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    KA! ME! HA! ME! HAAAAAAAAA!!! Been waiting for this to go on sale. It was £35 on PS4 last week and I almost caved but held off and today it’s £30 on Xbox.
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    Ordered a Turbo Gfx / PC Engine Mini as they've now released them over here. Disappointingly it doesn't come with a plug, it's USB but you need to find an adapter yourself
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    Fancied some retro action on my 3DS yesterday, so I bought the following. Mario Tennis (GBC) was 50% off using the MyNintendo rewards, so £2.49 including the 25 gold points I had to use to get the offer. Loving it so far, one championship down and level 6. Sonic 2 and Triple Trouble were £3.85 each via ShopTo instant codes, normally £4.49 each on the eShop. Already had Sonic 1, not sure I've played either of these before.
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    Inspired by Ed (and the My Nintendo discounts):
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    Got these in the post, to be honest I was going through my GC, Wii and Wii U collection over the weekend and realised there’s so many games I traded or didn’t get, hopefully with the switch I won’t make that mistake. Going to get a game each payday..
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    My Evercade Limited Edition arrived yesterday, with collector's coin and carry case for ordering through Funstock. Premium pack came with three cartridges, but I went all-in and ordered the Technos collection too. Can't wait for the Atari Lynx carts due later this year.
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    Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling is an absolutely delightful RPG inspired by Paper Mario. It's an indie title developed by Moonsprout Games (who I have never heard of) and has been on Steam since November last year, and has just come to Switch, PS4, and Xbone. I've put around 5 and a half hours into and am really enjoying myself. I'll write more later, but I'm struggling to type right now.
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    did some gaming work today. My housemate was building his first PC, he did pretty well with it but hit a bit of a wall. I had a look and he hadn't put power to the CPU section of the motherboard. This might sound obvious to anyone who has build their own pc before, but the instructions that came with him motherboard did read as that being an alternative power source. I sorted it for him and it was all problem free apart from that, the only issue is his pc is several magnitudes better than mine and I don't have the 2 grand to correct that The battery on my 3DS has gone shit. I wasn't sure if I was imagining it, if the 3D being on when I'd got used to not having it on had drained it quicker, it's not like it was a long lasting device in the first place. Using it again the past week or so and it's definitely running short, maybe an hour. I started looking in to batteries for it, difficult to find the correct one for the N3DS so to double check I took the back off. The code on the battery matches one I found through googling, so that was good confirmation, the downside is the one I'm buying seems to be a little weaker. I'm presuming even given that it'll last significantly longer than what's in there currently. I also noticed that the battery was ever so slightly swollen, so presumably that's the cause and then as I was on a role I thought I'd try something I'd seen on youtube. There's an issue with Saturns where the cartridge slot doesn't read cartridges consistently. I've had a few Saturns with this problem, the cartridge slot is used for memory, both storage, potentially paired with a region unlocker, and the ram carts used for Capcom and SNK games. Which is why it's such an issue, you can have problems playing different region games (my Saturn is Japanese so I'd have issues running my PAL games), but more communally for me it will crash or not boot games that require the RAM cart. Anyway, I saw a video on it when browsing to see if there was a place that just repaired Saturns. It looked like nonsense but, with only a few hundred views, there were 10 or 20 people thanking the guy because his method seemed to work, so I thought I'd give it a go. either side of the Saturn cartridge slot is a screw, you don't have to take the top off the Saturn, just open the flap and loosen the screws a bit. I think the idea is that the board is fitted to tight so the contacts miss rather than the contacts shaping the fit of the connection. I can't 100% say it worked, but I can say that I booted Cyberbots with no issues, played through the whole game, with no errors whatsoever. It could just be a one off, but hopefully it's sorted the issue for the foreseeable future
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    We live in a time of racial injustice, inequality, and police brutality against black people. We hope that everyone takes a stand in any way that they can. We’ve partnered with creators from all across our platform to support organizations that are working directly with those affected. We reached out to our community and an unprecedented number of creators donated over 740 projects to be part of what we believe is the largest bundle ever. Over $3,400 of paid works are available Pay-what-you-want with a minimum donation amount of $5. All proceeds will donated to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and Community Bail Fund split 50/50. Please note: No Steam (or other external keys) will be given for bundle purchases. Only direct downloads will be available on the itch.io page. If you’re looking for more ways to help try here: https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co/ #blacklivesmatter https://itch.io/b/520/bundle-for-racial-justice-and-equality 743 games, $3400+ in value, direct downloads. $5 minimum donation, with all proceeds donated. Not shit games, either. You have games like Night in the Woods, Oxenfree, A Short Hike, Minit, to name a few.
