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  1. OCH

    A Song A Day

    So today's the day. We have Two selections for this lil February Jukebox. One for the Couples: And one for the Singles (and those who don't care): An anthem to 'there are Other things in Life'
  2. OCH

    What're ye buyin'?

    Local Multiplayer is all that matters anyway. It may not be the most graphically accomplished version of the game, but that doesn't interest me either. It's MORTAL KOMBAT 11, I'm excited for that!
  3. OCH

    A Song A Day

    Somewhat apt, today we have an "anti-climatic" song for the day before....
  4. OCH

    What're ye buyin'?

    I don't have anything other than a Switch...
  5. OCH

    What're ye buyin'?

    Release Date: 9 May 2019* £39.85 - Good Old ShopTo👍
  6. OCH

    A Song A Day

    A more sombre note today. Life, eh? It's not all sunshine and rainbows...
  7. OCH

    Currently listening to....

  8. OCH

    Resident Evil 2

    @Nag Have you seen the REmake 1 randomiser? They put Tyrant as a random enemy encounter. You know, the boss that is indestructible unless you have the Rocket Launcher. Imagine two of them popping out of the windows in that early hallway where you first encounter the dogs? 😨
  9. OCH

    [Rumour/Leak] Batman: Arkham Crisis

    Oh no, not last year,.This was said several years ago. I don't do twitter so I wouldn't have a clue what is said there.
  10. OCH

    [Rumour/Leak] Batman: Arkham Crisis

    The one part I remember most about City was the Mr Freeze boss fight. Other than that...
  11. OCH

    [Rumour/Leak] Batman: Arkham Crisis

    That's why I tapped out of the series with City. That game had a bit too much padding for my taste, compared to Asylum.
  12. OCH


    That is as fanciful now as it was the last time you brought it up, Blakey 🙄. As @one-armed dwarf said, these Live Action remakes are just soulless. I'm a realist, I don't waste my time trying to find the positive in everything.
  13. OCH


    Given how stilted Jafar was from the trailer alone, I doubt that very much...
  14. OCH

    [Rumour/Leak] Batman: Arkham Crisis

    WB Montreal, apparently. So it could be them. I haven't been invested in the series since Arkham City. It would be nice for a Batman game to move away from that mold now though. Hopefully Rocksteady are busy making that Superman game they promised some time ago.