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  1. I guess it's going through the game at least three times and buying all the equipment I could for the achievements/trophies that did it for me....不
  2. Rip and tear, rip and tear.
  3. They're both shit so whatever...仄儭
  4. Oh god... not that fucking horse game again.亢
  5. Nag

    Random News II

    It might make the initial pick up more of a slow burn but in the long run I cant see it making a whole lot of difference. Plus we still have no idea about the plans Sony have in place, I'm fully expecting first party exclusives from them at launch... although god only knows why they're being this cagey with details at the minute.
  6. Nag

    Random News II

    Because that's all they'll ever do.
  7. Nag

    Project G.G.

    Pacific Rim : The Game?
  8. Nag

    Random News II

    No @one-armed dwarf it's BAD!... new consoles should only play 4 games at launch!
  9. Nag

    Random News II

    Why would you ignore a 170 million play base for a fraction of that? And I'm so ready for brand new consoles.
  10. The "masterworks" one?.... are you pulling my leg?
  11. Almost 15 minutes of 4k gameplay with no commentary (thank fuck)
  12. I've just updated.... yeah, I preferred how it was, it covers too much of my custom picture now. Being able remove stuff like the Mixer tab is a nice touch though.
  13. Excitable second post alert... It's getting a demo
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