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  1. spatular

    Apex Legends

    What’s included with the battle pass doesn’t look that great imo, although I don’t understand what some of it is, and I probably won’t finish it, but I’ll get it as I’ve played loads and not spent anything on it so far.
  2. spatular

    The Hot Topic

    There’s been some great soundtracks recently imo, xenoblade 2, persona 5 and the rhythm action games, and agree with automata. Katamari remake too, assuming it has the original soundtrack, but I guess that’s cheating.
  3. GotY 2019 1: dirt rally 2.0 2:  3: 4:  5: 6: 7: 8: 9: 10: trials Multiplayer 1: apex legends 2: 3: 4: 5:  Games not from 2019 discovered in 2019 1: into the breach 2: octo expansion 3: 4: 5: "Indie" Games of 2019 1:  2: 3: 4:  5:
  4. spatular

    Tetris 99

    Woooo! Been trying to get a win this weekend and failing mostly, but just got one
  5. spatular

    Apex Legends

    GG Dangerman! i like this game but I am not good at it.
  6. spatular

    Trials Rising

    i was getting annoyed with the grind but then somehow unlocked some new challenges that paid out lots of xp so got the next lot of tracks unlocked quicker than expected...fingers crossed that was the worst of it.
  7. spatular

    Trials Rising

    I’m really torn on this now, at first I thought it was great, as already said, the tracks seem fun and inventive. the trials university is great, in the actual game it’s all great. the ubi stuff annoyed me at the start but now it’s started to give me people off my friends lists ghosts to race I quite like it. Apparently it might allow cross platform leaderboards too but not sure if that’s working yet/or even right at all. the loot box and levelling up stuff I can ignore as long as it’s unintrusive Which it was at the start, there’s been a few times you have to level up to unlock stuff but it’s not been too bad... but now at level 52, after 1h+ I’m on level 54 and I have to get to level 58 to unlock the next set of tracks, which seems a bit rediculous, I’ve been doing stuff like forward backward rolls to meet contracts and get bonus xp for a bit but now it’s getting pretty boring and I’m getting a bit fed up with it. I don’t like how all the tracks are on a map either, they’re all over the place, it’s a mess of icons, just give me a list of tracks to play. Oh the loading is a bit slow too, not too bad especially as you might retry one track over and over - but for one specific type of event where you have to do 3 tracks in a row and if you fail you go back to the first track - here it’s really really bad. so yeah I’m in a bad mood with it at the moment but hopefully it’ll win me over again because the actual gameplay is great, I agree with all the good stuff mfnick is saying about it really. what are your ubi usernames? Think mine is msm13579. We could add each other, see if the leaderboard thing works eventually? (I’m on PS4) oh oh and if you have ubi points from before 2017 they might expire soon, I spent about 500 on a load of rubbish as to not waste them.
  8. spatular

    Dirt Rally 2.0

    ^ sorry for being a bit defensive there, what i'm saying probably does backup the ffb complaints, but i guess what i'm also saying is that isn't affecting my enjoyment of the game. the more i play it the more i like it, the handling is great, quite a step up over the first game i think. there's some wider dirt stages too so you can throw the car around a bit which is great fun. of course it's totally infuriatingly difficult too, the tarmac stage in the rain is nuts, i had to wack the abs on max and was still struggling. the connecting to racenet was loads better today too so maybe they've fixed that.
  9. spatular

    Dirt Rally 2.0

    Yeah totally agree about the always online. just want to clarify my thoughts on the ffb though, I don’t think it’s broken, the important effects that help you catch slides and stuff like that are there and working fine. Could it be better, yes it could and probably should be, and yeah it does seem like some effect are missing (but much less important ones, imo anyway, and I can’t remember if the first one had these either), but how it is now wouldn’t put me off playing it with a wheel at all, it’s great fun. Imo anyway. I’ve not read any of this reddit/twitter stuff.
  10. spatular

    Dirt Rally 2.0

    yeah i'm trying to remember how the force feedback was in the original, it's probably pretty similar tbh, it's not bad, just missing some of the more fun effects, the important stuff is there anway. i had a go of the rallycross because it was a daily challenge, i really need a map in that mode, or do a quick practice first because i don't know where the track goes, they're pretty short so easy to learn though i guess. and there are unfortunately problems with the single player career mode struff needing connection to racenet to work, and the connection to racenet seems a bit flakey also wanted to post this, just because
  11. spatular

    The Hot Topic

    Wave race 64, excite bike 64, f-zero, remake/remaster/sequel/whatever.
  12. spatular

    Dirt Rally 2.0

    So it’s a rally game, it’s very much like the first dirt rally, it’s pretty difficult, mainly because of the narrow roads. Was as thinking maybe it’s a bit easier than the first game, then did a stage in a rear wheel drive car, in the rain at night. It’s still really hard. the handling seems really good, bit better than the first one maybe, but I’ve only played with the slow cars and a rear wheel drive car, which I didn’t use much in the first game so hard to tell yet. Initial impressions of the pace notes are pretty good. the force feedback is alright, not great, the fun rumbling effects are missing it seems, but the important grip/handling info is there, if a bit weak. Hopefully this will be improved. Not played either game much with a pad but the first seemed really difficult, this seemed much better. Graphics are are pretty good, even on my old pc, nice foliage, nice weather effects. On one hand I’m not too keen on the 2.0 thing, but on the other hand it’s a nod to one of the best games ever so I’ll let it pass. theres also Rallycross, I sort of don’t care about this so will only try it when I’ve run out of rallying to do. so yeah it’s really good, if you like sort of realistic rally games with narrow tracks that are really difficult, this is the game for you! oh yeah it’s out Tuesday unless you buy the fancy version, I sort of don’t like it when they do that, and wasn’t really bothered about getting it early, but wanted the souped up dirt 1 dlc tracksthat come with it, and the price for the pc version was not so bad.
  13. spatular

    Trials Rising

    Yeah it’s a cool game! You’re probably not bothered but there’s a quick tutorial on a bunny hop here from about 3:40
  14. maybe not the best comparison but it gives you an idea: https://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Nvidia-GTX-1060-6GB-vs-Nvidia-GTX-1050-Ti/3639vs3649 oh yeah and what about this one DANGERMAN was telling me i should buy (and i probably should because it's a great deal) can't really vouch for the quality of stuff like the company, motherboard/psu etc mind: https://www.awd-it.co.uk/awd-460x-rgb-ryzen-5-2600-3.9ghz-gtx-1070-8gb-ddr5-vr-gaming-pc.html
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