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  1. Hendo

    Blazing Chrome

    I played a bunch of this the other month with a mate and we both loved it. Couldn’t get very far in it, but it’s a great Megadrive style classic and they’ve done a good job of doing a new Contra, especially after the actual new Contra is meant to be so terrible.
  2. Hendo

    Star Wars

    I really don’t think it’s a problem with the direction of where the plot exists, it’s more a problem with how the story is told. You had one film set out the new characters and story, next film does all it can to switch expectations, then the final film scrambles to undo the previous film and cram in as much as it can to race towards the finish. It could’ve been a completely different story but it wouldn’t have made a difference if it wasn’t planned out well enough. All it needed was someone competent at the top with a good vision to map out the trilogy properly and tell a good story.
  3. Hendo

    Star Wars

    It’s a mess, but I still found enjoyment to be had that I couldn’t get from TLJ. I would hope that those in charge will learn from this and actually plan ahead what will happen. Supposedly, Rhian Johnson asked JJ where he should go with his film, and JJ said, “do whatever, there’s nothing set in stone”. What Disney should’ve done is hire Lucas to map out the ideas of where the trilogy should go, but have a bunch of “no” men to edit down his nonesense. Such a great start to the trilogy, even if it was a remake, but they pissed all the goodwill up the wall and made 2 messes.
  4. I’ve booted this back up and gone right into the most recent save which is somewhere near the start of the last expansion. Could be the fancy new TV, but it looks so vibrant and colourful. Still struggling to get back into the controls, I’ve forgotten all I learnt. Instead of calling the horse, I downed some potions. And then in an attempt to get off the horse, I pulled out my swords in a town and got killed by guards. I’d be tempted to start from scratch, but not sure if you can have multiple saves. Plus, it’s a massive game to start all over again.
  5. Hendo

    Star Wars

    Finally watched it yesterday with a mate. Difficult to tell whether it was the lower expectations, but I enjoyed it much more than TLJ. The humour landed and there were no Mary Poppins in Space moments that just made me angry. It did very much feel like there’s a film in between that is missing. The reveal of a certain character returning would’ve been better as the final twist last scene in TLJ. But it just shows how poorly planned out (or, supposedly, not at all) this trilogy has been. I hope that they have now finally put the Skywalker saga to bed, but, y’know - Disney and Lucasfilm and all that. The Pitch Meeting for this is good, spoilers obviously:
  6. Hendo

    New TV

    Not a lot I can do for the time being. The wooden cabinets behind are where the electric meter is so I need to be able to move the whole stand out so they can get in. Everything’s temporary at the moment until after I get the walls replastered and decorated.
  7. Hendo

    New TV

    Got this as it was on sale. Ambilight is impressive and you can set to be quite extreme or subtle. Also, whether it’s affected by the video, the audio or a fixed colour in the background. It’s very reflective though, and the sun was shining right through my living room. The front door is there as well with two windows in the door and closing the blinds wasn’t enough, so I had to go out and buy some poles and blackout curtains. This is taken before I got the curtains up:
  8. That’s the whole reason they spent the previous hours going through every game one by one. In theory, they talk all they have to about each game and then relatively quickly decide on which ten and in which order.
  9. Hendo

    TV Shows

    It’s Sunday so I’ve bust out the old Columbo box set. It’s shaped like a cigar box and it’s hours of heaven.
  10. Hendo

    Netflix recommendations

    Up to episode 5 of The Witcher and I’m enjoying it a fair bit. Superman is doing an alright job, certainly got the voice down. Or it could be effects, I dunno. Someone in work was asking about it and asking if it compared to Game of Thrones. I can see why they thought of that, being a fantasy series from a series of modern books. Doesn’t feel as expensive as that series got.
  11. Hendo

    Star Wars

    I’m going to see it tomorrow. I’m going in with super low expectations but most intrigued to see how they justify the plot points I know about. Mainly just the one, really, but man, that’s gonna take some heavy lifting.
  12. Gone back to this due to having no home net. Somewhere close to the end, just did the sand level. I really like how each floor is themed and there’s been some nice surprises so far and not just sand, water, etc. Although they do obviously pop up.
  13. I haven’t looked at the list or listened yet, but I’m gonna guess that Outer Wilds has the best chance of being number 1 as so many of them like it. Death Stranding has no chance whatsoever, though it did get a good chance in another category. And not hottest mess either, which has sadly not come back.
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