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  1. The game is a timed exclusive for 3 months only? https://www.ign.com/articles/final-fantasy-7-rebirth-exclusive-to-ps5-for-at-least-three-months Were Square that disappointed with the FF16 sales this was the best Sony could negotiate maybe
  2. C’mon, @Nag I’ll be Deadshot and you can be Captain Boomerang. You’ve always seemed like a Captain Boomerang kind of person to me
  3. Yeah, especially when the delivery guy is dropping it and kicking it. Have to plug my 3080 back in this evening. Woe is me and my weak ass computer 😓 DPD said the parcel won’t get back to the company until Monday. So it’s got to survive 3 days with them lol. Wonder how long it will take to get back. Best part of 2 weeks, I reckon?
  4. https://www.ign.com/articles/suicide-squad-kill-the-justice-league-has-fallen-short-of-our-expectations-warner-bros-says Official flop. Gamepass when?
  5. Oh wow so this game has some simple fun investigation aspects on tracking down the assassination targets as well. It’s only looking at the map and reading easy clues but it’s neat. I’m starting to really, really like this game. This is my jam
  6. No, so the packaging they sent me only had, um, like foam padding for the corners of the PC. And it was too small for the case. So I had to rip the corners off each other and wedge the PC in between them so it was stable When It was delivered it had foam padding on the inside, but they didn’t supply me with any so can’t send it back this way Very nervous I I complained to DPD and let the PC company know. They said thanks and because I used their packaging I am covered in care of any damages. But fucking he’ll when I saw him kick it I had to make complaints straight away and try cover myself. I’ve packed it as good as I can but it’s not going to help if he starts lobbing it about
  7. Packed the PC up this morning and collected by DPD. The packaging they sent me didn’t make sense so I’ve wedged everything together as good as I can and made it stable as possible. But this fucking DPD guy is a nightmare. At my door he picked it up, then just dropped it on the floor in front of me to do something on he’s phone. Then I watched him outs side and he just dropps the box in the back of the van. I don’t know why but he gave it a little kick. Then, it wasn’t my box, some other box in the van. He just picked it up and launched it deeper in to the van to get it out of the way. I dunno what I should do. I feel like phoning/emailing the PC company and telling them what I saw. Especially worried now because of how I packed it. I mean it was stable and barely moving, but there’s no foam on the inside of the PC or whatever like how it was originally delivered, just wedged in around it so it doesn’t rattle on the box Here we go
  8. Maf

    The Anime Thread

    £270 😮‍💨 but really cool DB collectible https://www.clubhousestatues.com/es/products/dragon-ball-new-journey-studio-kid-goku-resin-statue-preorder
  9. Superman’s front door key
  10. Maf

    The Plucky Squire

    Yeah, this game is looking brilliant. C'mon Gamepass 🤞
  11. Downloaded Dead Island 2 on Xbox and started playing this while I wait. You ever have that thing where the game just 'clicks' better for no real reason? I don't think any differently now than what I did when playing it last month. But I just played it for 3-4 hours straight and super enjoyed it. It is what I want it to be. It's like Assassin's Creed 2 style stuff. Not as good. I stand by that I wish this was a 'full' game and higher quality. But I dunno. Running around, stabbing guys, getting treasure, parkouring, climbing towers, working out how to get in to buildings. It's fun, dude. This game still works for me. I just cleared out the entire first region and now it looks like the story is leading me to another one so that's cool. I dunno. This game seems pretty good. Nice chill game just running around and doing stuff
  12. Potentially dumb question but If it will work on PC does that mean Half Life will be playable on it?
  13. Oh, yeah, my bad. The game looks good but I don’t see a character that appeals to me yet. But the game isn’t out until 2025 so there’s plenty of time
  14. New trailer and new name. The game is now called 2KXO
  15. Reviews are out. Very high score
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