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  1. Disrupting a conversation with weird jokes that no-one else finds funny but you laugh at yourself is something I very much relate to. I get Ben. We're a similar, tragic type.
  2. They put a couple of new monsters in the game and despite saying I was mostly done with it I'm back pretty heavily again. Not really because of the monsters, they're fine, but I got myself some new goals. I was struggling to get the materials I need to get into the high level endgame but they did an event that had a decent amount of them as a reward so I'm levelling my armour beyond the soft cap. Levelling weapons beyond it is more of a problem as I need to fight Tempered Kushala Daora to upgrade a number of them the way I'd like. This monster was one of my favourites to fight in vanilla MHW but I'm sure the master rank version is busted. Before it was easy enough, just keeping it grounded with flash bugs but they've been nerfed for Iceborne and the clutch claw just isn't as useful against this because of its wind abilities. And it seems like it does more area attacks than before. It's like when they made the new subspecies of Elder Dragons they balanced the fights with the new mechanics but this is just a more aggressive version of the old monster and I'm sure it's off. Its just not that fun. So now I just plan to tank it. I learned the Bow as well, and I think I'm... okay with it? So I've also started learning the Charge Blade. Probably the most complex weapon that I've wanted to learn for ages but kept putting it off. I feel so stupid for that. It's so much fun now I've clicked with it. The biggest problem is idiots with Long Swords who wave that thing around with no regards to who's around them, not the Monsters themselves. Other weapons I've used I tend to avoid them but the nature of the Charge Blade means I'm close to the enemy doing my combos to get the two parts of the weapon charged and I so often get staggered if there is a Long Sword user around. It's particularly annoying to me as some who started with that weapon too and learned pretty early how to space your attacks correctly. Knocking people out of their attacks obviously means you do a lot less damage as a team and these people aren't new. They're at a level which shows they've put hundreds of hours in. Crazy. Anyway, had to rant. But despite that the Charge Blade is awesome.
  3. HandsomeDead


    I can't afford new games but I want to play some Doom so I put this on. Been working through some 64 too but my gosh this is really good. I had an attempt at Ultra Violence saved with 3 hours on the clock so I picked up there. I'm having such a good time. Hopefully I'll actually finish it as I stopped at what I believe was the final boss on normal. I was always a bit shy about using the chainsaw before but not this time. Even when I'm around half empty on ammo it comes out.
  4. I just saw Brad of Giant Bomb play a couple of minutes of Good Job and playing as some boss's fail son may be the ultimate power fantasy. I'm sold on it.
  5. HandsomeDead


    I'll post about it later when I've played it but it's currently 89p on Switch at the mo if anyone is interested and not had a chance to pick it up elsewhere.
  6. HandsomeDead


    I got this the other day and I'm pretty far in. It's pretty good and there is a decent variety of enemies with different ways to take them down. There isn't as much exploration as I thought there'd be or maybe I'm just bad because I do have a bunch of quest items that need turned in somewhere. But its pretty good, I think I'm drawing near the end so I may backtrack and talk to some previous weirdos to see if they want any of the trinkets I've picked up to help with the later areas.
  7. Not any big news but it looks like they're tidying up small releases before E3. I'm interested in trying the Splatoon-like ninja game.
  8. It's really hard to play defensively. Seeing pros with the patience of a saint while blocking for ages is stressful when you play the game. I'm terrible at it, I always feel like I'm making the wrong call. My biggest weakness I think is those characters that have light, multiple kicks. I think Gogeta has them, as does the new girl and the active frames seem to stay out forever and it's so hard to punish, and it's easy to get clipped by them and be left open for a full combo. The Super Broley is really awful when he has you in the corner because once he does combos including his specials you just can't see shit, and then he calls in assists that cause more visual noise. I just guess at this point. I came from SFV to this and its very clear what is punishable in that game so its easy to know when to counter when playing defensively. In this I just go by the best form of defense is attack.
  9. They've been available to pre-order on the eShop for a few weeks. It's a cool game but I never got far in the original because I never got with its logic.
  10. Nah, but I did do the White Palace though
  11. Speak for yourself! I've been wondering when Exit the Dungeon was getting a broader release and it was a nice surprise. It looks really frantic, more so than the previous game. The rest mostly looked nice. Certainly stuff to keep an eye on at least.
  12. If I remember correctly the first abilities you get are movement based ones but I can't remember how long they take to get. I know you spend the vast majority of the game with them but like you said, it's a long game. Just know your downward slash is used more than you’ll expect.
  13. Recently I've seen Knives Out which I enjoyed more than I thought I would since I'm not much of a murder mystery person but it's pretty inventive and funny. I also did it and watched Sonic the Hedgehog. It's fine I guess and didn't hate it, and I also have an urge to go to Olive Garden. There is an obvious comparison to Detective Pikachu but its also pretty much about the same thing so it's hard not to, and Detective Pikachu does do it better. Oh and I saw Birds of Prey which was also fine, probably more fine than Sonic. It is pretty funny and has a 60s Batman style fight scene at the end which is charming. It's fun.
  14. Today's Indie World video:
  15. I got my own PS2 very late. In fact I needed to send my 360 away after it's first RRoD which I got pretty early. I got it from Woolworths along with Gran Turismo 4 and Dragon Quest 8 which were quite cheap at the time. And Okami was soon to come out which I'd pre-ordered I picked it up going home from work, trying to bike up the hill with it swinging from my handlebars. Because I got mine late my memories of the PS2 are Guitar Hero and the Persona games as they were easily played the most.
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