on, no biggie. I seem to remember you spending a similar amount on an Xbox earlier this year then selling it on 😉 it’s a bit of a punt, sure, but not a huge gamble at that price for me. I just want to try it on my own living room on my TV and see how I get on. It seems the popular thing on the internet to hate on nowadays, as usual with things like that I’ll get it in my own hands, see it with my own eyes on my own TV and make my own impression. If it’s great no one will believe me anyway 😂
  3. Maf


    So when I beat the game the other day I got this orange sniper that had 800% critical hit damage, and it looks like at some point today I sold it by mistake 😕 Why would you make the keep button one R3 click but the junk button 2 R3 clicks 😕
  4. I wonder what kind of shows they’ll be. I think She-Hulk automatically becomes like a lawyer/ police procedural. Ms Marvel could be some YA sitcom thing? What is Moon Knight, though. I don’t know.
  5. I’m sure they will never speak of Inhumans again 😂 I actually know precisely nothing about Moon Knight, Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk but I’m hyped as hell for all these MCU Disney+ shows. Posting the logos because they’re cool af:
  6. There was a 3 hour queue for Control at gamescom... lol
  7. It's a Tuesday release and you know what ShopTo are like... Won't get to play it until tomorrow though. @Maf... If I lend it to you you wouldn't need to let us know when Amazon knocks 47p off the price every 2 weeks and where would be the fun in that.🤷
  8. Blakey


    New High School Musical Trailer Encore One Day at Disney Lizzie McGuire is back Monsters At Work
  9. Blakey

    Star Wars

    Looks rad as fuck. Got the ol’ goosebumps.
  10. Mother fucking Crayola Scoot
  11. Yeah I thought that was out next week. What is this trickery @Nag how do you have that and will you lend it to me after
  12. Didn’t know that was out yet. Hope its good!
  13. Bob


    The price is crazy but I enjoyed the demo a lot. Played like I remember Secret of Mana playing back in the day, not how the remake reminded me it played of course. Probably pick it up when it drops in price, a lot.
  14. bellow


    I liked setsuna, but lost sphere was loaded with schoolboy errors in execution. I won't be buying this at that price. Plus the switch has Jrpg options now that I reckon might leave this floundering, at least on the ninty platform.
  15. Seems like ages since I posted anything in this thread...
  16. Jimbo Xiii

    Star Wars

    @Maf no confirmed date for UK yet, I'll be borrowing them I think.
  17. I've been struggling for the last few months to enjoy playing this again on the Switch in handheld mode, so today, about 10 hrs in, I've picked it up again but now docked. So much better, albeit, and maybe I missed the hint/tutorial had to look up online about Port Crystals and ferry stones, having already to a bit stick of running between home and the capital. And behold, there in my storage chest was an eternal ferrystone and some starting items which were way better than what I'd bought! Onwards !
  18. When you forget about an order you've placed online months ago... Also in frame - a picture by my kid.
  19. Maf

    The Comic Book Thread

    Doomsday Clock #10 “It’s 1956. Superman is seen in Metropolis for the first time. 25 years earlier, the winds change on a farm in Kansas. The reverberations of this change affect not only this world, but every world in the multiverse. Superman is no longer seen in 1938. It’s 1956. No. It’s October 1986. I begin to realise I’ve misinterpreted what this universe actually is. I look to the future. Following Superman’s trail of influence. Even a 1000 years from now...his hope is alive. Why is he the centre of the universe? I grow curious. As I watch reality come crashing down, I realise that this universe is not a part of the multiverse as others believe. The multiverse reacts to this universe. It is the Metaverse. This universe stands apart from the multiverse. It is April 18, 1938. I have recreated the metaverse.” 😬
  20. I wonder if Ms. Marvel could actually fit the hole Spider-Man will leave. In terms of thier position on life and thier relationship to the Avengers the MCU Peter Parker and Kamala Kahn have a bit in common.
  21. Maf

    Star Wars

    That trailer is really cool. I’m glad they lived up to their word as well and are spending movie money on these TV shows. It looks likes like a film! Has Disney confirmed how their streaming service will work in the UK? Will it be one of those things where over here it’s on Netflix or something instead? I will be pirating the hell out of these shows if I’m told I have to wait a year for them, or something
  22. Most looking forward to Ms Marvel. I wonder if they’ll say anything about Inhumans or that brand is just to toxic to say out loud
  23. Maf


    Oh, so this game came out https://www.metacritic.com/game/playstation-4/oninaki 70% on Metacritic (£45 on both Switch and PS4!!) While not a horrible summary score at all, and reading through the excerpts sounds like it’s just a bit on the boring side than bad, looks like RPG Factory still hasn’t managed to produce a great JRPG yet.
  24. Duck

