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  1. Manicm

    Xbox E3 2019

    Looks great and in white I could sneak it under the tv without the oh noticing....
  2. Manicm

    Xbox E3 2019

    If I want something, I’m terrible until I get it, must admit I’m impressed with the restraint on getting ether console, I’ve got a 4K tv probably not a good one so that’s next, just have to stop buying retro player issue football shirts....
  3. Manicm

    Xbox E3 2019

    Not that rich, other half keeps spending my money.... I have an original PS4 and the first xb1 s version, got it bargain price, I wanted to update one of them but if new consoles are bc I don’t see the point at the moment.
  4. Manicm

    Xbox E3 2019

    Based on the fact they said the new Xbox would be backwards compatible, is there any point upgrading from xb1s to the x model? For the sake of 18 months then getting the new console...
  5. Manicm

    Gears 5

    I haven’t looked, but are there any new books for that run aside the new tier of gears? Quite enjoyed the books pre gears, certainly helped build out the story when on a replay of gears.
  6. Manicm

    Xbox E3 2019

    It’s a long long wait for halo!!!
  7. Manicm

    Xbox E3 2019

    Lego in horizon!!! Wif!
  8. Manicm

    Xbox E3 2019

    Gears is much earlier than expected!
  9. Tesco direct used to do this, you pay upfront, with staff discount at 20% 3 times a year this used to work, stick it on interest free credit card and then pay it off while getting a big discount but I would only pre-order now on the release week. Although could always order from somewhere other than amazon...
  10. So glad the campaign is back! Didn’t buy last years game, hoping the story is as good as the early cods!
  11. Finished 2 games recently, almost a record.... Rise of the Tomb Raider - Xb1 Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Xb1 Preferred the last game, more fun to play, although the stealth bits grated at times and it felt shorter...but good games!
  12. Where’s the cheapest to get ps plus 12 months these days, still cdkeys? Or is there any where else, £50 auto renew is a bit much. Cancelled my auto renew for this month.
  13. I really like the vita remote play as well, well when it works, just a pity you need someone to switch the PS4 on..... Big games I will probably stick to the bigger consoles the experience is just better, but the Nintendo games have been awesome I’m looking forward to what else they can get out of the little console.
  14. If you catch them in Pokémon go you can trade to let’s go...not sure about Vulpix as I just trade low level to get the Meltan box go pogo. Yep you can trade a vulpix from go to let’s go.
  15. Just played this, it’s fun, it’s charming, and very Nintendo! Im limiting what I buy this year but this will be on the list to get.
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