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  1. spatular

    Random News

    respawn are still making a star wars game iirc - that should be good.
  2. spatular

    The Hot Topic

    Dirt rally 2, ori, blue revolver double action, esp.ra.de Maybe: dmc, ace combat And if if it comes out this year: shenmue
  3. spatular

    Post your latest gaming purchases

    Nice one
  4. spatular

    Post your latest gaming purchases

    G27 on an xbox? if so i'm pretty sure that won't work unless you have an adapter or something.
  5. spatular

    Xenoblade Chronicles

    I played number 2 about a year ago and really enjoyed it so wanted to give this a go... played about 70 hours now, it’s ok but not really grabbed me like 2 did. A lot of the streamlined RPG experience is there, like no real punishment for dying, I like that stuff. The exploration and the world is nice. I’ve not really got into the story, but it’s been ok. The voice acting is pretty bad, should have switched to Japanese but it’s too late now. I seem a bit down on it but cant hate it that much as I’ve played 70 hours!
  6. spatular

    2018 Expenditure

    mine was expensive year, 2 consoles, some imported stuff, broken steering wheel was replaced. kept track of it here:
  7. spatular


    cheers! guess i missed that. i did try some of the but never got very far with those.
  8. spatular


    i don't even know what that is, do you have to
  9. spatular

    Sony Consoles and Updates

    yeah!!!! i mean i've already got it but that's still good news!
  10. spatular

    Post your latest gaming purchases

    Thats awesome
  11. spatular

    2019 Expenditure

    Jan: £7.63 into the breach £13.3 octo expansion battlefront 2 (£10 existing credit)
  12. spatular

    Post when you complete a game '18

    p3 dim p5 dis ketsui deathtiny mode 1cc
  13. spatular

    Forza Horizon 4

    glad the expansion sounds good, I’ll get it in a sale.
  14. spatular

    Sony Consoles and Updates

    Amplitude is ace. I nearly got steep a few times too so that’s cool.
  15. spatular

    The MFGamers 2008 awards

    Possibly yeah, the other thing I said is also true so could be either