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  1. I made some progress this evening, beating the drunk dude and then a main boss. Managed to boost a few stats as well so hopefully a few fights I'd run through will be easier.
  2. I'm at the exact point your up to Hendo. He's a dick.
  3. It's really punishing isn't it? Seeing anything with two pips above it now brings me out in a cold sweat. There's a fight a bit later on that took me far too many tries before I clicked with his attack timings.
  4. It's fucking brutal. I can't remember ever swearing at a game this much. Fire Archer's can suck a bag of flaming dicks.
  5. I played through most of Dark Souls without summoning, due to having crappy internet at the time that meant the whole summoning system never worked. Bloodborne though? I summoned the shit out of that.
  6. Finally got this thanks to it being on sale for £20 on PSN, and played through the first 20 missions with @Sly Reflex last night. It's pure, manic fun and the ultimate guilty pleasure game. Unleashing a barrage of missiles halfway across a map into a horde of giant ants as buildings collapse around you never gets dull. I just love how scrappy the whole thing is. Fancy falling animation? Nah - just have the character keep sprinting as they fall and the dialogue - my god it's inspired. I can only assume they dragged a bunch of school kids in to write it.
  7. I've been reading a few impressions over on reddit - it's supposedly crazy hard. I can see this breaking me.
  8. I've been playing a load of multiplayer games recently so I thought it might be nice to have a thread listing loads of games with local multiplayer. I'll start with a few i've been playing recently. Gauntlet – Slayer Edition [PC - PS4] Single player it's pretty dull, but multiplayer it's a good, fun old-school twin stick 'shooter'. Human Fall Flat – [PC - Switch - PS4 - Xbox] A daft physics based sandbox puzzler where you can grab stuff/each other and hold on with the trigger buttons. Only two player locally but up to eight online. Last Fight – [PC - PS4 - Xbox] It's pretty much a Powerstone clone. While it lacks the charm of the Dreamcast game, it's still good for an hour or two of bashing each other about. Mario Kart – [any Nintendo console] Goes without saying. Super Mario 3D World – [Wii U] This desperately needs a Switch re-release, as it's easily one of the best multiplayer Mario games. Ultimate Chicken Horse – [PC - Switch - PS4 - Xbox] Basically it's Super Meat Boy meets Mario Maker. A platformer where you have to get across a single screen before everyone else. The twist being that at the start of each round, each player gets to choose and place a single level piece, which can help or hinder everyone. Levels soon become a horrendous test of skill as your navigating buzz-saws, icy ledges and jet packs.
  9. Yeah - that's an excellent remix, I have an old mix CD by the Chemical Brothers with it on, i'll have to dig it out for a listen later.
  10. Ha - not sure what happened there, it was supposed to be this... But Journey's soundtrack was also fantastic, so I won't grumble!
  11. I heard this track over the weekend and it immediately conjured up images of cars sliding sideways around a racecourse:
  12. Whiskey_chaser

    Slay The Spire

    I killed him that turn. Sadly the final boss annihilated me. I've managed to beat the Heart with the other two characters but the defect is proving nearly impossible.
  13. Whiskey_chaser

    Dark Souls

    Nice work - I gave up when you had to fight the Asylum Demon for the second time (in Lost Izalith???)
  14. Whiskey_chaser

    Slay The Spire

    Sadly, only @Duck will appreciate what's going on here...
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