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  1. Bob

    A Plague Tale: Innocence

    I'll definitely be picking it up since it's been on my radar for a good while now but even a discount of full price can get fucked.
  2. Bob

    What's your....

    Same for me I reckon. Although due to how good they are about their DLC, that money has been spread over several games and about a decade. Single purchase is probably the Gears 3 collectors edition which was about £100 or something. Borderlands 2 has had the game and all DLC bought for it multiple times as well so that's probably way up there in terms of money spent. I've also bought a few loot boxes here and there for Overwatch if an event has been extra spicy. Not something I usually do but I'm happy to throw Blizzard a bit more money after 600 hours in the game.
  3. Bob

    Random News

    Excellent. Been looking forward to this for a while now.
  4. Bob

    World War Z

    Fucking Valve and the number 3. Bastards.
  5. Bob

    TV Shows

    Could have done without the 15 min full penetration scene between Tormund and Brienne. Really at odds with the rest of the episode.
  6. Bob

    Random News

    Kotaku thought they heard the word retarded in Smash Bros so published a story saying Smash Bros features the word retarded. https://www.kotaku.co.uk/2019/04/18/super-smash-bros-ultimates-persona-5-dlc-includes-a-disability-slur Atlus and Nintendo have confirmed that it doesn't feature the word retarded.
  7. Bob

    The Most Played

    I think my most played games are Overwatch and FFVIX with 600+ hours on each. I think both are just incredibly well designed games. I stopped played FF because I got sick of dealing with the end game MMO crowd and I think FFXIV especially has a bit if a reputation for not exactly an unfriendly player base, but quite an unsociable one so when the only time people talk to you is to be a cunt, it's gets kinda old. Same with Overwatch really, it seems like people have been complaining about balance and calling it a dead game since it came out but my only real issue is the players and their toxicity. There are a load of games that have hit 100 hours easy. The Witcher, BotW is 150 and most Final Fantasy games have been played for a hundred hours across multiple playthroughs. A bunch of stuff from back in the GTM forum games nights. L4D2, GoW etc. Generally though I find I get sick of a game after about 40 hours. Assassin's Creed as a series has probably had a few hundred hours across all the games but only Odyssey is going to creep over the 100 hours mark. Back around Unity and Syndicate, when the series was in a really bad spot i just kept buying and playing them because after so much time investment it felt like it would have been a waste of time not playing more. They turned it round though.
  8. My Brother Rabbit - PS4 So this is by a studio called artifex mundi who make, hmmm. I suppose you would call them Mum games if you were being polite. Hidden object, romantic puzzle games generally. The wife loves them because the stories are so corny and silly. This one looks and plays a lot more like an Amanita Design game. The main draw for this was that it features music by Emi Evans who you dudes might know as the one singing gibberish in Nier. So I definitely wanted to check it out. The game was great. Nice puzzles that are just difficult enough to make you feel smart when you immediately solve them and the look and sound of the game are both top notch.
  9. Bob

    Star Wars

    Wow, rude. I think he's a beautiful man and would definitely have a mutual wank with him in a hot tub if ever the opportunity arose.
  10. Bob

    Star Wars

    I feel like the internet already cracked this mystery wide open. Rey finds out at the start of the next film and spends most of the movie making hand jokes. Then slowly becomes a hand and that leads into Disney announcing they have bought the rights to Jackass and the bit in the third movie where they are slapping people with the giant hand while they are carrying donuts and shit was actually Rey. Because she can do anything. Next trilogy covers how she travelled here from a galaxy far far away.
  11. Bob


    This is so weird and out of the blue. I did like the game a lot when it first came out but that might have been down to the novelty more than anything. It did have a fun multiplayer mode with bots as well. Will probably check it out once it comes down in price.
  12. I have wanted to get one of the pro contrillers for PS4 for a while now. Would have liked the Astro but since that only seems to be available to the yankees unless I wanted to pay twice the price, this one will have to do. It feels nice and I have never liked the placement of the sticks on the standard PS4 controller so that is a plus. The shortcut buttons on the back are very easy to get used to and going back to the old controller yesterday when this ran out felt a bit weird.
  13. Backwards compatibility confirmed.
  14. I don't get the hate for pre-ordering (at least physically). Amazon sell most games on day one at £50 but when I have pre-ordered I've never had to pay more than £40, you can add to your gift balance and pay the thing off in advance if you want and then cancel at any time, gain access to any betas etc, plus the option to return if the game arrives along with 30 one star reviews. Having to put money down in advance like the good old days was a bit of a scam and I know it's still like that in the states but over here I think pre-ordering is about as consumer friendly as it can be.
  15. I can see why people would be annoyed that there wasn't gameplay shown in that case. I saw earlier that Stig Asmussen was directing as well which is another reason to have faith in the title for me personally, even without actual gameplay.
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