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  1. illdog

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider

    I paid absolutely no attention to the plot, sometimes ignorance is bliss.
  2. illdog

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Spent the afternoon with 5 real life people playing 6 player local smash and it was fucking excellent. The same dudes I used to play Melee on the Cube with and a couple newbies. It was chaotic but brilliant. I’d forgotten how fucking good local Smash is. Genuinely one of the best times I’ve had in a game for a long time. Not sure yet who I’m maining, I have got back in to Fox but I’m a dabbler, I play Nes, Peach, Bowser and Simon as well.
  3. illdog

    Forza Horizon 4

    Loaded up Fortunes Island for the first time today. It’s been good stuff so far but the intro level made me laugh, one of the character your driving with spots some liighting and makes it feel like it’s a local phenomenon. More if the same then gameplay wise. That’s fine with me. They’ve added Trailblazer gates though, it’s a new PR event to try and get three stars at. You basically go through the start gate and an end gate then appears a certain distance away but with no set path to it. The goal is to hoss it to the end gate as fast as you can. There are only five of them but they were quite cool, a couple took me a few attempts. There are more drift zones, speed zones, speed traps and danger signs too and I’ve been enjoying these more than the races. Not that the races are bad, I just love the open world stuff. I’ve 3 starred them all, I found them much easier than the main game ones. I did all 5 drift zones first go. The other new things are the Treasure Chests. They are hidden around the island and your given riddles to solve that reveal their locations. They have a million credits inside, well the first one did! I haven’t managed to find any others yet, I need to sit down and have a good look about. I’ve a feeling some might only appear whilst driving certain cars... Anyways, more Forza Horizon is great, give it me.
  4. illdog

    Cool Video Game Shit

    @retroed Thats cool, it’s obvious when you know.
  5. illdog

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider

    Yea, that was dogshit. Have you met Abby yet? She annoyed the shit out of me.
  6. illdog

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    I’m pretty in to this. Been thinking about it when I’m not playing. I’m finding unlocking the characters in Classic Smash very addictive, really enjoying trying out everybody’s different moves. Absolutely wanked all over Gannon and his final form with Zelda earlier, she’s a beast at getting quick knock outs. I use her for every New Challenger’ battle now, her Forward and A move is cheap but effective.
  7. illdog

    Super Mario Odyssey

    I thought for sure you’d fucked that circle at the end.
  8. illdog

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    I managed to put a few hours in on the coach last night and whilst taking a shit this morning. My first beef was right after the title sequence, the announcer didn’t shout “Super Smash Brothers Ultimate”! That was so great in a Melee, bring that back. Secondly, is it me not finding it or is there no tutorial? I was a bit rusty and that would of been handy. Lastly, Classic mode should be front and centre, not hidden away in “Games and More”. Those aside I’m having the most fun since Melee. I’m addicted as hell to Classic Mode, finished with Link on 6.9 intesity which was actually easy until the chesty boss. Just lost to K Rool which is a bit gutting (I fell in to water) but I’m sure he’ll be back once I turn the volume up in the options or something.
  9. illdog

    Post your latest gaming purchases

    I know your making a lolz but I don’t really do relaxing holidays. We’re always out and about doing something when we’re away. Skiing is the opposite of relaxing (not to mention fucking expensive), it’s fucking knackering. I chill at home.
  10. illdog

    Post your latest gaming purchases

    Did a 3 mile round trip to pick up Smash in the pissing rain as we are on a day trip to Vancouver. I could get Smash anywhere but I specifically went to an EB because they had physical copies of Katamari Damacy Reroll. Got there, found a copy hidden in the corner, took it to the uninterested bitch behind the counter and they had sold out. So why are there fucking boxes on the shelf you dopey slut? Cunt of a slag. I wasn’t happy. Still, I’ll play Smash on the coach to Whistler.
  11. illdog

    Sonic Unleashed

    Ahh, Dunkster. Used to be Oracle on GTM back in the day? Fitting he’s prominent in this shity game thread.
  12. illdog

    Sonic Unleashed

    This may surprise some of you here but I've never sucked off a tramps rancid cock. Despite never having done that i'm pretty sure i'd hate it. Now, I have played Sonic Unleashed before. I know i fucking hate that yet here I am, having another go just because it's now backwards compatible on the X. I've been playing about an hour and a half and I'm fucking miserable because this game is shit. Did I turn it off? Did i fuck. That would have been the sensible thing to do. But i'm still playing. Despite Werehog Sonic only grabbing ledges and poles in the middle of oceans 50% of the time even though the right button was pressed and then me plummeting to my death at least 8 times in a row after a very dull but lengthy fighting section it then makes you repeat each time because the checkpoints are so bollocks. Despite Sonic's homing attack missing the target because although it was highlited green, at the last second that green target just disappears and I plumit to my fucking death. Despite the way forward in the running sections sometimes being as clear as solidified pig shit that's then rubbed in to your eyes just after you've been punched in the nose. But i'm so close to the end... so close. Yet I hear the final level is utter horses ass. I know i shouldn't put myself through it but I just hate not finishing game. I'm gonna put that rancid tramp's cock in my mouth, I know it.
  13. illdog

    Microsoft Xbox XBL Discounts

    Thats a fucking good deal for three games.
  14. illdog

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Yea, agreed, that’s a great review. The difference for me is that I just got so used to the clanky controls I didn’t even think about them after a while. Definitely the biggest criticism I could level on the game was the pacing. I understand what they were going for but some of the talking and some of the trekking was tedious.
  15. illdog

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Having finished it and reflected and continued to play it's my GOTY. No question. It's annoyed the shit out of me at times and i also have been bored at points yet the high points have outweighed the low and as an experience it's second to almost none. The scope of the creation still blows me away and I am continuing to have fun after 90 hours. Online is also here (for me). Meet Crimson Tide: I haven't had time to do much other than create her but i'm gonna give it a good crack.