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  2. Maf

    Nintendo Switch

    I’ve been really close to ordering one but I think it’s just because it’s new. I’m sure if I can survive a week past release day I’ll cool down and won’t need it but right now I keep looking at them.
  3. I didnt preorder one but based on that guys face im thinking i maybe should have.
  4. Today
  5. 0:33 Mix ups part 1, mix ups part 2, mix ups the trilogy, mix ups the musical, return of the mix 🤣 I admit I stole this joke lol
  6. I can vouch for Shikigami no Shiro 2 being good, it works really well in 2 player too if you match up your characters
  7. Like a fool I downloaded this from gamepass for no more than a quick nostalgic shufti, perhaps a run thru the famous opening tutorial until I hit the open air, whereupon I would stroll around a bit, decide the whole thing was too old and crusty to actually play, and then send it back to the digital abyss. A week later I'm a level 6 dark Mage doing the initial Mage's guild pilgrimage, taking the odd fighter's guild quest to make ends meet, while building my reputation amongst the many in need of help in the pastoral lands of Cyrodiil. Oops! As you can see I'm playing this on a £5000 PC, with all graphical mods loaded 😀
  8. I’ve put more time into this and I think I’m done. Again. It’s just so boring. The fighting is boring. The swinging is a great mechanic but quickly becomes a boring chore when they intentionally make the next thing to do a million meters away. The parts of you having to swing after something until the game decides you can catch up to it pisses me off in open world games. The qte’s are unnecessary distraction from you not really doing anything. The constant quips and awful lines make me roll my eyes. Maybe it gets better the more you do but right now every time it introduces something new it’s just a tired old open world trope. I might play more some day. I might not. 🤷‍♂️ It’s a shame really because I really enjoyed second son. I think I platinum it. But now with this, 2 and then wolverine I’m unlikely to bother with more insomniac games if they’re all like this. I would like to try Sunset Overdrive some day tho.
  9. It was getting on for midnight when I started this tonight and I wish I’d put it on earlier instead of wasting my time playing spider man. So for (2hrs) I love this game, or at least I do when it lets me play. I don’t hate the cut scenes but as you’d expect from Kojima they do go on a bit and I can’t tell if the story is written terribly or is vague as. The controls are real good and I haven’t fallen on my arse yet. Always feel in control. I was worried it wouldn’t look as impressive as it did on Limmy’s stream but nope, it’s gorgeous. It’s the sort of setting I’d love to vacay in. Everything looks as healthy as places do tourism commercials. Filtered to buggery and lush. Not a crisp packet in site. I look forward to digging into this more over the coming weeks and months.
  10. Man, do I wish this was multi format. Sure, I bought a Wii U for Bayonetta 2, as I loved the first game that much. But I can’t justify a Switch for this. Not when I don’t have a PS5 yet 😄 Dear games being console exclusives: kindly fuck off lol.
  11. Maf

    Tales of Arise

    I played the first 4 hours of this and reached the title card. Going to be a long’un I think. The thing I like most about the game so far is the opening intro movie. It has a real Trigger Studio vibe to it which is kinda rad As for the game. It’s nothing like the video and incredibly standard. The main guy has amnesia. There’s an evil empire that rules the world. There are magic crystals that hold super elemental power, no! Sorry not crystals. Cores. Totally different. The main guy is from the people who have been enslaved and the main girl is from the evil empire because Shakespeare wrote the game I guess. The gameplay has very standard background systems. Exp to level up, SP to unlock new skills of a very FF7R looking menu, craft weapons from materials. Super, duper standard not much to talk about. The combat threw me through a loop. It’s a simple action RPG with more emphasis on the action, but the action is very loose and mashy. Fun enough but easy so I half-assed spammed buttons up until the first dungeon. Then when getting to the first dungeon it started to introduce more skill based systems. For example finishing moves that can be done if you do a high enough combo to an enemy, but the game is so mashy I don’t really know how to do it properly. On top of that the first boss is way strong, doesn’t really play like any enemy I fought up until that point (can’t be interrupted or air juggled, etc), and I think to be played well requires understanding of how to do these special finishing moves and stagger moves with proper control and skill. Needless to say I can’t do any of that and he destroyed me 3 times fast. Even when I finally beat him it costs me 3 life potions (Phoenix Downs) and an elixir. It was still easy-ish. But I’m annoyed because I won by being lazy and spammed potions and buttons, so I didn’t really earn the victory. I’m annoyed further by the fact that I don’t understand what I was supposed to do different. Watching a video after it looks like I was supposed to do the perfect dodge mechanic and then spam the new stagger move. I think I knew the game wanted me to do that, but the first boss was so dangerous I was put off from trying it and just tried to play the game how I had been. Yeah. I’ll play more of it and hopefully I get a better grip on how exactly the combat is supposed to be played. Maybe experiment with the mechanics and look through the systems again. It was a game I was enjoying so-so, but I can’t lie the end of the session left me really sour. Always a good time when the first boss of a game flattens you like a fool.
  12. mmmark

