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  1. one-armed dwarf


    Boo Nag. Boo to you.
  2. The WP thing I brought up was after reading this https://ie.ign.com/articles/2019/09/17/modern-warfare-white-phosphorus-killstreak-2019 Issue isn't really just about 'offense', but a problem in messaging. Do developers of war games have an extra responsibility to be careful of how they represent things. Particularly in 'grounded' war games (not Halo) I think yes, anyway. All media representations of war can help younger people develop attitudes towards it over time. The same young people who are the target of enlistment adverts. You would probably hope and expect the incorrect attitudes would be trained out of them though.
  3. Nintendo's own statement answers your question.
  4. People talk about how games never affect them and how unmoved they are by these images... but never underestimate the pernicious effects of propaganda even if it comes in the form of a game that you like. Spec Ops: The Line is a game everyone should play. It's very rough and the messaging is about as subtle as a sledgehammer to the jaw. But it did a thing games generally try to avoid* It's also why the use of white phosphorus in the new CoD MP is a problem. It's a weapon that's basically forbidden by the code of conduct when it comes to war that's turned into something like a smoke grenade in the game. At least stick to the more 'humane' mass murder methods out there for the killstreaks (feels like such a weird sentence to type but that's where we are). Or represent the effects of them more accurately and respectfully (like The Line did) We shouldn't be afraid to criticise games for things like this, I think. It's a massively influential form of media now *(Someone will mention Bioshock or TLOU here, but it's not the same thing).
  5. Would people here boycott games by their favourite company if they took a Blizzard stance on shutting down talk about China's human rights crimes? I think I probably wouldn't but I'd find it hard to play FFXIV if Square took a stance like that.
  6. Just noticed a video I uploaded ages ago on youtube got 1000 views out of nowhere. That shit makes me anxious 😓😷
  7. one-armed dwarf

    Random News II

    Andy did you manage to get the Black Materia and try to destroy FortNite in your blind rage?
  8. Yeah I guess military aggrandisement is as 'offended' as I can imagine I could get with a game One of the CoDs, 5 I think, had a very on the nose 'support our troops' montage coffins turning into a US flag (might be misremembering) Granted, that was about the fight against the Axis powers. But still
  9. one-armed dwarf

    Random News II

    Nah, Fortnite is garbage it had to happen eventually 🙂
  10. one-armed dwarf

    Random News II

    I saw that. It was cooler when FFXIV did it.
  11. one-armed dwarf


    I've changed my mind about the gameplay, it's pretty alright. Very loose and full of jank but it's hard to argue with lifing benches off the floor and dashing above fuckers and slamming it into them Really need more melee options tho. I'm ignoring gun upgrades for now in the hope that speccing for the psy abilities and melee will pay off in a cool way.
  12. one-armed dwarf


    People should look at the RTX feature Digital Foundry did on this game. Its fucking wild. Everything from the reflections on the floor, the way reflections are clearer against glass looking into a dark room, how an entire room can be reflected off a single coffee pot It all sounds really trivial but it really sells the idea of stuff being real, and not just a bunch of 3d objects thrown into a series of rooms. Depending on how things go in my job I am seriously considering getting one of those stupid RTX cards for a pc build
  13. Well I know people get mad about when I bring dmc into threads that arent it, but on a discord I'm on I saw someone get offended and leave because someone 'joked' that DmC was better than DMC. So I think you get to a certain layer of nerddom where it goes from personal interest into an identity building exercise. Which is when people get so precious and polarised cause it's like a personal attack to them (Which I've probably been guilty of too tbh) TLJ is shit tho. This is not your TLJ safe space 🚮😉
  14. one-armed dwarf


    Taking my time with this. Partly cause it runs really bad once you learn the throwing powers and all the physics effects kick in. But also I like the made for TV vibe of it and don't feel the need to rush It's very hard to follow the action in this tho. Had a boss which would throw things at all angles and the bad frame rate doesnt help It reminds me tho of something Shiney said about next gen consoles being kind of pointless. Well clearly they're not if all the debris and environmental damage in this gives current gen such a tough time 😬 Runs fine outside firefights at least.
  15. DD has I think the coolest gameplay moment I've ever been part of in a game, which was the first time I brought down a griffon. I posted the video of that on here I think Its something everyone goes through in this game but having a proper combat engine in an open world game is so cool Itsuno better make a sequel..
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