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    Yeeeaaaaaassssss!!!! The hype is real. It’s just as beautiful as everyone said it is, if not more so!
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    Before we go any further down this dark path, can I informally ask that the comic/super hero stuff gets calmed down a bit? I’m not saying this as a mod, just as someone who uses the forum. I expect it in relevant threads, I don’t really expect it to crop up basically everywhere.
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    Picked up in the Easter eShop sale.
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    Don't drag me into this. The length of these posts is terrifying. Have you both thought of doing a PowerPoint presentation and using bullet points?
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    MFGamers Podcast - Desert Island illdog @illdog speaks to the mysterious island caretaker about his choices on the MFG desert island. What games will he choose? And what games will he screw over other people and delete? Theme remix by me, from the original by @wiivo 2.0. Background music and production by me. Download the episode here. Subscribe to the feed here. iTunes link - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/mfgamers/id1318429602 Non-iTunes feed - http://feeds.feedburner.com/mfgamerspodcast
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    Even its title screen is beautiful.
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    Ok, so I wasn’t expecting a lot from this. The movie was a pale imitation of the excellent book. I’d seen almost nothing about this til it was nearly out. Having not heard of the developer,I googled them to see their track record. The absolutely awful Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn was on the list,so I didn’t have a lot of faith in this game. But I’ve just played through the first 3 missions (or Episode 1), and it’s actually fun. The “Left 4 Dead But 3rd person” call is bang on the money,as that’s exactly what this is. From the weapons,to the “here’s a supply drop point”, to the Medkits (hold down on the dpad to heal,either yourself or a mate”. Even down to the “special” zombies (puker,leaper,tank). It literally is a L4D clone. That’s no bad thing, of course. As L4D was bloody awesome, and thanks to Valve not being arsed about making games anymore (Artifact doesn’t count, as that’s practically done for), it’s the closest we will ever get. Still, it’s not just a mere clone. It adds the pyramid swarms that appeared in the film. Throws in automated defences (turrets/mines/barb wire) for tense horde moments. And it also adds perks/customisations to your weapons. You level up your class through gameplay, i’ve gone for medic,as support is how I roll. By ranking up, you gain access to better perks (heal faster, heal everyone with 1 med kit etc). By killing enemies with specific weapons, you rank that type up, gaining access to better weapons which you buy with money acquired from finishing missions. There’s 4 player co-op,obviously. And a VS online mode, which I haven’t tried yet. It has issues. Apparently some people are having their save file wiped on PS4. The game completely crashed on mission 2,to the point I had to switch my PS4 off at the plug due to it hard-locking,which sucks. And it’s allegedly a bit of a pain to party up with friends online,but I haven’t done that yet, and a private server patch is coming soon allegedly. Still,for what it is,it’s fun. If you enjoyed L4D at all, it’s fair to say you’ll like this.
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    To be honest mate I was exactly the same when I started playing it, go back a few pages and you’ll see I fucking hated the game. I was not having a good time at all and was frustrated to almost tears several times so I totally get you. I stuck with it (mostly because I couldn’t afford to not play a game I just spent £50 on AND because I have a FromSoft dedicated YouTube channel) and by the end I fell in love with it. I’m playing through it again and now I completely understand how it wants me to play I’m having a blast, it’s an absolute masterpiece. I really hope it clicks for you guys soon and you start having fun with it, it’d be a real shame if you didn’t.
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    I have wanted to get one of the pro contrillers for PS4 for a while now. Would have liked the Astro but since that only seems to be available to the yankees unless I wanted to pay twice the price, this one will have to do. It feels nice and I have never liked the placement of the sticks on the standard PS4 controller so that is a plus. The shortcut buttons on the back are very easy to get used to and going back to the old controller yesterday when this ran out felt a bit weird.
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    I think the trouble is, the game is stuck in a timezone (pre 2010) Metacritic scores are Crackdown 83 Crackdown 2 70 Crackdown 3 60 I've played all three, and yeah they're basically the same game. So the score imo, just represents the 'meh' factor If you want a simple, pick up and play title this really isn't that bad and all three games are on par with each other. Summary: If you're a fan you'll like it, if you're not, you probably won't I don't tend to rely on review scores tbh, if the reviewer is a fan the game gets a higher score. There isn't a game reviewer out there who loves all genres equally.
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    Never used them anyway, you lazy fucker lol
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    Yeah, I asked her to add an inch or so. She's good like that.
