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  1. Trying to understand safe jump OS again 🤔 That thumbnail seems a bit NSFW so I spoilered it lol I think I managed to do it correct in some matches but some of the setups Daru uses are so weird, anyway even a scuffed safe jump can work sometimes against ppl bad at the game. Every little bit of practice helps. But I'm pretty sure these are very specific to the kinda combos being performed here. I treated a potemkin to the wall vortex finally. What he might not have known is I only know how to do the one that starts with overhead, I don't have the safe jump timing on the low opener just yet. Oh well. I thought this was the thing that got patched out, nope it's still in because it's so legit I guess.
  2. Network test, poggers Also here's footage of the xbone version, nothing incredible looking but it's xbone I guess https://streamable.com/zc1v3f
  3. Ian plays some Lone Echo 2 I have this, not really got around to it yet. When I tried it the framerate was terrible even on low settings. Seems really hard to run so I might wait a bit. It's like early PS4 level graphics in VR (which is really pushing things, given that it's rendering the game twice at a really high fps/resolution) Hardly any reviews for it. From what I heard it's basically like a DLC campaign for the first game
  4. I think bad moon can be beat with fuzzy guarding, cause I was trying to learn that tech cause people use it to beat I-No. Same principle would apply, but I tried labbing this stuff yesterday and still don't really understand how to do it Ky has very fast lows and will knowledge check you with them constantly. Good idea to use lots of overheads on him so he uses them less often maybe. Also this attack is so honest that the lasers track behind and make sure people don't cheat by trying to jump out and dash behind. Very nice, that Anji learned a lesson (The real reason this happened, he pressed a button that extended his hurtbox right into the super's hitbox. Same thing can happen with tyrant rave if you hit Sol from behind while doing it) edit you know what's cool, Strive has this whole replay system thing in it. I stopped using it when it got broke by a patch but it got fixed again and it's neat to watch top level players and how they handle each matchup.
  5. I'm putting in a lot of time to get good at the game but a lot of that is about trying to understand matchups. Matchup knowledge is the most important thing in this game, you can't win if you have a knowledge gap that can be repeatedly exploited. I mean it's literally a (random) puzzle about what button is safe to press. Like the issue isn't jH having a counter, it's partly that I'm not capitalising on anti airs, but mainly it's probably I'm not taking my turn back when Millia's ends on the ground cause I don't have the right stuff labbed out for how far she is away after iron saviour, for instance, or lust shaker or other stuff. Which gives the turn back to millia to assert the mixup, that's the conundrum. I-No's neutral means you can't yolo it without getting battered, unless you are exploiting the other player's lack of knowledge maybe. Like this point can't be stressed enough, she can't just dash in like Ram or Gio or Millia. It's like a fly asking to get swatted, unless the other person doesn't know how to deal with her Can't just play this game for the win screen, I've a couple fights with a floor 9 Ky I have to look at in replays too
  6. My dude you don't send a 'GG' and then click 'send post' on 'how annoyed are you' lmao But I have a hour long stream archive of mistakes to review, and situations to lab and pressure gaps to figure out. eg, I see myself blocking iron savior and then throwing out a useless f.s. There's a better answer for that for sure before millia jumps again. Also millia going into j.h after 2d hdisc is extremely unsafe, but I only took advantage of that once. Then again that's a reaction thing. A lot of the stuff you're doing I think is probably unsafe but I need to set the dummy up to repeat some of this stuff and figure out what it is, and captilalise on a CH combo
  7. I'm disturbed that a carton of jaffa cakes beat extreme measures 4 like it was nothing ('not that bad'), felt like a big man when I did it but looks like I'm no better than a box of chocolate biscuits
  8. I'm eating now so it would have to be in a bit, unless HD is up for it and you can stream and I can watch you get hit by DPs while I eat
  9. Seems disadvantageous to a hitbox user then cause of all the buttons being pressed, compared to mushing it out on a circle dpad or twisting a stick around
  10. What, like this? (her 'roll', wtf I couldn't figure out what that meant). That reminds me, this move is a reversal so interesting interactions with it
  11. I know someone who read that Jordan Peterson book, I'm pretty sure it must be the only book he ever read cause he considered the advise in it so mindblowing he alienated everyone in his life who didn't fit into or follow the advise he personally considered gospel. There's a lot of very gullible people out there who think they're free thinkers but are nothing but. What 'work ethic' does a philosophy PHD have anyway, they don't do anything lol. What's its valuation in the bonking marketplace
  12. I-No did not receive big buffs specifically for her this patch, but the system changes to air gatlings have actually made air to airs viable for her. Whereas before doing that was like putting your head in a vice, especially against this bitch. I'm not good at reading when to use these, but I was watching a pretty miserable 0-3 match I had against a floor 8 millia and took some notes. They kept using j.H to escape my predictable wall pressure. So I labbed this, if I can get a hard read of a millia that does this and pull it off it would be pretty poggers. (This won't work with the fd changes tho, have to lab stuff for that also. It basically shuts down wall pressure now) Stuff like this wasn't possible until j.S could gatling into j.H and air combos can be extended like this. I still have to test if it even works on other characters tho, it might not. This is the stuff I'm most interested in from the patch though, as I think these types of changes could be fairly transformative to the game not just for this character. Cause previously the air gameplay just fucking sucked and was boring. Now there's gatlings that didn't exist, think there's more dash cancelling that can be done but not really tried it out. I'm sure tho twitter has something much more optimised, but it's only day 3 or whatever.
