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  1. They already did that on Day One when they decided to put Crystal Dynamics on a GAAS. The more I see of this, the more I get the impression that Square only agreed to the Spidey deal because they know they have a bit of a stinker here that will completely bomb in the reviews so that they can at least get the uninformed casual players from the biggest playerbase (PS4) to buy this for the IP and characters alone. I suppose we'll know in a month. But yeah, this will be super dead on PC and Xbox online and rightly so.
  2. Fire Emblem so much. The newest game might as well be a completely different franchise to that I fell in love with on GBA and Gamecube. And Yakuza. Not that I don't like them anymore but at some point there were just too many and they got bigger and bigger which turned me off because it was just too much in a relatively short timespan. Might go back to this eventually though. Maybe.
  3. Metroid, Castlevania and F-Zero.
  4. It's just that I prefer these long buildups like in Season 1 to certain things just coming out of nowhere. Case in point: But that's a personal preference thing. Also, going back to the last page, I watched the first episode of Cursed yesterday. Yeah, that's really not my cup of tea. It feels very superficial and it doesn't really portray its universe as a real thing. It's hard to describe but when I watched it all I could think of is "these are actors on a set" – it never felt believable as a medieval fantasy setting. Plus, the way it introduces you to its lore is also frustratingly lacking and not in a "we'd like to keep it mysterious" kind of way but more like "we have no idea what we're doing". There's also a bunch of super cheesy stuff happening, like some bad guy with a baby face wearing a hood slowly walking towards the camera while the background is in flames. Yikes. Too bad for Langford but to be honest she's not particularly convincing here either.
  5. And yet still not enough to cover that ugly rug.😱
  6. I've finished watching it yesterday as well. I think the last episodes lose a bit of steam and I'm not 100% on board with Luthor being more of joke character now but overall it was still really good. I do prefer the first one by a small margin because the buildup to the finale with Vanya was really well done and this new apocalypse theme in Season 2 doesn't feel as unique anymore. Season 3 promises to get pretty bonkers though. One thing I wish they'd change for this franchise is the music. There's a bit too much licensed music going on for my taste (Backstreet Boys, seriously?). The credits song is absolutely fantastic and I wish they'd use that more during the episodes in different arrangements. Maybe even give every sibling their own proper leitmotiv that can be played at pivotal moments, I think that could work really well in this setup.
  7. A couple of cool new and old indies in there. Not sure if the State of Play format was needed for that though, particularly as the big games, with the exception of Crash, look indeed very boring and uninteresting.
  8. I play a lot on Switch but mostly because it's just a convenient machine. It boots in 10 seconds (PS3 needs 30, Xbox probably a minute), updates take a second or two to load and install, the Pro controller is probably the best and most durable pad ever built, the machine itself makes barely any noise and if there's a cool 2D game on it chances are I will be able to enjoy it it handheld mode whenever I feel like playing a bit without turning on the TV, closing the shutters etc. Plus I take a bit of joy out of seeing these "impossible" ports running on Switch. Witcher 3 was just a very cool experience on that platform simply because it just shouldn't work. And yet it did. But yeah, Nintendo themselves? They're resting on their laurels at the moment. It also doesn't help a lot of their third-party partnerships haven't really paid off so far, namely Bayonetta 3 and SMTV. But at least it looks like both of them will come out next year so there's that.
  9. That depends on how Mulan performs digitally. Maybe there's not that big of a drop because people will just adapt to this new thing and buy the movie to watch it at home. In this day and age it's honestly hard to say. Nintendo posted record sales for Animal Crossing which probably wouldn't have happened without Covid. Maybe movies can do this, too? For the cinemas it's another matter entirely of course. But this was more of a question whether Mulan can break even and I think it can and will, even without cinemas.
  10. 300 million is peanuts for Disney, it's what the original Mulan made back in the day already. I won't compare it to Lion King since that's just a bigger name but for comparison's sake, the live action Aladdin made one billion (!) at the box office. Don't start crying for Disney quite yet, Covid or not. Generally speaking I don't think I'd ever pay as much or even more for a digital rental than for a cinema ticket. Cinema just has a bunch of benefits I don't have at home, most importantly the big "screen" and better audio. Of course you can argue that tickets are individual and that you can watch the movie with as many people as you want at home and all that. That's fine, too. I watch most movies alone and for me that's just not a good deal at all. And I'm not even talking about that Mulan pricing which is a rental no matter how you put it since you only have access to it as long as you have D+.
  11. That's a mystery to me as well. The Gamecube has arguably the best and factually the most diverse lineup in their entire history. Maybe they don't want to just quickly drop them on the system without much effort and therefore lack the resources internally but those projects could easily be outsourced. Or maybe Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD didn't do that well? But then again they came out on WiiU, so...
  12. They announced a bit of new content yesterday that's coming over the span of a year starting this winter. Mostly characters obviously with Dan being the first, followed by Rose, Oro, Akira Kazama and someone else they don't know yet (?). It's all very far away but they only got greenlit for this after Champion Edition came out (February this year) + Corona messing stuff up so it's understandable. I see this thread used to be sort of active, is anyone still playing this from time to time? I used to play this quite a bit but my PS+ subscription ran out in March and I need to save a bit of money where I can at the moment so I haven't bought in again. But if anyone here happens to play regularly still I might hop back in, too.
  13. "Relationship between Sony and Marvel" is such dumb PR nonsense wording. We know what big conglomerate Marvel belongs to and we know how much they like money, so that seems to be a very superficial relationship at best.
  14. What's even left on Switch if you substract WiiU games? Splatoon 2 (which wouldn't exist without WiiU), Mario Odyssey and Pokémon? Lineup of the century right there. WiiU had a lot of droughts since it didn't have any noteworthy Third-Party support but Nintendo's stuff was stellar. If I hadn't had a WiiU in 2014 I probably would only have enjoyed one game that year (Alien: Isolation). At that point in time PS4 and Xbox only got underdelivering disappointments and "HD remasters" so despite all I'm glad I had the WiiU at that time.
  15. It's so annoying. Back then: "WiiU sucks and has no games, what a shitty console." Now: "Please bring all those WiiU games to Switch please, I wanna play them."
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