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  1. one-armed dwarf

    Kingdom Hearts: HD REMIX Retro replay

    Blakey told me to put it here but I feel BBS is too old and small a game for its own thread so I figure I'd just make one for the collection itself BBS is the only one I intend to catch up on for now as well as that prologue thing (it's like three hours long apparently and is a direct sequel to BBS) Cross posting from KHIII thread I'm about 5 hours into Terra's "campaign" in BBS and I'm getting bored. This game feels starved of the charm of the PS2 game. Environments are really bare (even the ones that are returning) and the cutscenes arent always animat ed very well. Voice performances are worse than on PS2. I think I miss Donald and Goofy. So basically it's a PSP adapt ation of a console game with all the downgrades that you'd expect. But the combat is actually quite alright. I find Terra very slow and stiff to control but there's some neat stu ff in there. I think the BBS team is also the KHIII team as well so some of this will carry over maybe.
  2. one-armed dwarf

    Kingdom Hearts III

  3. one-armed dwarf

    Your Top 10 Games

    I don't actually follow you tbh. But for Ueda I look at his games at being like the parts in Dark Souls where you're reading item descriptions. The "I wonder what happened here before I came" parts There's a bit of a "game" there also involving puzzles and stuff but I don't think people really come to his games for that* Like the puzzle of "how do I get this fucking dog bird to understand I want it to jump in the pool". Is it any wonder these games don't really sell that we'll. *(Or if they do then thats fine but it's not what I'd consider the series' strength)
  4. one-armed dwarf

    Your Top 10 Games

    I've never found any of his games fun but that's not the level they're trying to work at in my opinion. Like there's parts that are sort of fun. But the bulk of that game is closer to a modern walking sim type thing. Ueda games are more about the story told by the environment and it subtext than being fun action games. I don't think games all need to be fun. Edith Finch was pretty boring, but that's also trying to be a different type experience. Original RE is lots of fun tho imo. But I like getting fucked over by games like the way those games do.
  5. one-armed dwarf

    Your Top 10 Games

    Shadow is lots of things but I've never heard anyone call it fun really. Nor any other Ueda game for that matter
  6. one-armed dwarf

    Your Top 10 Games

    Although they're basically the same game (and same horse) I think I prefer the original SOTC. It's a very good looking game on PS4 but some of that Ueda-ness got lost in translation in the photoreal upgrade. Even TLG wasn't so precise and high fidelity.
  7. one-armed dwarf

    Kingdom Hearts III

    I've started playing Birth by Sleep. I figure if I get this one down and rely on my flawed recollections of the first two I can pretend to understand what's going on in III. I heard this one is the most important for that. Won't be looking at that 358 days thing cause it's some weird prequel to II and doesn't seem important. I say that and probably it's the most important shit in the series but I ain't watching DS cutscenes on a big TV BBS seems alright. It looks very plain and flat on a big screen and the guy I'm playing as is really slow. But the cycling through attacks stuff thing is interesting. Reminds me of Crisis Core.
  8. one-armed dwarf

    Marvel's Spider-Man

    Combat is janky but so much more free form than Batman. You actually get to make choices and not just do context sensitive counters. I really liked it, but they need more moves in the sequel. Annoyed me how a lot of the skill tree was just upgrades of old moves.
  9. one-armed dwarf

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    I wasn't keen on the last Spidey movie. I thought the Insomniac game told a much better story with stronger characters also. Maybe a little more by the numbers than the MCU one tho I sort of liked the last Avengers film but this one looks like it will be one of those constant cutting globe-hopping hurriedly paced adventures.
  10. one-armed dwarf

    Onimusha : Warlords

    Yea The cutscenes are unskippable so you can imagine how short the game part actut is. You can beat this game fast. There's parts I didn't remember but still managed to get in to nab that trophy. It's not got the same labyrinthine structure as Resident Evil. Map layout is super basic. Oni 2 is way longer than this and the pre-rendered backdrops in that game are beautiful. But it's got some real shit bits too like those friend characters. I still hope it gets a port tho
  11. one-armed dwarf

    Onimusha : Warlords

    Well I beat it. Blew a snake guy's eyeballs out through his head. Got the "speed demon" trophy Now to wait for them to bring the sequel over. Speaking of giant snake eyeballs that's still a super cool execution of a major villain. Why is it this particular series is so good at cutscenes I wonder. They don't really match the on-screen action (onimusha 3's opening cg is flagrant false advertising I say)
  12. one-armed dwarf

    Onimusha : Warlords

    I've started playing it. That opening cutscene's assets don't hold up in 4k but you can still see the grand cinematic ambition. Something which the sequels have also (3 especially). But the soundtrack is different. Consider it nit picking perhaps but I definitely noticed that the musical cues that used to be there on PS2 were way more effective at selling the action than the new one chosen here. It kind of sounded like one of those soundtracks that a silent film is given after the fact. It still sounds good, but not quite right. In game tho the new OST might actually be better than the old one, but I'm really fond of that old OST. Anyway that should only effect this game, the sequels don't have the same weirdness surrounding their soundtracks as this game does (the story behind is interesting and crazy https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mamoru_Samuragochi)
  13. one-armed dwarf

    Resident Evil 2 Remake

    My bet is it's a FP camera like VII Fixed angles could be tough to implement with all the foggy dark hallways
  14. one-armed dwarf

    Onimusha : Warlords

    So I kind of know the answer already, but is it definitely the case we can't play with the classic OST? Onimusha was one of my favourite series on PS2 but it fell off hard for me with 3 being more of a 3d action game and 4 just being a very bland action RPG. Onimusha 2 had sweet combat mechanics. That whole issen system and chaining one hit kills never stopped being satisfying. Very underated combat engine imo.
  15. one-armed dwarf

    The Activision thread

    People don't love buying card packs, they love the fleeting feeling of getting a good card pack. They are chasing the dragon and those videos you mention are heavily monetised so they are not just doing them for the joy of chasing a lootboxes high. They are just creating a feedback loop geared towards making people who are bad at money spend more money and in the process make the Utuber money Like nobody loved buying a sticker pack full of spares. We did it because we were marks and wanted to get something good but too stupid and poor at self discipline to recognise the game being played on us. And same with FUT. Sure, the "battle" is "lost" or whatever but let's not pretend that people adore it or whatever. It's about chasing that dragon. The shiny charizard Although Pokemon TCG was actually pretty cool.