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  1. Just started playing this through the wonder that is Game Pass. Not far yet but really enjoying it, looks absolutely gorgeous, the environments so far are amazing to travel through and I love a good set piece. & the tsunami one in this is very impressive! Not too much further than that - killed a panther for those that have played it. The aiming feels very weird and vague though. May have to alter the sensitivity a bit. I’m also sick to death of picking up plants and gear and hunting in games to craft stuff. Soooo tired of it. Hopefully won’t effect my enjoyment too much. Plus, just look at it.
  2. Thought I’d give it a go after Eurogamers review. Don’t usually trust theirs but it was quite cheap, love the sound of the SP mode and it’s by Sumo, got to support the Sheffield studio!
  3. mfnick

    The Hot Topic

    Good shout on condemned and Mass effect 1. Forgot about ME1 being exclusive , possibly my favourite one story wise. Cant agree on PGR4 losing its way. It was easily better than 3. Although it did take me a short while to get properly into. Forza 4 is where I also really got into Forza the most.
  4. mfnick

    Game of Thrones

    I’ve been a bit of a defender of this season (& last season it seems, but I didn’t realise people hated that one too? I thought it was fantastic) I’ve really enjoyed it still, however that last episode was a bit of a damp squib of a ending. Just deflating, nothing really happened and no real reasons for anything. Does beg the question how could they have wrapped it up in a way that I’d be happy? No idea but that’s why Im not a highly paid writer. Ah well. Still enjoyed it for the most part. Don’t know what to watch anymore now though, no other TV series has grabbed me for a long time whereby I was really looking forward to the next one. The biggest thing I’ve realised from this season though - I need to delete all the commentary type feeds from my instagram and FB, such as Rotten tomatoes, Joe and Ladbible. I didn’t have them last season and I enjoyed watching it so much more when I wasn’t seeing a bunch of randomers or critics whining about it all the time basically telling me how shit it was when I was enjoying it. Got to the point I started believing their opinions more than my own. Really sucked some enjoyment out of it all. Also fuck people creating petitions for little things all the fucking time. Petitions should be for the real things in life not to change a piece of media, Christ! I was hugely disappointed by the ending of ME3 for example but creating a petition for that was pathetic. Get over it. Completely agree with Andy over the last couple of pages regarding this type of stuff.
  5. mfnick

    The Hot Topic

    Project Gotham Racing 2 - the best racing game of all time in my opinion. Shout out to Rallisport Challenge 2, Forza Motorsport 4, Gears 3, Ninja Blade (fuck off haters) & Lost Odyssey, Trials HD, Splosion man, Dishwasher Dead Samurai and Outrun 2 as DC mentioned, it has by far the best port as it had a SP challenge system incorporated which no other version has.
  6. mfnick

    2019 Expenditure

    January £23.49 - £25 PSN Top Up £13.99 - £15 PSN Top Up £9.39 - £10 Xbox Top Up £3.53 - Save me Mr Tako (Switch) £3.55 - Pool Panic (Switch) Febuary £37.99 - £40 Xbox Top Up £37.95 - Dirt Rally 2.0 Pre-Order (Xbox 1) (-£102.30) - Sold Games - GTAV, Super Paper Mario, Persona 5, Resident Evil 4 Wii, Zelda Skyward Sword LE & Forza 5. £13.99 - £15 PSN Credit £15.99 - 3 Months Game Pass April £36.85 - Mortal Kombat 11 Pre-Order (Xbox 1) £43.00 - Zelda Breath of The Wild (Switch) £18.99 - Assassins Creed Odyssey (Xbox One) £22.98 - 6 Month Game Pass (-75.00) - Sold Games - Mario Odyssey, Red Dead 2 and Wonderful 101 £9.39 - £10 Xbox Credit £19.99 - Injustice 2 Definitive Edition May £3.74 - Mirrors Edge (360 BC) £5.99 - Before the Storm Deluxe (Xbox One) £4.99 - Rocket League (Xbox One) (-£40.00) - Sold Games - NSMBU Deluxe, Motorstorm 2&3 £22.95 - Team Sonic Racing (Xbox One) £3.29 - SSX 3 (Xbox One) £4.49 - Panzer Dragoon Orta (Xbox One) Total - £139.22
  7. mfnick

