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  1. Like the dude says, after the c.s it's neutral (8) j.d, 9j.s, delay (5) j.s and pick them up with c.s (if I got it right) Course in a real fight it takes ages to develop the wherewithal to be timing combos and picking them up at the end for a pressure reset. Not something I'm good at, yet
  2. I have no idea what it is or what it setups but I dunno maybe this is it (end of video). I guess it resets with oki Just seems like a very height dependent thing where the timing has to be managed for every character weight and specific situation Tho I dont know if this is right or anything edit I tried again this time with a virtual controller display, and set the other millia to reversal on wakeup
  3. That boss feels like they designed it for a horse but accidentally set the horse code to 'false' when compiling. Everyone hates that boss. I did consider cheating here as well, I must say.
  4. It's not that hard really, the sol one was cause he kept cycling vortex and bandit bringer and was getting a bit knowledge checked (a lot of people are getting knowledge checked by testament at the minute, but the character is so popular right now that that wont last). But anyway, I blocked vortex in that clip, guess what he was going to go with next. Gimmicks only go so far tho, but with RC testament gets a crazy conversion off an air grab if you RC shift down, c.s, crow, 5k (crow stain pop), dash cancel 5k into another c.s then 6h into crow for a wallsplat. Try it out. Anyway I would guess that people are cagey about jumping against millia anyway so not really as much opportunities to air grab as their is with an incredibly annoying and cheap zoner character who's just hanging out slinging balls of red sludge at you and teleporting at you
  5. My fighting game skill might be fraudulent, my knowledge of footsies built on a bedrock of lies and my patience with regard to thinking about who has frame advantage in neutral about as short as I am, but my ability to hard read an air grab opportunity is on fucking point if I do so dare to say
  6. You don't know how fake my fighting game skill is, then A certain flying hair bitch playing asshole on here will testify to that I suppose (I just want to add though, because I think forums make this ambiguous sometimes, none of what I'm saying is trying to pass judgement or lord 'the correct way to play' over people. Actually this week's hot topic is more in line with what I think games need to do with regard to difficulty, lots of ways to just let the player do what they want)
  7. I also beat most of the game with them @Nag, no judgement. I mean, I beat games with cheat engine these days 🤣 (in fact I used cheat engine to beat those three crystal fuckers in this, no time for being honest) Just saying tho that there is a hard mode as well, sort of, if ppl are finding it too easy
  8. In terms of difficulty I definitely agree it is balanced that way, but mechanically I think it is not. If the game was mechanically designed that it fights are generally supposed to be between a summon assisted character and a boss it would have trouble scaling down into different playstyles. That limit imo creates this issue. They tried something here with all the ambigious combo strings to make it really difficult for solo players but that has its own issues, but I guess my point is people can seek out an incredibly difficult game that way Really this is probably the big problem. I think summons were designed as a sort of diegetic difficulty modifier, basically a 'in world' easy/normal mode. But beyond that there are so many ways to achieve power creep here that the only way they could capture that old souls feel is if every boss in the game dynamically adjusted their power level to yours. Which would then hurt the feeling of progress players would have and so not really capture that old souls feel much at all, it would feel unfair and cheap. Really I think Elden Ring is less about difficulty in the classic FROM sense and more about exploring. For me I wish the exploring was a bit more satisfying on that BOTW level cause that game has a similar thing in how you explore purely to power through a final boss fight. ERII won't be a trademark FROM game in its difficulty experience either, but hopefully the exploring is a bit more rich and less 'MMO-zone' like (imo)
  9. It has lots of hard bosses, but it's just it's either incredibly hard (without summons) or laid back easy (with summons). It's way beyond all the other From games with that imo but the tools to reduce difficulty are also way stronger in this Melania is up there as maybe one of the generation's hardest bosses in a SP game, imo. But they don't really design the bosses to account for multiple targets (cause it would just be hell for 1v1), so they just made the 1v1 approach extremely difficult like a challenge run and expect everyone to use summons I guess. I will say that 1v1-ing melania is a dopamine hit like crazy, when you read and figure the whole fight out. Couldn't do it a 2nd time sadly
  10. You can learn Baiken against my bad testament But I refuse to support Ram shenanigans, fuck off with that if that's the way things go
  11. Well yeah, that's a fun match cause it's maybe the only bad one Nago has and Zato pressure is super technical and nago actually has to work hard to turn things around The best sets I saw yday were between a Goldlewis and a Zato, I can't remember the player names. Think one of them was called garlic bread, (not stale bread)
  12. I watched the gg stuff yday but have no interest today cause it has 4 Rams and 4 Nagos in it, and hardly any of the cool interesting chars like jacko or testament that I was hoping to see more representation of. Stale bread gear I dunno the current state of things, but I hope a Goldlewis wins. Or the one jacko.
  13. Who cares about the kids, they need to man up. Turn Pokemon into a roguelike, they get beat all their pokemon literally die and start again The industry loves roguelikes so I consider this a pretty flawless formula
  14. Bioshock stands out to me as a game where the lack of difficulty really hurt it. The immersive sim elements were already extremely weak in that game and feel more like a kind of token nod to the legacy of games it cribbed its influences from, but the vita chambers make the whole thing even more extremely stupid. There is a 'brass balls' achivement for turning them off, but even at that Bioshock's rpg and fps mechanics amount to little more than an occasional distraction from a tour in a genuinely cool world. I think certain kinds of games, especially ones in the same genre as Bioshock, they need a little bit of 'friction' to reward people for learning the systems put in place. Friction is imo a more useful term cause not every game needs it, a casual platformer for kids needs very little of it so it's fine that these are easy games. It's not something I'd be looking for in Mario anyway, if I ever bothered to play one (I won't). A good step forward is stuff like TLOU2 and Guardians of the Galaxy which put every single difficulty modifier on a separate dial if you choose. Not that Guardians scales well on 'hard', but games should imo just put the choice in the player's hands, and even let them use cheats if need be. That's what I think about difficulty anyway. Not everyone wants the ultra rambo survivalist experience from TLOU and it's good they can turn things all the way down (or some of the way) and get more quickly to the narrative side of the experience. In Guardians I would suggest that it is a must that you play it on easy
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