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  1. Yeah cant deny how impressive stuff like rdr and the sony games are, think my favorite of those for graphics is spiderman and horizon. Theres lots of stuff last gen that looks good like that, my preference is more for an interesting art style stuff like rez, jet set radio and wind waker but struggling to think of stuff like that for last gen. Like Dangerman says theres probably some indie games im forgetting. Think unfinished swan is ps3, maybe with a ps4 version too? sunset overdrive and forza horizon are nice and bright and colurful, i like that sort of thing. oh yeah Esp ra.de. Is a great looking game, technically counts i guess, old pixel art arcade game but only got a console port with switch/ps4.
  2. spatular

    The Manga Thread

    I thought i would do stuff like that if i had a house, it didnt really turn out like that. Hope you have more luck with it! i see what you mean about stock problems too, i forgot about this but i ordered another 1st book to try a while ago but its still not turned up
  3. spatular

    The Manga Thread

    Thanks for the recommendations guys! Im not into horror unfortunately so will give that a miss. Completely agree about the space thing, and sticking to short series. Will have a look into that fire punch and the jump app cheers. Crunchroll has some manga but they dont have them all they have like only the last so many volumes but dont have the start. So thats pointless. I actually already got some short ones because i like the anime, like i got planetes, but need some time to forget what happens before trying to read it. edit - oh yeah ive got one Dangerman lent me years ago, i should try that
  4. spatular

    The Manga Thread

    Oh there is a manga thread, or did some one just make it, either way thats cool! I sort of want to try some manga, tried to read akira/ghost in the shell in the past but didnt get very far. Anyway so i got one called pluto, its something to do with astro boy, like a spin off or something, but i dont know much about astro boy so not sure, liked the 1st book, but the second wasnt as good, ill probably forget whats going on while waiting for the 3rd one to arrive. Looked into reading berserk but theres loads of it so difficult to buy and i dont think its on any of the netflix type subscription things?
  5. Yeah i guess i dont really care as long as people are careful with spoilers. Just seemed strange having barely any posts about anime in here. Wasnt suggesting you should post them in a different thread, but have one for anime and one for manga.
  6. is it worth changing the thread title?
  7. yeah i don't read reviews much at all these days, i used to read them but not any more. don't watch videos much either, i guess i get most of my games info from forums these days.
  8. spatular


    it's a bullet hell game, and it's really good! which was sort of surprising as it's by NGDEV, i've not played all their previous games but the ones i have played were sort of average i guess. i'm not sure how to explain what makes a bullet hell game good to me, it's all about the dodging, so the bullet patterns have to be fun to dodge basically, i feel like there's a lot of shmups that don't get this right enough, as in they get it right part of the time and they're fun enough, but only cave stuff and a few others get it right most of the time, and it's early days but this seems to be doing a great job here. imo anyway. there's a few difficulty modes, practice, missions, a roguelike mode which gives you random powerups or something? there's a nice bullet hell tutorial too which explains some stuff really well. unfortunately i also have a problem with the game which is the checkpoint system, i really hate checkpoint systems, i mean it's not as bad as it could be and a lot of people seem to like checkpoint systems and i want people to try the game because it's so good so i'll try not to whine about it too much! I'd usually post about this in the shmups thread but giving it a go in a thread of it's own, see how it goes (probably badly) pc only for now i think but as the trailer below shows it's coming to everything. anyone else giving it a go? edit - steam link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2025840/Gunvein/
  9. i think donkey kong jungle beats might be the best platform game, it seems odd saying a bongo controlled platform game is the best but it just is ok. i think super meat boy and ori are up there as my favorites too. platform games are a strange genre for me, i played sonic on the master system and mario land on the gameboy as a kid and really liked them, but generally i barely played any other platformers, none of the other main line mario/sonic games - i've tried to play those more recently and don't really like them. i like more modern platformers with shorter levels and quick retries, like celeste (and the already mentioned super meat boy and ori). the 2d mario game on the wii u (new mario bros u?) is my favorite 2d mario. braid and fez are good shouts too, and definitely count but i'd never have thought of them as i class them with puzzle games personally. 3d ones i like the mario ones, 64/sunshine/galaxy/odyssey think my favorite of those are the 3d land/3d world ones. also played some kirby recently, the new 3d ones is great, as is robobot. and the recent metroid game was really good too, guess they sort of count too. also also, first person ones, i'm a big fan of those, like mirrors edge, and neon white is probably goty for me this year. and cloudbuilt even though it's too difficult for me.
  10. Oldest i have is an original gameboy, with my name written in it! dont use it though. Did play some gb games recently but on a gba, have an original gba too but didnt use it, recently got a gba with a new screen you can actually see. Also have and recently used ps2, n64, xbox, gamecube. Have some other old stuff like saturn and ps1 but not used them recently.
  11. mecha ritz out on switch now, and the pc version gets an upgrade with some new content i guess to match the switch version. it's really good, the music is great too. https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-Switch-download-software/Mecha-Ritz-Steel-Rondo-2283163.html
  12. edit - new amd cards made to seem like a bargain at $1000, what a state were in with gpu pricing. Be interesting to see if theyre any good when the reviews come out.
  13. yeah that's a good point, i'd be worried about that too, people are starting to use oled for monitors these days though so interesting to see how they get on. amd gpu anouncement stuff later today, probably be disappointing but hope they can bring some sensible pricing at least (also probably unlikely) also want a new pc case because i've seen these and am strongly considering transplanting my pc https://www.fractal-design.com/products/cases/pop/pop-air/rgb-green-core/ i don't like my current case but there wasn't any good options at the time because cases with space for a cd-drive are rare
  14. I liked avatar too, the 3d was cool
  15. Im sort of after a vr upgrade but yeah, not at that price, slightly regret not getting a quest 2 before they put the price up now. Still see how it goes, if the price comes down, theres some more games i want on it, (and less likely proper pc support) in a few years id be interested probably.
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