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  1. Summer Games Done Quick starts next Sunday. Didn’t start watching these speedrun events until about two years ago and now I really love these things. The whole week’s schedule is below. Can’t say I’m super familiar with the runners, and I tend to watch them as they come up in my YT feed anyway. Punchy doing Silent Hill 3 should be good. He did a really fun run of Silent Hill 1 (Again below) I don’t know if a thread exists for speedruns, if not I’ll start one Sunday and post runs I think are cool (And people post the ones they like as well!) https://gamesdonequick.com/schedule
  2. Browsing twitter I came across some promotional art and it looks amazing
  3. I freaked out and bought Dark Souls 2 and 3 on PS4 and Borderlands and Dying Light on Xbox because they were all on sale. Think it was about £47 something for the lot I don’t have pictures for everything this is best I can do
  4. Maf


    I haven’t actually died in regular combat but that section messed me up. Maybe because I wasn’t running? But Ulthane wouldn’t move or do his side of stuff until I killed everything. I don’t know. It was a weird difficulty spike to the point I feel like I missed something obvious
  5. Maf


    Somehow I’ve put over 6 hours in to this game already and I’ve only cleared 2 dungeons. Looking like there is going to be at least 4 dungeons? Next one is in the Ashlands. The most surprising for me is how hard the combat has gotten. I never remembered this game being challenging but these enemies do not mess around! There was one particular section where you have to kill all these angels with a big gun and I actually died twice because there was just so many and they wouldn’t stop peppering me with fire while big angel warrior guys came in and gave me the business. I had absolutely no idea how to effectively handle that so I had to play it like CoD on Veteran or something where I’m hiding around a corner and just trying to get one enemy in sight at a time to take them down. Really feel like I was missing a trick there I don’t think it should of been that hard.
  6. Maf

    Sea of Thieves

    I’ve got a mic @Sly Reflex Again I’m free pretty much any day, Post 7pm is good for me on weekdays, weekends literally whenever. Anyone hit hit me up when they want to go, I want to see what this game is like now it actually has stuff in it
  7. Maybe I just remember parts of it incorrectly. If it were left to me to describe that scene it would be Cloud lies on the floor crying while Zack and Tifa bone to the victory theme over Sephiroth’s corpse
  8. I thought Tifa did Sephiroth with the sword and then almost died? 🤔
  9. She trying to protect him because otherwise he would know he was a background character! She remembers Zack for all sorts of reasons, mostly because she knows he was the hero of the incident and she is trying to protect her childhood friend from him remembering he’s a loser.
  10. She wanted his dick
  11. Anyway, original point being everything to do with Zack makes Cloud lame. How did he go through one thing and freak out so much he imagined this whole other life, and then goes on to be the one to save everyone? He is to mentally weak to do so.
  12. I’m pretty sure in that conversation her and Cloud has in the trippy life stream scene that is where she says that he is getting mixed up with Zack because Cloud remembers doing all that shit in Nibelwhatever and she’s like “No, dork”. And I stand by what I said she was all over Zack’s dick
  13. Go to the true story part and it says that Tifa and Zack has this whole adventure against Sephiroth. How you say they barely met?
  14. https://finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Nibelheim_Incident
  15. No Zack goes to her town and she meets him and gets horny for him. Then because Cloud is a weirdo he pretends that was him later. That’s why there’s a bit in FF7 when Tifa says to him “There’s things you remember that you shouldn’t and things you don’t remember that you should” or something because he put himself in Zack’s shoes. She’s like “How do you know that?” And the answer is because Cloud is wackadoodle
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