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  1. Gex was cool, certainly. My first memories of Crystal Dynamics. It wasn't quite up there in terms of playability but a nice odditiy of its time.
  2. I wouldn't go that far. I'd enjoy a game where you take control of Poison Ivy or Deathstroke or someone along those lines but the whole Suicide Squad thing is just something I never got into, even when they had more interesting members that those chosen for this game.
  3. I know the good guys are overdone but I think the best moments of that trailer are those where you can see Superman, Green Lantern etc. I really don't have a lot of interest in playing any of these Suicide Squad people, except maybe for King Shark. Also not feeling the WW design at all but interestingly she doesn't seem brainwashed or whatever the plot setup is, so maybe she's playable on occasion as well?
  4. Fable themed controller incoming, no game news until 202X.
  5. Maryokutai

    Dying Light

    I'll pick this up at some point, I love these "impossible" ports for Switch, particularly now that a lot of publishers just take the easy route with cloud versions.
  6. Maryokutai

    Metroid Dread

    I hope I get 20 hours out of this as well and am certainly taking my time. I didn't wait four years (or 19 depending on whether you count Samus Returns as a new game) for a new Metroid game to go through it in a work day's worth of time. Speaking of, the game kind of starts drowning you in upgrades after I think on average I got one every 10-15 minutes during my last sessions. One odd thing I noticed regarding the which makes some traversal options less fun IMO but it doesn't impact playability.
  7. Haven't actually opened the map yet. Did the first side/story mission after that and then called it a day. It's just the setup here that I find extremely uninteresting and it completely deflates the story (though presumably only temporary).
  8. Yeah, this is after that. Edit: Unless you go there multiple times, but this was after the first visit.
  9. Well, turns out I was wrong and this didn't go as crazy as I thought. It does however pull something off I strongly dislike in JRPGs, meaning my motivation to continue on is really low right now. Will leave this for a week or two and then get back, can't really be arsed right now to
  10. 🤨 It's really going to be tough to fit all of them in one post, because as one of the earliest genres established in the medium, it's also probably the one that reached its peak before every other genre, resulting in a ton of very accomplished games. I'll take Mario out of the equation to make things a bit more interesting and will say Rayman 2, Sands of Time and Mirror's Edge on the 3D side of things and Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze as my favourite 2D platformer. The likes of Ori and Guacemelee I see more as part of the Metroidvania genre, even if they overlap a bit.
  11. Old man Brosnan looks good, I'm actually most looking forward to Dr Fate and his presumably five minutes of screentime in that movie.
  12. Maryokutai

    Metroid Dread

    Jesus, how great does Ghavoran look? The game might start off with some bland laboratory-type backgrounds but it gets prettier by the minute the further you get. Kind of makes me want to get an OLED Switch and plan a second playthrough in handheld mode.
  13. I love how story-focused the trailer is, that gives me some confidence after the slightly multiplayer-focused reveal. But yeah, still looks great and the talons look pretty intimidating, too.
  14. Maryokutai

    Metroid Dread

    The game just threw the biggest fanservice moment at me, completely unexpected (shortly after obtaining the Grapple Beam): I think this could turn into Custer's Revenge now and I'd still consider it my Goty. So much to love here, particularly if you've been following the series for a while.
  15. I have one theory about what will happen next. We'll see how far off I am and if I find out tomorrow already.
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