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  1. Duck

    Apex Legends

    I think it might of been a PSN thing too. It wasn't letting anyone in our group playing Division last night make a party.
  2. Duck

    The Division 2.

    I can invite 3 'ubisoft friends' on the platform I'm playing on to the beta, so if anyone wants access let me know and we'll sort something out. You need a ubisoft account anyway to redeem the beta code, I'm pretty sure if you've played any Ubi game recently you'll have one. @DifferentClass @Sly Reflex@Whiskey_chaser etc
  3. Duck

    Currently listening to....

    Astronoid's new album came out friday and it's pretty much all I've been listening too since. I know there's a few Devin Townsend/Coheed fans here who i think will like these too...
  4. Duck

    The Division 2.

    Where's a good place to get a beta code that let's you cancel your pre - order?
  5. Duck

    The Division 2.

    Paying for early access to free DLC is kinda missing the point of free DLC no?...
  6. Duck

    The Division 2.

    So what's the deal with each version can buy for this? The first year of DLC is free right? So there's no point in picking up the Gold version? Or is there?
  7. Duck

    Apex Legends

    It seems pretty good. But I'm not totally convinced on the actual gun play yet. It was confusing what type of gun you've picked up as it's all a bit space gun 1, space gun 2 etc. But maybe i just need to play more and learn them. I still prefer PUBG/Blackout at a lot more atm but AL is another decent BR game.
  8. Me and @DifferentClass will giving this a shot tonight on PS4 around 9/9:30pm GMT is if anyone wants to jump in to make up a squad of 3.
  9. Duck

    Digital Board Games

    A fav of mine coming to PC..
  10. Duck

    Slay The Spire

    🙈 Here's a nice review where they mention the fun feeling you get when you think you're breaking the game. (I'm not sure how the SteamWorld game is going to do this if it is a traditional RPG.)..
  11. Duck


    I managed to play one mission. I was into it. The movement/mechs feel very weighty and has some skill to it. It's very pretty too. The movement in the hub area felt a tad slow tho. I'm going to try and play more tomorrow.
  12. Duck

    Steamworld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech

    Combat looks kinda similar but Slay is more run based. This looks more like an traditional RPG. Looks good though.
  13. Duck

    Slay The Spire

    2019 GOTY confirmed. ☺
  14. Duck

    Gaming Shout Thread

    Remember me posting about this last year? The gaming exhibition was back again. I only had half an hour spare but heres some pics.. I don't if it was because it's a regional 2 week holiday here but it was super busy.
  15. Duck

    Cool Video Game Shit