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  1. illdog

    The MFGamers Podcast

    @Sly Reflex@RoboticMonk3y Great 20q episode dudes, enjoyed the chat. @Hendo also enjoyed your episode of Desert Island and I have to say the editing on my episode was fucking brilliant, nice one. Also, the theme tune remix is dope.
  2. illdog


    Saw Pet Sematary over the weekend. Yea, it was alright. I'm not a big fan of Jason Clarke who plays the dad but I got past his stupid face and enjoyed it enough. Stupidly watched the 1989 original the next day, that was ass. Seen Shazam! too, gets a plus from me, just silly fun. We like silly fun. I thought there was a bit of a juxtaposition between the boys personality (fairly deadpan) to Shazam's. I get as Shazam he was just constanlty in wonder and awe about the shit he could now do but it was a little too different. Otherwise they did good.
  3. illdog

    Prey (2017)

    Stop talking about this game or I might have to start a second play through.
  4. illdog

    Strange Brigade

    @Hendo and I pretty much caned most of this game this afternoon. It felt like we were pretty thorough with our exploring but we still missed loads of stuff. It gets pretty brutal in the latter half of the games, the enemies come in mass and they are varied and bastard like. After you left to get food H I finished the last level. Used that sweet ass burst rifle that we both bought, it has 4 upgrade slots so now it has less recoil, more power, flame and ricochet. I also bought a new amulet power up, i can now rampage which will be super handy for taken down mass groups of enemies. It does have a few issues, the shooting can be bad (missing from point blank) and the melee attack picks and chooses which angle it want's to strike at. Also, I'd say overall the levels are just a little too long. Overall though I'm having a brillinat time with it. If i'd have played it last year I think it would have been in my top 10.
  5. illdizzog isn't available? Fuck off.
  6. illdog

    Star Wars

    Up to evil sith lord crime with more AI than cyberdyne?
  7. I am down. May I also recommend Prey, it’s really good.
  8. @DANGERMAN Have you tried any of those challenges yet? I've done 11 or 12 of them, some of them are proper bastards. I just did the Shining Force one, you have to win a huge battle on the main map with only one casualty or less to your party. I failed the first time but the second time I nailed it with a full party. I've been playing the actual game as well, once you get used to the controls it's actually a pretty good game. That Ristar challenge was a fucking cunt, that game can suck a dick. Also, this collection has made me change my opinion on the first Streets of Rage. I like it much less than i used to. The controls are bad and the enemies are cheap, especially those fucking twin sisters before the final boss. And Streets of Rage 3 is a fucking disaster. Surprise of the package so far for me has been Sonic Spinball. I watched a video to get to grips on just what the hell the game was asking of me and since then I've been addicted to it, it's really good.
  9. Yea dude, PES 2014. Doubled in price already.
  10. Some random shit. So these are relics of dead systems that were all on sale recently, I just got them fir the collection. Just Dance 2019 on Wii blows my mind, a system superseded twice!: These were just just some random Wii games that were cheap: These were on sale. I actually intend to play them, not leave them sealed in my games room:
  11. illdog

    Strange Brigade

    @Hendo Yea dude, definitely. I just went throught the second mission, harder than the first as you would expect and some of the puzzles had me stumped for a few seconds but it was really good. I managed to find all the cats in the level (there are 6) and that opens a secret door near the end, that was cool. I'm in to this game right now. You can choose between four different character and each has a specific skill like one is a headshot speacialist, one is a keen sectret finder, one is and expolosion specialist and the last one does something i'm sure. One of the chicks is extra northern which will please a section here. The extra English commentator is pretty funny, he's just sparse enough not to become annoying and he doesnt like cats. I like cats.
  12. illdog

    Strange Brigade

    This is surprisingly good innit? Known as a shlooter these days with plenty of exploration thrown in amongst a ton of enemies and puzzles on the side. I've onlu just done the first mission but god damn it was good fun, just what I didn't know I was in the mood for. Available on Xbox Game Pass right now.
  13. How fucking bizarre, I iored this up today for the first time too. I've been playing for a few hours this afternoon. I've been having a go at some of the challenges. I managed the three Golden Axe ones. GA1 challenge is to beat level 8 of The Dual as the dwarf, you have to fight two of those cunt skeletons with only one bar of health. GA2 challenge is to beat Death Adder and his two skeleton bitches with the dude, again with low health. GA3 is to beat two minotaurs with the chick. Whist the other two were quite hard, this was a piece of piss. The only stipulant is no continues, so you can spam them with all your magic and even die a couple of times. GA1/2 took me about 10 goes each but GA3 was done first time. On a side note - Fuck I love ESWAT.
  14. Shit dude, I’ll be up for old glories.
  15. illdog

    Eternal Sonata

    😂 I’m not sorry, suck my ball sweat.
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