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  1. Started playing this with the GF on Friday night (first time we've sat and played a videogame together) and it consumed us. Think we logged about twenty hours between then and Sunday? We're nearing the end of Autumn now and I'm itching to play more. I've been smashing the farming and fishing side of things whilst she's maintaining the animals (We have a chicken called DavidPeckham) and foraging side of things.
  2. Glad you're enjoying it @Sly Reflex, I had a blast with this at the start of lockdown (though I was gifted the premium bundle for free). You just have to embrace the jankiness. Playing with friends, I can't remember any game that's made me laugh so hard, both intentionally and unintentionally. This game will always have a special place in my heart due to the fact that it kept me and some friends relatively sane during a period where drinking red wine at 10:00am on a Saturday morning was deemed socially acceptable.
  3. I picked this up yesterday and played the first fifteen levels or so, replaying them to beat a few of my friends times. It's fantastic. It's super slick to play and having your ghost to race against and try and find the best route through a level is thrilling. I'm actually pretty invested in the story and it's got some great voice acting (the main protagonist is voiced by Steve Blum aka Spike from Cowboy Beebop). It feels like the weird lovechild of Quake, Mirrors Edge and Super Meat Boy, all wrapped up in the stylings of a Dreamcast game, yet it somehow manages to feel fresh and new.
  4. I got the trophy for beating the game with only one relic. Used a similar deck as the common deck trophy (Shrug it off, Pummel Strike and Body Slam combo). Took me forever though, not because of the difficulty, but because I have it ingrained into me to pick up a relic when I see one.
  5. After racking up nearly 500 hours on the Steam version and quitting because the beta for the new character bugged my save, i've started this again because PS Plus and trophies (i'm no trophy whore, but if there was ever a game I wanted to platinum it would be this, and Hunt). So far so good, beat the game with Ironclad on my second run and again with the Silent on my first attempt. The Defect proved trickiest, I just couldn't get a build together that wouldn't be thrown by something in the third act. So, I gave up on that and focused on one of the harder trophies, the speed run (beat the game in under 20mins). It takes a while to get into the flow for that, you have no time to make decisions, and the Ironclad is pretty much your only option as you can get big damage quickly with the right build. I finally got it with an insane strength build (I was getting five strength every turn from the offset) and by turn four I was hitting for around 150-250 damage. I beat the game with two mins to spare (even with awakened one as a final boss) and also killed the transient for the first time ever, netting me another trophy (he's the dude with 999 health that disappears in turn five). This game has its hooks firmly in me again.
  6. You can cloud save after beating the boss (disable auto updates first).I'll spoiler this just in case, but there's one bit which could lock you into an ending early on...
  7. There's a missable weapon you need for the armaments trophy and there's a boss you can get locked out of if you progress a certain side quest. You need all three endings as well so you have to save scum right after beating the final boss. Weirdly, one of the trickiest bits for me was one of the endings which required you to complete the most bullshit of jumping puzzles. I think I died to that more than anything in the game!
  8. Apologies for the crappy screenshot - couldn't be arsed to figure out how to upload form the PS, but...
  9. I'm now at the final boss. Lvl 150 and clocked in about 105 hours (i've spent a while co-oping bosses with people). All the major bosses are down and i've got every trophy except the ending related ones, and the legendary armaments because I missed one that you can new game plus anyway.
  10. I managed to beat what is 'allegedly' one of the hardest bosses in the game last night on my third try. My arcane build is a bit ridiculous now, I found a spell, Swarm of flies, that has good range, stuns the enemy when hit, and on the fourth or fifth hit deals MASSIVE blood loss damage. I think i'm at a point now where I've cleared up all the necessary weapons, ashes, sorceries and talismans I can before progressing to the end game area. I'm at level 143 now or something ridiculous. I've loved every minute of it, from co-oping catacombs with mates, to hard fought one on one boss fights. The in game clock says i've hit 96 hours, though PSN tells me 86. I really don't want this to end.
  11. I finally beat Alecto - Black Knife Ringleader last night. What an absolute **** of a fight. First time i've actually hit a wall in this game, as she's pretty much immune to any status effect (my build focuses on bleed damage and scarlet rot) and she was one of the most aggressive enemies i've come across with two attacks that are really hard to dodge and could almost kill me outright. Doesn't help that I had zero defence for a foe that's supposed to be an easy fight if you parry. Even so, it took a great rune, the meat buff for damage boost, 12 flasks, some tight talisman management and It came down to me having to take the last quarter of her health bar when one hit could have finished me.
  12. I'm about 85 hours in on this now. Currently a lvl 131 arcane blood letter/dragon breathing death machine. There are parts of the game where I feel grossly overpowered (I think Goldrick was the last boss that took more than three attempts), yet i'm now mopping up sidequests in some of the end-game areas (without progressing the story to the final chapter as i'm going for the platinum) and there are still moments where the game puts me in my place - looking at you Assassin Ringleader evergoal. The sense of exploration in this game is second to none. Every once in a while a game comes along which completely sucks me in, and this has all but consumed me since launch. The collective sense of discovery is superb, if you're playing this offline you're missing out on a large part of it IMO. There have been a couple of boss encounters where my arse was saved by a message appraisal just as I was about to die. One of my top five games ever.
  13. I just beat the second main boss. Feels good.
  14. I'm loving this game. I'm starting to see what all the fuss is about. It's pretty unforgiving in some areas, but it's a lot more of a laid back and forgiving game in other areas. It's a Souls game but it isn't. There are subtle differences and it doesn't punish you as much for making mistakes. The combat seems a lot more open and it seems much more of a playground where you can experiment more with what works and what doesn't. The joy in this game is in the exploration. The map just keeps expanding and this game is huge, with so much hidden away in every corner. I've been playing it whilst voice chatting with friends and the amount of 'whoa' or 'what the fuck is THAT' moments we keep blurting out whilst collectively exploring and sharing information has been brilliant. I found the games opening a little underwhelming, but once you stop trying to find a direction and just roam around doing your own thing - this game really shines.
  15. I think it's just the first few hours, there's a lot to take in with no real guidance other than a big floating path that seems to be trolling you. It seems to be more generous in some regards, i've found tons of smithing stones in some mines so I have a variety of level three weapons now. I've started dabbling with the ashes of war as well which helps, my bow now has charged shot and I can craft fire arrows which seem to do a lot of damage, making ranged more of an option. Co-op seems to be a lot better in this as well. Difficulty scales well and it's a lot less hassle setting up.
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