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  1. But they made Spider-Man interesting, at least....
  2. Alternatively they could go straight to 18/R-Rated and go for this:
  3. Toilet during the film? Rookie mistake. You go when you get to the cinema, then, you don't need to go again til after the film.
  4. Personally, I'd prefer this: No need for retcon introductions and elaborate backstory origins. Just grab all the toys from the toy box and smash them against each other!
  5. OCH

    The Most Played

    Two come to mind. Eternal Darkness, probably invested 100+ hours into that. I adored everything about that game. Each playthrough after the first was 100% without exception. Even the chapters I didn't like I soon warmed to. The Binding of Isaac. Considering this was a game I played daily for 5-6 years, I'd say throughout its various iterations, game time probably would check in around several hundred to thousand hours. Especially, as there was a patch of a year or two wherein it was my only game. My gaming obsession. I discovered it at the right place, at the right time, and it got me through some rough years.
  6. OCH

    Mortal Kombat 11

    After hearing nothing from ShopTo, I decided to do some checking... they are giving a release date of May 10th😲 That can't be right... EDIT: Yup, suddenly the Switch release date of MK 11 has shifted to roughly three weeks later. With zero explanation... Wonderful
  7. I'm going, with friends, to an 8.30pm on Friday. Film should start about 9? Three-ish hours long... Awake for work at 4am Saturday Morning😑
  8. OCH

    Mortal Kombat 11

    Might have to pass on it, for now...😞
  9. OCH

    The Comic Book Thread

    Well Thanos has gone toe to toe with Galactus, as has the Phoenix (via Rachel Summers, not Jean). So in terms of power levels, with an inexperienced host, that is about right.
  10. OCH

    The Comic Book Thread

    Exactly. That's why it did bad shit, Jean's human influence on an abstract entity. Literally every Phoenix story written from about the 90's onwards, retcons the Phoenix into a DBZ upgrade type thing. A "pure" host means you actually see the Phoenix Force itself with a physical form, uncorrupted.
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