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  1. Sly Reflex

    Cool Video Game Shit

    Someone made a Battlefield V video of what they'd want from Battlefield V instead of what's coming out, and the editing is super impressive. Take a gander at it. Some people are so talented with editing stuff together, especially when you consider all those other videos were set to different music but were still made to be somewhat cohesive in the grander picture.
  2. Sly Reflex

    Random News

    I watched someone play that last night. It looks like a more sedate Enter the Gungeon from a gameplay front, with a bit of Recettear on the offside. Speaking of which, I should probably play Recettear. Another one on the todo list.
  3. Sly Reflex

    Dragon's Dogma : Dark Arisen.

    Nope, PC. The amount of times I've pressed B to roll away though, Bloodborne has battered my muscle memory.
  4. Sly Reflex

    Website feedback

    It makes browsing older threads a pain because it throws out warnings. It's possibly scary to some, if you have a person that randomly goes to google to search something and it pushes to one of those pages here, then the first thing they see being a big red banner warning them off isn't a good impression. It's sad Raptr went the way it did, it could have continued being huge if it didn't follow the path it went. Discord came in and stole its dinner money as far as being a social network for gamers.
  5. Sly Reflex

    Dragon's Dogma : Dark Arisen.

    Five years late to the party. This is alright isn't it? I'm getting my shit pushed back in left right and centre, but I think I'm getting the gist of what is going on. The pawns must have a suicide pact though, they just fuck off into the fray and have no self preservation at all. It's like watching my grandma cross the road, they just fire off and hope for the best and no amount of "Get the fuck back here" spamming on the d-pad brings them back.
  6. Sly Reflex

    Website feedback

    Wholehole has a raptr sig. We'll get rid of them all eventually. I actually think it might have been easier to nuke everyone's sig and make active users reset to whatever they were using. It would have taken less time.
  7. Sly Reflex


  8. Sly Reflex

    Website feedback

    I saw it. It was just joking back and forth. I was going to save as and add my own text over it.
  9. Sly Reflex

    Website feedback

    So did something happen?
  10. Sly Reflex

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Wow, that's really shitty.
  11. Sly Reflex


    As promised, those missing boss fights. And now for something else...
  12. Sly Reflex

    HITMAN 2

    If you don't kill him someone else will.
  13. Sly Reflex

    The MFGamers Podcast

    I am probably going to do another Christmas themed one this year. @Jimbo Xiii and @DANGERMAN were on the last one so I'm looking for two different people to come on and talk for a bit about their festive gaming stuff. If I get more than 2 people come forwards I'll pick ones that compliment each other and go from there as long as we can sort recording times out. If recording times can't be synced I'll swap the person out that can't make it for someone that's more flexible with being able to record. PM me on here or contact me on Discord, Skype, Twitter or wherever you have me added. DO NOT POST YOUR INTEREST IN THIS THREAD. I WILL NOT ACCEPT ANYBODY THAT APPLIES HERE. Thank you.
  14. Sly Reflex


    The fight went on that long I broke my Tonitrus. What a piss take.
  15. Sly Reflex

    TV Shows

    To be fair it was completely awful.