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  1. You reminded me I downloaded the demo.. a while ago.
  2. I really hope not. There's no real need to make it a period piece. Unless FF is going to be a one off film? Meanwhile, more art is surfacing. Potentially indicating what the costumes will look like:
  3. OCH

    Elden Ring

    It looked fine. But I'm not going to buy the game again to play it.
  4. OCH

    The Anime Thread

    If I couldn't play it, considering I do have the DVD Box of War set. It would simply be a display piece. Much like the special edition Japanese Volume 41 and it's CD.
  5. OCH

    The Anime Thread

    Decided not to wait another month for the US version of the boxset...
  6. OCH

    The Manga Thread

    First (finished) books of '24 One from the backlog and a new arrival. The Junji Ito book (based on a Japanese collection of urban legends) is ..ok. Not one of the strongest Ito books, to be honest. One of the short stories amounts to a jump scare on a telephone pole. Another is basically Inspector Gadget (with zero context). It's very middle of the road, without a real standout story to recommend. 4/10 OPM Vol. 27 is a protracted fight sequence. There is a couple of B-plots (one for Saitama, another for Garo) but the main thrust of this volume is a fight between Tornado and Psychos (who is basically aiming to become a planet ala end game Sephiroth). The fight looks fantastic as you would expect. But some of it is quite hard to follow. Some panels are a little too small and detailed to be understood. Although I think this would be offset seeing it in motion. At least we are finally back outside again! Hopefully this arc should be wrapping up within the next two volumes. Fingers crossed. 7/10
  7. OCH

    The Hot Topic Returns

    😅Reminding me that I do in fact own Sekiro.. and Bloodborne. The latter on hiatus until I have someone else to move my TV (otherwise the game is too dark for me to see).
  8. OCH

    The Hot Topic Returns

    I think even From realised that was a mistake with Gwyn. I can't think of any final boss they've made since that is so susceptible to an in-game mechanic? Which is why Manus, imo, is the better final boss for Dark 1. Growing up with Capcom and Konami's 2D platformers (which were almost exclusively damn hard). If you managed to beat them, by default you were great at the game by the end. Since most didn't have the option for decreasing challenge. I suppose what genre you've had the most experience with can also colour your opinion on difficulty. DMC, as Dwarf mentions, is beyond me. It takes me a while to memorise move sets in Fighting Games. But that doesn't come with the pressure of using that knowledge to a time limit and against multiple enemies at once. God of War (OG trilogy) seemed more button bashing than that. So I could get my head around it easier.
  9. OCH

    The Hot Topic Returns

    😄 "player expression" being a lot more weird and nebulous a notion than simple competition, to be honest.
  10. OCH

    The Hot Topic Returns

    Oh, I get that. To me they've always just come across as a bragging rights thing. For example, those that care about trophies/achievements/whatever and it says 0.001% of players have beat the game under UBER HARDCORE EXTREME difficulty. Which falls under the competitive angle I mentioned.
  11. OCH

    The Hot Topic Returns

    Which is funny to think about when the Souls series was mentioned above. Demon's Souls has Vanguard, for example. Who is a lot harder than True King Allant. Because you don't have the skill check at that point in the game. Arguably, Asylum Demon in Dark 1 is harder than Gwyn, for the same reason.
  12. OCH

    The Hot Topic Returns

    This is from X-Men on the Mega Drive. If you played Easy Mode, the game hard cuts to this game over screen before the last boss. You were not allowed to finish the game on that lower difficulty setting. You can get the same experience through progressive difficulty too though. No Hit runs, Buster Only (Mega Man), stuff like that. I just don't see the point in playing the same game that suddenly says "one hit kills" or instead of one enemy in a tight corridor, here's ten.
  13. OCH

    The Hot Topic Returns

    Personally, I prefer games that don't have difficulty settings at all. Progressive difficulty is preferable. For example, by the time you reach the last dungeon etc the game should be more challenging than the start. But your proficiency/tool kit has developed enough by that point to compensate. The Souls series or Mega Man are good examples of that, imo. Whereas, if I'm unlocking stuff in Fighters. I set it to 'Easy & one round only'. Because there are things I want to see and don't really like the earning part to take longer than necessary. I tend not to change difficulty settings really. Sticking with the default, whatever that maybe. "Ultra-Punishing-Sadistic-Cruelty-Must Die" Modes, I typically ignore as a gimmick. Maybe that is just down to my lack of competitive streak though?
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