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    Post your latest gaming purchases

    Surprised there isn't a thread like this already, to go with the Retro one. Anyways, i guess I'll get the ball rolling. I just bought an all-black JPN Game Boy Micro! I already have a Famicom Edition which has been my portable console of choice for so long due to its size and the M3 Perfect Lite I have with all my owned games on, it's just excellent in every possible way, but I've have always fancied a black one for ultimate sleekness. They're different to the US ones in that the US ones were either black face with silver body or vice versa, not all black. I think Chinzon has a US one? I got it on eBay new for £32.99+shipping and free AC adaptor. I can't wait for it to turn up! A pic from the ad: Other than that, it's been 360 bargains that I've been getting hold of. A couple cheapies like King Kong and Fuzion Frenzy 2 which whill be sold on when finished with, Tomb Raider Legend and a few more. So, what gubbins have my fellow forumites bought recently? Pics are always nice, too.
  2. retroed

    Far Cry New Dawn

    I quite like the look of this, and having not played Far Cry in a while I'm not burned out on it. Its lower release price helps, too. I may pick it up in a digital sale down the line.
  3. retroed

    What're ye buyin'?

    I’ve compiled a list of games I would like that are coming out in the next few months, and am a bit worried about how I am going to afford them all. There’s also the small matter of a PS3, that I really want for LBP and PSN titles, but that may have to wait until next year at this rate. DS N+ [out now, US] Viva Pinata Pocket Paradise [5th/8th Sept, EU/US] (preordered US £18.29) Dragon Quest IV [12th Sept] Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood [26th Sept] Kirby Super Star Ultra [29th Sept, US] Chrono Trigger [25th Nov, US] 360 Fable 2 [24th Oct] (preordered LE £41.99) Fallout 3 [31st Oct] Quantum of Solace [31st Oct] Gears of War 2 [7th Nov] (preordered £34.99) Call of Duty: World at War [21 Nov?] (preordered £34.99) Resident Evil 5 [13th Mar] (preordered £34.99) Wii Wario Land: The Shake Dimension [26th Sept] Animal Crossing: City Folk [Q4 08?] Kororinpa 2 [?] DS wise, it’s as alive as ever for me, with a bunch of quality titles being released. And then there’s the 360, which although mainly shooters, are all pretty much essential purchases for me. After seeing the five new Fallout 3 vids yesterday (and subsequently having a dream about it, watched right before bed), that has creeped on there too, despite me knowing I’ll probably never get half way, let alone finish it. There's probably more that I can't think of right now, too. Not to mention there's still a few DS games I want that are already out. PSP wise there's nothing that I can think of, except the hardware revision that I'm going to have to try and avoid. So, how about you? Is there much that takes your fancy? How are you going to manage? Don't care?
  4. retroed

    Cross-Console Play News

    Indeed @Nag Although I don't appear to have all my characters unlocked like I do on Xbox, so not sure if you are supposed to buy the character pass again. Luckily I already have the ones I use unlocked, but that's a bit of a bummer. Edit: this looks like it's being looked into.
  5. retroed

    Cross-Console Play News

    Cross progression is now live. All I had to do was go to Here and link my Switch (I'd already linked Xbox, Twitch and Mixer). Booted the game up and all my progression has magically transferred over, and will continue to work each way on Xbox and Switch. That's cool.
  6. retroed

    Nintendo Switch

    Dragon Quest XI with orchestrated soundtrack and 16 bit mode is ace.
  7. retroed

    Nintendo eShop Deals

    There's a thread for Sony and Microsoft, so might as well have one for Nintendo deals too. Puyo Puyo Tetris is 20% off on Switch until 21/7. £34.99 £27.99. eShop link. I traded my physical copy in last week for £37.70 when GAME had an offer on, with the intention to buy it digitally. Good timing.
  8. retroed

    Cross-Console Play News

    Sweet, I'll be able to play on the Switch version now all my progress will be on both there and the Xbox.
  9. retroed


    I don't know if this could be a running thread on here, for people to get rid of any stuff they no longer want, or stuff that isn't really worth selling that others could appreciate. RLLMUK and NTSC-UK have them. Anyway... I have Everybody's Golf for the PSP that has a broken UMD shell but still plays fine. I have since replaced it with a new copy, as it's my most played PSP game by far. It's the Euro version and is complete. The clear plastic bit of the UMD has become partly separated from the white outer, causing it to be very fragile when being handled as it's possible to push the clear bit right in. It's possible to superglue the case back, but the manual does mention not to use discs that have been repaired with adhesives. It continues to work without any problems though, so if any well established members would like to experience the best PSP game for free, or just wants a spare PSP game case, reply here and it's yours.
  10. retroed

    Microsoft Xbox XBL Discounts

    The Witcher 3: GOTY Edition is £10.50 for Gold subscribers. Base game is £7.50.
  11. retroed

    Apex Legends

    And straight after that game I went back with two randoms, and this happened.
  12. retroed

    Apex Legends

    First game with @RYAN WHITELAW and we get a win.
  13. retroed

    Apex Legends

    Nice one @Hendo I had an invite from you when I was at work. My son was playing after school! Just got in and he's pumped, he only went and got a bloody win, four kills including the final one. That's ma boy. Edit: here's his end game stats.
  14. retroed

    Apex Legends

    Could well be. I haven't had any issues playing on Xbox, but I didn't play it yesterday as I was caning the The Division 2 beta before it goes away. @RoboticMonk3y I've seen you playing it, I might jump in if I see you on. If I don't have a mic I will still be pinging like it's going out of fashion.
  15. retroed

    Apex Legends

    I've let my boy play this on PS4 this morning and he's enjoying it a lot. Loads of error crashes though,one of them there was only two squads left and I really thought he was going to get a win. Then blue screen, error. Savage.
  16. retroed

    The Division 2.

    Endgame mission complete. Good stuff, that.
  17. retroed

    Gaming Shout Thread

    Poker Face released a year earlier. Probably best Gaga doesn't know about this.
  18. retroed

    Gaming Shout Thread

    Shatter has an ace soundtrack.
  19. retroed

    Cross-Console Play News

  20. retroed

    Cross-Console Play News

    It is annoying though that both HiRez and Epic give Sony free content be it skins or even a battle pass in Realm Royale's case, and Xbox or Nintendo don't get anything. HiRez CEO also put this out there.
  21. retroed

    Apex Legends

    I'm finding it to be fine with randoms. I like the variety.
  22. retroed

    Cross-Console Play News

    This here from the CEO/president of HiRez studios.
  23. retroed

    Post your latest gaming purchases

    Guacamelee! 2 for £12.59 on sale. I used a bunch of coins I accrued from previous purchases, too.