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  1. You need to understand how sails work, you're going to take forever to get anywhere if you don't angle the sails right. We're, me and @Hendo, are aiming to get on next Wednesday and do the Tall Tales stuff. We just did random treasure hunting and bounties tonight, but I'm thinking we should all agree to get on at a set time and rattle one of these Tall Tales out per week or something? Looking at an hour or so. The payout isn't large, but you'l get commendations and cosmetic gears to deck the ship and pirates out with.
  2. Sloop it is. I'm not going to make the 7pm on the dot as the missus is late home from work and I've to cook. I'll send you a message when I'm ready to sail the seas @Hendo.
  3. Anybody that calls them anything less than fucking pricks has never played an EDF game.
  4. I don't want to stress you, but I think that's the mission Dragon was saying silvers show up from the UFO, so the red drone might not be as big of a problem as it might have been previously.
  5. That's OK, your balls belong to her now anyway.
  6. Don't forget you're on tonight at about 7pm @Hendo. Paging @Blakey and @Maf too. If you want in, be there. I don't want to be fucking about skipping between ship sizes if it can be helped.
  7. Mutants are scary. You can see the panic they induce in players when they hit the playing field. When they come it's like nothing else matters, they have to be taken down and they have to be taken down now. If that means ignoring another huge potential threat, then so be it. Each unit has a purpose and how they intertwine with each other makes the game work. There's a mission you might remember, there's a few UFO's that are closed and loads of ants and spiders. After you've killed a few of them a queen ant or more shows up and starts showering you with acid. You might recall that there's a red flyer or two in that mission. Pretty much everything in that mission revolves around knowing where that red cunt is and destroying it as soon as you can will allow yout to progress. Issue is all the other stuff going on, the queens will be putting pressure on you, the UFO's will be open and dropping more bugs into the level with the aim of trying to overrun you. It's that really hard enemy that's taking free potshots at you while you've got a plateful that's the real kicker. I think you both, @regemond and @Whiskey_chaser, have found ways that work for you. I don't know if you noticed, but depending on who we have in the lobby dictates how I deal with frogs and greys, as well as what I have equipped and how much health I have. If there's an Air Raider in the game I take the legs out, so gunships get a more accurate bead because they're not jumping and rolling about. Otherwise I disarm them and aim for the chest, since I think that's the quickest way to deal with them depending on how I'm playing. When you step into the other classes shoes you're going to have to find a way that works for you, part of that is going to come from watching other people and how they play, but also you're going to imprint yourself on the class. Even players that use the same loadouts play differently.
  8. Yep. You two are now striding into the area where the game really shines. This is the no man's land that made me fall in love with the series. I can completely understand why people dismiss it before now, the front half of the game or more is nothing more than a camp duck hunt full of ridiculous gibberish exposition and laugh out lines that are pure slapstick. It's not until you scrap the top layer off and find the bit that really hits home how good of a game it really is. It really is a game of two halves. You've felt like a complete warrior up until now. Your mindset is going to have to change though, the bombastic nature of napalming the fuck out of these willing combatants is turning on its head. The invasion is something to be feared. It carries the weird jingoistic charm as Starship Troopers does, the soldiers are plucky but in reality they know what they're doing is the equivalent of being sent over the top like in The Great War. Listen to the command as they're constantly surprised you survived each mission. The connotations of the delivery of those lines changes, it's like when they slip adult jokes into kids shows, except what you're getting here is abject horror of a planet being genocided protected by a force that's woefully outnumbered, outgunned and under prepared. Earth Defense Force might not have good graphics, sound, controls or any of the other things people expect of games nowadays, but what it does have is an ace up it's sleeve for anyone willing to invest time into it. It really fills me with joy when people discover that ace. EDF is a proper rough diamond, but a diamond none the less.
  9. This is one aspect I find engrossing about Animal Crossing. There's so much to each personality that only you get to see and sharing those stories with people extends it into the real world.
  10. Hardest made us all die last night. I told you it'd get rough. Had to laugh at the veteran that joined and then left because he couldn't tank his way through it with his 20k armour because of the limits. I've purposely avoided that back in 4.1 when I played with @regemond because it teaches you how not to play. Struggling and working out patterns for enemies makes you a better player, having lots of armour and OP weapons sidesteps that. A lot of players are never tempered by having to get good, they take the route of least resistance by joining no limit lobbies, get carried and then hamper lobbies by being inept as fuck further down the line. When I get no limits you'll see 2 new types of player. One looking for a carry and another that plays nothing but no limits and just relies on huge wads of armour to keep them alive. The latter is better than the former, but don't mistake a long time played for skill. See how they react and how often their health dips, that's the true indication of a good player.
  11. You want to play tomorrow night? Wednesday I can go from about 7 onward.
  12. Played a bit tonight because I saw someone was on and there was no Division 2 party open. Just 6% away from that sweet no limits, but the sights I've seen tonight. Some missions are twice as long because of additions and they do not fuck around. I found a silver spider dropship as well, so that's going to be handy for armour farming for you if you don't end up getting the DLC. The downside is you're going to have to farm on hardest, and fuck me what a cunt of a mission it is. Someone was dropping Phobos over and over and we were still getting over run. Jesus wept, how hard is that going to be on Inferno? We barely held onto it on hardest...
  13. Sly Reflex

    The Division 2

    Also what is it with Division and it fucking peoples arms? @Blakey had the same issue as well.
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