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  1. I’m definitely pleased about Dave The Diver. Almost bought that on Switch the other week. Score.
  2. I’ve not had much chance to play this yet, currently on with Hifi Rush. Not going back to work anytime soon, so once ive completed that, ill move on to this.
  3. Absolutely hated that section. It drags on for far, far too long. The controls are absolutely terrible. Several times i chucked the box at the switch, only for nothing to happen. And then it goes “Hey, you know how we can make this even worse? Make them have to throw boxes onto a moving platform”. Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth ranks way above this in my book, because it doesn’t have any annoying stuff like that to contend with.
  4. I barely bothered with the hacking in this game. Only hacking I did, was with my mantis blade arms, hacking everyone to bits 😄
  5. Does mmmark have anything of actual worth to say, or does he just think it’s appropriate to put sarcastic one sentence responses to absolutely everything I write? Thank fuck for the block/ignore posts button, is all I’ve got to say.
  6. I’ve watched Angry Joe’s video about the Joker content. And it’s absolutely ridiculous. They said before launch that Joker would be “free”. Technically, he is. However, you don’t just get immediate access to him. You have to grind through a new progress bar, “Fear”, and get to level 35 of that, to unlock Joker. Doing so means doing the same 3 repetitive missions that you’ve already been doing, for hours and hours and hours. It took Joe and his team about 10 hours to grind enough to unlock Joker. You can pay to unlock him immediately. That costs £10. There’s a new Brainiac boss, but instead of being actual new content, it’s a reskin of the Green Lantern boss from the main game. No new content whatsoever. There’s also no new story content for Joker. There’s one brief cutscene to introduce him. And Harley, who has spent her life obsessed with Joker, and wanted to keep the Titan Infected Joker clones in Arkham City, wants absolutely nothing to do with him. She says “He’s not my type”. And that’s it. There’s apparently almost zero dialogue ingame between Joker or the other characters. There’s a Battle Pass, with another massive grind. To get to the end of the pass, and unlock everything, takes over 1,000 missions. It’s absolutely insane. And the story still isn’t finished, as the game tells you that 13 Brainiacs need to be killed, to see the “true ending”. And that’s currently impossible. There’s one Brainiac in the main game. 1 in the Joker DLC. They still haven’t fixed the awful loot drops, meaning you often get shit weapons that aren’t worth bothering with, even in the Endgame. There’s no new enemy types at all, meaning you only go up against the same repetitive enemies you’ve killed a thousand times. Honestly, it’s such a bad, tedious, monotonous game. I sold it after finishing the story. I’ll never go back to it. And to top it all off, the servers are frequently crashing, meaning the few remaining players can’t even get in the game, or get zero progress from missions played, or can’t connect with their friends. It’s an absolute disaster. And it’ll be a miracle if Rocksteady survives this.
  7. I’d agree with killer7. I keep hoping it’s going to get a Remaster someday.
  8. Metal Gear Rising was bloody amazing. It’s criminal it never got a sequel, and hasn’t been remastered yet. I tried Sekiro, I genuinely didn’t like it. I’m just not into Souls games at all. I finished DS2, but everything since has just left me cold.
  9. -Hifi Rush: PS5 -DariusBurst Chronicle Saviors: PS4 -Raycrisis: PS4 -Raystorm: PS4 -Contra: Operation Galuga: PS5 -Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth-PS5 -Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League: PS5 -Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth: PS5 Tekken 8: Story Mode-PS5 -Raiden IV Mikado Remix-PS5 -The Last Of Us Part 2 Remastered: PS5 -The Walking Dead: Destinies-PS5. -Cyberpunk 2077: PS5 -Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty: PS5 -Super Mario Bros Wonder-Switch -Dead Island 1-PS4 -Final Vendetta-PS4
  10. Yeah, I think the crossplay is still a bit dodgy from what I’ve heard. I’ve pretty much only played via Quickplay with Randoms. I’ve had a couple of matches with a friend on PSN, ran smoothly enough. But yeah, I love this game. I’ll be playing it for quite a while yet.
  11. Just finished the demo, I personally loved it. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and I’m not talking about Eve’s backside. The combat feels satisfying to me, took a while to suss out the parry/dodging mechanic, but think I’ve got the hang of it now. Yeah, I’m so looking forward to the full game now. If it’s anything like the demo, this is going to be fun.
  12. I still play this a fair bit. I sold Diablo 4 a long time ago though 😄
  13. Easter present to myself, Bitmap Books’ extensive guide to JRPGs. 650 pages, need a bigger bookshelf at this rate 😄
  14. Yeah I got that Rabbids game a while back, it’s pretty fun.
  15. That Donkey Kong game is really bloody good. I’d certainly recommend it. Gone for Darius Burst: Chronicle Saviors, and Slaps And Beans 2 in the Spring Sale.
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