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  1. You know what? I’m going to put (some of) my money where my mouth is. I’m going to go through some of that big list and give the ones I’ve not heard of which are available on Netflix, Prime etc. Or can be purchased cheap a try over the next few months.
  2. mfnick


    Completed yesterday. Then did the extra work to get the A ending too . I absolutely adored it. The B ending really highlights and explains the message of the opening scenery in a way I didn’t spot originally. Excellent stuff. After completing it, it lets you load your save before the end boss so I definitely recommend doing both endings, in fact I think the “worse” ending is the more powerful one. Highly recommend to any metroidvania fans. Its not even that difficult really so don’t let that put you off, just explore a bit and try a different path if you’re struggling. Some routes are definitely easier and meant to be tackled before others for health reasons if not ability. It’s pretty easy to see which way is the more standard progression route after the first hour or so of fumbling if you go the more difficult path. Only gripes are the odd bugs as mentioned before (didn’t have anymore though thankfully), it’s possible to mess up certain time restricted “quests” which prevent you from getting 100% on 1 play through which is normal really but a bit disappointing. & the dialogue is overly wordy and difficult to follow as religious speak can be at times. Apart from those small issues, fantastic game that just got better and better as I played. It really does look amazing in parts too. Really nice animation as well.
  3. Obviously being a bit hyperbolic but I do find most films that do well on these kinds of lists or what the “critics” rave about usually end up being nonsensical (or just too smart for me) and utterly boring. Just my opinion. And admittedly only going off a small selection of films which I’ve tried after hearing all the critical praise.
  4. I’m willing to bet money that they’re not.
  5. 10/01/19 - Donut County (iPad) - Complete 12/01/19 - Gardens Between (Xbox One X) - Complete & 1000/1000GS 28/01/19 - Persona 5 (PS4) - Complete 16/03/19 - Red Dead Redemption 2 (Xbox One X) - Complete Including Epilogue  29/03/19 - Trials Rising (Xbox One X) - All Extreme Complete  09/04/19 - Driveclub (PS4) - RPM Expansion 100% 10/04/19 - DmC Definitive Edition (Xbox one X) - (07/04/19) Dante - Devil Hunter, (10/04/19) Vergil’s Downfall - Devil Hunter 30/04/18 - Mortal Kombat 11 (Xbox One X) - Story Mode 04/05/19 - What Remains of Edith Finch (Xbox One X) - Complete and 1000/1000GS 06/06/19 - (01/06/19) Life if Strange (Xbox One X) Episodes 1 & 2, (02/06/19) Episode 3, (03/06/19) Episodes 4 & 5, (06/06/19) - 1000/1000GS 10/06/19 - (08/06/19) Life is Strange Before The Storm (Xbox One X) Episode 1, (10/06/19) Episodes 2, 3, Bonus & 1000/1000GS 10/06/19 - Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit (Xbox One X) - Complete  11/06/19 - Resident Evil 2 Remake (One X) - Claire A 08/08/19 - Blazing Chrome (One X) - Normal 09/09/19 - Gears of War 4 (One X) - Hardcore 09/09/19 - Banner Saga (One X) - Complete 19/09/19 - Blasphemous (One X) - Ending B & A Bloody excellent, I loved it. 9/10
  6. Haven’t got much to say about the games list. Don’t agree but that’s normal and no list created by a group is going to be one I can agree with. Had a look at that films list. Honestly, I’ve only heard of about a 1/4 of them 😕. Never got on with film critics, usually they just like pretentious shite IMO while slagging off the type of films I usually love - mainly action blockbusters - but even so, surprising how little I’ve heard of and how few I’ve still got no interest in watching even after after reading the inserts and watching a few trailers. What tosh.
  7. mfnick


    Done a lot more bosses, areas and unlocked more abilities now. It’s really well paced and the level design is excellent, opening up shortcuts and circling round on areas naturally. Absolutely loving it, keep being incredibly impressed by the visual design too, the backgrounds, enemies and bosses are all top notch and always look forward to seeing the next of each. Only negative is, I’ve had a few nasty bugs. 3 of which I’ve had to restart the game to sort where I’ve clipped through scenery or just disappeared. Luckily the game is great at keeping your progress, any map updates, collectibles, tears etc. save immediately so not lost any progress on any, just had to navigate some areas again. I did have to restart one boss though as it screwed up just as I beat it. Luckily it was a relatively easy one. Im supposed to be in this scene but my character disappeared and it got stuck in a loop. Apart from that its fantastic.
  8. Excellent news with Bloodstained, need to get Blasphemous finished before I start that though. Dirt Rally 2 is a brilliant game too!
  9. I just watched John Wick 3. HOLY FUCK!! What a amazing film, I loved it from beginning to end. Some of the best scenes ever put to film. This series is up there with the best for me, not many manage 3 top quality instalments. Usually have at least 1 stinker. Enjoyed the Matrix reference too, nicely done
  10. mfnick

    The Hot Topic Returns

    I grew up a Sega boy and the Saturn is one of my favourite consoles of all time. However during the period between the Saturn and Dreamcast I moved to the N64 and then onto the PS2. I always wanted a Dreamcast but obviously could only have one console at that time and already moved on because I couldn’t wait and I’d played Goldeneye which converted me. At the time I remember Sonic Adventure looking like the best thing I’d ever seen. But had to admire from afar. When i did eventually buy a Dreamcast many years later, to be honest I was disappointed. Everything just seemed so shallow and the pad was terrible. All the best reviewed games seemed like 5 minute wonders. I feel this is a problem of coming to the console late though and not actually a fault with the games. I feel I wasn’t giving the games time and attention they need to appreciate fully as the same criticism could easily be levied at most Mega Drive and Saturn games and I loved them. But that’s a problem when you come to games after the fact I find. Overall I like the Dreamcast and what it did in the gaming timeline but for me it just didn’t do much.
  11. 🙁 I like Dan. Didn’t used to but he’s grown on me a lot. I think he adds a good energy and comes up with some great features. Doubt Crime Crew, Steal my Sunshine etc. would have happened without him. Look at the west coast since he left too, hardly any new content ideas or features.
  12. Couldn’t find it on Xbox Will give it another try or try another, cheers. Edit - found it on phone app. Was due to the fucking terrible Xbox search function. I should have known just putting Contra in somehow wouldn’t be good enough for the Xbox’s piece of shit search 😒. How it decides I want Witcher context before Contra is beyond me. Doesn’t even show Contra under Contra. *Sigh*
  13. What console is the demo on?
  14. mfnick


    I’ve put a few more hours into this now. Starting to get a bit obsessed, it’s properly clicked for me after this play session. My thoughts about going the wrong way to start with turned out to be right, I reached a boss at top left of the map, got slaughtered and just thought “fuck this” and decided to back track. Ended up going the bottom route - a lot better! Much easier, got 2 health upgrades and a extra 3 health Vials along with some equipable items which also help. Done 2 main bosses and a sub boss in this area without too much hassle, the sisters were a bit of a bastard but I got there! Properly satisfying and really getting the feel of the combat too, learning a lot more of the intricacies. Brilliant game! Anyone else who’s starting this soon, make sure you stay at the bottom area of the map to start with.
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