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  1. Started this at the weekend & I've never really played a Souls game & only played Bloodbourne for about a hour so was expecting this to be tough & not really my thing but I think I'm enjoying it. I settled in easily enough until I got to the Chained Ogre, fuck him!!! Spent most my time there until I eventually beat him & wow what a feeling before getting killed pretty much straight after. Started going back a bit & exploring now I'm more confident with the combat, understand properly how the skill points work & don't feel like I'm about to die at any moment. Also had a couple of efforts at defeating the General after the Chained Ogre which I think will be a fairly straight forward fight but had to go out. Overall for a new comer to FromSoftware games I'm liking it, even though I've only just scratched the surface but I am sat at work thinking about & wanting to get home & see where I get to, so it's certainly doing something right.
  2. Nabby9

    Random News

    @RikSP couldn't agree more, so want to be able to get excited by a Star Wars game but will definitively need to see what the game is as just can't trust EA with it. At least it is Respawn so that does give me some hope of finally getting another good Star Wars game.
  3. Nabby9

    The Hot Topic

    For me I think my favourites are Danganronpa Phoenix Wright Trilogy Zelda - Links Awakening Burnout Legends Loco Roco There are plenty of others well worth a mention Golden Sun, Advance Wars, various Mario games, Gravity Rush, Elite Beat Agents, God of War games. As for favourite Handheld it's a tough one either the DS or Vita. Used both a lot & played some great games, maybe the DS edges it as I used to commute a lot so it got a lot of use. The Switch is fast becoming my favourite though, I tend to see it as a handheld as that's the only way I play it. Think I've only used it on the TV twice.
  4. Yeah it does stack. My renewal is now March next year with the extra 3 months.
  5. Not seen this anywhere else but if you have Twitch Prime or Amazon Prime you can get upto 12 months Nintendo Online for free https://twitch.amazon.com/prime/loot/nintendo/ Need do the 3 months free, then come back after 60 days for the further 9 months I think.
  6. 13/02/19 - Golf Story (Switch) 05/03/19 - Spiderman NG+ (PS4) 24/03/19 - Inside (Switch)
  7. 13/02/19 - Golf Story (Switch) 05/03/19 - Spiderman NG+ (PS4)
  8. I was definitely going to pick up at least Resi 4 but not at that price, will be waiting for a sale to pick them up at a more reasonable price. Mind you it's probably not a bad thing as I have plenty of other games to keep me occupied.
  9. Nabby9


    Oh definitely I would ever buy a game based on reviews as a lot of games that review well aren't for me in the slightest & some that get dragged through the dirt I love. Just like to get an idea from a few places what people are thinking, especially if they are well argued & fairly in depth. Anthem was never one I was going to pick up early as I don't really have the time & it didn't really peak my interest. I do hope it does well for the sake of Bio-ware as I wouldn't want EA to close down another talented developer. I am a bit worried for them at the moment especially with how well Apex Legends has been received even though it is a total different game. I'm sure I'll give Anthem ago at some point when it's cheap or on EA Access.
  10. Nabby9


    His reviews are always like that, like you say even if you don't agree he puts his points across well & details why he thinks that. I did think he maybe compared it to Bio-ware's past work a bit too much but I guess that is what is going to happen when as a company you have built you games around world & story building. He often revisits games a long time later as well to see how they've changed & does re-review. His got another channel Layman Gaming which is a bit more lighthearted with his brother who can be fairly annoying.
  11. Nabby9

    The Hot Topic

    My girlfriend isn't a gamer at all but I have managed to get her into Puyo Puyo Tetris. We often play it especially if we're travelling somewhere together. I'm trying to get her to give Overcooked a go but no success so far.
  12. Nabby9


    I generally like this guy & his review is scathing. Good in depth review & backs up his opinions. I've not played it but at the moment can't see myself picking this up. Will probably wait & invest my time in The Division 2.
  13. Currently watching You & it's much better than i was expecting, thought it was going to be a show just for the Mrs to watch. It has a good way of making him not seem like a bad guy so you don't dislike him even though what he is doing is completely fucked up. Just got to half way & intrigued about where it is going. Next up is Russian Doll or The Umbrella Academy, also want to watch Abducted in Plain Sight as tend to enjoy a lot of the real life crime stuff on there.
  14. Nabby9

    Tetris 99

    This is my go to game at the moment when i have a spare 10-15 mins, absolutely love it. I have noticed it is definitely getting harder & games seem to be going on longer as people are getting better at it.
  15. Nabby9

    Tetris 99

    Cheers for that I didn't have a clue what the badges were or what they did.
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