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    Thought I'd take the plunge as it was back in the sale. Hope it requires no accuracy from the left thumb stick...
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    Hell yeah, bitches.
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    MFGamers Podcast - Music From Games volume 16 More game music, chosen by @Craymen Edge, @DANGERMAN, @DifferentClass, @illdog, @Jimbo Xiii, me, @Middle_Class_Hero, @retroed, @Sly Reflex, @spatular and @wiivo 2.0. Theme music arrangement by me from the original theme by @wiivo 2.0. Download the episode here. Subscribe to the feed here. iTunes link - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/mfgamers/id1318429602 Non-iTunes feed - http://feeds.feedburner.com/mfgamerspodcast
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    Pre-ordered. Big deal for me, first digital game I’ve ever pre-ordered/bought at release which I can purchase at retail/on disc. The fact I’ve never uninstalled a Trials game means I know I won’t be selling this on. Plus the fact it’s same price if not cheaper than retail! That never happens!
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    some footage of the high level play me and @DifferentClass just did I think that's the first time I've managed to slide kill someone, possibly the only time 😄
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    A small carbon footprint, minimalist and frugalist achievements all marked off in that run, think I finished up with around 13,400 odd steps... I was also using that as a test bed for going with the S rank achievements that have to be done in standard difficulty, pretty confident of those now.
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    But what's even better than that? Mr DMX
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    I liked KHIII a lot but reading Blakey's post I wonder what version he played 🤔 I imagine him playing games like this
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    And straight after that game I went back with two randoms, and this happened.
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    First game with @RYAN WHITELAW and we get a win.
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    It'll have to be a damn sight better than Knight before I get excited again, City too truth be told. Asylum is still easily the best of those games.
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    Nice one @Hendo I had an invite from you when I was at work. My son was playing after school! Just got in and he's pumped, he only went and got a bloody win, four kills including the final one. That's ma boy. Edit: here's his end game stats.
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    And another thing. Some changes I forgot to mention which will be of interest to original players. Mods. You no longer have randomly rolled mod drops. No longer will you be carrying 30 different ACOG scopes cluttering up your inventory and stash. Nor will you be stood at the crafting station trying to roll that perfect magazine. Now we get, for example, a red dot site with a positive and negative stat and I think that's it for that type of red dot. This can be used across all appropriate weapons. All mod types have this positive/negative combo. Another change is that pre-high end gear can belong to different "brands". So if you match pieces of green or blue gear of the same brand you unlock additional perks. It's like a pre-end game build diversity that brings a bit of welcome decision making early on. Finally, I've not done the beta end game content yet but this offers an opportunity to play an end game mission with a fully maxed out character using one of the 3 specialisms.
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    Guacamelee! 2 for £12.59 on sale. I used a bunch of coins I accrued from previous purchases, too.
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    Guess they didn't ask their PlayStation representative...
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    Final comments. Me and @Duck did the end game mission and it feels so much different with the full on gear. However it was hard (thanks to a 3 man squad and the random team mate spending most his time needing reviving). @Duck was rightly saying we need to push forward but I never felt confident to do so because we were constantly getting flanked and being assaulted by drones and fucking robots. Enemies were going prone and shooting (which is new), and my god, take out the yellow bar medics or that guy you just killed is going to get revived and come back for another go at you. It reminds me that this is an RPG looter shooter with a cover dynamic so you have to use it and you absolutely have to be tactical. Going toe to toe like the random squad mate or overextending without communicating gets you (and your team mates) dead. Unlike my other main games Destiny or Warframe, there's no scything through multitudes of enemies like a power space ninja. You're really quite vulnerable and it's a very different, sometimes cautious and planned play style. Teams will have to strategise on the hoof and communicate their intentions. It's slower. There's no killing flow. That won't be for everyone. That said I liked it. It's got definite improvements on Div 1. Feels like a better inhabited and lovely looking world. Side missions are much more engaging too. The weapons are all different in their own right and I enjoyed using pretty much all of them, apart from double bloody barrelled shotguns.
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    I've put so much time in the demo that I'm sure I would have had the full release beaten twice over by this point. Now I know what people meant about that Sons of Liberty demo back in the day. My feelings on it is when it comes to the nitty gritty of hitting things with your sword that DMC5 has a weird "delayed" feel. It's either the heavier animations with the way they get blended together and maybe some RE engine input lag, but it is very noticeable comparing it with DMC4 and even DmC. Hit feedback is also weaker than those games, the Red Queen has a soft impact even when using the exceed function. But on the other hand the expanded air mobility options are so fucking good. Closing distance is always a problem in DMC cause you've not got a Bayonetta dodge/transform into panther button. But Nero has so much control now in the air that it feels like a Tony Hawks game. You can keep yourself up in the air more easily with an air taunt (touchpad on ps4) or enemy step off a monster's head (way easier in 5 than older games). You can pop an enemy up in the air and lock him up with the punchline's basic attack and then call that rocket back and surf it over to another group of enemies and kickflip those fuckers into the air and jump off and blow the rocket up. Or mash on them with your sword while the rocket bounces them around. Or just leave them there and look for a different target. Even with basic ass demo Nero the different paths you can take are dizzying and the different ways you can play around with that boss are really fun. You can parry his charge with Overture and Nero gives him a bit of smack talk along with it. Goliath can destroy the entire play space and all the debris remains as latent physics objects to get in your way or for Goliath to eat and spit at you as a fireball. One guy even parried his fireballs with a kickflip from punchline. Beautiful stuff.
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    The Witcher 3: GOTY Edition is £10.50 for Gold subscribers. Base game is £7.50.
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    He blue himself.
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    That is as fanciful now as it was the last time you brought it up, Blakey 🙄. As @one-armed dwarf said, these Live Action remakes are just soulless. I'm a realist, I don't waste my time trying to find the positive in everything.
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    Played this for 7 hours yesterday. Not done that kind of time with a game in over a decade. Best Battle Royale game i have played by some margin (and i love PUBG) Actually tempted to throw some real money at it just to say thanks. I have no love for skins whatsoever in any game but feel they deserve something. My main gripe is the frames per second. Im playing on XB1X and even though its hardly noticeable, it doesnt feel like a solid 60 in intense firefights. Would be good to team up with some of you guys as i spent that entire time playing with pain in the arse randoms. GTAG is: RYAN WHITELAW.
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    Endgame mission complete. Good stuff, that.
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    I ended up putting some more time into this last night as social plans were scuppered by vomiting children. Managed to install several mods which all work despite having varying installation methods. In no particular order I installed: Obscuro's Oblivion Overhaul: A massive mod that completely reworks a lot of the game with the biggest changes being the levelling system and enemy levels, but there are loads of tweaks throughout the game making it a pretty different experience. Enhanced weaponry pack: Mod that adds hundred of new weapons. Character overhaul pack: vanilla Oblivion character models are awful - they all look like they've just had an allergic reaction. This fixes that. Enhanced waters: Graphic back that improves the underwater section. Deadly Reflex - combat mod that makes the swordplay less gash. Companion Vilja: this is the one Sir Terry got involved in. So far she's pretty impressive, and far more developed that any companion character Bethesda has ever done. She can lead you out of dungeons, spar with you, brew potions, practice spellcasting and all sorts. She can even become the lead adventurer and go on her own quest making you the companion. Apparently once you buy a house she'll even paint pictures and hang them in it. She's also a hellbent on killing everything that comes near you. Had a benny hill style chase over half the map because she was after a bear that tried to run off. Five minutes later around six bandits, a bear, three wolves and some crabs were all fighting as I sat back and watched, lobbing the occasional fireball.