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  1. Wasn't there a deal in place where only PlayStation received numbered entries at the time?
  2. Yeah, I'll give it a go... it's only a couple of button taps after all.👍
  3. You'll be able to share video's to YouTube now @Maf
  4. Nag


    Completely the wrong thread but just wanted to say before I forgot @bellow make sure you play Sunset Overdrive when you have your S... or I'll bash you!😉
  5. Nag


    To this day I much prefer the first over the second, it's just better to play. In regards to Legion I'll be interested to see how that does because at the minute it seems like there's zero hype with that game at all... same with Valhalla to be honest.
  6. I have the first and second game (they were given away with GwG, not played the second)... I keep meaning to go back to it for a replay to be honest, not sure if I'd be able to tell if it was a solid 60fps though. @Maryokutai Final preview embargo is up and Eurogamer have taken the thermals and power consumption to task... it's all good news. It's like a One X but better.
  7. Nag

    Dead Space

    HDR could look incredible in these games with the extremes in lit areas and dark.
  8. Wow...even Mikami has shit opinions sometimes.
  9. Nag

    Dead Space

    EA don't like money apparently... I'm hoping some of the system tricks that the Series X has up it's sleeve will give these games a second lease of life.
  10. Once they buy Sony and Nintendo they will.👍
  11. If that's the case play the third party games you want to first as the Microsoft owned games won't be going anywhere... @bellow
  12. It always seemed a little lopsided anyway... fuck em.😉
  13. If you die you'll be dead... you can't revert back to a previous quick resume.
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