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    As a few of us have bought these I thought I'd start a thread for the whole thing than individual games Full list of games via Kotaku: I've not played a huge amount of the games ye. I played a bit of Space Harrier, which I've never been a huge fan of, I'm also terrible at it so there's that. I don't really need another version of it, I'm not sure this is the best version of it either, it's fine, not a terrible port, but the 3DS version is probably where I'd go to play this I played some Star Parodier. I like the Sexy Parodius games a lot and I think this is the genesis of that (I might be wrong, I haven't looked it up). It's a bit of a strange schmup in that it's very empty for a while, it doesn't seem to explain its rules at all (pick a power-up colour and stick with it seems to be the route to take). It's a bit of a procession until you get hit, then I've found all my lives will vanish within a minute. I like what I've played though and I'll go back to it. I've never played Spriggan before, Spriggan appears to be pretty fucking cool. It's a side scrolling schmup, your hit box is too big and it's very easy to take damage. There's also more powerful, but limited, weapons if you go in to the pause menu but I've not used them yet, not sure if they're best saved or not but it is a bit fiddly. The thing that makes it cool is it has the proper dramatic betrayal story line running through it. Shame it's in Japanese, but I can see that I would have loved this back in the day. My favourite game so far is Chew Man Fu. It's an action puzzle game where you have to roll coloured balls on to matching plates. It looks a bit like a zoomed in Bomberman in terms of perspectives, with walls that can be smashed through. You can twat the balls at enemies to clear them off the stage and get items like Pac-Man, they come back after 10 seconds or so. All against a time limit. It's cool, really enjoying this one and making the most of the save states with it
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    I just bought over 700 games for five bucks. Click the link below and you can, too. The link below.
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    ^ i like the choice for game you don't like, shame the gameplay is bobins as the music/graphics are ace. great picks from you guys, i'm going to have to try and think of some different ones, it's going to take me ages so just a work in progress here, took over 30 mins to find the xenoblade 2 music i remember liking.... ended up filling in most of it, gave up with the categories a bit in the end as it was taking absolutely ages. and i might have put in too many persona songs, or possibly not enough persona songs. Title Screen Music - super mario kart https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGuXIKPjwq4&list=PL5990B46A0E6B1092Intro Music - Opening Level - tetris effect https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NaZXVAG7DwMMusic from Console Exclusive - xenoblade chronicles 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldYEF1xye-gHub / Overworld Music - zelda https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KoJlwOUHsf8Music that makes you relaxed - neir automata https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94DuXnr-87YMusic from Indie Game - mecha ritz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4DMOYhnZpkA&list=PLWHUVGTP-NfLPsijGVDGgGH2DSJi2E_-O&index=12Music from a First / 3rd Person Shooter - halo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jXTBAGv9ZQMusic from Shmup - ketsui https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ro5i_h9_G8gRPG Battle Music - persona 5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6x_HR9oGlMPuzzle Game Music - mr driller https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SwUdDsQ0s8cMusic that makes you sad - ouendan (doesn't really make me sad but it fits) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MwcS4vtsjwIMusic you like from a game you dont - Music with Vocals - djmax respect https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5Ejpw9RkzARegular Boss Music - dodonpachi doj https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pd6-jWE6ZKkHorror Game Music - Music you never get tired of - katamari https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhKMDjfToEc&list=RDhIHR_8ol_OU&index=21Game Over Music - Cover of music by different Artist - probably doesn't really count - dj hero https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAUmDMMgYGY&list=RDPuthBotYsqE&index=3Music from Racing Game - f-zero https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zE15twStdiYMusic you associate with frustration - necrodancer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIr4C5Ztlcg&list=RD2nsbio5UrKc&index=2Town / Village Music - gravity rush https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BxIC6Vu1ee0&list=PL4AA2CAF1947F471A&index=19Fave song from a fighting game Stage - persona 4 arena https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PM5L9Zyk3UQMusic that gets stuck in you head - persona 3 dmn https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7_ve0nPY0g&list=PLk8MyoujZNjSweZvs6jJdrNjgzdpaXFxX&index=4Music that gets you pumped - rez https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4F7vEXFtOwY&list=PL07DE57530BF445BB&index=4Music you like from a game you not played - hover https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FsyVf4hWvwMusic from rhythm game - ouendan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFjnaDVrrgo&list=PLeoGLpVMy1S2kVjkLkEVf8gnA-FOy1MbL&index=3Music that makes you nostalgic - jet set radio https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2680ciixQc&list=PLD61626F6813F6C5F&index=2Final Boss Music - touch! kirby! