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  1. Duck

    Slay The Spire

    I forgot to reply to this. I had a chat with @Whiskey_chaser about it and I think we play quite similar, in the that we okay pretty high risk in Act1 to try and get a build thats powerful quickly. Fangamer have released some Slay merch.. Even the free sticker is good.
  2. Duck

    Play/Want/Bin June

    I missed the last one but I wasn't playing much anyway.. PLAY The Division 2 - Still playing and enjoying it but I've using it as reason to join a party and chat and playing pretty mindlessly. I need to seriously start looking at builds and thinking about the raid. Fort Sumter - Nice and Simple but really deep board game that got a port recently. Games last about 10 minutes so it's perfect to play on the go. Heroes of Flatlandia - A Heroes of Might and Magic clone of mobile but it's a pretty good one. Only a couple of quid too, so can't complain. Feud - A free to play chess-like puzzler. Not played too much but it seems fun. WANT A Switch - Seems a bit stupid not to get one now, especially after the E3 direct. Panzer Dragoon, Animal Crossing, The Zelda's etc. Maybe soon. Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 - I'm really liking the art style and atomsphere of this. It's giving me Secret World vibes. Hopefully it turns out good. Age of Wonders: Planet Fall - The closer the release date, the more excited I'm getting about this. I'm actually quite interested to see how this plays on consoles too. BIN Nothing for me.
  3. Duck

    Slay The Spire

    @HendoI don't want to tell you how to play because it's a fun game to 'learn' But how are playing this, especially the early game? Are you always avoiding elites? Always going to '?' places? Etc
  4. Duck

    Slay The Spire

    That QL is a hard watch. I saw the Diablo switch bundle in a sale here for just over £200 a few days ago...
  5. Duck

    The Dark Crystal

    The Dark Crystal was my favourite movie as a kid. Making some like that in 2019 must be so easy to fuck up. But the new show looks spot on. I can't wait.
  6. Fort Sumter's app is reeeally nice. The quick and simple but can be deep as you like type tactics are perfect for mobile. I strongly recommend it if thought CDG's (Card Driven Game) or War games were too complicated or too in depth. As i said before games only last about 15 and I think you only play 12 cards per game. Here a video of someone playing the tutorial.. It's about £6. If you want to play, let me know.
  7. Duck

    Slay The Spire

    The portable version is out in 2 weeks... Productivity RIP 🤣 I've always thought the interface felt like it should be played on a touchscreen. The controls are all dragging cards and cursors around, so I wouldnt be surprised if the Switch version is the best one. I'm excited to see what everyone else thinks of it.
  8. Duck

    Slay The Spire

    I think this came out on PS4 yesterday. Did anyone pick it up? Or are people waiting for the Switch version?
  9. Duck

    Digital Board Games

    I had no idea they were making a digital version of this but.. GMT/Playdek are releasing a digital version of Fort Sumter.. Tomorrow 😲 Here's a pretty glowing review.. https://www.pockettactics.com/reviews/fort-sumter-ios-android/
  10. Wrong thread.. Purchases. There's a deal section in the forum. Also buying Division 2 and Anthem together is a bit like buying a Ferrari and £200 car off of eBay at the same time. What's the point..
  11. @Hendo @DANGERMAN So it looks like they're touring Europe pre album release. Them sort of concerts where you don't know what to expect going in are always fun.
  12. I haven't watched the trailer but his big screen debut does look really different,huh..
  13. Just back from seeing it. I'm still processing it but it was really good. This maybe stating the obvious but it's absolutely full of big spoilery stuff. So if you were planning on waiting I wouldn't. A quick question for those that have seen it...
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