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  1. AOC playing some Among Us in a couple hours I got my first win as an imposter the other day, I'm getting better at this being an evil cunt stuff.
  2. Did it get much competition in September tho, mainly what I look at for the health of the game is who's playing it. Player retention is the most important metric rather than pure sales.But I'm still mostly looking at it from a MMO mindset I guess, I want to find people to play it with (and I want the game to have a good gameplay loop and other general improvements). When I did play it it could hardly find anyone and sometimes it would bug out and kick people out randomly only to put them back in again. To me those problems and all the other technical issues kind of took the legs ou
  3. Contrary to popular belief Devil Trigger does not in fact go well with everything I never even knew Minecraft had an esports scene
  4. It's stand alone so you don't need the standard game to play it Or at least I think it is, I've definitely seen that mentioned somewhere
  5. Eternal's new DLC is out today in a few hours, who's going to give it a go? I'm going to skip beating the main campaign I think and try this, I bet they fix some of the issues I had with the main game in it. Also time to try and practice some M&K demon slaying
  6. Well they are ubisoft games after all, everyone knows what to expect even without playing them tbh Also maybe a bit overshadowed by the ongoing culture problems at ubi
  7. That Mikami thing has some interesting words about Code Veronica Don't have the timestamp but he says that Sony asked Capcom to make RE3 a numbered title and they had to change parts of it to satisfy players. However Mikami himself thinks they shouldn't have done this cause the game wasn't very good and Code Veronica was better and more deserving of the '3'. That it was a political decision purely.
  8. I would like to see ray traced remasters of old horror stuff. I dunno I bet they could still look pretty good and even run at 60 frames cause they're so old.
  9. I would like to cross over FFVII Remake's combat into FFXV. Take all the fun boy band road trip stuff but get rid of XV's terrible 'hold down attack/guard and spam potions to keep dumb AI alive' combat and put in a good one. Then fix all the terrible level design and ugly graphics in FFVII remake and make a pretty one with a cool looking open world.
  10. A square enix guy talking about the impact of covid on games Going to be a quiet few years for next gen I think, that next FFVII game is probably as far away as ever. One thing I saw from a guy at Remedy is that WFH has severely impacted any part of game making which involves collaboration between different disciplines as well as stuff involving actors.
  11. Yeah the game would break if allies could fill ATB independently, the whole thing would fall apart. But (materia spoiler) fixes this. Makes it much faster and interesting when used right But stuff like chair barrage is just standard RPG stuff where you are supposed to take damage. Like when airbuster shoots its guns at you or scorpion shoots rockets, it's just taking its turn and you take your turn in blocking or whatever.
  12. I kinda feel like that whole colosseum bit was the only bit of 'filler' I really liked in the game, other than chapter 4 maybe. The game is such a mess with how it's paced but all that stuff was fun. That fight is cool but yeah not communicated well at all and very cryptic with its openings. I face-rolled it on normal and hard mode without understanding what I was supposed to do. Then I saw a video and it's actually really easy but how you're supposed to figure out those openings I don't really know. the commentary is super good for that fight too, every summon has its
  13. On Bethesda acquisition Sounding like TES and the rest will be Xbox/Pc only to me
  14. I think you can stick a fork in it. Nothing short of a realm reborn-ification will get this back on its feet and retaining players. It's live game side is just without structure right now. Not trying to kick it when it's down, I'm all up for Avengers 2.0 if they ever do it. But putting the single player aside this is just a really bad online game.
  15. I've actually not been playing and am spending time in Azeroth instead cause I'm pretty burnt out. But that fight looks fucked up I main a healer and kinda bored of carrying people through hard fights so glad to give this one a miss lol
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