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  1. HandsomeDead


    @Maf I've had that duo power. It didn't save me though. I think I've come to the conclusion I'm just terrible at the final boss. I can only beat him if I've been good enough to not use any of my resurrections. I said early on that the fists were my favourite weapon. They still are. But it's the only weapon I've not finished a run with. I hate the sword and I've done it with that... Twice... With heat on it.
  2. About 20 I can see with physical. That includes some Wii U and PS3. I have a load of GameCube and GBA tucked away that might double that... Probably triple. And a few Wii somewhere. It's a weird mess of a collection. Digitally I'd hate to guess. Probably 100s spread across the platforms I still own. Answered wrong question as I'm miles behind on this thread but that's it answered, anyway. I don't think I have a dream cross over but wild, outside the box ones are fun to think about. Like Street Fighter x Mortal Kombat is borin
  3. I'd say just try to get out when locked down by pressure. It's a fast game so finding those unsafe frames in your opponent isn't easy. This isn't like SFV where turns are a big part of the game, you can just escape, it's a valid option especially if your opponent is locking you down with block strings.
  4. Who's not a poser and actually played that game? *Raises hand* I have RE2 remake for this year. I never get beyond a night or two of horror games anymore. Fucking senses are shot as I've got older. No-one warned me that can happen.
  5. I think @mmmark is playing a different game. He should check the thread title. Being real, that's just wrong. There are many criticisms of this game but sparseness isn't one of them. We could be playing it differently, because I knew they'd be a bunch of tutorialising at the start because of how it started and rushed through that shit. It is really, REALLY not sparse and uninteresting. I Lol'd so hard at that. Look at this: And it's all full of wee challenges to do while you explore. This isn't the starting area but
  6. As for the lootbox stuff I think it just isn't gonna get the same scrutiny from Asia. The gatcha vending machines are too much of an accepted thing in Japan at least (not sure about China) so I think their F2P games are always likely to use it, unfortunately. It is frustrating. Early on in the game you can get through just hitting things but it's later on, especially if you're in an area where you find yourself underlevelled you can use the element stuff to get through, and you may find that happening a bit since there are soft caps you use rare items to advance through.
  7. Or Breath of the Waifus if you like. So I've ended up having a pretty good time with it. The first few hours are pretty rough as it's quite heavily tutorialised, and what's worse is it's not the stuff you could do with knowing. It's a shame they didn't take inspiration from BotW for its intro. But once I got into the meat of the game it really started winning me over. Overworld stuff is very BotW but due has to be given to it as it isn't a slouch. The world is put together wonderfully which really surprised me. It's a great place to explore with lots of little chal
  8. I put some time into it yesterday. I'll probably start a thread after I've figured some stuff out about it. But it's weirdly not what I expected considering its obvious inspiration. I dunno what I was expecting though, tbh @one-armed dwarf you probably did have enough currency to get something because the beginning does throw a lot at you but you have to claim it all manually and it's hidden in like three different menus. That part of the game is an absolute mess.
  9. Yeah, to stop combos going on forever, the longer they go on the less hit stun they do. So when building long combos you have to consider putting your fastest moves at the end. It's often as simple as just doing the light version of a special where you'd think it's more optimal to do a medium. EX versions usually come out quickly too but you're spending meter for not a lot more damage (because you also have damage scaling as combos get longer) but you can also often extend the combos further off an EX though it's not always immediately apparent how. I've been working a little on that
  10. HandsomeDead


    The first time you give it to someone they give you an item that has a buff. After that I dunno. I think they share more story stuff the higher level up you are, I'm not sure. You give them to the gods when you pick your boons too. I still have one to give to the grim reaper dude but I keep forgetting to check for him.
  11. HandsomeDead


    I finally finished my first run. It was the third time I actually got to the last boss so third time's a charm I guess. I don't know if he gets harder each run it's just the buffs you get along the way. Some do more damage than others since they may help in another way. This one wasn't actually a very DPS heavy build but it worked out somehow.
  12. @Maf My Jiran is fine I guess. He's a little weird to use but I have some basic stuff. I can do Thursday. Any time, really.
  13. I think DBFZ is one of the games that not many play ranked. And I find both Brolys to be a problem. Their buttons just seem to take up the screen. As for the rage quitter, the new punishment system is just new so I dunno how it works. But since it seems to update a lot of the stuff when you log in I'd guess it happens the next time they do.
  14. I've watched it a little on Twitch and it does look fun. The amount of things you have to keep an eye on is deeper than it looks. I think it's free on phones too if anyone wants to at least try it.
  15. I just found out there was a mini direct that went into more detail about both Monster Hunter games.
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