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  1. I would much prefer this. Give me loads of small games on GP not just CoD & whatever shit else they make.
  2. mfnick

    Evil West

    Watched Skill Ups review. I’m well up for this! Despite the more middling scores elsewhere the way he described it sounds perfect for me. Think I’m going to hold out hope for a performance patch on console though. Can’t afford it yet anyway.
  3. This is mint! I really wasn’t sure if I’d like it but gave it a go since it’s on Xbox and GP now. I’m loving it. It’s simple and shallow but pure fun & to say how visually basic it is the effects really hit. Great sfx too. Hard to describe just how satisfying it is when youre just walking along laying waste to everything on screen without even pressing a single button. It’s weird but I’m all for it at the moment. Just unlocked the 3rd area.
  4. mfnick


    Gutted. In spite of this I’ve played through it twice now, once normally and a second time in less than 3 hours to get the last achievement. On the whole I liked it but nowhere near as much as I’d hoped to. It does a fantastic job of riffing off the classic RE style puzzles and I absolutely adore the aesthetic design. However there is little to no variety in the environments at all and every area is just a square or rectangle. I guess it kind of suits the setting but it’s disappointing nonetheless. I’ve started to really struggle to follow stories and take in details when a fake names and words are used in games too & this does that in spades. So for the most part I had no idea what was actually going on or what the hell the various files we’re trying to convey. It also has the option of tank controls if you want (yay! I’m one of those weirdos), unfortunately it forces you to use the analogue stick in tank mode which just doesn’t work for me at all! Booo! Regardless of my issues though, for the most part I liked it. The style and classic RE puzzles and design kept me hooked. Would definitely recommend it if you miss the old RE games like I do.
  5. 09/01/22 - Guardians of the Galaxy (XSX) - Complete 09/01/22 - Inscryption (PC) - Complete 16/01/22 - FFVIIR (PS5) - Episode Intermission 20/01/22 - Dead Cells (XSX) - Queen and the Sea DLC 28/01/22 - Deaths Door (XSX GP) - Complete 05/02/22 - The Gunk (XSX GP) - Conplete 05/02/22 - Super Squidlit (Switch) - Complete 09/02/22 - Kena Bridge of Spirits (PS5) - Normal 24/03/22 - Nobody Saves The World (XSX GP) - Normal 04/04/22 - Elden Ring (XSX) - Star End 02/05/22 - Ryse Son of Rome (XSX) - Normal 04/05/22 - Oxenfree (XSX) - Complete 14/05/22 - Marsupilami Hoobadventure (XSX) - (08/05/22) Complete / (14/05/22) - 100% and 1000/1000GS 23/05/22 - Trek To Yomi (XSX GP) - Complete 09/06/22 - Deathloop (PS5) - Complete 11/06/22 - Halo Infinite (XSX GP) - Complete 20/06/22 - Paradise Killer (XSX GP) - Complete 16/07/22 - Sonic Origins (XSX) - Story & 1000/1000GS 19/07/22 - Sifu (PS5) - (18/07/22) Normal + Good Ending / (19/07/22) - Platinum Trophy 22/07/22 - FH5: Hot Wheels (XSX) - Complete 30/07/22 - Stray (PS5+P) - Complete 17/08/22 - The Missing JJ Macfield & The Island of Memories (PS5+P) - Complete 27/08/22 - Olli Olli World (XSX) - All Levels 20/11/22 - Signalis (XSS GP) - Normal, Survival & 1000/1000GS Good but not as good as I’d hoped it would be.
  6. Love the visual flourishes in this. Just hope they’ve improved the handling physics. The last couple I’ve played felt like shit.
  7. Back in the day I used to mostly rely on reviews for all games with odd word of mouth ones thrown in. These days I use podcasts and quick looks/QL type videos for the majority of my decision making. Along with posts from you lovely people. I still like the whole score thing though to have a quick scan on how a game has been received - depending on which I could be made to check out a game sooner, play a game I’d normally not be interested or put one off that I was interested in. As shiny points out though, the scoring systems are a bit fucked though.
  8. What’s the actual game part of this like? Does it have any structure? I’m interested in this and I love heavy physic heavy games with lots of ragdoll - there’s just nowhere near enough of that stuff these days ms Psi Ops is one I always go back to and that’s not far off 20 years old. But I struggle with ones that have no structure. I usually love them for 1 hour then get bored. So far how does this seem to you? Shallow fun or does it have something more about it?
  9. It happened slowly. Just like micro transactions. Lots of complaining to start with but enough people accepted it over time or bought them anyway that eventually it became the norm.
  10. From what I’m seeing it’s easier to get it working on Steam Deck than a proper PC. Mad.
  11. Can it just be said how shitty it is to lock that behind DLC. Complete bullshit.
  12. It’s a pretty decent gaming laptop. Not expecting performance to be amazing but I can’t even get Retroarch to even load anything. Just keeps coming up with no files or not found or something to that effect. Lots of Roms I keep getting are .bin files too I’ve read don’t work as well but can’t find the correct ones anywhere.
  13. Thanks I’ll give them a go.
  14. **Delete if not allowed.** Can anyone help!? I’ve been dying to get back into playing Saturn games but I just can’t get them working. Ive downloaded Retro Arch & 2 cores, followed loads of how to videos on YT to get games working on it but no matter what I do I can’t get it to work. Alt was comes up with no files or some other crap. & there’s that many variances with Roms and such Im just at a complete loss and it’s driving me mad. So, does anyone have a “pack” they could copy to an external memory stick or HDD and post to me - I’ll pay good money for your trouble including buying a HDD. Or even just links on where I can get stuff which will work please? DM if not allowed on the site. Thanks!
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