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  1. Sly Reflex

    Play/Want/Bin Feb 19

    Play Into the Breach. I am shit at it. It's something I am enjoying while I'm playing it but I don't feel any pull to go back to it. I don't feel the same way I did about FTL. Sniper Elite V2. I bought this years ago after Hendo was talking about it. It's alright, it does feel very last gen though, I've probably picked a good time to play it because if I left it any longer it might have been unpalatable. It doesn't help that I am shit at it and also it's quite hard in places too. It's been a goods trainer for learning mouse and keys again. Elite Dangerous I've spent hundreds of hours on the PS4 version and now I'm on the PC version. It's so smooth and everything looks amazing, the lighting and bloom effects are particularly spectacular. It's the perfect second screen game as well, you can autopilot it. I've been re watching LOST while starting out this time. Want Anthem, I guess? I'm mainly looking forwards to it so I can get some social gaming in. Same with Division. And EDF5 when Regemond gets his life sorted out. Bin I'm alright thanks. Life is good.
  2. Sly Reflex

    Buying a Gaming PC

    Yeah. Mine is from Chillblast. If you're feeling adventurous you could always build your own. I found fucking about with the mobo and CPU and seating it into the case is probably the hardest part, after that it's like Lego. Installing Windows takes maybe an hour. It's not hard, but you're probably going to scrape your knuckles a few times. I think it's bad luck not skinning yourself when building a PC.
  3. Sly Reflex


    The first two are aces. The rest, not so much.
  4. Sly Reflex

    The MFGamers Podcast

    It looks like @illdog.
  5. Sly Reflex

    Elite: Dangerous

    I've been talking to @radiofloyd on the discord about this game. We touched upon the sound design, which quite frankly is completely insane in this game. That video doesn't even begin to cover it. Each body has it's own signature soundscape that you can monitor from space through all the banging and other space rumbling. Each ship has it's own note which changes as you upgrade and engineer it. Although it might not seem like it, you get to know which ships are which, which ones you know you can take down and which ones you should avoid at all costs. There's loads of incidental stuff as well, like if you kill a ship you can hear radio transmissions fade out as the ships debris scatters across the black of space. If it's witnessed radio calls go back and forth over who gets dibs on the salvage. When you land in an orbital your ship makes plinking noises as it cools down, there's hubbub coming over the tannoys on how to behave and warnings of what's out there waiting for you if you're in a system with a bad reputation or if a system is in the throws of war. Some systems Coriolis' stations might even beg you to join their forces. Sound design in games is phenomenal now. At one point there were only really a few studios that got it. Bungie and DICE were the kings of sound design. Since the late 00's everyone has becomes superstars at it. Something like Rainbow 6 Siege has to be experienced to be believed. It's so full and distinct.
  6. Sly Reflex


    The shameful thing is I really liked Chris Pratt in Parks and Rec and was excited to see him get a break. I didn't realise he was going to be playing the same character in everything. The genie is out of the bottle there, we've another decade or more with him playing the same character in every frigging film he's cast in.
  7. Sly Reflex


    Jurassic World was nonsense as well. Making dinosaurs weapons by turning them invisible and letting them hide their heat signatures. Why would anyone do that? We live in a world where drones exist, the whole dino's as weapons premise is fucking bullshit because of that. Also why would anyone go to a dino park to see a dino when the dino can make itself invisible? Fucking what? Who pitched this rubbish and more importantly who accepted it? Whole film's a heap 'o shite.
  8. Sly Reflex

    Objectively bad music

    Girls Aloud also turned out some bangers.
  9. Sly Reflex

    Play/Want/Bin Feb 19

    When are you recording?
  10. Sly Reflex

    Ghost of a Tale

    That's graphically very impressive.
  11. Sly Reflex

    Sniper Elite V2

  12. Sly Reflex


    I got coins for beating an elite mob in the demo as well. I think it's the speed they come at, it's alright saying "You can do this" but it boils down to how often. For instance you could get legendary engrams out of patrol chests in Destiny 1, but out of the thousands of chests I opened when farming for materiel did I only see that legendary pop up maybe 2 or 3 times. It's all going to boil down to the drop rates, and I guess that thing where depending on how many and how hard your Friends are playing you get a wad of coins per week. That reddit thread I posted a while back explained how it worked but it's slipped my mind.
  13. Sly Reflex


    I was just coming to post about this exact thing. 500 Shards: $6.49/£3.99 1050 Shards: $12.99/£7.99 2200 Shards: $25.99/£15.99 4600 Shards: $51.99/£31.99 That's one question answered. The other question is how quickly are coins earned. Having to have 61,000 coins for a set of cosmetics could be some fair old grinding. It really depends on how quickly those coins come.
  14. Sly Reflex


    @Blakey has you covered, he downloaded it a few days ago. I expect a thread to go up soonish with him twaddling on about it in extreme detail. I shall be there next week.Really looking forwards to it, if only for the outrage of it being broken as fuck. I hope it isn't but we sort of know it's going to be on some level.
  15. Sly Reflex

    The Activision thread

    Tell that to the pillocks that buy CoD year in year out. Or those fannies that buy lootboxes in Overwatch.