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  1. Honestly I would completely unironically just recommend trying a MMO out or something. Shooters are just asking a lot upfront out of players completely unused to this type of input Not XIV tho, dont play that one
  2. Nothing I've seen so far would put it in that realm for me. To me the seasons in Saul feel like chapters in a book and kinda blend together a bit, some seasons dont really have a lot going on in them I think. Seasons in BB are more like books unto themselves. It's not a flaw with Saul, that's just the approach they went for. But I would lose interest waiting so long between 'chapters' cause there's not enough to think about here imo. imo tho the best thing about it is it has no weak actors. Some plotlines can be a bit weak at times tho, cause they tend to drift apart from each other for entire seasons (the Nacho stuff in season 4, so far). My biggest criticism would be that I think, a lot of fragmented storytelling In particular tho for the acting I wanna call out Howard as having a perfect mastery of smarmy cuntiness, he's always fun to watch lol
  3. What's interesting is that's a really obvious advantage I didn't think of, but that's cause I control the dpad and face buttons with the sides of my index fingers lol
  4. Given the nature of it I would say there'll be some sort of open source solution to it as well, some mod which replaces the cutscenes.
  5. Well, it's an entirely new 'controller' to you and as with a fighting game it's an extremely long learning curve. Anyway the kinds of games that would get an advantage from having all those buttons would be certain kinds of FPS and MMOs, maybe some RPGs. There's an empirical advantage there, again if you're good enough. A controller player cannot do the kinds of things a keyboard player can do in Doom Eternal and there's a reason why ffxiv needs to be twice as slow as WoW. Just ditching the weapon wheel completely changes the pace of Eternal, or so I've been told cause I suck at that game lol. Not that anyone should feel like they have to care about any of that, but a couple weeks aren't going to give you a super informed insight into why it might be better. But more importantly, it's only better at certain things anyway and if those things aren't in your wheelhouse it really doesn't matter. But muscle memory takes ages to develop, and there's a reason also they make small keyboards for gaming. For me personally my main reason for not using it more often comes down to comfort, and pain. I have to use a standing desk to use a keyboard comfortably. Which I use most of the time while working, then you have the fact it's not suitable for TV gaming, so onto the old gaming monitor which I mainly use now for work (which I obviously would rather not look at more than needed). I only use it right now for Stalker, and Cruelty Squad. Which Im playing really really slowly cause of it
  6. It's crazy how bad streaming quality has gotten tbh. I know they did a big downgrade at the start of covid or whatever, but you still see netflix charging 17 euros for the privilege of streaming slurry quality with macro blocking On the other hand, Disney's stuff seems to look a lot better.
  7. Season 3 of Saul was some good shit. Halfway through 4 and gonna blitz through 4 and 5 I bet. It's still a show that feels like it's coasting a lot of the time, but even when going slow it doesn't feel like it's all filler or anything like that. It feels like a very unfocused and aimless show that's largely going over the events up until the start of breaking bad. Which as time goes on I'm sorta like, sure, it sort of works tbh. Like the lack of focus ends up being a strength or something. They are well acted and well shot stories and it's given some substance to stuff that was threadbare in BB. It's doing what the Star Wars prequels were trying to do but also being decently watchable, unlike the prequels. Definitely not something I could imagine sticking with on a week by week basis tho, I dunno. Some stuff just needs to be put out in the binging model I think. Might have helped Saul have more of an audience.
  8. Not that anyone asked, or cares, but I did for real 100 percent that shit just saying. 💪 But nobody with a pc should be playing the console version, considering the mods it has
  9. Saints and Sinners getting a sequel First one is considered to be a landmark VR title. I wasn't as enamored with it but it does have more going on than most VR games. There will definitely be a boost in VR announcements for a while when PSVR2 comes out. Hopefully this time tho it lasts longer than a year, lmao
  10. There'll probably still be a long tail on the delays tbh. Stuff that's announced for the back half of this year, probably 2023 games. People thought 21 would be packed, after all
  11. It's ok to not play all those games the minute they come out tho, I'm not sure what the 'reprieve' is I guess Elden Ring would be the one to go for, cause more impacted by spoilers and whatnot. DL2 is open world zombos, it will do incredibly well
  12. She looks super boring tbh I want to say she had some sort of counter stance shenanigans in xrd? Like it was the defining thing I think, but I dont really know. There's a sort of a meme with this character where people who main here just main her for the booba, and are terrible at her cause she's more technical or whatever. But if I got back into this game I'd probably try to continue learning happy chaos or something instead
  13. I guess this isn't ffxiv related, but xiv impressions are kinda whatever. This is something that's been doing the rounds on the ffxiv community, she's probably the biggest ffxiv content creator (at least who streams xiv regularly) and is living in Ukraine talking about contingency plans to escape should the situation escalate. It's pretty fucked up and scary. Thing is, the time to escape is right the fuck now. Start to arrange to have the pets out right now if possible, otherwise just escape by yourself (sorry dog and cat). No point playing it by ear (This isn't a pun)
  14. Baiken stuffs leaking Also, a new stage
  15. Well as with the Halo example right now I think it's case by case but its pretty unusual on consoles I think. But clearly the direction MS wanted to go in a generation ago is more than a momentary lapse of judgement, I think. It looks more like anticipation of the way this stuff will trend, IMO. On PC it's more often than not you have to phone home to start a game up for the first time, but every PC game is fully digital now anyway. But I would think the current landscape of PC is where things will go with the next gen of consoles, or even the revised half step (PS5 Pro). I would fully expect discless consoles to become the norm as a cost saving measure eventually. Maybe the S and digital 5 are their way of seeing how much uptake these systems have. PC is very annoying for it. Cant start up assassins creed valhalla (for instance) without constantly downloading giant updates like it's a MMO. Rockstar can just switch off your local access in a blink, as they did with GTA remasters on PC (why I aint buying their games anymore). Any denuvo game (which is a lot of games these days) cannot be started up without phoning in at least once, sometimes more. On the other hand tho they seem to remove denuvo after a few months when the game gets cracked. Thanks pirates
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