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  1. Maf

    Nintendo Switch

    I was about to write how I didn’t really like the look of anything there and then my man comes along and is like oh by the way AXIOM VERGE 2 YOU WORTHLESS ASS MUTHAFUCKAS and I’m like MAN THAT’S AGGRESSIVE but I’m in to it
  2. Maf

    TV Shows

    I managed one and a bit episodes of Watchmen before falling asleep. I both did and didn’t really understand it. Like I understand why the cops are wearing masks, because being part of the police is really dangerous. But I don’t understand why being a police officer is that dangerous. Why is this the status quo. They didn’t touch on anything like that in the original Watchmen did they? Also this show has Death Stranding types of weirdness and vocabulary. What are Redford-adtions?
  3. Maf

    TV Shows

    I found out my mum has a Now TV subscription so now I have another service to complain about not having anything I like on it. Yay!
  4. Xbox has a Super Saver Deal on until the 16th but it isn’t very good. I hope there’s another Christmas promotion after that.
  5. What didn’t you like about the remake? Are you old school RE2 fan?
  6. What is this then^? I’m not getting into these infinitely circular conversations anymore, you’re just wrong calling them lazy and complacent. Moving past that, timed exclusives are dumb, and I’m not saying this has to be PS4 exclusive only, let it be Switch of (eep) Xbox or whatever. I just get disappointed when the info comes out that something isn’t exclusive at all, because regardless where they lie I think they are healthy overall even if segments of people get pissed off by it
  7. Well you obviously haven’t played enough of them because you think they are basically the same thing. It was only yesterday you said you didn’t know what Gamepass is.
  8. How would you know you don’t own either. You don’t get Gamepass because of complacency, you get it because one product was way in the back and desperate for a hook. Proving that competition is good, and the best things both competitors can provide is games
  9. I’m not saying either is creatively lax or redundant but I’m saying the more games you can only get on that platform than the higher value that platform holds. And as someone who regularly ends up with both I want them to have as much value as possible. One of the reasons I’m so excited about the next Xbox is because of how many studios Xbox bought and have exclusives cooking up for them only. A game system is nothing without the game, so the more exclusive ones it has the more exciting that platform is. I think timed exclusives are valueless to the audience. The only people that benefit are the 3rd party publisher because they save on marketing.
  10. No, get more exclusives, all over, get as many bullets in that chamber as possible. If there is going to be two big consoles on the market at any given time than I want the competition to be fierce, fun and exciting. It brings more value to the industry as a whole to have competitive options and makes me feel like I get more value out of purchasing these system when they’re not a couple of interchangeable boxes with different logos. I’m disappointed this is a timed exclusive, it should be a real PS4 exclusive instead.
  11. I wish I could be more excited about it. I will still probably buy it in the vain hope it helps the chances of a Vanquish sequel and I can still say I own every console version of Bayonetta but these are not exactly the reasonings of an excited fan. Hopefully it’s -£30
  12. Maf

    DC Cinematic Universe

    As much as there is superhero media out the ass these days, sometimes I still find shots like this amazing for the fact that this stuff is getting made and business/production/Hollywood people put this much effort into making something so obscenely stupid come to life I take a lot of joy in all of this (despite not watching any of the CW stuff) just because it exists at all. However I also think it’s going to be really funny in 10-15 years when this superhero era is well and truly over and not just the next generation/wave of people look back at all this and are like “What the fuck was all that” but even all the actors who were so dying to get any of these parts right now are forced to look back at these pictures with just total embarrassment. Because it looks so god damn silly. I mean I’m in to it, I love all this stuff. One because it is stuff I like but two just the insanity that it’s being made at all. A lot of the time I’m just overly use to it but sometimes you get photos like this and be like oh yeah it’s fucking wild. I’m never not impressed by that Batwoman costume
  13. Maf

    Dragon Quest XI

    I did notice for ages in the menus it said you could use weapons as items during battle, but I was never brave enough to try because I didn’t know if I would lose the weapon.
  14. Maf

    Random News II

    New Bioshock confirmed to be in development https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-12-09-bioshock-in-development-at-new-2k-studio-cloud-chamber That is all
  15. Maf


    I think Dead Space does all that stuff beautifully but it’s a very case specific example. Not every character wears a robot suit. Some just have t-shirts.
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