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  1. retroed

    Gears 5

    I had a notification for it on my phone via the Game Pass app, and set it to download from there.
  2. Latest Nicalis release from the States.
  3. retroed

    Super Mario Maker 2

    I made my first level this evening. Nothing special, just a traditional SMW stage but with a couple small secrets. I might go back and add stuff to it at some point. KB0-J3Q-MHG First time I've ever gone into the making section of a Mario Maker. It's quite cool.
  4. Not seen a better price than that recently. That's probably the cheapest you'll find now, this close to launch. I'm tempted to get another couple of those Nintendo vouchers and use them on this and Fire Emblem.
  5. This is excellent so far.
  6. retroed

    Nintendo News

    Pokémon version coming out in November. With the Switch Lite coming out on the same day as Link's Awakening, I'm surprised there hasn't been a Zelda edition shown at all. Maybe they're saving that one for BOTW2.
  7. I was given this for Father's Day, but only got around to building it today.
  8. Super Mario Maker 2, Dandy Dungeon and Urban Trial Playground all purchased digitally.
  9. Super Mario World blind relay race starting soon.
  10. Pre-orders are live on the Nintendo store. Go go go.
  11. Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin at the moment. What a game. Edit: my son loved watching that as much as I did. I had to dig out the DSi XL and show him the real deal.
  12. Super Mario Bros. 2 now. Some very impressive play and a reminder that I've never actually finished this game.
  13. Summer Games Done Quick has just started. http://www.twitch.tv/gamesdonequick Or tap play in the original post by @DifferentClass
  14. Out of stock. Instant Gaming have it for £20.04.
  15. Bumping this after a five year hiatus. I forgot about that Senran Kagura post. One for @regemond? Anyway, this is what I came here for.
  16. retroed

    15 Years of GOTY

    2004: Metroid: Zero Mission 2005: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 2006: Gears of War 2007: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 2008: Everybody's Golf Portable 2 2009: Batman: Arkham Asylum 2010: Mass Effect 2 2011: Dead Space 2 2012: Persona 4 Golden 2013: The Last of Us 2014: Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition 2015: Bloodborne 2016: Overwatch 2017: NieR: Automata 2018: Celeste Going through this, I remembered how good 2009 was. Loads of bangers.
  17. I was just browsing the coming soon section on my Switch, and noticed that this is coming out on it on the 11th July. It's currently available to pre-order for £8.99 (50% off).
  18. retroed

    The Hot Topic Returns

    The game of E3 was Animal Crossing: New Horizons.
  19. This is bloody awesome.
  20. Turns out I had over 5050 reward points again, and until the 17th there's 20% off a £5 gift code.
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