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  1. Oh look. It’s one of the absolute worst sequels ever made, in the history of anything 😄
  2. Yeah, that’s a fair point.
  3. Just watched John Wick 3 myself. I concur with the “HOLY FUCK” verdict. It was fan-bloody-tastic from start to finish. One awesome action sequence after another. Glorious.
  4. Yeah the demo doesn’t exactly make you think “yep, this is worth buying day one”. I’ll rent it. But it doesn’t really feel like Contra. And they’re trying way too hard to be “wacky” just for the sake of it. There were even a few “fucks” thrown out in the dialogue during the demo. Which felt weird in a Contra game.
  5. Castle Crashers Remastered has finally hit PS4. Woo-hoo!
  6. Totally agree with the ending, it left me feeling “Eh? Is that it?” Until the credits rolled, confirming it was. Ah well. I’ll certainly be up for the next instalment in 2020.
  7. Ok, so it’s pretty clear this is by the team that brought us Until Dawn. As it’s pretty much more of the same. From the stereotypical characters (Jock, nerd, wanker), to the narrator between scenes who questions your story choices. It’s certainly shorter than Until Dawn was. And I didn’t find it particularly difficult to make it to the end with nobody getting killed. Still, it was an enjoyable experience. Graphically it looks great, though at times some of the characters had a bit of a fit when walking for some reason. And the story ended with several parts not really making any sense. Apparently if you play it in multiplayer you get some more explanation. But I haven’t, and won’t be doing. So there we go. It still has the “taking ages to look at an item” mechanic that UD did. Which can be annoying when you take ages to pick something up, only for it to serve no purpose whatsoever. Walking around takes ages unless you constantly hold down the run button. And there were quite a few instances where I wasn’t really sure where I was meant to be going. That being said, it was alright. Worth a rental at least.
  8. Downloaded the new DLC for Dead By Daylight. Looking forward to playing it with my crew.
  9. Demo of this is up. Feels fun for the most part, I’ve always enjoyed the Contra series. The overheat mechanic is a right ballache though. Stopping your shooting constantly doesn’t feel right for a Contra game.
  10. I play Borderlands for the fun gameplay. The over the top “I’m dead wacky, me” humor is never something I’ve found particularly funny in the series. Sometimes it hits the mark (Tiny Tina). A lot of the times it doesn’t. They’ve certainly not made life easy for themselves. Not that it’ll matter, it’ll still sell well no matter what they’ve done.
  11. AndyKurosaki

    Random News II

    Be surprised if they do. The last Guitar Hero, and indeed Rock Band, hardly set the world on fire.
  12. I tried one of those on my recent playthrough. And quickly decided that life is too short to subject myself to that shite.
  13. Just rented this. It’s certainly off to a good start, it looks fantastic. I’m definitely interested to see where it goes.
  14. I never understand rage quitting. Such a pathetic move. But then, people are idiots.
  15. The really shit one you’re thinking of was Umbrella Corps. Which was pretty much dead on arrival.
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