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  1. Duck

    The Medium

    Yeah, the church and the square in the trailer are a short walk from me. I've haven't played any of the studios game but I'm down for Silent Hill like horror game set in my city.
  2. Asmodee Digital's board game Humble Bundle is very good for the price..
  3. Cool documentary on Darkest Dungeon..
  4. Duck

    Digital Board Games

    I thought it had no developer now but.. @Whiskey_chaser @Jimbo Xiii I'll be picking it up day 1 I think.
  5. I know there's a few American Football fans here.. Really well done. ?
  6. There's a RE3 one too..
  7. Hideki Kamiya did a commentary for Resident Evil 2..
  8. @OCH It's a videogame forum.. not a music or book forum. Given the size of the forum it makes sense having less talked about subjects in one place. But having the most discussed thing on the forum basicaslly in one thread is a nightmare.
  9. I've been listening to a lot of The Armed recently.. Experimental post hardcore. They direct all their own music videos which are pretty good. Also a lot of Aparde. Who I'm excited to go see next month..
  10. A currently playing thread is a terrible idea. Please don't make one dude.
  11. Duck

    Slay The Spire

  12. Duck

    Gears 5

    Come on man, you probably took more time writing that message than it would take to google..
  13. @Jimbo Xiii It was a casualty of the app'ocalypse and was unplayable so they sorted it and and rereleased it. Lets play! What's your Playdek name?
  14. Does anyone here have/play Fluxx? It got rereleased recently and I picked it up but its taking a but of time to get an online game going. I think its only a couple of quid to buy too.
  15. Seems a good month. DS3 is still relatively new right?
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