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  1. Yeah, John Wick 3 is pretty good. Liked it less than the other two though. I also watched Arrival again. It really is a modern classic. Nothing more to say about it. Also watched Booksmart which is an adorable teen comedy/drama which fucks with some tropes and remains totally real. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Finally, I got round to Spider-Man: Far from Home. I enjoyed it more than expected despite being a bit so-so about the first Marvel Spider-Man film. I like what they're setting up with him having to deal with Iron Man's baggage as well as his influence. Its an interesting continuation. But as a film it seems like just a better version of the first film.
  2. That's because cool people who know the score are looking forward to it. It does look dirty and cheap but that's an aesthetic a game like this should have.
  3. It's just a shame the demo is mostly the tutorial area. It does generally feel a bit like Neo Contra. But in the demo you're mostly fighting undead so there isn't much projectile dodging until the boss so I hope there is less of that in the full game. An odd change to Neo is that to hit airborn or high up enemies you switch to your rocket launcher to take them out but I preffered it just being on a button like before. It meant you were just locking onto things while moving around and hitting a button to kill them which meant for faster and more varied waves. I think in theory it means you can use your other weapon on ground targets too but I'd didn't see any need to do that. The dash with I-frames is maybe a bit too good as I didn't find myself penalised for using it a lot and I don't mind the weapon overheating mechanic as I'm down for some slightly more mindful shooting, and it takes a lot to overheat it though the penalty is a long cool down. It seems like it could be a lot of fun but it looks like the game is going to be built around customisable weapons and they had none of that in the demo so you can't really experience what toys you're actually going to be playing with.
  4. I'm interested to see Digital Foundry get their hands on this.
  5. Supposed Sonic redesign: Looking better.
  6. I got round to the demo. I found gyro controls buried in the options so I'm happy as that was my problem with the beta. It could of had them then but what evs. I feel that it could be a game that really comes into its own in late/end game but its hard to tell from this demo. But I guess I'll have to see how it goes. Not reviews as they play half a dozen games a week but check with people who put the time in. It does seem like it's got potential RPG longevity. But I had a good time with it now I've found the gyro controls so I could hit things even before the soft lock kicked in and cleared areas quickly.
  7. HandsomeDead


    Digital Foundry try to piece together the Switch version's performance: I was hoping it would go for 60fps since Paladins does but they're putting priorities elsewhere. Makes it less exciting to me.
  8. Yeah, I'm sure Fire Emblem was Japan only until the first GBA one. But Kirby was pretty big on the OG GameBoy. Especially the pinball game that might be weird to hear. Though there were a lot of SNES Kirby games. But of course, Smash was a lot of peoples' first exposure to Earthbound in Europe.
  9. Oof, that's a self-own. You should have opened all those magazines. I don't mean to sound like a gatekeeper but you're seriously under qualified to be an authority on this era. I wasn't aware of Earthbound very much beyond the title and a couple of screenshots before Smash 64, and similarly with Fire Emblem and Melee. But then that's why it's cool that Terry is in it because now people who weren't too familiar will be and a cool series of games could get more exposure. But the idea SNK don't deserve to be here over a heavily represented Nintendo I couldn't agree less with. And don't try to tell anyone fighting games were niche in the 90s. The last 20 years, sure. But the early to mid 90s Street Fighter was one of the biggest names around and Mortal Kombat was all over the news. Though I wouldn't expect someone who never heard of Kirby and Metroid until the early 2000s to know that 😏
  10. I think you're going by personal experience @OCH which isn't anything near all of global gaming history. SNK has an interesting history in the 90s with Capcom, which which mostly took place in the arcades but also on the SNES. Much of the people that made Art of Fighting (which was a precursor to Fatal Fury which share cast members) worked on Street Fighter 2 and there was plagerism lawsuits by Capcom which were thrown out, but later devs of SF games made Dan who was a parady of Ryo from Art of Fighting as a jab at them. Things settled later since they've collaborated since but there is some history there that the people who like the history side of Smash would appreciate. Not that I think it's likely any of that will be slightly referenced, but still. And on top of that if you were in South America and some other parts of the world in the 90s Fatal Fury cabinets and other SNK games were far more prevalent than Capcom ones due to thier boards being much cheaper. During that time Terry Bogart was more recognisable than Ryu. I hope all the characters are guest ones to see them in this game that is just "what if" wish fulfillment pull from all kinds of games beyond Nintendo, as they're pretty much covered. Except Waluigi. One space needs to be his.
  11. Sure, Dragon Quest and Fatal Fury are super popular with da kidz. My niece doesn't shut up about them.
  12. I tried Demons Crest today because I've seen it speed run a couple of times and thought it looked cool. Those folk unsurprisingly make it look a lot easier than it is. It's tough but I'm going back to it when I'm feeling more serious.
  13. In the Direct Sakurai expressed interest in bringing in all kinds of characters and worlds from gaming. Ever since Cloud the link to Nintendo just isn't relevant to the series anymore and it's a celebration of gaming as a whole, or at least of a certain type, irrespective of where and when it comes from.
  14. I thought Rotten Tomatoes was something like anything 3*s up or over 50% (or 60%, I'm not sure) is rated Fresh so what Dwarf said is accurate.
  15. Terry Bogart has been the poster dude for SNK fighting games long after the NEO GEO was a thing you fake geek boy.
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