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  1. Was vaguely aware of the series, didn't realise there was finally a western release. I'm up for this!
  2. Badly, presumably Game itself I'm looking forward to though, Rugby Sevens in Rio was excellent and worth the price of entry for me alone - and now it's back! The 2D stuff looks fun too.
  3. OrangeRKN

    Death Stranding

    Reported for not including Celeste or Hollow Knight
  4. OrangeRKN

    Far Cry 5

    One of these times I was at an airfield and was just indefinitely holding off wave after wave of hitsquads thanks to my guns for hire. Must have held out a good 10 minutes before finally I accepted they would never stop spawning, so I made a run for a plane. Got hit as I took off, so blacked out as I was already climbing high into the sky. Somehow they must have recovered my sleeping body from the wreckage of the crashed plane, miraculously unhurt!
  5. I got this and played it with 2 friends at the weekend. We started Friday night at about 9pm, didn't stop until 5am, then finished the rest of the game Saturday afternoon. The camera is god-awful, but had an absolute blast playing the game in general!
  6. The Nintendo levels in Mario Maker 2 are good. They're short and gimmicky for the most part yes (I don't think that's a bad thing, gimmicky == inventive, and inventive is Nintendo at their best), but there's 120+ of them. There's a good few hours of content there. The first Mario Maker didn't have anything like the sequel's singleplayer mode so I don't think you can compare (unless you played the 3DS version that did).
  7. OrangeRKN

    Far Cry 5

    Far Cry 5 is a really fun game that is adamant in not letting you enjoy it. I loved ordering around the guns to hire to trap a camp in a cross-fire of sniper bullets, or sneaking in alone and taking down every enemy one by one, or releasing a bear right in the middle to cause carnage, or just assaulting a camp head on in a blaze of fury. But for every fun moment of emergent, player directed gameplay, there was another of the game shoving an encounter in my face or literally abducting me into another story mission and shouting ARE YOU ENJOYING OUR GAME YET at me. You can't walk 30 meters in Far Cry 5 without an enemy encounter. There is no downtime, you're never free to just explore, up until the point where you clear an area of all enemies and that exploring becomes pointless. It's one extreme or the other, never a happy medium. I liberated two of the areas in the game then dropped it in the third, because the relentless interruptions from the game just got too much. It's silly how unconfident the game is in its own systems, it really shoots itself in the foot. Which is a shame because I think it's great otherwise!
  8. I'm waiting on the console release, which is still "coming soon"
  9. A quick search tells me you can change the camera to isometric ("classic"): https://twinfinite.net/2019/07/marvel-ultimate-alliance-3-change-camera-angle-how/ Sounds like it might help a few of you. There's no lock-on in classic view for example.
  10. I thought you could choose between the classic isometric camera or free-control camera? In local co-op at least it has to be isometric, right?
  11. £40 in Sainsburys and Argos
  12. I'll give these a play and follow you as a creator tonight! I only got this last night and spent most of my time so far making my first level (KYM-RJP-J2G for anyone interested), so I'm going to properly get into the story levels later as they do seem good and inventive, as you say. Over on GRcade there is a webpage/tool for sharing levels, if you're interested: grcade.co.uk/mariomakers/
  13. Tried to pre-order in store on Saturday in GAME, but after initially saying "yeah that should be fine" they were out of stock too :(
  14. Missed it again :( Did preorder the amiibo though from the Nintendo Store. In my frustration I just ordered the Japanese edition with artbook from Play Asia too, as that was available...
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