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  1. New tablet is a good shout! Will have a look.. It’s a shame they don’t do a deal with Nintendo, gamepass on the switch....
  2. My gaming time or willingness to play games has gone down in the last few years, my pile of gaming shame getting bigger, lockdown didn’t help as I was still working, but I play on my switch in small doses so for me game pass on the phone might trigger me into playing more. If I can’t do that on an iPhone then I guess Samsung is the way forward. Just hope there top end one is better than my dodgy work one.
  3. Disappointed in this, but my phone contract is up today so I guess I might jump ship, the first time since the iPhone 3GS I will be iphoneless. 5g better connection if we ever get back to the football and gamepass is a big sell for a phone.
  4. Manicm

    Nintendo News

    Star fox zero was shocking!!! Not the game itself but the controls omg so frustrating, I didn’t get far into it before giving up.. I quite liked the wii u but it was Nintendo games only I don’t think I got anything else for it, you can see the stepping stone it was from wii to switch. One thing I don’t understand is how or why Nintendo ignore the cube era, some of those games are immense yet we don’t see remakes or enhanced versions on later consoles.
  5. Manicm

    TV Shows

    Started to watch house of cards, watched the first season before Christmas just started season 2, blimey it hits with a bang first episode, I know I’m years behind but hey I watched BSG 5 years after it finished..
  6. As much as I love a new consoles I won’t be rushing for both....
  7. You would think games like destiny would just go cross platform, Xbox looks like it’s going fully down the pc route as in the games can be played on Xbox 1 buts it’s better in series x.
  8. Not sure if it’s me but nothing so far looks next gen...
  9. Manicm

    Nintendo Switch

    I didn’t know they needed updating separately... done now, will try arms tomorrow.
  10. Manicm

    Nintendo Switch

    Have googled it, most get it in all games, mine is just the menu in arms...
  11. Manicm

    Nintendo Switch

    I’ve got a Bose soundbox not the bar the actual flat box under the tv. Will try them again tomorrow but back on the switch there fine just spent an hour playing SNES games.
  12. Manicm

    Nintendo Switch

    So the joycons... I really don’t game enough tbh, but seeing as early shifts seems to the be my normal I’m trying to get a bit more healthy, noticed I’ve gained a little weight so I thought Arms! I’ve got that and seeing online reviews, that movement in front of the tv might help alongside my biking. So I tried arms, I’ve only noticed this in the in game menu’s but the left joycon loses connection or the control stick goes on a mad right sided run, is this just the game or the joycon knackered? Haven’t noticed it in any other game or even the main switch menu. It’s also possibly the only time the cons have left the switch since I got it..
  13. Purchased Burnout Paradise again...switch this time.
  14. Manicm

    TV Shows

    It had lots of little quirky stuff that split it up, the EHM moment with all of them on the sofa just made me laugh, and I quite like Elinor a human data without all the knowledge. I didn’t like the face off, it was lazy cgi, same ships multiplied the Romulan birds of prey nothing like the TNG ones. But overall I enjoyed it, not often my OH put her phone down and watched it as well. Got one more week of amazon prime till I ditch it as it’s currently free.
  15. Manicm

    TV Shows

    Just finished watching Star Trek Picard, quite a few sci-fi fans I know hated it but i thought it was pretty good for a first season but saying that I loved Discovery. Ok I get Picard is basically a watered down BSG plot line but the cameo’s along the way, and the premise of Data being ever present just tied it all together, will be interesting what they do with season 2 and how much legs it’s has. Been a while since I’ve watched a full season of anything.
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