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    The Comic Book Thread

    Tom King and Mitch Gerards do good at the Eisner awards this year. King won best short story for the Swamp Thing special they did a while go and best writer, Gerards wins best artist and together they win best limited series for Mister Miracle It’s not hard to see why. God this book is so fucking good. Kind of a funny one is Zdarsky won an award for best single issue/one shot for his final on Peter Parker, Spectacular Spider-Man. Which he wrote it and drew it all himself so probably why he gets such praise for it. And it is quite good. But Dan Scott for his final Amazing Spider-Man issue basically did the same thing and doesn’t get a mention anywhere. Not that I’m actively out to enjoy Slott being snubbed but I’ll enjoy it when it comes along. Also Jen Bartel won best cover artist for Blackbird I’ve seen this book about before and meant to pick it up just of the strength of the look alone. I should do that at some point. Full list of winners here https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/2019-eisner-awards-complete-winners-list-1225835
  2. Maf

    TV Shows

    Trailer for the new Watchmen series It’s hard to get excited for it because I can’t really tell what it’s about. But I’m vaguely interested, I guess? Problem with these HBO’s shows is I never know where I can watch them so might not end up seeing this anyway
  3. So this escaped my attention but they put out a spiritual sequel to Journey on IOS. I just played the first 20-30 minutes on my iPad. I don’t know how I feel about it. On the one hand it’s surprising just how like Journey it is. The sliding down hills, meditating/praying at statues, a jump meter that needs to be refilled, seeing other people in the world. Like it’s a sequel to Journey in the same way Dark Souls is a sequel to Demons Souls. It’s a different name, and some stuff is different, but at it’s core it’s all there. It looks really nice as well. I really loved Journey and played through it multiple times, but immediately rolling green hills and big, fluffy clouds is just more pleasant and eye catching than a desert. The only problem for me is the controls. Granted I don’t play iPad games ever, in fact I think this might be the first game I’ve ever played with thumbs on the screen trying to imitate control sticks. And even though it works quite well, it’s a bit too messy and requires a bit too much thinking about and takes me out of the experience. The game is free but with MTX. I didn’t see anything that asked me to pay, but right off the bat you can see all the places they will want you to pay. For emotes, for cosmentics, to refill your jump, etc. First 30 minutes I didn’t even have the option to pay for anything but I don’t know how that will play out. It looks amazing, I love this studio’s games, I love that you can fly in this game in controlled spaces (and nearly 30 years on they still take influence from Mario World with how the cape works). I just wish I was playing it on PS4 or something. It seems really cool but I don’t want to play it like this.
  4. Maf

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

    Well, I think I found the worst game of 2019
  5. Maf

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

    It took me an hour but I finally beat Nebula in under a minute
  6. Maf

    Far Cry New Dawn

    Does anyone have this on Xbox and looking for/can help get the co-op achievement? If so, let me know. I think it could be knocked out in about 15 minutes. GT is mafw1 if you want to add me
  7. Maf

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

    I just realised this doesn’t have Vision as a playable character so I can’t play the game like it was a sequel to Captain America and the Avengers Maybe I sub in Scarlet Witch and head cannon that some shit went down inbetween
  8. I caved and it’s now downloading on the Switch but as soon as the transaction was complete I regretted it. Like why did I buy this? I don’t need this
  9. Maf

    The Comic Book Thread

    Also Woooooooow I might have to get this
  10. Maf

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

    https://www.metacritic.com/game/switch/marvel-ultimate-alliance-3-the-black-order Hmm... Seems like most people like it, nobody loves it. It’s all right by me, I can wait for a price drop (If it ever gets one being Nintendo only) Also DF breakdown below. Seems messy.
  11. Maf

    The Anime Thread

    I only have two thoughts about this. First off Ash actually won the Orange Islands league where, inexplicably, Pikachu beat a Dragonite by strapping himself to it’s head and being an electric chair If you want to make the argument the Orange Island League doesn’t count because it does not exist in a video game I’m not going to stop you Secondly I haven’t watched Pokemon in a million years but Ash is a terrible Pokemon trainer, his Pikachu is bullshit and they should never win a league anyway
  12. Maf

    Nintendo Switch

    I love Turok 1 and 2 an unreasonable amount considering how...not awesome they are I like them more than Goldeneye and Perfect Dark
  13. That the one about cars and food and you play as 4 overdressed delivery boys?
  14. @one-armed dwarf I’m busy what do you want
  15. I haven’t played Resi 4 in a millennia so that would be cool to play it again, but only if it wasn’t on Xbox which I can’t in good conscience play and be apart of something so sacrilegious
  16. @one-armed dwarf that was going to be my answer stop using a bad phone
  17. Maf

    Luigi's Mansion 3

    Either I said that would be it already or it was so obvious I forgot to write it down
  18. @one-armed dwarf I know what the answer is
  19. Thor 4 confirmed with Taika to direct? What are the odds they call it ‘Thor: Four’
  20. I probably just missed them. I didn’t even realise I still had Gold until E3
  21. Vanquish was £3.74 on Xbox’s super sale and I only have the PS3 version so this was well worth it. One of the best action games I’ve ever played. They also have Bayonetta on there for £5 something but I have the disc in the other room and I’m not that lazy Though I did consider it
  22. Reviews pending, I guess, but so far the best price I’ve seen for this is £39 from here https://www.base.com/fsearch.htm?search=Marvel+ultimate+alliance Anybody seen better?
  23. Maf

    Super Mario Maker 2

    Is Mario Maker the funniest video game series of all time? 🤔
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