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  1. ^ yeah i agree with that really, there are a lot of things to control so it can get confusing, and i think it suits having longer to play so you can get in some fighting and some police busy work. i just finished it and ended up really enjoying it. got a bit better at the combat but still was mainly just using the same moves and stuff but it was always enjoyable. still don't know what an AED is. the story really ramps up and delivers crazy cut scenes - sort of like i was hoping for from DMC5, but this does it better imo (although i liked DMC5 too). liked the music too, although it gets really intense in a 'you've got to rescue all the people right now' way but i'm strolling around looking for secret areas and picking up items and stuff. well there is more after the credits...
  2. I always wanted one but as a student with limited funds I only got one late when they announced they were stopping production, I thought it was brilliant, so many great games, really varied types of games too - msr, jsr, soul calibur, crazy taxi, f355, shenmue, samba, Rez, Le Mans, 18 wheeler, chu chu, Mars matrix, Bangai-o, triggerheart.
  3. ^ yeah it's brilliant got to stick with it. Not sure what Nag is on about with HDR, loads of films/tv have it, is it the first time you're watching something with HDR?
  4. I think there’s a toilet in each level, I found a few but missed some too. Maybe there’s a cat in each level too, not got many of those. i wasn’t sure I’d like this, the police busy work looked a bit boring from some videos, but I’m enjoying it, it’s quite compelling, exploring, helping people out, picking up cans, and locking up dangerous graffiti losers. Although it does seem like there should maybe be less of that stuff, or I need to ignore more of it. More importantly the fighting is fun, there’s lots of moves and stuff I keep forgetting and doing some stuff in the middle of all the action can be tricky, and I’m generally rubbish at this sort of thing but yeah I’m enjoying it just hammering away at the basic moves occasionally doing something cool. It’s an odd sort of game, linear police Rpg beat-em-up. Even the block puzzles and stealth sections are pretty fun...well the stealth was fun at first, was getting a little annoyed with the second one but it had checkpoints so wasn’t too bad.
  5. Yeah there’s some really obtuse stuff in the second dungeon iirc, and probably others, it’s been so long. I think they’ll change it a bit for the new version tbh.
  6. spatular


    Yeah I just finished this too, overall enjoyed it, I would say I was really enjoying it, but there are some annoying bits, as mentioned already some of the side missions have annoying bosses then annoying trip back to try them again so some I didn’t bother finishing. And some stuff just isn’t explained well at all. the combat is pretty fun. It looks really nice, lighting/reflections and stuff like that especially. theres some funny bits in there, which I wasn’t expecting, mostly in the reading material. the story I sort of liked it sort of keeps it interesting throughout but maybe Theres more stuff to do after the end, I had a little look around, but not sure I’ll go back to it.
  7. had a quick go of stunt race and its not been improved as far as i can tell, as expected really, but i can't cope with the frame rate these days so a new version of that with higher resolution and better frame rate i think would be great, like what M2 did to virtua racing. put mario kart on the title screen just to listen to the music.
  8. great news! although i hope they sort out the frame rate.
  9. dirt rally is free on humble. dirt rally is flipping amazing. https://www.humblebundle.com/store/dirt-rally
  10. spatular


    i'm not very good at this sort of game but yeah i might keep going, see how it goes. getting it for "free" means i'm not that bothered about playing it right now, happy to wait.
  11. spatular


    i only played the start so far but it seemed interesting, ^ shame it sounds like it doesn't really go anywhere. there doesn't seem to be any difficulty options? if not i might leave it for now in the hope a difficulty option gets patched in. this ray tracing stuff, i don't know, i probably can't even tell, the reflections do look nice though i guess.
  12. can't think of anything big i'm looking forward to this year so esprade and sayonara wild hearts i guess, then cyberpunk and ori next year. there must be some other stuff i'm forgetting. halo but that's a while off and who knows what direction they're going in.
  13. Guacamelee - second time trying to play this, enjoyed it the first time years ago but got stuck on a fight, heard the newer version made that fight easier so tried again and got pretty far but getting annoyed with the fighting again and don’t really find it fun, the platforming is fun mind and was enjoying it at the start, but yeah gave up again, oh well.
  14. yeah i remember reading that somewhere too, think it was supposed to be ok if you use an official power supply...maybe?
  15. next m2 shottriggers game is ESP Ra.De. - preorders are up, there's loads of different versions - switch and ps4 have 4 each on amazon, standard/limited edition both with/without amazon bonus thing. i really want one of the limited edition ones, pretty pricy though, ~£110 inc vat and postage! https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B07W4N1MKC https://www.amazon.co.jp/s?k=エスプレイドΨ&i=videogames&__mk_ja_JP=カタカナ&ref=nb_sb_noss
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