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  1. You've reminded me I haven't even looked at the Playstation store yet.
  2. OCH

    Mortal Kombat 11

    That sounds ...terrible. How difficult was it to just base an extra costume on a different button during character select? Like every other fighting game ever!🤷‍♂️
  3. OCH

    Mortal Kombat 11

    The Klassic MK Movie Skin pack with voices and likenesses from the OG stars is available for separate purchase today!
  4. The main real difference between Demon's and Dark is the tone. You'll feel that more when you to travel to Level 3, 4 and 5. Horror over High Fantasy. Also bear in mind, the bosses are relatively easy in DeS. The levels are not. In contrast to the Dark series, there is one save point at the beginning of the level and one after you kill the boss. Between those two points you are on your own. I'd say the Knights, Barbarians etc are specialist classes for when you are more familiar with the game. As the classes are not just superficial options. You might have noticed you aren't given
  5. So how did you do against Vanguard?😏 I'm a few bosses in now. Just beat the boss of 4-1 about 20 minutes ago. I was very familiar with the original DeS, so while it does look pretty. The fact is it Demon's Souls, with a new skin, has lessened my initial excitement a little. For example, muscle memory kicked in for the controls immediately. Even my actual memory kicked in, to recall some of the level layouts and their treasures. I tried Depraved/Barbarian Class before remembering that in this game, that is Hard Mode. I'm just not that good at Souls anymore. So I'm back to Magician -
  6. I don't really have any thoughts on it. My only experience from the past few years is the Switch UI. So it's fine, I guess?
  7. Just gives you a reason to jump in once again. Silver linings and all that.
  8. No, that was the weird bit. It said downloading, not updating. I had an update as soon as I first put it on, so I know different text is used between the two.
  9. Well I haven't had any real issues. Although Demon's Souls did download itself again today, while I was playing. Which was weird.
  10. OCH

    The Hot Topic Returns

    Agreed. When Banjo-Kazooie came out, I thought it was better than Mario 64 in every way. Still do. Likewise the non-Fludd sections of Sunshine were a lot better than anything 64 did. Never played Brawl, as far as I can remember. I missed out on the WiiU library altogether to be fair.
  11. OCH

    The Hot Topic Returns

    It's funny I've seen lots of comments on recent Demon's Souls videos, asking for Bluepoint to do the same for Dark 1. But all that would really do is spotlight how ropey the latter half of the game is. Playing through Remastered last year, I couldn't not see it. Even Oolacile, which is the DLC, has some areas that are suspiciously sparse. Like they wanted to do more with them, and for whatever reason, didn't. In spite of GTM giving the original DeS 10/10 and as much as I love the game personally, I don't think FromSoft have made a game that good (worthy of a perfect score) to date.
  12. OCH

    The Hot Topic Returns

    Exactly. That is the point of this week's question. You give your answer, others give theirs and move on. I don't really care how people feel about it one way or the other. We've been there, we've done that. Old news😏
  13. OCH

    The Hot Topic Returns

    The flipside of that is, as Nag and I discussed many times on GTM, I don't think Microsoft bought any positives to console gaming. Hence why it is considered a controversial opinion. By the same token, I don't think online console gaming was guaranteed. Dreamcast started it, but Sega didn't exist in a vacuum. Neither Sony nor Nintendo really showed a great interest in pushing the tech forward at the time. We'll ultimately never know one way or the other, and any suggestions to the contrary are purely speculative.
  14. It reminds me of buying 1st Party Nintendo titles second hand. They certainly don't depreciate in value.
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