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    @therealjaxon that’s the worst post I’ve ever read here 😅 you’re pointing out pride marches has gay men being flamboyant as something negative to say about them? It’s about being whoever they want to be without prejudice but you’re saying they shouldn’t act that way if they don’t want to be targeted for comedy? Actually your opinion is depressing. I think this should be an off topic thread?
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    Off to spend the weekend with a couple of mates, thought I’d pick up a third pad to go along with the Pro Controller and the Hori wired pad. I wondered why this was 20 quid cheaper than the official Pro pad. Turns out it’s because it’s old school battery time. Has mappable buttons on the back for whatever reason. It’s one of these if anyone’s interested. The shop also had a GameCube style pad which was tempting.
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    I freaked out and bought Dark Souls 2 and 3 on PS4 and Borderlands and Dying Light on Xbox because they were all on sale. Think it was about £47 something for the lot I don’t have pictures for everything this is best I can do
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    Yay - a thread that lets me show off my handy work again! I made this for my kids last year, runs into a pi running retropie with Mame installed. Id highly recommend doing it - it cost around £230 in total, and the case was a pre-cut MDF kit from ebay - I just sprayed it black and designed the decal which I had printed by a guy who refurbs old arcade units, so it's on hardwearing vinyl. It was a really fun project and not as difficult as it would first seem. Can't wait for the 4th gen RPs to come out. Hopefully they can handle some of the 3D mame stuff.
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    Clustertruck. You jump on moving trucks with the intention of getting to the finish line without hitting the ground. You can buy abilities to make this easier but there's an achievement for completing the game without using them. It's hard but the last level is something else. To say it's an utter cunt is like saying Hitler was a bit of a naughty tinker. Thing is, i'd put too much practise in to not do it and finally, this morning... So there are 90 levels. Levels 1 to 89 took me 8 hours. Level 90 alone took me 17 hours. 17 fucking hours. And for what? That diamond rare achievement tune? Totally fucking worth it.
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    The Lego Speed Champions is indeed ace. The biggest change is that huge challenge board you are given and with each successful challenge completed you’re awarded with a certain amount of Lego blocks. Reaching certain amount of blocks adds stuff to your Lego house as you slowly build this huge place with a swimming pool, football pitch etc. The challenges themselves are completing races, PR stunts, doing tricks in certain cars and it adds a little something to the gameplay that I’m going to miss in future updates and versions to be honest, it adds an X factor to the game that I didn’t know I wanted. Theres also quite a lot to do, there are tons of events and tons of collectibles, there is a set of collectibles that only appear at night. And as @mfnick said, it looks amazing somehow. Such fun. Such fun.
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    PSA - The Lego expansion is fucking brilliant! They’ve mixed the styles perfectly, it’s amazing to behold and the island has been brilliantly designed with lots of little play areas, variety and road design which leads to good race tracks. Fortune island still has my favourite section where it snakes up the island but the variety here is excellent. Plus look at it, these screenshots don’t do it justice BTW, the details looks even better on a good TV. For example the head and tail lights, you can see the individual rings and details in game which don’t come across In screens. I almost forgot how good the sound is too. As a car geek as well as some of you know and a huge part of that is the sound for me. No other games capture this as well as Forza From what I’ve played, especially on a good home theatre set up. I’ve used the Audi Quattro, Agera R, Alfa 8c and Ferrari F40 a lot so far in this and the Audi and 8 C in particular gave me the “Fizz”. Forza 7 is a league ahead on sound still but this is close.
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    Put a beard on the guy on the left and he could definitely enter me once this arsehole issue is sorted out.
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    This is quite cool. It's a spiritual sequel to Symphony of the Night, probably not officially but it feels immediately familiar aesthetically and aurally. I know the Metroidvania market has been saturated but this is Koji Igarashi man, this is what he does. I've chucked about 2 hours in so far, i've beaten two bosses and found a few warp points, shit is starting to open up. Like SotN, you equip armour and weapons which can be bought or found. Unlike SotN, your character Miriam changes her appearence to reflect what she's wearing. When you kill enemies thay can randomly drop shards which can be used to attack, to interact with objects for progress or passively like a power increase or summink. Miriam moves a little ploddishly, her jumps are long and she hangs in the air but she can move around before she hits the floor. I've been mostly using big two handed weapons and they have a slight delay before they swing which is fine once you get used to it. And the more you play the more you get used to how she moves, it feels good to me now. Otherwise it's Castlevania business as usual, piss-arsing around a massive map, looking for abilities, praying for save rooms and kicking ass.
