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  1. OCH

    Rogue Legacy

    First Boss - Khidr - Dead Out of morbid curiosity, I unlocked the ability tree called "Bestiality" 😬 It gave me: Dragon Class! Which is surprisingly shite...πŸ˜’
  2. OCH

    Films II : The Filminator

    Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark AKA Jump scare: The Movie AKA Adult Goosebumps Yikes. I think this is yet another film I've been suckered into seeing by that 'Del Toro' name and visual flair, being attached. This was awful. It veers so far away from being horror it becomes comedy. This is a 15 Cert film and I think it could have been a 12A. The "scary" part of the title is nonexistent, outside from loud, telegraphed jump scares. It is essentially a series of short stories with a tenuous, overarching narrative. Hence the 'Goosebumps' part... For crying out loud, it even sequel baits and, as with The Predator last year, there is nothing to warrant even a second viewing, let alone a sequel. I know I don't do spoilers BUT for crying out loud someone is hugged to death... HUGGED!. No scream, no body. Just a hug and he disappears...πŸ™„ 4/10 The 'four' is for the Del Toro visuals with only two monsters in the film. The other two monsters are really nothing special.
  3. Clearly you do. Otherwise you wouldn't be reacting with such a bizarrely defensive rant over a fictional character, as if a personal friend you were defending. Considering my comment was directly talking about Spider-Man, which has been the subject of the last page or so, and not the single throwaway descriptive at the very end of what I was saying... Reign it in a bit. Good grief And for the record, the part of your previous comment I quoted and highlighted in bold, was the only part that I was using to refer to you directly.
  4. It doesn't really matter. 10 years of films, 56 years of comic books. That is apples and oranges at this point. It is the Groupie part that is the issue. They said they were skipping over repeating the Spider-Man origin, the Uncle Ben thing. Except they didn't, they just substituted him for Tony Stark. So not really anything different, other than making Spider-Man a lesser hero in his own right. One that didn't build himself up from nothing, but was a kind of makeshift Robin...
  5. 🀣 That made me spit out my drink, before I remembered the era we live in. A "measly 5%" of the box office revenue for a single character, Blakey. It is still peanuts compared to the money they make from the rest of the MCU. Plus the money they exclusively make from the merchandising. Plus this was a previously arranged deal, not some figures just thrown out this week. It boils down to Disney being nothing but greedy and Sony holding their ground. While I can't believe I'm still even entering into a Spider-Man conversation, let alone championing the merits of a spidey film, but some facts about Into The Spiderverse (via Wiki): 1)It grossed over $375 million worldwide against a $90 million budget. 2)It won numerous awards, including Best Animated Feature at the 91st Academy Awards, It was the first non-Disney or Pixar film to win the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature since Rango (2011), as well as the first non-Disney/Pixar film since Happy Feet (2006) to win that award when a Disney or Pixar film was also in contention. So if it comes to it, Sony will be fine making Spider-Man films on their own. He might even go back to being recognised as an A-list Superhero in his own right, not a groupie for a C-Lister...
  6. OCH

    Mortal Kombat 11

    What have they done to the Joker's face?😬
  7. Another tale of Disney's greed... A shock to no one.
  8. I'm not even a Spider-Man fan but, as Maf said, Sony did Into The Spiderverse themselves. If they keep the same writers etc from that involved in their future Spider-Man films, they won't be shite at all.
  9. On the one hand, Oh well they've got the X-Men [and FF] now. So Wolverine can no doubt be shoehorned into becoming the new MCU poster boy. Yet on the other hand, based on previous experience of these situations... I wonder what the Disney Playstation will look like😬
  10. OCH

    Films II : The Filminator

    If you haven't already, have a scan of the comments section of the video. The trailer clearly woke up the lunatic fringe πŸ˜„
  11. OCH

    Rogue Legacy

    Two to Three pages of searching later and I find this dead old thread. Nearly a year since anyone even had anything to say on it. Still, let's get started! Already spent several hours at it and I'm loving it. Still (at "level 50") not been able to beat the first eyeball boss, but that isn't really a problem. It reminds me of a more action oriented Binding of Isaac, albeit drawing inspiration from Ghouls N Ghosts/Maximo (whereas Dead Cells is clearly more a homage to Castlevania) over Legend of Zelda. Just like BoI, finding the best starting item Spell is key. 'Conflux' is the early game answer to that question. Although now I am comfortable in progressing to the areas beyond the Castle, it is clear from the difficulty spikes this game isn't as non-linear as you would expect. The forest feels like World 2, whereas the Land of Darkness gave me the distinct impression I shouldn't be there at all πŸ˜„ The deaths don't bother me. In as much as some descendant trees are so naff and riddled with negative traits, they are simply kamikaze run fodder. As with BoI, you have to accept not every run is a winner. Recently unlocked Hokage, Spelunker and Lich King job classes. The latter, alongside the mighty Crow Storm spell, is god tier. The risk/reward system behind the Lich job class reminds me of Blue Baby runs in Isaac, too. Not going to ramble on with every play session, as this is an old game and therefore anything I would have to say is probably redundant and/or previously expressed in the thread. I'll check back in when I've slain one of the big bosses and the game opens up a bit more.
  12. It was odd, as in game it was always described as something visually distinct. That you could tell from someone's eyes at a glance, they were in Soldier. Since it was a side effect of being Mako infused, I always took that to mean they had some kind of green, possibly reflective, glow. Like cats eyes in the dark.
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