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  1. Maf

    The Hot Topic Returns

    I hate saying the most obvious thing but I would be lying if I said I didn’t want a Mario and Sonic crossover game. I remember how excited I was for Smash Bros Brawl to see them fight and I even went and bought the first Olympics game as that was the first real, video game Mario and Sonic crossover (Although I never played it because I can’t take seriously that Luigi would beat Sonic in a 100m sprint) If they did a real platformer crossover, though. Would be thrilled. Although I see why that doesn’t happen as the Mario brand gains nothing out of it. For a more ridiculou
  2. Well, definitely not as good as I used to be at Sonic Adventure 2. But it has been *gulp* 18 years since I last played this game. I finally managed to get the A rank on City Escape after a lot of attempts. This is the worst controlling game I’ve played all year lol. Mario 64 holds up better than Sonic Adventure 2. I still like this game, though. It’s kind of cool.
  3. 17/10/2020 - Sonic Adventure 2 (X360) Hero Story
  4. Sonic Lost World is such a shame. It’s a really good idea done terribly. That was the first bad Sonic game after a little bit of a streak for Sonic, too. Bad times.
  5. I saw some Fable Anniversary the other day during a demo of the new Xbox and I want to play that game again, too. I haven’t played the first one since the OG Xbox so it will be fun to go back. I don’t know how Fable 2 holds up today but I loved that game when it came out. I think I tried playing it a few years after the fact and it came off a bit slow. At release I played it maybe 3 times back to back, though. Beautiful game. I loved the atmosphere to Fable 2. So unique. Fable 3 is cool and has some interesting moments but for some reason the game just didn’t hit the s
  6. Have you played Halo? I feel like it’s only right to start on Xbox with the first Halo. It’s old but it’s awesome. EDIT: I checked out of curiosity but Cuphead is not on Game Pass. Boo what’s up with that.
  7. @bellowwhen you get an Xbox are you going to play Cuphead?
  8. Maf


    Look how crazy this power is Combined with a bunch of Athen’a deflect powers and this was a Shield run I was basically invincible. Look how easy this last boss fight was. Yes I am close to death, but I had nothing to worry about because I had 3 lives left and I just stood in one spot repeatedly shooting him with the shield. This was on Heat Level 4 and it was the easiest run yet. This game is crazy. It occurred to me today that I’ve played this game for 35 hours and have yet to hear a repeated bit of dialogue. Not that every line is amazing but
  9. Yeah, I don’t know how to do that. I get scared to move when the pressure is on.
  10. Or whatever, I guess, mods please can you delete post?
  11. I feel like I understood what to do but it stopped working. When it does elemental attacks use counter elemental magic and when it puts the shield up switch to Cloud and hit it. My problem with the fight is the stuff that was working in the beginning just seemed to stop working half way through. I could literally see hitting electric with wind or whatever would put it in to pressure and then later it wouldn’t work. Cheating ass fuck. Also the game just, I feel like, abandons it’s own fundamentals just to be a dick. I hate it when games do that. Like in my first attempt I
  12. I got, what do the kids call it, SMOKED on this game tonight holy shit. I think I must of played nearly 20 games and lost 15 of them. That was humiliating. Even some matches I almost won I managed to throw away and lose. I’m not sure what a block string is but I’m pretty sure I can’t do it on either side of the game. Everyone just seemed to be able to get through even the smallest of fraction of openings and whenever I felt like it was my turn I would jab and get mega punished for it. I honestly can’t work it out. It might be the system I hate most in the game because the flow of i
  13. Wow the house boss fight is the worst thing in the game yet. What a needlessly tanky-ass, rule changing cunt of a boss fight. I’m really turning on this game in a big way. Everything about the story and music is nice. But the more I have to play it the more I start to hate it. Playing it sucks.
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