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  1. Jurassic World Evolution 2 is joining Game Pass today.
  2. Yeah I couldn't give a toss about any of this truth be told, it's needlessly convoluted just for the sake of it, so it seems.
  3. Nag

    The Hot Topic Returns

    I thought that game was bullshit too @Maf
  4. Nag

    The Hot Topic Returns

    I remember having the choice of buying either GTA or Final Fantasy VII not long after buying the original PlayStation... of course I went with GTA as that was more to my taste (so I thought, at the time)... I think I returned GTA the same day and replaced it with FF VII and loved every second.
  5. Nag

    The Hot Topic Returns

    Picture says it all RDR2 is vastly overrated.
  6. Stick the washing machine on, that'll give you a heart attack.😂
  7. Nag

    TV Shows

    Alright, I'm setting myself up for a fall here but that second trailer is better.
  8. Nag

    Dead Space remake

    2023 is already better than 2022.😂
  9. Nag


    I've played one of those... it says something about this year when the games I'm most excited about are PS5 updates of Resident Evil 2 & 3.... unless MS or Sony have some amazing secrets up their sleeves that are able to launch this year... yeah, shit.
  10. Nag

    TV Shows

    I think so, yeah.
  11. Nag

    TV Shows

    I have no expectations with this but I'll be watching it for sure.
  12. Nag


    2022... literally the worst year in gaming ever.
  13. Nag

    Dead Space remake

    New Live stream this week.
  14. I'll stick with this advice...🤣 I think at the time I was just not interested in the whole 3D gimmick that was going through cinema and TV... and the shit blue aliens didn't help either, say what you will but Optimus Prime kicks their ass every time.😊
  15. I still haven't seen the first film...🤣
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