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GSxPpJr9pc&list=PL58B6C9E831380FA9&index=36 Credits Music - persona 4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-iYbpSzhRM bonus category song from a game that has a great music video - djmax respect - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgtT288z8nk
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    Saw this going around online thought a good one to post here, Originally was a 30 day challenge but I say hell just fo it all in one go, I have changed a couple of the categories which I think will balance it out a bit nicer. Only Rule I think that will keep it more interesting is no repeat games. Here's the list- Title Screen Music - Intro Music - Opening Level - Music from Console Exclusive - Hub / Overworld Music - Music that makes you relaxed - Music from Indie Game - Music from a First / 3rd Person Shooter - Music from Shmup - RPG Battle Music - Puzzle Game Music - Music that makes you sad - Music you like from a game you dont - Music with Vocals - Regular Boss Music - Horror Game Music - Music you never get tired of - Game Over Music - Cover of music by different Artist - Music from Racing Game - Music you associate with frustration - Town / Village Music - Fave song from a fighting game Stage - Music that gets stuck in you head - Music that gets you pumped - Music you like from a game you not played - Music from rhythm game - Music that makes you nostalgic - Final Boss Music - Credits Music -
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    Title Screen Music - Street Fighter 2 Intro Music - The Chaos Engine Opening Level - Ruff 'n' Tumble Music from Console Exclusive - Last of Us OST Hub / Overworld Music - Crossing Those Hills, FFIX Music that makes you relaxed - To Zanarkand - FFX Music from Indie Game - River City Girls - Bully Music from a First / 3rd Person Shooter - Doom - Rip & Tear Music from Shmup - Raiden 3 - Invisible Menace RPG Battle Music - Persona V - Life will Change Puzzle Game Music - Puzzle Fighter - Sakura Stage Music that makes you sad - Yakuza 5 End Credits Music you like from a game you dont - Chop Chop Master Onion Music with Vocals - Katamari -Que Sera Sera Regular Boss Music - Yakuza 0 - Kuze Theme (Pledge of Demon) Horror Game Music - Silent Hill 2 - Theme Of Laura Music you never get tired of - Liberi Fatali  - FF8 Game Over Music - Final Fight Cover of music by different Artist - Guilty Gear XRD - Heavy Day Cover (Little V) Music from Racing Game - Screamer - Speed Demon Music you associate with frustration - Project Diva, Sadistic Music Factory Town / Village Music - Stardew Valley OST - Pelican Town Fave song from a fighting game Stage - Capcom vs. SNK 2 OST - Nebuta (Aomori Stage) Music that gets stuck in you head - Red Alert 2 - Hell March 2 Music that gets you pumped - Full Throttle - Legacy Music you like from a game you not played - Music from rhythm game - Gitaroo Man - Flyin' to Your Heart Music that makes you nostalgic - Cannon Fodder - War Final Boss Music - One Winged Angel Credits Music - God Hand
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    Title Screen Music - FezIntro Music - Life is StrangeOpening Level - Spyro 2: Gateway to GlimmerMusic from Console Exclusive - Fable 2Hub / Overworld Music - Super Mario GalaxyMusic that makes you relaxed - UndertaleMusic from Indie Game - Hollow KnightMusic from a First / 3rd Person Shooter - BioshockMusic from Shmup - CupheadRPG Battle Music - Dragon Quest VIII Puzzle Game Music - Professor Layton & The Curious VillageMusic that makes you sad - Xenoblade Chronicles Music you like from a game you don’t - Tales of ZestiriaMusic with Vocals - Xenoblade Chronicles 2Regular Boss Music - Blue DragonHorror Game Music - ScratchesMusic you never get tired of - Fallout 3Game Over Music - Final Fantasy XIICover of music by different Artist - The Black MagesMusic from Racing Game - Speed FreaksMusic you associate with frustration - Final Fantasy VII RemakeTown / Village Music - The Legend of Zelda: Twilight PrincessFave song from a fighting game Stage - Rival SchoolsMusic that gets stuck in you head - Kingdom HeartsMusic that gets you pumped - The World Ends With YouMusic you like from a game you not played - VoezMusic from rhythm game - Super HexagonMusic that makes you nostalgic - Final Fantasy VIIIFinal Boss Music - Final Fantasy IVCredits Music - Hyper Light Drifter
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    My girlfriend Sarah was round my flat today, she heard the music playing on that Tifa theme, and became fascinated by it. She’s not a gamer, and has never played any of the Final Fantasy games. She just loved the music of Tifa’s theme. She’s now going through the soundtracks for 7, 8 and 9 on iTunes, and finding new music that she loves. Pretty awesome, really.
