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  1. Supergiant Games office tour: https://www.gameinformer.com/exclusive-video/2024/05/14/exclusive-video-supergiant-games-office-tour
  2. Reviews: Destructoid - 9 PC Gamer - 89% Nintendo Life - 8 Polygon - Recommended Whoever picked this for Fantasy Critic made a smart decision.
  3. radiofloyd

    Homeworld 3

    Reviews: IGN - 8 PC Gamer - 77% RPS Polygon
  4. radiofloyd

    Random News II

    Fans of PS1-era Resident Evil and Silent Hill might like Crow Country as well. The Guardian - 5/5 Destructoid - 9 Game Informer - 8 PC Gamer - 77% RPS
  5. radiofloyd

    Random News II

    Animal Well…new classic metroidvania? Reviews: Eurogamer - 5/5 Destructoid - 10 Nintendo Life - 10 PC Gamer - 90% IGN - 9 Game Informer - 9 Gamespot - 9 RPS - Recommended Polygon - Recommended I might treat myself to it this weekend.
  6. In all likelihood it was probably something on Steam, or one of many retro purchases on ebay, neither of which I could narrow down to one game. Something around 2012. All I know for sure is, I bought my PC in 2015 with my own money, and the first “big” game I remember buying for that is Dark Souls 3. The first game I ever played was Fantasy World Dizzy, which I still (very) occasionally play.
  7. I don’t believe in prescribing the “type” of games that should be made. A good game is a good game. And using Dragon Quest as an example? DQXI was so stale. It was probably the stalest game I’ve played in a long time. Talk about a series that does need an injection of something new. Haven’t played Rebirth but I absolutely loved FF7 Remake, to me it hit the perfect sweet spot between new and old.
  8. Done some cool stuff in the Creche, found a Legendary weapon and forwarded some quests. This game is at its best when it gets story heavy. Now it’s time to head back to the Shadow Lands I think.
  9. Back playing this too, put another hour or so into it. Still in the same place as I mentioned above, the Githyanki Creche. Around 75 hours in at the moment.
  10. radiofloyd


    https://www.gematsu.com/2024/04/windblown-gameplay-trailer Coming to early access later this year.
  11. Yeah that was a cool trailer. Have owned the first one for ages but need to play it.
  12. Reviews: IGN - 8 PC Gamer - 60% Eurogamer - 3/5 Mixed reviews but I’ll still pick this up soon I think, ticks a lot of boxes for me.
  13. https://www.eurogamer.net/slay-the-spire-is-getting-a-sequel Early access in 2025.
  14. radiofloyd

    Random News II

    Broken Roads reviews: PC Gamer - 64% Eurogamer - 2/5 Think someone had this for Fantasy Critic last year. Dodged a bullet.
  15. radiofloyd

    Readers Feature

    I’m more with Maf, I remember playing Jak and Daxter for the first time and thinking “wow this looks amazing”. Also I had no idea FFX was even a “botched port” so that stuff wasn’t even on my mind. That being said, I pay very little to performance or frame rate unless it’s a huge issue.
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