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  2. I listed a 3DS game a few weeks ago for a high price as it's quite rare. It was the only UK green spine copy on eBay at time of listing. It sold today at full asking price...
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  4. Yes. After some prompting (over another game) I have got back into this. I thought that the last checkpoint I left the game on, I was about to enter the town of Corel. Nope. Cue some more caves and mines. A Donkey Kong-like carting section and a grappling hook section that has cemented my opinion that Yuffie is utterly awful in this. She didn't have much characterisation (other than Materia Thief) before Wutai, in the original. But literally every line of dialogue and over the top reaction, has irritated me in a way few JRPG characters have over the years. Trying to do as much as I can before going to the Gold Saucer today. I think that might be a good place to come back to. If I decide to play something else.
  5. HandsomeDead

    Evil West

    Well I'm having quite a bit of fun with this. I still have an old TV so it more or less looks like it does in the screenshots for me. It's unusually high contrast but I think I just don't like how it overly highlights interactive route pointers. The cutscenes look like the grindhouse aesthetic from a while back that a bunch of games went for and it looks quaint now. It's just more that not a lot happens in the cutscenes except have the lads actually tough, but it's not written in the most entertaining way. The game itself I'm enjoying a lot. I wasn't expecting something so close to God of War '18 either but it definitely has a lot of that. I checked the devs previous games and a lot of that is mixed in there too. They made the Shadow Warrior games so you can also see them doing the grindhouse thing there too. But their shooters are made in a way where swapping weapons and making use of their traits is the optimal way to play. And that's in here too but it's kinda better because your always just a button or combo of buttons away from using a particular skill to take advantage of a situation. And they do throw a lot of enemies at you and it can be overwhelming. I have died a few times, it gets serious pretty quick. I've been enjoying the B-movie-ness of it, it's very third act of From Dusk Til Dawn but in a video game. It's fun.
  6. It's more that you have no idea of the difficulty level until you commit to making a 'dialogue driven' skill test (R3 tooltips just give you your modifiers) - whilst for combat it shows you the % chance before you commit to an attack etc : so the game's own logic (in showing it for one thing and not the other) is somewhat illogical. i.e. I've had a couple of skill checks that were difficulty 2 and others that are difficulty 15 and there's no indication, before you commit to taking the test, of what that difficulty level might be - and it doesn't seem to let to go back & avoid a test once you've picked it.
  7. I'm a bit confused by the thing you mention about hidden skill checks. It tells you things like if a roll is +2 or whatever and due to the physical rolling of the dice it sort of makes more sense to represent it like that than the percent chance

