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  1. Maf


    It’s funny how Bendis is getting so much credit for Spiderverse when it isn’t he’s idea, really. Yes he created Miles and Miles is the main character. But it was Dan Slott that wrote the original Spiderverse story and he is not getting tagged at all Fair enough the stories have basically nothing to do with each other. But then I bet this film doesn’t resemble Bendis’s comics about Miles, either. At the end of the day it’s whatever but feel like someone should point it out
  2. Maf

    Random News

    I like MGS more but Splinter Cell has more room to go. MGS feels pretty done ever since 4, but Splinter Cell, because it has had so many reboots and fits and starts, still feels like there is no real established direction so could go many places. I enjoyed MGS5 but even that was 1 game too many.
  3. Maf

    Random News

    🤔 Advanced Warfighter or Spinter Cell Black List 2 or GTFO
  4. Maf


    I was watching a Lets Play of this but I think I need to stop and play it for myself because it looks fantastic. Dark Souls Lite is about where I’m at right now, I think.
  5. Maf

    Random News

    It’s just going to be Wildlands 2, isn’t it? I want Advanced Warfighter back, I loved those games.
  6. Maf

    TV Shows

    Oh, this is pretty fun. Someone took the 90’s Spider-Man cartoon intro and did it live action using scenes from all the movies. Some parts are kind of accurate as well? At the very least they did a good job matching the sound FX with the action
  7. Maf

    The Comic Book Thread

    This. Is. Amazing. Lol
  8. Maf

    The Comic Book Thread

    Inspired by the Super Sons series and wanting to ramp up to Final Crisis I bought this I love Grant Morrison’s interpretation of Batman and the little character details he folds in so easily between their already established traits. Andy Kubert’s art is so good as well. That last panel is the only drop of sadness in the whole scene but it still hits because of the eyes. I already have some some of these issues from later in Morrison’s run but they were also the first Batman comics I read since I was a kid. Now after all this time coming full circle I get this stuff a lot more and it’s more potent now I have my own history with the character instead of jumping straight in.
  9. Maf

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    2 out of 5. And a JRPG main character. I’m going to give myself 2.5/5 Fuck Bomberman
  10. Maf


    Says the guy who bashed every Marvel film ever for being too broad 😮
  11. Maf


    Yeah Here is the full box office for Aquaman https://www.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?id=dcfilm0617.htm
  12. Maf


    78% of the audience was gay guys? Aquaman must be a gay icon, surely. Where is Regemond he will know
  13. Maf

    Final Fantasy 15

    Oh, funny how the one you like the most is the ‘best one’. Where is your objectivity? My list is a cold hard list of fact. These are the best FF games. You don’t have to like it, but you do have to admit it
  14. Maf

    Final Fantasy 15

    Top 5 FF games in no particular order except least best to most best Theatrhythm Curtain Call Dissidia 2 Crisis Core That VR shooting one Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Bearers
  15. Maf


    Aquaman made over $800 million?! Aquaman?! The fish guy! Either the cinema is starved of good content or 78% of this film’s audience was women. Del Toro must be so mad. “Didn’t see $800 million for my fish man movie”