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    I bought a couple of Switch games. I feel like I'm more likely to play Gris on Switch rather than pc
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    I am weak. But man, Hotline Miami is the best.
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    Rarely what you would call an "early adopter" 😄
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    Seems like ages since I posted anything in this thread...
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    When you forget about an order you've placed online months ago... Also in frame - a picture by my kid.
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    I got too hype for October and and Xbox has a sale
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    I'm not going to post this in the comic book thread because y'know. I was back at my parents this weekend and randomly the Killer 7 comic book I bought, and lost, over a decade ago was under a pile of nitting and baby stuff that was dumped on the bed
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    As mentioned in the VIIR thread I went to gamescom today. Had a day ticket but left around half 4 cause back issues and queueing in a booty sweat permeated building takes its toll. Played FFVII, saw Yoshi P do a FFXIV Q&A and tried Doom Eternal and Mortal Kombat on Stadia. Will share impressions of those last two later. Also took part in a IRL raid on the Titania boss in FFXIV. Was my first time seeing it. Was fun grouping with real people. Won a t shirt out of it. Even tho it's a game already out I think playing XIV was the highlight of the day. Actually talking IRL to my party and having the tank explain mechanics to me. Super fun. Also although I didn't bother to play it this Borderoands 3 stand was fucking sick
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    This looks fun(ny) Like a drama set during day of crises.
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    Played Remake at gamescom Its alright. Honestly wasnt as taken away as I expected given that this was my favourite game growing up. Visuals, animations and tech seem a bit behind. But theres months left to bring it up to standard. I think tho I might be over VII as sad as that is Combat is very cleverly designed though, with the real time swapping between team members mapped to up and down and the shoulder buttons opening up a quick menu which stops combat so you can tell individual members to do spells/physical attacks. ATB is "stock" based like ffxiii. Combat look and feel is like XV mixed with KHIII. Sort of bits of everything here (Late update with more thoughts on combat...) Basically whichever character you are controlling will have their ATB fill faster. Which leads to situations where you see the bosses stagger bar fill and will want to switch to Cloud so he can fill his ATB quick enough to do a big attack when the boss is weak. Meanwhile you can be issuing commands to Barret to get him to spend his ATB on spells to speed the stagger up. It's an extremely clever system that seems designed to push you to not just use one character and to get used to the idea also of giving instructions to the one you arent controlling. This way ATB is no longer about waiting your turn but managing your party's resource. ATB is a pace setter rather than an annoying technical limitation Unfortunately I think I picked German language by accident so it was very confusing and Barett sounded ridiculous (he says "Och Noooo" when guard scorpion shows up which made me laugh) Spent most of the time playing as Barett actually. He Naruto runs now so is obviously the superior choice Also at the start there was a little bit which was kind of like an escape room where they make you watch Shinra propaganda but German Jesse hijacks the signal or whatever. You see some of upper plate Midgar during the day, it sort of looked like London to me. Which hopefully we get to see more of in the game. I cant share pictures of the demo because Squares ninjas prevented us from taking any. But some of the displays were pretty cool I was lucky I only had to queue 40ish minutes. Some less lucky feckers sat in a smelly fecking line for 3 fecking hours
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    So Stadia. I tried this today. Mainly because Doom 2016 is one of my favourite current gen games so I'm excited for Eternal and the only way to play it at GC is on Stadia. When you demo stadia they also let you play Mortal Kombat on a phone while waiting. I was really impressed by the visuals of this. Looking at it it seemed as good looking on a phone as I imagine it does on PC But the menu was really laggy. I couldn't tell if the fighting was laggy too because I dont know how MK is supposed to feel but I did die a lot so I bet that's why, yes that's definitely the reason. The audio was a mess. Sometimes I would hear attacks before seeing them and sometimes the opposite would happen. Something was clearly going wrong there, the other guy next to me had the same experience As for DOOM, it feels like more of the same but slightly better so I'm maybe a little less excited by that. You have a dash cool down which can be used twice on the ground or in the air. The super shotgun has a hook cooldown on it which pulls you to an enemy and swings you off. So its both a distance closer and a dodge all in one, all very cool. But in Stadia it ran at something like 30fps and looked washed out and low detail. Kind of like they ported it to Switch or something. Sometimes it would be fast and responsive but when you go into more busy areas the camera turn speed would get delayed. It just doesn't suit this kind of action. The whole experience reminded me of Onlive when I tried it back in 2011. It could be that GC internet wasnt up to it, but Square Enix had 64 people playing ffxiv at any one time all day and it seemed fine when I was up there. So I dunno. Anyway DOOM is probably fine but this wasnt a good way to show it off at all. Given that its turned it from a "must buy" to a "let's wait and see" for me.
