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  1. Cd keys are currently doing Gears 4 for Xbox One and Windows Pc (play anywhere title, one key does both) for £1.69.
  2. Two free games on Steam at the mo. Quake 2 has been redone with ray tracing amoung other things. Free to download and keep now. And Age of Wonders 3 is free to download and keep until the 15th.
  3. I've just seen the Switch Lite reveal. While I think it's a good idea, and will sell well, I've been thinking of getting a switch for a while, and it doesn't make me want tosave a few quid and get it. I'm still gonna buy the old version.
  4. Not exactly Steam sale, but i just bought the Atari Vault for like £2.50 on Fanatical. Wow, I've forgotten how hard some of those old games are. ITt's about 25 classic Atari cabinet games, and a fuck-ton of old 2600 games. It goes well with my Megadrive vault.
  5. Am I the only one that likes the new Watchdogs and Cyberpunk 2077? Mind you, I've only watched the BEthesda and Xbox shows.
  6. I had a PC upgrade while i was away from the site. I thought I'd let you know my new rig. My new machine has an Intel Core i9 9900K 3.6 Ghz 8 core processor, which I've overclocked to near 4 Ghz. I'm running it with a Corsair hydro H100X water cooling loop. Not a full water cooling rig, just the CPU which outputs the coolant to a separate radiator/fan set up. This is on an Asus board with 16Gb of DDR4 ram. Added to that I have a Samsung 500GB SSD, and two 1TB Western Digital hard drives. The graphic card is an N-Vidia G-Force GTX1060-6g with 6GB of onboard ram, made by Asus. The operating system is Windows 10 pro 64bit with the new May update. And just for shits and giggles, I bought an RGB gaming keyboard and mouse, the keyboard having Cherry MX blue keys. It's a little noisy, but lovely for typing. The monitor is still my old 26 inch LCD Toshiba TV. I know I can get a better scfeen. My son has just bought a Samsung 4K curved PC screen that looks buttery smooth, but I had to save money somewhere. I bought a new Xbox One gamepad to use for PC gaming, replacing my aging Xbox 360 pad which had bad drift on the left thumbstick after years of use. Of course Steam, Uplay, Origin, GOG Galaxy, Epic launcher, and Besthesda launcher are all installed. I'm waiting to see if GOG's unified launcher service, which ties in all the storefronts, will be worth having.
  7. Codemasters Formula One 2015 is currently free on Humble Bundle guys.
  8. Cyberpunk

    Burnout Paradise

    I'll just leave this right here guys.
  9. Cyberpunk


    I've just bought it on GOG, and I'm having a blast with it. I love the whole aesthetic of it. I'm just old enough to remember those old 30's cartoons being on the TV, before the PC brigade got them all taken out of rotation.
  10. The Amnesia Collection is currently free on Humble bundle Amnesia @ Humble Bundle
  11. I got this cheap on a Gog special offer. And what can I say? It's old school Carmageddon, but with much better graphics. For those that missed this game back in the day, Carmageddon is a racing game based loosely on the Death Race movie. You complete a race in one of three ways. First, win the race by completing the laps first. Or second, wreak all the other racers cars. And if that's not to your liking, the third way is to kill all the pedestrians in the map. There are various power-up to find, some good, some not so good. Examples of the bad power-ups are fragile car, jelly suspension, Jupiter gravity, or your car jumps up every few seconds. For a drop in and out game, it's fun. This version was crowd funded to get made.
  12. Yeah I got it for Xmas too. This is my sixth Forza I've owned, having started with Forza 2. I like it so far. My only real gripe is I'd have loved to carry over my car designs from Forza 6. I spent a lot of time making them.
  13. Cyberpunk

    Forza 7 Tourney

    A few years ago I set up a Forza tournament on here. It was back in the Xbox 360 days, and seemed quite popular at the time. It was either Forza 3 or 4. Anyway, I want to gauge interest in doing it again. The format will be as follows... Timed laps leading to an online leader board. Dirty laps score lower than clean. The track being used, and class of car will be announced one week in advance. The car chosen can be anything in the class selected, but must be of a standard set up. No racing mods, and as it comes from the factory. All tracks will be full circuit to enable flying laps, and no long tracks like Nurburgring full circuit. Let me know if you're interested. If enough people say yes, we'll go ahead. To give you a heads up, if it goes ahead, the first track will be Rio De Janero street circuit.
  14. I thought I'd add this. I looked off a similar thread, but couldn't find one. Feel free to move it if needed. I got given an Amazon Echo gen 2 for Christmas. Not the tiny dot, the large one. So far I'm impressed. It's my first smart device, other than phones and tablets, and quite easy to set up. You need the Alexa app on your phone to set it up and get it to function properly. It connects to your home WiFi and your phone via Bluetooth. As a media player, it has a good punchy sound, which has good bass, and nice treble. It has a two and a half inch woofer facing down, and a half inch tweeter facing up. It's not super loud, but has a good range and fills the room. I was surprised considering its the size and shape of a large can of hot dogs. It combines stereo channels to give a rich 'two channel mono'. The microphone works really really well. It has seven internal mics, and can pick up your voice even in a room full of noise, or if you're playing music loud. An example of what it can do is this. Christmas day, I was cooking lunch. My hands were dirty. I said "Alexa, play the Who, Who's Next album on Spotify." And away it went. "Alexa, increase volume". Etc. It can work as a hands free for your phone, links with other Echos around the house so you can play music all over your digs. Links with smart devices like heating and lights. I'm impressed so far. I've even hooked it up via Bluetooth to my 120 watt TV bar to play music in two rooms. My version has slide off covers so you can change its look, but replacement covers are a bit pricey. It has internet search, Amazon ordering, tells jokes, etc. I might have to get one or two more.
  15. i know I've been out of the loop for a bit. I didn't realise this had restarted. Cool stuff guys. i look forward to listening to it. I couldn't add much to the GOTY podcast, as most of what I've played this year has either be older and cheaper, or retro stuff. The newset games I've had where Forza 7 and Destiny 2, and I've only just got them.
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