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  1. spatular

    Forza Horizon 4

    i'll join. not playing loads mind, just trying to do the weekly events and some rivals stuff.
  2. spatular

    Persona 4: Dancing All Night

    ^ the new ones aren’t as good as this imo but I still really enjoyed them. Also no real story mode, although that could be classed as an advantage. Not sure if I’ve already mentioned this but changing the options so scratching is on the L/R buttons is a good move.
  3. spatular

    Post your latest gaming purchases

    i like it
  4. spatular

    Post your latest gaming purchases

    i agree with Jimbo. also talking case envy.
  5. spatular

    The Hot Topic

    yeah nier and jsr are great. recantly xenoblade 2 and persona 5 were also really good. mr driller drill land and katamari too. probably my favorite is persona 4 dancing all night.
  6. spatular

    Forza Horizon 4

    i don't really like how you buy the houses with money, i want to spend all mine on cars, and some cars are 10 million! well i have loads of cars so it's fine i guess. in drifting news i think there's a bug or something with steering wheels, tried a pad and it's actually possible to drift, fun even! i'm still not great at it but it's massively better. also you can get an pretty easy doing some oh and some cars have skill point things that unlock other cars, like the
  7. spatular

    Gaming Shout Thread

    aren't g2a supposed to be dodgy?
  8. spatular

    Forza Horizon 4

    don't think there are any bikes/flying things.
  9. spatular

    Forza Horizon 4

    yeah i haven't been trying to 3 star them but i'm really struggling with the drift events, if i use the hand brake i can get points (not loads, but still points) but pretty much always spin out, so sometimes fail the events, not using the hand brake i can slide but barely get any points. not too fussed about doing them mind - i like how you can pretty much do anything you want to level up in this. in fact i'm struggling to catch any slides at all, might be due to a setting or something.
  10. spatular

    Forza Horizon 4

  11. spatular

    Forza Horizon 4

    well exactly, i think the AI is crap/not fun to race against and prefer time trials so being in the lead suits me just fine. but that's not the point really, people should be able to play on whatever difficulty/settings thay want.
  12. spatular

    Forza Horizon 4

    What’s wrong with playing on easy?
  13. spatular

    Forza Horizon 4

    yeah it's more of the same, amazing graphics, great handling, the dirt track racing is great, the most important stuff is all really good...but as usual it does some imo stupid stuff, like winning hats/dances and stuff on the wheelspins i hate, i want a car or money, and they seem to have made fast travel even harder/worse - hopefully i'm missing something here - iirc you used to be able to unlock fast travel to events reasonably easily - is that still in there? all i can see is fast travel to houses (which are expensive) or the horizon festival thing, and a house costing 2 million which lets you fast travel anywhere, but it's a driving game i want to spend the money on cars. I started a championship and it makes it reasonably difficult to work out where the next race is. although they have fixed some annoying stuff from previous games, now when you're doing drift/speed events in the open world - you can drive through the other cars. and they've tried to make it a bit mmo, a big forzathon live thing comes up and everyone drives over to it and do challenges, it was quite cool, but don't see me doing that very often. oh and having more prizes/wheelspins for upping the difficulty on some events was cool, as usually i play on easy, although winning hats backfires on this a bit. i feel bad being a bit negative about these games because the important stuff is so good, it just annoys me that a few small changes would make the game amazing for everyone, not just people who enjoy all that stuff that i hate. and having moaned about the dances/hats and stuff...i do like my characters hat, and the fact that they are constantly robot dancing.
  14. spatular

    DiRT Rally 2.0

    Great news!
  15. spatular

    Destiny 2

    destiny 2 base game on psn+ i think. i got the forsaken dlc a bit late so am lagging behind in levels, really enjoying some bits of it, one of the new areas is really nice, with lots of cool stuff to explore, and the bows are ace. not sure what i think of some other bits, like the state of crucible at the moment.