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  1. Nag

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    I think I'll give up gaming if they take GTA VI in this direction.
  2. Nag

    The Hot Topic Returns

    Although I don't "regret" playing it I definitely think I could've been doing something more enjoyable with the time I spent with RDR2... A lot of that was down to how utterly disappointed I felt with the game though. I've never felt a game push back at me the way that game did.
  3. Nag

    The Hot Topic Returns

    Bit of an odd one this week.
  4. It's pretty obvious that @Maf is just fucking about, don't worry Maf I still love your weird and wonderful ways.🤣
  5. Nag


    I spent enough time with it.
  6. Nag


    And to be fair it really isn't that good....
  7. Nag

    The Hot Topic Returns

    I've definitely seen a change in regards to achievements, I no longer bang my head against brick walls chasing achievements based on difficulties.
  8. Nag


    Fuck me, I wish you would just buy the thing... if only so the the running commentary on prices would stop.😂
  9. Nag

    Play Want Bin July

    Play. A Plague Tale : Innocence - waited a while and went digital while on a sale, really enjoying it at the minute. I've been looking for a decent story driven game and this is scratching that itch nicely. Call of Duty : Modern Warfare Remastered - this was free a few months back with PSN so I'm using it as an excuse for the PS4 to get some use. God knows why I'm doing it on Veteran though, I'd forgotten what a twat that can be. Want. No change... Just give me Control and Gears 5. Bin. Nothing really.🤷
  10. The type that doesn't give a fuck about that shit and plays stuff on his preferred platform where possible.😘
  11. It'll happen, it's just a question of when.
  12. Nag

    Nintendo News

    A video that millions of mums will never see... which was @Maryokutai point in the first place.
  13. Coming to Xbox? Could be something, could be nothing but apparently Xbox Germany put the release up for this on their Facebook page... It was swiftly removed. I'd be amazed if it doesn't show up on a MS console at some point, the fact the trailers no longer have "Play first on PlayStation" at the end may mean something at least.
  14. Nag

    Nintendo News

    I actually think there's a chance that'll happen... It would need a significant power boost though.
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