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  1. Ghostbusters event on for Halloween. There's a glut of items you can get that are Ghostbuster related if you play for a decent session. I unlocked everything in maybe an hour of play. They're a new mode that plays like tennis where the ball moves back and for and auto aims for the goal. I can see it becoming a main fixture in the game, although I'm not sure I like it that much. Games tend to be very short, the scores only go up top 7 and and the level I play at they tend to be done before the clock gets down to 3 minutes. It's good for practicing saves
  2. If you could get all the professional liars to play, now that would be worth watching.
  3. I fell of my chair laughing at this.
  4. Not just you Ed. I've been playing it too, but 11 years later. My main thing is it's hard. Like too hard. I've played a lot of Tower Defence games and this is up there with Savage Moon for the difficulty. I want to like it a lot more, and maybe if I drop down a difficulty I will, but on normal it's just tearing strips off me. Pixeljunk seems to be artisans in this sort of thing, make the first few levels ok, then just ramp up the difficulty to a point that makes you wonder what the hell they were thinking. I've quite a few Tower Defence games to play, and if casual mode
  5. Started this on stream tonight. For a 12 year old game it's aged fantastically. They should do a re-release of this, give it a slight brush up graphically and rake the money in.
  6. The jump in difficulty from level 3 to level 4 is really noticeable. On 3 we can go the whole level without too much issue, but everything is so more frequent and of a higher volatility that it's a constant knife edge ride. A bad room can really mess you up, we had a big drop opening into a room with a spitter and a breeder right in the entrance and then on top of this we got a swarm, which ended our run. Then we got another run ended by an elite swarm while in a tunnel, just not enough space to move around in to take them out without causing ourselves damage. Then we g
  7. Unsurprisingly Dead Space won by quite a margin. The next games for voting have been picked though. They are Fight N Rage PLANET ALPHA Just Cause 3 Don't Escape Shadow of the Tomb Raider Dead In Vinland A nice mix of big, little and some oddities.
  8. Sly Reflex


    That's Observer finished. Could I recommend it? Not really. It's a jumble sale of ideas, but the antique candelabras aren't worth sifting through the Gary Glitter LPs and clothes that should have gone on the bonfire. It's just weird for the sake of being weird. It could have been so much more cohesive if they'd have just kept that stuff to the minimum and saved it for the truly fucked up parts. For the people that aren't actually that damaged making the glitch stuff and going to unsettling and scares just lessens the impact, the way they deal with jump scares is really telegraphed
  9. The place where I noticed it most was Pinball. When everything is moving like a motherfucker it becomes harder to judge on consoles. Weird trajectories are harder to manage since you're only getting half the info between where it starts and where it ends when it's flying across the screen. Plus your inputs are halved as well. All that adds up.
  10. I don't really get it when people say they don't see the difference. It's not all about seeing of course, it just feels nicer to control. Nice high framerate and a great display go a long way. I'd warrant if people played on 60fps for a few months and then went back to 30fps or lower, they'd almost certain notice it.
  11. The XO pad is really nice though. I've got 3 pads plugged into my PC, the XO one, the PS4 one and a Fightpad. The thing I really like about the XO controller is that it feels really nice and balanced in the hands, and there's no screw holes in the back to collect gunk. I wish I could say the same for the shoulder buttons, they're the worst thing about that controller in particular. The camber around the triggers is excellent though, it almost feels bespoke. The scary thing is I'm starting to forget how to use controllers. I tried playing Deep Rock with one about a week
  12. I'd love to see @Nagstream games along the lines of Supraland just to see him be confused at all the colours that aren't grey or brown.
  13. This doesn't count for everything since I still have codes I never got around to redeeming.
  14. Really glad I didn't buy into the Phasmophobia hype. I'm watching it now and boy is it fucking dull. The whole thing feels like a huge gimmick, there's barely a game there. Granted it's in EA, but fuck paying £10 for something like that.
  15. Sly Reflex


    It's not very scary, is it? I had a few fail states tonight and I have to say they do not belong in a game like this, not one bit. They're so jarring. Also had a bit where the game glitched me through a wall, but because of how weird the game is, I just thought it was meant to happen, I managed to glitch back through the wall into the place I was meant to be, so it was fine, but for a good few minutes I was so confused about what I had to be doing.
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