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  2. spatular

    Splatoon 3

    no, game sold separately
  3. Nigel Tufnell

    Splatoon 3

    My kids are looking forward to this, they still play the first 2 games, so probably be nagging for 2 copies of this, is the game packed in with the Splatoon oled Switch?
  4. If anyone's ever had the urge to see Snoop Dogg with a mini gun give Day Shift a go on Netflix... killer soundtrack too.
  5. Maf

    Alone in the Dark Reboot

    This was part of the THQ Nordic showcase yesterday and they were presenting it by saying they’re taking themes and ideas from the older games in the series, but spinning it in to something new. I think they said there’s two playable characters as well who are both brand new to the series The only one I played was the opening hour of the X360 game which was fucking horse shit. So no investment from me, but the trailer seemed cool. It’s not an indie game, but definitely feels like it has a budget.
  6. Maybe I be talking mad shit too quick again because I ended up playing for 5 hours today, got to chapter 3, and had a really great time playing it. I’ve opened up more combat mechanics and it’s making more sense to me. Well, I always knew the type of combat system it was with jobs, job roles, team synergy, etc. But I spent extra time looking through the mechanics, tutorials and playing around with the team. I still think I’m at a point in the game where it doesn’t really matter too much. But I’m trying my best to understand it at least. I have no issue with how busy the screen is and seeing what’s going on. I’m just having trouble understanding what every one is doing in a fight. I know what their skills/stats/roles are and how they’re set up, but in the mix of it, because I only control one character at a time, I just don’t know how to coordinate people because I have no idea where they’re at in terms of cool-downs, tactics, etc. Sometimes my attackers are pulling agro, my defenders are dying and I dunno why my healers are doing. Yet we pull through. It’s not satisfying. The rest of the gameplay is really nice though. Rolling around big environments, finding collectibles, exploring the zones. The music in this game is also really great which makes it easy to just run around and see what there is to see. I also do like the story and the characters except for the part where the dialogue in this game is absolute shit. I’ve played some JRPG’s in the past where the characters talk nonsense, say really dumb things, do a lot of anime grunt and gasp sounds when talking. But this is right up there with some at times just incomprehensible bullshit. Particularly the bad guys. They’re terrible. But, it’s doing basic anime/JRPG teen and teamwork shit and it’s working on me, I can’t lie. The cutscene at the end of the cave was ridiculous but I was really getting in to it and thought it was cool. Not all the story is great. Pretty much anytime the game has a flashback I find myself tuning out, but the main part of it I’m enjoying. Thankfully the Switch battery died which got me to stop playing. I’ve got things to do today and I just spent the best part of it playing this, not being able to put it down. The combat is annoying me. I hate not understanding things. But I’m enjoying this game all the same. I had another really good time with it today
  7. OCH

    Cult of the Lamb

    Martyred! Turns out, Cultin' ain't easy! When you're away, playing the action part of the game. You have a faith gauge for your disciples. This is invisibly ticking down while you are away. Initially I thought I would be relatively hands off with managing my cult, day to day. Something more benign akin to Sim City or Black & White. Nope. You have to be quite hands on with running your cult. Or they lose faith in you and start to dissent. When you beat a level and return after killing the boss. You are awarded a faith bonus and your disciples faith in you grows. If you start dying to bosses (noted by this sessions title). You return to diminishing faith, as they start to view you as weak. That's when things get ...old school. You can either "re-educate" the dissenters. Alternatively, sacrifice the heretics to your god. The tone continues to amuse me. On the one hand, you have to craft/build sleeping bags (initially) so your disciples don't just sleep on the floor. The next adjacent unlock in the crafting tier? A body pit. That's where corpses go, after all. Two deaths to the level two boss and one dissenter "ascended". Things are going well. I even got to name my cult now. So I decided on an old throwback. Pious The Chosen😂
  8. I'm sure he'll be there getting pissed if nothing else.
  9. That's pretty much my feeling too - not sure what they are actually 'rebooting' apart from resurrecting the name.

