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  2. Maf

    The Plucky Squire

    This still looking like one of the best games of the year to me.
  3. Maf

    Nobody Wants to Die

    Oh, wow, this game is out now and it’s only £18 on Xbox. Maybe a weird value judgement but don’t really see games have graphics this good and this cheap a price Can’t find a review for it anywhere though except for Steam. Might take the punt anyway. Looks cool to me
  4. Maf

    Street Fighter 6

    The Lily, Kimberly and Ryu ones are great
  5. I’ve finally started playing this series properly. I always wanted to start from the “beginning” which I guess for the EU is the first game on the GBA. I’m not aware of an earlier version coming out over here, but anyway. This is where I’m starting. 3 hours in and I really like it. I will say playing on Switch has a really nice benefit for a beginner that I can rewind a move. It’s one of those games where once a unit has moved that’s it for the turn, no undo button. So if I forget a small thing like, change weapon, being able to rewind is super helpful. Weapons are the main mechanic of the game so far. There’s things like terrain that improve evasion chances and certain units can move over mountains while some can’t. But most of the strategy revolves around a unit’s weapon and the rock, paper scissors game. Swords beat axes, axes beat spears, etc Although, and maybe I’m just an idiot, but this doesn’t seem 100% all of the time. Like I just played a battle and threw a sword guy at a axe guy who had a axe with a special name and I had to retreat. Maybe there’s something I’m not getting. Or maybe the icons for some unit’s are deceiving. But there’s a couple of times I’ve been confused why I don’t have the advantage in some encounters. The game has also introduced magic users and they seem to have their own RPS thing going on. But that hasn’t been explained and I’m not sure yet That’s a big thing for me with this game so far. I’m just not understanding all of the rules quite enough. Some of it is because it feels like I’m meant to learn as I play, some stuff just isn’t explained very well. I played a battle today where I ignored an enemy unit and he went off solo and reached a village and destroyed it. I didn’t even know I was meant to protect it. I let it slide and didn’t rewind because my units were too far away to stop it and I didn’t want to start the battle over. But thanks for telling me game. Speaking of fail states the only one so far is if the main character Lyn dies. It seems like everyone else can die and “retreat” but I haven’t let that happen yet. I thought this game was all about permadeath for characters but so far not so? Again, maybe I don’t understand. In terms of characters there are a few that are so strong and just dominating all the time. In particular Kent and Sain, two horse mounted units that can swap between sword and spear. There was one mission where bandits try to attack the team at night while the team is in an old fort. I literally put Kent and Sain at the door and when enemies rolled up on them they got killed on their own turn. They were just unbeatable bouncers and levelled up like crazy. Kent in particular is a killer, fucking hell. I’m having to move him away from units to give other people a chance to level up The other strong units are anyone who has ranged attacks. So archers and spellcasters. Weirdly, a lot of enemy team’s captains don’t move, so you can put ranged people one tile away and pelt them as they just stand there. I’m sure the game will change it up after a while but it makes killing the enemy leader surprisingly free. I also got a Bard support unit who if standing next to someone can sing to “refresh” them so they can move and attack again. Obviously very useful to be able to move twice in one turn in a turn based game. Definitely still finding my feet with the game. Not very familiar with strategy games, never played Fire Emblem before, and the game shows its age in a lot of ways, but I’m really liking it so far. Although some battles have had to be restarted multiple times already and it only feels like after 3 hours the training wheels are coming off. So think this game is either going to get really fun or really infuriating real soon
  6. I guess that if you give it away free then those people are more likely to give it higher reviews on Metacritic too ! Nice touch though.
  7. People who backed the first game at Duke-tier or above will get the sequel for free: https://www.pcgamesn.com/kingdom-come-deliverance-2/free It only amounts to roughly 1000 people, which I presume is why the publisher is okay with it, but that's still a really nice gesture.
  8. If I was going to make anime GTA that is surface level and doesn't have the simulation stuff I would have definitely made the cars look like Auto Modellista. Like come on, lean into it. It looks so much more cheaply done just using what looks like basic renders. But it does look overly cynical. Let's try to get some of the Genshin crowd with a game that pulls from other popular titles, in this case GTA and Persona.
  9. Maf

