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  2. Nag

    Cyberpunk 2077

    It'd better be cos I've decided to buy it and the expansion when I'm back home tomorrow.🤜
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  4. MK1 I've slowly been chipping away at story mode. When I've finished it, I'll set up a thread and talk about the game. It's energy and time I don't have at the moment. EDIT: Nevermind. @mfnick already set up a thread. EDIT 2.0: I'm not as enamoured as him, either.
  5. Idris Elba here to remind everyone that 'the game is fixed'
  6. Paid my huaweip30 off over a year ago, still works perfectly. Have no intention in getting back into the upgrade cycle. Absolute ripoff, monthly sim contract is £11 a month. If when mine needs replacing will either go 2nd hand or a cheap new model and buy outright.
  7. at Currys using code WONDER25. You get 3 months Apple TV for new or returning customers, too.
  8. Kind of seems like a game made with considerable constraints on its scope tbh. Every Itsuno game is like that tho, all resources on combat mechanics and nothing else. That's where my expectations have been set for this even before it was officially announced. I really wish though when they made gameplay footage they would do a better job showing off the mechanical interactions and enemy behaviours. The coolest thing in that video is the bit where the arisen is holding onto a harpy or something and falls from a height and is rescued by a pawn. If mechanics like that can be relied on it allows for lots of interesting approaches. Like, what if fall damage was something you never had to think about, and the crazy risky things you could do with that. For that reason, I think it is a shame it doesn't have an optional co-op mechanic to its pawn system and I don't completely believe it's a design choice they're making there, more just to control the scope of things a bit. I think otherwise they would put it in, I mean they put it in DMC5 for some reason. No way that wasn't supposed to be in this, well that's my theory anyway The main thing I hope for is a bit more enemy variety when it comes to the larger enemies, a few less cyclops this time
  9. mfnick

    Random News II

    Very intrigued!! Not sure on the graphical style, combat doesn’t look particularly responsive or exciting & the ‘Deathloop’ mechanic is really off putting but with those 2 involved I’ve got to give it a chance.
  10. That £73pm is for a 24 month iPhone 15 Pro contract, I would own it after 2 years if I kept it for that long. Roughly £40 of that is for the 'device plan' and then £33 is the airtime bill. The cost is expensive, but I've always paid around the same really so it hasn't really ever changed, had new iPhones since 2009 which have never been great price/tariff-wise (and a 4-6 year stint on Android where I got the latest Samsung Galaxy - and a shitty Sony Xperia one year -). As long as it doesn't go up significantly from that I know I can afford it if that makes sense. The phone part is only £40 a month then £33 for the airtime part.
  11. Yeah largely more of the same, 4 starting classes instead of the 3 though, so giess more advanced classes available. Liked the environmental interactions they showed. But more of the same is largely what I was after so this looks great for me.
  12. Unless something comes along and throws this a major curveball it looks like, finally, the MS/Activision deal is going to complete... https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-microsoft-activision-deal-addresses-previous-cma-concerns-in-cloud-gaming
  13. Maryokutai

