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  1. The Gamecube had indeed some very impressive visual showcases, which in hindsight is a bit funny when you look at where Nintendo went next. Metroid Prime, F-Zero GX, RE4, Rogue Leader, even Starfox Adventures would be my picks. Other games I can think of right now would be: Chronicles of Riddick (Xbox) Golden Sun (GBA) Resident Evil Revelations (3DS) WipeOut 2048 (Vita) Soul Calibur IV (PS360, personally I found this even more impressive than 1 on Dreamcast) Mario Kart 8 (the WiiU version back in 2014) Last of Us Part 2 (PS4) And one that really blew me away and even still looks good today, Mirror's Edge on the 360.
  2. I already told you that you can end any Chun-Li combo with either SBK (charge move) or Lightning Legs (Quarter Circle input). LL does less damage, doesn't give you as big a positional advantage afterwards and only the heavy version knocks down, but that's exactly the low floor you're looking for. Generally speaking though she's absolutely not a beginner character and if you struggle with basic links she's not a good pick. Edit: I checked my youtube channel. Look at this old replay, that was me learning Chun. Notice how I never go for the SBK combo in that fight as well, I always used LL instead because I wasn't comfortable with the optimal route yet.
  3. The fact that there's a tiny little puzzle in there is promising, but still not entirely convinced. I really dislike Barbara's voice, too. Is that her current voice actress for animated shows? If not I wonder why they picked her.
  4. Simple controls won't fix your issues with it because they just make special motions easier, they have zero effect on the timing for linking together normal buttons. If you want to get a feel how simple inputs will affect gameplay, you should try Falke or Ed, because they're already kind of designed around that idea. And it's really not that hard, you just need to familiarise yourself with the proper timing and rhythm and then get that into your muscle memory. It's not a visual thing, it's knowing when to press it. Visually recognising hits only comes into place when you start confirming them which you will absolutely not do at your level anyway. Edit: to elaborate the process a bit – pick a character that has a normal that links into itself without having to switch between crouching and standing. So let's say Cammy and her cr.MP. Then you go into training mode, set the dummy to "block after first attack", hit the first cr.MP and then hit the second one. If nothing happens, you were too fast. If the dummy blocks, you were too slow. Then find the sweet spot in between and as soon as both hits connect you have pretty much found the timing for most basic links in the game. Just make sure not to mash the buttons because that gets you absolutely nowhere in SF.
  5. Maryokutai

    Black Panther

    Monolith are working on Wonder Woman though. And I think they also fully belong to WB.
  6. Can't believe I forgot about Zero Mission. That's not only really good, as far as remakes go it's one of the best ever made IMO.
  7. They eventually updated the PS4 version, you can respec whatever your platform now.
  8. The Wild Hunt wants Ciri for her Elder Blood. What exactly it would help them accomplish I don't remember either, but I think there should be an explanation in the game. If nothing else just just interpret it as a broken society lead by a power-hungry regicide looking to improve its fortunes by getting its hands on the single most powerful entity in that universe. Something like that. That said I think the narrative aspects work best when the game limits itself to a more personal level. The overarching plot never drove my motivation, but the stories you experience on the way did. Helping Triss saves the mages, working out who best to succeed the throne on Skellige and so on. It's those that made me fall in love with the game, but I did need to give it a second chance as well, because its underwhelming RPG gameplay systems drove me away after a while on my first attempt. But knowing its strengths and weaknesses greatly helped me appreciate it more when I came back a few years later. I'd also absolutely recommend the second DLC. It's basically a semi-sequel with a wonderfully realised new setting. I did not like Heart of Stone though, some of its characters felt completely out of place, which kind of makes sense when you look them up and realise they have been created by CD Project and not lifted from the books. But if you do play it, play it before Blood & Wine.
  9. From my perspective that's just a port. A remake/remaster suggests at least some improvements to the basic technical foundation of a game, but Deluxe looks and runs identical to the WiiU version. As for the question I'm going with a lesser known example and will say Dracula X Chronicles. I absolutely loved that game on PSP and I think it did a fantastic job of making Rondo of Blood just a tad more approachable for a new generation while still maintaining the challenge and overall feel of the original. I know some hardcore fans sneer at the remake but I think it's a fantastic game. Too bad it's locked on that system and has never been re-released. As for remasters I'll go with FFXII. I already loved the original version, but the improvements made to the Zodiac edition basically make the base version unplayable in retrospect. Not to mention that the jump in resolution removes the almost blinding amount of aliasing present on the PS2.
  10. I haven't seen much of Phase 4, but I really liked Eternals. Mostly because they finally allowed a director to have a significant impact on a movie's style, tone and presentation. And while I can see that it might not be a good movie if you over-analyse certain aspects, particularly on the storytelling side of things, it's such a beautifully shot film when it comes to capturing the scale of some of its set pieces, that I enjoyed watching it a lot more than the last roughly ten years of run-of-the-mill MCU stuff. Which always technically looked good, but never had this strong of a grasp of a chosen aesthetic. The other Phase 4 stuff I've seen are Wandavision, which starts off strong and then nosedives towards the abyss in the second half, and Falcon etc., which was a very lavishly produced sleeping aid. But I've fallen out of the whole thing anyway, the over exposure gave me a serious case of Marvel fatigue. She-Hulk is the last on my radar (and it still baffles my mind as to how it even got made) for the time being. The trailer looks really good, though I only watched the first half. 4th Wall breaking seems well executed, too. I just hope Banner isn't as prevalent in the show than in the trailers, we don't need a second Homecoming where the teacher overshadows the pupil.
  11. The problem I see with that is rather the industry being coy about letting characters permanently die. There's nothing wrong with Magneto's backstory, particularly due the irony in it that dwarf mentioned that shapes the character he eventually becomes. But there's no need for him to still be around decades later. Just move forward. But not really a fan of those casting choices. X-Men has multiple interesting characters of colour you could pick for a more frontline role, but because studios are cowards they stick with the better-known characters and change them up until the diversity quota is fulfilled. I hope they at least go ham with it then and turn Storm into a K-Pop singer.
  12. Chun-Li's BnBs are admittedly some of the more difficult ones, but if you can't pull of the SBK combo you can just end it with heavy Lightning Legs. You lose some damage and the positioning afterwards isn't as favourable, but it's significantly easier to do. If you like 50:50 nonsense you're better off with the likes of Laura, Mika, Ibuki or G. Juri's not really that kind of character and her V-Skill is extremely unsafe on block.
  13. The timing is really lenient compared to older SF games. You just have to rhythmically press the buttons instead of "dialing" them, but other than that it's not that execution-heavy anymore. @bellow I'm not going to watch a 6 hour youtube video, but he starts off the same way I always recommend, by focusing on three things for three different situations that come up regularly doing a match. That way you don't overload your mind with multiple options and can focus on learning specific punishes while also familiarising yourself with the overall feel of the game. IMO it's the best way to start off.
  14. You always automatically have the latest version of the game if you're online. What I meant is that some of the older trials (vol. 1-5 I think) never got an update and might, depending on the character, either use obsolete motions or ask your to perform combos that don't work anymore. But as I said, I think for Cammy and Ken it should be fine, they didn't change too much over the span of the game's life.
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