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    You have to use a downslash to get past this screen: The game does a really good job imo of teaching the player how to do it too. I may have made this point before, hence having screenshots to hand :P There is also another screen where there is a jump too wide to make, but there is an enemy that flies back and forth below platform level between the two sides, so jumping and attacking the enemy seems a reasonable thing to try.
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    This isn't Skyrim is it? As you where everyone, nothing to see here.
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    Leon A down... Things are starting to sink in with routes and stuff now, that time includes doing everything (gun upgrades, packs and stuff like that) so if I can knock out that I should be good for an S rank. Managed to beat the Tyrant with a good six minutes left on the clock too, which given the fact I had over forty Lightning Hawk bullets shouldn't come as a surprise. Claire B now... That should give me the Unbreakable knife.... Then it'll be the decision on whether to go Hardcore or try for the S rank achievements.😁
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    Using Wrecking Ball as... well, a wrecking ball, is so much fun.
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    I gotta back up a bit. When I advocate for cross-platform play, I'm not doing it out of dumb naivety. Like I said, the market is fickle. PS2 was leagues ahead, then the 360 and Wii came along and Sony had to go fully pro consumer and fund crazy shit to get some ground back. They should know the power of goodwill and how it can win people back, and how pure numbers aren't the key. That's what I'm getting at. It's like they don't know how they got the reigns back.
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    Sounds like your runs will be Leon A/Claire B then Claire A/Leon B... that's what I'd do anyway @Hendo.
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    As a warning to others..
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    Fucking Sony, stop fucking about and let it happen.
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    I beat it. Some of the later boss fights are a bitch on proud, but a lot easier than DDD on standard. The very last fight is great but some of the other ones are very typical KH BS. I didn't unlock the secret ending so watched it in YouTube. Please do not click until you've beaten the game. Anyway, the game was fucking great. Easily the best one. I give it four hearts of light out of three irate pantsless ducks πŸ¦† edit Just to add more meaningful impressions, I am really happy with how this one turned out. I've got some major reservations about some narrative stuff which I'm not even going to hint at or get into at all but when it comes to thrilling, colourful RPG hack-n-slash I struggle to think of anything that's worked as well for me as this. Some niggles I have is that I don't like how much recovery frames Sora has and how it makes it hard to do a block/parry in the heat of battle. That's a problem all these games have I think and it's a major issue across the entire series when they throw a gang of cloaked mutherfukers at you teleporting off screen to fuck your ass up with offscreen magic. But you learn after a while that it's a game which is less about tight reflex timings as it is about taking your time to anticipate those types of attacks. Some parts of it are a little bit too Bayonetta 2 for me with the excess of spectacle over feeling in control over the crazy action, but there's not a lot of that type of thing really and it mostly stays solid throughout. There are some great and not so great character moments. Some of the characters really disappointed me but I love Donald Duck in this. Guy is absolutely quackers for messing up heartless. But the Organisation are boring anime dudes just like they've always been. Most of all I really like how the worlds are not just big linear boxes and corridors where you wail on heartles and proceed. Well, some of them are, like Monstropolis. But Toy Box is really just a big multi-tiered playground and when you come back with a fully kitted Sora and they power up the enemies flying around and messing them baddies up just has a wonderful 'game-feel' to it. But my favourite world I think is the Tangeld one. I haven't seen the film but it does the best job of melding the stupid KH plotline with the plot of the movie and the progression through the world is exciting and it has one great remix of a KHII track. It's much simpler in design than some other worlds however. Least favourite world might be Frozen or Pirates. Pirates feels like a collection of weird set pieces which don't quite gel and has some Black Flag stuff in there. Maybe that sailing stuff is actually good and worth returning to the game for, I dunno yet. I do intend to play this some more cause I enjoyed it so much so maybe I'll go galavanting on the high seas and see. Overall it's just really nice to play such a highly polished action game which is also made for kids. We've had our God of Wars and Red Dead Redemptions and more recently RE2s to salivate over but kids are underserved by games that can be this good. Definitely one for the 30~ish Dad/Mum gamers to play with their kids I reckon, get them hooked on something a bit more involved than fecking Fortnite or whatever the kids are into these days
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    Nemesis did love his tentacles πŸ˜‚ It's a shame he and William "Monster vagina" Birkin never met....
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    Chicken Vickers deserved his throat raping! Take it all!