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    Also known as the follow up to one of the best games on the DS, 42 All-Time Classics, or Clubhouse Games if you had the American version. 47 out of the 51 are playable online. Not sure yet which, if any, require touch controls, but I’ve played a bunch so far docked and using the Pro controller and had no problem. Plenty of card games like a couple versions of Solitaire, Texas Hold ‘em and Speed which I used to love playing with my nan when I was a wee lad. Some good sports games like a decent version of golf, a stripped down version of Baseball, fishing, etc. Some quality board games like Ludo, UNO (without the UNO name), Checkers, chess and all that. The presentation is great, really polished. Same kind of feel as the Wii Sports and Wii Fit games. Very helpful in teaching you the rules of each game, and seems to be some good stuff to unlock, like different skins for the cards. I’m looking forward to taking it online. As I understand it, you can select which games you want to play and then play solo games while you wait in the lobby, which is good. Sadly, no pictochat which made the DS game king of online games, but it does use the phone app for voice chat. Though I guess most will just use Discord.
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    so, the big news isn't that Sega are putting out the Xbox, it's that they're doing Game Gear Micro. But doing them in the weirdest way possible https://www.theverge.com/2020/6/3/21278895/sega-game-gear-micro-games-list-price-magnifying-glass?utm_campaign=theverge&utm_content=chorus&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter
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    It's a fabulous journey, so many wonderful Lynch moments, and each viewing makes you reflect on something different. As with much of Lynch's work, don't spend too much time analysing a linear narrative, but take the sounds, visuals and emotions created within for an extraordinary experience.
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    They look like they should have sweets in them.
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    It's a complete waste of resources and plastic considering you can't really play on this thing. I doubt even the magnifying glass will make this usable. That said it's very much SEGA.
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    Finished this today. Another 5 hours have passed since my last post, 67 total. I played a bit more Blitzball, firstly competing in the League - believing false information I’d read that you only needed to win 5 games to get the World Champion - before realising my mistake and taking part and then winning a tournament so I was finally able to get the last Celestial Weapon I needed. I actually quite enjoyed Blitzball once I put a decent team together, after the first story match I’ve found it incredibly easy I must say. I won most matches 5-0 aside from the Guado team which I only managed to scrape a 1-0 win. This was the last side activity I had left to do so I pushed on with the story after that, travelling to the Airship and then initiating the final battle against Quite an interesting fight this was, with an instant death assured once his gauge was maxed out. I didn’t manage it first time, I mismanaged my turns and dillydallied a bit too much at the start of the fight once which let his gauge build up and then it was bye bye for me. I managed it the next time around though, I used Anima’s Overdrive once he got close enough and then Magus Sisters’ Overdrive and that was that. I entered itself after this and had an explore. Tons of high level enemies here, many with deadly attacks like Meteor that will wipe your team in a second so I ended up fleeing from most fights. At this point in the game I was levelled up enough and knew I was close to the end so was fleeing from most battles to reach to finish line to be honest, I saw the huge pools of health these enemies had and just couldn’t be bothered to fight them. After navigating the maze-like dungeon and the aforementioned fiends I reached the first boss fight here against (yet again). This boss was, quite frankly, a joke. I saw the strange spinning wheels behind him and guessed that they were related to the different elements. The first element the wheels aligned on was fire so right away I cast nulblaze with Yuna and then summoned Shiva, used her Overdrive and it did 75,000 damage to him, attacked once or twice more after this and was shocked to see him go down and the trophy pop. Definitely the easiest boss fight in the game. More dungeon crawling to follow, this time through an industrial looking area. More strong fiends were here so I ended up fleeing again, racing through it until I eventually reached another save sphere. I continued on and encountered this really weird tower, touching it sent me to another place covered in crystals, I didn’t really know what to do here but just guessed that picking up the crystals was what the game wanted me to do. Once I’d picked up a few it transported me to another arena, this one looking like the old Zanarkand at the beginning of the game. An emotional Had a little bit of trouble here and failed on my first attempt during his second phase, I just couldn’t seem to get enough turns in with him having 3-4 consecutively. On my next attempt I caste Hastega straight away and that did the trick, I summoned Shiva with Overdrive, then Bahamut with Overdrive which defeated his first phase. On his second phase I cast Anima’s Overdrive and then the Magus Sisters’ Overdrive, once this attack was finished I kept the Magus Sisters around and regularly dealt 12000-20000 until he was put down. Another very easy fight. It all went very weird after this. