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  1. Oh yeah I have The Last Story one. That soundtrack Didn't realise Mario Kart 8 had a special edition. It's just a statue of a blue shell... Any advice on where to keep an eye out for the Link's Awakening one then?
  2. Have there actually been that many first party collector's editions? I'm trying to think of what I've got in the past and mostly it's just been the game with some bonus stuff thrown in from the Nintendo store, like Splatoon 2 with a t-shirt. BOTW had a collector's edition but afaik even Mario Odyssey didn't. Most of what I can find in a search is just game + amiibo or controller. Most recently as an actual Nintendo special edition I think for me would have been Star Fox Zero, because that came with Star Fox Guard, and that was pretty easy to come by. With Zelda specifically it'd be... Skyward Sword? I think the wii motion+ bundle of that is more common than the game alone But yes basically... I need to make sure I get this as Link's Awakening is my favourite game!
  3. Didn't realise the collector's edition had gone up for sale D: I was sort of assuming I'd just be able to order it way closer to release...
  4. OrangeRKN

    Fallout 76

    PS4 I haven't played the battle royale mode yet, I've still not fully explored the map in the main game (although I'm very close now as I'm in the last region) so I don't want to go there in another mode before exploring it properly - as the map and exploring it is one of the strongest things in the game for me.
  5. OrangeRKN

    Fallout 76

    The survival aspects are much more flavour than actual concern, I've played for ~300 hours and ran out of food... once? And I've never run out of water - if anything I am always selling excess. So I wouldn't worry too much about it. Ammunition for the stronger guns can be harder to come by, but that seems fair in terms of balance and having you not just use your most powerful weapon all the time. The card perks system I think is really good and I definitely prefer it to Fallout 4. Being able to re-class (within your SPECIAL stats) by changing up your equipped cards is cool, although that comes in more later on when you have more cards and can viably switch between different perks for different situations. Similarly with VATS, I use it all the time now and it's super useful - but you need to have a decent perception stat (for a decent hit chance) and put some perks into it too (I can target body parts, see damage resistance stats of enemies, and have the mysterious stranger occasionally appear for example). At the start of the game it is absolutely useless, so I think most people dismiss it then never try it again once it actually becomes good.
  6. OrangeRKN


    Never thought about that, but now you've said it it definitely does!
  7. I think Guacamelee 2 is definitely a better game than the first, and I really appreciated the larger focus on platforming (mostly optional right?) compared to the very simple approach in the first game that was mainly combat focused. As a metroidvania it's still very simple to navigate so the platforming brought a much-needed element to the game. Also the meme humour is way better in 2 than in 1, and all worth it for the part where they call it out.
  8. There are only two generations, the rest are all just hardware revisions. Other than a smattering of DSi games and an even smaller handful of New 3DS only games, every game is simply either a DS game or a 3DS game. The difference is quite obvious too given the spec change.
  9. Hidden gems in that they came out after the Switch: - Monster Hunter Stories - Ever Oasis - Detective Pikachu - Dillon's Dead Heat Breakers Ever Oasis especially deserves a sequel or something
  10. Hope you're schooling them in versus too! :P Towerfall competitive is legit one of the best local multiplayer games there is. I'd heartily recommend Gang Beasts too
  11. Heist is fantastic, I think it's one of the best games in the genre! Well worth anyone with any interest in it playing
  12. OrangeRKN

    Stealth games?

    MGS3 has to be my favourite, but as a pure "stealth game" I think Chaos Theory is nigh-on perfect. I was very disappointed with the direction Splinter Cell took after that! Also I think this might be the best place I can get away with plugging this little stealth game I recently made... (tweet)
  13. I've played the damn game twice and never noticed it's spelt wrong https://www.gameskinny.com/wyhye/egx-2016-forgotton-anne-i-hope-we-didnt-forget-to-ask-anything It can't have been that significant then... Just found this: http://www.pushsquare.com/news/2018/04/interview_recalling_forgotton_anne_with_developer_throughline_games So I guess that's that!
  14. OrangeRKN

    What's your....

    E-sports and the competitive scene in general I find it baffling and almost impenetrable, which I find strange when I consider myself very into videogames. Like, why would you watch /other/ people play games?
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