    Trials Rising

    Yep the grind really brought this game down.
  8. mfnick

    RAGE 2

    I’ve been looking forward to this but just watched the Quick Look. Man it look soooo dull. Basically looks like every other open world game. The trailers made it look like mad, OTT fun but the actual game looks so boring. Oh well, got enough to play I suppose. Plus Wolfenstein and Doom are our soon so guess it’s a good thing I’ve lost all interest.
  9. Ant-Man 1 is loads better than the second. The second is boring and the scenes are nowhere near as well done, they use scale so much better in the first.
  10. Yea, he went from being the Marvel character I least gave a fuck about to being one of my favourites after the films.
  11. I’m surprised by the GotG 2 hate. I agree with the some of the criticisms but overall I thought it was a really good film. Endgame and GoTG 2 spoiler: In fact apart from Thor 2 and Black Panther I’ve really enjoyed all the Marvel films. Even those were worth watching once IMO, think they are the only ones I haven’t watched again to be honest. Maybe I should though as with Age of Ultron, I didn’t think that was very good at first but liked it more after repeated viewings, still not a really good one though. Black Panther though... I completely don’t get the hype for that one at all, I think it’s the worse one. The people who like that tend to slag off he ones I like though so just different kinds I guess. On a slightly related note, picked this up yesterday. And binged them all. The first is still far better than I could ever have thought it would be. Winter Soldier is still top tier up with the very best. Civil War is far better than I remember it being too. Was a good day
  12. mfnick

    The Hot Topic

    This 100%. The first Mortal Kombat is good goofy fun. I remember actually preferring Annihilation when I was younger though because it had more characters and they did more special moves so it looked more exciting. And the cheesy nature of 1 went over my head really. But watching it again a couple of years ago, good lord it’s terrible. 1 is loads better. I also really enjoyed the Prince of Persia movie. Apart from those, non stand out for me.
  13. Play Mortal Kombat 11 - Great game to play. Feels really good and the story mode is fantastic. Was surprised by the negativity voiced last month. This and X are great fighting games, I believe these hold up with the best fighting games of this gen. Definitely held my attention more than SFV did that’s for sure. & I fucking loved Super Street Fighter IV. Still play that one every now again to this day. Hitman 2 - Really well made and very smart. Love how it holds my hand through some of the more eloborate assassin scenarios too because I’m usually too much of a idiot to figure them out for myself. Don’t know if I’ve got the patience to stick with it though. Never been good with stealth games. Rocket League - As always. It’s the addition of weekly challenges which makes it worth mentioning again. They’ve been implemented surprisingly well and have got me playing some extra modes which is always good. Want Rage 2 - Looks like good, dumb fun! Count me in. Hope it’s not shit. Bin Mortal Kombat 11 - The grind side and all the unnecessary bullshit in it. The consumables, augments and cosmetics are really poorly implemented! Snaggletooth has said it better than I can. It’s utter wank.
  14. mfnick

    The MFGamers Podcast

    I saw a YouTube video where they proved this was bullshit actually and is a myth encouraged by companies. You do own the game at that point and you’re free to do what you want with it apart from basically copying it. I’ll try and find it. But it also pointed to a legal case (with the proof and documentation) where someone sued a game company and got their money back as they basically killed functionality and access to a game they owned - one of these online focused games. It’s something we’re all able to do but obviously the cost is huge to follow through and actually take the companies to court to the point it’s not worth it which is why it’s not a bigger problem. But he did it to prove a point and had the money to. When I get some spare time I’ll search for it in my history.
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