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the game throughout. The story - for the most part - was amazing with some twists and turns I didn’t really see coming and some emotional moments along the way. I loved all the characters by the end of it even if Kimahri was quite one note for most of the game, I will say also that I think Yuna is one of the best characters I’ve experienced in a game, especially a Japanese one. The combat stuck close to the standard JRPG template but added to it in some cool ways with the Overdrives and Aeons, I loved almost every encounter I had right up until the final dungeon. The only negatives I’d have were the lack of proper dungeons through the main story quest-line - just the one at Mushroom Rock - and the last Third of the story really. I liked what dungeons there were but could’ve done with them being a bit more elaborate really, with the story I feel it just kind of petered out after Bevelle, a lot of stuff happened after that but it just all played out exactly how I expected it to. I think the only surprises were the fate of Tidus and the last few boss battles inside sin - which I didn’t expect. So yeah, overall a very good game. Only the third FF game I’ve completed and I loved every second of it, can’t recommend it enough.
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    fucking hell Blakey, have a word
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    I'm not sure if you'd count them as classics but I've never played a Kingdom Hearts game, and surely even 2020 isn't going to get so bad that I ever will
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    Yea DD still has maybe one of my favourite action systems in an RPG. Problem is the RPG systems weren't very good in it. This could also be a Nier universe game for all we know (so hence the action background)
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    Don't be ashamed, I absolutely loved Outlaw Vollyball and Outlaw Golf back in the day for those exact reasons.😂
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    I jinxed it. https://www.gematsu.com/2020/06/guerrilla-collective-postponed-to-june-13-to-15
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    Sin City -2005 I absolutely adore this film! It’s one of my absolute favourites. I remember initially being pulled in because of the visual design of it, the black and white with odd splashes of colour to emphasise certain parts of scenes just wowed me. Still does. The contrast just look incredible and is used at the exact right time’s. Looking beyond the visual design I also loved how it was a series of smaller, complete stories showing various parts and levels of the city that all ended up playing into 1 big overarching story. I don’t think I’d ever seen a film done like that before (Tarantino’s are similar though) and I loved it. Another point which I really liked and surprised the hell out of me was when I got the special edition DVD on release. It came with graphic novel it’s based on included - the film is line for line the same. This just blew my mind, I couldn’t believe how it could work so well by using basically the same script and scenes from a graphic novel. The execution is just perfect. Fucking love it.
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    Yep, and you'll still only get 1.5hrs out of them.
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    Big Trouble in Little China - 1986 A lot of modern entertainment seems to fetishise the 80's. I don't really get it, as the 90's carries a lot more nostalgia for me. That said, the decade is host to two of my all-time favourite films. This is definitely in the top 5. Although I was 3 when this first came out and so didn't see it at theatrical release, I don't think I was too much older before I saw it. This is practically a checklist of tropes and visual ques I loved then and still do.
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    Bit of fun time. First of... sorry to the mods if they feel this is in the wrong place, just didn't think it would be worth its own thread. Post a theatrical poster of one of your favourite films, give a little background (if you'd like to) and two rules - One picture and One film. Mine. Aliens - 1986. I'll admit that I didn't see this in the cinema (I would've been 10) and I hadn't seen the first film beforehand. I can't honestly say what year it was when I first watched the film but it quickly became my number one movie ever... and it's yet to be shifted.
