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  1. This better have a fishing game at launch.
  2. Me, @regemond and @Sly Reflex are around the half way mark on hard now. There was a great moment last night where we were fighting a new drone ship that was pretty tough. Everyone was tooled up with missile launchers that homed in with 40 odd rockets each that was pretty spectacular to watch. Just a shame our random dude never joined in with any of the singing.
  3. Whiskey_chaser

    Rage 2

    Just unlocked the... Possibly the best weapon in any FPS. I'm thoroughly enjoying myself with this. The powers are great fun and the guns are awesome.
  4. Whiskey_chaser

    Rage 2

    I'm enjoying it - it's a nice, dumb first person shooter with some great gun play. I've unlocked a few of the abilities, the 'force push' one is fun when you gib someone into a wall. There seems to be a lot of random stuff going on in the world as well to mix things up. There's been a few moments as well where it just throws a lot of stuff at you at once which gives a nice sense of panic as you're tearing around in a dingy corridor with a shotgun.
  5. Whiskey_chaser

    Rage 2

    Just blagged a steam key for this - looking forward to giving it a go. I too enjoyed the first one. Do they still have the collectible card mini game?
  6. There goes my free time... now if they could just release some expansions for the Steam version....
  7. Play Earth Defence Force 5 - I've beat the game on normal difficulty with @Sly Reflex - now we're going through on hard with a bit of help from @regemond. About 40 missions in and it's starting to become a bit more of a challenge. Slay the Spire - yup - still going. Want Nothing really. Nothing's jumping out at me. Bin Spending money on new games. Time to clear some backlog.
  8. Great podcast @Sly Reflex and @Bigkopman. Team physical for me, unless it's ridiculously cheap. Too many games have been dissapointments that I've gladly sold on. Don't mind so much with Steam, as I know I'll be able to play it in another 15 years and I can return it if it's shite.
  9. Overcooked is fantastic couch co-op. The sequel has online multiplayer.
  10. Saw Endgame last night. It was ok? Admittedly i'm not the biggest superhero fan, but it just seemed a mess. I've always thought these type of films shine when they acknowledge how utterly ridiculous they are, which Marvel have always been good at but this just seemed to disappear up it's own arse right from the get go and the more sombre moments jarred really heavily with any of the silliness.
  11. Yeah - D:OS2 is much more accessible - and great multiplayer.
  12. I actually wouldn't mind seeing that.
  13. Me and @Sly Reflex beat this last night on normal. Fucking hell - that's how you end a game. Spoilers for the last two missions:
  14. Whiskey_chaser

    Slay The Spire

    Forgot to mention - I've now managed to beat the final ending with all three characters (214 hours on the clock). Now I've got to work on my ascension levels!
  15. Finished the 20 Questions with @RoboticMonk3y - great job as always @Sly Reflex. Some excellent game choices in there and it had me reminiscing about the glory days of Xbox live before all this party nonsense. I'm still chuckling over the last Desert Island discs. I'll never watch Countdown again in the same light.
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