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  1. Ok. Again, learning Strength or not?
  2. Damn, I forgot. We can trade in an hour or so, otherwise tomorrow.
  3. Maryokutai

    Stealth games?

    First-Person doesn't necessarily have to be an issue. Alien Isolation uses the same perspective and it works flawlessly there. Of course you could argue that the game is cheating by using the motion sensor but I'd rather look at it the other way around and say that that's a great idea to bypass the pitfalls of a more limited viewing area.
  4. I only noticed it by chance on the Xbox menu screen at some point. It's easier to notice when the title is written in a "normal" font and not part of a logo. As for the explanation, I never knew until today either. The circle thing seems a bit far-fatched but the part about its spelling being forgotten seems reasonable enough. It's a nice little thing that adds to the other nice little things of this game.
  5. Really liked it as well when I played it last (?) year. It was the artstyle that got me to risk buying it on a whim but the story and characters are really the strong points here. That said, despite some interesting choice options and potentially different narrative routes I've only played through it once because as OrangeRKN now confirms I always expected it to run out of steam during multiple playthroughs due to its pace. I'd definitely recommend it though, the first-time experience is fun, unique and with some nice surprises. Also, for the record, the game is called Forgotton Anne.
  6. I don't even know what that means but I'm starting to get annoyed about the lack of tolerance on here. I'm not condemning anyone for watching Disney movies so I'd actually be really happy if you'd do the same and left me alone. I guess I shouldn't have mentioned it but it's too late for that now. In any case it's off-topic and I'm done talking about it.
  7. Matter of fact I'm not buying any Warner games because their handling of DLC and microtransactions makes EA look like a benevolent indie publisher. But their movie division, like Universal's, doesn't seem as focused on just gobbling up market shares as Disney is. They certainly didn't buy Fox for example. Or tried to screw over theatres. Unless I missed those stories, which is certainly possible. Also I don't care at all why other people are boycotting Disney. I have my own reasons and am not part of any club. Neither my boycott nor voting against it changes anything in the end. It's just for my personal peace of mind.
  8. I stopped caring when I read the words 'rogue' and 'like' in the description but it does have a pretty cool style and I was considering buying it before reading said words.
  9. Just because you have absolutely no backbone and jump at the chance to throw money at any kind of entertainment form that can even remotely be considered 'hype' by the definitions of the world wide web doesn't mean other people can't have a different consumer approach and maybe adopt the 'vote with their wallet' idea when they're faced with company policies they don't agree with on certain or multiple levels. Also apples and oranges with those comparisons.
  10. Yeah, I just think they're potentially extremely dangerous for the industry and moving at breakneck speed towards a monopoly. I will make exceptions for stuff where other companies are involved (Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 for example, which is primary a Nintendo/Team Ninja product) but I'm staying away from their movies and Disney+.
  11. At first I thought you misspelled Infinity War but then I remembered you didn't like Winter Soldier. It all makes sense. Personally I'm done with MCU after Endgame. Not that I'm tired of it (at least not anymore, Infinity War rekindled my interest) but I'm just not willing to financially support Disney anymore.
  12. That's the wrong green lady there and you know it.
  13. Maryokutai

    Borderlands 3

    Do we call this the Dyack-Syndrome? Though in fairness Dyack never got physical. I guess he was basically an angel compared to Pitchford.
  14. Maryokutai


    It just drives me nuts because in the right constellations this game is amazing, even three years in. I'll continue to hop in from time to time (usually for events and character releases) but it's too much of a gamble whether it's going to be an enjoyable session or not to really invest a lot of time into it again. I did cross the 1000 hour playtime mark with this event so I definitely got my money's worth though. Havana was nice on Storm Rising. Maybe I'll take a stroll through it in a custom game at some point tomorrow.
  15. They won't have to because Crystal Dynamics can. CD hasn't made a bad game in over twenty years, they're really "low-key" but still one of the best studios in the business.
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