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  1. Can’t wait for this one!
  2. It doesn’t have the same mystery or shock as the OG because you didn’t know what to expect the first time round. This one comes after many movies but still tries to tease one of the most well known sci fi characters to the audience. I did like it honest 😅 and it has a tease in the credits that there’s more to come.
  3. This was the last time I said anything about it. I dropped off XC2 quite hard only occasionally trying it momentarily again and feeling lost. However as I have it digitally and with 3 coming out I thought I’d watch a short Nintendolife video about the combat that I’d never got on with. Went back in and hey presto I was loving it and everything just clicked.
  4. This looks good. Not enough people watch shudder movies. They’re knocking it out of the park the past couple of years.
  5. Watched Prey and what a disappointment. It’s ok. But not great unless comparing it to the last awful outing. 7/10 would be pushing it.
  6. Nice work Andrew ☺️
  7. Ummm sitting back with my son playing and losing over and over one can truly appreciate just how beautiful the levels are.
  8. Sitting back with my son playing and losing over and over one can truly appreciate just how beautiful the levels are.
  9. mmmark

    Black Panther

    developed by a new studio led by former Monolith Productions studio head Kevin Stephens.
  10. mmmark

    Black Panther

    “big open world Black Panther Game” is reportedly in development at ea.
  11. I didn’t think they’d put much effort in but this is pretty cool and well done.
  12. I, Daniel Blake I’d seen this before on release in 2017. Back then I’d little experience of the themes but now having gone through the system myself and gotten into politics it’s absolutely heart breaking to see that nothing has changed. The scene at the food bank destroyed me. All too real and depressing but ultimately an important film. 9/10
  13. mmmark

    TV Shows

    Nathan is baaaaaack
  14. Seems like an odd film to release in summer. @OCH I assume your post was some leak and not just this?
  15. You remember it’s the prequel don’t you?
  16. Mate what you doin?
  17. mmmark

    TV Shows

    I’ve been watching The Old Man starring Jeff Bridges as… an old man …with a mysterious past that catches up with him in a way that sees people sent to kill him and do so unsuccessfully. Its pretty well written and acted, especially by the dude, and has some surprises as it tells its story at its own pace occasionally going back to how the beginning of the end began.
  18. Spotify / Apple Podcasts / Google Podcasts David Turner hasn’t seen a single film from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. OK that’s not strictly true as he’s seen the first two, but he doesn’t remember much about those ones. With James Farley by his side to help guide him through the movies, characters, stories and controversiries from the MCU, the Skype calls you’re about to hear are the conversations they have after each film. Listen every Friday on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and YouTube.
  19. mmmark

    Saints Row Reboot

    Thank you brother. Looks a bit janky but it is Saints Row, you know exactly what you’re in for.
  20. mmmark


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  21. Having a presentation announcing that dp, dp 2 and Logan are out on d+ within a huge hall at comic con seems a little ott.
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