    Neverness to Everness

    Ok, I’m officially confused Before finding the gameplay video I spent a good 10 minutes googling what this game is, and the only sentence I found repeated every where was I’m not really sure what the game is. I think it’s a Gacha game like Genshin Impact. Comments for videos keep calling it anime GTA. Which I think is a disservice to GTA, but there is driving cars and character action combat in an urban setting so in the most basic sense, I suppose. One thing that’s funny to me is the disparity between the trailer and the gameplay video. One is hyper slick, super anime firework and the gameplay is like a low hum with 0 energy. The other weird thing is I can’t find any substantial info on Google about the game. Even the official website is a mess of flashy colours and anime girls and no explanation. But then maybe for this audience what else do you need? Because there was a YT video about this game that had 120k views in 24 hours I’m confused but intrigued. It’s kind of all over the place. The Sonic Mania/Persona style music and flashy colours are fun. The combat animations look well made. The trailer is very expensive. But it also reeks of corporate cynicism and gacha game time sink. I don’t know how so many people are so excited about it when it’s so hard to find any info on it. It’s aimed at a newer generation, I guess. But I’m still interested in understanding what it is
  10. The Deadpool ass controller is inspired...
  11. Shame you’re not a fan Maf. I’m loving it more and more as I listen. I think you’re letting memories cloud your judgement of the old albums too. He definitely still spoke all that shit in a serious tone while still being a joke. Which I think he does brilliantly in this. Still laugh at some of the stuff everytime. There’s no way you can take picking up “a midget by his legs, drop it and kick it” seriously. He even says in GC2 hes joking around. I just think maybe because you’re older you’re looking at it differently. Luckily I’m mentally 13 still so it works for me. GC2 is genuinely brilliant. He covers people taking his words too literally in a couple of tracks too. Only one I’m not keen on is Road Rage as in that one he does seem far too serious and preachy. Spends far too long on 1 subject matter in that too. Still, gutted you didn’t like it but I’m glad he’s still going. Infinitely better than all that mumbly, same flow, tuned robotic voiced shit out there.
  12. Contest is over, here are the 20 winners: https://www.streetfighter.com/6/contents/1thaniv_contest/en-us/ It's a bit odd they didn't pick one per character but on the other hand I can understand that they don't want to force some kind of equality when, say, Honda didn't get a lot of cool submissions. I think JP's and Ken's are pretty great, but except for AKI, who's unrecognisable, they're all pretty decent. Apparently if you go into the Battle Hub you can vote for your favourite to get a special title and allow the popular winner to get one, too.
  13. Maryokutai

    TV Shows

    Watched the second season of Star Trek Prodigy. If the first one was 'sci-fi for kids', then this one is 'sci-fi for kids but better make sur dad (or mum) sits next to them to explain things'. Goes all-in about timelines and stuff, shoves a ton of characters from other ST shows in there and turns into a proper epic that even manages to have a fulfilling conclusion that can both stand on its own but also doesn't prevent further stories with this crew. It's also a technically very accomlished production I think, not quite on par with something like Arcane, but beautifully shot and rendered and with quite a few completely orchestrated tracks as part of its soundtrack.
  14. Yesterday
  15. Nag

