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  1. OrangeRKN

    What's your....

    Taiko no Tatsujin with drum Can't even play it because I'm scared of annoying my neighbours... :lol:
  2. OrangeRKN

    Dangerous Driving

    Has anyone who's got this not got spotify? If so what are you doing about the lack of music?
  3. OrangeRKN

    Fallout 4

    I'm surprised she wasn't marked essential (which is one of the things I hate in Fallout 4 and Skyrim...)
  4. OrangeRKN

    Fallout 4

    Obligatory "play New Vegas" post
  5. Very happy to see A Way Out get the multiplayer award. Instantly better than the Golden Joysticks! Happy for Yoku's Island Express too
  6. OrangeRKN

    Fallout 4

    I liked building at that settlement because you can get up onto the highway which is a cool location for a base. Your plan sounds good though too!
  7. OrangeRKN

    Fallout 4

    There's a quest with him that changes that He somehow gets lets interesting afterwards
  8. OrangeRKN

    Fallout 4

    So you missed out on the adventures of Herbert "Daring" Dashwood and his ghoul manservant Argyle??? Galaxy News Radio is absolutely top tier. Fallout 4's radio is incredibly disappointing in comparison :(
  9. I got this on Switch but need to give it a proper go. I think I'm being somewhat unfair in comparing it to Binding of Isaac considering that game is near perfect
  10. OrangeRKN


    It's alright but I was getting bored of the loop as I was finishing up the third dungeon. I would have pushed through but after placing down a portal before the boss, every time I tried to return the game froze on reloading the dungeon. That bug killed it for me as I couldn't stomach working through every floor again when I should have just been able to teleport back in and take on the boss. I think the game is just a little slow at ramping up the shop mechanics, I'd find it more engaging if it was quicker paced.
  11. OrangeRKN

    Fallout 4

    Look forward to it! Told you this was a good idea ;) I think this is just what happens when you play a Bethesda game several years down the line, once they've had a load of patching.
  12. OrangeRKN

    Fallout 4

    Synths are bad guys, Brotherhood are bad guys, Minutemen are good guys because I am their god-emperor
  13. OrangeRKN

    Fallout 4

    Worst thing about the Brotherhood - by refusing to join or help them I locked myself out of their questline, which meant that I never got the trophy for finding every location in the game because there is no other way of getting to their blimp >:| Literally the one location I was missing
  14. OrangeRKN

    Fallout 4

    I think this can sometimes happen when an enemy dies, despite you not being involved. Sometimes from fighting others, sometimes just from bugging out on spawn or something.
  15. OrangeRKN

    Fallout 4

    It's better than 4 imo :P Most interesting setting of all the Bethesda games with a massive and varied map, and a ton of variety in enemies too. Mostly though I just love being able to build camps almost wherever I want - settlement building was by far my most loved part of 4. Yeah it doesn't have many NPCs and the quests are all linear, but that was the weakest part of 4 by far and New Vegas has all the other games beat hands down. NV is still my go-to as a proper RPG with interesting and branching quest lines (and the only game I felt it worth having companions in), but I'm enjoying 76 plenty as an exploration game. It still has all the environmental storytelling that Bethesda are actually good at, without the badly done quest writing that upset me in Fallout 4!
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