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  1. Peglin is pretty good. If you like Peggle, Slay the Spire and have a PC, you should maybe look into it.
  2. We're swapping the planet of 4546B to the city of Harran. Population: Me, some psychopaths and a whole lot of zombies.
  3. So that's Subnautica put to bed. If you've not played it, you really should. It's grand. ALL SPOILERS. In short, I really liked it. It's stunningly beautiful as well, the atmosphere is off the charts. Each part of the map is so memorable I won't forget it in a hurry.
  4. It's looking highly likely we're heading to Dying Light next.
  5. Can I give you a bit of advice?
  6. Yeah, I am playing as well. On stream. BIG SPOIILERS On the upside, I got a pet fish that likes to high five me.
  7. I'm proud of you, man.
  8. You might be able to alter the resolution in the files before the game boots. Have a look on how to do this before you give up. Also worth setting the game to run in earlier windows version, sometimes they don't play well with later windows versions.
  9. I am coming towards the end of it now, annoyingly I lost a lot of time to a bug where my submarine vanished from inside the big submarine. Just about to build a base deep down because I cannot be arsed with the constant travelling back to the start base. Don't really want to go on more because spoilers.
  10. The rifle now sounds like it's having combustion in it now, very odd.
  11. The Mercs games were incredible fun. Just saying fuck it and calling a bunker buster in because you had so much money and couldn't be bothered running around shooting shit to level an apartment complex full of enemies would never get old.
  12. Yeah, I really enjoyed Dead Island. It wasn't amazing by any standards, but it was fun. Games are meant to be fun, even if they're wonky. A lot of developers should take note, they get so entranced in providing the best graphics and sound and completely forget to put something that resembles fun in there. Borderlands I don't think is a bad game, not for the time. It kicked off the looter shooter thing as we know it. Just Cause 2 is pretty bad, but that game is so much fun to play.
  13. Sly Reflex

    Random News II

    I really hope they don't just bank on this, or at least it allows them to make some more niche stuff like Full metal Furies. That game was incredible, but no fucker bought it.
  14. Games are about escapism, so for most pretending you own a house and cultivate relationships is a release they'd never get IRL. It sucks we've come to a point where we have to do this in game because it's realistically unattainable for so many people.
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