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  1. Watching so much of the Eurogamer run through of Dark Souls III, I found out that despite playing through it several times and racking up over 200 hours on one character, I’d completely missed an optional area and entire boss fight that I never knew existed. I keep trying to play it again on PS4 and my disc spitting problem is back. I’d say it makes me want to get the 5 this year, but I can’t even guarantee that it will 100% replace the 4 with back compat stuff.
  2. Lots of new albums dropped recently. New Public Enemy, which on first listen, is pretty bad. The magic has gone. New Deftones, which I haven’t given a proper listen past the first two tracks. New Idles album which seems to contain the whole of the last EP. It’s Idles, it’s great. And Rob J Madin, you may know better by his Brett Domino persona, has released his metal covers album done in a funk style. They work surprisingly well! The version of Blind by Korn is fantastic.
  3. Hendo

    Amazon Luna

    Subscription model is much more likely to get me interested than what Google have done. Still boggles my brain that they went that way.
  4. Hendo


    Actually just got a build that makes the gauntlets really good. Got a boon that gives you health back if you use the special to kill an enemy, then one that gives the special 40% damage increase plus 20% chance to crit. So I’m just mowing down fools and getting health back. I’m gonna have to do some googling I think as I’m missing one character to meet and some other stuff I’m not sure about regarding weapon collectible upgrades.
  5. Hendo


    I can completely understand why you like them, and as soon as I started using them, I could see this being the weapon of choice for those who love combo action games like DMC and Bayonetta but I like being at a bit more of a distance. I’ve unlocked them all now, at least presuming it’s all of them. I like the spear the best, followed by the bow and then the blade. There’s so many things to find and unlock, upgrade and generally tinker with. I’ve only just noticed what one of the collectibles is for, upgrading permanent stat upgrades for the weapons. So I’ve put a point into every weapon so far.
  6. Hendo


    I’ve just started playing it, unlocked a couple of weapons and just started scratching the surface of what permanent upgrades you can get. Dead Cells is an obvious comparison for me, it certainly is the best way of describing this as an isometric Dead Cells. The weapons all feel suitably different and there doesn’t seem to be a “correct” weapon right now, just the one that suits your playing style.
  7. I still play Three’s almost every day. It’s a perfect phone game, plus no ads or micro transactions. Not sure I would put it top ten though.
  8. I answered neither but the temptation is there for both. On the Xbox front, the pay monthly deal is quite tempting and I’m all in on Game Pass anyway. Plus my current machine is a launch one. On the PS5, there’s Demon’s Souls. Plus my current machine is launch (ish) base model, still beeps at me a lot and the fan is ridiculous. For me the biggest feature I would need to have is I buy one and all my previous downloads pop up to install on the new machine, to properly retire the older machines.
  9. Bought and played a couple of mainstream board games on the Switch. Cluedo is a pretty well made version. You can play single player against AI, with a full roster or just the bare minimum of people needed. You can also play online which I haven’t tried, but I have played the local multi which means installing an app to your phone. This takes over the controls and is how each person sees and controls their cheat sheet to keep track of what’s going on. I bought the more expensive version that has a ton more styles to it, like one based on Sherlock Holmes or one set on a cruise ship. Nothing actually changes but you do get some pretty cool looking characters to choose from. I also bought Trivial Pursuit Live! which is set out like a TV show. Questions skewed a bit more to Americans but nothing outlandish apart from a ridiculous question about which years one American Football team won stuff. Works well, uses the face buttons to choose answers except in a couple of different rounds. I was expecting them both to be shit but they do the job just fine. Not as polished as I would like, but alright for the money.
  10. That’s the first FF game perhaps ever that is tempting me. Loving the old fashioned fantasy stuff, no generic anime style or weird sci-fi shenanigans going on.
  11. @Sly Reflexin answer to your question in PS5 thread, this is the only thing from the reveal that will interest you. Looks like the most impressive looking Souls game yet. The person playing it is clearly playing with an over-levelled character (cleverly disguised by turning the UI off) but it looks fucking great.
  12. I’ve probably mentioned these videos before, but hey ho. I’m in a hankering once again to play Dark Souls 3 again and maybe another attempt at finishing the first one. I’ve been watching the Eurogamer videos of them doing various SoulsBorne games. Aoife is clearly the better player but Johnny does improve.
  13. I love the Paper Mario : Thousand Year Door battle system. Turn-based but with rewards for good timing is always great when done well. Also the movement and shooting feel of the Call of Duty, TitanFall and Apex Legends. Those games get the best feeling of all the FPS games I’ve played. And of course the From battle system. Souls and Bloodborne just have the best one-on-one battles. When you pull off a dodge and then smack to the face, there’s not much more satisfying than that.
  14. Hendo

    Double Kick Heroes

    Couldn’t find a thread on it, nobody else played this? It’s a rhythm action game for those who like metal and killing zombies. Worth it alone for noticing how close the fake versions of bands like Iron Maiden and Faith No More are. At least watch the opening few minutes of the story, I’ve been having a great laugh with it. On GamePass currently, worth a look.
  15. Hendo

    TV Shows

    Avenue 5? A mate has set up a Plex server and given me a login. It looks kind of like Netflix but has only what he puts on it.
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