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    I seem to remember @illdog posting about playing this, but I can't find the thread where it is. I'm a big fan of the original Megadrive game and this is basically that game but looking a bit better with added enemies and friends, online multiplayer and stuff. I don't think it's a sequel, seems more of a reboot of the first game. Anyway, it's a rouge-like if you haven't played it before and it is '90's as fuck. The music has always been great with extra funky basslines, and this one is no different. I was a bit concerned when they announced it that it would end up being shit, but a few hours of play on it so far and it's been fantastic. I'm not sure what people new to it would make of it, but for fans of the original, it's great. Level 0 is still there, so they didn't fuck that up.
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    This. I didn’t mention the block challenge system but it’s a excellent addition and like you say it’s adding something I didn’t know it was missing. This is the first time I’ve felt like I wanted to complete all the speed traps for example because of these. Makes it more compelling to play and there’s a decent variety to the challenges. Gives you a good excuse to use different cars too as they’re sometimes car and class specific. @spatular What was the wheel issue? This is quite arcadey so I don’t use my wheel on it I save that for Motorsport, Project Cars and Dirt Rally. I’ll give it a go and report back if you let me know what you want checking? BTW, anyone wants to add me it’s MF Nick on Xbox. Always like more names on leaderboard and I’m always up for a game on it. Haven’t got a headset yet though. Should do soon.
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    The idea that LGBT folk and other minorities hold this much power over game companies is hilarious. If they did there'd be more of them working at them.
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    I mean, those two fellas do look cool as fuck.
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    FWIW, CD Project fired the idiotic social media person last year. He tried to claim he didn't know the offensive context of the memes he was sharing, which at the minimum makes him bad at his job, but he was clearly one of those dickhead "Gamer" people. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-12-05-troubling-gog-tweets-a-fired-cd-projekt-employee-and-the-spectre-of-gamergate
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    The game itself isn't really grabbing my attention unfortunately. I think it might be the idea of the whole city being playable rather than following 1-2 character's stories, but this really got me intrigued... https://www.gameinformer.com/preview/2019/06/12/i-did-something-terrible-in-watch-dogs-legion I was gonna quote it, but feel like this is one to discover for yourself.
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    I couldn’t find a thread for this so if there is please merge as appropriate After half a dozen game overs I finally beat the Block Man level and this game is really good. I’m a bit mixed on the modern take on it. For reference I got in with MM9 and MM10 so even though I’m not an old school fan 8-bit-ish Mega Man is what I know and like. And even though the game looks really nice and sounds really great, it didn’t quite scratch that itch in the same way as those other games did. The music is a big part of why I like this series and even though it is good in this game, it’s definitely not quite as catchy or, maybe a odd term to use when describing Mega Man. When you play these games well and you decimate the enemies, and you slip through the cracks in the obstacles and the really energetic and fiery music is playing in the background it really makes me feel like a damn superhero. This is not to say the music is bad, I quite liked it, but it didn’t have that same kick or creativity to it as MM9 or MM10. And as much as I really like the way the game looks and the fresh modern style sitting through that opening cutscene was the hardest thing in the game so far. Holy shit. However the gameplay seems all there for me and I really, really enjoyed what I played so far of it. Even if I had forgotten what it’s like to learn a Mega Man level. Painful. Fun. But a lot of just getting slaughtered very quickly and then being like “What the fuck just happened?” and then it happens a second time and you start to see the gaps in it, bit more death, bit more trying and the execution fits in and then you blow whatever the challenge was away like it was nothing and it’s awesome. The gear shift system, hmm. Undecided. At first I thought it would be there to make the game easier, but instead it’s more like an extension of abilities rather than a panic mode button. Even if you can slow down time for a few seconds, when you’re on 1-hit left, the boss is coming for you and you still don’t really know how to beat it then it didn’t seem to matter. That’s why instead of something that makes the game easier for new players, it more feels like a super ability to be used by advanced players instead. Which is fine by me because the times I used it, even if not very helpful still felt like I was cheating and would prefer not to use if it possible. Anyway, here’s me beating the Block Man stage for the first time.
