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  1. bellow

    Your Top 10 Games

    Probably would have been better remaking that one, then. Or at least pretending to remake it like 7.
  2. bellow

    Your Top 10 Games

    8 is the mystical Switch non reissue. Why is is it 7 9 10 10/2 12? Why, dammit?
  3. bellow

    Your Top 10 Games

    @OCH. Mmm, so ff9 is top ten material? Good. That's certainly on my 2019 Switch RPG splurge list.
  4. bellow

    No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again

    Looks feckin' awful.
  5. bellow

    Tales of Vesperia

    I'm really liking the combat in this. It's such an unusual system, with combos and recovery times that make every battle a little dance. Not that it's hard and you have to be on your toes all the time, because it isn't (or at at least it isn't yet), but you can definitely make it pleasant on the eye when everything is flowing together. I'm getting a bit overlevelled in my search for the perfect technique. That's the only problem.
  6. bellow

    Resident Evil 2 Remake

    Good demo, that. It's a bit scary for me, though. I always feel wrung out after playing one these games. And this has a very dense atmosphere, more so than Resi revelations, which I played recently - possible due to the torch work, which makes everything eerie. Seems a bit easier to pull off a decent head shot in this than revelations, though. The common enemies in that moved so jerkily, it was difficult to get a good aim. Loved all the blood and guts.
  7. bellow

    Play / Want / Bin January 2019

    play Finished final fantasy 15 and moved on to tales of Vesperia. It takes months for me to get thru games of this sort so I'll be hoping to break up my playthru with several normal length games, maybe Resi 2, or onimusha. want i want to own and eventually play all the final fantasy reissues coming to Switch. I can't explain why I want that. I just do. bin Bin may be too strong a word, but I've sort of stopped playing Smash ultimate. I just haven't got time to get good at games like this.
  8. bellow

    Tales of Vesperia

    Gave this a start, and even though I was a bit tired after work I put a solid 2 and a half hours in, which is not like me. I think it was the weird combat that kept me going so long. I sort of needed to get used to it, or at least fathom what I was expected to do. Got it down to running around in a big circle until my enemy runs out puff, then turning around and giving him the bad news😀.
  9. bellow

    Final Fantasy 15

    Finished this today. Weird that they did this pocket edition but I quite liked it. Still just as obtuse to follow in the story department, though. I mean what the hell is going on at the end.. Who wrote this garbage. I suppose you have to forgive it on one level. You can't really play games like this for a coherent story experience.
  10. bellow

    Resident Evil 2 Remake

    Heard that this is going to have 'adaptive difficulty.' I'm not sure that's the way to go with a horror game. It's like you're aware that the game is actually helping you beat it.
  11. bellow

    Tales of Vesperia

    Well I have the Switch version on my shelf this very minute. Might have a shufty later but won't be starting until ive finished ff15. Definitely gonna be the year of the 'long game' for me.
  12. bellow

    Nintendo Switch

    And there's a rumour that Nintendo are going to do one of those 'available to download after this direct' thingys for 9 during an upcoming direct. And probably 7. I'm having them all, thankya very much.
  13. bellow

    Final Fantasy 15

    I've just done the massive leviathan sequence in this, which is probably the most spectacular part of the full game. It's still large scale in the pocket edition, although it's a lot easier to see what's going on as everything's simplified visually. I'm pretty much romping thru this, though. The original took me months to get thru, while this is weeks at best. Still feels as much a final fantasy game as the original. So not much, really. I like it, though.
  14. bellow

    Kingdom Hearts III

    Blimey, good luck with that. I've played a few and can't make any sense of any of it. Nice to see ya, by the way😀
  15. bellow

    Final Fantasy 15

    You can tell!