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    I've put around 12 hours into this now and approaching the half way point (on chapter 4 of 7) and I'm still loving it. The game is gorgeous, the characters are genuinely loveable, and the music and writing is really good. Combat and levels work differently to pretty anything I've played. When attacking each character has extra character specific actions they can do to increase damage (a variation of press the correct button at the correct time), and pressing A just before an enemy attack hits a character will block the attack reducing or canceling damage. The characters all have special assists on their attacks: one can hit flying enemies and knock them onto the ground, another can flip shelled enemies over exposing their weak spot, and one can pull burrowing enemies out of the ground. Each character gets one turn, but a character turn can be sacrificed to give one that's already had a turn another turn, adding some nice strategy. Special attacks are offensive or defensive and use TP which is shared between the party, and status attacks are real important. Characters don't level up individually, they go up as a team. At first it's a 100 XP points yo level up, then 101, 102, etc. Wheh you level up you get to choose either 1+ HP, 3+ TP or 3 Medal Points. Nothing else levels up. No attack, defense, speed, any of that, so around 12 hours in I'm still hitting as hard as I was when I started the game. There is an attack and defense stat, but I haven't found a way to increased them yet. All other buffs are done with Medals. Medals cost points to equip, and the buffs are either for whichever bug has the medal equipped, or it's for the entire team. Medals include things like HP+, poison resist, etc etc, so they're essentially a mix of armour and perks. Each character had an out of combat action they can do, and there is a tonne of environmental puzzles to solve using them. A couple of the puzzles have had me scratching my head for a while, but I always had that 'eureka' moment and figured it out. The challenge is absolutely spot on. It isn't particularly easy, but some of the bosses have been tricky and I've had more than a couple of close calls. And before anyone asks no I have never played a Paper Mario game.
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    I think Craymen summed it up perfectly. It’s one of those “someone got paid for that idea???” moments.
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    I completely agree with this, but to me Odyssey never felt like a grind. It just didn't. Maybe I was just in a mindset where I was happy to do what it was asking of me. Maybe the world just immersed me enough that I just wanted to experience all it had. But I never once felt like I was 'grinding' to achieve higher levels. I never hit a point where I thought the game was intentionally hampering my progress. Obviously that's just my opinion though. I'm not gonna tell you you're wrong if that's how you feel about Odyssey.
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    It's rare I agree 100% with @DisturbedSwan on a subject, but he's got it spot on here. Even down to the examples he used. I really don't think the MTX in this game are intrusive at all. They're there, but they're not necessary for progression, especially when virtually everything you do gives XP. But I can also appreciate that the way AC:OD does things isn't going to be to everyone's taste. I think you need to get out of the mindset and expectations the 'old' AC games give you. You could completely ignore side stuff in the earlier titles, and it was never an issue. But this takes so many influences from other games (ie The Witcher 3) that it's virtually impossible to struggle through without doing a couple of side missions. If you're that far in it might be worth giving The Arena a blast. That grants a decent amount of XP for minimal effort. Also, I'm just looking at this: https://www.ign.com/wikis/assassins-creed-odyssey/How_to_Level_Up_Fast#1._Fight_at_the_Arena Might be worth ignoring grey and blue Legendary Contracts and just doing the higher purple and gold ones?
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    I’m with @mfnick OLED’s are kind of magic and when playing games on them it is like playing on a new console. I think we can all agree that the start of this gen was pretty rocky, and even the Pro and X didn’t really fix it or alleviate that underwhelming feeling. But on an OLED these games look crazy and made games exciting again for me. Also my favourite thing about them is HDR. When you have scenes with fire at nighttime in something like Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War or a Gears 5 it’s like holy shit. I think in God of War when you turn the bridge to a different realm and chapter 4 in Gears 5 might be the best I’ve ever seen a game look. It’s just absurd.
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    So a month ago I got a C9 because a friend of mine bought my old 4K OLED. When looking in to TV’s the best options came down to either the Samsung Q90R or the C9. I saw both of them side by side in a shop and as impressed as I was with the Q90R even me, who doesn’t really know much about this stuff, could see that the picture wasn’t as good, and I don’t think I can go back to non-OLED. They’re just too pretty. The other thing that influenced my purchasing decision, though, was that it can do 120 FPS and VRR (see below) I don’t think it’s useful right now at all because as much as the Xbox can do it I don’t know any games that do it. And maybe when the new consoles come out it will be something they don’t do regularly, either. But since I was going near enough top of the line anyway, thought I might as well future proof just in case 120 does become a thing. It also has that low latency mode, HDMI 2.0 and other stuff that I don’t know much about. I can turn my Xbox on and off with my TV remote now so that’s cool.
