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  2. Only cost me £10 to upgrade. No brainer really.
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  4. 03/01/22 - Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Intergrade - Episode: INTERmission - PS5. 09/01/22 - Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy - Series X. 13/01/22 - Resident Evil Village - Series X. 18/01/22 - Alan Wake Remastered - PS5. 27/01/22 - Wreckfest - PS5.
  5. I get every Pokémon and play it for a little bit before remembering why I only played the last 12 entries a little bit. Which means I’ll be up at midnight downloading this.
  6. THE GAME IS TOMORROOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWW who’s getting it? Mine is supposed to be delivered tomorrow but I can already see me downloading it too if it’s even a little bit late. My big question is what starter because they picked kind of 3 of the more boring starters there can be. Apparently they all have new evolutions or variants or something, though. So who knows maybe Samurott will finally be a good Pokemon. I’ve been wanting to play it but unsure if it will be good. The reviews did what they needed to do though and now I’m like gimme the game. I saw a little bit that they’ve rebalanced some moves and maybe even some Pokemon stats as well which is interesting. Not long now.
  7. Maf

    Forza Horizon 5

    I’m not really a fan of how they handle AI difficulty in this game. The other racers don’t get better they’ve just got faster cars. I’m playing on 2 or 3 settings above normal or something and it’s only difficult if the race is full of straights where the racers can pull away and I can’t do anything about it. I find the challenge comes from catching them in the corners. That’s the only opportunity the game gives you to reduce or build distance. But it still feels kind of cheap when I’m racing along, full speed my car will go, and other racers in the same car just over take. It’s like how.
  8. Spoilers but the BIG No Way Home interview
  9. That probably makes more sense. A cross gen effort. I would have played it on PS4 originally. Xbox have certainly moved on from the days of the dodgy timed exclusive.
  10. RotTR was a Microsoft timed exclusive, released on 360 & Xbox One in 2015, coming to PS4 about a year later.
  11. Outriders is pretty forgiving. I can be fucked up by a boss, look down at the keyboard for the button, press it and look back up and still alive. It's really forgiving. I've only died once. Just got to learn how to find number buttons without looking mostly.
  12. So I got this and shadow for 8 quid on the Xbox deals page the other day. Put this on to see what it looked like on the SX, and feckin Nora, it looks good. I was rather taken aback actually. Wasn't this a 360 game originaly. It wasn't far off something like Gears 5 from what I could see. And then I found I didn't want to stop playing it. I didn't mean to start a playthru, but I might just see this through.
  13. I also advocate this. Play something that's very slow that has as few keys as possible. Walking sims, Minecraft. Whatever. Play on easy mode, allow yourself wiggle room to pick up new keys.
  14. I went from pad in RL to KBaM in DRG.
  15. I haven't at all, 'one of' the best doesn't mean 'the best'. It's fucking good, if you're an SW fan I think you'll lap it up is all I'm saying. If not then it probably won't convert you. For context, it's better than the Mandolorian S2 finale that people went nuts for in 2020 IMHO.
  16. Honestly I would completely unironically just recommend trying a MMO out or something. Shooters are just asking a lot upfront out of players completely unused to this type of input Not XIV tho, dont play that one
  17. News is news 🤷‍♀️ the game is done.
  18. mmmark

    Star Wars

    What’s it’s “look it’s that thing I remember from so and so” to originality ratio? It was directed by the lady in the water. But just to be clear you’ve just claimed one episode is better than all the original Star Wars trilogy.
  19. That post took ages to load and I kept thinking “fucking hell watch it just be a tweet about going gold”.
  20. I will play with controller for some stuff but also want to learn how to use these controls. Even if I remain a pad person really being able to use KBM will be good
  21. That's fair enough, be interesting to see your thoughts when you're up to date.
  22. Yeah, fuck playing racing games, platformers or anything like that with KBaM. For strategy games, MOBAs, some FPS' it's great and a necessity for anything Shootery and multiplayer but for most stuff I much preferred using a controller. @Maf don't force it, you don't have to learn KBaM to enjoy your PC, just play with your Xbox controller.
  23. Evolved it from Budew > Rosaria then used the shiny stone from the Iron island to get Roserade. And yeah I used the Giga Drain TM, I got Petal Blizzard too but think that was naturally.
  24. How did you find Roserade? Did you give it TM's so it was good?
  25. Nothing I've seen so far would put it in that realm for me. To me the seasons in Saul feel like chapters in a book and kinda blend together a bit, some seasons dont really have a lot going on in them I think. Seasons in BB are more like books unto themselves. It's not a flaw with Saul, that's just the approach they went for. But I would lose interest waiting so long between 'chapters' cause there's not enough to think about here imo. imo tho the best thing about it is it has no weak actors. Some plotlines can be a bit weak at times tho, cause they tend to drift apart from each other for entire seasons (the Nacho stuff in season 4, so far). My biggest criticism would be that I think, a lot of fragmented storytelling In particular tho for the acting I wanna call out Howard as having a perfect mastery of smarmy cuntiness, he's always fun to watch lol
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