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  1. Manicm


    I did say it was pretty boring....
  2. Manicm


    I was wrong, it was a cover version...no idea why.
  3. Manicm


    Yep the ramones song is at the end credits.
  4. Manicm


    Went to see Pet Sematary last night, it was pretty boring tbh....padded out the first hour with back story, it just didn’t get going for me. A couple of changes from the original but nothing too drastic it’s fairly faithful to the original book just not as engaging.
  5. Finished 2 games recently, almost a record.... Rise of the Tomb Raider - Xb1 Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Xb1 Preferred the last game, more fun to play, although the stealth bits grated at times and it felt shorter...but good games!
  6. Where’s the cheapest to get ps plus 12 months these days, still cdkeys? Or is there any where else, £50 auto renew is a bit much. Cancelled my auto renew for this month.
  7. I really like the vita remote play as well, well when it works, just a pity you need someone to switch the PS4 on..... Big games I will probably stick to the bigger consoles the experience is just better, but the Nintendo games have been awesome I’m looking forward to what else they can get out of the little console.
  8. If you catch them in Pokémon go you can trade to let’s go...not sure about Vulpix as I just trade low level to get the Meltan box go pogo. Yep you can trade a vulpix from go to let’s go.
  9. Just played this, it’s fun, it’s charming, and very Nintendo! Im limiting what I buy this year but this will be on the list to get.
  10. Finished it today! Bugs and all!!
  11. An old thread I know, sorry, only got round to attempting to finish this today, on the xb1 did everyone else have the bugs in the game that I had??? The first gate I couldn’t activate the catapult thing, turns out a hidden unspawned enemy, the horde at the end was tedious and frustrating as I had no ammo...and Konstantin he kept disappearing....wtf I took him out first hit, then if i hit him again outside of the sequence he just disappeared, spent an hour just on that bit gave up for now, the game was awesome up to this bit...
  12. This is a bit out there, but thinking the next consoles will possibly be a joint offering from Xbox and Nintendo, neither want to lose money and tbh the market share would definitely take over ps. The Xbox is too much like a pc, while the switch is out there different, Nintendo have the crazy ideas, Microsoft can bsck it up with years of software development and the OS would be loads better than Nintendo’s offering. The next gen could be very interesting...
  13. Manicm

    Metroid Prime 4

    Just seen this on twitter and fair play to Nintendo! Wish more developers would do this...hoped we might get 1,2,3 instead as a download? I mean can’t be too tricky to import to the switch....can it?
  14. Manicm


    I watched bird box on Netflix and enjoyed it, really good story telling film, although I guessed the ending as it was a little obvious, got a sequel coming but not sure how that would work.
  15. I put 14 hours into this just to get to fuschia city so I can trade, it’s the only way to get Meltan and then evolve. I found it frustrating at times and a couple of trainers just kicked my arse not sure if it’s because I was racing to get to one point so hadn’t leveled up correctly.
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