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  1. illdog

    The MFGamers Podcast

    I miss that hat.
  2. illdog

    Best Song Ever Written

    Used to listen to this song a lot back in the day, just a classic song about a dude missing a chick. One of my Top 10 fo sho, Buckshot Lafonque - Another Day:
  3. illdog

    Crackdown 3

  4. illdog

    Play/Want/Bin Feb 19

    PLAY Kingdom Hearts 3 - It's shit and good all at the same time. I've beaten the main game but i'm doing some post game mop up. Crackdown 3 - It's more Crackdown but with Terry Crews saying "Things that make you go boom" when you blow something up. WANT Super Mario Maker 2 A bit more time to go back and maybe play some of the older Kingdom Hearts games. I think i'm ill. BIN My fucking back playing me up and people not paying me on time. Games wise not a lot, it's all good.
  5. illdog

    Crackdown 3

    I don't know what the reviews are on about, I'm having a great time. What it is is essentially more Crackdown. Do you like Crackdown? You'll like this. Do you not like Crackdown? You wont like this. It's honestly that simple. I've played about two hours maybe, im just wondering arond the map doing the things that pop up. Breaking out imprisoned citizens here, blowing up a malitia car depot there and all the while powering up Terry Crews. The more powerfull your agent, the more fun you have. You learn more moves, you do more damage, you jump higher, boost further - life is good. Best part is that it's free for Game Pass subscribers and for £7.99 it's worth getting on board. More Crackdown! Yayer!
  6. illdog

    Kingdom Hearts III

    I appreciated the absolute insane u-turn that 100 Acre Woods was from a gameplay perspective, didn’t see that coming in a million years. The Caribbean:
  7. illdog

    Kingdom Hearts III

    @Blakey I dont know what the fuck you're on but I want some (i think). I like you're enthusiam, i don't even feel half of it toward this game. It was good and I think that's the best description. It's good. Above average for sure, not great though. Anyway, it's done now, I'm happy I stuck with it through to the end. Special shout out to Donald for the times you didn't heal me when I needed it you feathery cunt.
  8. illdog

    Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

    This exactly. There's something about it, i think it maybe the pace. Looks like they need to move a little faster but regardless, proof is in the pudding. Looking forward to it's release. And Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon os free on Xbox GWG at the minute, might be it's last day as they ften chan ge mid-month. Get on it, one of my top 10 of last year.
  9. illdog

    Super Mario Maker 2

    Im still playing the original because im so cool. But give me this right in my face.
  10. illdog

    Kingdom Hearts III

    I'm 16 hours in to this and I still don't really know what to say about it. I havent played a KH game since the original on the PS2. I've played a little of 358/2 on the DS but i got stuck not too far in to it and never went back. I keep coming back to this one though so there's something I can say. There's a lot of bullshit too. The cutscenes are just fucking awful, so many pauses in what should be a free flowing conversation. So many annoying individual character adresses, instead of "Hey Guys" its "Hi Sora, hi Goofy, hi Donald". The dialogue is super cheesy too but I think that's jus how this franchise is. The actual combat, once you get over the spectacle of the Attraction moves, is pretty button mashy and dull. I like the different types of key blades that you can use but i've picked my favorite now and am sticking with it, concentrating on powering it up so I'm stuck with it's moveset for now. It does try to space out the information it throws at you but there's still a fuck ton of things going on and I'm not sure if I fully grasp it all. I must say though, every time I think i'm getting a little bored of the plot something random happens and every time I think i'm getting bored of the gameplay it mixes it up a little. It's just turned in to a puzzle game right out of the blue. I shall plug away then, i feel too invested to stop now but I guess more importantly I actually want to. It's alright.
  11. illdog

    Gunman Clive

    This was cheap as shite on the Switch, it’s both games in HD. I’m not loving it to be honest, it’s s little boring and the progress can be a bit too trial and error for me (enemies spawn not far in front of you sometimes, worse when they’re in the air, Dangerman touched on this in OP) that shit winds me up. You get knocked back when you get hit which can be annoying on small platforms but the controls are fairly tight. I’ll probably carry have a good go of finishing both games but at the moment the £4 or whatever I paid seems about right.
  12. A rare post of yours that actually makes sense.
  13. Get back in your hole you fuck.
  14. Well, Apex Legends would be the name of the impression thread, this is still news.