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    Admittedly I havent put nearly enough time in to say one way or the other but from what I saw I was super into the style of it. But I hate TPS, so it's a difficult thing for me. I really need an easy mode or something I wonder how many of the reviews played the Ray tracing version on PC cause that looks beautiful.
  2. one-armed dwarf

    Twin Peaks

    Tbh the structure of it just felt like one continuous 18 hour film I haven't talked about it here so much I think, mainly with Shiney on gtm. But other than the ending I couldn't get on with it. Feels like it wasnt supposed to be watched week by week. Its such an odd construction and too much is going on in it for me personally
  3. one-armed dwarf


    IGN's GOTY https://ie.ign.com/articles/2019/12/10/best-games-2019
  4. one-armed dwarf

    TV Shows

    Cant remember the episode number but that one GoT episode with the battle at night was pointless on Now tv. Just a bunch of macroblocked mush
  5. Little bit of gameplay at 1:30 Sounds more open and a bit more action-ey. They make the point that RE3 was always a bit more action-ey than 2 Guy I keep quoting on that thread says it is semi open world with optional stuff, then gets more linear when you take train to 'clock tower'. This is probably the playable area, kind of Silent Hill style
  6. Oh man, looking at that trailer a second time. The developers are Neobard. They did the DMC HD collection. That HD collection wasn't very good. Well I hope this is good. But the outsource rumours were true it looks like.
  7. That was weird. I half-ignored that trailer cause I thought it was for the single player part of Resistance. Which it is but it's bundled with RE3. Didn't figure it until I saw Jill. I don't know, I wasn't feeling that trailer. That's my hot take so far. Or lukewarm take. Wasn't far off with my release prediction though. April 3. Obviously not enough to tell how the game will be, but the RE2 reveal was straight fire and so was the game. This seems a more low key project from how they just revealed it as a sort of bundle with the MP game they're making.
  8. Yes, that's plenty of time for everyone here to sub to FFXIV and play the best Final Fantasy story in years (Shadowbringers) Just forget about going to work/dating/exercising/being an adult. I believe in you guys.
  9. IMO they shouldn't just make the same game over and over with better graphics. That was their strategy for RE in the late 90s/early 2000s when they made RE3, Code Veronica, REmake and Zero and people lost interest in the series/sales went down. So it would be cool imo to have RE3 have something about it that makes it stand out, cause I didn't really find that to be the case with the original at all. Even if there's a risk the game doesn't turn out good or whatever. It's just they are making so many of these at a rapid click right now. Please do something different with the IP. Anyway the state of play is at 2pm today Will replace with trailer when it comes out @Nag get ur butt in here it's starting soon Trailer Not as hype for this one, I don't know. Looks rougher than 2 did. Hope it's good still.
  10. BTW @Nag, saw this and found it interesting. Meant to post yesterday but the forum was busted with 500 errors https://www.resetera.com/threads/resident-evil-3-remake-covers-discovered-on-psn.156712/page-83#post-27203294 My perfect version of the game would be structured something like BloodBorne, but simpler. I hope these rumours are true and they are trying something other than a basic remake here
  11. This argument is fucking stupid, Final Fantasy started on a Nintendo system. There's nothing useful about timed exclusives. I don't have an xbox and am currently PC-less but I'd like to change that at least. But the PS4 version of the game will undoubtedly have worse image quality and framerate than the other two (except for base xbox). Also lends credence to my belief that the version we are seeing in trailers isn't the PS4 or Pro version. Looks far too clean imo
  12. Figure I'd put it here than keep posting about it in other thread Look the box looks really nice 4k 60 on Pro, guess we'll see if that's native and doesnt drop
  13. Personally I would have liked to see the version that was originally 8 episodes. I like Lynch better when he had a fire lit under him (Mulholland dr), not unlimited creative freedom (inland empire) Not that it was a frictionless process for him but still (the behind the scenes or S3 is pretty interesting)
  14. The Blu ray transfer of Twin Peaks (90s original) is extremely good. I didn't realise that it was filmed in, well, film. I think was rare for old TV shows? Looks sharp and has that celluloid grain thing that older movies have. I bet it will look really fucking good in 4k The new Twin Peaks was kind of bland in comparison, all digital now I think. I don't know if it was filmed 1080 or 4k. Shame there isnt a version of Fire walks with me which puts the hall fan scene back in the film
  15. I would put decent money on you not being wrong I would really like to see Lynch do what Del Toro was supposed to do for Silent Hills and consult on a VR horror game. I don't think his creative process would fit into something as strict as game development though, he just seems to wing it from what I've seen of behind the scenes on his films.
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