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  1. Ummm, I was just about to practise and my PS+ is expired. I may be unavailable for a bit.
  2. I saw those, the Sonic parody is great. The guy certainly Did A Post.
  3. @spatular I forgot about Jungle Beat. That game while arguably a bit gimmicky it is well designed and so much fun. Good call.
  4. I'd argue that Guacamelee has more areas that are platformer challenges than most 'Metroidvanias' but overall I agree, it's not a game I'd think of for this. I'd say Hollow Knight is the same as it has good platformer challenges too. Some Mario games are high tier platformers but if we're going for deeper cuts I'd have to say: Klonoa 2 - Takes the light and enjoyable first game and uses the mechanics in creative and challenging ways. Mirror's Edge - Unique and I think is generally well executed. Super Meat Boy - Does wild things with the momentum based physics of Mario. Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze - A modern classic in pure platformers. Shovel Knight - Kinda perfects the ideas of most classic 8bit platformer it feels kinda wrong to put them above this. These are what I'd say are great pure platformers but there are 3D more exploring based ones I like but it's these kind that I tend to get more invested in.
  5. I wouldn't expect any noticeable improvements, I just hope they don't run worse, which they usually don't. But F-Zero X was one of the few N64 games that ran at 60 so obviously concessions were made so it could hit that fps. I saw an F-Zero retrospective that Digital Foundry did recently and X isn't a looker, but I could still see it feeling as fast and smooth as it is. I bet it would just make me want GX, tho Oh, and the price is ridiculous. I was expecting an extra tenner at the most but they just straight up doubled it. You'd think Nintendo were skint.
  6. I feel attacked
  7. Sounds like a writing/story position but since you aren't writing in a more traditional sense so they make up these awful job titles. Video game job titles aren't as uniform as other entertainment so the contributions/responsibilities of 'director' can change from studio to studio, and sometimes the same job has different names. It's a cluster fuck trying to follow it. But IP Director, Jesus. It's like they want to make what likely is a creatively fulfilling job as soulless as possible.
  8. We're not stuck with the PAL 50hz versions thankfully. But you still are if you want to play non-English versions.
  9. It's not impossible. I can't remember precisely but I think even the originals had a RoboCop type deal with the story.
  10. I never played Urban Chaos, sorry. Maybe also G-Police but it was overly ambitious.
  11. Eating fruit in Pac-man (also, pitched and slightly altered is also the eating noise in Streets of Rage). I'm picking this more because it's interesting rather than a favourite, but I do think it's a good noise. I've heard people with misophonia (who get distressed at the sound of eating) talk about this sound effect and how it obviously doesn't sound like anyone eating, really, so it doesn't set off a trigger, but at the same time does totally communicate the idea of eating in an abstract way. I just think it's a creative piece of sound design to communicate an action without actually sounding like it. Anyway. GameCube boot up as well, obvs
  12. The intro in the car park is the first one. It is pretty infamously hard as you had to check off some driving techniques with a time limit and it wasn't the best at reading when you did them. It's an unfortunate introduction to a pretty cool game. It's much more focused as a mission based driving game so it doesn't have the scope of a GTA so would never truly hit like it does. But it was striking with the sequel when it's only real addition was being able to get out of the car before it wrecked for most missions (with some it was the objective to secure a particular car), it did make the game a bit fairer as the original wasn't an easy game and it legitimately felt like things to come and is a step in the evolution of the genre I often feel is missed, even if I do also think it was them purposefully trying to get infront of the first 3D GTA.
  13. I think maybe not having a PS2 at the time gives you a different perspective on this. And also... Look, I'm not saying Driver 2 is comparable to GTA3 but it was the first 3D game where you pressed triangle to get into a car (any car (I think, at least most cars)) and that had better driving physics. I got that eye opening level of freedom from Marrowind and while it doesn't have the action the scope of the interactivity is so much higher. I played it a little at a friend's house just passing the controller seeing who could last longest with full police level up but when it did come to Xbox with the trilogy pack I enjoyed it enough to finish each one but I didn't like the shooting or the driving, I thought the humour was very 50/50 even as a young idiot (19 after looking it up). It treaded water but I found it playful enough. I still recognise it's influence and know it's an important game but they're nowhere near my personal favourites. I do vastly prefer GTA4.
  14. Only if you're bad at them. That reputation that early RE games have is totally overstated. A first play through can feel like that or harder difficulties but there's also Jill's grenade launcher, giant mutant plants you need a flamethrower for and the finale always being the big bad getting rocketed. It's schlock and that's what the film looks like too.
  15. Nah, RE looks like it could be fun. I'm up for it.
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