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    MFGamers Podcast - E3 2019 Join @DANGERMAN and me for the time travelling E3 special. Contributions from @illdog, @Jimbo Xiii, @Maf, @Maryokutai, @Nag, @one-armed dwarf and @radiofloyd. Theme music by Mark. Produced by me. Download the episode here. Subscribe to the feed here. iTunes link - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/mfgamers/id1318429602 Non-iTunes feed - http://feeds.feedburner.com/mfgamerspodcast
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    Got the plat in AC Odyssey. I don't usually bother but after 120 hours I think it was pretty inevitable. This has been one of my favourite games this gen and I'm bummed out at the thought of getting through the season pass content. Shame the last one was unlocked in plague covered Kephallonia so it looks like the screenshot has been steeped in watery shit.
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    About 3-4 hours into this so far so thought I'd make a thread (my first in quite awhile!). To start off its made by the same Dev Team that made 2017's Stories Untold and some of the same developers that made 2014's Alien Isolation so I knew going in it's from a studio with some pedigree. You play as SAM. Essentially the 'Mother' computer AI of the Ship you're on - the Observation. You control numerous cameras situated around the ship and can also take control of remote sphere's that enable you to navigate around - in first person - the ships claustrophobic, dimly lit hallways. You interact with the game in a kind of point and click style, navigating from camera to camera around the station to try to find a passcode, a bit of evidence or open a hatch to advance the story. From time to you'll also interface with certain computers and have to complete little mini-games in order to progress. As for the story, I don't want to give too much away but as SAM you'll assist Astronaut Emma Fisher around the station, helping her in whatever way you can. As you progress, more and more things come to light about the crew, their plight, their mission and why the ship is in the state it's in. Things are quite tense around the station with a pervading sense of dread and foreboding, you never quite feel comfortable exploring but at the same time aren't exactly terrified either, I wouldn't really say it's a scary game at all so far - which is perhaps a little disappointing but it is definitely tense. It's definitely a weird one so far, there's a lot to take in and a lot of confusing aspects to the story that I'm still trying to piece together as I go along. It's consistently engaging, mysterious and compelling though and I find myself thinking about what discovery I'll find during my next session which is definitely a good sign. The way it plays isn't particularly revolutionary or anything but the quirky little computer mini-games are really well designed with that 80s Alien-esque aesthetic that gives them a character of their own and searching for items using the cameras is akin to old school adventure games. We'll see how it pans out but at the moment this is definitely up there as one of my most memorable games of this year, there's not really too much else like it. Some pics:
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    Finally, after years of watching videos of other people play this, bought the Switch version and had my first go of this with a couple of mates. Initially, we had the bomb defuser holding the Switch out of the dock but as there are two couches in my mate’s living room, eventually just settled on sitting on the couch not facing the TV and either using a laptop or phone for the manual. If you don’t know what it is, one person can see the bomb and has to cut wires and press buttons. The other person (or people) either download and print out the bomb manual or view it on a screen and have to guide the bomb defuser by communicating what the bomb holder is looking at. Colours of wires, how many, etc. It’s a manic affair and best if you swap over a few times, as then the bomb defuser will know what information the manual guy is really after and which information is superfluous. On the PC and PS4, it’s playable in VR which is probably the best way to play it. But we figured out we could actually play it together on Skype with only one copy. It really starts ramping up in difficulty, throwing memory puzzles at you, morse code, etc and we got as far as extra modules you had to keep an eye on that couldn’t be solved from the manual. There’s these things called “needy modules” where they’ll be like a short timer on it and before it gets to 0 and blows up the bomb, you have to hammer a button to reset it. That’s along with the modules that will actually disarm the bomb. Plus the lights will occasionally go out for a few seconds. Or the alarm clock next to the bomb will go off really loudly so you have to put the bomb down and hit snooze on the alarm. It’s fantastic but I’m glad I played with people I have good friendships with!
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    So I haven’t played games properly in about 4 months. I had a week of sickness in Feb or something and played through Crackdown 3, played Resident Evil 2 for about an hour shortly after, and the rest of the time has just been grinding on Pokemon Let’s Go because it’s a good non-thinking after work game. So E3 got me super energised to play games again. Even if the show was mostly uneventful just pure excitement of video games got to me. And even though I’m usually a one or two video game at a time kind of person, this week I thought fuck that. I got this time off, no stress going on, instead of feeling paralysed by having so many games to play - let’s just fucking play them. Now I played different games for anywhere between about 30 minutes and 5 hours this week, so this is not a definitive verdict or some bullshit forum wannabe review. this is purely ranked as the amount of enjoyment I got out of them myself. Mostly very good. Some not so. But whatever, generally had an amazing video game week and kind of sad it’s over
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    Anything that is longer than 5 years ago fucks with me because everything just kind of feels like it happened about 5 years ago and then people are like, Bob you're 32 and I'm like whaaaaaat bitch. I just left school like 5 years ago. I also got married 5 years ago and bought my PS4 and Xbox 360 5 years ago so it's very confusing. I remember loving this until the portal gun bit. Then I hated it and that's all I have remembered these past 5 years.
