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  1. Maf

    Marvel's Avengers

    It does right? Like Iron Man’s armour changes and his lasers change colours and stuff How long until this game loses all integrity and they doing things like pink skinned Hulk and whatnot
  2. Maf

    Marvel's Avengers

    Don’t know. Haven’t seen what end game content is.
  3. Maf

    Marvel's Avengers

    Anybody watched any impressions videos of the beta? I haven’t yet. The thing for me about this game is if it does turn out good I think it will probably be fine but the potential for it to be bullshit is huge. Looking at the gameplay trailers and the way the characters move mechanically it looks like a cheap 360 X, X, Y brawler with a little bit, just a little bit of flair. The potential for that type of gameplay to be good, especially with repeated content, seems very limited where as the potential for it to be boring is very high. Really think finding a good, dedicated group of people that like playing together and quick content updates will be essential for this, more than most live games. The other thing that @HandsomeDead is touching on is also really important and that’s Disney’s commitment to games. They don’t have any. They’re too used to being the biggest thing in whichever industry they go in to and making 100’s of millions of $ straight away. And they have not had that with ‘real’ games so they pull the plug on it. It wasn’t too long ago they had another live game called Marvel Heroes which I never played because it was on PC but my understanding is people really liked that and they just axed it. With phone games they’re more reliable, probably because they’re cheaper. And I’m sure they have contracts in place that Disney needs to support this for X amount of years. But if it does shit the bed it could be under threat very quickly.
  4. Maf

    Pokemon Sword & Shield

    Amoongus with 0 attack and speed is actually what you want. The Pokemon is pure defence so you would really want to concentrate on HP and a defence stat depending on team composition. I don’t know what Amoongus is running these days. It used to be very physically defensive. It also usually attacks with Spore/Smog/Giga Drain/Sludge Bomb. All of which are special attacks so not affected by the 0 attack stat. It’s not a very good in game Pokemon but more for multiplayer. You want to see if it’s got the ability Regenerator It’s one of the best abilities in the game. Every time it switches out it gets a 1/3rd if it’s health back. Lil’ bastard thing it is it just don’t fucking die
  5. I know it said without context but for context the reason I would pick Mario and Zelda is because to me these are the series I rate highest above all others. I can’t think of another series that has this many entries in it that I would still score so highly. Mario is almost all 10’s across the board with a couple of 7’s and Zelda is a super consistent mix of 8’s, 9’s and a couple of all time 10’s for good measure. There isn’t another series on that list that has that many games in it that scores that well with me. Pokemon can’t do it. Halo can’t do it. God of War can’t do it. Sonic certainly can’t fucking do it. And you know I love these video games but it’s just different. Mario and Zelda are just different. There is them and then there is everything else. So random select because no matter what got picked I’d probably sit there and play Mario and Zelda anyway.
  6. I think I will quit and come back to it in a few weeks. I just really can’t be assed.
  7. Yuck. So as annoyed and sweary and mentally unstable I became yesterday doing the assault course challenge today I’ve been trying to get the trophy for completing the game without dying/failing. I’ve put it on the easiest difficulty and it’s still much harder than you think it would be. I’ve got to the second set of missions and just died/lost 4 times on the same one and have called it a break. The thing about the assault course as even though it was much harder than this the restarts are literally instant and I find that kind of thing fun in a twisted, self harm kind of way. This not dying trophy is just so boring. 1) Because it is really easy but as it’s on the easiest difficulty I get very careless and either get blown up by a grenade or accidentally shoot someone on my side which the game counts as a death/fail and 2) You can’t reload checkpoints either so I have to go right back to the mission select screen and do it again. My last two trophies are this and get all the collectibles so I thought I would do them all in a final run. But man this is boring. If it wasn’t the last thing to do in the game I would quit and do something else. The assault course was bullshit but at least it was fun. This is just tedious.
  8. Seems harsh @Nag why would you do that
  9. Mario, Zelda, random select (As long as I don’t get Kingsom Hearts, Sly Cooper or Jack & Daxter. All fart noises)
  10. Yes. One X is better looking. The white One S is the best looking out of the Xbox One range. At the time I almost got one just because of how good it looks
  11. Maf

