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  1. Made it to the bionis' leg - a wondrous place that sold the game back in the day with its sheer scale. Not so impressive now, of course, after the even more momentous vistas of xeno X and XC2, but it's still a big moment to walk out on that field, look up and see the shape of the bionis' sword cutting thru the sky. I've probably caught up (in hours spent) with Blakey, as I've completely cleared a massive amount of side quests, and got pretty well levelled for where I am in the game. I have no idea where the story goes from here. It's been too long, and I only got 30 hours in anyway. All I know is that metal face will rue the day....
  2. bellow

    Final Fantasy X / X-2

    Foolishly I went in blind. I don't know if you recall, but on these very pages I was moaning about where all the side quests, super aeons and 100+ hours of content I'd heard about where, as I'd sort of got to what appeared to be a point of no return in about 45 hours! I think och, dwarf and a couple of the guys pointed out that back in the day you where expected to use a guide to access a lot of that stuff, or you'd just walk past it. This pissed me off so much that I jibbed the game and went off to do a forum playthru of XII (which only I completed😃) I've since beaten the game and it's sequel, which I enjoyed so much I actually maxed out my team. I would have played along with u if I hadn't done it so recently as, in retrospect, I seem to have a great fondness for the whole X experience. More so than 7, in fact.
  3. bellow

    The Hot Topic Returns

    For someone with this avatar it pains me to admit I've never played a 2d Mario game. I've played and loved the 3d ones, and galaxy is high on my top 10 of all time. I just have no patience for the classics. I've tried but I can't do them. I just over jump or run into things.
  4. I think the trick with the combat is to not button mash. Getting the aggro off shulk so that he can get in position to deliver the meaty cuts is what it's all about in the early game. Plus, what have u been doing for 4 hours? I'm in the middle of fending off a massive invasion of colony 9, but I'm nowhere near 4 hours in. Having said that, I can see how this game isn't for everyone. The combat either clicks or it doesn't. If it doesn't, you're buggered, really. Like most games like this, there's an awful lot of fisticuffs.
  5. I split it if I can, docking the console for important story bits and bosses. But it would be hard to get thru these long games without the handheld option, and that all important sleep function. As far as hand cramping goes. That's for novices
  6. They've definitely nailed the QoL improvements in this edition, maybe taking hours of leg work out of the game by simply removing the need to report back to a sidequest giver to get your reward/xp. It feels a bit weird if the quest is to find something specifically for that person, but I'm not complaining. This was a feature of XC2, and is certainly a welcome fix for a game of this scale. A lot has been made of the resolution on handheld but I think it looks fine for a hd rendition of a game from the wii. It looks a bit like FFXII on the switch, to be honest. I was a bit more surprised by the low fidelity of XC2. Why was that so janky on the switch handheld screen when they'd already made the pin sharp Xenoblade X on the WiiU? Anyway, I'm back in the saddle with 100 hours of Jrpg splendor stretching before me. Phew!
  7. bellow

    Final Fantasy X / X-2

    I couldn't understand it, myself. Then again I had a completely different experience with the game than Blakey is having. I never came across half the stuff he's talking about. Like, who the hell are the Magus sisters, when they're at home?
  8. Suffer, fools, and despair. For it is I who now wields the monado.
  9. It's dropped 3 points😡 I'm out!
  10. bellow

    Horizon: Zero Dawn.

    Discussion can sometimes be as invigorating as exploration 😆
  11. bellow

    Horizon: Zero Dawn.

    Then why did you offer a contrary position to mine, which I'd stated was simply my opinion? From now on, I'll just let you opine without response, if that's your thing.
  12. bellow

    Horizon: Zero Dawn.

    Strawman. I've never played a videogame in which you were invited to simply stroll around an empty expanse of land. In all of the games I've mentioned, and you can include the elder Scrolls and fallout games, you are encouraged to wander and discover things, a quest, a puzzle, a village, the bloody aftermath of a gangland shootout (as I did just the other day while playing GTA V). What you're usually not encouraged to do is battle a bunch of mechs every 30 steps or leg it and miss everything the game might have had to offer off the beaten track. In that way I don't regard HZD as an open world game in the way most people think of the genre.
  13. bellow

    Horizon: Zero Dawn.

    Are you suggesting there is no entertainment value in simply exploring the virtual open space offered in games like RDR, BotW, GTA etc? I'm sure that would be a 'hot take' in the Och sense of the term 😃.
  14. bellow

    Horizon: Zero Dawn.

    It's also not an open world game in my opinion. You can't walk 10 yards without encountering something u have to fight or avoid, totally nullifying the simple pleasure of exploration.
  15. I picked that one too.
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