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  1. Maryokutai

    Random News II

    With those two guys involved, it could turn out to be anything between a masterpiece or a complete trainwreck. At the moment it looks a bit like the latter, but I'll give this a try regardless.
  2. Maryokutai

    Random News II

    Terraria developers putting all that money to good use:
  3. I'd recommend to anyone who's interested in some of these niche titles and also likes to collect a bit here and there, to keep a close eye on some of those Switch releases that are happening at the moment. With the successor looming on the horizon and even publishers seemingly unaware whether or not it's backwards compatible, I suspect a lot of these games are being produced in very limited quantities and will be hard to find in a year's time or so. Similar to what happened with Persona Q, Radiant Historia etc. on the 3DS. I do actually want to play these, not just have them. A friend of mine used to rave about the Rhapsody games back in the day, so I wonder how they hold up.
  4. Didn't realise the DLC was just fluff, may bad. But this remake seems very laser-focused on bringing on board all the newcomers to the IP, which has grown significantly in popularity since P4 Golden and P5 especially. I don't think they care too much about the amount of double-dippers, but there's a substantial part of Atlus' fanbase that will do just that regardless. Why do you say there's no physical version @spatular ? I found a standard a special edition (with Aegis figure) on their homepage.
  5. Good thing a remake of a PS2 game has DLC, wouldn't really feel new otherwise, wouldn't it.
  6. Yeah, this is more like an Xbox Amateur. The only thing is does better than current Series X is a downhill rolling contest when put on its side.
  7. It reminded me a bit of Gill's retribution system in SFV (hitting a burning enemy with ice attacks or vice versa gave him more juggle potential and/or frame advantage). I think I'm out of this game though. It may sound overly dramatic but every time I see Drive Rush happening I just want to throw up. I don't think I've ever disliked a system mechanic so strongly and it's really putting me off even thinking about re-installing to try her out. Looking at it without personal bias she seems like an interesting character though and a more thought-out version of FANG. Might also end up being a relatively difficult matchup for JP, so in that sense she could shake up the pro circuit a bit.
  8. I'm not sure if this would work, considering there'd be no other income for developers other than what the platform holder pays them. If anything it would most likely severely limit the game lineup available on this subscription-only system and it'll only be worthwhile for a studio if they have alternate platforms to sell their games on. In the movie space it, well, 'works' because they also have cinema tickets and Blurays to sell. And even then it's hardly everyone's favourite distribution model, see current strikes and all that. I think in that respect we can rest easy, but digital-only is bad enough with those walled-garden ecosystems where the manufacturer of the product can dictate everything from release timing, to price, to every little detail defining what they call 'ownership' and beyond.
  9. According to additional documents that came out during the FTC trials, meaning they're most likely legit, Microsoft is going to release a new controller with Gyro, haptic feedback etc. next year, and a Series X revision with 2TB and no disc drive around this time in 2025. https://www.theverge.com/2023/9/19/23880111/microsoft-xbox-series-x-new-design-refresh Pushing the digital-only idea mid-gen through a refresh is such a horrible idea, and I don't just say that because I'm against it by principle. A lot of publishers will start wondering whether or not to press discs anymore if only one (by then discontinued) SKU of three can even read them. The controller is cool, but I hate everything about that new system, including the Alexa design.
  10. Maryokutai

    F-Zero 99

    Yeah, there's no noticeable difference between the offline tutorial races and the online stuff. Turns out NST was developing this (in parallel with the Mario vs. DK remake). They've been mostly on support duty for the last decade, this is their first 'own' production since 2015.
  11. Maryokutai

    Random News II

    The best-case scenario at this point would likely be Unity changing their policies to the point where it's still lucrative for developers, so that games that are currently way into production can be completed without any second thoughts and their studios move on to another engine for the next project. Nobody's going to stick around after this shitshow but let those guys at least finish their current projects. I really hope it'll go like that. Imagine if Team Cherry had to redo Silksong in another engine now. I know Hollow Knight was a big success but that would likely ruin them. If not financially, then morally.
  12. From his point of view it does because he feels that the current right holders didn't treat it with respect. Imagine if Disney for some reason would hold the rights to Pinnocchio, then we wouldn't have gotten the stop-motion version from Del Toro (I'm really proud of that example btw. because Geppetto is a major character in the Fables comics, too). I think this is a good decision. It's not a big enough property to attract nefarious ideas anyway, so I expect this mostly being interesting to those who actually do care in some way for the IP. It's also a big slap in the face of corporate capitalism, which is so rare to see.
  13. Maryokutai

    F-Zero 99

    If you're in the middle of the herd the best way to play is to just avoid the noise and focus on trying to stay on the racing line. After a couple of turns the pack has spread a bit and you can focus more on the immediate threats and try to get around those. There is a luck factor involved but it's surprisingly negligible in the grand scheme of things. You don't get into the Top 10 by luck, but luck might decide whether you're first or third, for example. Also, shoutouts to whoever did the netcode for this, because this is by far the best-running online game Nintendo has ever launched. I know that doesn't say much, but there's zero hiccups at all, it's absolutely flawless.
  14. Telltale more or less respected the lore, which of course contradicts the idea of shaping the story how you want it as the game was a prequel to the comics. Bit of an odd situation, I agree, but I liked it regardless. Also, respect to Willingham for that move. I suppose you could be a cynic about it and say that this work was based on pre-existing stories that are part of the public domain anyway, but still. If he'd only be in for the money he wouldn't have done that.
  15. Isn't that true for so many long-running IPs? God of War had to be re-invented after four games already because it started to grow stale, I think you were also complaining about Gears 5 for that reason and there's a multitude of other examples. There are very few old games still around that manage to avoid that trope, but just like Tomb Raider or Resident Evil I think Nintendo's games are the best at staying fresh within the confines of what made them beloved in the first place. Also, it has been ten years since Tropical Freeze and I agree, that's an absolute tragedy. As for the increase in hardware power, I do think quite a few of their games can benefit from it. F-Zero is a no-brainer IMO but imagine all the cool stuff you could do with Starfox. The last game we had was a remake of a N64 title, there's a truckload of potential here, even if I have zero doubts they will continue to let that series rot.
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