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    Funnily enough, she does keep screaming 'Give me all three and a half inches!'
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    It falls between stools with these two. Sea of Thieves had barely any content. Only now is it starting to take shape. It worked though, I've played a fair old chunk of it and not had any glitches, crashes or bugs. In fact for the sparsity of the games content the actual technical ability of it is really accomplished. Think of all the people on the server seeing the same sea and how boats pitch and roll in complete synchronicity for all players is an amazing feat. I couldn't recommend it just yet unless you were into watching where water physics are going, but it can and will be good at some tenure during its life. I've not played 76, but I've watched a friend play it a lot on Twitch, and oh boy is that game fucked. Lots of disconnecting, the game likes to crash. It's ugly as fuck, it's a bad game with a Fallout skin. There feels like there's little point to it, despite the levelling up and making a base I feel so disconnected from when he started to play the game versus now. Again you could level that argument at SoT as well, after all all that's happening are some dials are going up and you're getting gold to pimp out your ship and pirate, but if you were to say to me "OK, Sly, we're going to play a game for a few hours, we've got 4 of us, what shall we play?" Then out of the two I'd always pick Sea of Thieves. At points that game is a glorified chat room, but it's a very pretty and well put together chat room. That brings us onto Anthem. Anthem when you play it in small hits is amazing. You can be competently acrobatic within 10 minutes of learning the game. Shooting is easy to pick up and works well between the powers your suits have. It suffers from aspects that Sea of Thieves suffered from, as well as suffering aspects that 76 suffers from. For a start, there's not enough of it. There's not enough variation. The other looter shooters when they came out were hobbled by the same thing, Destiny boiled down to doing the Nightfall and Raid and Division boiled down to trying to gank or avoid being ganked in the DZ. Anthem is particularly weak here with the options it offers players for the endgame. Three Stongholds. That's not great. The parity between Strongholds is ridiculous as well. Difficulty and running time vs rewards needs to be looked at, there's a reason why people were running the spider Stronghold so much when the game came out, and that's because it allowed people to gear up quickly. Speaking of which. Gear. And the Javelins specifically themselves. When you play Anthem the game busts its load way too early. For instance if you pick Storm, the lightning strike you get at the beginning of the game is no different visually from one you get at end game. For a game about loot and levelling up, there's little sense of progress, all the equipment and guns might have bigger numbers on them, but the impact they strike with is exactly the same as when you first run into the opening areas and discover what your Javelin is capable of. Honestly, it shouldn't be like that. Maybe the Storms lightning strike at lower levels should be a spark that does fuck all damage and over the course of the game grows into a ferocious fork lightning that jumps from enemy to enemy. Maybe the Ranger's missile pod should be limp as fuck and turn into a battery of missiles that scorch everything they manage to land a hit on? Maybe the guns should have game changing unique properties that offer new ways of playing other than just doing what you've been doing for the past 20 or so hours. There's a lot to take in from it all. The thing that stands out most to me is that Anthem is fun to pootle about in in the same way Sea of Thieves is. The core concept is a fun and engaging one, they just need to make it so that those loops are fun and engaging to do over and over again by offering visual and tangible excitement with the activities and gear going forwards. For what it's worth, I think Anthem will eventually be a game that turns itself around. EA has spent so much money that they're invested in it now in a similar way Ubi got invested with The Division, which was also fucking shockingly broken and people seemingly forgot about and decided to sweep under the rug. Sea of Thieves looks like it's going to be great now that it's finally getting some more meaty content to be going at, and I even think that eventually 76 will end up in a place that's way better than it set off in. You look at something like The Elder Scrolls Online which was a complete fuck up when it came out, but after a lot of hard work it's one of the top MMO's now. Things can be turned around. Warframe is probably the biggest success story there. It just takes work and a lot of listening to feedback and making sense of the criticism throughout all the outrage to come out the other side better for it. Metal Gear Survive will never ever be good though, fucking unneeded piece of shit that it is.
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    Yeah, threads aren't merged here so pretty much as a game is released most posts will go into the actual "Games" thread... It makes sense to be honest.
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    One is for news. When people start playing one is for impressions. You'll get used to it.
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    After a discussion with @DifferentClass on games we've played for extreme periods of time I decided to kick a thread off about it. The question is simple. Which games have you played for 100 hours or more and why did you stick with them that long? Do you still play those games or did it come to a final run time that didn't grow further since you gave up playing them?
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    Final trailer...
