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  1. It's more self explanatory than previous versions so there's that. Just find a weapon you're having fun with and play around. Don't worry about learning everything until you're ready as playing simply works well enough early on and just make sure you pick up all resources and it'll become clear what they're used for.
  2. With hindsight, and I don't even like Assassin's Creed, 4/10 is pretty harsh. There's real venom in that πŸ˜† I tried to find it to remember why they found it such an affront but it's like it has been scrubbed from the internet
  3. HandsomeDead


    Trump probably won't come back because he has too much stake in his own platform now and maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to hope his sycophants come over and... I dunno how to feel about that. That kind of echo chamber could be a problem but I'm sure Trump hates Musk in the way he hates his own sons. He's more of an old school ghoul. It's just still way to early to be making any declarations. I'm happy enough to move from Twitter once others are more established or the wheels completely fall off Twitter but I still have morbid curiosity around what's happening. If it turns into a 4chan but mostly made up of paying weirdos then I'll be out for sure. And Tate is a clown of a man, I'm still surprised he even became a thing. Just dumb grandad shit for young men (and mostly boys I suspect and because of that I don't even think Twitter is a good platform for him) because anyone with an ounce of life experience knows he talks total shit. Just a symptom of how atomised we all are now I guess.
  4. HandsomeDead


    Well if they're there who's gonna follow? Serious note, what was good about Twitter is all kinds of people used it so you could get varied stuff. If this exodus does happen it is gonna fragment social media and firing up different apps for different stuff sucks. It's starting to bother me more than I thought it would. F'sake Elon.
  5. HandsomeDead


    Hive is gonna be for Gamers? Gross. I'm waiting to see where the shitposting thots go.
  6. HandsomeDead


    I've not looked at it yet. But from what I've read it does seem server based like Discord but you can construct a general feed with multiple servers? I don't think it'll be the place for Twitter refugees. Too nerdy.
  7. Now, and for quite a while, I just haven't really read reviews. I'm confident enough with my own experience with games to know what I like and don't from early footage. It does mean I could miss out on something I'd like but ce la vie, I'll maybe get around to it eventually (RE7 comes to mind). Of course I used to read tons of reviews, even of games I didn't intend to get in the magazine days but thinking about it it's only because this was the main format games were talked about then. If you wanted to read about games actually out and not speculation it was most likely through a review. I suppose it's good now that's not as much the case. Podcasts and video creators often frame the way they talk about them as just that, just saying what they think without some quantitative aspect, and I generally prefer that. It's such a common thing in any media but I'm of the opinion that applying an objective measure to a subjective experience is just silly. I guess it simplifies things for everyone just looking for a quick judgement but I feel like it has affected the conversation in how games are talked about even in spaces that want to look more deeply in a negative way. So yeah, overall I don't like them conversations around games, media or art even more broadly is so often talked about in a quantitative way or ranked against each other and I put that down to the early days of mostly consuming games with reviews. It's a mindset I try to get away from.
  8. HandsomeDead


    I'll honestly be sad to see it go. Awful stuff went on there and I basically learned to find some of the wild discourse funny; like cooking food for your neighbours is ableist or whatever it was recently. But I've on since 2009 (😢) and while never really being a poster I'd slowly curated an entertaining and sometimes informative feed and I guess I just don't want to have to start again.
  9. I saw this yesterday and it's a ride. It's mostly about Tommy Tallarico who I've heard about before in game development but just vaguely as a clownish chancer and I knew he was involved with the new Intellivision system. The whole thing is a hilarious story anyway.
  10. HandsomeDead


    It's just been another extreme example of how much of a joke meritocracy is. I thought Twitter would get worse under Musk but the scale it has just fucked it has still surprised me. Like, I thought he'd have some idea on how to take over but it's going to be a case study in the future in how you absolutely do not take over a business. I don't have a particularly high opinion of myself but I, and many others, could have done better.
  11. Bought this for the S during a sale months ago waiting for this update. Christmas will be a good time for another crack at this.
  12. I've mostly been on the Switch this year and anything else I've played has just been story based games that I stopped after they wrapped so in terms of extended play it's just been these two titles this year. I had 160 hours on Splatoon 2 so I've already past that. I was at 120 hours with vanilla MH Rise but Sunbreak from this year made me add over 200 hours. Safe to say I like those games a lot.
  13. A little late but I'm looking forward to getting on it.
  14. I'm planning on getting Ragnarok before the year is out so I'm doing what I did with TLoU and going through the original in preparation. Man, this game is good. I'm doing the new game+ that was put in post release (I messed up at first by pulling from my most recent save an I must have started again at some point and it pulled from that save and I didn't understand why I was getting one hit killed by the first enemy πŸ™ƒ) but it eventually clicked and I started again with my good equipment and now the early game is getting done with the armour set I got from grinding that late game foggy area. I'm still early and haven't changed my opinion on it, it's definitely a game of the generation by just being a great example of satisfying gameplay and well integrated linier storytelling. It just does what it does really well. Going back has made me really pumped for the sequel.
  15. I usually end up handing things down like at the start of the year my sister got my PS3. I had Tombi downloaded on it and she got nostalgic when I told her and wanted to play it. Pretty sure she has my PS2 as well. The 360 died, the OG Xbox I think I gave to a cousin, GameCube as well I think but it was close to death, I can't remember what happened to my PS1 and Dreamcast (I know the N64 was traded for the Dreamcast). Anything older that that was kinda shared with others. So from what I can see right now the oldest thing I have is a 3DS, there's a Wii U as well. I'm sure there's a GBA mini in storage somewhere that's the oldest. I know I have a Vita somewhere as well and maybe a PSP (2nd gen) but I know another sister was interested in it ages ago but I can't remember if I gave her it or not. There also maybe a DSi. But the GBA mini I have for sure and thats older so whatever.
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