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  1. From the article, that is most due to licensing. Sony is going for Starz, then Netflix and lastly Disney+.
  2. Spider-Man: No Way Home will be released on Disney+ as early as mid-2023 and as late as mid-2024 It's upto you.
  3. Nightmare Alley I enjoyed it. I was also referred to the 40's original film by a friend (not surprised by remakes anymore). Not one of Del Toro's best and at three hours, started to run out of steam just before the final third. 7/10 Spider-Man: No Way Home I don't like Spider-Man. I found the MCU one insufferable in Infinity War. So shied away from his solo films til now. That said, probably the best Spider-Man film I've seen. Go see it @Maf You will love it. There were only two people in the screen with me. So crowds aren't an issue. 9/10
  4. πŸ˜‚ @Maf @DisturbedSwan
  5. I did wonder why all talk of this remake dried up. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ I think that was a separate issue. Given his parents are both anti vaxxers and (more concerning) anti hospital too😬
  6. OCH

    The Hot Topic Returns

    Well the last physical games I bought were Transformers Devastation and God of War. Haven't played either of them yet. But the two most recent games I bought were Dark Souls 3 and Shadowman: Remastered, digitally. I have no problem with both, when it comes to some games not being released physically. The thing that stops me going full digital is Valkyria Chronicles 4. When I bought that digitally on sale for the Switch. I had to archive virtually every other game I have on the system. About 6-7 games sent to storage, just for one single game. That is irritating. The space issue is probably not the same for the PS5, but I have mentally noted already I have three digital games on that. I'll probably delete them when I'm finished too. Before looking into any more.
  7. I see. I just read that from above:
  8. Was it ported to anything? Nevermind. Looked it up. "Saturn, Game Gear and Virtual Console" ...So nothing modern, is the answer. πŸ™„
  9. One of my favourite actors. Yet for such a high profile actor he really doesn't do many interviews. Here's one I was referred to, from 1982. The time stamp reveals an interesting bit I didn't know.
  10. OCH

    TV Shows

    A show based on a game celebrating the Fleischer style. That doesn't try to replicate that effect?πŸ€”
  11. OCH

    TV Shows

    Back when EA wasn't as bad...
  12. OCH

    TV Shows

    The mistake of the Hobbit movies was trying to tie it too heavily into Lotr. Trying to cash in on that trilogy, when it was entirely unnecessary. Also, Peter Jackson failed to realise there is a reason virtually every single book adaptation doesn't veer into the appendixes. Because it is boring. The Hobbit is probably one of my favourite books ever (in the top 3). So I was a bit crestfallen when the films came out. But I digress. The Rings of Power, the general premise, sounds like more cashing in. What I've read so far makes me apprehensive. The Silmarillion would have been a better choice. Because it would be all new, extensive, and hasn't been done onscreen before. Just like Jackson did with the first Lotr Trilogy. That had only been attempted onscreen once, in animation. Which ran out of money and ended with the battle of Helms Deep.
  13. OCH

    TV Shows

    Ohh..πŸ€” I thought they were doing an adaptation of The Silmarillion? Not an EU-type story. I would have preferred the former. But it looks like Amazon are going all in on this being a hit... Amazon has committed to producing five seasons of a Lord of the Rings TV series as part of its $250 million rights deal.
  14. Yeah, I just read that myself. Instantly recognised him from Hannibal Rising. Surreal to think he will be in all six episodes of Moon Knight, in March.
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