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  1. Maf

    Borderlands 3

    I got to say my enjoyment of this game is going up all the time. The things I don’t like remain the same, but the things I do like is going up and up. The combat is getting more fun, I am starting to get much better weapons (I’ve currently got a pistol that SHREDS muthafuckas), and the environments are actually really good and varied so far. It’s never going to be a world class shooter, but for a fun game to mindlessly shoot targets and watch numbers go up it’s really doing the job. Starting to like this game a lot. However here is a picture of one of my issues with the game I was talking about before As you can see the numbers in the top left show the overall number value of the purple gun is much higher than the orange one, but the orange one is clearly better when you look at the stats. Bar fire rate and the ability to shoot rockets the new pistol does not stack up at all. Especially considering the orange one does shock damage to destroy shields and then can be switched to fire to destroy flesh. So I don’t know how it comes to the conclusions that it does, really.
  2. Maf

    Nintendo News

    Nintendo did make slight alterations to Wind Waker and Ocarina of Time remakes so there is a possibility they coulld fix and rebalance Sunshine. I wouldn’t put money on it, but it is possible.
  3. Fair enough if that is the story. Still think RE3 has a lot of question marks around it, though.
  4. @DisturbedSwan I’m not sure what article you read that states that but I would be highly surprised if that was the case. I know you’re all saying this took more than a year. But maybe only with pre-production or something. I think the amount of real work, people actually making it and not specing it out, on this thing looks like about 8 months. Not that I know anything about game development but just what it looks like. EDITED BY MAF BECAUSE AFTER THOUGHTS
  5. Maf

    Rayman Legends

    Yeah, I was turned on by them too. Wait. Typo.
  6. The ending is one of the criticisms of U2 that I’m on board for as well. You can beat the blue guys with the gold crossbows, I think it’s almost an insta-kill. I don’t know it’s been a while. But the whole last chunk of that game gets super hard and is kind of a dick. It’s like what happened, man, I thought we were having a good time? Must be the warm up for Uncharted 3.
  7. Is the Gears of War guy really having a pop about bullet sponge enemies? 😂
  8. How do you know that for a fact? 🤔 Speedruns of this game are going to be under an hour I think, especially with that dodge mechanic. Some people are going to abuse the shit out of that.
  9. Maybe not strictly a year but it does look very rushed. But sometimes short games are great games. I’d take a 5 hour game with no fat over a 10 hour game filled with shit. Going by reviews some people really like this game.
  10. Maf

    Nintendo News

    I don’t know, the last Mario game they made was Odyssey. Not a terrible game, but I’ll take a couple of Galaxy remakes to remember the better days 😕
  11. Oof This is why I was questioning months ago how they made this in a year. It all seemed way too fast.
  12. Maf

    Borderlands 3

    I couldn’t find a thread for this in games so please merge if I missed it. Short version: It’s passable, just turn the sound off. Long version: I am having a pretty uneven time with this game. I’m about 7+ hours in and if I had to score it right now it would be about a weak 6/10. I really enjoy the way the game plays. I like shooting things, then picking things up. It is dumb and mindless and not really moved on at all since original Borderlands 1 but it just works and is satisfying. It’s why I would score it so highly because despite other stuff that I very much don’t like the bread and butter shooting and looting and handing in quests is fun. I’m also playing the Siren class which I was pretty underwhelmed with in Borderlands 1, I think they have made surprisingly cool in 3. Each character has 3 skill trees they can pick from so there’s quite a lot of tweaking your build if you’re in to that (I looked at a brief YT guide but it doesn’t seem that helpful until I have all available skill points and then respec to what guns I have). I didn’t have any idea what skills I should pick so I went with the least exciting sounding one because video games generally work like that, and I haven’t been let down! My special is I can suspend any enemy in a bubble and kill them. In the beginning it was fine, then the game got a bit harder and it felt almost useless, but now I have a new upgrade that if I kill someone in a bubble within 4 seconds then the bubble will automatically grab the next bad guy and it will do that up to 4 bad guys. So now it’s very good. I’m enjoying this class. When I say it hasn’t moved on much from Borderlands 1. It has in the sense of there are new vehicles, more persistent challenges, more ways to spec out a character, etc. It has moved on in the most iterative ways possible. But none of it is drastically meaningful to the end result of shoot and collect. For me so far it has 3 things I don’t like. 1st one is just awkward and that’s the design of the guns. They’re trying to make all the guns look really rad but it makes it hard to tell what type of gun it is just by looking at it. Thankfully on every screen they have a symbol for the type of gun you’re using because I guess they know they fucked this up. I get it, all guns are basically the same, but you want to make it feel like they aren’t, so you try to mix up what they look like. But half the time I’m like is this a shotgun or a sniper? Even when cycling active guns I have to keep an eye on the symbol to know what type of gun I’m holding. Something that should be obvious but isn’t. Thing number 2 is comparing stats on guns. For me Borderlands has always struggled with making me feel like I’m really progressing with my arsenal and here is the same. I spend so long looking at stats on guns and their special effects and really it never feels like it makes that much of a difference, so every half hour I have to analyse my inventory deciding what to get rid of and most of the time I’m not even sure that it matters. They try to make it better by giving each gun an overall value so you could just look at that number and go with that gun, but when I look at the specific stats I’m not convinced the game knows what it’s talking about. I try to trust it but I had a shotgun for about 4 hours and despite new shotguns coming my way, and them being higher ranked, I really don’t think they were better than the one I was already using. And lastly, the absolute most abhorrent thing a game has done to me since I don’t even know when. And that is listening to these characters talk. Holy shit it makes me want to hang myself. Nearly every single character is the worst character there has ever been in a video game. They are all loud, obnoxious, unfunny clown holes. It’s constantly trying too hard and attempting “Stupid humour” because I guess this game is aimed at teens, but if it’s lucky it’s almost comical every 50th attempt at a joke. It’s so overwritten, so overbearing, so flailing for anything even remotely even approaching a laugh it makes me want to quit the game. It’s trying for this dumb, American, post apocalyptic, redneck stereotype humour and it can’t land a single line. I’ve honestly had to mute it and just listen to podcasts and YouTube videos because I can’t stand it. For gameplay alone I think this game is totally adequate for a dumb, follow the marker, shoot the guys, don’t think about it type of game. But anytime anyone talks it makes me want to quit on the spot. The voice acting and writing is an absolute tragedy.
  13. Maf

    Nintendo News

    I would imagine the Galaxy games would come together. I’m sure they run on the same engine/technology so if they do one they might as well do the other. If they remaster Sunshine or 64 they are going to need to remake bits of those games. Camera in both is going to need to be completely fixed, and some of those levels changed if they want to do a really good job with them. Although it’s Nintendo so I imagine they’ll just be better looking versions with no actual design changes... Best case scenario for me would be true remakes. Imagine if they did Super Mario World but with a really awesome, new art style. Not NSMB art style, like they took World and made it look special. That and a HD Galaxy series remaster would be cool.
  14. Maf

    Nintendo News

    2 is probably better but 1 had that wow factor. I’ll take either, I don’t mind. You can keep Sunshine, though, Blakey, you’re more than welcome to it.
  15. Maf

    Nintendo News

    Nintendo 2020 line up reportedly “dominated” by Super Mario games https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2020-03-30-sources-nintendo-switch-2020-line-up-dominated-by-mario-games-old-and-new Literally only talking about a Mario Galaxy remaster the other day.
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