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  1. Yeah, the cel-shaded style is new. I only had half an hour before work to give this a try, I never got out of the opening conversation. First impressions aren’t great. I didn’t enjoy having to press a button to move the conversation going at every step. A character will say one word and then won’t move on till you’ve pressed the button. Then they say a whole sentence, press a button. Then say some more words, press a button. Then it’s the turn of the other character to speak. It’s weird. Hopefully there’s an option somewhere to change that.
  2. I pre-ordered it, wake up today to watch the Sterling video and it looks like it runs terribly.
  3. New update is out so you can go deep sea diving. Pretty simplistic as you’d expect but quite relaxing. Bubbles appear on the surface so you dive there, grab whatever is on the bottom and come back up. I wondered how they’d handle boundaries and there’s a net running all around the island to stop you from going too far, but the distance you can swim is quite far.
  4. Hendo

    Films II : The Filminator

    Watched Into The Spider-Verse last night for the first time. Really enjoyed it but was somehow expecting billions of Spider-Men. I thought Nic Cage was great.
  5. Finished it yesterday. Agree with Ben. Too long, they make their points and then keep going. I think I preferred the first game for story. I will say, though, top marks to ND for pissing off the incels. “Oh, you were upset that Ellie is gay? Let’s see what we can do about that....” Genius, keep it up.
  6. At the point I’m at, I’ve only had maybe two story moments that might be considered spoilers. Some way through day 3, so don’t open spoiler tags if not that far yet: I could be wrong and there’s been more that I haven’t picked up on or forgotten, but personally I wouldn’t feel like it wasn’t worth playing if I knew those already going in. It’s a fine game at this point and a good story, but it really suffers from the length. I felt the same way about Uncharted 4.
  7. Hendo

    Mixer Closing

    They could let them go or I guess they could still keep them in contract and away from Twitch?
  8. I’m on Day 3 I think. Made it to the Ferris wheel, which should indicate where I am without spoiling anything. Playing on Normal, died a fair few times. I’m really enjoying it but not finding it as brutal as I was probably expecting. Might be expectations, or the worst is yet to come, or just 2020 yo. Having said that, some of the Ellie deaths and enemy deaths can be really fucked up, but the story itself isn’t as brutal as I was expecting. Yet. It’s good but it’s probably not one I’ll be in a rush to play through again, mostly due to how long it is.
  9. Does it have a “previously on The Last of Us” type intro to remind you of what happened on the last game?
  10. Went digital yet again.
  11. I think Tomb Raider might have been the first time they specifically said it would be timed exclusive. These other games eventually came out on other platforms, so you have to guess the contracts were similar except maybe they had something written in to never mention that it was timed? https://gamerant.com/best-timed-exclusives/
  12. Hendo

    Modded Consoles

    I had a modded PS1 to play pirates, a modded Dreamcast that I didn’t use for anything nefarious or home brew. An original Xbox that had been modded but was in my house exactly 24 hours before my house got broken into and it got snatched. I can’t remember if the Wii was modded. I have vague memories of it being done but I didn’t use it for anything. I think that’s about it. I had the most use out of the PS1. Totally wrong to do, but in my rather flimsy defence, I was living in a bedsit spending pennies on food.
  13. Hendo

    Ring Fit Adventure

    The length is fine for me, I guess you could always up the difficulty? Whenever it starts I always I tell it to keep it as it is. In one session I’ll do as far as I can in each world, either to finish it or fail out near the end. That’s honestly enough for me at this stage! I’m looking forward to finishing the story mode and taking a look at the other modes. I did a couple of the mini games that world 4 threw up and they seem fun enough.
  14. Hendo

    Ring Fit Adventure

    Stumbled on the last normal level in world 4. My own fault, should’ve used the smoothies I had. Also, colour coded enemies becomes a big thing and I changed my moves so I had two of every colour, or so I thought until I had a fight with a different coloured enemy. So I guess I have to choose which colours to only have one of. It should be fairly obvious, but worth pointing out that the first time you find the shop, you can’t buy smoothies until you do a task for the shop keeper, but you can buy new clothes and they all have stat upgrades. I had enough money to replace all my clothes, so well worth doing.
  15. Runner 3 is currently only 98p on Switch. I got it for free using points and well worth it. Normal price is 14 quid!
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