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  1. Nag

    Post your latest gaming purchases

    *Moans about his gaming backlog... buys games that are going to add around 150 hours more...🙄 Second hand off Amazon, mint condition. Again, second hand from Amazon... Limited Edition and shits still sealed.👍 Would've had Lightning Returns too but the muppet sent out the wrong game so I may go digital with that.
  2. Nag

    Gaming disappointments.

    Shadow of the Colossus is a great shout @Blakey... I hated that bastard horse by the time I'd finished with the game, same with the shitty grab mechanic. Shenmue disappointed me to an extent earlier in the year, I had good memories of that game from the Dreamcast which were swiftly swept away once I'd realised just how fucking boring the game actually was.
  3. Nag

    Sony Consoles and Updates

    I'll be amazed if that's not spot on the money...
  4. Nag

    Sony Consoles and Updates

    Microsoft will still have the worst conference, somehow....🤣🤣
  5. Nag

    Sony Consoles and Updates

    Well that sucks....
  6. Nag

    Post your latest gaming purchases

    Was the person who delivered it wearing a raincoat and sunglasses as a disguise?
  7. Nag

    Post your latest gaming purchases

    Did that arrive in a Brown paper bag?
  8. Nag

    Final Fantasy 15

    I remember hitting a button when i wasn't supposed to and skipped half the ending cutscene... That fucking sucked.
  9. Nag

    Microsoft consoles and dashboards

    I didn't really wanna put this in the Gears thread so I'll dump it here. First look at Gears Pop. It's not really for me and to be fair I have no idea what I was actually expecting from this in any case.
  10. Nag

    Gaming disappointments.

    There very well may be a thread like this buried away somewhere, if so sorry... but the search function is ropey. So, given my feelings on the recently released Red Dead Redemption 2 what are your biggest disappointments in gaming? I'm not so much asking for bad games just those that you maybe felt misled on or those that ended up not really what you were expecting (or wanting)
  11. Nag

    Battlefield V

    It's probably closer now than it was, I suppose... Think the old skool Gtm Battlefield crew has gone more PlayStation this time round though.
  12. Nag

    Battlefield V

    I think you'd better buy a PS4 to go with your game if you'd like that to happen @RYAN WHITELAW😉
  13. Nag

    Play/Want /Bin November 2018

    Updated... ignore my previous post. Play. Gears of War 4 - I never really stop playing this but a drop of new achievements will always catch my attentions. Soul Calibur 6 - Returned to this and I'm slowly making my way through the Libra of Souls mode, the fights are fun enough... the story is gash. Red Dead Redemption 2 - See Want. Want. Red Dead Redemption 2 - I want to feel like im having some fun, I want to not have to spend 10 minutes at a time treking across the map to do fucking anything at all while hitting a button ten thousand times to keep up a steady pace... I want the game to not feel like an absolute chore to play. Bin. My gaming backlog - The damn thing just keeps getting bigger and bigger, there's just not enough hours in the day.
  14. Nag

    Sony Consoles and Updates

    Updated Pro Seems Sony have had a play with the Pro model and managed to knock the noise ouput down considerably... here's the model number to look out for if you're contemplating treating yourself this Christmas.
  15. Nag

    The Game Awards 2018

    Yeah, women don't need to know that kind've thing.... Just suprise them with a Spider-Man...🤣🤣