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    Random News

    Ninja Theory's next game sounds like it's some sci-fi co-op melee action game thing It might be the game called "Razer", there's alpha footage of it around somewhere.
  2. Rey says you aren't Darth fucking Vader in Episode VII, Snoke days take off that dumb helmet you cheeky cunt in episode VIII. These are exact quotes, I think
  3. That's a shit reason to hate him. The "Kylo is a shit edgelord" take annoys me also because his whole thing is supposed to be that he's this tremulous apprentice buckling under the legacy of his grandfather and uncle. He's not supposed to be a smooth Sith badass. Also he has my name sort of so I'm inclined to like the character on that basis too
  4. What is a war of nutrition? Who is pursuing this war? Is it Captain Crunch?
  5. All I'm saying is I'm no Palpatine lover or anything but there's parts of his whole intergalactic fascism ethos that I just think is worth listening to sometimes Aw crap I got the new page post, well I'll put more of an effort in then I'm also not a fan of the idea of a new religion of force users, or the series of background epic fights (which reminds me of ROTK). But I do like the idea of bringing dead people back cause I'm a sucker for having everything go full circle and seeing the Emperor be more than just a wrinkly cunt who got thrown down a hole and is a big internet meme or a boring politican guy. Make him more of a credible menace if he's actually not been dead this whole time maybe
  6. What is "balance" tho Is it like Jedi centricism.
  7. So that's why her dark hole was filled with light Anyway about the SSD stuff, the main thing I noticed playing Witcher III on PC is I never got enough time to read the loading screen tooltips while on console you have enough time to read many times over. It's a very nice thing. REVII is another one with a dramatic difference.
  8. If it's a worm he can't be a furry Maybe we need a different word for these people. Maf is a slimey?
  9. one-armed dwarf


    DOOM was a good game, I liked it a lot. Kind of felt like FPS character action with how good the movement was and the fun options it had. It is a top 5 gotg contender for me for sure. Doom 2 has a chain grab thing, it's going to be so fucking great 💦
  10. I don't know anything about Ryzen but I would like to see the CPU->GPU gap get narrowed next generation. That Cyberpunk game will need it.
  11. I've literally never spoiled anything ever. Meanwhile maf is Mr spoil all the stuff I I don't care about it. I am much too respectful of other people's enjoyment for that. Pious will vouch for this.
  12. And fingersnapped Although I will probably just read the spoilers to decide if I want to see it.
  13. I like the one show they have usually with Jay and some other balding bloke where they talk about older movies like the one they did for all the Psycho movies and they aren't just memeing it up. However I do like their pisstake of those awful comic nerd podcast features where they have a desk full of memorabilia and are trying too hard to be bought out hype merchants.
  14. one-armed dwarf

    The Surge

    I personally never try and participate in the Souls zeitgeist, the games are too exhausting to hurry and jump on the bandwagon for me. I will play Sekiro when it's yesterday's jam and not a moment sooner.
  15. one-armed dwarf


    I feel like that Don Quixote film already came out and got poor reviews, but maybe I imagined it all.
  16. Thing is when the shite reviews come in the same time as your dispatch email 😞 Prime now often hold onto a few copies, if you are London based. I used that for Spiderman, clicked it and got the game on release before maf did and everything which made it extra great
  17. Good thing you said "probably", that way we know you aren't a Sith dealing in absolutes. As everyone knows that being sure of something is a clear sign you're an evil bastard.
  18. I watched that trailer. Minor bugbear but I hate the Avengers-esque music it has. It's overbearing and dull. I remember the Solo trailer being similar.
  19. one-armed dwarf


    I've been reading a weird book lately. House of Leaves, it's about this old dude who develops an obsession with this house a photographer bought. Basically (spoiler alert) it turns out the house has a P.T. hallway in it, so the photographer goes in documenting his findings. Which this old guy finds and he writes a big thesis on it, going crazy in the process. Which the main character then finds later on and throughout the book is scribbling notes which a lot of the time appear to have nothing to do with the source of the mystery. Anyway that's just like the first seventy pages or so, so dunno where this goes. But it's kind of like a game. There's this one part where you have to decipher a letter written by another character based on a code. Another section has the text all backwards, so you point the book in a mirror to read it. Other parts have you looking at photos of clippings to figure out stuff.
  20. Wait, so is this Star Wars character action? I can't watch the trailer now but that's what the descriptions sound like. This guy is a senior combat designer at Respawn, background in action melee stuff with Ninja Theory https://www.linkedin.com/in/saitong-man-6256a31/
  21. It's more that the hangups I have with DmC are things I find that most people really don't care about when it comes to games like this, so every DmC thread turns into a boring one sided shouting match. I can't force everyone to come to these action games demanding the same things that I like, and vice versa. People who want a more balanced full package DMC are right to say this is the best one, but speaking personally I just prefer the razer sharp focus on mechanics that the older ones have even if they are generally more uneven experiences and I'm not going to apologize for that. But it's just a boring argument to have over and over. I spend a lot of time over on the dmc resetera community threads and other places and people there are still salty over DmC. It's just old by now. Its not that I've changed my mind on the things about it that I think are worse than the numbered games, like the bosses mostly being big heads with claws (excepting Vergil). But now that 5 is a thing and the series feels sort of complete and probably worth wrapping up it's easier to play a game like this and look at the things it does right, the stuff it does way better than the old games, and be like "hey, thats pretty neat". I said I wouldn't take the bait but eh 🤷
  22. DmC is excellent, and yes I was too hard on the game at gtm. But I still prefer the brand of action and approach to combat encounters in the numbered entries. But I'm not here to litigate DmC all over again.
  23. Going back to the reboot after playing a lot of 5 is really weird because you notice how much of DmC Dante is a hybrid of Nero and old Dante's fighting. One thing I find myself noticing is that Angel Lift is often redundant as Dante has loads of these Nero-esque movement options where you can attack and move really far at the same time. Attacking while moving upward, forward, upward and forward, forward in the air, whatever. Also I'm noticing that the Acquila was probably the inspiration for the Rawhide devil breaker with how it gathers enemies together, and Overture is probably taking ideas from the shotgun attack which puts sticky bombs on enemies. Which btw work well together, sticking bombs on enemies then using Acquila to herd then into being exploded with each other.
  24. Well apparently it's not about letting the past die, but learning from past failures or something like that. But that movie's message isnt helped by its muddled plotting.
  25. Btw, I don't know if it's mentioned. But Rose doesn't seem to be in that trailer. I wonder if she just decided the one experience was bad enough.
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