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  1. I’m on 8-6 now. At the moment that feels as far as I’m gonna get but I’ll probably feel different tomorrow. I had to Google how to do 8-4 and still it took some time to do after I knew how to do it. I then had to Google 8-6 but I still can’t do it. It feels kinda crappy having to look up what to do, I feel like it should be lack of skill stopping me, not the actual workings of the level. You have to press buttons and stuff now. Special shout on to 7-4, I’ll see you in hell you hateful fuck.
  2. I’ve no idea how many figments there actually are in this game but there has to be like a thousand and I was missing one. ONE. A tenet update to the game added some quality of life stuff, including a new lens for your camera that shows where collectibles are. Or it’s supposed to. I found that it showed some stuff and didn’t others. Anyways, the one I was missing was at the Eye Shrine on the PSI Kings Emporium levels and it was one of the ones the camera just either couldn’t detect or I couldn’t make out. Fucking thing. Alls I have left to do is the hub levels, get the PSI cards and markers, some keys and chests, that shit will get me to level 102 so I can buy the last ability then that’s it. Great game overall, definitely in my top 10 this year.
  3. https://store.strictlylimitedgames.com/collections/deathsmiles-1-2/products/deathsmiles-1-2-nsw-preorder
  4. Some old shit, some new shit: Fancy tart pics cos they’re from my Insta bro innit - @dirtydansstuff for your video game collection needs.
  5. I beat World 4 and went on to beat the next two worlds after. They certainly weren’t problem free but they were nowhere near World 4’s difficulty. Some of these levels were just a bit shit in the design department really. @Bobjust give in and buy it all ready. It’s monkey crack, however you imagine that it’s enticing.
  6. I’m playing through the main story. I’ve gotten to the fourth set of levels called Inside a Whale and boy howdy is it tough. In fact it sucks Super Monkey Dick. The difficulty spike is through the roof and each time you beat a level you think “it just can’t get tougher then that” but, you know, it does. However, victory seems just within your grasp so it has that “just one more go” factor. It’s torturous. It’s Monkey Ball.
  7. Finally completed my Super Mario Advanced collection with SMA4:SMB3, pictured here with the OG.
  8. Bumpity bump. Ive always played this game every year as a tradition so it’s never been too unfamiliar to me. Last year the misses and I went to Boston (just before Covid hit) and all I took with me was my 3DS. Super Castlevania was on it so I started playing it in the airport. I think I completed it on the plane and then just started it again. I remember being in the hotel, wide awake with jet lag and watching a speedrun of it and thinking fuck it, I’m gonna learn to play this game properly. Since then I’ve put in a couple of hundred hours practice easily. My first completed and verified run was 49 minutes in May of 2020. My last PB was August of this year at 36:25 with a huge mistake on Stage 6. Check it out of you can be fucked: I’ve not played for a month or so but I’m gonna get back in to it for 35:xx runs.
  9. This is on Xbox Game Pass for both console and PC. Ive been plugging through it, I like the game and the atmosphere it creates but it’s heavy going, I can only play a chapter at a time before I turn it off cos I just can’t fave another hour of it. It’s just so dark and oppressive, not that I expect a game about plague to be anything else. It’s fucking long too.
  10. I know that personally but it doesn’t hurt to draw attention to it. i just dropped the codes for the sake of it. Maybe Nintendo read this forum and need someone to make average to bad levels for them.
  11. I dropped a couple of levels: 4XL-9DP-DYF Thats one’s a proper asshole, particularly the start. 419-FK6-PVG That ones just some crazy bullshit.
  12. Did the shell ever just beat you to the line?
  13. @Blakey I see you got the world record on Beat the Shell so i returned the compliment on Cats in Trees. I liked it, once i figured out what the fuck to do. I can do it faster too, i know it...
  14. I made a speed run level called Beat the Shell, have a go: GWW-MJF-L1G I look forward to playing everybody’s levels, I shall report back.
  15. These were both absolute bastards:
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