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  1. OrangeRKN

    Tetris 99

    I think you'll want to switch away from attackers occasionally, as if you and your opponent are both set to attackers but one happens to have attacked the other you'll get stuck in a loop constantly fighting each other. If you switch out to another target for a bit you'll break the loop.
  2. OrangeRKN

    The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

    My favourite game of all time! I'm incredibly excited, they appear to have nailed the art style by capturing the same whimsical, pocket-fitting, cartoon and almost toy-like feeling of the original. You can already spot some QOL changes like being able to jump at the same time as having the sword and shield equipped and having a scrolling screen overworld. The actual areas in the trailer look very accurate although they aren't exactly 1 to 1 with some slight differences I can spot in tree and bush placement.
  3. OrangeRKN

    Total War: Three Kingdoms

    This is great and all, but when are we getting Kessen IV
  4. OrangeRKN


    Any idea how many chapters there are and what the level cap is? Sounds like it could end up pretty damn lengthy
  5. OrangeRKN

    Death Stranding

    We're already playing Death Stranding through Kojima's marketing and it's great, all you doubters are crazy
  6. OrangeRKN

    Gunman Clive

    I also got it as it was cheap on Switch and I'd heard good things, but I just don't feel it. The visual style promises more in stills than it actually delivers and the gameplay feels uninspired. Playable, but quickly forgettable.
  7. OrangeRKN

    Picked up a PS Vita....

    RPG: Digimon Cyber Sleuth PS1 Classic: Klonoa: Door to Phantomille Cyber Sleuth has apparently been delisted in the US :(
  8. OrangeRKN

    Picked up a PS Vita....

    Killzone Mercenaries remains an absolute showpiece for the Vita, it's incredible how good that game looks on the handheld. Tearaway is a fantastic game and makes the best use of all of the Vita's functionality, it really isn't the same on PS4 and is an experience that can't be emulated. If you're an Uncharted fan, Golden Abyss is for me on par with the first game and well worth playing. I actually enjoyed the card game that came out too! If you like hunting action games (Monster Hunter), check out Soul Sacrifice, Toukiden and Freedom Wars. The Switch really is the Vita's successor as an indie machine and is an excellent way to play plenty of indies like Binding of Isaac, Guacamelee and Hotline Miami, if you haven't already played them. The catalog is surprisingly big, and it's no surprise that lots of games that were on Vita have now made their way over to Switch. For a select few I think Vita remains the superior way of playing them, like with Severed (much easier to use the touch controls on the smaller, more easily held in one hand Vita). There are also all the HD collections that made it to Vita, and with those you should do some research. It's a great way of playing MGS2 and MGS3 portably for example, but the Jak and Daxter Trilogy is badly ported and probably one to avoid (I am a huge Jak fan and was very disappointed with the performance, considering how good the PS3 version is).
  9. OrangeRKN

    No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again

    You might have missed a skill chip or two as there are hidden ones mid-level. When he splits into multiples, one of them looks different which is the one you should hit. The easy way to do it though is to save your R special and spam that (the full 3 times) to clear through the fakes. You won't get hurt from hitting the wrong one with any ranged attack I don't think, so skills work too. Travis Strikes Back continues to be a visual novel style thing (so far anyway for me), but it's only the first one that takes a really long time. In fact the next one directly references how long it was and how players want an action game, not a visual novel, so they deliberately skip through it The last one I did also had a cameo from Mondo Zappa (Killer Is Dead) B)
  10. OrangeRKN

    No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again

    Maybe try switching up your skill chips? I find the Heavy chip really useful for bosses as it slows them down so much you can just get free heavy attacks in on them until it dissipates. The chip that causes stun is really useful too (especially as it fans out so aiming isn't an issue, can't remember the name) and again lets you get in free hits. For him I was also using the Shining chip, which while not great damage interrupts the boss mid-attack and then if you hold it gives you a decent amount of time to recharge. All of the damaging skill chips in fact interrupt I believe, I was using the lightning effect one too. Beat him with SS rank first time B) And yeah it just seems it has blank black screen loading, which is off-putting but fine.
  11. OrangeRKN

    Hollow Knight

    You have to use a downslash to get past this screen: The game does a really good job imo of teaching the player how to do it too. I may have made this point before, hence having screenshots to hand :P There is also another screen where there is a jump too wide to make, but there is an enemy that flies back and forth below platform level between the two sides, so jumping and attacking the enemy seems a reasonable thing to try.
  12. OrangeRKN

    Hollow Knight

    Isn't that almost every platformer ever, including Mario? Granted Mario is pretty low on the ability to change momentum. Air control makes no sense but it makes games generally a lot more enjoyable, especially in metroidvanias where exploration of 2D spaces is key. I can't think of many momentum only platformers (Mirror's Edge... and that's it at the moment).
  13. OrangeRKN

    Oblivion (Elder Scrolls IV)

    There isn't a PS4 version Those graphics look super fancy
  14. OrangeRKN

    No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again

    Has anyone got this on cart? Mine takes a good minute to load with a blank black screen, which makes it seem broken. Not sure if it is a fault or if all of the carts are like that.
  15. OrangeRKN

    Hollow Knight

    There are absolutely Dark Souls comparisons to be made... which is funny because I've never been able to get into Dark Souls but I absolutely adore Hollow Knight. I think that's because a lot of the similarities are thematic and specific design elements, whereas in core gameplay Hollow Knight is obviously still a 2D metroidvania (and imo the best one I've ever played). The lack of direction is one of my favourite things about the game, I really appreciate how much it respects the player's autonomy and own ability to find their path. With the lack of direction, at the very beginning you are only given the task of "explore" but relatively quickly you gain an overarching goal that gives high-level direction to your wanderings. Once I hit that point I felt it was the perfect amount of direction I needed, as the game left me alone to work out the specifics. I don't think any of the enemies are cheap, and I found the platforming perfectly good (the only time it goes overboard with that is at one specific point when getting the true ending). The charm system is really good at offering the player various ways of countering any specific weaknesses they have in the gameplay, like eliminating knock-back or giving you a quicker or longer slash (something I found very useful for downslash jumping off enemies and spikes). On exploring new areas I always made it my priority to find the map of the area, and as such I never found myself wandering blind for too long. Boss rooms are usually signposted so can be avoided and the paper/page trails direct the player towards the map location from a screen or two away. I also always had equipped the charm for showing my location on the map screen, so even without a map I knew roughly where I was.