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  1. Yea Im not smart enough for Baba is You. Id like to hear your thoughts on that pad. I bought a knock off Saturn pad (simply the best one ever made for 2d games) for my Retropi and it just doesn’t feel right, something’s really off about it when I use it compared to a genuine one. Wonder if that one is any closer to matching the original quality
  2. mfnick

    Google Stadia

    I was really looking forward to a “Netflix of games” type service, but I want to be able to download my games like on the Xbox so the streaming latency issue is no longer a issue as most of the games I like are the type where itd negatively effect my experience. Such as racing games, shooters (Cuphead style) and precision, twitch games like Dead Cells, Super Meat Boy, Celeste, Trials etc. However as much as I love Game Pass and see this a good idea if it’s sub based and has a good selection of games, the relatively recent incorporation of in game transactions make me really, really concerned about subscription based gaming becoming the norm. Moreso than the streaming side. Which would be fine for a lot of the more story based games. What worries me is that if publishers and developers are no longer getting a lot of their money from the sale of games they’re going to double down on ways to milk us to make up for it in the actual games hemselves. The in game transactions are going to become even more intrusive, larger, in your face and more common to make up for it. I doubt the amount they get from Google, MS etc. From the subscription pot will be anywhere near what they could make from actual sales. So they’ll have to make it up from implementing even more nefarious in game monetisation. I need to do more research but from what I understand the sub system has actually negatively effected the movie and the music industries. Especially the music side. I think it has actually helped the TV series style side though so hopefully for games it’ll work that way. Its worrying but as long as there’s a way I can download and purchase my games in the traditional way as well as through these streaming and sub based directional then I’m good for a many years yet at least. Until something like Strada gets too big and it’s no longer viable to create the type of gaming experiences I like anymore anyway being as in business even if something is profitable after you reach a certain size it’s not worth them doing unless it’s raking huge amounts in.
  3. mfnick

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Completed this earlier, as mentioned in the completion thread. The story, details, world and characters side - amazing. The rest of it, not so much. The controls didnt bother me as much as most people. I never punched my horse or shot someone I meant to talk to by mistake due to them. The gameplay was serviceable. I did however find it a real chore to play at times. The mission design was really quite boring and repetitive for the majority of the time. The riding around got real dull real quick. And was especially bad towards the end where you’re basically having to travel the entire map for and after every mission. There’s a million things to do to. Which may sound like a good thing but I found most of Im such a pain that I just ended up not engaging with any of the systems. The hunting! Jesus what a twat. Even when using tips and a small guide it was just too much of a faff to get decent skins that I ended up fucking it off completely. The challenges, compendium, jobs, crafting, bounty huntersetc. just weren’t fun. Now the fact I was able to ignore these completely and still get through the game fine can be seen as a positive but I usually like doing all that type of stuff (apart from crafting, soooo sick of that in games) and the fact I didn’t want to in this game is a negative IMO. But, I can’t stress enough how much I loved the story and character side. They’re what kept me playing, even when I felt I couldn’t cope with another’s ride through the entire map, something interesting would happen to one of the characters and I’d have to play another mission to see the next bit even though I really didn’t want to play anymore. Ultimately I’m glad I stuck at it to see it through. Arthur is a Legend. Oh, and technically this may be the most impressive game ever. I also think we may be passed the uncanny valley stage with humans in games now. More and more games are really impressing me with this. All the facial ticks and expressions are coming through brilliantly, for the majority of the time forgot I was looking at characters in a game.
  4. 10/01/19 - Donut County (iPad) - Complete 12/01/19 - Gardens Between (Xbox One X) - Complete & 1000/1000GS 28/01/19 - Persona 5 (PS4) - Complete 16/03/19 - Red Dead Redemption 2 (Xbox One X) - Complete Including Epilogue Im glad I stuck it out but my God it was a chore to play at times. The characters and story moments are second to none though. There’s so many small details and the world building is again on another level. If it clicks with you there’s a shedload to do too, but I found it to annoying to bother even engaging with 90% of the systems. But the story beats made it just about worthwhile. 7/10
  5. Shame. As a horny young lad I loved Fear Effect 2
  6. Play Trials Rising - Possibly the best one yet track design wise. Shame about the progression system, the map and the grinding. Red Dead Redemption 2 - The story is keeping me going but it’s become quite a chore to play. Come close to sacking it off a few times but want to see it through. Almost at the end of chapter 6 now so hopefully not too much more to do. DmC - Can’t afford 5 at the moment so gone back to this since it’s on Gamepass. Bloody brilliant game! Up there with 3 for me. Want Resi 2 Remake - Same as last month Devil May Cry V - Got my reservations but still can’t wait to get it. Bin Smash Bros Ultimate - Just found it really boring. Need to accept this series isnt for me anymore, not been able to get into one since Melee. Traded it for NSMB U Deluxe with Jimbo so will start that soon.
  7. ODST was the best one IMO. Didn’t think much to any of the others.
  8. mfnick

    The MFGamers Podcast

    I really enjoyed the defence 😂. Excellent work.
  9. mfnick

    Google Stadia

    Looks like it’s designed to cut your hands and those sticks look worse than the N64’s. Hopefully it’s better than it looks...
  10. mfnick

    Devil May Cry 5

    It better be worth it!
  11. mfnick

    Devil May Cry 5

    I want this so bad. But got a couple of little things that are holding me off it. Got to say the environments look very bland and repetitive, all the screenshots and videos all look the same. Not sure on V either from what I’ve seen and read, doesn’t sound great to play as but the hands on seem positive. Dwarf has the same complaints though and still clicked for him so maybe I should just get on with it and trade RDR2 in so I can buy it...
  12. mfnick

    Devil May Cry 5

    Fuck DMC 2. It was such a huge disappointment, I adored this 1st and couldn’t wait for 2, got it at release and hated it. Such a chore to play.
  13. mfnick

    Devil May Cry 5

    Hearing loads of great things about this. Looking forward to eventually picking it up even if the demo didn’t really do anything for me. The videos have been showing it to have a much better flow to the combat than the demo too which was my biggest gripe.
  14. mfnick

    Trials Rising

    Glad to see people are making good use of the stickers 😂
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