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  1. Isnt these repeatable content games supposed to escalate to complex raids tho at some point? I watched a GB stream of Destiny before where they spent hours on this big raid, I was kinda expecting that to be the 'endgame' of this. It's why I tolerate the boring work parts of FFXIV, the high level content is so good and mechanically satisfying. I'm not expecting that from this, but a little bit of that is what I was expecting
  2. I think I could enjoy a class based brawler live game if the minds behind it were to think long term and not exclusive deals and walled gardens. One reason why I can't be bothered with Destiny.
  3. Really seems like a terrible idea not to have cross play. PC will have the best and worst version (cause not enough people will play it on PC). It also doesn't help that they are unselling people on other platforms (no Spidey) if PS4 is this rough Basically it just feels they're undermining their own game in a lot of ways here. as an aside it's annoying to me when settings are labelled 'performance mode' but run at 45 fps, which is actually worse on a 60hz tv than 30fps
  4. Save scum with PS Plus Or just play FFVII
  5. I kinda feel like shiny grass has become this gen's bloom lighting.
  6. Random select chooses Kingdom Hearts. You now have to complete every game in the Kingdom Hearts series or else your family will be murdered by Nag
  7. The Xbox looks better, it's discrete. Looks like a small midi tower as said above. Xbox One X (which I've never actually seen except in that image) looks better than Pro also. Pro is an awful looking machine, just a giant square.
  8. I think also Hitman actually. Absolution took a lot of the fun puzzle elements and turned it into more of a dull stealth action game. After the backlash they brought it all back and arguably made it better than ever in Hitman 2016, but for some reason without Jesper Kyd's soundtrack it doesn't feel quite right As for MGS a thing about that series that made it harder to enjoy over time is how the localisation got progressively worse in each game. There's a reason for that of course, Kojima was very precious about how his works got translated after MGS1 apparently had a very loose and fast localisation. But it sounded much better for it (compare any MGS1 cutscene to MGSV, the PS1 game has better voice acting and script)
  9. It's the cover skill, like cover materia in FFVII. Zidane will sometimes take damage for girls.
  10. I don't get the idea of 'backlogs', sometimes you drop a game for whatever reason and never finish it and that's ok. I'll never beat TLOUII even tho I think it's really good, that's fine. If you lose momentum with a thing like RDR2 it's hard to get back on the saddle of that one (lol) cause it's so slow It reminds me of when I was way into anime and had a HDD of 100s of series and felt stressed about watching all that weeb shit. No need to make it an obligation. Really a backlog might be more a sign of spending too much money. I guess Gamepass makes things a bit weird tho
  11. Well I only play one game so I don't have this problem at all. Sometimes I even play 2.
  12. They better release a price for these things soon, it's gotten to the stage of being very fucking annoying that we don't know this yet.
  13. There is a game in this show I think called Aeon must Die, apparently there's some bad shit going on with the developer https://www.resetera.com/threads/twitter-all-aeon-must-die-devs-quit-the-studio-this-week-after-crunch-and-not-getting-paid-the-trailer-was-outsourced-up-actually-quit-june-22th.263355/ [Rumour]
  14. My beef with it is it's too big to really feel like a useful handheld to me, I never bring it around with me except if I'm going abroad maybe. Even then it's big and clunky. Nintendo really need to hit that Kindle level convenience for me. Shame the Switch lite wasn't that. On the flipside then it is too weedy next to the bigger systems. Can't do good with games like Doom. Again it is held up by the fact it happens to have one of the greatest games ever made on it.
  15. There's a state of play tonite but apparently just on PS4 stuff so will probably be lame to watch. Maybe Crash Bandicoot shows up or something
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