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  1. one-armed dwarf


    Rather than providing a running commentary on films you can never manage to finish I highly recommend watching Mandy instead.
  2. one-armed dwarf


    The Cheddar Goblin played a blinder
  3. one-armed dwarf

    Google Stadia

    I will never accept streaming unless network latency can be consistently low. It will just be rubbish for the games I really like playing unless parry systems in all games are made with massive input windows to allow for lag.
  4. one-armed dwarf


    I said that 'Us' was missing the social commentary of 'Get Out', but now I've seen (thematic "spoilers") Big ol' spoilers https://www.denofgeek.com/us/movies/us/280011/us-ending-explained Unfortunately this message was completely lost on me. I don't see this having the same impact as Get Out. Anyone here going to see this? I figure this is the kind of film DC would like.
  5. one-armed dwarf


    I saw 'Us', the new Jordan Peele one. Much more of a straightforward "funny" horror than Get Out was with little of the sizzling social commentary. But I enjoyed it anyway Want to also give a shout out to the worst cinema audience I've ever seen a film with. They would not shut up shouting and loudly "reacting" to every fucking thing. I'm in Boston so I assume this is just how it be here in America. Fuckers be lacking manners. One thing which makes the Prince Charles in London such a great cinema is they have a video at the start of John Waters telling everyone to shut up during the film
  6. Time travel requires the murdering of one Captain America or someone else of equal value.
  7. Sadly with DSII's DLC they made the boneheaded decision of putting in sections which required you to summon 😡 Good luck solo-ing blue smelter demon without going insane
  8. I never summon 😎 Mr big balls over here.
  9. I haven't been watching previews but I hope this is a break in the formula. Miyazaki games are my favourite unnofficial "series" of games the last few years but DS3 felt played out a bit. Hopefully the dropping of RPG and focus on verticality makes for something that feels really new I'll be skipping it at launch tho, will pick it up later.
  10. Pls don't bully V, he is adorable
  11. They aren't Mission 17 is the only one of those I disliked. 19 was a great fight, just classic DMC. But a strange difficulty spike on Devil Hunter. I actually found it easier on SoS.
  12. The one where you got to know Royal Guard.
  13. Dante's voice and motion capture actor is likely causing capcom some headaches right now https://www.resetera.com/threads/reuben-langdon-dante-of-dmc-blames-sexual-harassment-victims-thinks-metoo-and-blm-goes-too-far-update-langdon-responds-capcom-investigating.106010/page-15#post-18994126 Doubles down on 8chan support.
  14. Yes, Nier soundtrack > Automata soundtrack Also check this, Nier > Automata
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