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  1. Sly Reflex

    Gaming Shout Thread

    Attention to @RoboticMonk3y , @regemond and @AndyKurosaki @RoboticMonk3y placed first in the podcast pinball tourney with a grand score of 298,006,275 and has won a prize for doing so. Well played, that's an impressive score, you should be proud of it. Same for both @regemond and @AndyKurosaki. You did your best and that's what counts. There is a random participants award which would have been awarded to someone that didn't win but took part. Since there were two people left I tossed a coin to decide who would receive this prize and it was... drumroll ... ... Congratulations to the winners. Commiserations to the loser. Winners contact me via PM and I shall sort you your prize out.
  2. Sly Reflex

    The MFGamers Podcast

    It was a good if tenuous analogy.
  3. Sly Reflex

    Earth Defense Force 5

    When you get to it you'll know it.
  4. Sly Reflex

    Earth Defense Force 5

    Mission 81 is AMAZING!
  5. Sly Reflex

    Tetris Effect

    To be fair I've seen this lady play games and she's like some sort of super robot. She's better than everyone here. She is a game ninja and us lot are all game retards.
  6. Sly Reflex

    The Classic N64 Mini Thread

    Blast Corps. Now there's a game that was fun.
  7. Sly Reflex

    Earth Defense Force 5

    I was wondering how they could make the game more bonkers because 4.1 was pretty crazy and I was thinking EDF had maybe done what Saints Row did and made it impossible for it to top itself. Then shit like that happens and it's like "Oh!" and it just carries on with crazy stuff like that and you wonder where the madness will end.
  8. Sly Reflex

    Earth Defense Force 5

    When you get the Eagle assault rifles will go out the window. I've just graduated to another shotgun that does less damage per shot but I can fire it faster, I was using this shotty and it could only fire once every 2 seconds or something, but anything that you hit point blank disintegrated like I was playing a Gears of War game with the Gnasher. If you were under an enemy and you shot them you sent their giblets into low orbit, it was fantastic.
  9. Sly Reflex

    The Hot Topic

    Quelle surprise. No particular loyalties to consoles. As pointed out that's a bit silly. As for games, same. If it's bad or I don't enjoy it I won't play it, even as a fan of the series. Battlefield is the main case in point here. If they release games I'm not hot on I'm not going to spend time with them.
  10. Sly Reflex

    The Pinball Thread

    SKILLZ. https://www.twitch.tv/sly_reflex/clip/RudeDeliciousGrouseKAPOW
  11. Sly Reflex

    Earth Defense Force 5

    Don't underestimate shotguns. They're pretty rad for taking out big waling enemies.
  12. Sly Reflex

    Sony Consoles and Updates

    I'm amazed you've not got a platinum. I thought everyone had at least one.
  13. Sly Reflex

    Sony Consoles and Updates

    @Nabby9 Those are rookie numbers, you've got to pump them up.
  14. Sly Reflex

    Sonic News

    It's basically going to be 90 minutes of fever dream, isn't it?
  15. Sly Reflex

    Earth Defense Force 5

    I'm up to level 60+ now and it's got to the point where if you don't have good weapons or you aren't near armour cap then you're in for a hard time. It's rough but the time where kicking randoms for not having the requirements to do the levels they've come into is going to have to start to happen. One of the main rules of this game is don't die, and if you have to die make sure what you were doing when you got iced was worth it. The further I get into it the more of these pointless deaths I'm seeing, some even being me for misunderstanding how much risk I'm at. It's a learning process. Eventually we'll get there, but it is a case of people being weeded out now. I can't see myself carrying through the latter half of the game when I'm struggling with it myself.