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    @Sly Reflex@RoboticMonk3y Great 20q episode dudes, enjoyed the chat. @Hendo also enjoyed your episode of Desert Island and I have to say the editing on my episode was fucking brilliant, nice one. Also, the theme tune remix is dope.
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    Get on this lads and lasses. It's mechanically one of the better games I've played. I think a lot of open world games could learn considerable lessons from it. Combat is up there with Bloodborne and I really like having the pseudo co-op by having friends pawns in my game.
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    https://www.mfgamers.net/index.php?/topic/42306-crackdown-3/&page=2&tab=comments#comment-236178 There you go @therealjaxon... 👍
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    Every parent loves their kids. Unless their surname is McCann.
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    Yeah, she loves her job taking care of the disabled.
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    So I tried PlayStation Now again after remembering you can download games instead of stream them and that is true - for some games I really wanted to play Sonic Unleashed and finally upload cool runs to YT (Not that there aren’t loads of them already or mine would be extra good, but just for fun) but of course both Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Generations are both games that aren’t downloadable. And it turns out you can’t even capture footage of PS Now anyway Auto Renewal off
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    I took a break from smuggling to unlock one of the other engineers. I went all the way out to the Pleiades to buy a meta alloy so I could unlock Felicity Farseer, but as soon as I showed up I got an emergency mission from The Federation asking me to go reclaim a blackbox from a ship that went dark. Now if you don't know, the Pleiades is where the Thargoids are from, or somewhere around that neck of the galaxy. I am scared of these aliens. I've never met them and I intend to keep it that way for as long as I can. I did a scan and pulled 105 cases of Thargoid activity. That is insane. The threat level went right up to 9. I thought it stopped at 5, but now I know better. Anyway I found where the black box was. I was super hesitant. Right in the middle of a Thargoid attack. I went in and managed to get the black box and then got the fuck out of there as quickly as I could. I was shitting my pants trying to scoop the box and get out of there before anyone showed up. I got masslocked by the debris of the destroyed ship so that made me sweat a bit. I managed to get everything out and land while holding onto the hot potato. All space salvage is considered illegal so I had to smuggle it into the port I was told to hand in at. Got a nice reward and a cool story to tell though.
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    I think Sly's a cunt.
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    I installed the ray traced version of Quake 2 on my pc today. Ray tracing, for those that don't know, essentially treats light as though it's real, so it bounces off every surface. This means, theoretically, reflections are accurate, and you get lighting looking real rather than a candle lighting up an entire room, even behind objects. The problem is to do this requires a lot of maths, the latest Nvidia cards (RTX) have a core dedicated to doing this, doing this on a traditional card will use the resources of the card. That means even something like Quake 2, which came out while I was at school, will run at 17fps on a GTX1080 if you try to run it at 1080p, I dropped it to 720p and managed to get over 30fps I'm going to put them in spoilers, but here's a few videos of it working. First up the game without ray tracing turned on. This is the vulkan version of the game, so it has some modern touches (I don't think the window that smashes was as transparent), but you can see the laser beam is a light source, it did this even back in the day but I don't think it casts shadows, so it lights up things but the world doesn't react the way it would to real light. You can also see how lit the hole where the armour is, and how the grunt hidden in an alcove is very visible next is the same section with ray tracing on. You can see how dark the alcove with the armour is, how the grunt is hidden, and how dark areas can be lit up by the beam and finally the reflections. These aren't great, you can see that they're accurate, but because the game wasn't built with them in mind the surface of the water isn't transparent at all, so you're basically walking on a mirror (Quake guy has no body). When I find the secret in the water you can see that it looks like the water emits a green glow, but as I leave the area it's clearer that the green is a texture on the walls, , which is how it was faked back in the day. You can see the silencer I pick up briefly lit by the laser as it travels past it, before going dark because the light is behind it. You can also see the light from the exploding barrels at the end create a slight shadow on the rear of the boxes, where the light created wouldn't hit
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    See, it’s that kind of sentence I wouldn’t use. That implies you’re on a different level to everyone else. If you couple that with a username of Pious The Chosen, do you not see how people would come to that conclusion?
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    Firstly, I was on GTM and I remember you intentionally or not winding people up. I don't think that's a new thing. Secondly, as it's a common theme, I would maybe advise you to think more about how you word stuff, as if we get enough complaints you will be asked to leave.
