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  1. wasn't sure where to post this, anyway, limited run games released a physical english version of battle garegga (well they've taken orders but the game isn't out yet), the fancy version comes with a documentary about M2, which is on youtube if anyone wants to watch it:
  2. spatular

    The Hot Topic

    loads of great stuff mentioned already that i agree with - halo, pgr, kotor, ori, rallisport, forza. and trials hd/outrun 2 which i didn't realise were exclusive, but they are brilliant. the only ones i can think to add that i really enjoyed more recently aren't exclusive any more - sunset overdrive and super time force. oh and there's some shmups you can only get on the 360 which are some of the best - espgaluda 2, mushi 2, guwange, akai katana, etc.
  3. been playing this really slowly and only just finished (box and rectangle levels), so not sure if it's a long game or i was just taking ages. anyway yeah i agree it picks up a bit as it goes on and gets better so i ended up quite enjoying it. but wouldn't say it's amazing, run out and buy it or anything like that.
  4. Yeah i9 or go home. Even the box is amazing.
  5. and it looks like there's a health bar 😒
  6. 8086k isn't really any different from a 8700k (the 5ghz boost only happens on single core - so never really happens), unless you overclock as it should be better for that, but yeah still a great deal for £300!
  7. Yeah that looks cool, well it’s the sort if thing I like the look of but will probably never get round to playing. And yeah i think is been out on pc for a while. There might be a thread for it... looks for thread...
  8. spatular

    The Hot Topic

    ps1 - gran turismo 2 ps2 - guitar hero ps3 - wipeout hd ps4 - driveclub vita - p4 dan runners up - persona 4/5, espgaluda, amplitude/frequency, wipeout 3, gran turismo 4, mgs4
  9. i've been playing this too, it's nice, but not great so far, each world has 7 levels and they so far introduce something new each world, but only really make interesting use of it in the last 1 or 2 levels in the world, so i'm hoping it picks up a bit soon. i remember quite enjoying the previous one that i played on the ds (3ds?) (i think the first game) so hopefully end up liking this a bit more too.
  10. spatular

    Dangerous Driving

    yeah i played it without spotify, but i often watch (well listen to) stuff like comedy or documentries on netflix or something while playing racing games so lack of music didn't affect me really.
  11. yeah i keep putting off upgrading and thought the same with the ps5 "specs", maybe it'd be better to wait again. well i'd planned to wait for the new ryzen stuff, which i guess would be similar to the new consoles. yeah i'm definitely guilty of this, been getting a few bits for the new build one at a time, which sort of hides the full price and makes me think it's ok to spend more on each bit and is driving up the cost, going to get a case and stop. that's the plan anyway... i have a 2500k too, they've lasted well!
  12. spatular

    Dangerous Driving

    just finished this tonight (well i skipped 4 races and no where near gold/platinum on everything) and it was good fun mostly, on the last series it seemed more like luck avoiding accidents though with increased traffic and speed (well it is the whole way through but the last series was where it crossed the line into annoying for me), although the cars were fun to drive still, it was pretty intense.
  13. nice! i'm in a similar position with the 970, planning on getting a new pc soon but keeping the 970 for a bit. tbh i'll probably crack and upgrade the gpu too.
  14. Really impressed it has progear and gigawing, sort of want one because of that and how crazy it is. I’d prefer a pad mind.
  15. spatular

    The Hot Topic

    what games did you try? i mean it's different for everyone but games where you use the left stick to look left/right without actually moving your head (like that dinosaur one and rigs) are the worst generally - these make me really sick. and stuff where you don't move in game unless you move in the real world (like beat saber and superhot) - are good - as in much less chance of feeling sick - i don't feel sick from these at all. so yeah i guess i'm just saying if you were playing fps controls type stuff, don't let that put you off trying other stuff that might not make you feel ill. personally i find things like eagle flight and dirt rally to be more in the middle ground, i can play them for maybe 30 to 40 mins but then start to feel ill.
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