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  1. The Insiduous films annoy me cause they're pretty well put together and you can tell the director understands proper horror. But they lean in far too heavily on lots of jump scares rather than just having a few really good ones. I think that's the whole reason why "The Nun" is played by the hobo from Mulholland Drive. The director is trying to do something like that scene. But he's too predictable with it imo.
  2. Just did this, the Alexander raid. This is my first attempt (well its actually my second, but I did so bad on the first one and completely failed on mechanics that I wanted a second run). Not a display of skill or anything (I suck at it) and it's old content but I thought it was a really cool bit of fan service. Ffxiv is like a greatest hits album for the series.
  3. Honestly I'm probably more likely to get regret over the amount of hours I've put into games I really enjoyed. Just cause of the 100s of hours that I wont get back. 👴
  4. Even with games I don't like like Red Dead 2 I've never felt "oh, I wish I never played this".
  5. Back playing this again, did the Susano primal on the Stormblood DLC. Kind of cool and reminded me of Ravana in Heavensward. When I think of game of the gen listings I usually think of botw and Bloodborne, but I think xiv tops both of them for game I loved most. But Stormblood fucking sucks. I'm only slogging through it because people are saying great things about the new Shadowbringers expansion. Hopefully it picks up. They've also plucked some more skills off of classes I used to play. Cleric stance isn't even a thing anymore and TP is gone too. Nothing major but the early game must be kind of boring with it having fewer mechanics now.
  6. That sums it up. It's an extremely OK series. The most OK TV show ever. I liked season 3 but it kind of feels like its telling the same story over and over.
  7. Finished episode 24 of NGE. Easily my favourite of the whole series. Poor Shinji ☹ Now tho I'm just wondering if I skip to End of Evangelion (the best bit) or continue watching 25 and 26 (the absolute worst).
  8. I wonder if this will be playable at Gamescom We can get Maryotaku to queue 8 hours in a hot convention centre and report back impressions.
  9. Anyone kind of feel like putting a new PC together is more fun than playing it? Like when everything is in place and you switch it on, just a cool feeling.
  10. I've gotten better at games, I think. Probably not if the game is 2d and very fast. Like if it's something where you just have to be fast and pixel perfect, no thanks. But something mechanics heavy where your juggling lots of actions at once, I'm good at that.
  11. one-armed dwarf


    You act like it's such a big opportunity cost to not buy a game that's apparently not very good.
  12. Red Dead 2 has the worst control scheme I've ever seen in a game. There's a really good but long article here that sums it up pretty well. It's /r/assholedesign as a video game https://www.polygon.com/2019/4/22/18298277/red-dead-redemption-2-review-rdr2-story-design-criticism
  13. What is your party & equipment/materia makeup? Jenova is sort of a rush to just deal loads of damage from what I recall. A party with high damage limit breaks could end it fairly quickly. Ultima also is (ironically) useful to keep the tentacles down, or any other sort of group magic/enemy skill/summon Only other thing I'll say is to protect against frog for later on.
  14. When Jenova starts counting down is when you just increase DPS and stop healing/buffing. Reflect doesn't work on ultima also.
  15. Dan Ryckert is watching NGE for the first time and doing a podcast on it For a more "woke" take, Waypoint are about halfway through on their podcast series. Which I've been listening to ahead of watching the Netflix series. Also here is democratic presidential hopeful Marianne Williamson posting Asuka memes for some reason cause that's how it be now "Willing to join each other at deeper levels", echoes of Human Instrumentality 🤔
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