    Random News II

    With those two guys involved, it could turn out to be anything between a masterpiece or a complete trainwreck. At the moment it looks a bit like the latter, but I'll give this a try regardless.
  14. Pleased that they've stuck with single player (+ AI pawns) I did fear that, given DD Online, they'd be putting online co-op in there. The trailer doesn't really show too much that's new though, just predominantly a bunch of repetition of how character classes work (much the same as DD) - but additional environmental effects look like they could be good. TBH if it was all just more of the same though I'd be reasonably happy - especially if they include creepy indoor areas that were a large part of DD:DA.
  15. It’s not often I start a film and don’t finish it but wow Barbie is a load of ass. I was hopeful after its praise that I’d find it at least a bit fun but nah I couldn’t have been more bored of it and turned it off with 30 minutes left. Every joke and turn is exceptionally predictable over and over and over again. 3/10
  16. Yesterday
  17. No I mean normally after 2 years you own that phone and can sell it to fund the next or go sim only. £73pm and you don’t get anything out of it after a period of time is crazy expensive. You could probably have an iPhone 15 Pro contract for that and ownership after 24mths. @Jimbo Xiii I’d go pro or pro max for the dynamic island. It’s genuinely worth it.
  18. Wowsers. It has set me off wanting a new phone though. An iPhone 14 direct from apple is £30 a month for 2 years 0% Apr, that would bring my monthly phone cost to £43 a month, but I could probably lower my O2 SIM only contract down a bit as well, or move to someone else
  19. 01/01/23 - As Dusk Falls (XSS GP) - Complete 03/01/23 - High on Life (XSS GP) - Normal 06/01/23 - Tinykin (XSS GP) - Complete & 1000/1000GS 17/01/23 - Prodeus (XSS GP) - Complete 18/01/23 - Battletoads 2020 (XSS GP) - Normal 31/01/23 - Hi-Fi Rush (XSS GP) - Normal 10/02/23 - Ruined King (XSS) - Complete 13/02/23 - Moonscars (XSS GP) - Complete 12/03/23 - Like a Dragon: Ishin (XSS) - Complete 26/03/22 - Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty (XSS GP) - Complete 29/03/23 - Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania (XSS) - Complete 05/04/23 - Dead Cells (XSS) - 5 Boss Cell Run x2 & True Ending 11/04/23 - Resident Evil 4 Remake (XSX) - Assisted 11/04/23 - The Murder of Sonic (PC) - Complete 11/04/23 - FH5 Rally Adventure (XSX) - Goliath Done 14/05/23 - God of War: Ragnarok (PS5) - (11/05/23) Complete / (14/05/23) Platinum Trophy 16/05/23 - Ravenlok (XSX GP) - Complete & 1000/1000GS 31/05/23 - Ghostwire Tokyo (XSX GP) - Complete 15/06/23 - Planet of Lana (XSX GP) - Complete 18/06/23 - Somerville (XSX GP) - Complete 25/06/23 - Chicory (XSX GP) - Complete 06/08/23 - Marvel Midnight Suns (XSX) - (23/07/23) - Complete / (06/08/23) - All DLC & 1510/1510GS 19/08/23 - Sonic Frontiers (XSX) - Complete 20/08/23 - Venba (XSX GP) - Complete. 20/08/23 - Injustice 2 (XSX GP) - Story 100% 24/08/23 - Little Nightmares (XSX) - Complete 29/08/23 - Blasphemous 2 (XSX) - Both Endings, 100% and 1000/1000GS 01/09/23 - Callisto Protocol (XSX) - (03/05/23) - Normal / (01/09/23) - Final Transmission DLC 11/09/23 - Sea of Stars (XSX GP) - Normal Ending 17/09/23 - F.I.S.T. (XSX GP) - Normal 20/09/21 - Mortal Kombat 1 (XSX) - Story 100% Bloody fantastic. 9/10 (story mode rating)
  20. Thought it made be worth creating a news thread for this series since it seems to be gathering steam recently. It’s a long running series of jrpgs by Falcom that has multiple “arcs” and most of the arcs span multiple games, and they all interconnect with each other. I think the appeal lies mostly in following the stories and the characters, rather than fancy graphics or flashy gameplay. The newest announcement is The Legend of Heroes: Trails Through Daybreak which is coming next summer. https://www.rpgsite.net/news/14862-the-legend-of-heroes-trails-through-daybreak-launches-in-summer-2024-for-playstation-5-playstation-4-nintendo-switch-and-pc Apparently it’s the first game in a new arc.
  21. I’m all for rpg stories that continue for multiple games, so hopefully this one gets things off to a good start.
  22. That looks excellent. Could be the next great rpg.
  23. radiofloyd

    Random News II

    That looks like a laugh, if nothing else. Could be cool.
  24. No release date unfortunately...
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