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  1. Nag

    Forza Horizon 4

    It is scheduled for Dec, says in the store.👍
  2. Nag

    Post your latest gaming purchases

    Now watch all that sweet rep roll in....😂😂
  3. Nag

    Marvel's Spider-Man

    The New Game + update has dropped... It has trophies...😊 It's also updated with The Heist trophies...😊😊
  4. Nag

    Post your latest gaming purchases

    Pictures or it didn't happen* *Yeah, I went there...
  5. Nag

    Forza Horizon 4

    13/15 (14 was being fixed up when I powered down) and at 80%... It's bollocks ain't it.
  6. Nag

    Forza Horizon 4

    Are your barn finds tallying right @illdog?
  7. Nag

    Website feedback

    Get ya, is that when it's searched for on Google and the like?
  8. Nag

    Website feedback

    😂😂... I know what Raptr did, why do we need to nuke the sigs off the site, Silly Billy.
  9. Nag

    Dragon's Dogma : Dark Arisen.

    I adored this game, it's a different beast to Bloodborne so don't expect that... you can expect a weird as fuck story though and a whole lot of great fighting. If you were on PS4 you'd be able to use my pawn.
  10. Nag

    Website feedback

    What do Raptr sigs do? That sounds like the beginning of a shit joke...
  11. Nag

    Website feedback

    Yeah, fuck off @Jimbo Xiii.... o/
  12. Nag

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Tbf that's actually interesting...
  13. Nag

    Soul Calibur VI

    I played the forth game (10 years ago according to Trueachievements...😮) even managed the full 1000g on it, pretty certain that isn't going to happen here. First off it is a very pretty game in 4k, shame there's no HDR support as a game as colourful as this would really pop off the screen but you can't have everything I suppose... I've been through the arcade mode already (on easy, feel free to give me some shit about that @spatular 😁) it's simple enough... Eight one on one fights, even on easy getting a gold score looks difficult though. Made a start on Soul Chronicle story mode, that seems like a lot of talking over static screen... very pretty static screens but they aren't the most interesting thing you'll ever see. Voice work seems fairly solid though. Also been dabbling online, so far most of my match connections seemed solid and I've even managed to get the five ranked wins out of the way pretty quickly... I don't like the casual matches though, you're placed into rooms where you spectate until it's your turn, I'm not interested in watching other people and would've much preferred to search those too. Not sure when I'll get round to Libra of Souls, I'm guessing that's where the meat of the game is though. Oh, and I'll play as some men at some point.... maybe.
  14. Nag

    Post your latest gaming purchases

    It's upstairs at the minute, hopefully it doesn't go off at night while I'm at work and give the missus a heart attack...
  15. Nag

    Random News

    Penthouse... @smallofbooty