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  1. Boom - the Wastelanders update is now out, and best of all it's free. Now people can stop moaning about the lack of NPCs! Seriously though, I've played a fuck ton of this game with friends and its nice how the update shakes things up a bit. I'm not sure how the factions are going to warm to my 'stab everything in the face without prejudice' approach to wasteland living, but it's fun. We've already discovered a load of new enemy types (not that it was lacking before that) and i'm now the proud owner of a flaming chainsaw. The best 1st person Fallout now got better.
  2. Still having a right laugh with this. It's my favourite Fallout game. There - I said it. Easily the best Fallout world to explore, still stumbling over so many cool places, like the town that got lifted out of the ground by a massive rad tree that we found last night.
  3. More Fallout shenanigans with my online buddies. We've absolutely fallen in love with this game. It's just such a good playground to dick around in as a group, with so many cool things to discover. A lot of people have bemoaned the lack of NPCs but it hasn't affected my enjoyment of it at all. For me, the recent Fallout games have all been about the visual story telling in the world itself. The lone skeleton sitting in a bath in a burnt out hut with a bottle of whisky. The recently dead survivor with their head in a gas oven. And this game has it in droves. The pic below with me posing next to the bed, there was an angry letter on the bedside table next to it about a concerns over a man's obsession with a store mannequin he'd started to call 'Suzie'. There's also some a narrative being played out in pieces found throughout the world about a corruption charge against a person who's name is exactly the same as one of the people i'm playing with. So yeah, roll on the Wastelanders expansion. Can't wait to find me a bow to start shooting scorched with. Edited: Pictures
  4. I've been doing a bit of both. The lore/notes have been pretty great so far, with some pretty dark side quests (did one last night about a kidnapped child that got pretty creepy). But yeah, it's a lot of fun. I've even got stuck into the building aspect and now have a nice three story house with turret defences. It's got it's share of bugs, but it's no worse than any of the previous ES/Fallout games and so far they've just made us laugh. It's just a fantastic world to get lost in with loads of environmental story telling on the go. I'm now really looking forward to the expansion. I'd say that if anyone enjoyed any of the last few Fallout games and you can get two or three people together to play this with, it's well worth picking up cheap.
  5. So, managed to get some codes for this and a group of us fired it up for the first time last night. Have to say, we had an absolute blast - had more fun in a few hours with this than I did in my whole time with Fallout 4. First impressions are that it's Fallout with your mates. Not sure how it'd play if you were on your own, but we spent four hours just dicking around and doing the opening few quests. We spent more time than I care to admit searching out cars we could destroy, resulting in mini mushroom clouds. We had a random encounter with a woman who kept trying to make us wear trousers (no chance) and met a ghoul who had bugged out and wouldn't attack. The building part is really intuitive as well, I managed to knock up a house with a porch and veranda in about 5 minutes without using any tutorials. Does it have its faults? Sure. There were a few small bugs but nothing major. Was it the most i've laughed in a video game for a long time? Absolutely. I genuinely can't wait to play more this evening.
  6. Whiskey_chaser

    The Surge

    I took a punt on this for £20 and am really enjoying it so far (first game i've bought for myself in ages). Probably about four hours in and i'm loving the weaponry. Combat seems a little looser yet more forgiving than Souls but there's been a few tough sections to work through. Deaths have never felt cheap yet though.
  7. Managed to get Luigi's Mansion and Link's Awakening for £60. Be quick as I got very lucky (they hadn't put Luigi's Mansion on display yet and I nabbed the last Link's Awakening). On the 2 for £60:Luigi’s Mansion 3Pokemon Let's go pickachu.Splatoon 2Mario Kart 8Mario OddyseeYoshi Crafted WorldMario PartyMario Marker 2Zelda Links AwakeningMarvel Ultimate Alliance
  8. Whiskey_chaser

    The Outer Worlds

    It clicked for me last night and i'm loving it. I'm setting some rules for myself in this just to see how it plays out. My character is full on hand to hand combat, strong as an ox and dumb as fuck (always have to select dumb as an option). I'm choosing the most most morally questionable outcome of each scenario (obviously) and I have to kill every character I find on their own (I tried to murder an entire bar last night but got outnumbered). Nearly became unstuck in one quest as I could either help a character, or help a character trying to rob from them so I ended up sneaking up behind each of them and taking a hammer to their skull, which immediately lost me a side-quest. Lesson learned - use people, et reward and THEN kill them.
  9. Whiskey_chaser

    The Outer Worlds

    I've been playing this, and agree with Bob, it's just OK so far, nothing I haven't seen before. I always seem to play these games with moral choices through as the good guy, so i've decided to do the opposite in this. Had a fun moment involving a campfire surrounded by Space hippies and a grenade launcher, and have been randomly shooting people in the head who I don't like.
  10. Whiskey_chaser

    Slay The Spire

    Getting into the swing of this with the new character now. She can cause massive amounts of damage if played right, but as usual, there's normally an enemy in the third floor that will rip any weakness apart. I managed to beat the game with a deck that essentially did 50+ damage with standard strikes on the second or third turn. One card set vulnerable for 50% extra damage, got +11 strength from a two card combo and then wraith on top of that (which doubles damage).
  11. A few millennia ago I said i'd have a look at a new MFG logo. I had dabbled a bit and forgot about it, but I stumbled across this the other day. I was going for a CRT screen effect...
  12. I've been playing this with some friends for the last few evenings. There's a gentle learning curve but we all have a good idea what's going on now. Have to say, it's the most fun i've had with a game for a long time. Some real laugh out loud moments, mainly due to our own ineptitude. But when everything comes together and you're all coordinated it's absolutely sublime. Definitely worth the £1 i paid for Gamepass!
  13. Whiskey_chaser

    Slay The Spire

    I've been playing some of the new character and am still trying to get my head around it. Easily the most difficult character to play (only managed to get to act 2 one time). Most of the other characters seem to have two things to juggle: Ironclad has strength and block, Silent has poison and shivs, Defect has orbs and zero cost cards, but the Monk seems to have loads. You have Stances - enter rage to get double damage BUT take double damage and Calm where you get extra 'mana'. Various cards are effected by the stance you're in. You have divinity, where if you get ten you get triple damage until the end of the turn, and then there's numerous cards which when played shuffle an expendable 'uber powerful' one shot card in your deck. There's also the 'retain' mechanic, where certain cards get stay in your hand and get more powerful if you don't use them, and miracle cards. One shot cards that give you an extra mana point (the Monk starts with one every combat). So yeah, it's pretty tough. Requires a lot more thought than the other characters.
  14. One for @Blakey SanDisk microSD cards at their lowest prices on Amazon 200gb for £21.29 https://www.amazon.co.uk/SanDisk-microSDXC-Memory-Adapter-Performance/dp/B073S99KPQ?tag=eurgam-m-21 128gb for £13.49 https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B074B4M84D?tag=eurgam-m-21
  15. Fuck it, after the shit i've had to deal with the last few weeks, I feel I have an excuse to treat myself.
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