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  1. Enjoyed the podcast @DANGERMAN and @illdog. Also enjoyed the awkward looks I got from the women leaving the yoga class near my office, as I drove past with the car windows open with Illdog speaking about masturbating into women's shoes.
  2. I really liked the look of this, but the demo controlled like a PS1 game. Hopefully they can turn it around but i'm sceptical.
  3. If I see a gold cosmonaut, I quit.
  4. I'm trying to think of an enemy in any video game that instills a sense of panic like anything gold coloured does in this.
  5. 2004 – Half Life 2 (Halo 2, Burnout 3) 2005 – Resi 4 (Jade Empire) 2006 – Company of Heroes (ES Oblivion) 2007 – Bioshock (CoD - Modern Warfare, Portal, Halo 3) 2008 – Fallout 3 (Fable 2, Sins of a Solar Empire) 2009 – Batman - Arkham Asylum (Borderlands, Dragon Age) 2010 – Red Dead Redemption (Castlevania - Lords of Shadow) 2011 – Skyrim (Dark Souls, Portal 2) 2012 – Diablo 3 (Xcom - Enemy Unknown, Sleeping Dogs) 2013 – Super Mario 3D World (Luigi's Mansion - Dark Moon, TLoU) 2014 – Mario Kart 8 (Alien: Isolation, Divinity - Original Sin) 2015 – Bloodbourne (The Witcher 3, Rocket League, Splatoon) 2016 – The Witness (Dark Souls 3, Titanfall 2) 2017 – Divinity - Oroginal Sin 2 (Zelda BoTW, Mario Odyssey, Splatoon 2, Hollow Knight) 2018 – Tetris Effect (Yoku's Island Express, Monster Hunter World, EDF 5) Aaaaand not forgetting 2019 – Slay the Spire
  6. Gold ants - run like fuck
  7. It's like the video game equivalent of Sons of Anarchy. The first few seasons vary from ok to absolute pap, but from four onwards it's superb. It's just trying to convince people to invest their time to get to that point. And yeah, Playing on hard, EDF allowed you to be cocky. Playing on hardest it laughs at any attempt to be brash.
  8. I've been playing this with the kids over the weekend and can see why it's held in such high regard. It seems a bit more of a 'purer' racing experience than some of the more recent Mario Karts, though I cannot get out of the Mario muscle memory for sliding. Kids absolutely love it as well.
  9. Just realised I had some money sitting dormant in my Very account so just ordered this for the kids (they play Crash Bandicoot around their uncles and love it, so this should be a hit).
  10. Yeah - great session. Other than that mission in the valley with the fuck-ton of ants, we didn't do too badly. Loving the Python sniper rifle - shooting through two-three enemies at a time is immensely satisfying. Oh - hello gold ant, goodbye 2000 hit points.
  11. Whiskey_chaser

    Slay The Spire

    That's actually a pretty cool t-shirt! Yeah, i'm all about getting as many relics as possible in the first act. Having a rough run with the Silent at the moment, rarely making it passed Act 2. Every time I get a good build together something splits it's weakness in two. Determined to get him up to Ascension 10 though.
  12. I might have a crack at this myself - how easy is it to locate the software? Last time I tried emulating an Amiga I couldn't get hold of workbench.
  13. I got a Gear VR headset when I bought my phone and have played this a few times. Not sure how it plays normally but It's crazy stressful in VR, pretty sure one of my friends came close to having a panic attack.
  14. I've been playing through the first bunch of missions on hard with the Air Raider and it's been pretty fun experimenting with the different weapon types. Ran through a few missions with pretty good Wing Diver last night and we tore through stuff. The Spitefall, Auto Cannons and a limpit gun seem to be a force to be reckoned with so far.
  15. It'd be breathtaking.
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