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  1. Seems like Tri-Ace are in dire straits. https://www.rpgsite.net/news/13344-tri-ace-announces-a-huge-loss-and-decreased-earnings-in-the-june-2022-fiscal-year
  2. radiofloyd

    Random News II

    Nothing shown but CDPR confirmed Cyberpunk sequel in development, as well as a new Witcher trilogy, among other games. https://www.eurogamer.net/cd-projekt-red-announces-cyberpunk-2077-sequel-future-witcher-projects-outlined
  3. Watched Nope in the cinema, it’s excellent. Probably my favourite Jordan Peele film. It’s a wild mix of genres with great imagery, great cinematography…very original. I highly recommend it.
  4. Now number 2 on the Switch eShop, outselling Splatoon 3 (only on the eshop of course). I don’t know how that compares to Steam but to put it into perspective, Tunic is only number 24 on the digital charts and Shovel Knight Dig only number 27. So it’s no mean feat.
  5. radiofloyd


    This is now out on Switch.
  6. Toem (Switch) Wow I think this is the first game I’ve finished this year…
  7. radiofloyd


    I finished this last night, about 4.5 hours. Played it for about 2 hours straight last night. It’s a nice game. Funnily enough, in spite of it being cute, I’m not sure if children would enjoy it at all, it might be a game for adults. Chill, contemplative, heart-warming…those are a few words I would use to describe it. Anyway, I would give it a solid 8/10.
  8. radiofloyd


    I’m about an hour into this on Switch. It has the same kind of relaxing vibe as A Short Hike, although I would not say it’s as good as that game, so far. The art style reminds me of Hidden Folks. The game is literally just you running around taking pictures for people. It’s very pleasant, although for Eurogamer to call this “essential” is stretching the meaning of essential…
  9. I’m glad to see this is selling so well on the Switch, currently number 3 in the all games charts and number 2 in the downloads only charts.
  10. Picked up a couple of games in the eShop sale.
  11. radiofloyd

    Random News II

    Shovel Knight Dig reviews: Nintendo Life - 9 Destructoid - 8.5 Gamespot - 8 Eurogamer - Recommended
  12. If you feel like splurging… https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2022/09/master-detective-archives-rain-code-mysteriful-limited-edition-revealed
  13. Demo is online for PS and Xbox now. https://www.eurogamer.net/star-ocean-the-divine-force-now-has-a-free-demo
  14. radiofloyd

    Random News II

    If you wanna play a handheld jrpg, The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero might be worth a punt. Eurogamer - Recommended Nintendo Life - 9/10 RPGFan - 90% Destructoid - 8.5 It took 12 years for the game to be released outside Japan.
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