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  1. spatular

    Half-Life: Alyx

    Just finished this, it’s good, there’s some really cool bits, and some less cool stuff - to be fair some of the bad stuff is because of my setup not being great for this. But some sections I didn’t really like or felt like they went on too long. It’s a pretty long game for vr, like 15 hours maybe. reloading is possibly easy for Americans but early on I struggled, it’s much more involved than just pressing a button. Later on I was getting used to it, but still sometimes teleporting around like a mad man to get away from stuff when my ammo ran out instead of reloading straight away. But it’s still pretty cool, reloading more properly. i don’t usually get very far in games like this- by that I mean ones where you walk around in VR, they make me feel a bit sick so I give up. This lets you teleport and rotate at the same time which seems to help a bit, as it’s the rotation which really gets me. Could only play in 1 to 1.5 hours at a time, then needed a rest, so it took a while to finish. all the motion controls work really well when facing the right way, like picking up stuff, searching cupboards, reloading guns, etc, ...my setup isn’t the best and caused a few problems, I’m sure it’d be better if you had loads of room and could walk around and stuff. And with an old rift with 2 cameras it struggles when you turn around - the newer headsets with inside out tracking will be better for this (or just an extra camera would help me). It was fine most of the time as you can just reposition, but if you get stuck in a fight it’ll cost you. fighting the monsters was generally really fun, didn’t find the people as cool to fight against. there are some cool puzzles. some possibly spoilers cool stuff, but not really story stuff: It’s quite scary/stressful sometimes but not too bad. as usual in games I stockpile the fancy stuff for when I really need it...which leads to barely ever using a gun other than the pistol, but the pistol is cool so it’s fine. oh yeah it looks really nice too. So yeah it’s good. Worth getting if you have pc vr, or when it comes out on ps5/psvr2 - that’s not announced or anything I just think it will happen.
  2. spatular

    Nintendo News

    yeah i'm interested in panzer dragoon and good job too.
  3. spatular

    Dirt Rally 2.0

    thanks for the heads up on the dlc. i was back playing this at the weekend to finally finish up a championship i'd been doing for ages - they maybe do take a bit too long. and play some of the dlc stages i hadn't played yet. did ok at the weekend as i was using a modern wrc car which has great handling/suspension - but in the McRae dlc in the escort i'm all over the place - also had to turn the difficulty down.
  4. ^ the teleporting in vr games is to help stop people feeling sick.
  5. Finished it earlier, 100% all the areas, which I didn’t do last time - I’m pretty sure it originally locked you out of some areas. Not much to add really, same as above, really enjoyed it, and think it’s better than number 2 other than the first hour was a bit boring and the save system can be annoying, oh and the time trials in number 2 are good to be fair.
  6. yeah it's ace! sort of 3rd time i'm playing it, did a few more hours tonight and really enjoying all over again save system is a bit crap compared to the more normal save system in number 2 mind.
  7. I’m pretty sure the 825gb will be 825gb and not 1tb, they mentioned it matches a certain part of the system... also if it was 1tb they would have said 1tb. they said you’ll be able to play PS4 games from an external drive. im sort of glad the ps5 seems a little less powerful as it might be cheaper, although maybe not if the fancy ssd adds a lot of cost to ps5. Bit worried the Xbox could be really pricy, well they both could be. They both sound ace anyway. edit, I’m sure they’re both going to be a massive bargain compared to a similar spec pc too, even if they are very expensive.
  8. started this again thinking i'd find it much easier this time having just finished number 2... no i got stuck loads in the first hour or so, just wandering around the same areas over and over not sure where to go, and wasn't really enjoying it, did find the combat a bit easier than i remember though. but it really picks up in the next hour, unlocked wall jump, double jump and dash - was really enjoying it again by the time i finished playing.
  9. ^ cheers, i'll play some more and see how it goes.
  10. Since Blakey mentioned ori 2 was a bit like this I thought I’d give it a go, only played maybe 2 hours, did the first boss and got the map for the next area, think I need to get some more abilities to get into it a bit, then read how long it was, so not sure I’ll finish it. I’m probably not good enough to complete it anyway. but I might stick at it for a bit, how long does it take to get some cool abilities?
  11. ^ yeah i think they're both on gamepass. i might play the first game again as i think it has new stuff now compared to when it first came out.
  12. went back to it last night to finish off a few bits, sort of gave up on finding some stuff, then somehow... unlocked all the locations of stuff on the map so collected everything and did the escape sequence timetrials from the menu.
  13. ^ yeah i think you're right it's a bit of an odd one as i don't really play metroidvania stuff much but i like this one. after saying it runs fine on pc i did have 2 freezes where i had to restart the game, didn't really lose any progress. finished it earlier, took about 20 hours, got most of the collectables, just missing 2 ore and 2 life bits, and i guess a few other things. i hope to go back to it to get those last bits and do the escape sequence timetrials, probably use a guide for the collectables though as i can't see and unxeplored bits of map. overall i enjoyed it, it's mostly really good and sometimes it's amazing, but it's also a bit frustrating at times. it's hard to compare to the first one because i don't remember too much about it other than really enjoying it, but i think the first one was probably a bit better - it's hard to make a sequel to something that started off really well, and i think they've done a decent job. just like the first one, this game really comes into it's own for me when you get the is just brilliant and when you're doing that stuff and it all comes together it's so so good, but i think maybe that happened for me less frequently in this one as maybe the controls are a bit more confusing with more moves and stuff. started to get into the combat a bit near the end too and enjoyed fighting some of the enemies. and some were still annoying at the end. some of the parts right at the end also stepped over a line from being challenging but do-able for me, into being a bit too difficult really and i sort of brute forced my way through by having loads of health - it's good that you can do this though. oh and i think the timetrial sections are new - i really liked those. edit - i used a guide 3 times because i got stuck, every time it was because i had to use/shoot something that blended into the background so i didn't know i had to do anything with it - possibly a drawback of it looking so nice.
  14. got the free battle royale thing that is now part of this, it's pretty good - considering i've gone off battle royale games a bit, possible to kill people - where i really struggle to kill anyone in apex. and the plunder mode where you respawn is fun too, you have to collect and bank cash a bit like that mode in titanfall. we got 1 million twice but came 3rd each time. edit - got 3rd again with less money, then got a win on the plunder mode
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