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  1. Must've been a slow news week.😂😂
  2. Nag


    You'd kind of hope so...
  3. Nag


    Godzilla versus ?
  4. Nag


    That looks good.
  5. Nag

    Days Gone

    I have to admit @DANGERMAN that I'm pretty amazed you saw it through too... before you started playing I wouldn't of put it down as your type of thing. I think the sense of progression is really good in this, early game fire fights are totally lopsided against you (in fact I hated the shooting to begin with) with the starting gun struggling to hit a bus at ten paces... Come end game I can quite easily take out those early game hordes with an automatic rifle no problems. I dunno, this just clicked with me... It was a nice, steady game to spend time with.
  6. To the surprise of absolutely no one at all.😉
  7. Would I sound like a massive cynic if I asked why?
  8. Nag

    Days Gone

    Yup, finished it earlier... Really enjoyed the whole thing to be honest and to think I almost passed up on it completely. It was one of those rare games that didn't really piss me off at any time, everything it does it does very well (in my opinion) the only think that irked me somewhat is in one of the late cutscenes Deacon swims across a lake whereas in game if he strays three feet in to deep water he drowns... Anyway, this seems like a very doable Platinum so I'll be tidying up and going for that too.
  9. 21/01/19 - Monster Hunter World - Xbox One X. 21/01/19 - Onimusha : Warlords - Xbox One X. 26/01/19 - Resident Evil 2 : Claire A - Xbox One X. 29/01/19 - Resident Evil 2 : Leon B - Xbox One X. 31/01/19 - Resident Evil 2 : Leon A - Xbox One X. 03/02/19 - Resident Evil 2 : Claire B - Xbox One X. 03/02/19 - Resident Evil 2 - The 4th Survivor - Xbox One X. 19/03/19 - Devil May Cry 5 - Xbox One X. 31/03/19 - Shenmue 2 - PS4 Pro. 09/04/19 - Resident Evil 2 : Leon A - PS4 Pro. 14/04/19 - Resident Evil 2 : Claire B - PS4 Pro. 20/04/19 - Resident Evil 2 : Claire A - PS4 Pro. 21/04/19 - Anthem - Xbox One X. 05/05/19 - Resident Evil 2 -The 4th Survivor - PS4 Pro. 22/05/19 - Days Gone - PS4 Pro. Thoroughly enjoyed that.
  10. There's obviously some kind of tier system going on... I'd love to know how it works.
  11. Nag


    Oh my days.... don't GoT another thread!
  12. I read somewhere the other week how the developers who put games on to Game Pass get paid, apparently it's on an install basis. I've no idea where the information came from and can't find the sodding post again, it certainly isn't out there for the public to find. It's probably rubbish but it does get you wondering how this money is sorted out.
  13. Guess I haven't got too far to go then? @DANGERMAN
  14. Nag

    TV Shows

    The ending to Lost is beautiful...
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