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  1. Manicm

    Gears 5

    Finished this today, enjoyed the campaign as usual for gears, plus it felt a tad short....still think the first ending boss in gears1 has to be the best with the krill in between the attack’s on the train, but a good game! It really didn’t need the decision thing they keep putting in games these days...from memory we couldn’t save Dom could we??
  2. Manicm

    Gears 5

    On the subject of other games, and I’ve read the books, pre gears 1 would make an interesting couple of games the books (from memory) have the battles during the civil war, Dom’s early days in the cog, and obv the UIR. There’s also a gap between 4-5 so plenty of material. Enjoying 5, running it solo but when complete will go back in co-op!
  3. Surprised new iPhone isn’t 5g....was going to upgrade from my 8plus but we have 5g in bham and I’m not far from the city center, while the camera is a significant upgrade I can’t see what else is. Might hold back a year again.
  4. Went to see IT last, it’s definitely not a horror, saying that I quite enjoyed it, my oh is a big Stephen king fan so post film it wasthey cut this cut that.... I thought the first was a great film. But this one standalone for me was just as good. I read on reviews that it was too long etc but didn’t feel that tbh, as a sequel it relies too much on the first possibly to help the story along, the first scene for me didn’t feel in line with the film as if it was shoehorned in, I’m not sure if it’s in the book or not.
  5. Manicm

    Gears 5

    I’ve had no issues, just lag in loading times.
  6. Manicm

    Gears 5

    I think your ahead of me, I’ve spent all afternoon on act 2, still haven’t finished that bit....died a lot!!! I lost the sever for about an hour this afternoon 4-5, and it feels slow to load....
  7. Manicm

    The Hot Topic Returns

    I think it’s an age thing, lately I’m quite happy watching the cycling....Masterchef Australia, impractical jokers....gaming seems an extra something I can do but choose not to very often. I think as I get older it gets less and less time, although I miss games™ which spiked my interest for gaming more. Saying that the last game I was truly invested in was Zelda it was just immense!
  8. Manicm

    What're ye buyin'?

    Just ordered a switch lite, via shopto ebay site got the grey one for £179, I haven’t seen it cheaper, used an eBay code PICKME10
  9. Manicm

    Gears 5

    Tbh I would still buy a disc.... old skool me, need to try and fit in more gaming today...
  10. Manicm

    Gears 5

    Makes me want an xb1x and a 4k tv.....I upgraded my game pass to ultimate to get this early, plus I still have a disc copy on its way in the post as well.
  11. Manicm

    Gears 5

    I’m now on to act 2, visually it’s good!! Very good!!! I’m on an Xbox 1s and it’s good! For me it feels a little slow....taking time to get into the game, I’m sure it will ramp up. Everything else is familiar and good!! Did I say it was good?
  12. Really struggled gaming wise this year, shift patterns at work just meant I was tired all the time, trying to sort that which had meant in the last week I’ve completed another game!!! Wolfenstein 2 Xbox One, tbh looked great, some unexpected moments just felt like a tough slog at times. I’m glad it was on game pass and not something i had purchased, not sure what to play next...
  13. Manicm

    Nintendo Switch

    I always play my switch handheld so don’t feel the need currently for more power, although I do find non Nintendo games do struggle. Fifa being one, if they released a pro maybe through the dock as the current one does bugger all I would get one but whatever the next console is I would get it. From memory the current dock it’s just a connection dock for cables etc and does very little else. Im interested in the next original switch, doubles battery life, anyone know what to look for at retail for these?
  14. Manicm

    Xbox E3 2019

    Looks great and in white I could sneak it under the tv without the oh noticing....
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