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  1. OCH

    Random Vid Clips

    Having no context only makes this better... 🤣
  2. OCH

    Dark Souls

    ...And Pinwheel is DEAD One thing I did forget about this game, was the room that preceded the boss fight. Home to the Bonewheel Skeletons 🤬 I suppose it was my own fault for failing to recognise what they were in time and how to react accordingly. I tried luring them back into the Bonfire/Vamos corridor... Only for the axe wielding Black Knight (that I didn't even notice was there) to pop in and say "hey". He died and eventually I cleared out the Bonewheels. Now I didn't pick up a lantern, so I don't feel like fighting my way through the Tomb of the Giants blind. Only problem was I forgot I rested at Vamos Bonfire... It is going to be a long walk back to Firelink 🙄 On the plus side, I did finally level up my Dex to 14! Now I actually have some ranged offence in the Longbow, I got from Darkroot Garden. So I can also get rid of that poxy Wyvern too...
  3. OCH

    The Anime Thread

    A little late with this one but whatever... THIS is such an improvement over the tail end of Part 3 it's not even funny. The New JoJo is suitably bonkers, with a strange hair fetish that actually gives him more personality than Jotaro of Stardust Crusaders. Araki gives us four new villains in the space of one book and a new MacGuffin to overcome the previous limitation of Stand users. I do like how for the first villain - Angelo - Araki uses one of the classic tropes to show someone is unsympathetically evil. With Dio in Volume 1, it was animal abuse and here with Angelo, we have child abuse..😬 Although this series does have weird means of working through their rogues gallery. A much welcome renewed positive start so far! 8/10
  4. I was looking for a suitable gif/concept art piece of Zack and Cloud for @one-armed dwarf's comment an hour ago. All I found were reminders that the internet is a very.. strange place. That official art comes after "Fan art"😬
  5. No, she ran at him with his sword. They struggled, he disarmed her, slashed at her and she fell down the stairs into a crumpled heap.
  6. Wrong again, Maf. She was denying she knew Zack to cover for Cloud's recollection of events.
  7. Remember why he was so weak at the point of Zack's death. They were both being experimented on. Due to that trauma, Cloud's mind collapsed and he emulated his friend, the "ideal life" he had dreamt of, as a coping mechanism.
  8. Is what you said. She was the party guide in Nibelheim, nothing more. There was no "whole adventure together". They both independently confronted Sephiroth. Zack even ran past her body to fight him.
  9. 🤨 That.. reiterates what @one-armed dwarf and I already said, Maf??? Are you sick from Mako Poisoning?
  10. Yep, Zack and Aeris knew each other. Tifa only knew Zack in passing during the trip to Nibelheim.
  11. OCH

    The Comic Book Thread

    Maybe he is joining them.. again? Or they could be restarting the New Fantastic Four.. again?
  12. OCH

    Dark Souls

    Correction above: I explored Darkroot Garden in that session. I ventured to Darkroot Basin in this one. It is weird that as I started the game after ringing the Gargoyle bell, Lautrec was already at Firelink? I thought you needed to free him, apparently not. So I killed him instantly, on my way to the Basin. Accidentally discovered the back door into Havel's room while I was there. Killed him too. Wasn't so lucky against the Hydra, as it didn't do anything other than water blast me from a distance. Gave New Londo a quick go, before remembering why I used to hate it, after a bullshit 'drowning in ill-defined deep water' death... Currently at the Catacombs. My war of attrition against Necromancers, wages on...
  13. Why just keep repeating the same stuff in every game??? That quote about the definition of insanity comes to mind... There was this underrated Dragonball game for the GBA. Shockingly, it was really good and didn't follow the original series note for note either.
  14. I think there was a character/actor that really stood out among the rest in Luke Cage, Black Mariah (played by Alfre Woodard). Practically stole every scene she was in. I did find Luke Cage himself a bit dull and I think some of the eventual boredom I felt watching the series was rooted in him and his one note abilities, that they didn't really explore with enough variety.
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