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  1. retroed

    Mortal Kombat 11

    Jeff and Jason quick look on the Switch version: https://www.giantbomb.com/shows/mortal-kombat-11-nintendo-switch/2970-19048
  2. retroed

    Mortal Kombat 11

    I wonder why it's been delayed on Switch when it's already available digitally on the eShop. The physical version requires up to a 20GB download because they have used a smaller cart.
  3. A Recommended from Christian Donlan is enough for me. I mean, I was going to get it anyway, but that seals it.
  4. I'm importing a physical copy on Switch from Amazon.com so will hopefully have it soon. Never played it but always fancied having a go.
  5. PLAY Borderlands GOTY Edition Final Fantasy VII Yoshi's Crafted World WANT Borderlands 3 BOXBOY! + BOXGIRL! Dragon Quest Builders 2 BIN Nuttin'
  6. Always a pleasure going through my gaming cupboard and digging a few bits out. I'm supposed to be tidying up but got distracted.
  7. The @DANGERMAN favourite Cat Quest is a fiver on the eShop at the moment. Rude not to.
  8. Standard edition is 20 quid now, and deluxe back down to 24.
  9. If things go wrong you can revert to your old name for free at any time.
  10. I've never played it. @Jimbo Xiii
  11. retroed

    The Division 2

    I have it on Xbox One but it's a digital copy.
  12. Vinny being Vinny. "I'm a spaceman!"
  13. retroed


    I bought the GOTY edition on XB1X and have been having a blast all over again. I've gone with Siren this time and think I've made the correct decision. She's a lot fun to play as and I like how fast she can move around the map. I played to level 12 last night and didn't want to stop. They've added the mini-map from Borderlands 2 and it's made such an improvement. Menus are ripped out of BL2 as well, and there are Golden Keys (I received 75 for having played the Handsome Collection). It looks the part in 4K 60fps, although I have had some screen tearing which I've not experienced since the 360 days. Hopefully it can be fixed because that's not an ideal thing to have in a remaster of a ten year old game on the world's most powerful games console. But yeah, 25 quid well spent and Borderlands 3 is currently my most anticipated game of 2019. I forgot how good these games feel to play, and how much I enjoy the gameplay loop.
  14. Danny O'Dwyer has put out a new episode of noclip podcast with Jeff Gerstmann as his guest. Download or play it through YouTube, below.
  15. Yeah, Metal Jesus Rocks is a good channel.
  16. Graveyard Keeper announced for Switch.
  17. Redeem three months now, and the remaining nine months after. Just did it myself. Twitch Prime.
  18. Loving the M30 pad, using it for everything I can at the moment. I picked up the Street Fighter collection today now I can play it with a nice controller. New issue of EDGE arrived, too.
  19. Yep. https://www.mfgamers.net/index.php?/topic/41047-tom-clancys-rainbow-six-siege/&do=findComment&comment=188629
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