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  1. Bob

    Shenmue 1 & 2

    Yeah that section was a total bitch. In the end I wrote down the correct sequence for each floor, often a couple of prompts at a time before I managed it. And that was on an old SDTV without the input lag. I only got a few hours into Shenmue HD again when it came out and that section was one of the reasons why. I just thought man, if this is bad now, imagine having to do that bit again! That's a phat no from me.
  2. Bob

    Dragon Quest XI

    Loyal soldier. Violent zealot. Human.
  3. Bob

    Overwatch 2

    Tracer getting buffed. Also. If new Genji is wearing clothes.. does that mean he's been running round naked this whole time?
  4. Bob

    Dragon Quest XI

    I gave him an axe but also never used him unless I had to because fuck Hendrik.
  5. Bob

    Overwatch 2

    Skins transfer over. New maps and heroes coming to the original game. If Jeff is to be trusted.
  6. Bob


    Blizzcon starting now Give me Overwatch 2 baby. I needs it.
  7. Bob

    Beyond Good & Evil 2

    Loving the designs of the characters.
  8. Cool poem. It's a fun troll but could be anything. Maybe it is Symphony of the Night and MGS1 so that Psycho Mantis can still read your memory card.
  9. This was meant to arrive in August but pretty sure Mike Pondsmith is printing each one of these by hand with all the delays.
  10. You can pre-order this through eshop now. There is a version with a steelbook which is pretty weird. You also can't use one of those game vouchers they did to purchase that version. I say that is whack. I ordered Sword for the Sirfetch'd. Pretty bummed that i don't get a steelbook for my digital game tho.
  11. Those Sherlock games are pretty good. Last I heard, Focus interactive had pulled all the previous entries in the series off storefronts out of spite if the devs are to be believed. So I imagine that is the last one Frogwares have up there. Check it out and then go buy the Sinking City.
  12. Bob

    The Outer Worlds

    Here's what I did with the main questline on the first planet. Although something involving first aid isn't ringing any bells @Hendo so I may have missed that one. Or just forgotten.
  13. I went back and finished this. I skipped over a lot of the social stuff between the tutors and students in the second half since it was a bit all over the shop and some of it was clearly meant to take place before the time skip. Just under 45 hours total. Only ended up losing one character by the end, RIP in peace Alois. I enjoyed a lot of it but also feel like pretty much every aspect of the game could be improved upon and wouldn't be surprised if this got a revisit from Nintendo at some point to tidy it up. It was far too easy which they seem to have realised about three quarters of the way through when they just keep on saying, "surprise! Enemies behind you!" So you have to roll back a bit if your backline is too exposed. I would agree with 7 out of 10. A handful of the relationships with the different character carried the game and the plus side of the combat being very easy was that it was a very relaxing game to play.
  14. Bob

    The Hot Topic Returns

    No violence. GTFO with that weak shit. But also probably what remains of Edith Finch from recent memory is about as violence free as I get. That game really touched me. On my insides.
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