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  1. I really shouldn't buy a PS4 when I am saving towards holiday money next year, BUT...
  2. Still just talking about the games. But whatever, moving on.
  3. We are talking about games Maf, not tech specs or subscription services.
  4. Just because I don't own them, doesn't mean I haven't played them...
  5. I think that is the point. For an example, I go back to the Souls series. The series started with Demon's Souls (much like FF VII started the PSOne era) so that is where the core fanbase is and who is primarily catered to. Hence why Bloodborne debuted on the PS and where Demon's Souls remains. Also doesn't help, if in the native country of origin, your particular platform is largely ignored. The last timed exclusive I remember were the two Star Wars characters in Soul Calibur 4, Yoda and Darth Vader. By the time Yoda was available on PS3 (a bit longer than a year, if memory serves) did lead some, myself included, to the realisation the grass isn't always greener... RE: Redundancy, this gen in particular, I just think Playstation and Xbox are essentially the same thing. There simply isn't enough to differentiate between them. Nintendo and SEGA never had that issue, akin to complacency.
  6. 100% agree. The competition between Nintendo and SEGA created games that shaped the gaming world. The fact that Sony and Microsoft have become creatively lax and multi-platform reliant, makes them redundant as distinct platform options.
  7. A "right" to think they should individually be catered to, in all things? Again, that just sounds self-entitled. FFVII to XII (excluding XI) were Sony's babies. Arguably they did more to raise the series profile than the confusing localisation history of the Nintendo era titles. I don't even have a PS4 and see no problem with an exclusivity window. Which is the important part to remember - it is only a window, other platforms will get it eventually. Let's not forget, Square is a Japanese dev. X-box still means next to nothing to them. The PC platform means slightly more, due to FF14's resurgent success. Also there is nothing inherently wrong with First Party exclusives, provided your particular platform actually makes good ones. The old Green Eyed Monster often being what that trail of thought stems from.
  8. FF VII was originally a Playstation exclusive, so I don't see why this wouldn't be, albeit a timed one? Reading the comments on that link, awful lot of self-entitled there, that seem to forget the FF series being multi-platform is a very new concept.
  9. OCH

    Films II : The Filminator

    More or less a whole film dedicated to the legacy of the Best Ghostbuster? I'm in!
  10. OCH

    DC Cinematic Universe

    Maxwell Lord could work. Traditionally, the only DC "TV guy" I could think of was the New God, G. Gordon Godfrey. Introducing a New God through the WW sequel would be a stretch though.
  11. OCH

    DC Cinematic Universe

    Using the Lasso like a whip is interesting. That character reveal was ...odd, as is the nearly 70 year time skip. Intriguing ideas to develop into a film though. My knowledge of WW rogues gallery is limited to the doctor from the first film (whose name escapes me), Ares and Cheetah. So I'm not sure who that guy is going to be? Justice League and the DC animated movies of old never really dug too deep into the villains of anyone beyond Batman and Superman.
  12. Noted. So less Dee Dee (Dexter's Lab) more Scotty (Star Trek)
  13. So do things like this happen every time Jim presses a button? I couldn't post anything the other day...
  14. I tried to upload two images separately yesterday. It came up with an exclamation message saying "-200"
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