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  1. Can not agree with that at all. Generations was just better in every way. High points in Unleashed? Apart from the city level I think your memory of that game is damaged.
  2. It surely can’t be worse. The terrible dash is by far the worst thing about the One.
  3. No dawg. Generations is loads better. Best Sonic game until Mania. Since the Mega Drive and GBA ones obviously.
  4. It’s fucking awesome. Feels mega and just gives the you the perfect, most comfortable position for using the wheel. Love it. Just after buying it I managed to find the gearshift holder for half price too brand new 😁. Sweet!
  5. Terminator Dark Fate - 8.5/10 Enjoyed that hugely! Really liked the direction they took with this one and the action scenes were brill. I’ve not had the hatred towards the others in the series like some either, found them entertaining enough. But this is definitely in another league to those. Even if it doesn’t match 2 or 1.
  6. Managed to find a proper seat for my wheel setup at half price. Used but only 2 month old and looks new. Better than £240+ brand new Plus finally found The new GRID cheap, bonus is it has all dlc too.
  7. mfnick

    The Hot Topic Returns

    Sega Saturn for me. Combination of perfect timing for me to fall deep in love with gaming and a couple of personal faves in Sega Rally, Sega Worldwide Soccer and Virtua Fighter (I know it’s not a good port but when I got it I loved it). After that it would be the 360, it’s the first one I was able to buy myself at launch powering it up and seeing it had a proper dashboard felt really futuristic. & PGR3 blew me away (until I got used to the graphics & I found how much content it was lacking compared to 2). I convinced myself I liked PD Zero too at the time. N64 was a brill one too, but I had to enjoy that through my brother who brought it with him when he came to visit. Goldeneye was the shit! Didn’t play Mario 64 until the following year when I got the console.
  8. Not really. But like I say it’s still disappointing. & actually, if Forza 8 doesn’t look or perform much better than the One X version, then I’ll actually have no reason to upgrade at launch (unless there’s a big surprise). So that could actually put me off buying it for a while.
  9. Last couple of gen’s, yes. But that was usually 3rd party titles or a remaster. You’d still usually have a couple of exclusives that look quite a bit better than what came before during the launch period. Sure, there will still be some impressive looking stuff still but there’s no doubt they’ll be held back a bit to ensure previous gen compatibility which is very disappointing IMO.
  10. Maybe, I’ve googled it and can’t find that information. I’m sure that’s what they said though... Edit - found it. It’s about 1:08:20 in the podcast (premium). There is a slight difference, he says “many of the games launched on the ps5 will also be available to play on the predecessor machine”. So there is a difference in wording there. Could just mean 3rd party games but as Brad points out it’s from a playstation earnings report so could assume its mainly about their games. Or maybe it just means games that are already deep in development that are launching on PS5 but a lot of development has already been finished in the PS4 so they can easily port down. Maybe something like Ghosts of Tsushima?
  11. Haven’t Sony also said their PS5 games will be playable on the PS4 for up to 2 years now too. Just listened to the Bombcast and it was in their news sections. Think that’s just how it’s going now. I agree it’s very disappointing that this is the case though. Sounds like we’ll have to rely on 3rd parties to bring the games that fully utilise the power of the new consoles. Which again is disappointing as 1st party studios always get loads more out of the consoles than 3rd party developers do so new console “wow” moments are going to be few and far between by sounds of it.
  12. Would still end up with the Xbox due to the fact I’d save a lot more than say £80 over the course of that year due to Game pass. But it still mainly comes down to the fact MS have a killer app for me no matter what in the form of Forza. So I’m not the “normal” customer anyway as most people aren’t really bothered about that but for me it’s the game.
  13. If they do this I just hope they do enough work to the emulator to sort the lag out for modern TVs. I bought Metal Slug Anthology and Marvel Vs SNK 2 PS2 games digitally on the PS4 and theyre almost unplayable. Especially Metal Slug. Stupidly didn’t research before buying, it’s a known issue with them. Just got over excited when I saw them on the store and immediately bought. If they do sort it then having access to the entire PS2 library would be a huge bonus. I’d love to play SSX Tricky again plus many many others.
  14. 2 of the best games ever made!
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