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  1. Well I’ve been trying for 3 hours and now throwing coat hangers at my bedroom door at 2:15am. I’m so pissed. I got it like a dozen times out of 10,000 attempts and only two was in a row. I even recorded me getting it and watched it a bunch and there is simply no difference in the way it looks when it works and when it doesn’t. I even spent a lot of time trying to combine it with Millia’s sliding disc trick and never got it once. I’m not even sure if that’s possible. You would think after 100’s of attempts I would of got it once by accident. But maybe it’s impossible. But how would you know because fighting games don’t fucking tell you shit. I’m so mad. I just don’t know why it’s so hard.
  2. It’s just not as simple as getting the buttons right. I think there’a something highly specific that I’m missing. But I can’t figure it out If I could learn this it would elevate my game a lot, but it’s been months and I just can’t
  3. You can do it with every character and from what I’ve seen most good cS on someone, jumping or even off Hdisc leads in to it and there are great mixes that come from it, but I can’t do it If I swap the second jS for jK I’ve got it a couple of times but this is really hard. I’ve been trying this for literally months Aside I saw someone do this which is nasty as fuck That’ll be a great game ender
  4. @one-armed dwarf or @HandsomeDead would either of you mind trying to do this Millia combo? I’ve been trying for months and I just can’t figure out why it won’t work. I just can’t see what I’m missing
  5. Maf

    Nintendo News

    3rd party indies and during work? Yo where's the real one
  6. Yeah, those air grabs are pretty fucking impressive. I’ve still never done one at all
  7. Amazing deal here. if only I hadn’t spent so much already this month 😕 https://www.base.com/buy/product/grid-legends-ps5/dgc-gridlps5.htm
  8. Arcade mode is separate so all the characters are maxed out except you only get one super meter. 3 of us doing it would be fun. We could get joined by randoms as well to help out but ideally we could do with more than 3. Hard mode is very hard. The only thing I’d say is bosses need practice and for people to cover each other with their supers. I’m up for it if HD is. EDIT: Also when I was playing earlier this happened and it made me like the game so much more Turtle power look at that shit. Was so cool playing with the whole team
  9. They've just stopped and got their top 8. GGS is one of the most exciting games ever. It's so fast, it's so dangerous. At this level the crazy reads, interactions and plays that happen. It makes me wish I could learn every character. I really want to learn Baiken and Ram. I've played the game like twice since the patch came out. I need to get back to this, it's so fun (When it's not a rage/depression fest)
  10. It's still fun because of how high level the games are. Just saw some real crazy game between a Zato and a Nago
  11. Lord Knight got knocked out of top 24 at CEO against a Ky 😭 Only match of his I saw too. I'm bad luck. Fucking Ky he was too good before. This one was non-stop ferocity. Just how do you beat him.
  12. I got to level 11 with randoms. I thought we were cruising through it until I lost all my lives and it turns out you share continues. If you could get 4-5 people who knew the key was to never stop using supers this would be doable. I tried going on the official discord server but all I can see is fan art. I hate discord it’s so hard to use and find games with people. Also fuck the level 3 Monster Truck boss and the Rat King boss they are super fucked up. Easily the hardest parts of the game
  13. Crash Bandicoot and Dark Pictures are pretty amazing gets. I already have Dark Pictures on Xbox but to get Crash on PS will be great
  14. @anyone want to team up and get this Arcade mode on hardest difficulty achievement?
  15. Maf

    The Hot Topic Returns

    They lightly do this in the newer games a bit. The gym leaders in SS use weather effects and the legendary of the game's ability gives it one attack raise when it hits the field and then it usually does Swords Dance so it's +3 and you're fucked. It's the first legendary in a long time I caught with a Master Ball because I just couldn't be assed, it's too difficult. If others want Pokemon to be harder swap out your Pokemon. The whole point of the game is to be a Pokemon Master but most people master the first 6 Pokemon they catch and then go "The game is too easy". My answer and it has been for a long time is the game should scale with you. Like the gym leader's Pokemon should always be the level of your strongest Pokemon then you have to type/tactics through the fight instead of overpowering with levels. Which given that Scarlett and Violet don't have a linear pathway like older games I think there's good chance this will be the solution.
  16. Maf

    The Hot Topic Returns

    I don't think Pokemon needs to be more difficult, but it could do with starting faster. They're still a "my first RPG" for a lot of kids so I get why they can be so slow. But they could do with a solution where if it's not your first RPG you can experience the beginning. Meet the characters, have the set up, get your first Pokemon and stuff. But condensed to like 20 minutes.
  17. Maf

