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  1. Hendo


    I started watching Mandy last night but went to sleep a few minutes in. Not a critical response, more that it was time for bed. I’m finishing watching Goodfellas for the first time. One of those films that I’d convinced myself I’d seen but really just seen loads of clips and parodies. I also didn’t realise The Dirt was on Netflix, I assumed it was a cinema release, so I’ll be watching that pretty soon.
  2. Just found a video, yep, definitely not fought him. I’ll have to go back if I can and see if I can find him. Which will give me a good opportunity to feel all powerful on the weaker enemies now I’m a bit stronger and hopefully get stronger before drunken bastard.
  3. I’ll have to YouTube some of this. Once I went back 3 years, the only hard enemies of note I’ve seen is spear guy and drunken bastard.
  4. I’m not even sure I’ve seen Chained Ogre.
  5. I might have missed some of those sub-bosses, where are the other two you mentioned? Also, @RikSP - you can do it!
  6. Hendo

    The Hot Topic

    Definitely getting the platinum on Bloodborne and all trophies in the DLC. Probably not as brutal as I was expecting but you still need a bit of dedication to get all the weapons and do all the side quests.
  7. Hendo

    The MFGamers Podcast

    MFGamers Podcast - Desert Island Sly Reflex @Sly Reflex, aka Simon, speaks to the mysterious island caretaker about his choices on the MFG desert island. What games will he choose? And what games will he screw over other people and delete? Theme remix by me, from the original by @wiivo 2.0. Background music and production by me. Download the episode here. Subscribe to the feed here. iTunes link - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/mfgamers/id1318429602 Non-iTunes feed - http://feeds.feedburner.com/mfgamerspodcast Note 1: Please keep game choices in spoiler tags for those who haven't listened to it yet. Note 2: Anyone who wants to travel to the island and share their choices should PM me as soon as possible. The longer you leave it, the more other people will screw you over by deleting your favourite games.
  8. I found a good video on how to cheese the boss I’m stuck on. I’ll put it behind a spoiler tag, in case anyone doesn’t want to even know his name.
  9. I believe I’ve found my first proper boss. Surrounded by minions though, so without online help this will be a pain. There is an NPC that will help but he died and I got smashed to bits.
  10. I finally killed the spear guy and I’ve now progressed! Not only got an idol so I can skip past that gruelling section, but also unlocked a new skill tree.
  11. I get like that at the beginning of every From game, @RikSP - for the moment I’m just trying to grind my way up a bit. Having health upgrades tied to (I presume) story progression may halt that a little bit though. I just found a third arm add-on, so now I can take down the shield guys with two button presses. I think my biggest way of moving forward is recognising the Kanji text that pops up and remembering what to do in those situations. There’s meant to be a training enemy somewhere in the hub. Anyone know where exactly it is? Never mind, found him.
  12. I’ve bought a couple of new moves and got two arm bits but I’m still struggling like hell. I’ve opened the first door shortcut on the estate but can’t get much further. I can’t do anything against the shield enemies and then I get to a little bit further and just get annihilated.
  13. Proper struggling with this, not helped by my tendency to mash attack and not try to parry everything. Somehow I have made some progression even though my character is a bit ill and I appear to have done some time travelling. I might have to find a video with some decent tips.
  14. All of the main companies having their own direct link to customers makes E3 make even less sense. It started as a private showing for investors and shops. Now people download stuff directly. Then it was a big PR excercise but now they all YouTube it out for all. I wonder if they’ll even be a “proper” E3 next year at all.
  15. Put just over an hour into this. First things first, it’s way more traditional narrative focused than the last From action RPGs. Loads of cut scenes and it defaults to Japanese voices but I switched it to English because evidently I’m some kind of monster. If I can switch it back, I’ll give it a try. Combat feels superficially similar to Souls but really very different. It’s all about parrying and timing, whereas a lot of Souls you can cheese quite easily. I can’t imagine anyone’s ultra sensitive about spoilers from an hour in, but just to be sure: So far it feels great to play, very smooth and satisfying when you pull the combat off properly.
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