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  1. He will live blog his reaction on here with quintuple posts saying how he lost concentration every 30 seconds clicking on his iPad.
  2. Neon Genesis Evangelion is coming to US Netflix on June 21. I assume that means that UK/Ireland Netflix will get it around the same time. Apparently it has a new dub, for what that's worth. The End of Evangelion is coming at the same time also (movie finale) So DBZ plebs like Maf will not have any excuse now not to watch it.
  3. That AI-driven background upscaling mod for FFVII has had its 1.0 release https://kotaku.com/heres-a-final-fantasy-vii-remaster-you-can-play-right-n-1834963904
  4. one-armed dwarf


    New Tarantino trailer Typically kitschy and self-aware in tone, like most of his films. From what I've heard it's about the end of the sixties and hippy culture and probably ends with the Manson murders. So you can probably picture what this film will be like already. Maybe this will be the first decent film Al Pacino does in twenty years or whatever?
  5. This season has me thinking how sometimes it can be a mercy killing for a great show to get cancelled at its peak. It's hard to look back at the earlier seasons and not feel that they're diminished by what comes later. In that sense I've a little less trepidation about finally trying to read the books (cause the ending mightn't be good there either). I only read book 1 and found book 2 a bit boring but maybe I'll have another go.
  6. It's Barristan Selmy's actor who said this and GRRM has (angrily) denied it
  7. one-armed dwarf

    TV Shows

    Six Feet Under had a wonderful ending
  8. one-armed dwarf

    TV Shows

    Chernobyl. Thought it was a bit weaker this week What gets me a bit is I learned the Emily Watson character isn't real, now I'm getting a bit hung up on what's fiction and what isn't.
  9. She's not my favourite character and not the best actor imo. Arya always had the better storylines.
  10. It's an ending to a big late game story thread that the game doesn't deal with. The actual ending is a whole other thing. I think that video would have lead into it and made it feel less abrupt but it's hard to say. The further you go with TPP the more it feels like an unfinished manuscript. Which makes the title of the game sort of poetic in a way.
  11. Skullface's mission makes not a lot of sense. He wants to kill English (the language). Fine, that sort of works with the themes of the game and the series. But he wants to replace it with nukes or something and that's the point that it gets very silly. Chapter two is very bad. It's broken up into harder versions of missions you already did and a small number of new missions punctuated by some major story events. Then there's a big gap where you do random replays of missions you already did and you have to keep doing that until you trigger the ending for some reason. Mission 45 is hellish and feels like they didn't get time to QA it. I had to use the chicken hat. Also there's a huge amount of unfinished story which was put on a dvd with incomplete animations and concept art to tell what happens. It's a mess
  12. As far as story beats go I'm mostly fine with the season except for the white walkers stuff. Most of the stuff that doesn't work is because it is rushed, not because it's inherently wrong or anything. Here though, it feels a bit like when you finish an essay for school with "in conclusion it can be seen yada yada". Just sort of lazy. What did I like?
  13. Eh, I guess that's an ending I legit read it as that 😅 I think though, with regard to people writing their own endings, what's wrong with that? Petitions is one thing but nothing wrong with a bit of fan fiction. I say that's putting your money where your mouth is as opposed to those who have nothing to say but "it's fucking shite"
  14. Play - FFVII. At the rate I'm going through this on Switch the remake might already release by the time I kill Sephiroth. Want - There's nothing coming out that I want. 2019 video games are done for me until Doom Eternal Bin - DMC 5. Because I love it and I'm so happy it got made but I'm sort of too good at it now to still enjoy the challenge. Sekiro. Sorry I just don't enjoy it 🤷‍♂️
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