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  1. It is the correct answer though. You can't be angry because it's out the realm of your understanding.
  2. Picking PC is like having your cake AND eating it. I thought that's why it specifically said console in the question. I think if we're limiting to one it's either got to be the 360, or the 3DS. A nice bit of back compat, but nothing to OP, and a nice catalogue to go with each.
  3. That's Portia finished. What an utterly bizarre game. Pacing all over. Variable voice acting ability mixed in with audio quality that is all over too. Difficulty spikes and troughs all over. Lots of waiting about with nothing better to do. Uninvolving relationship stuff. It's a real miss mash of stuff all squeezed into one game. Still sort of enjoyed it on some level, but it's nowhere near the level of something Like Stardew or Keftlings. Some quite poor design decisions in it as well, for instance I couldn't carry on fighting the last boss because I ran out of stamina points, so I just had to watch the local constabulary kick the fuck out of it while I stood next to them taking selfies. Some utterly incidental hilarious cutscenes in it though. Nobody here will play the game, but if you have a spare few minutes there's probably a super cut of all the cutscenes in the game for your perusal. As for what's next, I don't know. Some games have been drawn out, but I don't think I'll play whatever wins until next year. So from now until the end of the year, it's probably going to be smaller games for an in n out adventure.
  4. I've not had anything run my 3070 yet, but saying that I've not really put it under any mad duress. Deep Rock Galactic with all the reflections and shit on looks crazy good, the way the light diffuses and reflects off the geometry is super pretty, even though it's not full RTX. It's all so buttery smooth too. The 40xx cards are a solution to a problem that doesn't really exist now. I can only speak for myself of course, but it might be 50xx or maybe even 60xx cards where I'll consider the upgrade is worth it.
  5. That is so smart. I would have never have through to do it that way.
  6. Sly Reflex

    Random News II

    Yeah, nah. I'll wait. If I buy at all. Even then it's slowly creeping up at the lower end. In a time where everyone is getting slammed with bills, they might get bitten both ends. They still have bills and wages to pay, but asking for more when people have less is not a smart business model. It's better to take 60 bucks than 0 bucks. 60 bucks at least covers some costs. You're dealing with a luxury item, don't price yourself out of it.
  7. In my limited experience with the console (I've only played the fridge xbox), it's a no. Out of all the things I've seen the one thing that I'd like to give a punt is Returnal. Not really sure why it's PS5 only, looks like it could be done elsewhere, albeit with slightly less impressive graphics. I generally have extreme apathy with AAA stuff. I think creatively we're in a bit of a dead end. Yeah they run better, they look better and they sound better, but there's something missing. If these games were people, they'd be stunningly beautiful, but soulless and boring to spend any time with. I don't think that's a console problem per se. It's a design by committee homogenisation that's to blame.
  8. Portia is a weird game, like I just fucked nearly all the social stuff off because I'm not that bothered about it. I guess it's one of those games like Animal Crossing where different people play in various ways. Some like designing shit. some like collecting furniture. Whatever, all those things are present here, but for me it's just about getting jobs and fucking them off through the platform and getting them installed ASAP. It's getting to the point now where I try and keep stockpiles of thing I think I might need so I can shunt projects out the door pronto. It's kind of satisfying in a way when a job comes in and you just assemble it no problems, aside form as few specific parts that tend to be present in each build. Would I recommend it? I am 40 hours deep and I'm not even half way through it yet. It does have a story so it's not as meandering as some of the other games I've mentioned or games of this ilk that would be categorised alongside it. It really depends on your tolerance for social 'em ups that are side loaded with busywork.
  9. Generally it's a youtube thing, although the written guides on steam can be really good without fucking up the rest of the game. If you are streaming you can always ask chat as well, if they're good they'll tell you just enough without giving you the whole solution and spoiling it thoroughly.
  10. Crazy to think about it when you put it in that perspective.
  11. PS1 changed games in a way that cannot be understated. It made everyone else look silly, it was such a behemoth that even people that didn't really do games did games. It was the first time I saw people in the pub chatting about games, especially when piracy took root. Everyone knew someone with a huge A4 binder full of titles you could pay a few quid for to get a copy of.
  12. Actually really enjoying it now, despite it's flaws it's one of those games you can put on and just one to let it smother your times. Like game crack. If I wasn't streaming it I would have put a lot more time into it already, the regimented way I have streams is throttling my playtime.
  13. Yeah, it can be very ambiguous, and as it's often said "The winners write the history" so getting to see it first hand and then seeing how generations after interpret it or reincarnate it in the case of the Aldemeri Dominion with Tamriel's version of the Spanish Inquisition is interesting. Like they bastardised it for their own wants in that time period. Not that I am defending the earlier renditions as they weren't great either (depending on who you listen to in game), but they took an idealistic view of how things should go and adapted that to fit them being High Fantasy Nazi's.
  14. Second monitor is essential if you're streaming and shit. Wouldn't bother with anything gimmicky, it won't be supported and as OAD said, fucking about to get stuff to display on them is something you will have to swallow. Don't need anything fancy, it'll be showing OBS, Discord or Spotify most of the time. Just because you can spend a lot doesn't mean you should.
  15. It's Tamriel stuff for me. I think the greatest thing is how embellished or misrepresented is, or even plot holes between games in the series, because that's how it is, you have hundreds of years or more pass between games and stuff gets muddled up, everyone has their own perception on past events. Even the gods and religious means change between races and each faction is willing to gloss over shit that might have them been seen as less favourable light. You can literally witness certain things happen earlier on in the time line and then see people talk about it later in on the time line and their take on it, where lower intelligence people might not be fully clued up on it, educated or wiser might be closer to what happened, or at least in the right ballpark of actual events. Really the only stuff that everyone seem to agree on are the things that were pretty unavoidable, like Manimarco and his King of Worms phase, or the various inflictions they've had to deal with from the Aedra/Daedra. Not everything is cut and dried. Even though the horrible things that have been done you will still find people that sympathised with any of the misdoings of some of the more terrible actions taken within Nirn. I feel that's what makes it feel alive, especially when it comes to conundrums that aren't just black and white. Some people do good things for bad reasons, and some do bad things for good reasons. Some do things just because it's the only thing they can do, they buy time and hope whoever the shit lands on can deal with it, like what happens in Skyrim.
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