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  1. mfnick

    Dead Cells

    Fair enoug, I was more wondering if the drop rate of the better weapons was higher on the alternate routes. If I remember rightly I got my 8000 damage crossbow on one of the alternate routes and wondering if it just didn’t have as much of a chance of turning up in the regular path. i understand what your saying about not unlocking stuff to increase the drop rates of the items you prefer but I’m same as you, don’t believe in that. I like unlocking the other stuff and been discovering weapons I actually like which I wouldn’t have used if the game didn’t make me. I love that about it
  2. mfnick

    Mortal Kombat 11

    Awesome! Can’t wait for this
  3. mfnick

    2019 Expenditure

    £23.49 - £25 PSN Top Up £13.99 - £15 PSN Top Up £9.39 - £10 Xbox Top Up
  4. mfnick

    Dead Cells

    I think I might be slightly obsessed with this game. It’s got its hooks in me in a way no game has in a long time. Probably since Rocket League. I’m loving it. Unfortunately it’s costing me sleep too! Instead of going to be at a reasonable hour I’m up on this Until 1am saying “just 1 more run”. & im up at 545am, I’m knackered lol. Don’t even mind repeating sections anymore and unlocked loads of various routes now. Made it to the palace (after the 2nd boss) a few times, struggling from there though, not really lasting long enough to learn the enemies lol. One of the areas where you press the switch which wakes up a load of enemies isn’t a mofo too. Those that teleport you to them are right bastards if there’s more than one about. On my best run I got lucky with a pick up worth 80,000 gold and got a crossbow which did 8000 damage, basically one shot everything. It was mint. Unfortunately got malaise in a fight with 2 elites which I just couldn’t survive. Was certain that was my run to the end too! Ah well. Agreed on the turrets, the one which shoots in both directions is essential in my runs. I love how this game has encouraged me to use different weapons too, I’m even liking the boot weapon which I thought was terrible at first. One question for the long timers though, do you know if it’s worth going the alternate routes once you’ve unlocked the runes apart from for blueprints? Do you get better weapons and more upgrades usually? It’s just the regular route is significantly easier. But I’m not sure if I’m missing out on better weapons doing that.
  5. mfnick

    Resident Evil 2 Remake

    A sacrifice I’d be willing to make. I’m still massively excited for it though like I say.
  6. mfnick

    Resident Evil 2 Remake

    It’s worrying when these days I don’t know if that’s a joke or not either...
  7. mfnick

    The Activision thread

    Exactly this. Its not surprising, no. But to be honest it should be. That type of business shouldn’t be the norm and shouldnt be cast aside as “just business”.
  8. mfnick

    The Activision thread

    I’m always shocked by how people are willing to just shrug their shoulders at shitty behaviour but because “it’s business”. Sure it’s business and it’s what a lot do, doesn’t mean we should just let it without expressing how shit it is and asking for change? Nothing would ever change for the better if everybody just shrugged there shoulders at things being shit. Nobody needs to or should be earning that amount of money. It’s just not necessary at all. And it’s this ongoing chasing of greed for ever increasing millions - billions for the same stuff which is ruining a lot of good things in this world and pushing prices higher and higher and ruining the original visions. This goes for movies, cars, games, music, sport etc. Every hobby or interest I have just seems to be getting more and more infected by the business side. And the business side is becoming more and more obvious in my interests. It’s infuriating.
  9. mfnick

    Game of the Year 2018

    Edited mine with Dead Cells now included . Could take the top spot but only started it last week so not sure how I’ll feel about it after a extended period. edit - Dead Cells at top spot now!
  10. mfnick

    The MFGamers Podcast

    well I can’t promise anything but I’d be willing to try and help out where I can. Preferably not on mic lol!
  11. mfnick

    Nintendo Switch Online

    Add those SNES games and I’ll likely subscribe.
  12. mfnick

    The MFGamers Podcast

    Just listened to the end of year one. Really enjoyed it, thanks to everyone who put in the hard work to get it done! Can’t believe how much my thoughts and game tastes echos Sly’s. Although I couldn’t get on with Snake Pass, I really tried and bought it quite early on but even after hours I couldn’t get used to the controls at all. I’d spend ages getting it high up and then I’d fall through what felt like no fault of my own, even if it was me. Which would then make me want to throw pad through TV. I reached a water area and then told it to fuck off. As for putting work in, what kind of help are you meaning? I could try when I get chance but I don’t even know what needs doing? If it’s editing I could give it a go. If it’s creating them I’ve got huge anxiety and feel awkward as fuck even on a phone never mind talking into a mic for lots of people to listen too, I’m useless at it. I once did a episode with Dekard years ago about Super Meat Boy and playformers in general. I was terrible, didn’t even post it up haha.
  13. mfnick

    Play / Want / Bin January 2019

    Play Dead Cells - Fantastic game! Think this could have been my game of last year if I’d started it sooner. Still got concerns about getting bored of repeating the starting areas but so far I am loving it. Gardens Between - Just completed, very pleasant and easy going experience. Recommended. And the usual Persona 5, Rocket League, Forza Horizon 4 etc. which I’ve been playing for a while now. Want Resident Evil 2 Remake - Been looking forward to this since the original REmake and the demo has just added to it. Onimusha HD - I loved this series back on PS2. Can’t wait to revisit it. The 2nd was a the high points for me but this’ll do for now. Trials Uprising - New instalment of one of my favourite game series of all time. New Super Mario Bro’s U Deluxe - Havent ever got on with the ‘New’ Mario series, but I still want to give this a proper try. Bin Resident Evil 2 Remake - As much as I’m looking forward to this, I’m still massively disappointed it’s not being done in the original style like the first REmake which is one of my favourite games of all time. Remakes/Re-Releases - Just concerned how most of my most anticipated games are remakes and re-releases even this far into the generation. Where are the new exciting releases which will appeal to me? Theres not been many.
  14. mfnick

    Bungie and Activision split - Bungie keep Destiny

    Activision are scum! But, aren’t Bungie the ones who wanted to implement Microtransactions in Destiny to start with? So expansions could be free? Until they decided to just charge for both to make all the money possible? I doubt it’ll change anything with how badly the business side of Destiny is handled to be honest. I’ve always thought game has always been meh anyway so doesn’t matter either way to me thankfully.
  15. mfnick

    Post when you complete a game ‘19

    10/01/19 - Donut County (iPad) - Complete Dont get the fuss to be honest. Found it a bit boring. Liked the story and cut scenes though, made me laugh a couple of times. Love BK, he’s the type of nob head I can get on board with. 12/01/19 - Gardens Between (Xbox One X) - Complete & 1000/1000GS Really enjoyed this. There’s not a great deal to it, it’s very short and easy but it was a very pleasant experience from start to end. The developer has done a great job in having every level as a circular island, it’s really smart and works well. I loved the ending too. Anyone could play this too, you could pass it to your 4 year old nephew, Gf or mum and they’d be able to enjoy it, just press left of right and A to move time and solve puzzles. Really simple.