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    Reading mafs post it's hard to buy into the Sony villainy narrative as they're just protecting the property they own. Marvel tried to change the terms of the deal,Sony said no, now I dont feel so good Mr Stark... #thanos{ background-image: linear-gradient(90deg,#000000 0%,rgba(0,0,0,0)); -webkit-background-clip: text; -webkit-text-fill-color: transparent; position:relative; display:inline-block; }
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    How are they going to rebuild all the characters in FF8 and leave us with that ugly arse battle UI? Also saying tetra master is better than triple triad is truly repugnant, @OCH
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    Panic would assume a level of caring, but they haven’t shown anything substantial enough to even know what the game is mind about be excited enough to panic over it. This is what I mean when I said they have to clear up what the fuck this game even is. But it’s hard to take the news of lead creative guy leaves project as anything other than not good
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    Got a ton of clubcard vouchers through. Felt really sad after the events of last weekend. So, picked this up.
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    I don't agree sooooo....🤷
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    Maybe once upon a time... He really isn't anymore, certainly not in the film universe... no matter how you feel.
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    What have they done to the Joker's face?😬
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    So twice in the past week I’ve come across “Made bot study thing, now bot produced this”. I don’t know if this is a real thing or an online joke but regardless it’s still been really funny. According to Twitter the following was created after a bot watched 800 hours of Batman movies The Alfred landing heads up bit really made me laugh
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    The ‘Amazing’ ones are utter wank. Like I said of the Raimi Versions, 1 and 2 were ok enough. Spider Verse doesn’t count, it wasn’t live action. I also don’t understand the huge hype around it. I thought it was good but not that good. As for being the best, I don’t think it is at all. Much preferred Homecoming. Saying all this I don’t blame Sony for saying no. Marvel are being ridiculous with their demands for the licence rights and Sony are right for saying no IMO. Doesn’t mean it’s not a huge disappointment for me still.
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    The likenesses of the characters make it feel like a porn parody
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    Proper gutted by this news. I loved the new Spidey films and his appearances in Avengers IW, EG and Civil War were great. Now we’re going to get shite Spidey films again like Amazing and the Raimi trilogy (although 1 & 2 were actually “ok”). Damn shame.
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    Maf is fronting that he likes RDR2, else he would have beaten that shit by now
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    RDR2 is one of only 6 truly incredible games the entire generation so more please
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    I don't know if MS would do another Killer Instinct. Not sure how happy they were with it. I watched it competitively a bit and it is a well liked game in its community, and it does look fun. It would be nice if they kept it around somehow.
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    This was a freebie with Twitch prime at some point recently, which is how I ended up with it. As has already been said, this is a great game. I'm playing quite casually, doing a level or two before turning it off to do something else, and it's taken me 3 days to get 2 or 3 levels from the end. Things have gotten challenging, but nothing has felt impossible for me so far. It helps that controlling the snake and coiling yourself around things, or just slithering around is just such a pleasure. After the first couple of levels I gave up bothering about getting all the collectables on each level. They don't appear to do anything, and the camera makes it difficult go looking for them. Now I just go for orbs and coins which are on my way, or if I can see them and the route to them looks like fun.
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    Can’t wait for FF8.
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    Fuck yeah! So thats... Control - 27/08, Blair Witch - 30/08, Final Fantasy VIII - 03/09 and Gears 5 - 06/09... Fuck me videogames, give a guy a break.❤️
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    Why not start a Gamescom thread instead of putting it in here? 🤔
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    Fucking Geoff Keighley is in Death Stranding.
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    Ewwww. Fucking hype...
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    Completely agree, that is a big worry. I’ve already got subs coming out of my ears, I can’t afford many, if any, more. I’ve had to cancel a couple lately just because it was getting stupid. Was so much simpler when it was just Netflix. There’s no way I’ll sub to individual publishers. None have a library I’d be willing to do that for. Especially EA and Ubisoft which are the only confirmed ones at the minute. Platform holders like MS though, I’m all for. Especially if they keep the quality and quantity up as they are. I’d definitely do it for Sony too if they did all their first party games on release on it like MS do.
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    I can understand that regarding the inbetween mission stuff, it was the weakest part and if I wasn’t in mood I found that a slog too but more than willing to get through it most of the time. I need to try Mario and Rabbids again, it just seemed a bit slow and basic but I wasn’t enjoying it. Need to give it a bit more time.
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    Wrt "its not like the dev teams dont know what they are doing", no matter how great a dev you are all developers need some sort of leadership. Otherwise you cant set goals and projects blow out into big multi legged monsters. You cant just sit them in front of their text editor and say "make this game yourselves".
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    if they'd thrown in Grandia 3 then you could make the case for it, but as it is, even though Grandia 1 and 2 are two of my favourite games, it's just a stupid price for them
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    Heard of him or not this is a really bad sign. I feel like they really need to clear up what the fuck Halo Infinite even is. I’m a fan of Halo and have no idea what they’re going for with this, and one of the lead guys walks out it sounds like they have no idea as well
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    Forza 6 and its DLC is being delisted next month, it's currently available to download on Games with Gold, and also the complete DLC is available for £3.99 instead of 80 quid. I grabbed it.
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    Devil may cry is the latest purchase and the Sensible EP a couple of weeks ago. Others are vinyls picked up over the year.
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    Random purchase, Mario Power Tennis on the GBA.
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