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  1. Nabby9

    Tetris 99

    Cheers for that I didn't have a clue what the badges were or what they did.
  2. Nabby9

    Tetris 99

    First attempt finished 5th, probably will never beat that. Got crazy quick at the end. I can see this being very addictive.
  3. Nabby9

    Post when you complete a game ‘19

    13/02/19 - Golf Story (Switch)
  4. Nabby9

    Post your latest gaming purchases

    Picked up Final Fantasy IX & Undertale on the Switch this morning. Also downloaded Tetris 99 to see what that is all about.
  5. Nabby9

    The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

    Was so pleased to wake up to this. Was my first Zelda & instantly loved it. This looks great & I'm sure will bring back many memories.
  6. Nabby9

    The Division 2.

    Looks like it gives you access to the free stuff 7 days early from what I can tell plus some free activities & the usual crap. "The Division 2 year one season pass comes with exclusive activities, 7-days early access to all free DLCs for The Division 2, exclusive customization items, and more. "
  7. Nabby9

    The Division 2.

    @Duck Here's Ubisoft's normal grid so you can see what you get with each version
  8. Nabby9

    TV Shows

    Season 2 of Hannibal was just stunning for me, the way it all comes together is some of the best TV I've ever watched. Was a shame that they rushed Season 3 & it was then cancelled, show never really found it's place on NBC & probably would have done better on a different network.
  9. Nabby9

    Post your latest gaming purchases

    Couple of payday purchases & then my girlfriend surprised me with Mario for a present.
  10. Nabby9

    Resident Evil 2

    @ThreeFour It's like when I played Silent Hill 2 all those years ago, that one I'd only play when my mate was round & he'd sit there watching 😂
  11. Nabby9

    Resident Evil 2

    I'm making very slow progress mainly because I'm just constantly shitting myself, there's a reason why I don't play many survival horror games 😂 The atmosphere generated by the game is unbelievable, last night in the dark with the surround cranked up was just something I'm not experienced for a while. I am loving it in a strange way, will definitely be plowing on through today.
  12. Nabby9

    Resident Evil 2

    Haven't played much Resident Evil over the years but this has started off brilliantly. Although I'm only about a hour in & not sure my heart can cope with this. Genuinely such a pussy with these sort of games.
  13. Nabby9


    Watched Mary Queen of Scots & thoroughly enjoyed it, great acting & set pieces which i story I wasn't too familiar with but found interesting. Always a good sign when a 2 hour film doesn't feel that long. All in all well worth a watch & a good debut for director Josie Rourke. Also re-watched LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring, had completely forgot how wonderful this film is. The story telling, world building & pacing for me is just perfect & it's pretty much everything I wanted from LOTR. The opening 30 mins (especially in the extended version) are just magical & have me investing in hobbits & world instantly. For me it is the best of the trilogy & I never grow tired of watching it. Watching it again makes me wonder how they made such a bad job of The Hobbit movies with Peter Jackson still at the helm. They seemed to forget everything that made the originals work so well to stretch the story & world & make it a CGI mess.
  14. Nabby9

    2019 Expenditure

    January Spider-man DLC (PS4) - £9.99 Resident Evil 2 (Xbox One) - £36.99 Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix (PS4) - £18.85 £65.83
  15. Nabby9

    Marvel's Spider-Man

    Picked up the DLC today as it's on sale so gives me a good excuse to get back into this. Found the combat took quite a long time to click, to the point where I nearly stopped playing but once it did I really enjoyed it.