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    Ha, it seems using the original costumes with Claire does actually put Sherry in to her 98 clothes which is pretty cool... It doesn't look quite as stupid in this either. So far Claire's B run has been nowhere near as bad as Leon's, her weapon load out is so much better... Leon has nothing that can one shot a Licker (unless it's a Lightning Hawk headshot.... sometimes) Here's me trying to recreate one of the iconic moments of the original... This one's for you @OCH
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    Your memory is crap though so it probably doesn't serve you.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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    you mean the game was needlessly vague? I actually did like the way it controlled mostly, I put my issues with the controls down to the Switch, I did a lot better at it with a different controller
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    But isn't bouncing on spikes with your sword just one of the most satisfying things to do? I really like the movement. I also had an adjustment period with it because I was playing it along with Dead Cells but once I got with it I think it's pretty slick.
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    I think it’s a good time to start it, personally. It’s a big gamble for some games that don’t have firm dates and could end up being next year. Plus we all have 3 spaces for extra games that we can bid on, so newly announced games can get added.
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    Think we would ave missed that though as it released just before we finished drafting? Cheers @wiivo 2.0 - looking forward to seeing how this pans out.
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    This is what should be possible once all the graphical tweaks are made.
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    After an excellent article over at Eurogamer about a Mod that Terry Pratchett got involved in, I decided to buy this on PC last night and have a crack at the mod scene myself. A little digging led me to this guide which is purely focussed on graphical updates, but it had great steps in actually setting the game up to be modded: https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/47591 After initially firing the game up just to see how the game looked (not great, but character models aside, not awful either - I had to also laugh at some of the resolutions you could run it at - 640x480 anyone?), I got cracking installing the three mod managers and a load order manager. Took about an hour and a half of swearing to get my head around it but think I have the basics sussed now. I then installed a bunch of patches and stability mods, the most significant being the Unofficial Oblivion patch - and the equivalent patches for the Shivering Isles and the other expansion I can't remember the name of. I then got some base hi-res texture packs to work. You can see the slight differences below: before after There's loads more to install just for graphics, but the screenshots in the guide look promising. Going forwards there's loads of mods I'm going to run that drastically change the way the game plays, as well as some quality of life stuff. There's a mod that changes the UI which is much needed - it's clearly designed for low resolution screens. The one's i'm most interested in are a couple of overhauls which switch up how the levelling works. Instead of everything levelling up with you, monsters have set levels so some areas are much more dangerous from the off. There's another one which changes how XP is earned as well. There's also a a few that add loads of extra content, spells and encounters. It's going to take a lot more work, but i'm pretty excited to have a new take on Cyrodiil to explore.
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    Thread here @Snaggletooth
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    While i'm on a soundtrack kick: Shadow of the Beast - the opening tack to one of the hardest games ever made. Used to creep the hell out of me when I was a kid. Grandia - what a game. I love how the theme transitions to 70's TV theme disco to sincere violin music and back again. Doom 2 Hell on Earth - some strange part of me misses midi music. Takes me back to sitting in front of my mates 486 SX25 and quite literally being blown away by this crazy new genre of game - the first person shooter. Fatal Racing always struck me as a game that should have reached a wider audience than it actually did. Used to play this to death split screen.
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    I know it's not out yet, but some of Anthem's music is awesome. Particularly like this track: I really liked this track from Into the Breach as well: Flinthook - a game i'm inherently crap at, also had a cracking 8bit soundtrack. Here's one of my personal highlights:
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    I've been listening to A Perfect Circle's latest (Eat the Elephant). I wasn't that taken with it at first but after a few listens it's really good. Maynard still has a ridiculous voice, and this album is more like Thirteenth Step in that it's focused on songs and melodies I've also been listening to Mono's new one, although still only a couple of times. I love Mono, and they have experimented with a vocal track this time, but aside from that it's very Mono. Considering they started out feeling a bit like they were taking inspiration from whatever Mogwai did the album before they've really nailed a sound. They do beautifully delicate better than anyone, then they go loud with the best, it's a very Mono album. I'd love to see them live at some point too, but they always seem to come around at the wrong time
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    I saw this and thought it was funny.
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    Patrick Stewart and Sean Bean are awesome. Fuck i love this game. Everyone who doesnt is wrong in the head and sucks donkey balls, its an amazing achevement and one of the best games ive ever played and thats a fact.
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