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  1. Bob


    The price is crazy but I enjoyed the demo a lot. Played like I remember Secret of Mana playing back in the day, not how the remake reminded me it played of course. Probably pick it up when it drops in price, a lot.
  2. Bob

    Random News II

    Can't believe they had copies left, Nag. Good job you were quick. Get anything special? There is a theme on PS4.
  3. Bob

    Random News II

    How are they going to rebuild all the characters in FF8 and leave us with that ugly arse battle UI? Also saying tetra master is better than triple triad is truly repugnant, @OCH
  4. Bob

    Marvel's Avengers

    I was going to say the same thing. Anyone who has played class based games know the healer is the girl with red hair. Games looks dull as shit.
  5. I was doing the same the other day and the rest of this year is pretty stacked. September especially with Zelda and Borderlands, plus Greedfall which isn't exactly on the same level but I'm a big fan of Spider's special brand of slightly ropey RPG so I'll be picking that one up.
  6. Well it's Nintendo so if you give it six months they will probably knock £2 off in a sale.
  7. Grandia 1 and 2 remaster came out on the switch today but Square Enix have only gone and put it up for £36, the crazy bastards.
  8. Bob


    It could be. I have noticed that it sometimes takes forever for something to die though. It's going to take a while for people to get used to trying to kill through two healers that actually chose to heal. My point being that by the time anything dies, the person that kills them will have almost certainly received some inspire healing. Or it could be bugged. Sigma's suck seems to be very inconsistent at the moment. I got the full shield once (after the round ended so no trophy, bastards) from a high noon, other times I've had 20 shield off it. Same goes for whole hog. It doesn't seem consistent at all, even taking think account the varied damage ranges both of those skills have. He's a funny one. I'm seeing a lot of bad play from him and people playing around and against him. The biggest mistake is leaving his shield out, both for his team and the enemy team. Sometimes I just see it sitting there and I'm like, break it! Break the shield! Someone break his fucking shield! But people just run around it. Then he pulls it back and it's still full health so.... they run around it again. Unbelievable.
  9. Same. I paid all cash money for mine though.
  10. Bob


    Role queue is a mixed bag. Healer was fine, actually fun at times, gasp. Tank has been a miserable experience. Haven't gotten round to damage yet. So far the biggest problem is what the problem always was. Those people that wanted to play damage would pick their character and refuse to change. Same still applies only no one else on the team can take that hard counter Sombra if you have a Doomfist tearing apart your backline. You can't swap to a hitscan if there is a Pharah causing trouble. Genji will still dive the enmy Mei over and over again on his own. It feels especially frustrating as tank where you have such a limited view of the game. Healer was okay, I could step back and look at what was happening. Tank just feels like you're alone and then you die. Honestly I haven't had so much fun playing the game as I did last night when QP was bugged and role queue was in place. Every game I was being flooded with endorsements and that's not a brag, it's just that usually I take seeing endorsements as a sign that people are actually having fun in the game. The atmosphere and everything was so chill and happy, comp still feels like a cesspool. In other news. Brig honestly feels great to play now. The three healing packs add some much needed engagement with your team and I had a lot of fun with her. Also lol. Just had a game as damage, much better than tank. Was able to play different characters to do different things and counter problems. Would have been better if my tanks hadn't picked Hammond and D.Va to play into Reaper, Mei, Hog and Orisa but you know, nothing is perfect. Ended up winning four of five damage games. As usual they are not as generous with giving SR as they are taking it away. Was 2500 exactly at the end of last season.
  11. Bob

    Random News II

    Yeah but how that dick look?
  12. Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise (PS4) Not very good.
  13. Bob


    How does a person become such a Moira god? And yoink, my POTG thank you.
  14. Bob

    Nintendo Switch

    Outta sight sounds and none of that weak shit is how I live my life.
  15. I'm at a point now where everyone is over level 5 and a lot are about to hit level 10. Are you switching class or hanging around until you hit the class mastery? I'm not sure what the benefit of either one is. I'm also not sure what the upgrades actually mean. Does +2sword mean it would go up two ranks, so from D to C for example? Or just give you two points to the next rank? At the moment I'm leaning towards changing class whenever possible since there is a fairly noticeable difference between beginner and intermediate classes, so I imagine the same will apply for advanced and so on. Edelgard became pretty much unlikable when I made her armoured knight.
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