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  1. Different packaging: To make sure you can also check the model number (needs to end with a number in brackets, for example HAC-001 (01)). Should be on the right side of the box.
  2. Yeah, never happened to me either. I usually just pull the plug whenever a game stops being fun. If that happens after spending 30 hours with a JRPG so be it. In fact I probably finish only about 5% of all those RPGs I played in my life but I don't regret playing them. It's just that they have a tendency of running out of steam a few hours before the finish line – Skyrim being a good example, as I had both visited every town and maxed out both my main skill trees while only having done a few main quests, so I decided to leave it at that. But a waste of time it wasn't, I enjoyed the trip.
  3. Maryokutai

    Psychonauts 2

    Excellent video, I love their transparency. The behind the scenes series about Broken Age that you got if you were a backer was eye-opening for me back then. It's so unusual to see all this from the other side of the table and I hope Microsoft won't shut that aspect off.
  4. I'm not going this year.
  5. Yeah, but add to that things like Breath of the Wild not being 100%-able because you won't be able to complete the motion control shrines* (despite it having the handheld icon on the box) and it's just a PR-clusterfuck. *Edit: might be wrong about that, the German Switch page still lists gyrosensors. Also I'm usually not really critical about Nintendo, as I've loved their consoles and games since the SNES but ever since they started with those radical re-releases of portable hardware I think they've missed the beat quite a few times.
  6. Not only that but it's still contradictory even if they watch it. First they say you need Joycons to play 1, 2 Switch. Then they say Switch Lite is compatible with Handheld-enabled games which 1,2 Switch isn't. I already posted this, I don't know why I have to write it again. If you want a clear message out you don't tell people that "you can play A with extra controller C" and then go on to say "Switch Light is compatible with B". Why not just say: Switch Lite plays every game but you need additional controllers if handheld mode isn't supported? Probably too simple and clear for the company that brought us: "2DS, the 3DS that doesn't do 3D" aaand "New 3DS, the 3DS that is still a 3DS but a bit better but no successor".
  7. People have been pointing out that they've already started contradicting themselves. In the announcement video, they mention that you'd need to buy separate Joycon controllers if you want to play 1, 2 Switch on Switch Lite. Immediately after this they say that Switch Lite works with every game that supports handheld mode, which you can see at the back of the game case. And guess which game doesn't have that image on the back? Exactly: 1, 2 Switch. Now people like us know that it will work and that technically every game will work for as long as you put the device down and control with detached Joycons. But good luck putting out a clear message for the casual mums if you can't even get the very first video right.
  8. Pretty pointless release IMO. With the exception of the D-Pad it does everything worse than the original. Or in the case of TV connectivity, not at all. That said I'm glad it didn't turn out to be a Switch Pro.
  9. Same here. Plus she looks way cooler than that Ghost nutjob.
  10. Maryokutai


    Way to set me up for disappointment.
  11. Maryokutai


    Well, I bought it. Which means that five years after its release, I'll finally be able to find out what the fuzz is about.
  12. Maryokutai


    Limited Run is going to put this on physical storage and will also sell a really nice LE (PS4 and Switch): Available today at 3:00 PM and 11:00 PM for you british people but you might want to double-check on those times.
  13. Maryokutai


    I don't think going Stadia exclusive at this point is commercially viable unless Google pays you a ton of money for it. As the article says, it's probably just a timed exclusive thing. Still not sure if it's for me or not. It looks really interesting but it also looks like a game I can only play wearing diapers.
  14. Well that at least is in the game.
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