    Life is strange

    Remaster delayed until 02/22
  13. Yesterday
  14. ^ that sounds cool, i want to give it a go at some point, not in a rush though, loads of stuff to play! shikigami no shiro 2 is coming out on steam, and switch apparently. Brilliant game if you like bullet hell stuff, one of the best non-cave bullet hell games imo. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1556650/Castle_of_Shikigami2/
  15. I’m not going to start a thread on it yet but I’ve started playing Tales of Arise and one of the first big bad guys introduced is called Balseph but the way the characters say it in the game I can’t help but hear ball sack. So there’s lines like “Ball sack we’ll be keeping his eye on you” This game is dumb
  16. OCH

    Nintendo Direct 23.09.21

    An Actraiser redux was quite surprising. I thought that was a long dead IP.
  17. Closest they’ve come would be Air Ride on gamecube. Full 3D models but a racing game.
  18. It gives Pratt plausible deniability while wearing a red cap
  19. When Chris Pratt says 'so long gay bowser' it will now be because he threw him into a conversion therapy course
  20. It just seems low effort going by the casting, like they just threw money at it and got the most famous people who are up for it. I just see it being lowest common denominator. I guess Sonic was too but there was enough sincerity and weirdness to get some kinda ironic entertainment out of. Detective Pikachu managed to elevate a bit beyond that too, but I don't have hope Illumination will make anything beyond something to keep the kids quiet. I get the ridiculousness of being a 37 y/o dude wanting my Mario movie but Nintendo have being against doing one for so long and there's a broad audience, not just in age but the types of Mario people like. I guess it's kind of an impossible task. But the cast reveal got me thinking that the approach they're taking may not be a Mario movie I'd be interested in. But fine! I'm not mad, just disappointed.
  21. It's been a weird day, so this was much appreciated.
  22. mmmark

    Nintendo News

    I didn’t see a mega drive, just a genesis, whatever that is.
  23. Exactly. All the best narratives in Mario - points to the Mario RPG's - don't revolve around him. Jack Black as Bowser raised an alarm bell too...
  24. I have this now. It has full crossplay too, which is nice. Throw the code in and away you go. Not really played enough to have any impressions on it other than I like the stealth bits where you can use a silenced weapon to progress until you hit a bit where you need to go loud.
  25. Chris Pratt sounds like an odd choice, but apart from that I think, on paper, there’s not a lot to be negative about with the Mario movie. Illumination is one of the biggest and best animation studios. It’s a really big, star studded cast. It doesn’t sound like it will be a mixture of live action, pure CG. The only thing to really judge the movie by are the ingredients and so far they all seem pretty good. If this move fails it won’t be for lack of trying or spending. It’ll come down to their take on Mario. Which is hard because nothing about the world of Mario lends itself to story. There’s a joke somewhere about in Mario’s world some mushrooms you talk to, some mushrooms you eat, some mushrooms you jump on. None of it makes sense. They’ll have to adapt it pretty heavily. I’m expecting this to turn out as a pretty inoffensive kids movie. There’s nothing about this movie yet that sounds like a disaster. I’m not sure why Twitter was so quick to clown on it. Except for the Chris Pratt thing, but who knows it, might work
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