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  1. OCH

    Elden Ring

    I like the diversity of Ash Summons. Initially, I stuck with the early game wolves for a while. Only to learn later, they suck. By the time I tapped out, I had a rotation of about four of them. Mimic Tear (the one referred to as "easy mode") I didn't really take to. Tried him on the Gargoyles and Niall. He just seemed to kamikaze without any significant damage. Whether this is due to the nerf, I don't know. But I like the idea of the Ash Summons a lot more than other players in my game.
  2. OCH

    Elden Ring

    I actually think they are trying to phase out player summons/invasions. When you have access to Ash Summons as well as NPC's for certain fights. It seems like From saying, "try this instead". Which has been fine for me, offline as I am. I've seen a lot of discourse on how PVP isn't really catered to in this. That having a knock-on effect to player summons. Couple that with it's complete absence in Sekiro. I wouldn't be surprised if the entire mechanic is absent from the next Soulsborneiroring.
  3. OCH

    Elden Ring

    That's cool. One of the good/unique endings.
  4. OCH

    The Hot Topic Returns

    Maybe, if Team Rocket - the PokéMon thieves - actually stole from the player.
  5. Purposely ignoring the thread and playthroughs online, until my physical copy of TMNT: Shredder's Revenge arrives. So I checked through my emails for the release date (I'd forgotten, surprising no one). Surely it should be any day now?? 😞
  6. OCH

    The Hot Topic Returns

    That, or they could Metroid it. You start strong with a powerful team of PokéMon. Then lose them all to a Legendary (or some such) and have to start from scratch? A mid-game twist, perhaps??
  7. OCH

    Elden Ring

    Well you've beaten the Super Boss of the game, kudos. @Nag Add it in spoilers obviously, but what ending are you going for?
  8. OCH

    The Hot Topic Returns

    Same. As soon as that final boss is dead, I'm done with the game. I move on to the next. All that post-game, NG+ stuff just never interested me.
  9. OCH

    The Hot Topic Returns

    I've always been confused by that mindset. As if difficulty is the antithesis of mass market appeal. Surely that is what a difficulty curve is for? Maybe that is coming from 8 bit gaming. Wherein gamer skill was built on overcoming difficulty. Your Castlevanias, Contra, Mega Man's etc As for the question, I can't really think of any game I've played that's easy? Since it isn't something I look for. Mario Odyssey, possibly? Since the hardest levels are post-main game. It is what it is, when it comes to platformers though.
  10. OCH

    Elden Ring

    You will likely find the Margit/Mohg/Morgott connection you were looking for with that Rune @radiofloyd I must admit, I have about 4 or 5 torches and stopped using any of them completely after buying the lantern. There is that one and the Beast torch that I got after the dungeon they are required for. Meanwhile, the Ghost torch I found the most worthless. That one is purposely there to be a weapon
  11. OCH

    The Anime Thread

    ^ Looks interesting. Reminds me I need to get back into Vinland Saga. I only have the first two hardcovers. But I'm told it is epic in size. Ironically, the hiatus' were due to Miura's health. I did watch a review of the first New chapters. I was pleased and a little relieved. Hopefully the special edition Volume 41 boxset I have, will receive an English translation now.
  12. OCH

    Elden Ring

    The respec thing is iffy. I avoided it. Since you have to be mindful that there are some stats that have to stay high enough to even carry basic stuff.
  13. OCH

    Elden Ring

    I did see one YouTube video with the NPC @radiofloydis talking about. As an Ash Summon. One of the most broken in the entire game. Arguably more than Mimic Tear or Tiche. But you have to know how to get him, to make him a summon by the end of his questline.
  14. Side quests: The Game So I'm level 6, with a level 3 proficiency. There were about half a dozen side quests and I completed all but two of them. As they don't seem relevant to the starting area. I have died a couple times. But that is because a Mage fights a bit differently to the Tutorial guy. I didn't realise my staff would be there to pew, pew from default. I thought I'd be whacking things with the staff until I learned/found/bought spells. I defeated the first boss. Which gave me my first "real" pawn. I decided on an archer, as that compliments my build. I did grind money, pelts etc for buying spells and levelling up armours and weapons. All the kind of things I get a kick out of in RPG's. A very low level Disgaea approach, and I'm into it.
  15. OCH

    Elden Ring

    Funny story, they actually have a really obvious weakness. I killed the separate Godskins relatively easily when I discovered it. Looked it up to see if I was right, too. Sleep. I have an Ash summon that specialises in Sleep attacks. Most boss size enemies get staggered by it, if they aren't outright immune. But the Godskins are very susceptible to the status.
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