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  1. Fucking hell. I honestly quit. See ya, guys
  2. Maf

    PlayStation Plus

    Nioh 2 is a good get. Those games are still really expensive for some reason.
  3. I’ve been really excited for the new CoD but this is…boy. The thing is there’s video from USA’s COVID curfew of police threatening and using tear gas on civilians who are standing at their door. So technically this is realistic. But to show it off from presumably a heroic stand point is so tactless and tone deaf. It’s like in that other CoD game where they had “Hold X to pay respects”. Although that was funny this is thoughtless. How many thousands of people work on this game. How does something like this make it in
  4. Maf

    Bayonetta 3

    89 on Metacritic. Haven’t actually checked what any of the reviews say about it yet
  5. Need it? No. Want it? I know it’s not what you want but DF talking about how 4090 is kind of fucked up because it pushes the FPS so high in some cases it makes games worse lol. Sounds like you kind of have to turn any DLSS support off to try keep a lid on the 4090. Otherwise it’s got all that power + DLSS3 is trying to create even more frames and it’s just blowing the doors off some games (their example is Plague Tale 2 where it fucks up input lag)
  6. @OCH Ant-Man being the first to meet Kang I think will be the MCU’s parallel to when Ant-Man met the Beyonders in Hickman’s Avengers - again everything building up this Secret Wars I think at the end of Ant-Man 3 we’ll get a scene like this where Ant-Man makes it back and runs to whoever the Avengers are right now and be like “Kang is coming”
  7. Ant-Man is easily the weakest series of all their different things but I’ll say the trailer isn’t just good in comparison, it looks quite good full stop
  8. Maf

    Bayonetta 3

    @one-armed dwarf I don’t understand your first bit. I’m not mad about anything except Rami’s tweet. It’s not about people changing their minds or being fooled or whatever. Stuff like that happens to me all the time. But people want to die on a hill just because it’s an anti-corp hill can eat shit. I got no time for hipster Twitter. EDIT: @HandsomeDead all the stories about crunch, sexual harassment and things like that is one thing. Just taking this actor’s side because she didn’t like the pay she was offered is another. It’s not like the signed a contract and got shafted or ripped off. The money’s not enough, don’t do the job. That’s for work for hire. I’m also glad it all went against her because the way she handled it was dog shit. Boycott the game because I’m not getting paid. Fuck off
  9. Ooh they’re making an Ant-Man film that actually looks good.
  10. Maf

    Bayonetta 3

    Not for me. I will believe people if lots of stories come out, or a group of people are saying one thing, or if that 1 person has good, supporting evidence. But I don’t believe just one, disgruntled person on their own. Especially when the thing they’re moaning about is money.
  11. Maf

    Bayonetta 3

    It’s not the changing he’s mind part, it’s the bit where he is like ‘I will always back the individual over the corporation - for any claim.’ In the thread he is saying he would do it again and it’s just like fucking hell. I don’t know how to describe it. This stuff irritates me and as much as they like to ‘stick it to the man’ or whatever for any possible reason (and when justified for sure), but it’s good when the tables are flipped and they have to eat shit back.
  12. Maf

    Bayonetta 3

    My favourite part are all the Twitter voices having to back pedal as well. Like that Rami dev dude who is like Insufferable people. The point isn’t to always back one or the other 🙄
  13. One of the best comic book movie trailers ever ”They will race behind you. They will stumble, they will fall. But in time, they will join you in the sun. In time, you will help them accomplish wonders” Not posting this for any particular reason 😁 https://www.instagram.com/p/CkGjGIZL4rk/?hl=en
  14. Maf

    Fallout 4

    Next gen update for PC? 🤔
  15. Maf

    The Hot Topic Returns

    Oh, also Sonic Mania, duh. If that counts in this topic, I’m not sure.
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