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  1. Hope it’s a good trailer. Don’t know why because I love this series but I’m just not feeling any excitement at all yet. Maybe because I didn’t like RDR2 and Online has less than zero appeal for me I’m a bit worried about their future direction.
  2. Close at the top! Very happy with 3rd.
  3. mfnick


    Ok you may have sold me on it now, seeing as though it’s on GP I’ll give it a go.
  4. Renfield Yo, that shit slapped. Went in with barely any expectations and had a thoroughly good time. 8/10
  5. mfnick

    Random News II

    Shame. If they’d not have been so greedy and charged around £10 more than a regular controller I may have been interested or got it as a gift for a friend. That’s taking more than the piss though.
  6. Another couple of Black Friday deals. £20 each.
  7. Spotify wrapped is up again. Pretty predictable for me. Apart from Zeus, barely ever chose to play that but the random feature of my main playlist always did for some reason.
  8. I’ve actually done a bit of a 180 on this. Lately my partner has been really ill & off work a lot & is now staying up a lot later and hogging the TV a lot more. So I’ve ended up using the Switch a bit more. But this would be much more preferable as the games on PS5 appeal a lot more along with general performance increases and loading benefits on multi format games. Now I still wouldn’t be interested in AAA games like Spider Man 2 on it since that would be a big drop compared to through the big OLED TV & surround sound. But stuff like Live A Live or even something more narrative led like Witcher 3 or Balders Gate 3 I could see using this a bit. I still can’t justify that price tag though. Arguments can (rightly) be made for it being cheap for a screen and dual sense but it’s just way too high for what it actually does IMO. If it ever gets a price drop or a voucher goes around dropping it to £150, maybe… I wouldn’t be angry about getting it as a Xmas present too. By the time that happens my partner should - hopefully - be better so it’d end up being pointless for me again. Id really want to try it out first too. If it’s at all laggy on my connection then it’s completely useless. But there’s no way of trying it as far as I know so that’s a huge knock against it too. & it’s far too expensive to just buy and try. Edit I didn’t realise this. Will try that before even giving it another thought. I’ve tried the Xbox through my iPad and it’s terrible so can imagine this is the same.
  9. £10 so willing to take a punt at that. Should be able to sell on about the same too.
  10. Couple of Black Friday deals and a newbie.
  11. Typing X-X-X seems inefficient.
  12. Good as new condition. includes postage.
  13. Wait, this gen has started?
  14. 100% done (apart from Standees but fuck grinding purple coins for those) The last level it unlocks is a proper banger! Cool use of the badges too. Shame there’s not more like that in normal levels where it automatically gives you a badge to use in certain sections. Going back to the lack of challenge again, it would have been great if there was more of a spread and ramp up of difficult levels. Instead it’s 100 easy levels and 1 brilliant final which is genuinely challenging which feels awesome to nail just kind of comes out of nowhere. There’s just no build up to it. The most lives I lost in any other level was around 5. This one I lost about 30. Surely there’s room to build levels in between that? Reminds me of Odyssey which I also thought was only “good” where the final secret level brings everything together really well and is leagues above everything else in the game. Just wish they’d spread that design across the experience rather than being a secret at the very end. So after 100%ing it, 7/10 still. Good but could be so much better.
  15. Just read its £10 upgrade for existing owners. Still shitty but I’m willing to pay that for it I think.
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