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  1. Somehow this game is still getting support 2 years after release https://www.pushsquare.com/news/2022/10/dragon-ball-z-kakarots-enhanced-ps5-version-drops-in-january-is-a-free-upgrade Free next gen update coming to PS5 and Series X. 60fps, better lighting, character models, upgraded environments. Have to say, based on the trailer it looks like a really nice upgrade. It's quite eye catching. Announced is also a season 2 wave of DLC. The DLC has taken a weird path. The first DLC episodes followed the DB Super arcs with Battle of Gods and Resurrection F. Then they did a side story DLC episode in Trunk's timeline where Gohan died to the Androids. The latest DLC is another side story centred around Bardock. But it's now getting 2 more DLC episodes. I'm hoping it goes back to following Super and they do the Tournament of Power. To be real all the frames and lighting in the world isn't going to make this a good game. This game is undeniably bad. But still cool to see it's getting an updated version and new content. I'll play it. Especially if UI Goku is one of the DLC episodes.
  2. Maf

    Dead Space remake

    Honestly a bit underwhelmed. I know the structure of the game is different and it’s more like a metroidvania, so when playing it hopefully it feels like a fresher experience. But the game play clips look exactly the same as I’ve already played. Almost like a shot for shot remake. It doesn’t even look that much better than I remember it looking (although I’m sure side by side comparisons will really show the difference) I was really looking forward to this. Loved the first 2 Dead Space games. But this trailer has dialled back my excitement rather than increase it.
  3. Maf

    Guilty Gear -Strive-

    Crossplay beta 13/10/22 - 17/10/22 on PC and PS5. It doubles as free play days as well. So even if you don’t own the game you can download it and play it for these days
  4. Maf


    This looks great. It's still on Gamepass as well so I'll give this a try
  5. Unbelievably it's time to start this already 🙁 #WIP GotY 2022 1: Elden Ring 2: Kirby and the Forgotten Land 3: Pokémon Arceus 4: The Quarry 5: Diablo Immortal 6: Xenoblade Chronicles 3 7: Rogue Legacy 2 8: Tunic 9: Return to Monkey Island 10: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge  Games not from 2022 discovered in 2022 1: Red Dead Redemption 2 2: Castlevania Advanced: Circle of the Moon 3: Pokémon Sword & Shield 4: God of War (2018) 5: A Plague Tale Innocence Most Anticipated 2023 Game 1: Fable 4 2: Marvel's Spider-Man 2 3: Assassin's Creed: Mirage 4: Diablo IV 5: The Legend of Zelda: Tears of a Kingdom
  6. I’ve never played a Monkey Island game before but something about this seemed really appealing so I’ve given it a go The game has a casual and a hardcore mode. With the hardcore mode adding more and harder puzzles. I went with casual because I just kind of want to see the game. I start with a couple of negatives. I think these games are meant to be funny; I don’t think it’s funny at all. I watched videos saying you can play this game without playing the others and still understand it and enjoy it. This is true, but this game feels like it’s made for nostalgia. Every turn there’s a reference. This game is enjoyable but this is definitely a game made for fans, which is not me I’ve reached part 4 of 5 though and I am quite enjoying it. Even if I don’t really know what I’m enjoying about it. Even though I have no nostalgia and don’t find it funny, which are it’s 2 key points. I’m enjoying watching it unravel. Also never playing a point and click game before it’s novel just to play through it. The puzzles are fun to figure it out and the characters are silly and enjoyable. One thing that wowed me is playing this game on the OLED Switch. I don’t think I’ve played a game better suited to this screen. The colours, the contrast, the blacks, the movement, the children’s storybook look of the game. Add in headphones and it’s really something and legitimately wowed me. Not the best looking Switch game, but the most suited game I’ve played in the OLED. If you’ve got one don’t miss this game on it. Overall though I would say I like it but don’t love it. It’s light hearted and pleasant, looks incredible on the OLED Switch, and for a first point and click game it’s quite a novel and charmingly experience. However I can’t help but think I’ll never enjoy this game the way others do because I don’t have the history or enjoy it’s humour
  7. Ffs another Game exclusive Pokemon https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/free-shiny-eternatus-in-pokemon-sword-or-pokemon-shield-4003142 Get a Shiny Eternatus if pre-order the new Pokemon game in store.
  8. I found an excellent website this morning that seems to automatically track the prices of Switch games on the eShop and big online stores like Amazon and Game https://www.dekudeals.com/ Much better than using the actual Switch store which is hassle. There might be better deals online from smaller retailers. But as a first check for a game, especially without having to use the eShop directly, this seems really good
  9. I don’t think Affleck will return as DD because people didn’t like that movie (although I remember it being good). I’m surprised he is returning for Batman cameos to be honest. I think No Way Home has set the plate for Secret Wars. Any star that’s played a major Marvel role in any previous Marvel movie or Tv show has a good chance of appearing in this film. Morbius, Venom, Spider-Men, Fox X-Men, Defenders, Agents of Shield, retired MCU characters. I think this is what this movie is going to be. I really think we’re going to get this (spoilers, probably) But instead of alternate futures/realities it will be cinematic universes.
  10. They won’t get Ben Affleck or Jennifer Garner but apart from that I think something for like this is exactly what I expect
  11. https://www.cdkeys.com/gotham-knights-pc-steam Gotham Knights new for £37.00. Pretty good brand new. If the PC version is good and has good ray tracing I might get it on PC
  12. Mario out here strangling and robbing fools. I’ll take those shoes as well, bitch
  13. This has to be some kind of satirical troll
  14. Maf

    Beacon Pines

    I played the first hour a couple of nights ago. Up to the point the 2 characters investigate the factory and then run away. I don’t hate it, but I definitely don’t like it. So far it’s basically a visual novel with incredibly light interactivity. But I read somewhere else it’s only 4-5 hours which is good. The points also seem to be 100g a pop so should be pretty easy on that front too. But as of now I’ll be playing it as a lazy, switch brain off, after work game. Not because I I’m really that in to it
  15. With all the Spider-Man’s, Prof X and now Wolverine Secret Wars is setting up to be cross over Armageddon Although I’d love to see Andrew Garfield Spider-Man fight Hugh Jackman Wolverine
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