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  1. The ending for Crisis Core was sick and had sick music and was sick you bitches. Have some Zackspect for what he did for Cloud.
  2. I was watching this before and I'm a lot more interested after seeing the combat looks hella-button-mashey because the 3D DBZs have always been completely incomprehensible to me. I agree it looks kind of dull but I'll probably give it a chance once it goes hecka cheap.
  3. I love that series from Matt, I'll watch that one some time over the next couple of days. I also quite enjoyed Haze to be honest. 2006-2009 was a great period for average FPS games with neat ideas. Timeshift, Blacksite, Call of Juarez etc. Sidenote, my brother in law had a job interview at Free Radical before Haze was officially announced. He's got this really vibrant, graffiti style to his art and flew all the way from Australia for the interview, thought he would be working on TS3 and then they show him Haze behind closed doors. Fuck.
  4. The only reasonable response.
  5. Bob

    The Hot Topic Returns

    Often I come away from E3 with a brand new game I'm most excited about but this year it was just FF7 and Cyberpunk still top of the list and that's not even got anything to do with what was shown. I'm just a chump for FF and Cyberpunk. 12 minutes is probably the new game I'm most excited about. Everything about that looks right up Bob street. It was such a mellow E3 in general and I really enjoyed that about it.
  6. Bob

    Shenmue 1 & 2

    Yeah I definitely ranted about them being bitches when they refused to add time skip to the remaster of the first game.
  7. Bob

    The Hot Topic Returns

    I don't think they posted a hot topic this week. I didn't notice one on their Twitter if they did.
  8. Bob

    Shenmue 1 & 2

    I think if you stand still time goes faster. People say it does but I don't know if they are the same people that said they triggered the naked Lara cheat as well. I'm sure that aspect of the game is much better now that we can all look at porn on our phones while we wait but it was hellacious back when I were a lad.
  9. Bob


    Anything that is longer than 5 years ago fucks with me because everything just kind of feels like it happened about 5 years ago and then people are like, Bob you're 32 and I'm like whaaaaaat bitch. I just left school like 5 years ago. I also got married 5 years ago and bought my PS4 and Xbox 360 5 years ago so it's very confusing. I remember loving this until the portal gun bit. Then I hated it and that's all I have remembered these past 5 years.
  10. Bob

    Final Fantasy 15

    You can get away with ignoring Kingsglaive until Galdin Quay. That way if you're not digging the game you don't have to sit through 2 hours of the dictionary definition of middling.
  11. £35 is a joke and a completely arbitrary price given other similar games. I figured around £20-25. I'll be waiting until a pretty deep discount most likely.
  12. Bob

    Borderlands 2

    Don't worry about it. My bro hit me up about playing it on Xbox so I'll probably not be going back in on PS4.
  13. Bob


    Emo The Musical - fun and cheesy Aussie musical without autotune. The film has a lot of heart and was just really nice. Would definitely watch this one again. Paddleton - I watched this in two goes. First time I gave up after 20 minutes because I didn't like the direction. There were lots of shots of nothing which isn't something I dislike inherently but it wasn't working for me here. The concept of the movie is that one of the dudes was going to die of cancer and his decision to end his own life before it got really bad was very decisive so having these shots, which felt like they were giving the audience time to mull this over seemed at odds with that choice and the power he took from making it. That almost completely stops after the first 20 minutes though and in the end it is a very touching movie that doesn't have any cheap or goofy moments. Mark Duplass and Ray Romano both seem like actors certain people would have a very low tolerance for but I like them and thought they both put in great performances here. Climax - French movie about a bunch of dancers that have their Sangria spiked at a rehearsal and shit gets wild. I loved it. Split into two halfs, the first has a couple of really amazing dance scenes, mixed with a very dialogue heavy scene where we get to learn a lot about the various characters. Then the second half (introduced by a kind of second title sequence which was interesting) is the result of the spiked booze. It's a very interesting movie, the one major scene that features dialogue has these weird, heavy cuts where the screen will flick black, then go to the next set of characters. Then after the half way point the movie is presented as a single take while the camera follows the various characters around. It's pretty fucked up in a couple of parts but nothing too crazy. Sofia Boutella does most of the heavy lifting with the acting in the second half as she wanders round, drugged out, scared and confused. I'd only seem her in The Mummy before this so was really impressed.
  14. Bob


    I think I did the same but I'm absolute sub-human trash at these games so it doesn't matter.
  15. Bob


    I think it is just luring you into a false sense of security Maf. I liked it for the same reasons and the the first boss annoyed me and I read the difficulty ramped up after that so just gave up before it triggered my balls off.
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