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  1. bellow

    Metroid Dread

    People were mystified by my 20+ hour run of Samus returns. But I thought I got thru it quite efficiently.
  2. It feels a bit like that. For all the praise it got I'd be surprised if it maintains the affection of players the way the first game has.
  3. bellow

    Metroid Dread

    Pfft. Your facetiousness is like water off a duck's back. My legendary runthru of Super Metroid (15h 37m, 43% completion) is still talked about, in reverential tones, all over the internet.
  4. bellow

    At Liberty City

    Don't know about that.😀 Anyway, I read your treatise, so that's something. I had a similar reaction to San Andreas (because that was the current GTA when I started gaming). After playing a few trad, linear games I just had no idea what I was supposed to be doing with all the freedom. Amazing. I still hold that game in high regard, even though I've grown increasingly cold on the GTA format. (Says the guy whose just started a third playthru of Sleeping dogs)
  5. bellow

    Metroid Dread

    My eldest brat had bought this for me for my birthday, but wants to play it first to make sure it's not to scary for me. What a guy!
  6. I'm sort of interested in this. God knows what they'll feel like these days. IV is bad enough. But I do love San Andreas.
  7. bellow

    Mass Effect 2

    Think I've definitely just done another DLC episode, the one where you have to rescue the doctor whose got the reaper artifact. Top bit of space action, that was! It's all nicely integrated in this legendary edition, and the new characters I'm getting like the South African merc, and the stealth assassin are easily my favourites. This game is monumental in this legendary edition.
  8. Good job we're not still doing that 'games I've never heard of,' thing.
  9. bellow

    Mass Effect 2

    So I've been meaning to have a crack at the legendary edition of this for a couple of months (came with my XSX bundle). And when my gamepass sub ended last week, the time seemed right. Straight away I knew why I've long regarded this as one of the greatest of all time. It's just so complete - the lore, the story, the characters and their many interactions, the gameworld (or game galaxy, here)! It's near perfect. Plus your getting all the dlc here, which is substantial. I've just done Overlord, which was superb, and I'm thinking this might be a long playthru as I'm taking every side quest on to make it last. So good.
  10. That strange thing they do on FF games, and that GTA collage they always do. Both are iconic, for me.
  11. bellow

    Dragon Quest XI

    Absolutely. One of only 2 Jrpgs in which I maxed out my characters. The other was the masterful FF10-2. 😀
  12. bellow

    Scarlet Nexus

    100% playthru incoming
  13. A similar thing happened to me in real life this morning. I wanted a quick look at Scarlet Nexus, but it turned out my game pass sub had run out and the game wouldn't start. It was like they knew.
  14. Nah. I'm a single player campaign type of guy. Plus, although I appreciate Insomniac's Spidey and Arkham asylum, I find superheroes a bit....well, shite.
  15. I'm downloading that as soon as I get home. Get in!!!
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