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  1. Do. Not. Pee. #whateverittakes
  2. Maf

    Crackdown 3

    You get all the orbs in 3, Jax?
  3. Maf

    Crackdown 3

    Never used them anyway, you lazy fucker lol
  4. I mean frankly I find the acknowledgement of GT upsetting but what can you do
  5. Maf

    The Anime Thread

    Clips of One Punch Man Season 2 are going up on YT?! Is this on Crunchyroll or something?
  6. What did I ever do to you?
  7. Please stop posting that picture. It upsets the children (And me)
  8. No, zombies are shit. Marvel or otherwise. They make good cannon fodder for video games but that’s as interesting as they get.
  9. This is the only sensible plan of action, your kidneys are overrated, anyway
  10. Upon return you must tell us the most key bit of information: What are the precise minutes it is safe to go to the toilet or is it a ‘sit in it and live with it’ situation?
  11. Maf


    Time is a factor for me but I also really, really struggle playing the same game for just weeks at a time. Going well off topic, I suppose, but as much as the Raid stuff in Destiny was really fun and is the highlight of those games, getting there is hard. Even when chatting and having fun I find playing the same stuff over and over exceptionally challenging. Bringing it back around a bit, that’s why I was excited for Anthem but never ended up playing it. On the face of it the direct appeal is Iron Man like stuff, but then when the reviews and reports from users started to come out about it I was thinking my struggle with these type of rinse and repeat games already, add the fact there doesn’t appear to be a chase, added to the fact that people seem to fall off really quickly. Made this a super hard sell. And every time a new game comes out that’s just one more nail in the coffin lid for me and Anthem, which is a shame because the promise was really appealing EDIT: I didn’t mean to bump him go back and read @ThreeFour‘s post 👈
  12. Vergil would get wrecked Come here Tuesday night I will tell you all about it 🙃
  13. Maf

    Days Gone

    This is my self portrait Look in my eyes. Demons and blood rage.
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