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  1. Can't sleep. Got the Giant Hand, killed a massive dog head which is just a regular enemy. Sat her at a piano and sure enough she started playing, it was awesome.
  2. illdog

    Forza Horizon 4

    I think the Lego expansion is honestly the best one they’ve done yet. I beat it Monday, some of those skill challenges are bastards. Getting 20 show off skills and 20 lucky escapes were ones I struggled with, finding and smashing 100 tables took some doing too. The destination ones were all pretty rad, like driving from the UFO crash site to the lighthouse in 2 minutes in a C class car (or whatever), they get you to learn the map like you’ve never had to before. Anyways, unlocking that final challenge so as to unlock the final race was ultra satisfying. I fucking love Forza Horizon.
  3. Yep, I got that skill and I don’t know how to use it either. It says hold down the L trigger and one of the sticks to select a slot. Next thing I know I’ve managed to unequip absolutely everything. Your’e further than me now @DANGERMAN, I’m on the hunt for the giant hand. Hey, speaking of giants, I don’t suppose that third boss is a rather large crustacean in an elevator?
  4. Kind of hard. Makes you hard.
  5. This is quite cool. It's a spiritual sequel to Symphony of the Night, probably not officially but it feels immediately familiar aesthetically and aurally. I know the Metroidvania market has been saturated but this is Koji Igarashi man, this is what he does. I've chucked about 2 hours in so far, i've beaten two bosses and found a few warp points, shit is starting to open up. Like SotN, you equip armour and weapons which can be bought or found. Unlike SotN, your character Miriam changes her appearence to reflect what she's wearing. When you kill enemies thay can randomly drop shards which can be used to attack, to interact with objects for progress or passively like a power increase or summink. Miriam moves a little ploddishly, her jumps are long and she hangs in the air but she can move around before she hits the floor. I've been mostly using big two handed weapons and they have a slight delay before they swing which is fine once you get used to it. And the more you play the more you get used to how she moves, it feels good to me now. Otherwise it's Castlevania business as usual, piss-arsing around a massive map, looking for abilities, praying for save rooms and kicking ass.
  6. It’s out now! Three days early.
  7. There's was an update recently that added the Japanese variants to the three NES games, the two gameboy games, the Megadrive game and Kid Dracula. The Japanese version of Castlevania III is superior to the version we got, check this link for a huge list of differences: https://tcrf.net/Castlevania_III:_Dracula's_Curse/Regional_Differences
  8. This is worth a watch:
  9. illdog


    I just saw King of the Monsters this afternoon. The monsters: awesome. Everything else: terrible. But there were enough awesome monsters to save it.
  10. illdog

    Burnout Paradise

    I'm back playing the 360 version due to server closure, got all the online stuff done apart from the 250 challenges but that will come, im sat on 179 and i have the 3 and 4 player challenges left. In the meantime I'm trying to get my Elite licence and i'm not enjoying it! My biggest beef with Burnout Paradise has always been the low camera, it limits your vision enough to cause accidents on a more regular basis at high speeds. I seem to takedown on everything, i wish the game was a little more lenient in that department. I know lack of fast travel is this games quirk but it's fucking annoying. And finally, navigation. Which way do i go? *eyes stray briefly to mini map* DEAD. I've put in 50 hours plus though, i'm not quiting now but fuck me there are a lot of events to get that Elite licence.
  11. illdog

    Tetris Effect

    Oh yea, i manned the fuck up and did this, excuse my whining.
  12. illdog

    Forza Horizon 4

    The Lego Speed Champions is indeed ace. The biggest change is that huge challenge board you are given and with each successful challenge completed you’re awarded with a certain amount of Lego blocks. Reaching certain amount of blocks adds stuff to your Lego house as you slowly build this huge place with a swimming pool, football pitch etc. The challenges themselves are completing races, PR stunts, doing tricks in certain cars and it adds a little something to the gameplay that I’m going to miss in future updates and versions to be honest, it adds an X factor to the game that I didn’t know I wanted. Theres also quite a lot to do, there are tons of events and tons of collectibles, there is a set of collectibles that only appear at night. And as @mfnick said, it looks amazing somehow. Such fun. Such fun.
  13. illdog

    Sunset Overdrive

    Wishful thinking but i'd love a sequel to this.
  14. Clustertruck. You jump on moving trucks with the intention of getting to the finish line without hitting the ground. You can buy abilities to make this easier but there's an achievement for completing the game without using them. It's hard but the last level is something else. To say it's an utter cunt is like saying Hitler was a bit of a naughty tinker. Thing is, i'd put too much practise in to not do it and finally, this morning... So there are 90 levels. Levels 1 to 89 took me 8 hours. Level 90 alone took me 17 hours. 17 fucking hours. And for what? That diamond rare achievement tune? Totally fucking worth it.
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