    New TV

    If the 30fps mode in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is the measure then me too
  9. Absolutely nothing wrong with emphasising boobs. 👍
  10. February 25 11/01/24 - Robocop: Rogue City - PS5. 21/01/24 - Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty - Series X. 29/01/24 - A Plague Tale: Requiem - PS5. 30/01/24 - Batman: Return to Arkham - Arkham Asylum - Series X. 08/02/24 - Batman: Return to Arkham - Arkham City - Series X. 25/02/24 - Batman - Arkham Knight - Series X. 12/04/24 - Dragon's Dogma II - Series X. On to New Game Plus then... ☺️
  11. I cropped this so there wasn't so much wasted space, and it's ended up emphasising the boobs SNK 40th Anniversary, a collection of some of SNK's older arcade games
  12. Wow, Arcrevo tournament 1st place can be up to $50k. Over $90k total for entire prize pool It’s not quite a million dollars, but feel like these are huge prizes for these games. Even $20k for Uni seems kinda nuts
  13. I just had a quick look at my version on Switch. I didn't know it had that ATB meter. I always thought that was a 7 invention. I quite like that system.
  14. Joke analysis. I like your style. You're in! Joke refined in editor.
  15. Well, 15 frames per minute is 1 frame per 4 seconds, so it would be very challenging to input the button sequence needed to get Sabin to suplex the train. (also I think VI actually ran at 60, or maybe 30. Depends on the video signal maybe)
  16. To encourage those forumites currently stroking their beards/chins in contemplation of joining this playthru I hereby create this topic. Evaluate yourselves, your choices, the futile desire for modernity. Do you really need that many pixels in your life? Does 120 frames per second gaming somehow justify your existence? What's wrong with 15? Sunday, 14th of April. Cometh the thread, cometh the men!
  17. Love lies Bleeding is on the list of things I want to watch but as I no longer have a cinema near me I'll be waiting for digital/physical release. It is interesting that both Twilight stars worked so hard to shed the kinda reputation that franchise would leave them with by diving into doing lots of independent type films. It's also ironically worked rather well in allowing people accept that Edward Cullen can make a good Batman as he returns to more popular things edit watched Paths of Glory (1957) on 4k UHD last night and what a treat for the senses on the OLED. Sometimes you don't get the best bang for buck when it comes to restoring old films but this one looked wonderful. Deep black levels, HDR great at preserving detail at the high and low end of brightness spectrum, the dingy trenches and the brightly lit chateaus all looking great as possible, no weird AI restoring nonsense on the film grain. It's about 3 soldiers being tried for 'cowardice' during the First World War as a career ambitious general sends them off on a doomed assault. I was left wanting that the court martial segment of the film would be longer. I guess that's not the point though, it's about the inherent unfairness of it all
  18. Played FF Tactics Advanced so much on the GBA SP !!!!
  19. Retro impulse got me again FF Tactics with box, manual and innards I think is a pretty good deal. It’s in pretty great condition, too Then Turok 2 was just sitting there. Not the best condition because it doesn’t have the inside cardboard just the cartridge and manual. But I think I only have the cartridge and it was £25 so I thought why not. I love Turok
  20. A bit, yeah. I randomly stumbled upon an interview with her over the weekend that I found interesting and started to look into her post-Twilight work. She seems to have carved herself an interesting niche since then, not unlike what Daniel Radcliffe did after Potter. So I picked six movies with her I wanted to watch this week, the remaining two are Certain Women and Clouds of Sils Maria.
  21. @Maryokutai You do seem to have some sort of Kristen Stewart season running.....!?!?
  22. Café Society, a Woody Allen flick from a couple of years ago with Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart and Steve Carrell. Didn't really like this one, it's a love triangle story that hops between its plot points like a soap opera and potentially quiet moments that could have left the audience with some empty space to digest are filled with extremely unnecessary and almost annoying narration from Allen himself. And while I think the movie's central idea is that you can't control love and its unpredictable trajectory, for me it almost felt like a celebration of infidelity. On the plus side are some great set designs and costumes and generally beautiful cinematography. And a very sweet performance from Blake Lively, who unfortunately doesn't have a lot of screentime.
  23. I'm about 8 hrs in now, and whilst I'm really quite enjoying it, the universal acclaim (and sweeping the board at the BAFTA Awards) is utterly baffling. There's just so many poor interface decisions (maybe exacerbated by me playing on a console) and odd / poor gameplay mechanics - when compared to things like the Pathfinder, Pillars of Eternity, Solasta, Wartales or even D:OS. Feels to have got a bit of a free ride due to the popularity of the official licence and how really nice it looks. The hidden skill check thing makes absolutely no sense when in battle you are clearly shown a hit % (why would you know that if you don't know the likelihood of passing other (non-combat) checks before committing to them !?!?). Definitely not a bad game, but I do wonder how many people bigging it up have played many other CRPGs (albeit if they hadn't I don't think BG3 is particularly welcoming, with it's lack of clear system introduction). Notable perhaps that both Pathfinder games got 34 Critic Reviews on Metacritic, D:OS 39, D:OS2 46 whilst BG3 has 119.....
  24. Yesterday
  25. Nag

    Dragon's Dogma 2

    Shit! Those eyes look suspiciously red... Time for Laurana to take a not so accidental fall off a tall cliff.
  26. shinymcshine

    TV Shows

    Well I loved that first episode of Fallout (albeit I'm pretty sure anyone who hasn't played the game will have no idea whatsoever what's occurring....)
  27. mfnick

    New TV

    Turns out I struggle with TV stutter because I’m a professional tennis player in waiting. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/gamers-may-able-see-more-134924581.html?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbS8&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAALYeYPZadC4EbOmMsmBcNq9vTPpnXBeSn0k4BeWGDwPHh6oqpjYfFuj8VI1n3wVR7sHlZboOf8x5cNfSUJ19HpqLbeYKzJhE_I7JPNbbJSk-yTfRjvlB44B0fnY0pu40uY2CUww3O0659PF5B_aieW2Gsdhqgdvz0qnkQQFB9_eK#. Listening to a podcast and they brought this up. Basically carried out some tests and some people can absolutely ‘see faster’. Pro sports players usually have it. Used an example of a flickering light flashing 30 times a second or 60 times a second. Some can’t see the flash at 30 while others can see at 60 and above. Which is a good way of describing it. Imagine being able to see a light flickering constantly 30x a second. That’s almost as annoying as it is to see the screen stutter to me.
  28. Maybe that’s why I loved it so much.
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