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  2. I've bumped it in the Games thread, so you can see my thoughts when I played it last year.
  3. Coming to Xbox Games with Gold in Feb 20.

    Half-Life: Alyx

    At the very least you should buy it for the next time I come to your house
  5. I’d definitely be up for a Dino Crisis remaster. It’s crazy to think the series has been dormant, just because 3 was crap. Lost Planet 1 was great. The others, not so much. I’d love another Viewtiful Joe. Or for Killer7 to be remastered.
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  7. OCH

    Films II : The Filminator

    1917 My first new film of the decade and I really liked it. The cinematography of this film was amazing. There was no war fought quite like World War 1 and the concept of a continual tracking shot, focused on the main protagonists alone really adds to the overall atmosphere. Keeping the eye of the audience firmly and effectively within the oppressive confines of their reality. Through the mud and mire, to the maze like trenches and abandoned war torn villages. With never a dull moment. I can't think of many WW1 films for comparison, so to that end, this is one of the best War films in general you are likely to see. 9/10
  8. Personally, I'd love to see Capcom return to their Other Ryu series and not just leave it to die out with lame mobile effort.. I think it could be really interesting to point this new engine at their flagship RPG series.
  9. spatular

    Half-Life: Alyx

    not really got into any of the other story/fps type vr games i've tried (assuming it's like that) so not super excited by it, but have some faith in valve i guess so will give it a go.
  10. Those are outsourced though, right?
  11. Given there are two RE projects about to launch (Resistance and RE3 remake), any release for RE8 isn't going to be until 2021 at the earliest. Capcom don't work that fast.
  12. merman1974

    Dr Who

    The Tesla episode was great. Judoon episode was amazing. Whiny fanboys complaining about the "political correctness" are shit.
  13. Call of Cthulhu isn't supposed to be great, not a bad way to try it I guess
  14. This is a hell of a bump but I’ve still got the Taiko no Tatsujin incl. Drum (Switch) available for £50 incl. P&P if anyone wants it.
  15. TT!! Excellent, really wanted to play that but not necessarily pay more than £15 for it so that’s perfect for me. And always been interested in playing Cthulhu but not enough to buy it lol.
  16. I suppose with RE engine I'm wondering about how stuff like asset creation works, cause they really are in love with that whole 'lets create Nemesis in real life and scan him in' thing. DMC5's environment art looked like shit and while that's a series that's never had much of a reputation for looks outside DMC1 and DmC it makes me wonder if the tech is hard to work with if it isn't a game full of backtracking like RE. Even REVII had shit environments in the second half.
  17. I'm not so sure about that, the last two Jurassic World movies raked in the cash... there seems to be a growing voice for Capcom to revisit the franchise (especially after how well the RE2 remake turned out) I could go with a Lost Planet reboot though, if handled right.
  18. I'll have a go on Call of Cthulhu but the others I won't be bothering with.
  19. I guess it's now time to show the versatility of the engine. I don't have any idea what else they'd realistically reboot though. Dino Crisis is a natural progression but the world was dinosaur daft in the late 90s and that just isn't the case now, and they've not actually shown any real interest to revisit it. I'm not against the idea, I'd just be surprised if it was that. I think Onimusha is slightly more likely since they tested the waters with that remaster. But sharing with DMC as a flagship title would put Capcom's focus on certain genres, and I guess I always thought of them being broader. It may not be what anyone is asking for but I'd actually like to see them revisit Lost Planet. Just a confident, Capcom-arsed shooter. Not something trying to overly appeal to a shooter market, but their honest take on the genre, like the first game was, for better and worse. I wonder if Street Fighter 6 could be one of those games too. But personally I think that would appear in the same time frame as RE8.
  20. radiofloyd


    Upgraded my post because I accidentally posted it in the middle of writing it.
  21. What style of game is Call of Cthulhu?
  22. radiofloyd


    Another marathon session today. Upgraded my Kirkhammer to +6 and it requires a new kind of upgrade material now. Currently level 47 after 30 hours. I recorded a couple of short videos for fun. Testing if an enemy will trigger a trap. I just went to look down here in peace...
  23. @Jimbo Xiii My latest save is showing 53 plus hours! Story wise I'm way ahead of ya, but quite a lot of those hours have also been spent on the hunts. I've taken down a good few level 5s, and I'm just about to set off on a level 6. This side questing has been more than enough to keep my squad ahead of the game in terms of level, and the last story boss I came across fell easier than a house of cards. So, for me this has been a blast. At least as enjoyable as DQ11, with nice characters and fast moving gameplay (superfast if needed😃) And the best endorsement of the game I can give is that I'm in no hurry to finish it off. I wouldn't mind another week or two in Ivalice, bringing that obsurdly camp empire to its knees while become a hero of the hunters clan. (Probably duck out way before the truly big bad post game bosses rear their ugly noggins, having said that)
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