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    Picked up Final Fantasy IX & Undertale on the Switch this morning. Also downloaded Tetris 99 to see what that is all about.
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    You can choose where to aim your garbage using the right stick. Just managed to finish 6th which I was happy with. I'm not sure why the controls are force mapped to the shitty dpad. I kept getting lots of accidental quick drops from knocking the top button. It's really good though, can see me playing this a lot.
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    aka Tetris Battle Royale. 100 Tetris pieces fall out of a plane..... Actually it's 99 players and it's not quite what I expected from the trailer. What I thought it was going to be was everyone puts down a different piece, but this is 99 people all playing at once and everyone fires garbage at a different person (random, I assume) until that 99 player base gets whittled down to 1. I got 27 out of 99 on my first match, so that's an acceptable first try. Get in a lobby with the Japanese Tetris masters and you'll soon be boned though. Completely free to download for Online subs, no extra purchases as yet, just another Online sub incentive.
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    First win today, with one kill (the final one when both team mates were down) and then finished top three with four kills in the game after.
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    @Blakey I dont know what the fuck you're on but I want some (i think). I like you're enthusiam, i don't even feel half of it toward this game. It was good and I think that's the best description. It's good. Above average for sure, not great though. Anyway, it's done now, I'm happy I stuck with it through to the end. Special shout out to Donald for the times you didn't heal me when I needed it you feathery cunt.
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    Ok happy valentines darling.
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    First attempt finished 5th, probably will never beat that. Got crazy quick at the end. I can see this being very addictive.
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    When I saw the egg on top of the mountain...
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    After my promise of no further purchases...behold... Bought a(nother) new 3DS XL (hard to see at the top as it's dark blue) for about 75 quid (virtually unused), with 5 out the 6 games pictured. Toys r Us finally went here, so snagged Lego Avengers on XB1, Batman 3 (without a case) on Wii U and Pokemon Moon (3 copies...the two not in picture are fan editions) On top of that, some digital stuff as follows DiRT Rally VR - PS4 Assetto Corsa Ultimate - PS4 Titanfall 2: Ultimate Ed - XB1 Forza Horizon 4 VIP - XB1 I also had my remainining Wii points to use up at the end of Jan, so took Jett Rocket Super Turrican Bubble Bobble Plus I also bought the daughter a mini HoriPad for her birthday next month (no pic as it's in England waiting for me). Pretty sure I've forgotten at least 1 thing 😕
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    You wanted a port. Here’s a sequel.
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    I think you'll want to switch away from attackers occasionally, as if you and your opponent are both set to attackers but one happens to have attacked the other you'll get stuck in a loop constantly fighting each other. If you switch out to another target for a bit you'll break the loop.
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    I’ll add you to the Family Group if you want?
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    OMFG. https://www.usgamer.net/articles/hollow-knight-sequel-silksong-revealed
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    Him and Jeff were really down on the xbox demo last year, said it felt off. Hopefully then 5 the full game is better at onboarding people with its fighting systems. A thing I'm bummed by looking at previews is the full game looks like Bloodborne visually. It's all grey and dark purples and dark hues everywhere and Dante and Nero get lost in the action. Is this the only trick the RE engine is capable of pulling? Very very detailed looking grimy environments? Is this what I get for not playing on a HDR OLED?
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    I was keeping ya'll up to date but I wont bother in future and just watch The DQXI Orchestrated soundtrack is exclusive to Switch they said.
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    good info, cheers! yeah the dlc could be annoying, i'm still getting the game but maybe not bother with the dlc or get it when it's on sale or something.
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    https://www.thegamecollection.net/#sqr:(q[Dirt rally 2]) Used them a few times, great site. I’m getting a bit concerned about how much they’re holding back for the season passes/dlc now though. Recently seen they’re basically holding the original Dirt Rally locations behind dlc which is getting released over the next couple of months. I’m almost tempted to cancel it and wait for a price drop to get the full game. 😕
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    https://gematsu.com/2019/02/square-enix-and-tokyo-rpg-factory-announce-oninaki-for-ps4-switch-and-pc I haven’t caught up on their previous games but this looks cool.
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    I don't know, the scene where Link meets a nightmare hobo felt pretty out of place I thought.
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    Finished it today! Bugs and all!!
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    Jim Sterling’s latest video throughly examines this situation. Activision expect the huge growth of profits to continue year after year,which is totally unsustainable. When the share holders get pissed off that they’re not making a kajillion dollars,Companies go with “the game performed below expectations”, and the layoffs aren’t far behind. It’s pretty disgusting.
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    Seriously this is a fucking racket, Record breaking year and you make 800 people unemployed at a cost which is way less than half that which the top 4 earn. I know company exist to make money but the sheer greed over recent years is undefendable, Not just at Activision (cough EA, UBI plus many more) Seriously I hope everybody either buy their shit second hand or Pirates these Greedy Fuck Nuggets need a lesson in humility.
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    25 quid, 9th of April. Epic Store, Xbox and PS4.
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