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  1. Zelda is the only game I will preload this year. I actually shocked myself when I went out and bought Hogwarts soon after it came out, but the reviews got to me. No regrets there, though. But most games, if they don't go on gamepass and I can play them for 8 quid, have to wait - sometimes years.
  2. So, with @one-armed dwarf opening up the thread recently I decided to go back in, and went and wrapped up the main campaign earlier today, closing out with Geralt about level 38, which is rather high for the endgame. The final bosses keeled over easy, but I don't mind that. It's payoff for getting deep into the game and trying to see everything. I feel I have to mention just how amazing the last few hours of this game are. It's a hell of a spectacle, possibly the greatest endgame in gaming. I had a great time playing it and, thankfully, I still have the 2 Dlcs to look forward to. I think I'll leave it for a good while, though. From what I remember those dlcs are pretty much a sizeable RPG in their own right when played together. They'll be nice to get into after Zelda. Excellent playthru, and I hope they get back to this franchise sooner rather than later.
  3. I'd probably like it more now after playing the 3 AssCreed RPGs back to back last year and loving them. I'm more in tune with the ubi ethos nowadays.
  4. Yeah, I think it's coming back to me now. Some weird Greek thing with an awful script.
  5. I can only remember not seeing the credits on 3 games. There must be more but I can recall any others off hand. Both Tales of Arise and Tales of Vesperia saw the middle finger off me, and that's after putting in over 50 hours on both of them - but they both became utterly obnoxious in the writing department in the later hours, with endless inane and unskippable chatter between the characters. Fuck those games. And then there's my anomaly. Minnish Cap. I just couldn't beat the final boss. I think I'll check 'sacked that off mate' before I post. I'm back🙂 Yeah, gravity rush 2 and something called Immortals. Swear to Christ I can't even remember that one!
  6. I allowed myself to become immersed in the Cyberpunk world because I was really enjoying the gameplay. I think that's the main thing for me. When you really love what the game is asking of you the world and it's stories become believable because you want them to be, even when the old 'suspension of disbelief' has to kick into overdrive. Not that I'm down on the Witcher 3. I love that too, but it has a certain annoyance for me in the gameplay department that was absent from Cyberpunk. Fucking Witcher sensing. Every fucking mission. Plus, I had a talking smart gun in Cyberpunk called Skippy. Surely that counts for something!
  7. I am indeed still playing, although I think I was talking about the main first area rather than that little bit at the beginning. I think I'm well over 70 hours at this point, and I've had a fabulous adventure. As a game I would say I was slightly more inspired by Cyberpunk. That game had a freshness which a sword and sorcery RPG like the Witcher can't really offer the player at this point. It's still bloody great though. I am on a break at the mo. I left off at what I remember being a rather pivotal moment in the plot and will resume when I've put my current GTA exertions to bed.
  8. I could live with a Hellblade adaptation. But then I love all that Viking era stuff. I'm wracking my brains for a black lesbian to play Senua.
  9. I've suffered my first betrayal and had to skidadal to the second (even grottier) safehouse. The game opens up at the point and you find yourself in wide areas of the 3 section map. I also had a bit of a nostalgia buzz when one the missions took me thru the Liberty version of Times square. That drive thrilled back in the day. It's still pretty great, but they could tune up the resolution a bit. What's it running at on Xbox? It's a bit loose I don't mind saying.
  10. I think the release was a bit of a cultural event and a lot of people got caught up the hype (check out the mad metacritic score it has). Personally I played it and replayed it and it's DLCs several times, and never felt any lack of fun. After San Andreas, I did think it felt a little small, and the lack of planes felt weird. But I really liked the characters and the story, and the acting was a major step forward for videogames of that era. I dunno, it's like any game with RPG leanings, you can either commit to the role or fight against it because it's not moving you.
  11. Check my bump suckers! Got this for buttons on an Xbox sale and I have to say I'm really loving my playthru, my first in well over a decade. It's running at 60 FPS I think, very smooth especially in vehicles, and the action isn't bad considering. But I always thought it was the characters that shone in 4, and the overarching revenge thread. I think 5 is on sale too. I might grab it because I was doing an FPS playthru when it was on gamepass, and then they pulled it
  12. Feckin Nora, dude, someone's definitely hit you with the old compulso disordo spell. I'll try too come up with a potion.
  13. Finished this tonight. Exceptional game I thought. Wanted more really, and that's my only complaint. It had 32 side quests which were mostly as interesting as the main campaign as they were often linked to the concerns of fellow students and had multiple 'episodes.' Some were a bit more basic, but in the main I found myself always happy to find a new quest marker. Got 53 hours out of it and I had a challenge completion of 93 percent, so I'm not really sure where @DisturbedSwangot those other 30 hours from. I can only assume he broke his broom and had to walk everywhere. Can't recommend it highly enough.
  14. Worth playing? Are you serious? That game effin rocks. I think it's up for a fiver on Xbox too at the mo.
  15. Crack (not rift @DANGERMAN) in Time is definitely the masterpiece of the series. If you're going to play one, play that. Nexus and the 2016 remake of the first one are also up there for me, although 3 is generally regarded as the highpoint for the wider fan base.
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