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    I laughed almost all the way through that. It also made my rape of Jennifer Lawrence look positively gentlemanly and I think graph paper is how Nintendo originally designed Mario levels (plus Riley will fucking love that graph paper)
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    You've obviously never paid any attention to how vehemently I disagree with all this shit. It should just be in the game, especially something like this. It's not like they're making a game and running it for 5 years, they'll be making KKXII in a few years for another bite of the pie.
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    Oh, my god. So Wolverine has come back to life. Let’s talk about this. So a few years ago Wolverine died because he lost he’s healing factor, word got out and all he’s enemies came for him, and then comic books happened and he died engulfed in adamantium like a statue Fast forward a number of years and Wolverine was grave robbed and he’s corpse gone. This lead into Marvel putting out a few mini series called Hunt for Wolverine. A bunch of the X-Men girls went to Madripoor and fought an evil team of mutants, tried to stop a rocket ship, or did stop a rocket ship I forget. But it all ended up being for naught except they found a woman called Persephone who was like “lol, fuck off” There were other mini series as well. All of them not resulting in very much except Dakan died (Yay) and...actually that was it. Like all the books ended with something but basically none of it mattered. Congratulations, Marvel. You got me again. But at the end of it they teased a new series called Return of Wolverine. Like nice, ok. Also Wolverine had been turning up randomly at the end of comics when they were building up to the Infinity Wars storyline last year. But whatever. Return of Wolverine is supposed to come first and it has all the answers as to why Wolverine is back and why he’s claws turn to red hot fire and why does he have an Infinity Stone and all this. But I just read it and that’s bullshit, too. Short version is Wolverine came back to life because Persephone’s power is she can reanimate corpses to a degree, but when she did it to Wolverine he’s healing factor kicked in and bought him fully back to life. And then nothing happens. It ends with Wolverine on a space base with Persephone who has a plan you don’t care about and then Wolverine destroys it from the inside and out and it falls to Earth and Wolverine survived re-retry because of he’s healing factor DESPITE THE FACT THAT HE DIED IN THE FIRST PLACE BECAUSE HE LOST HE’S HEALING FACTOR. They never explain that, they never explain the burning claws, they never explain how he got broke out of he’s adamantium coffin, the art looks like this for 3 out of 5 issues Like what the shit? And then at the very end of the series they have a “Want to find out what happens next? Be sure to read Wolverine: Infinity Watch!” *shakes head* Do you know what? No. I just don’t care enough.
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    MFGamers Podcast - Desert Island Hendo I speak to the mysterious island caretaker about my choices on the MFG desert island. What games will I choose? And what games will I screw over other people and delete? Theme remix by me, from the original by @wiivo 2.0. Background music and production by me. Special thanks to @Sly Reflex for assistance. Download the episode here. Subscribe to the feed here. iTunes link - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/mfgamers/id1318429602 Non-iTunes feed - http://feeds.feedburner.com/mfgamerspodcast
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    MFGamers Podcast - 20 Questions Episode 13 I host a surprise guest who I asked 20 gaming related questions. Hosted and edited by Simon, with thanks to the surprise guest. Intro/Outro by @wiivo 2.0 Background music by @Hendo Download the episode here. Subscribe to the feed here. iTunes link - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/mfgamers/id1318429602 Non-iTunes feed - http://feeds.feedburner.com/mfgamerspodcast
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    DF breaks down Days Gone. 2 take aways for me were that his game took 7 years to make (What did they build a game for 5 it didn’t work they scrapped it and made this in two?) and the world of the game is really fixed in terms of objects and how you interact with it. I think it’s what adds to this game’s problem of feeling bland and generic but it also seems really old which is bad for a game that isn’t out yet There are some really stunning looking images in the game, though, it has to be said.
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    Back in the day, I think I paid about £80.00 for an early import copy of Street Fighter 2 Turbo on the SNES. I was the toast of the town (well, the school) for a few months before it was officially released in the west. My videogame spending and social standing have dropped significantly since then on account of me being a total tight-arse.