    The Hot Topic Returns

    The first 4 games all the sound the same to me. Localisation and scripting was not a thing I was thinking about at that age. Unless it’s some particularly squeaky cringe anime I don’t think that hard about it now. MGS5 is obviously different but for big, obvious reasons.
  12. The PS5 is a odd choice by Sony. Typically the make really sleek, sophisticated looking things and this is the closest they’ve ever made their console look like a toy. Conversely if Nintendo made a system that looked like that I would be thinking oh it looks surprisingly normal for them
  13. I’m not sure how to explain this but I think the PS5 looks cooler than the Series X but I think the Series X looks better than the PS5. The PS5 is the console equivalent of a lava lamp. It’s fun to look at for a minute but I wouldn’t have one in my house.
  14. Maf

    The Hot Topic Returns

    The big one for me is Metal Gear Solid. From the age of 10 up until I was 20 I was a Metal Gear Solid fanatic. I played those games backwards and forwards and almost non-stop, especially the first 2. MGS1 I have probably played no less than 40 times. As a kid in the PS1/N64 era it was the only PS1 game that was in the never ending rotation with Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, Lylat Wars and Ocarina. Finish it, start it again, finish it, start it again, finish it, start it again. MGS is still top 5, all time, dead or alive for me. Probably always will be. The hype around MGS2 when that came out. Man, it was a game that when my mum bought it for me the whole way home I couldn’t stop looking at and examining the box. It was like holding the holy grail. Just wow I am holding Metal Gear Solid 2. Add in the PS2 was still new and the best console ever at the time. To have the next Metal Gear Solid game on it ready to go. Crazy. The game doesn’t hold up for me like the first one but at the time I adored it and played on every difficulty. I even remember staying up really late night after night with the official Prima strategy guide and methodically going through each area and crossing off the list of dog tags in the back of the book one by one through Very Easy to European Extreme. Loved Metal Gear Solid 3 as well, obviously. Even today MGS3 is a top 20, possible top 15 game of all time for me. Things were a bit different at that time and I had fallen off video games a little bit but even then when that game came out I played it maybe 5 times in the first 2 weeks trying to work out what the fuck these frogs do and trying to unlock every cutscene. Then MGS4. Now I love MGS4. I know people don’t like it and it ties everything up in a bow too much and it probably explains too much and yada, yada. You are right but I don’t care I loved all of it. I almost cried at the end when the camera looks away and you hear the gunshot. Everyone at the time wanted Snake to commit suicide because they were all a bunch of brainless, bloodthirsty, shock value chasing pack of dogs. I wanted a happy ending. I followed Snake’s story for 10 years through childhood to adulthood. Personally I felt like we collectively had gone through enough, lol. Let the guy rest. After that it was done, though. The closure on it was so perfect I just can not get hyped in nearly the same way for a MGS game. Even when MGS5 was coming and no one knew how light the story content of that game was going to be I just didn’t really care. I had interest in it and actually enjoyed playing it, but no where near as much and in a complete opposite way in which I enjoyed MGS before. Gameplay being first, all the voice actors were different, the style was different. The fact that it felt so not-MGS is the only reason I did enjoy it because if it really was meant to be a true sequel instead of just an excuse for Kojima to experiment it would of been a slap in the face. Especially the way it tries to tie back in with Punished Snake and be all about language and whatever. Maybe I was too grown but it all seemed very fucking stupid and forehead palming to me. The series at this point isn’t going to continue in a meaningful way so I don’t have to care about it anymore. But even if they announced tomorrow that Kojima was back, Metal Gear Solid 6 is live, here we go. I still wouldn’t care about it (Although that would be nuts given all the circumstances). I don’t even want there to be another game called Metal Gear Solid. If they stopped at 4 and never made another one I would have been perfectly happy and content and it wouldn’t fall in to the category of “series you’ve fallen out of love with”. Because, unless there is some truly, creative, brilliant things cooking at Konami *cough* Metal Gear Survive *cough*. I just don’t see there being a way that I could ever be a real fan of this series ever again. Which I would have been totally all right with had it ended with MGS4. !
  15. Thank you I did a similar challenge years back on Titanfall 2. To beat the training course in stupidly low amount of time. Modern Warfare 2 run is harder as it has to be input perfect and hyper precise. Titanfall 2 is more about the movement and just keeping up speed with the wall running - which is also very hard. But I managed to make a huge mistake in Titanfall 2 and still did it so the MW2 one is more difficult. This also took an insane amount of time for a 30 second challenge, though.
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