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  1. Nag

    Google Stadia

    You paint a rosy picture...
  2. Nag

    Google Stadia

    I'd sooner bend over and let microtransactions rape me raw than streaming be the main way to play games...
  3. Nag

    Generation Zero

    Could be a bit of both I guess, with more people involved it would be a lot easier to set up ambushes and traps. I've only fought about three variants of robot so far... these little jumping things (annoying), dog looking things (I know their weakpoint, hitting it is another thing) and a bipedal thing that absolutely tore me a new one. I know areas don't scale to you so it's possible to go completely over your head... unfortunately I've no idea how to see the levels of things you're fighting.😕
  4. Nag

    Generation Zero

    So, started this today... played for around five hours. Started with my customary female character (she's a bit of a munter)... I wanted a cheerleader but I guess they aren't too popular in 80s Sweden. Gameplay reminds me a lot of Dead Island (minus the melee combat)... the game seems to run well, it's X enhanced although I'm not sure how and doesn't feature HDR, the outside views are pretty nice. Unfortunately once you enter the buildings things are a lot more boring with lots of identical houses and such and that's after just a few hours. I read somewhere online that it was almost like Avalanche had made a Battle Royal map then changed there minds about the style of game, I can actually see that. So far the shooting and weaponry has been fine, nothing outstanding but I'm very early on and the game has the often used colour coded loot system going on so everything I found was pretty shit so far. Combat against anything more than about two enemies is almost guaranteed suicide, I think the game wants me to avoid combat but I'm rubbish at that kind of gameplay. The game has drop in drop out co-op, someone joined my game and it seems you're free to go and do what you like... I was never tethered to them in anyway. Towards the end of my session I hit a place where I repeatedly got owned and wasted a fuck load of resources so I've decided to restart the game again at some point. I've bought way too many games over the last few months and need to really focus on finishing up some... this will go in to a queue unfortunately.
  5. Nag

    The Hot Topic

    I'll open this up a little in to general gaming achievements too, as a lot of people here play Switch and it has neither of the systems in place.
  6. Nag

    The Comic Book Thread

    Poor Snarl!...😢
  7. Nag

    The Comic Book Thread

    To be fair, no-one gives a fuck about the mini-bots.... It's all about the Dinobots.😉
  8. Nag


    I watched Deathproof for the first time in years tonight.... Girl power ftw!
  9. Nag

    The Comic Book Thread

    Yeah, but they're a group... The seekers, it makes sense. A Lamborghini isn't the same as a Porsche @OCH.👍
  10. Nag

    The Comic Book Thread

    I need to see it on a bigger screen... And those Beast Wars characters make me feel physically ill.😂
  11. Nag

    The Comic Book Thread

    Messy as fuck but I love those designs... G1 everyday baby.🤗
  12. Nag

    Google Stadia

    I actually think that fad has started to pass a little, to be honest I was never that much of a fan of it in the first place but that's just me.
  13. Took a punt on this... Got it for less than 28 quid so I'm not expecting the world.
  14. Nag

    The Comic Book Thread

    Everyone's used to it by now...😉
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