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    Honestly, I think if you really wanted to you could play all these games as a service games between the usual releases. The more time I spend with them the more time I realise that there's just not enough to warrant any of us really investing all that time in in such a manner where we "Mainline" one game. Destiny 1 is a great example of this. When the Rise of Iron stuff came out I jumped back in and played through everything I missed, with the exception of the later raids, because they were too much an ask for my group. There got to a point where I was playing with @Sambob and we were really going for it trying to reach the cap. We put some serious hours in. And for what? I honestly think we made the best decision to knock it on the head at that point. As amazing as that package is when it's fully formed, there's not much to be garnered when you're asked to pull the same shit out of the games arse every day in the hope that you might get the thing that you need. All these Games as a Service stuff, you're best eating all you can and then moving on. There's enough of them now where you can bounce from game to game, play through whatever they've added and then as soon as you've seen everything they've added, bail at the first sign of boredom. Treat them like a finger buffet, eat what you want and then move to the next table when you're tired of eating that particular flavour. Like I said above, you don't need to be super dedicated. Boot the game up, see what the added content is and then once you're done you pull the plug and move on. Sometimes you're going to pull the plug quicker than others and sometimes you're going to pull the plug indefinitely like I did with Grand Theft Auto Online. Look at it this way. Destiny. Division. Elder Scrolls Online. Anthem. Whatever. If you can get 10 or 20 hours out of them before calling it a day before the additional content or improvements happen, then you've got your monies worth. You saw the credits roll on the main story and that's what most people will be doing. A lot of the diehards that expect to get 100's of hours out of a base game are asking for the impossible. Not to say that some games don't come with 100's of hours straight out the gate, because there's an exception to every rule, but with these GaaS things it's impossible for them to add content faster than eople can complete it. I always find it really amusing when people will buy the latest game, mainline it for 70 hours in one week and then complain that there's nothing to do anymore. For a lot of people 70 hours is 4 or 5 weeks of gaming, maybe more. Just because you've bought it doesn't mean you have to be on it every waking hour. People, especially in our circle, tend to want to get t the end of shit ASAP. We always want to be chasing the next big thing and chasing the next big thing and getting all excited tends to lead to disappointment. I don't know if it's a cultural thing or what, but we're consuming at a rate like never before. Not just games, everything. Whether you're second screening or listening to a podcast while playing games, we're all munching through content at a pace people before us never did. I think the fault likes partially with us as much as it does the people making the content. We could do with slowing down. That's because the people you're playing the games with are the best part about it. Being part of something and contributing is part of the hook. We've all got the friend that had the Gally or the Ice Breaker (for me it was the Vision for Nightfalls with Solar burn) that help us tackle those challenges and hope that eventually those jobs manage to get shared and past along to each other. This is just being part of a community and feeling wanted or needed. I'm not done with it. I shall go back to it where there's enough stuff for me to take a proper run at it and get invested for a week or so. Plus a lot of the crew that I plan on doing that with are balls deep in The Division 2. It boils down to having the community thing. Build a community with your friends and you'll always have someone that will tag along. It's a case of entrenching yourself in a community by either being nice, useful, funny, or any combination of the above. I know you did the whole Join my pirate/cowboy gang" or whatever back in the g™ days, but I think it takes more than that. If something is going to be a flash in the pan it needs to be a flash in the pan for everyone. Anthem had that forced upon it with the arrival of The Division 2 compounded by the issues players found prevalent in that game. There's however times where nobody is going to be willing to play a game. Maybe it's not fun, maybe it's grindy, it could just be a bad experience previously put players off it. Sometimes it's not going to work. Do I think Anthem will fall casualty to that? I think it partially already has, but I also think that for every person it pissed off there'll be a person willing to give it a chance. Who knows really? It sounds like the exact same as me, except for the is it good I'd replace that with do I find it enjoyable, because there's a very definite definition between a good game and one that you enjoy. For example I know Street Fighter is a good game series, but I don't like it. Similarly I knew Army of Two was pants, but it was super enjoyable because of how idiotic it was. Taking my last paragraph into accord, you could make the best game every that's perfectly balanced and has everything just right, but some people just aren't going to like it because it feels off. Something as simply as making it third person can put people off playing. Liking something isn't binary. Games aren't a one size fits all.
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    I'd get to see Spidey fight Vergil 😃
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    I suppose it's better than hearing "Give me back my alloys" all the time eh, @regemond...👊
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    When did you become my neighbour, @Whiskey_chaser?
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    Taiko no Tatsujin with drum Can't even play it because I'm scared of annoying my neighbours... :lol:
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    It’s a shame no-one will hear how much I was laughing during that. You can hear the effect of my laughing after the line, “I could fuck him.....”
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    May 21st on PS4. I'm guessing thats the same for Switch..
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    Excellent podcast. I’m fully, 100% on board with the partner choice and reasons. Would have been mine too!
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    By buying this game you are also supporting that same business model
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    Seems like it was the #MeToo movements fault why Trish got her arse covered up in Devil May Cry 5... Oh no, boobs!
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