  13. I dunno, seems like a bad idea. Millia got the biggest uplift of this patch, like I-No did in the last patch. You're gonna miss out on all the new tech in this period. She can cancel her cancels, and cancel them as well. Triple cross up with the 214k into capel into fuck your block i'm in front of you no I'm behind you now Oh well, Ram's are easy. Hamburger brains, that's what I call them. Speaking of new tech, this is another one I'm trying to practice. I've got that anti wall splat stuff mostly locked down now, just need to actually use it more often in a fight without it backfiring massively and losing (which happens a lot lmao)
  14. I think this thread has run its course, lock it up
  15. Motion sickness didn't exist in the 90s? https://groups.google.com/g/rec.games.video.nintendo/c/DtYAGwFiyZw
  16. *download rom off of romparadise.tld
  17. If they're emulating the games probably they'll have less dips, but if they limit the fps to like 22 or something on ocarina of time it'll still run like that I'd bet Just checked, OoT is actually capped at 20fps on n64, pal version ran at 17. Damn, how did Blakey play these. Not for me :sick:
  18. I can't do note oki anymore cause the note comes out faster and zooms past people. But I can note oki on normal knockdowns from a distance. Just 2k->2D seems scuffed by the changes. Thankfully this honest tech still works however. So instead of playing matches I should just keep practicing this and practice my safe jumps cause apparently the input buffer for reversals are larger
  19. Low FoV can be a migraine trigger, I dropped this partly cause I wasn't have a feel good time with it either but didn't play long enough for that to happen https://www.howtogeek.com/241285/why-video-games-make-you-feel-sick-and-what-you-can-do-about-it/ Bioshock on console another bad culprit iirc (Not trying to take the piss out of deathloop, I think this info is useful to know. I rarely get migraines but they suck, feeling all blind and sick and shit)
  20. Whenever they show off cutscenes to this game I think it looks cool, but then they show gameplay. Floaty feedback like an MMO, bad readability and lots of cooldowns Also imo style ranks should call you bad names if you have a 'F' rank, not 'fantastic'. Neg the player, it's the only way.
  21. Maybe 6K, cancel into 'mirazh' (I have to look the names of these moves up), then 2k->2d cross up degeneracy. Or I dunno, I don't play this character. I just lab ways to hurt her and make people who play her depressed.
  22. What? No way, all about respect and honesty here
  23. Millia received the most buffs of any character, lots of cancelling tech. 6K can be cancelled from, so she has an overhead into more combo routes. Don't need to do bad moon I've been messing around with Axl lately (another v honest character) cause it seems you can filter ppl really easily with the first layer of his offense cause all ppl do in this game is rushdown gorilla mode and Axl is v good at filtering disobedient unintelligent gorilla shenanigans (because he is v honest) But his damage is nothing without getting up close. You can do a thing with him where you jump cancel moves and cancel the pre jump state into axl bomber, seems to be the main hook for his more interesting tech. Who needs that tho when you can just puck people at full screen and win in a more honest fashion?
  24. System update https://www.guiltygear.com/ggst/en/news/post-1387/ Unfortunately it looks like they 'fixed' something that leverages a cool tech I'd been trying to learn. RIP On the bright side faultless defense blockstun has been reduced which makes it easier for me to not whiff my command grab I-No's f.s is faster and more disjointed now which is good as I'd been using it more often to punish things like Nago's spinny low attack I dunno the name of and lots of Anji's stuff, but it's so slow
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