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  2. spatular

    Half-Life: Alyx

    Just finished this, it’s good, there’s some really cool bits, and some less cool stuff - to be fair some of the bad stuff is because of my setup not being great for this. But some sections I didn’t really like or felt like they went on too long. It’s a pretty long game for vr, like 15 hours maybe. reloading is possibly easy for Americans but early on I struggled, it’s much more involved than just pressing a button. Later on I was getting used to it, but still sometimes teleporting around like a mad man to get away from stuff when my ammo ran out instead of reloading straight away. But it’s still pretty cool, reloading more properly. i don’t usually get very far in games like this- by that I mean ones where you walk around in VR, they make me feel a bit sick so I give up. This lets you teleport and rotate at the same time which seems to help a bit, as it’s the rotation which really gets me. Could only play in 1 to 1.5 hours at a time, then needed a rest, so it took a while to finish. all the motion controls work really well when facing the right way, like picking up stuff, searching cupboards, reloading guns, etc, ...my setup isn’t the best and caused a few problems, I’m sure it’d be better if you had loads of room and could walk around and stuff. And with an old rift with 2 cameras it struggles when you turn around - the newer headsets with inside out tracking will be better for this (or just an extra camera would help me). It was fine most of the time as you can just reposition, but if you get stuck in a fight it’ll cost you. fighting the monsters was generally really fun, didn’t find the people as cool to fight against. there are some cool puzzles. some possibly spoilers cool stuff, but not really story stuff: It’s quite scary/stressful sometimes but not too bad. as usual in games I stockpile the fancy stuff for when I really need it...which leads to barely ever using a gun other than the pistol, but the pistol is cool so it’s fine. oh yeah it looks really nice too. So yeah it’s good. Worth getting if you have pc vr, or when it comes out on ps5/psvr2 - that’s not announced or anything I just think it will happen.
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  4. Once again it’s no surprise what a piece of shit Pitchford is. Absolute fucking cunt.
  5. Hendo

    Netflix recommendations

    I finished it about an hour ago. I didn’t think I could find a crazier story than the one in Don’t Fuck With Cats, but Tiger King is truly insane and they all deserve to be taken out back and shot in the face.
  6. On episode 2 of Tiger Kings myself. The words “what the fuck” spring to mind.
  7. people going to be stuck at home have bought a new console, FH4 is probably pretty cheap or bundled, I could see the spike being caused by that. Kids and adults being off picking up some games in the supermarket etc I remember years ago Sands of Time leapt to the top of the charts 10 years after release because ASDA were selling the pc version for 99p
  8. Craymen Edge


    Hob is free tomorrow on the Epic game store.
  9. Fair enough @one-armed dwarf. I'm always manoeuvring away from enemies and trying to put distance between me and them all the time so it's easy for me whilst I'm getting away from them to spot a glowing tower in the ground. It doesn't really stop me from doing anything because I'm already jumping all round the map really.
  10. I can guarantee, fighting a Marauder with other enemies is most definitely a different kettle of fish. Try dealing with him when being bombarded with attacks from Mancubus, Cacodemons, Revanants, or those bastard snake things. You’ll find tactics go flying out the window, and your health/ammo/armour get pissed away. Its by far the worst part of the entire game, dealing with that all at once. I’d certainly not attempt higher difficulties, due to bullshit like that.
  11. I mean my own playstyle is less running around and more like flying around. But with a buff totem I have to pull the brakes and be a boring buff totem searching guy and search every corner exactly once. The two playstyles don't really fit each other. One is about moving towards the enemies and being really aggressive to mitigate damage to yourself. The other is the exact opposite, running away all the time.
  12. And you aren't running around anyway?! It's a fast paced FPS where you run around a lot 😂. The instance I'm referencing was on the Mars Core mission. I went into a combat arena, fought a few imps, realised they were covered in a red mist, thought to myself 'there must be a buff token around then'. Went round to the left side of the arena, took a right around a corner and there it was. Bashed it and that was it, easy. I've only fought the Marauder once during the boss fight but to me his attacks were so well choreographed and his 'tell' so easy to read that it only took me a few tries before I sussed him out. Granted that was on his own, with other enemies around him he may be a different kettle of fish.
  13. Yeah I found the bunny to begin with. I think I’m just gonna craft all the stuff I can and see what happens. Just spent about an hour grinding out the stuff for the new houses. Wasn’t too bad, but I had to buy some apples as I didn’t have many that I hadn’t already sold. I’m currently building a music room in the back of my house. I think I did the same on the DD version. At the moment I just have guitar and amp, but I remember getting a grand piano at some point.
  14. mfnick

    Doom Eternal

    I’ve only had 2 so far when they first get introduced and they definitely weren’t just round the corner for me. & as others have pointed out, it just ruins the flow. I think I may have to drop the difficultly if the Marauder is just as difficult while also being surrounded by other normal enemies. Don’t think I’d have the patience for it. He makes a bad enemy in the same way the totems are bad for the game too IMO. His inclusion in normal fights will change the flow in a bad way. All the game is based around aggression and movement but with him you’re basically having to hold back and do nothing until his opening a allows you to attack. It’s completely counter intuitive to how the rest of the game is built and wants you to play. As a boss this was fine but I can see it really hurting the regular gameplay.
  15. I enjoyed revisiting the first Onimusha tart up... but by christ is that game short, it might even be shorter than the RE3 remake.🤣 I'm with you though @mfnick... it's the second game I want to see again the most.
  16. Have you found the bunny? He tells you what to do @Hendo Changed my flag. Also my island tune is now
  17. I’d love a Onimusha 2 remake. That was one of my favourite PS2 games, completed it dozens of times. Don’t know how well the original Onimusha tart up did though?
  18. Admittedly they would have to put some work into a CV REmake, perhaps more than REmake 1. Lots of quality of life fixes needed for the games second act. Next gen, maybe?
  19. The point is you have to run around looking for them, so it puts a stop on the combat for a bit and turns it into Where's Wally. It goes from a fast game with lots of options into a slow, linear one
  20. Email from Shopto: “Your order has now reached our warehouse”. Groovy.
  21. Well the last 2 occasions I've encountered them I've done exactly that @Nag 🤷‍♀️
  22. Hendo

    Netflix recommendations

    I’m a few episodes through Tiger King. Boy, that thing has some plot twists! Granted, I’d had a smoke beforehand, but really hard to keep track of all of the crazy going on. My conclusion so far is that they’re all crazy and as bad as each other.
  23. So the eggs.... Are you meant to just collect a load of them or use them only to create the bunny DIY projects? So far I’ve found multiple versions of 6 different types and 2 different recipes but not used them to create them just yet.
  24. It looks like digital PSN pre-loads have been moved up from the 8th of April to the 3rd... shame the unlock date will stay the same.
  25. Once RE3 is released as far as I'm concerned they can leave the Resi remakes alone and move on to either a Dino Crisis or Onimusha revival... or Resident Evil 8 of course. Or a modern Black Tiger!!!
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