    TV Shows

    Just started Clarkson's Farm on Prime... it's pretty good (and genuinely funny) but i like Clarkson and the Top Gear mentality anyway.
  16. Yeah, seen those too... and that's another one I'd give a go to.
  17. The more I listen to this Eminem album the more I feel like he doesn’t get it. Guilty Conscience 2 is a perfect example of that. It’s painfully cringe to where I didn’t even get to the end. Like, Slim Shady was a joke. Guilty Conscience- the original - was a joke. I really don’t feel the old material was made purposefully to tackle hot topic issues and Eminem’s alter ego’s views on them. It was a more casual, more genuine “I’m just saying this because I know you hate it lol”. This is why it was such a hit with teenagers and the Southpark generation I feel like the unspoken thing about Eminem was it was never serious and just a release to say bad shit and laugh. Listening to a 50+ year old man pretend to talk to he’s alter ego seriously is like he mistakes he’s own punchlines for serious commentary. Then tries to analyse it. I was excited about the new album because even though Houdini was kind of weak I thought we were going back to a more fun Eminem. But instead he spends the whole time talking about trans people, getting cancelled and weirdly midgets. Eminem had beef with dwarfism? It’s hard to take any of it as seriously as Eminem seems too and the fun in this album is almost non-existent. I thought Eminem was back but he might be more done than ever. Go back to rapping about not being top 5 and drug addiction because he can’t do the Slim Shady shtick anymore. He is clucking on the new album
  18. I dunno if these games will be good but it’s a good line up purely for the diversity and choice
  19. Very subjective but that's an excellent lineup because all three of those are on my buy list for the rest of the year. I've also heard rumblings that Atlas Fallen might appear on the service next month when it gets its big overhaul update.
  20. Slim line up for the second half of the month (although I'm gonna try two of those)... people are thinking there could be an Activision drop announced later.
  21. Always been intrigued by this version of TR considering it's the only one made for that generation (also the last ever Nixxes game made for Xbox). And Revenant Wings is a game I've been wanting to check out for god knows how long but never got around. I hope I can adjust to the DS' screen resolution whenever I find the time to do so.
  22. I'm sure I heard someone else mention this over the weekend, praising it

    Astro Bot

    Something like Astrobot should be about bursts of fun, so levels is a way better way of doing it. Frontiers just littered the map with stuff to do, To get the variety they still had to break stuff up in to levels. Similar to Mario Odyssey in that regard, free movement within the area you're locked in
  24. Maryokutai

    Astro Bot

    https://www.gamesradar.com/games/platformer/astro-bot-almost-went-open-world-but-opted-for-80-planets-instead-because-that-led-to-the-most-control-over-the-games-variety/ The title is a little misleading (considering something is not almost doing it) but it's interesting they even thought about it. They probably made the right choice though, I can't see an open world platformer work as well as a level based one (haven't played Bowser's Fury or Sonic Frontiers though).
  25. Last week
  26. Dave The Diver (PC) Marsupilami: Hoobadventure (PC) Jusant (PC) (game pass) The Case of the Golden Idol: The Spider of Lanka DLC (PC) The Case of the Golden Idol: The Lemurian Vampire DLC (PC) Home Safety Hotline (PC) Picklock (PC) Turnip Boy Robs A Bank (PC) (game pass) Aerial_Knight's Never Yield (PC) The Exit 8 (PC) Melon Journey: Bittersweet Memories (PC) Harold Halibut (PC) (game pass) Nottolot (PC) Doronko Wanko (PC) Little Kitty, Big City (PC) (game pass) We Love Katamari REROLL+ Royal Reverie (PC) As Dusk Falls (PC) (game pass) Duck Detective: The Secret Salami (PC) Xenosphere (PC) (https://nifflas.itch.io/xenosphere) Bugsnax (PC) Behind The Frame: The Finest Scenery (PC) A Little Golf Journey (PC) Minishoot' Adventures (PC) The best thing I've played so far this year.
  27. Minishoot' Adventures (I don't know why there's an apostrophe in the title) is a mashup of a 2D Zelda style game with a twin-stick shooter, and it's amazing. I played the demo during the recent Steam Nextfest, then bought it during the summer sale. The demo appears to be still available, and even at full price it's good value at under £13. The plot's about as light as you'd expect from this type of game, but it plays brilliantly. The movement and shooting feel great, exploring the maps for secrets is satisfying, and the abilities and upgrades to your ship as you progress are fun. I 100% completed the map, and beat the "true" boss in a bit over 13 hours. It's seems like it's only on Steam right now, but it absolutely ought to be on consoles. Here's hoping.
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