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  1. Finished this earlier and not really sure what I think of it, it was definitely a mixed bag for me anyway, I was enjoying it up to a point but then I think it’s too long. The combat is alright and can be fun stealthing about and stuff. And there is some great stuff in there and it looks amazing. There is some stuff that annoyed me too. been avoiding this thread for fear of spoilers so will look back and see what you guys thought of the game now.
  2. https://www.amazon.co.jp/セガ-2020年12月発売予定-アストロシティミニ/dp/B08CF2KHZB/ref=mp_s_a_1_19?dchild=1&keywords=セガ&qid=1594171662&sr=8-19&th=1 apparently the joystick uses microswitches, and these games have been confirmed so far, but there will be more: has HDMI out and joypad ports. i think it looks ace, always wanted a candy cab, preferably an egret 2, but this is pretty similar so would like one but the games announced aren’t really my thing. Maybe I’ll order one of the pads hoping it’ll work with other stuff.
  3. Yeah I haven’t played too many games released this year, ori was good but not as good as the first one, only just started last of us, mr driller is ace but I’ve played it before so not sure it counts, didn’t play it properly before mind. Half life alyx, journey to a strange planet, Sakura wars, and sor4 were good fun but not totally my type of games. Think those are all the games I’ve played from this year.
  4. the new ways those rolling boulders on the indiana jones stage find to kill me each time is impressive and also very annoying. i've got past the world tour and star driller on level 3 by buying extra lives and other stuff but really struggling on the indiana jones stage.
  5. Like a few people said about ikaruga, I did it on easy but really tried and failed on normal, can’t do stage 4. The hardest 2 games I’ve completed are probably two shmups that I’ve been playing on and off for years, never thought I’d finish them on one credit but did this year - dodonpachi doj black label and ketsui. Although I’m just doing the bare minimum as my scoring is not great and I’m only doing the first loop, the pros do another loop which is the whole game again but harder!
  6. just noticed this is on steam too.
  7. nice one Ed! hope you like it, it's sort of odd introduction to mr driller with all the unusual modes and stuff. yeah its sort of tactical if you decide to go slow or fast, (well in normal mr driller - think that ones called world tour) there's an air countdown thing that counts down all the time, and also when you dig, if you have to dig a solid brown block you lose 20 air, and there are loads of 20 air pickups throughout the level, if you go fast you don't need many pickups but if you go slow you'll need to get more, and the pickups are easy to get at first but later on its like a mini puzzle how to get them. my instinct is to go fast, i think i played a lot of the timetrial mode on a previous game, but now i'm out of practice so dying a lot. trying to slow down a bit but then keep killing myself trying to get the extra air. if you pick the robot you sort of get an extra life as he can save you from being crushed once each life. the key i think is watching what's above you so you don't get crushed (and getting the air) - like if there's a yellow single block about to fall above you and you can see there's a yellow block to one side, or there will be soon, dig down past that and it'll stop the falling one as they join up...but if that extra block makes up a group of 4 or more it'll clear and more stuff from above will fall, that stuff usually catches me out. played some more today, did the last few modes on level 2 - found it pretty difficult but got through in the end after buying some helper items/more lives, was pretty rewarding. kicked the bosses ass second try - shame you don't seem to be able to pick the boss levels manually. only had a quick go on level 3 world tour. i'm going to need to buy some more helper items.
  8. i've been thinking about trying one of the wrc games so pleased with that
  9. I remember this being announced for switch then forgot about it and now it’s out! So that was a nice surprise. Cheaper than I was expecting at £16. It’s mr driller, so you drill stuff, collect air, and try not to get crushed. But there’s loads of different modes, well 5/6. one is just standard mr driller, one is pretty similar but in space with pickups that do random mostly useful stuff. The others change quite a bit more: theres Indiana Jones driller which has no time limit and is a bit more thoughtful, trying to avoid rolling boulders which are a pain in the ass, when you’re frantically trying to escape them it can become less thoughtful. vampire bat driller or something, where you have to inject holy water into the boulders with bats in them, then drill them and collect the stuff. Can’t remember if there was a time limit on this one. rpg driller where you drill through different rooms, find a key, fight slimes, kill boss with spells etc. Again no time limit. Each game has a few difficulty modes (4) but you can only do level 1 on all of them, then fight a boss level, which is a bit like a time attack mode. then it opens up level 2 on all of them. I’ve been really enjoying it as I like mr driller but struggled a lot on level 2 on the different modes, but you can buy stuff to help like more lives and stuff so I’ve eventually done a few of them, well did standard driller without help, or even using the robot. Been playing most of the day. theres also an easy mode you can select from the main menu which seems to use a different save and make everything a bit easier. Might try this when I inevitably get stuck on the normal difficulty. I really like mr driller so have been really enjoying it, wasn’t sure about some of the odd modes but they’ve mostly grown on me so far. It’s a shame you can’t select the other difficulty modes without beating everything on the previous level, and it is missing some cool modes from other mr driller games, like the time attack, but the boss is a bit like a time attack I guess. I have played this before on the GameCube but not much as it has a save bug (via freeloader or something?) and is not English so I didn’t understand what to do in some of the modes, so it’s great to get to play it properly oh and the music is flipping brilliant. anyone else getting it?
  10. spatular

    Random News II

    ^ Yeah match of the millennium was ace, I’d buy that on switch.
  11. ^ I probably should but not sure I will sorry. I will start a thread for another game later.
  12. amazon prime recommendation if anyone's interested - Untouchable
  13. final fantasy 7 wolfenstein 2 sakura wars jet set radio future
  14. spatular

    Dirt 5

    ^ yeah you're probably right i don't remember. dirt 4 has an option like that. i still think it's the narrow tracks that make it difficult/sim mind. good info cheers
  15. spatular

    Dirt 5

    Sort of but dirt rally isn’t the same as dirt was always pretty arcadey before that, and 4 still had rallying, so now they have no arcade rallying. Maybe they’ll add it to dirt rally? there was always something not quite right about the rally handling in the old Dirt games imo, I didn’t play too much of 4 mind, and the handling for some of the other types of races was great. Keep meaning to try the wrc games. what I want is dirt rally but with wider tracks mode, so you could throw the cars around a bit more without hitting 8 trees and flying off a cliff. Dirt rally is ace but can be a bit too intense/difficult sometimes.
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