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  1. mfnick

    The Hot Topic Returns

    Forgot about Ori. Another really great game. Got high hopes for Paper Mario.
  2. Sweet, cheers.
  3. Just watched it mate after seeing you put it as one of your games of the year in the Hot Topic thread. Never even heard of it but It looks great. Getting some big Paper Mario vibes from it. I’ll definitely be checking it out in future. Just one question, can you turn the text/voice sound effect off? That’d wind me up no end from what I saw.
  4. mfnick

    The Hot Topic Returns

    Last of Us 2 Final Fantasy VII Remake Doom Eternal Streets of Rage 4 All incredible. Been a hell of a year for games so far.
  5. Recent bargains. Got all 3 for less than £30.
  6. Finished early this morning. I absolutely fucking loved it. It’s genuinely the most powerful and emotional experience I’ve had in a game. The gameplay loop is just perfect IMO too, it has some of the most intense stealth, horror and action which is nicely book ended by more quiet exploration, flashback and story sequences which just always made me want to see more and just gave me enough time to breathe. Enough whereby even though I’d feel exhausted by a certain section to the point where I’d feel I need to turn it off (in a good way), the immediate part afterwards would always relax me just enough to go “I’ll just do one more encounter” or “explore this next part” & keep playing far longer than intended. Speaking of that, it’s a very long game for a linear story experience. Personally I enjoyed every minute though, I never felt bored. It probably could have had 5-10 or so hours trimmed out without losing too much but I was enjoying the gameplay and story so much that the length of it never bothered me and I enjoyed getting new parts and locations to experience throughout. Near 30 hours of this felt far shorter and was far more interesting to me than your average 20+ hour open world game. I will say though, I think I may prefer the Joel and Ellie’s story in the first. There was just something so fresh, unique and new with that experience. It was also the first time a game ever to make me so invested in it’s world and its characters that I don’t think any other game will be able to match it. One of those 1st time experiences which is unfair to everything after it. I’m thinking of returning to it to see if it’s my memory playing tricks on me but I’m also scared of ruining that memory so may not... The gameplay is vastly superior in this too which may make it even harder to go back to.. After saying originally I didn’t want TLOU to have a sequel, I’m so fucking glad they did. Which speaks volumes as far as I’m concerned. 10/10 If you’ve not played the original, I strongly recommend playing it before this. I very much doubt it’d have the same resonance with you otherwise. Similar to playing FFVIIR, I think playing the original adds a huge amount to your enjoyment of these games. Just as a little footnote - I hate people. Ive managed to avoid all spoilers and discourse around this game while I’ve been playing it. So I went on a bit of a dive watching videos and reading stuff regarding it this morning. WTF is wrong with people? There’s some good criticism out there, a lot I understand completely, if it doesn’t click with you there is some things I can see why you’d dislike it. But the amount of whining seems to be on another level.
  7. I tried to watch a couple of Tim Rogers videos but I just can’t do it. His delivery just winds me up no end. Made more annoying by the fact when he has his moments where he talks normally I find him much better to listen to and watch. I can’t deal with the constant cuts too, I hate that editing style.
  8. This is the 8 bit, old school just left-right platformer one which is more like the original Castlevania games. Not Ritual of the Night - the SoTN type one. So you may like this one if you liked them? I was really surprised by just how much I enjoyed the original Curse of the Moon, got it through Gold and it is a brilliant throw back. Well designed for multiple play through too. I’m definitely interested in this.
  9. mfnick

    Random News II

    Rare are a shadow of their former selves and PD Zero was pretty bad so hope they’re not. Id actually be happier if another developer was in charge of it, but at that point just create a new IP instead please.
  10. mfnick

    The Hot Topic Returns

    From what I played of Bloodborne it wasn’t that difficult. But I just completely lost my patience with the fact I’d have to repeat the same 5-10 minute section of fodder enemies every time I wanted to repeat a boss. I just can’t be arsed with that shit. It’s not enjoyable at all and that’s where the challenge was for me - finding the will to repeat those bits over and over. & from what I saw of Brad at GB playing it, he had to farm blood vial things which I also can’t be bothered with so decided to call it quits. I may try it again or one of the Souls games in the future. May work for me if I’m in a different head space.
  11. mfnick

    The Hot Topic Returns

    Super Meat Boy - A+ on every single level, including DLC ones. All bandages, all achievements, basically everything I could do in that game I did it. Project Gotham Racing 4 - All Platinum+ medals. Some of those were right bastards. Elite Beat Agents is a good shout by the original post. On the hardest difficulty it removes some visual signals and is quite difficult. But it was so satisfying. Totally appreciate that mate! In Ikaruga I could beat the first 2 stages easily without losing a life, then would all go to shit. But I spent hours to get to even that stage so it was a personal, satisfying achievement. Same with Metal Slug 3, I could beat the first 3 stages of that without issue.
  12. Wow they actually had it at my store for a change. Great deal thanks.
  13. mfnick

    Forza Horizon 4

    Thanks @Nag I am a bit do good to know. Spot on 😊
  14. mfnick

    Dirt 5

    Completely this. I don’t like the look of there being no proper rallying and I never got on with MotorStorm even though I really tried, something about them just wouldn’t click. I adore Driveclub though so still hopeful.
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