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  1. AndyKurosaki

    Random News II

    Great. Just what COD needs. That useless slapper.
  2. The dialogue sucked. Everyone had a phone book-thick dialogue of utter shite. I wanted to just go full evil and kill everyone. Which I wasn’t allowed to do, as you have to be a certain point in the dialogue to either spare or kill them. I went “Oh fuck off”, and quit.
  3. That seems to be working for me now, good advice!
  4. My rental copy arrived today. When I’m not so bloody knackered from work, I’ll give it a shot.
  5. I dunno, I played it on Easy, and still thought it was absolute wank. That shite combat was game breaking for me.
  6. And that’s the last boss killed. He was a tough bastard. It’s you and 9 other players, working together. There’s various objectives to do (capture areas, destroy barriers). While a barrage of Dinos attacks you. You’re limited to 35 lives, though you can be saved by any team mates to prevent using them. Unfortunately, he has a cheap attack. At least 3 times in the fight, he’ll start charging up a massive blast. You get warning he’s doing it, and if you deal enough damage to him, it stops the attack. Which you definitely want to do. Because otherwise, no matter where you are in the map, it kills everyone. Meaning you all have to use a Respawn. It’s not too bad to stop the first time. But when you’ve got an army of higher level dinos, it’s a different story. So you really need a fair mix of attackers, defenders and healers, to stand a chance. Fortunately you can quickly swap classes, at any time. Which can be a real game changer. Only 3 trophies away from the Platinum now. Get all characters to Level 10 (halfway there on that). Buy 50 Modules (aka Perks), which I’m not far off. And the grindiest trophy of all, kill 100,000 Dinos, which unfortunately the game doesn’t track. So I’ve no idea how far I’m on with that. But hell, I’m enjoying it, so I’ll keep at it.
  7. ExoPrimal-PS5 Mass Effect 3–PS5 Mass Effect 2-PS5 Super Mario 3D World-Switch Mario Kart 8- Switch Diablo 4- PS5 Super Mario Odyssey-Switch We Love Katamari Reroll-PS5 Dead Island 2-PS5 Marvel Midnight Suns: Blood Storm-PS5 Marvel Midnight Suns: The Hunger-PS5 Marvel Midnight Suns: Redemption- PS5 Marvel Midnight Suns: The Good, The Bad and the Undead-PS5 Final Fantasy 7 Remake-PS5 Final Fantasy 7: Intermission-PS5 Powerwash Simulator-PS5 Sifu-PS5 Resident Evil 4: Remake- PS5 Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion-PS5 Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line-PS5 Dead Space-PS5 Marvel Midnight Suns-PS5 House Of The Dead Remake-PS5 Gungrave GORE-PS5
  8. Christ, that game was bloody awful. Anything would be a huge improvement on that 😄
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