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    To be honest a lot of these games aren't intended to be an impulse purchase. Plenty of people have been looking forward to them for ages.
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    Another indulgent thread. A new Contra! I've just done a little digging on it because when I saw it on the Direct I thought it looked like something outsourced but I found a name of one of the leads it's made in house at Konami and being worked on by a Contra veteran. So I'm actually quite psyched to play this despite not quite being able to parse out the nuances of the gameplay in the trailer. It looks dumb as fuck I love it.
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    I had a PC upgrade while i was away from the site. I thought I'd let you know my new rig. My new machine has an Intel Core i9 9900K 3.6 Ghz 8 core processor, which I've overclocked to near 4 Ghz. I'm running it with a Corsair hydro H100X water cooling loop. Not a full water cooling rig, just the CPU which outputs the coolant to a separate radiator/fan set up. This is on an Asus board with 16Gb of DDR4 ram. Added to that I have a Samsung 500GB SSD, and two 1TB Western Digital hard drives. The graphic card is an N-Vidia G-Force GTX1060-6g with 6GB of onboard ram, made by Asus. The operating system is Windows 10 pro 64bit with the new May update. And just for shits and giggles, I bought an RGB gaming keyboard and mouse, the keyboard having Cherry MX blue keys. It's a little noisy, but lovely for typing. The monitor is still my old 26 inch LCD Toshiba TV. I know I can get a better scfeen. My son has just bought a Samsung 4K curved PC screen that looks buttery smooth, but I had to save money somewhere. I bought a new Xbox One gamepad to use for PC gaming, replacing my aging Xbox 360 pad which had bad drift on the left thumbstick after years of use. Of course Steam, Uplay, Origin, GOG Galaxy, Epic launcher, and Besthesda launcher are all installed. I'm waiting to see if GOG's unified launcher service, which ties in all the storefronts, will be worth having.
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    It's not really about how many gay people are working in tech. That's just box ticking and tokenism. People shouldn't be encouraged to enter a field just so some corporate shitlord can feel better about themselves. The real question and standard to aspire to is do marginalized groups feel safe within whatever environment they are working in and it seems anecdotally at least that's not the case with tech. Almost all groups of people that don't just fit the default NPC model have issues within the field, people with mental health issues, wamminz and LGBT folks all seem to find trouble in tech and that sucks. The extent of that and the things that cause it are open for debate and it doesn't seem like there is an easy fix. Gamers can't even have a mature discussion about DLC so what chance do we have of fixing this problem? It's very sad. I'm sad now.
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    Reason pride is like that is for people to say "look at me, I refuse to be made to feel ashamed for who I am." (Which is why "straight pride" doesn't really work as a similar concept because straight people haven't been told that they are broken and sinful since birth) CDPR aren't being told "stop doing that", (well mostly) they're being asked what's the meaning behind the image. Cause their history leads to dark interpretations. Not that the anti-SJW twitterati will show it in that light.
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    This is a bit off topic, but I remember reading something about a year ago to do with The Matrix and transgender and sexuality. Basically, the matrix is an analogy for gender identification and sexual identification and breaking out of the prescribed norm. Something that had never occurred to me the numerous times I've seen that film, but echoed with a lot of people watching the film who are non-cis or where still not "out" regarding their sexuality.
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    It'd be breathtaking.
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    Starting to love this. It must have been so impressive back in the day. The level of detail - like how the characters who you see driving around on their motorbikes or doing deliveries are the same people who you can meet and talk to, like how you can see store owners opening the shutters to their shops in the morning, like how you can see characters arrive at buildings and then walk inside - and so on, it all adds up to create the sense of a living, breathing game world. Another example - in the shrine near Ryo’s house, where there is a kitten in a box, at various times of the day different people will be with the kitten. And if you talk to the girl a few times, she tells you that she has named the cat “Mimi:” From then on, Ryo will cat the cat Mimi. And possibly the most impressive achievement of the game is the voice recording. All (or at least, many of) the NPCs have recorded dialogue that changes according to to what Ryo is looking for or where he is going. The voice acting itself is excellent, I already like many of the characters. And the music in the game is lovely too. In many ways it feels like I am playing a point and click adventure, with occasional combat. This game must have been mind-boggling back in 1999.
