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  1. Duck

    Slay The Spire

    May 21st on PS4. I'm guessing thats the same for Switch..
  2. Duck

    The Comic Book Thread

    Get Tom King/Gabriel Walta's Vision run read if you haven't..
  3. PLAY The Division 2 - I'm just about to hit the end - game. I've loved it. I think Massive are the first devs to crack how to launch these type of games. I'm looking forward to what they'll be adding instead of worrying about lack of content or stuff being fixed. Sekiro - I've only played about 3 hours but i've liked what i've played. Outward - It's janky and it's not very pretty in parts but this seems to a counter to a lot of problems I have with modern open world RPGs for example extreme hand holding, the actual exploring being part being a tad boring etc.. WANT RAGE 2 - I wasn't fussed about this at all but the recent videos they've released with the sandbox gunplay have perked my interest. Heaven's Vault - The 80 days guys new game. The characters and premise for this look pretty interesting and unique. Bin Being far too busy with work and life stuff - I have to choose if i want to game or have a decent nights sleep.
  4. Duck

    Netflix recommendations

    I watched some of the Love, Death and Robots shorts. Suits, Blindspot and Zima Blue were all great. Make a Stardew Valley/Starcraft mash-up game like Suits Blizzard, you cowards.
  5. Decided to pick this up after hearing about it from a few friends and it looks like my sort of thing. An open world survival RPG (made by 9 people) with loads of interesting ideas. It's split-screen/online co-up too...
  6. @Nagmate, you have a problem. 🤣
  7. Duck


    I went to my first Hospitality night last night. Fuuuuck so good. Fred V and Metrik were playing. Easily of one the best gigs i've been too.
  8. Duck

    Slay The Spire

    They've said the date will be announced late April. (And a previous post said the annoucement and release would be close). PS4 too
  9. Duck

    The Division 2

    I really like the guns. They all feel punchy and useful depending on your playing style (I understand the first game wasn't like this. It was a bit Destiny in that there were a small pool of weapons that everyone used). What guns are you using @Nag? I think my favourite so far was a SIG of some sort. I've been listening to some Division pods and I'm surprised by how many people play solo. It's sooo much better co op. Tactics and call outs are what this game are about. I'm interested to know what the solo guys on the pods build was. I'm guessing they might be using the tracker drone to keep an eye on things or maybe the senser.
  10. Duck

    RAGE 2

    This looks great.. That grav gun.😍
  11. Duck

    The Division 2

    I've woken up in places worse than the dark zone. 😂 But i still stand with what i said.. this is the best co-op game ive played in loooong time.
  12. Duck

    The Division 2

    I don't have any proper impressions. But i asked ppl from the forum i was playing with is the best co-op game this gen, and everyone said yes...I agree. This is BC2 this gen.
  13. 🎼Hello darkness my old friend🎼
  14. New American Football came out.. I like Paramore (through the wife) but she should do more progressive stuff like this. I feel like she's wasting her talent.
  15. Duck

    The Division 2

    'It's more XCOM than Gears' with the combat, is a good shout. Positioning is more important than the shooting i think.
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