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  1. That video I posted has some good insights into weighing up risk for different options against different characters. It's about trying to call stuff out and not looking at every wrong choice as some massive failure I'm trialing some anti millia tech, cause I lab matchups unlike somebody else Bitches who run at you with c.S, there's some nice combo routes off of a 5S counter hit with PRC. Tho the combo routes are really fiddly depending on how much you delay PRC. If you do it fast there's another route off of j.D but it's too fiddly imo If you CH near the wall you can cross under them with 5H ground bounce and HS stroke and do a wall combo. Bitches who be going high and low, just do it like this. Call out the 2k->2D setup into a CH meterless wall combo splat
  2. When Chris Pratt says 'so long gay bowser' it will now be because he threw him into a conversion therapy course
  3. maf fucking watch this 👮‍♂️ 🚨 ‼️
  4. I'm gonna give it a go, but first I have to download the entire PS4 version, cancel/complete any open orders and transfer my save into the ps5 version and download that as well So I'm waiting for my internet upgrade to do that
  5. Dunno what's in the advance collection but I doubt it's the pixel work and more the TV The reason some of these games seemed to look better in memory is partly cause they did look better
  6. This is the fight I'm mainly talking about btw. This video didn't capture it at 60fps but I believe it didn't run at 60 for this fight anyway, lots of drops B1 can be grey but the actual pace of character's movement and animations are slower and more deliberate anyway, so I never found it particularly difficult to visually parse. It also depends on what version you play I think, the Xbox 360 version was more saturated for some reason than Switch and Playstation, which were quite desaturated. imo the grey of B3 is a bit underwhelming but shouldn't be looked in isolation from things like framerate and other parts of the presentation. This lumen sage fight drove me nuts and there are even worse examples.
  7. B2 has better contrast but then it goes completely the other direction by having huge advent children cutscenes in the background while you have a fight at 25 fps in the foreground. While B1 has multiple ways to play it at high res 60 fps. Having played them back to back a few years ago B1 combat readability and visual cleaness is much better for that reason alone That's where the platform exclusivity stuff can get really annoying, maybe tho I should look into what cemu can do for a game like Bayo 2 and if it can run at 4k 60 now. There's a screenshot out there of bayonetta's gun saying 'color my world' or something like that. That could literally mean that you make the world colourful in the story or something but I dunno about that lol
  8. There's screenshots that give a better sense of image quality in the game itself. I mean they're jpegs but good enough (I wonder where switch emulation will get to in the next few years, to get a 4k 60 version of this) First image is interesting, has a psuedo style switching style mechanic with the demons. How flexible will it be tho, do you have a big summon animation when switching or is it more typical insta switch for bigger combat flexibility. Cause they are demons, not weapons, so it seems like that might be hard to implement She didn't do any weapon swap in the trailer, was very focused on the kaiju stuff. So it's hard to know how crucial that stuff is, eg you can't summon a lava spider in a small train carriage. But does the phantom spider act like a kind of 'stance' to do moves with different properties? That's all I can think of edit maybe this game is Scalebound? Unironically might have me slightly more interested then, on account of it being something completely different (tho I wish they would put a guy like that on a Drakengard 4 instead 😢)
  9. Wanted to put this here instead of B3 news It gave you meter to spend on special moves, like you could do maybe 3 charged fireballs cause it would run out fast. Don't want to take it too far into the dmc tangent but DT didn't really impact balance in the first game, but the first game was a very experimental survival horror fighting game hybrid. It was doing something different. Using fireballs in dmc1 was like using acid grenades in resident evil, it was that kinda design paradigm at the time. UC had a much bigger impact due to how it was generated and used but more basically because of how high the damage is and becomes critical later on with the health values of certain enemies. Like it felt like certain fights were playtested with users using UC and the fights ended too quick, so stuff got adjusted for that. Rather than just having it be a god mode. But they also adjusted the effectiveness of things that aren't UC in the opposite direction. There's a good video on it here. The first point of the video gets into UC right away
  10. That section you're thinking about was an on rails section, it was Kamiya doing the space harrier thing. It's the same gameplay as the space harrier section in B1.