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    Don't feel so guilty, I've put down a reservation for a 300 euro toy of Cloud on a motorbike (+ 30 euro delivery 😅)
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    I’m gonna introduce you to my guilty YouTube pleasure. It’s a guilty pleasure because it has click-baity titles and screen shots (I forget the actual word for that) and it’s a reaction series. But Beth Roars is really good. She breaks down what a singer is doing and how they’re doing it, in a way I can understand and not being a singer, stuff that I just don’t think about when listening to people singing. Especially good that her audience have introduced her to the wonders of Tool and how amazing Mike Patton is. @Sly Reflex might be interested in this one.
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    They are calling her Aerith, kill that bitch twice.
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    So. KH3. A series I've followed since the first game back in what, 2001? 2002? A series where the only two major installments I haven't played are Dream Drop Distance (because of course 3DS games needed a '3D' moniker at first) and the card game one. A series where I was looking for closure. For the end of an epic ride involving Heartless, Nobodies, 3 or 4 versions of the main character and a strange, mysterious organisation at the 'heart' of it all (awful pun, I know). What I got was a series of gorgeous worlds that made every part of my immature soul happy, before a long, drawn-out, overblown ending where they basically started a whole new story from the back of. Kingdom Hearts 3 - I loved your visuals, but get to fuck please.
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    I think the Lego expansion is honestly the best one they’ve done yet. I beat it Monday, some of those skill challenges are bastards. Getting 20 show off skills and 20 lucky escapes were ones I struggled with, finding and smashing 100 tables took some doing too. The destination ones were all pretty rad, like driving from the UFO crash site to the lighthouse in 2 minutes in a C class car (or whatever), they get you to learn the map like you’ve never had to before. Anyways, unlocking that final challenge so as to unlock the final race was ultra satisfying. I fucking love Forza Horizon.
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    I checked my receipt and I bought this game for €9.99 on December 31 2011. Better late than never. I loved Rome Total War and I also played a fair bit of Empire Total War (which I shamelessly pirated once I had access to mega-fast internet in university). But I think it’s safe to say that I haven’t played a Total War game in ten years. The game opens with an awesome cut scene. After that I played the ridiculously long tutorial which took about two hours (and you can’t save in the middle). But at least it was thorough. In the course of the tutorial I played one battle and once was enough, I’ve never enjoyed the battles in TW games. I’ll start a proper campaign tomorrow. 2011 graphics.
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    There's was an update recently that added the Japanese variants to the three NES games, the two gameboy games, the Megadrive game and Kid Dracula. The Japanese version of Castlevania III is superior to the version we got, check this link for a huge list of differences: https://tcrf.net/Castlevania_III:_Dracula's_Curse/Regional_Differences
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    You can stand by that all you like, you're still wrong.
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    I’ve heard them before and noticed it, but was getting my hair cut earlier and two songs back to back on the radio had the Scotch Snap. Can’t remember what the second one was now but the first was this, which until googling from some of the lyrics, didn’t realise it was Chvrches involved when I’ve heard it on the radio in work.
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    JRPGs struggle a lot with storytelling in general. Mass Effect had no problem introducing memorable characters in the third game despite also giving you the option to take fan favorites from the first game with you on missions. And that's simply because Mordin, for example, is a well-written character and the game allows you to spend time with him. JRPGs only allow character interactions whenever they feel like it and while the writing is usually uber-dramatic and unrealistic it's hard to see those character as relatable people. FFXII is the only big JRPG I know of that feels kind of down-to-earth in the way its characters interact with each other. Probably no coincidence that it's my favorite FF. Persona, too, maybe.
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    Nice that looks really good. You could have told me you bought it online, and I would have believe you.
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    Red pillers must be very tortured by that.
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    good info, thanks again guys
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    I used to grind a lot but it was more for money than experience because I insisted on buying everything because it's paced more for pushing you into making decisions.
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    For me it’s Sly Reflex with GaaS games. He slags GaaS style games off all the time, hates MTX, lootboxes etc. As much as me. Slags off these Shite practices and companies off as much as I do, but he’s still there defending Anthem at its release and sure I’ve seen him say he played Division and Destiny a lot too. So yea, surprised he likes them.
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