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    Bit of an overreaction for the delay of what is essentially an advert there Blakey 😅
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    Foolishly I went in blind. I don't know if you recall, but on these very pages I was moaning about where all the side quests, super aeons and 100+ hours of content I'd heard about where, as I'd sort of got to what appeared to be a point of no return in about 45 hours! I think och, dwarf and a couple of the guys pointed out that back in the day you where expected to use a guide to access a lot of that stuff, or you'd just walk past it. This pissed me off so much that I jibbed the game and went off to do a forum playthru of XII (which only I completed😃) I've since beaten the game and it's sequel, which I enjoyed so much I actually maxed out my team. I would have played along with u if I hadn't done it so recently as, in retrospect, I seem to have a great fondness for the whole X experience. More so than 7, in fact.
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    Yeah BB is introduced terribly in this, they make you do the hardest match you will ever do first before you even know how anything works. But then you try it for real and learn that Goers and the Al Bhed ones are the only guys you have to worry about IIRC then later on it's the Guados who become the scary team to face. All coming back to me, blitz is great.
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    You didn’t do any of the side stuff at all then @bellow? Just the 4 hours I’ve put into this over the weekend, 62 total. Carried on with the story at first, going to Highbridge to speak to Mika briefly and then ended up facing the first two phases of the boss battle on the Airship. I have to say I think I was a bit overconfident in this fight, I assumed I’d beat these bosses quite easily so didn’t use Aeons or anything and didn’t prepare the best I could, meaning I got my arse thoroughly handed to me in the second phase on my first try. I went off, did some grinding to level up my overdrives, came back and managed it very easily on my next try using my Aeons. After this I ditched the story again to get the last two Aeons I needed - Magus Sisters and Anima - along with the World Champion for Wakka and Onion Knight for Lulu. My first stop was back to Macalania Woods though as I realised I hadn’t fully powered up the Caladbolg, Spirit Lance and Godhand in my last session quickly corrected this and then set a course for Zanarkand Temple. Here I did the short puzzle needed to get my last Destruction Sphere. Was tempted to look it up but I managed to solve the puzzle very quickly using the same trial and error methods I’d used in the previous ones. Once I’d picked up the last Destruction Sphere item here I immediately went to Baaj Temple. I have to say before I arrived I didn’t realise this was the same locale Tidus ends up in when he first arrived in Spira, was very cool going back and seeing this same location again from the beginning of the game after all this time. Fought a boss here but it was more of a mini-boss really, I had stone wards equipped but he still packed quite a punch at times, but ultimately was pretty easy to put down. Once he was defeated I just had to find the Onion Knight chest on the Lake bed and then go power up the temple to get Anima, then it was straight back to the Calm Lands for the Magus Sisters. I’d previously defeated all Belgemine’s Aeons up to Yojimbo so it was merely a case of making my way to Remiem Temple again, defeating Yojimbo, Anima and then getting the Magus Sisters using the Spectre and Blossom Crown on the sealed door. I stuck around after this to fight the Magus Sisters - who were no trouble at all with Anima’s deadly overdrive - to get the Moon Sigil. Another brief stop to Macalania Woods to power up Yuna’s Nirvana and then I flung myself right into the world of Blitzball. Firstly I recruited Brother from the Airship and then a couple more players that I read were good online and contracted them to my team. I then watched a few videos for formation and general Blitzball tips, then set about playing a few games. During the story match I got beat 3-0 so wasn’t too confident but ended up playing 3 games and won every won! I read the World Champion takes 5 wins to get so I should only need another couple wins tomorrow to achieve my goal.
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    Wouldn't even need to change the population to make the feel like a survival horror...
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    I can sort of see the logic with this so who knows, stranger things have happened, but with the Yakuza games being so associated with the Playstation it will look very odd. Historically it's not unheard of, Nintendo and Sega consoles have been put out by other companies in the past
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    Ohhh, it's really nice actually. Keeping that.🙂
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    That was my raw honest reaction @DANGERMAN @Rikzilla games mean a lot to me. I’ve been looking forward to this conference since it was rumoured in February so sorry for being a bit disappointed. I won’t bother posting next time and keep my thoughts to myself. 🙄
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    Don't forget the 45 minute story sequence between the tutorial and your first Blitzball match. Really helps getting you into the mechanics.
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