    Star Wars

    The Ewen McGregor thing has been confirmed too..
  25. So I think I ended up playing about 40%-50% of this game tonight. I just got past the mission where you’re in the plane protecting Price and the SAS dudes. I don’t mean to shock anyone or anything but man this is fucking awesome. It’s one of those things where I really loved it at the time, and overtime had forgotten why but just knew I really liked it, and getting back in to it today. Not 100%, but I don’t just think it has survived the test of time, I think it’s actually got better with age. There are are a couple of really annoying things that are real dumb and that is the AI companions. They’re very awkward. Firstly in cutscenes where they just warp from one place to another when it switches from gameplay to cutscene, it just doesn’t have the finely tuned choreography you would see in games like Uncharted 2 or after, and even in gameplay the AI takes up physical space and are kind of everywhere so often they block door ways, or bump me out of cover or something. Not game breaking by any means but just awkwardly annoying. The thing no one talks about with CoD is the story telling techniques. It is excellent. Not the actual story itself, but the way they set up scenes and subtly build characters is awesome, specifically the SAS. And sometimes even weave it in the gameplay. There was one part that was great where you have to run around this village sniping guys, and you get to the 3rd point and this guy is like “Okay, if we snipe from here we can help out my troops and—“ Gaz just grabs him by the collar, holds him over this high wall and shouts “Enough fucking sniping, where is our informant?!” and it’s surprising and clever. One because games work in 3’s and two because just as you’ve had enough sniping the game knows. The game is also surprisingly quotable. Everything from “WE. ARE. LEAVING.” to “Are the loyalists the good Russians or the bad Russians?” It’s weird that for an American game it would make fun of the American military but it really does so all of those characters don’t really mean anything. Not only are they not memorable, notable or quoteable at all but they are made to look like dickheads at every point. Whether that is IW being satirical coming out of Bush-era WMD invasion politics or it’s entirely unintentional and they think it’s cool it’s hard to tell, but I don’t believe they can make one set of characters totally bad ass and another set total fucking dopes by accident (But then the bad guys do actually end up with a nuke so who the fuck knows). The game completely goes against the stereotype that a CoD is today as well. It actually has a nice flow of quiet in to loud moments instead of just being bang, bang all the time and the levels are surprisingly filled with choice. The level I’ve just done is essentially you just have to get down a street, but there is buildings and cover on either side and around the corner, enemies are everywhere and all of it is optional. It is by no means an open world game but the idea of “These games are a straight line and they just funnel you through” is just not true in this game. It’s also brilliantly chaotic. I don’t know if it’s the absence of modern military shooters makes this feel refreshing or the newer, more unrealistic ones just don’t hit as hard but the constant flashing lights, people non stop shouting, gunfire everywhere, and just the effects from all the destruction is kind of captivating and actually does a fantastic job of portraying but not over glorifying the action. When you are in the Middle East missions it feels almost troubling. I think they actually do a good job of undermining any kind of heroism you might have taken from these scenes and even though it isn’t asking questions like “Are the US the bad guys?” It also definitely doesn’t feel like any kind of superhero solder interpretations. It just feels like men shooting at each other with very little reasoning or direction. The US levels feel very barbaric in that regard and again is captivating in its own way. Weirdly enough, I don’t know if the game is racist or I am racist but one of the troubles I have with the gameplay is telling who is a good guy and who is a bad guy. And the only people on the field who are immediately obvious need shooting are the guys who are either wearing red hats or those turban towel type things. Like is the game drumming in a hyper negative message or using an existing hyper negative message as a literal target for me. I don’t know. The SAS missions on the other hand is marinating in bad ass soldier bullshit. But either they are intentionally just more filmic and unrealistic, or they are not as recognisable battle zones from what was in the papers and news around that time so it feels more Ok to do that. Plus just the execution on the set pieces and cutscenes are so fucking high it’s hard not to love this little team and get wrapped up in their insanity. Lastly, I don’t think this is the best remaster by any means but once again HDR does so much heavy lifting. I’m sure they added all kinds of stuff to it but back in the day when you flip in and out of night vision it was always really striking. Now with this resolution and colour it’s just even more absorbing. It doesn’t look like a new game, but it still looks very fucking cool. Over tired, decade to late, redundant rant over. Short version is CoD4 is really fucking good, you guys
  26. Ms Marvel, Moon Knight and She-Hulk shows in development for Disney+ https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/marvel-confirms-3-new-disney-shows-including-she-hulk-moon-knight-1232742
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