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  1. I might try and find it later, but I saw a study that showed the group most concerned about violent imagery in games was males aged 25-50, i.e. gamers
  2. The glorification and appropriation of war is something that's never sat right with me. It was worse when it was all 2nd world war stuff, and they talked about speaking to survivors then gamified it, it's less of a problem (imo) when it's not grounded in reality. That's always seemed disrespectful to me, or at least doesn't sit right. Not that I have a problem with violence in games as such, nor war in games, there's just something about the way its handled
  3. I think for the most part @Nagwe know going in what stuff is like so it's rare to play something that bad. That said I'm also a white man so it's rare something personally offends me, but I've definitely felt uncomfortable playing stuff, usually because of sexism Actually, I've just remembered Shadow Complex. The right leaning politics of that turned me off it, which is a shame because its a good game outside of that
  4. @HandsomeDeadit looks like it runs alright tbf. It looks horrendous but it was going to have to. Its more that neither of them seem to know anything about the game. Brad says he played 50 hours which seems like an exaggeration based on what he says about it. Just a weird pick not to give that to Vinny and Alex to do
  5. oof, they maybe should have got someone other than Ben & Brad to do the Witcher 3 Switch quick look
  6. I watched a film called Searching yesterday. It's not bad, it's a thriller about a teenage girl who disappears one night. She seems to have been behaving strangely but it's unclear if she ran away or was taken. The novelty of the film is it's all told from computer screens, so lots of video calls and people watching vlogs to move the story along. It was decent though I also watched Open Grave. It's not quite what it seems like and I was a bit disappointed by that. Its actually pretty good but its not as grounded as I thought it was going to be. The mystery of it could have been a little better handled, I think that's what stops it being a better film I also did the Giant Bomb film & 40s thing for the first time with The Gate because I noticed it was on amazon. I've never seen it before but its pretty decent. Its weird though, it doesn't feel like a kids film in terms of tone, it's not light enough, but it's very kid focused
  7. Witcher 3 - PC Witcher 3: Heart of Stone - PC PikuNiku - PC Battlefield 1 - PS4 Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon - Switch Crysis 3 - PC Far Cry New Dawn - PC Pixel Ripped 1989 - PSVR Devil May Cry 5 - PC Assassin's Creed Origins - PC Bright Memory (episode 1) - PC Sonic Mania Plus - Switch Metal Slug - Switch Toby and the Secret Mine - Switch Burning Daylight - PC Box Boy + Box Girl - Switch (also the Tall Tale mode) Days Gone - PS4 Mushroom Cats - PC Rage 2 - PC Hotline Milwaukee - PC Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night - PS4 Sticks and Bones - PC Spark the Electric Jester - PC Observer - PC Wolfenstein Young Blood - PC Gris - Switch Gears 5 - PC Untitled Goose Game - Switch Ape Out - PC Monument Valley 2 - Android
  8. I think some of the SNES' games have aged better, the likes of Chrono Trigger and Dragon Quest (both of these I played ports of though, not the originals), Super Castlevania still holds up. A lot of its classics don't hold up for me though, true of the Mega Drive too I'm sure. Star Fox, F-zero, Mario Kart, Donkey Kong Country (wasn't great at the time tbf) I don't think the Mega Drive has the rpgs of the SNES. I like Landstalker but it's got Zelda's bullshit with isometric platforming. Shining Force still plays well but it's a little simple. I've never really played the Phantasy Star games to comment on them. I suppose the Mega Drive's sports games are a bit redundant now, but Sensi is still Sensi The Mega Drive had Gunstar Heroes though, and that Mini has Dynamite Heady and Strider. Flashback was great, I think the Sonic games still hold up, Streets of Rage 2. They've both got great games that still hold up, they tend to be of different types though

    Breaking Bad

    I'll put this in spoilers incase anyone is sparked in to watching Breaking Bad
  10. I'm kind of with Nag. It might have been because I was playing the PS3 version rather than pc, but I kind of hated the original Trine. It's a nice idea, I just didn't enjoy it

    Death Stranding

    it reminds me of that person Blakey posted who started crying at a press event because of the swinging in Spiderman

    Ape Out

    There's a lot to like about this but there's a few rough edges that take the gloss off things. The most technical one is how the save system works. The game saves your progress and keeps track of which track you're on (the levels are based around vinyl lps) but when you reload after turning the game off it puts you back to the start of that 'side'. It feeds in to the aesthetic but it means you're repeating stages you might have already struggled to beat It sometimes feels like you can't avoid getting hit. I'm fairly sure enemies don't trigger until they appear on screen, but how and where they appear means you can't always reach them to kill them before they shoot, or find cover to avoid their incoming fire. Or I'm just not very good. There's definitely times you just get a bad spawn of enemies, but then sometimes you'll get quite a clear run Glad I played it, the last level is cool, the bonus level is too frustrating for me to stick with

    Google Stadia

    The predictive stuff is already kind of used in some fighting game net code. I'm not 100% sure how it works though. Not sure if it's right but the explanation I remember is that, let's say you throw a punch and that lasts for 5 frames, the code knows what you're doing for those frames so can use that time to buffer Although I will say I've not liked the feel of it always either Edit: Wiki's explanation

    Destiny 2

    More than once or is it a one time thing?
  15. Forum favourites We Lost The Sea have just released their new album. I've only had one listen so far so can't judge it, but if it's even close to Departure Songs then I'll be happy
  16. I stand corrected. I hope they do it, especially PS2 games, not too arsed about PS1
  17. It will have a disc drive but not a CD one. Bluray ones will read dvds but you need a different laser for cds
  18. I don't think PS5 will be compatible with PS1 & PS2 games, it won't have a CD drive. If it is then they'll be adding them to PS+ or the equivalent. I'm liking the sound of the controller
  19. @radiofloyd Audiosurf and Torchlight would have been among the first of the modern indies for me too, plus a couple of Popcap games, as odd as that seems now
  20. I watched 2 series then got very very bored of it setting up really important moments and questions, then not addressing them for weeks or ever

    Gears 5

    Yeah, and when you're there it's for 2 minutes


    Will they ever do a version of joker where he's actually funny?
  23. Yeah, there's too many, it's too big a category now to pick a favourite. I'll give a mention to To The Moon and Dear Esther but there's loads. Especially if you start counting semi indie games where they have a publisher just a very small one
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