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  1. I mean my own playstyle is less running around and more like flying around. But with a buff totem I have to pull the brakes and be a boring buff totem searching guy and search every corner exactly once. The two playstyles don't really fit each other. One is about moving towards the enemies and being really aggressive to mitigate damage to yourself. The other is the exact opposite, running away all the time.
  2. The point is you have to run around looking for them, so it puts a stop on the combat for a bit and turns it into Where's Wally. It goes from a fast game with lots of options into a slow, linear one
  3. I got that email too Andy. I guess I'll leave it and see.
  4. Yeah I've seen that. Keep medium range and switch quick (cancels reload/recovery animation) The thing with buff totems is it kills momentum when you're running around trying to find one to smash. It's one of those bad ideas that doesn't work imo. Archvilles is a better way to have that mechanic
  5. This article sums my feelings up on a RE4 remake https://www.pcgamer.com/amp/please-dont-remake-resident-evil-4-capcom/?__twitter_impression=true So much of what makes RE4 good is how the encounter design revolves around the stop and shoot gameplay and the limitations imposed by the tight camera. Also the game's general good instinct at knowing when to introduce new enemy types and punish repetitive play (broken melee notwithstanding). (Yes the island section does suck tho) Its one of those games where its age doesn't hold back its greatness and I struggle to imagine what people think a remake can do for a game like this. It's also an action game, not a survival horror, so you would have to lean more into the action and I don't see how you don't just end up with something like RE6 out of it. eg, imagine how the game balance of RE4 would get upset by a dodge roll or any of the fancy tech they give you in RE6. You'd have to lean way more into what direction that game was going in, which was almost like a character action TPS if you were good at it. Then you'd end up with something that isn't really recognisable as RE4 That is also why I think RE2 worked so well as a remake. They were trying to re-imagine what it's like to control a 'rookie cop' from a different camera angle so it's a much more fertile ground for re-imagining.
  6. Pretty much everyone in Australia has the game now. If you care about spoilers might want to add some filter plugins to your social medias and stuff. I bet the final cutscenes will be on youtube today or tomorrow 😋 edit my shopto order is in 'back order' now, sounds like they don't have enough copies to fulfill pre-orders
  7. @Maf look Crash Bandicoot is still doing really well.
  8. one-armed dwarf

    Random News II

    Can't remake perfection
  9. Yeah it's shit isn't it. Blakey is wrong about that level imo, it's so good. Once you get the super shotgun the mobility is incredible. The game is best when it hits a decent balance between open space and enough line of sight obstacles. There's one fight in that level which is just in a big room with a couple pillars but it just never lets up with how intense it gets (without being unfairly difficult). I wish I had a recording of it cause it was so much fun to play through. I think if the game was a bit shorter and cut out half its features it would be much better
  10. Secret ones are probably story I'd say. There aren't actually any spoilers in that trophies link so it must be.
  11. FYI I see that shopto are now saying that they will process my FFVII remake order tomorrow, when before I think it said the 8 of APril or something As I live in Ireland I don't expect a super early delivery but if you have a shopto order you might have a nice surprise this week hopefully
  12. I imagine that could have been a cool package if there was an option also to play it with the correct timeline of events, Nag will know what I mean.
  13. I just don't care about scores, I'm talking about what I am reading about the game itself. Scores don't mean anything to me particularly with lots of outlets just not giving any score at all which isn't accounted for by any magic numbers To your second point tho I didn't know that, that is interesting. But also maybe explains why this game is so short 🤔
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