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  1. I got 4 and some of them were lucky guesses.
  2. Yeah i just read it from above too, still cool to get a gamegear game in the results
  3. ^ yeah could be that i don't think it's this because i'm on psn+
  4. It failed to find any data for me, so ill guess some of my most played of the year would be wrc 9/10, persona strikers, returnal, deathsmiles.
  5. yeah nice one DisturbedSwan! so quick! i like how there's a saturn game in there.
  6. i got some of these the other day too - burnout revenge and midnight club. also not sure why.
  7. burnout 2 it takes 2 superliminal
  8. spatular

    Halo Infinite

    i'm still playing the multiplayer, i think it's probably the best 343 have done. they added a new mode and event thing yesterday. i like the new mode but it is a bit more stressful because of the limited lives - each team has a pool of lives (10?) then when you run out and someone dies they turn into a ball, and can be revived, at some point a battle royal style death zone comes into play, to stop people hiding at the end i guess, although the games usually end before that, and it's hard to revive people. also the event is cool because you can get bright pink armour/guns and a mohawk.
  9. played this with DANGERMAN. overall thought it was really good, but it was maybe a bit too long. loads of bits where you have to work together are really well done and it keeps introducing new stuff to keep things interesting. i liked moon baboon, mainly because of his name. and there were some really cool bits like
  10. it's still pretty fun without the drum imo.
  11. Near the end of this now i think, while its not a bad game and some of the puzzles have been good, ive played quite a lot of these fps puzzle games and this is probably the worst one ive played so far. Or possibly im not in the mood for it. Had to look up the solution to one thing so far and it comes up when you type the name of the game into google so other people had problems with that one too!
  12. spatular

    Astro's Playroom.

    sorry a bit ot but it always surprises me that the triggers on the xbox rumble when i play forza on a pad, so safe to say that feature didn't get used much.
  13. maybe the same thing myself and shiny did and enter the code in a different place?
  14. I've been mostly playing on Xbox this year and really like halo/Forza so it's got to be Xbox for me, but there's been good stuff on other consoles too like metroid and returnal, and PS4 and switch are getting all the 2d shooter ports.
  15. Wibble preorders: cat/soundtrack £40 egret 2 mini/controller £163 crimzon clover £72 mushi switch £43 deathsmiles switsh/ps4 £100 gt7 £57 game collection? astro city mini v £150
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