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  1. Nag

    The Hot Topic Returns

    Yeah, pretty much this (for the same reason too)... we had an electrical store in our village and I remember going down there with my mum and picking out my Megadrive for a main present one year... came with Sonic and I think I picked Splatterhouse 2 from her club book to go along with it...🥰
  2. You're both wrong... but that's OK.🙂
  3. What? The fact Nemesis has a 50/50 chance of appearing in about 3 areas... oh noes.😂 I'll take the scripted boss fights to be honest.
  4. The half hearted Remake 3 bit... it's tight and it's lean with very little downtime, great game.
  5. Nag

    Fantasy Critic 2023

    Is everyone up for a 2024 league then? Pretty certain we could start picking next year's games from this month onwards. @DisturbedSwan you were a little miffed with not doing it this year, do you want the honours for next year?
  6. After that hot take all your Internet access is revoked @OCH...😉
  7. Nag

    Fantasy Critic 2023

    You'd have had a good shout a 1st if Redfall hadn't blown.
  8. I suppose when it's your best selling franchise you'd feel differently... but yeah the Disney syndrome is real.
  9. I kind've don't agree with this, not when two of those games are completely different from their originals plus i kind've like the staggered approach they've been doing with remakes/new entries. I think we know where @OCH will fall on this... let's have a Code Veronica remake, the original doesn't hold up well and I'd like them to make Steve not be a whining prick.😂
  10. Yeah... and then added arse jiggle physics to Ada soooooooo. I could go with Revelations though, it has Jill so it's a winner.
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