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  1. mfnick

    TV Shows

    Watching the new Dexter too. Really enjoying it. Ive also just finished Cowboy Bepop - the Netflix live action one. I’ve heard a lot of negativity & did struggle with the first episode or so, but I stuck with it because I loved the visual design of it all & ended up liking it a hell of a lot. Give it a few episodes before writing it off. I’ve never seen the Anime though so keep that in mind, I may have felt very differently if I’d seen those first. Might give it a go, see how it compares.
  2. There’s a few, Halo & FIFA are up there. Especially FIFA but more specifically UT. The actual foitball part I understand the popularity. But how they get people to willingly put so much money into the card game add on only to make them to start again from scratch the following year blows my mind. Assassins Creed I just don’t get at all either. They’re so samey, mindless, repetitive and boring. 1 or 2 I’d get but how they’re so popular year after year is madness. Animal Crossing is probably the biggest though, definitely. It’s like a job, how it’s so popular completely baffles me. Tried my partners copy on the switch & just do not get it at all.
  3. Never heard of that Squidlit game but it looks great so got it too at that price.
  4. mfnick

    Forza Horizon 5

    ‘Bout time. Well done. Too easy now though 😉. The place I’ve found I can do it for a infinite amount of time really, just get bored. This I don’t get. The game throws new cars at you all the time. Ive got around 200 & only paid for around 5 of them & that was for cars I personally love. Also Mario Kart sucks.
  5. That site is pretty cool. Did the whole museum thing, was a nice trip down memory lane. RRoD included lol. Some of the original dash designs were wild, the Frog one was almost 360 like in its design. It acted more like a dash how we think of today rather than just a menu. Impressive they were thinking of it that far back. Shame it missed my OG Xbox stuff, started a new account on 360 because I hated my original Gamertag. Nevermind.
  6. Decent Black Friday sale on Xbox at minute. I didn’t buy Crew 2, thats a free weekend thing I thought I’d try (it’s terrible). Will probably get Mass Effect Legendary after payday.
  7. I fucking adore ME2, especially on release. But I completely understand where you’re coming from. It felt so dumbed down when compared to the original and like you say it was more like a soft reboot. There was definitely some disappointment there. I still say the first is the best when asked even though to a new player I’d say give it a go but be prepared to skip and YT it because it is quite hard to get into.
  8. Haven’t got many really, until Game Pass I hardly played any game on release. & if I did it was usually a known quantity - plenty of reviews before hand or just more of the same. By far the biggest though is Super Meat Boy Forever. I’ve never been so upset by a game before. The original is my favourite game ever and for them to fuck it up that badly, I just don’t have words. Sure, I had reservations beforehand due to the change in gameplay but I still convinced myself itd be great when I got my hands on it. I barely made it to the 2nd world and deleted it in disgust. Another that sticks out is a lot older but Zelda Majoras Mask. OoT was a masterpiece, I couldn’t wait for this and I absolutely hated it. The repeating content and time restrictions annoyed the piss out of me. I just didn’t like any of the area designs either.
  9. “It’s so realistic!”
  10. mfnick

    Fantasy Critic

    Wonder if they’ll finally take a break from the yearly releases now? Doubt it but can hope. Halo couldn’t have released on a better year.
  11. mfnick

    Forza Horizon 5

    Yea, yea. Whatevs. Got all stars in drift events last night too. Now Ive got hang of it I actually fucking love the drifting in this - that’s what helped massively in that score. Basically got a area I can carry it on until I get bored lol with my new drift king skills. Get the formula drift 370z and search drift tunes, I got the 1st high rated S1 & it makes it so much fun. Holding a 45 degree turn on long sweeping bends is so satisfying.The dirt track ones are really forgiving too, so don’t hate those anymore either, made some pretty big fuck ups & still got 3 stars. Got this beaut too. Love it. The trumpet exhaust wobbles around like a cock too. Which is cool.
  12. mfnick

    Forza Horizon 5

    @Nag Read the score then do as Ice Cube said & bow down. Also check this bullshit out which happened the other day. 1 fucking metre. Did it straight after it still, the chances?!
  13. mfnick

    Halo Infinite

    Yea I was joking. It’s just how it feels whenever I play a online shooter.
  14. mfnick

    Halo Infinite

    Had a match on it last night. Same as every other online FPS I’ve played over recent years. Balancing is shit, other players have double the health I have. It’s bullshit.
  15. mfnick

    Forza Horizon 5

    They’ve done a pretty big hot fix to this today. The roads are loads busier. To point it’s actually harder in some events. The weather seems more dynamic during free roam too. It’s made it a lot more lively. Events like the arcade and playground stuff is working a lot more reliably. I assume eliminator is too.
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