    TV Shows

    is she playing the same Constantine as the DC Constantine? (as in the Keanu film and Welsh guy series?)
  11. has Josef Fares not got a game out this year?
  12. Trainwreck - Woodstock 99 (Netflix) Documentary about the Woodstock festival revival held in 1999, and it's ultimate decent into chaos. 3x45 min episodes, broadly coving Fri, Sat and Sun, with background events woven in. The biggest 'reveal' is probably: It was all reasonably interesting, but didn't really go particularly deep into the finance aspects, or any subsequent investigations into sexual assaults and site damage/clean-up necessary. With some crossover to the Britpop thread, it still sort of surprises me how some artists on the bill are huge in the US and relatively minor over here (Kid Rock, Bush, Jewel and Limp Bizkit) - albeit Norman Cook (aka Fatboy Slim) appears in an interesting segment.

    Random News II

    I saw the review in Edge, but yeah, there's been no build up to it. I hope it is as good as that review makes out
  14. it's an interesting setting and tone, I'm not sure they've really nailed the look though, it looks a bit cheap and janky, but then it's not out yet so there's time to polish that up. At this point, you can pretty much do whatever with Alone in the Dark. It started out as a Poe esque horror, Resident Evil took its most interesting moments and ran with them, since then it's not really found its place. The one that came out on the Dreamcast is probably the last one that felt like the old games, so I'm all for them doing something different with it
  15. During the 90s themselves I wasn't really big into music. It was when I was 17 / 18 I got into it and this was the early 2000s but I definitely went back and got into Pulp and Blur in a pretty big way. The rest of the music I really like from that time probably doesn't fall into Britpop but I still have time for those two bands.
  16. Nag

    Alone in the Dark Reboot

    I've never played an Alone in the Dark game... looks a bit janky but I'll keep an open mind for this one.
  17. Liked a bit of Brit pop Early Suede and Later Pulp stuff was great. Quickly got into more of the 90's Brit Rock scene, Bands like Skunk Anansie, Terrorvision, Wildhearts and Rachel Stamp were more my thing.
  18. spatular

    Random News II

    ^ yeah i only just heard of that too, its going to be "free" on gamepass and netflix too apparently.
  19. I only started playing while waiting for a game to install but I started having fun and here we are I can quit any time I want just…one more match.
  20. Aren't you supposed to be learning baiken or something
  21. Last week
  22. Also wtf is this I’m so tired lol gg is fun when you stop giving a fuck
  23. I perfected a guy 3 times in a row and he sent me a message that just says “Bro. GG” lol. He doesn’t know that the match before I got absolute smashed by someone dusting me over and over and I can’t react to it.
  24. Somebody put this quote on the cover of the box, please
  25. I totally see what you’re saying, but I still kind of like it. But then I like trashy, mashy, 6/10 games and so far this is about where I’m at with it. I’ve not played any since last week but the thing I don’t like the combat is it’s just unsatisfying because I don’t know what’s going on or how to handle it, but at the same I don’t seem to need too, I’m progressing anyway. I’m only in chapter 2 so maybe I’m speaking too early but games are unsatisfying when you’re winning/losing and don’t understand why. It’s why I like my JRPG battle systems simple. It’s your turn, and then my turn. Shit I understand. I also expect it to be annoying when I hit a brick wall of a boss and the game expects me to know how to play and I be like err… It has got me wondering if I actually like Xenoblade series, though. I’m a slight fraction more positive on this than XC2 (though haven’t played as much yet), and as much as I really liked XC1, that was 10 years ago and it was the first one. I wonder if I would have a different reaction if I played it today. Either way at best the series is currently going 1 for 3 which is not great
  26. Sort of weird this came out just now, as I lined the original of this one as my Morrowind followup just today. The original game is a very weird and hardcore kinda WRPG from the early 00s where the main character is controlled like it's been done by a chipmunk driving a tank, also some stuff in it about wizards, a miner colony and a King. The premise is you're a miner trapped in a colony that's underneath a big bubble created by said wizards, and it also goes into the micro communities that emerge within it. It and its (much more positively received) sequel received plaudits for having highly reactive worlds with lots of cool unique possibilities for different playthroughs.
  27. I was quite a fan of Sleeper, saw them in concert a few times, went to the Virgin Megastore, Oxford Street, for a CD signing - and saw them again a couple of years ago when they reformed. Kenickie were quite a fun band too, saw Space a few times too.
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