    Shadow Man: Remastered

    I played this for an hour today and this game isn't what I remember, either. I remember the start where you run to the church and there's a bit of suggestive talk between Mike and Agnetta. I remember the enemies that run fast with big sword arms. I remember a room surrounded by lava with a big block in the middle and I think that's as far as I ever got. What I didn't remember is how this game is a bit of everything. Metroidvania, platformer, light puzzle game. All I remembered was the shooting. I thought it was way more linear than what it is but it's actually quite an open game. I'm also realising I've already seen everything I remember because the game used to freak me out so much as a kid I never got very far. Not even further than the first hour it seems. It's kind of awesome and kind of not. It's interestingly designed and I like the gameplay. The first part of the game where I was making progress was really fun and I liked it. But I got to the Asylum, explored it a bit, had my 3rd reminder from Shadow Man to go speak to Agnetta so I did, just to be told to go to the Asylum to find the 5 serial killers. Bitch I was already there. Now I'm returned to the start and am lost and don't know where to go. One of the funny things is I'm playing on PC with ray tracing and the lighting is pretty fucking superb but the graphics, even with HD textures is definitely not. I mean for a N64/Dreamcast game they've done a good job but it's weird to see the game still look blocky and flat then pass a grate or cage and see the lighting and shadows be so perfectly lit. I'm not sure how much more of it I'll play. I am enjoying it, it's a fun revisit. But it's definitely showing it's age and being lost already, both in terms of where to go and how to navigate, has killed my momentum
  18. Maf

    The Hot Topic Returns

    It depends on if a game has good mechanics or not. Games can still be excellent even if they're free of penalty. Like Ghost of Tsushima is a game that is brain dead easy. But the reason it's bad is because it's a dumb 50 hours of swiping the touch pad and pushing triangle. Luckily it's got incredible art/graphics, a easy platinum, and when I was playing it a raging pandemic for it to coast on but it's not bad because it's easy, it's bad because it's one note stupid. Then there are games like Kirby this year which is hard to die in even if you were trying but it's so much fun to play because the mechanics are good, the challenges are fun to do, the secrets are fun to find. It's engaging without being difficult. I think this is a mark of an incredible game because it goes to show just how well it's made. Beyond that I think there are games that are all about the show and not the ball busting. I still like Call of Duty because it's a fun rollercoaster. Rollercoasters aren't about death or struggle. If it were it would be a bad rollercoaster and make the game worse *Cough*Uncharted 3*Cough* For me great games can be easy as long as it's fun to play
  19. Wawa DBFZ champion at CEO. I don’t even think he played at his best. Probably nerves got to him. But still crazy. The spark bait at around 20 minutes was so fucking good. His final team is fucking cheap, though.
  20. Maf


    I reached the half way point in this game at 16 hours. The last 6 bosses or so have been so difficult. A big robot thing I fought last night took me a hour + of retries before I finally cracked it. Haven’t had such a hard time in JRPG boss fights since Final Fantasy 4. Except these bosses are less clever. More just big damage and tricky gimmicks. Some of it is the bosses are just hard but also it’s because I haven’t done any grinding at all. I did some grinding just now and the big mid-game boss went down easier than the mini bosses up to this point. A thing I’m just learning about JRPG’s is if you leave grinding to as late as possible it’s actually faster and more effective than trying to keep an even pace throughout the game because by the time the game gets really hard the enemies are giving out tonnes of XP so the level ups are faster. It was only taking 2 to 3 battles and my whole team were gaining a level just now. Anyway. I think in certain ways this game is really clever. The dungeons are bad and the story is…passable? But I just really enjoy the way it handles pace and it’s combat system. The combat system is simple turn based stuff, but the touch controls and how it’s all about maximising attack turns makes it fun and changes typical JRPG strategy. And the way you can horde random encounters and do them all at once is pretty fucking genius at helping the flow of the game. Where as JRPG’s are very start and stop this game has managed to overcome that by having the ability to round up a bunch of random encounters and beat them all at once in a big battle. There’s no penalty like XP being diluted either, I still get all the rewards from the battles except much faster. So mechanically this game has a really good flow complemented by a fun battle system which is why I’m 16 hours in. It’s really good playing JRPG and I find it rare to say that about these games. It’s more story first and gameplay second but here they’ve done cool stuff. It’s a shame that why your character can trap monsters and save them for later is not explained narratively at all. It’s one of the many things that turns this game from a pleasure to a guilty pleasure. It’s enjoyable but very stupid. I won’t bother with the context because it doesn’t help any but there was a line from a character that said something like “If there’s one thing I know about your father, it’s that he always kept his most important notes in boxes” I was like fucking hell. I wonder if they skimped out on translation with this game sometimes. Although when told that you have to open up boxes in the correct order to make progress so maybe it’s just that dumb. But I do enjoy playing it a lot. So there’s that.
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