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  1. Nag

    PlayStation Plus

    Looking online it seems that happened in September.
  2. December GwG... Colt Canyon and Bladed Fury. Bladed Fury looks quite cool to be fair.
  3. I think the collectables are the biggest Plat-breaker for me... they've gone completely overboard with them in this game.
  4. Nag

    The Hot Topic Returns

    I'll give the old Xbox some love... Gears 5 looked great even on a base Xbox One and scaled upwards brilliantly with the release of more capable machines, it can still hold its head up now with its Series X upgrade.
  5. Jesus... this game is huge. I've just opened up what can only be described as a hub style area and it's massive. I know the 2018 game was big but this seems another level.
  6. Argos has these at £39.99 at the minute... figured I'd better jump on that.
  7. Nag

    The Hot Topic Returns

    Pretty sure this came out recently or something very similar.
  8. Nag

    Evil West

    It's different looking at things on a 65 inch display compared to a phone screen tbf....
  9. Nag

    Evil West

    Booted this up for the first time today just for a look see... played for a couple of hours and completed four levels. For those not in the know it's a Steam punk (I guess) take on Westerns mixed with Vampires which I thought was going to be much more shooter orientated than it is... it's actually much closer to the newer God of War games than Gears of War, shit, you even open and smash chests the same way as Kratos does. So there's a definite leaning towards melee combat over ranged but there's Guns involved obviously being a Western. These work on a cool down rather than relying on ammo drops and are mainly used for hitting exposed weak points with the rifle or chip damage for the pistol then there's the sawn off which is great for obliterating shields... all standard stuff for anyone who's played a third person adventure game anytime recently. So far in terms of levels it feels very old school with very linear levels designed to funnel you from one encounter to the next. As for looks it's been a very mixed bag so far, actual game play looks ok, I'm not sure if it's a design choice or what but there's a really weird glow with everything... fire sources are ridiculously bright and this isn't even an hdr enabled game and then you have the cutscenes which everything just looks muddy and crushed to fuck... I'm not sure whats going on there. Funnily though the pictures I'll post look a damn sight better then they do on a tv.🤷‍♂️ So a bit of a mixed bag... plays fine, looks a little ropey.
  10. Nag

    Persona 5

    Christ.... 50 odd hours in and I've just found that hitting the right bumper takes you to enemy weaknesses instantly (if found).... wow.🤦‍♂️
  11. Finally conceded last night and dropped the difficulty down to "give me story".... I'll happily play stuff like Gears or Dead Space on high difficulty but stuff like this infuriates me, I'd like my God of War to actually feel like a God and not get melted by 5 red shirt lizard things thanks. Plus it's fair to say that I'm more interested in where they take the story than playing the game if truth be told.
  12. They'll just have to buy a shit load of small devs instead....🤣
  13. Nag

    Evil West

    Heard it described as Gears of West.... that'll do.
  14. Nag

    The Callisto Protocol

    Details of the season pass... Kind've sad this even has a Season Pass to be honest... unless it adds new achievements I won't be buying it and even then it'll wait until it's discounted heavily.
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