  11. double post, it happened again with the bayonetta post I just made. It's kinda long and has a video embedded in a spoiler so maybe there's a significance there. Again deleting single quotes from the post fixed it
  12. Closest parallel to umbral climax in dmc is the sin devil trigger mechanic dante had in 5, which absolutely impacted the design of some bosses cause the damage it did was huge. But it only affected a few fights, like 3 maybe. But the damage scaling with UC (and SDT in DMC5) is heaps above basic ass vanilla DT. I had a boss fight in B2 I couldnt beat at all cause I was ignoring the mechanic, getting knocked out of combos over and over. Then I used UC once cause I was sick of it and won immediately, saw a second phase and immediately won that. Like its not about making the game easier as such, more that it felt like you had to do it to succeed imo which is what bugged me It was this fight here Now you might say git gud, if you say that to me maf I point you to the nonsense of the last 3 pages of the Guilty Gear thread so dont pull that shit 👮‍♂️ 🚫 Also I remember reading some sort of rumour before that there might have been a reaction to the way dmc5 looked when it was revealed that caused a bit of a development rethink of B3, and looking at the colour palette and literally how the trailer is set up it does seem similar to me. But that was also the worst thing about 5, how fucking grey it was. Especially for that kinda game edit actual Bayonetta 3 stuff https://www.platinumgames.com/official-blog/article/11470 Sounds very 'V' 🤔 So we equip demons/pokemon I think? This sounds like a very different direction
  13. Watching that trailer back again it's really focused on the kaiju element. Maybe not for small scale encounters, but it looks like boss fights could be like giant pokemon matches or something Also I kinda felt it was bayo when it was doing the army men fighting monsters fake out cause dmc5 literally did the exact same thing lol
  14. Well she tweeted just a week or so ago that we might have to imagine her not in it or something, and she retweeted something about how they tried to replace David Bateson in Hitman Absolution (which they changed after backlash). So it's definitely not the old actress. For me bayo has become one of those series I really cooled on after B2, but I'm speaking from a post DMC5 perspective now where Bayo was like the last character action game of that particular type for a while. Gonna get in the weeds about bayonetta stuff now 👀 The thing that made B1 great was how it weaved dodges and combos together. Not just do a combo, do a dodge, start another combo, you're actually supposed to continue and finish the rest of a combo after a dodge and the entire game's encounter design is based around that. Which really caught people off guard when they fought grace and glory for the first time, cause they are testing if you learned that aspect of the game at all. You're not supposed to just use witch time, witch time is the training wheels for the real combat which is all about movement and maintaining high damage at once B2 sorta toned that down a lot and was much more about baiting attacks with dodges and spamming combos in witch time. Because enemies could randomly interrupt your combos without any telegraph. The other thing was it was balanced in favour of going into umbral climax mode and mashing things to death. So for me I didn't think it was a good direction (as well as all the bosses in the air and underwater where depth perception was really difficult). Like the first game is a 9/10 (except for the on rail sections) and part 2 is a 6/10. So I'm just sort of wondering if B3 will be more like B2 cause it is the one that's more of a crowd pleaser. I think the bit in the trailer where you fight alongside phantom from DMC is cool, all the big summon team ups. But kinda seems like it might be a flashy move for boss fights like how FFVII remake handled it Well anyway, just wot I tink. The TL;DR summary of that is I feel B1 had a very good balance of substance and spectacle, and B2 tipped the scales very dramatically and that's the sense I got here. But the sequels might not be my thing but they are for other people
  15. I low key was hoping it got FF Versus XIII-ed and was being reworked into next gen tbh. I got some issues with Bayonetta 2, how it leaned heavily on umbral climax and was way more mashy than the way more refined first game. Sorta uncertain from the trailer which way it could go but at least there wasn't underwater or in the air boss fights
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