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  1. Cafe Mocha ftw! Didn't like it at first but then the caffeine kicked in

  2. I'm on the second to last chapter, and yeah its taken 2 and a half solid days of reading to get this far! There's a suprising amount of detail in some of the panels, little bits of newspaper text and stuff that helps unravel it all. Its fairly obvious stuff to anyone who knows the slightest thing about the Ripper murders and its not too much of a hair brained theory in all honesty. Some of the stuff thats in there though has taken me by suprise, the sheer graphic nature of what they've done, not just with the murders themselves but with the people connected to it all, however loosely, was a little shocking. I think my favourite section so far was Gull taking his coachman on a tour of London and teaching him about all the religious symbology within the churches and chapels and how it wasn't really Christian symbology but Druidism and Pagan, with a big fat dollop of Freemasonry thrown in for good measure.
  3. Charly and Rach got me From Hell, Arkham Asylum, Marvel Secret War and Marvel Secret Invasion for Christmas. Reading From Hell at the moment and really enjoying it, I must of been in the minority of people who enjoyed the film, althogh I currently remember very little but I knew before reading this that the film has very little do with the book with which it shares its name (other than the subject material obviously). It's bloody heavy going though, not helped by the black and white artwork, which admittedly fits in with the tale and setting, which probably also make it harder work than a normal "comic book" would otherwise be, but thats understandable as this is more of a novel and theory rather than some fantasy story about men and women with special powers and spandex. It's also bloody massive, about the same length as an individual volume of Akira actually. Really happy with it as a gift, looking forward to reading the others too, especially Arkham Asylum. Read that that was actually painted by Dave McKean, which makes you wonder just how much an individual original page or panel would probably fetch at auction.
  4. RivaOni


    I thought of that, but ran around the external wall, had the map overlayed on the screen and couldn't find anything.
  5. Unless you accidentally sold it you should have the Enemy Skill materia in your inventory, if you have more than one they may not all have Matra Magic so you'd have to check. It is a good attack for a fair amount of Disc 1 though!
  6. RivaOni


    I'm in the ruins after you've reached the Overlords Library, I've got the 3 keys from the portals and gone through the "Final" portal, cleared out all the enemies in that area and come to a big square dead end, am I missing something?
  7. Sounds like Matra Magic on the Enemy Skill materia to me. Which I believe is named after this
  8. You have to remember this is taking time out of my own schedule too, and I know I'm unemployed and all but I do have other things I have to do (such as studying for a start), so I'd rather post up and say "Actually I'm not gonna be able to take down the times till I've done X so you've got until Y tonight" than have people waiting around and then the possibility of others gettign pissed off because this person hadn't posted a time at a deadline but "because you've only just taken the times off the leaderboards, they've snuck on unfairly". If I can't get to the leaderboards in time I do try and post beforehand that I can't make it, tonight was an exception that I apologise for, but as has been pointed out, it was only for a bit of fun and I've suffered as much, if not more than, others for deadlines being moved. Anyhow, the final stages times I didn't include the World Rankings because I couldn't be arsed quite frankly and the Final positions I'll gift Spatular the Stratos next time I'm on Forza.
  9. What?!?!?! I could have had an hour on it after Top Gear! Not that I had a chance of winning the car but the dead line idea needs sorting for next time. Too much moving it about. Pfft... (nice car prize BTW) Well it wasn't like I could note down the times until after 10 anyway as I had to rush out, otherwise I would of taken those times down.
  10. 5:09!? I struggled to even get a clean lap and get my 5:12
  11. Also, look for the normal anti-videogames bullshit from the Beeb
  12. I wonder if that person has looked at the "careers" of other XFactor winners...
  13. I'm unable to take down the times until 10pm anyway folks
  14. Mine was also my only clean lap. I always fucked up in the last 20%
  15. Right folks, this ends tonight, really Spatulars probably got it tied up, but Wildejon has a outside chance of winning, albeit its a very slim chance. Here's what I'll be gifting to the winner
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