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  1. Nag

    Your Top 10 Games

    Because they've lost the assets... The muppets.
  2. Nag

    Your Top 10 Games

    Get out!
  3. Nag

    Your Top 10 Games

    Alright...games are shit.
  4. Nag

    Your Top 10 Games

  5. Nag

    Your Top 10 Games

    Aren't videogames themselves supposed to be fun?
  6. Nag

    Marvel's Spider-Man

    It looks like your spunking on someone you've just beaten up...😂😂
  7. Nag

    Your Top 10 Games

    It's a game about hitting giant creatures not a horse riding simulation... in what world is fighting your means of transportation considered fun? That horse pretty much ruined my time with the game.
  8. Nag

    Your Top 10 Games

    Shadow of the Colossus original or remake?... Although I'll bet they both have the same stupid horse.🤣🤣
  9. Nag

    Marvel's Spider-Man

    Those emojis and sound effects worry me....
  10. Nag

    Monster Hunter World

    Got it!... First hunt of the day... WOOOOT
  11. Nag

    Monster Hunter World

    Yeah, you need that gold thing for the melds. I'll carry on trying over the weekend, if I have no joy I'll skip that armour and curse Capcom in to oblivion.
  12. Nag

    Monster Hunter World

    Don't you need a golden voucher (to do all the weekly bounties for that)?
  13. Nag

    Monster Hunter World

    I was right, around eight Odogaron assignments (kills and captures in that) with silver and gold rewards and no sign of a gem so far... I fucking hate praying to the RNG gods.🙄
  14. Nag

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    He calls him a loser in the international trailer... No dickwad for us.