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  1. Super Castlevania 4-PS4 Contra 1-PS4
  2. AndyKurosaki

    Black Mirror

    Well up for this, bloody love this show.
  3. Someone clearly has a grudge against Jim. Not everyone has the money to spunk up the wall on pre-ordering absolutely everything. And I’m allowed to agree with the opinion of someone else. Just as you’re allowed to claim everything is GOTY, and buy multiple copies of Shenmue 3, for reasons best known to yourself.
  4. Even more reason not to pre-order. “Pay £45/50 for a game, when you have absolutely no idea if it will be any good or not. And in the case of Death Stranding, what the game even is”. Then what happens when the reviews come out, and you find out the game you were looking forward to is utter gash. Or, half the content is locked away behind Season Passes or micro transactions. And when has it actually been the case where you can’t find a game anywhere, that it’s totally sold out everywhere. That almost never happens. Unless we’re talking about overly expensive Collectors Editions. But then, people who regularly buy those literally have more money than sense anyway.
  5. AndyKurosaki

    Death Stranding

    Still don’t know enough about it to get excited. Yet some people are already throwing down for the Collectors Edition. To each their own, but that feels a bit premature to me.
  6. AndyKurosaki

    PlayStation Plus

    Quite a decent selection, already have them both.
  7. You know it’s lazy when they can’t even be arsed with calling it something new. Not even going to a random word generator for inspiration. As for character names, how about Soap and Price. That’s original.
  8. Just completed the Story mode, really enjoyed it. The usual Netherealm level of quality. The tutorials are brilliant, being able to see the speed you’re expected to put an input in, is really helpful. Unfortunately, the praise stops there. The grind is absolutely ridiculous. After finishing the story, and a few towers, I had enough hearts to open one of those chests. 250 to do another one? Nah, no thanks. Especially when all the Krypt is randomised, so you may end up with stuff for a character you don’t even like. The Armour/augment system is an absolute joke. Doesn’t even bother explaining itself, gameplay showers you with tat that you have no idea what it’s even for. And levelling up is beyond a chore. They seriously fucked up with this system. MK10 is far superior in that respect. Sure, it had “pay to unlock Easy fatalities”. But at least it was straightforward. This is just a fucking mess. I hope they go back to the drawing board for MK12, as this system just doesn’t work. So, worth renting for the Story mode. But I’m glad I didn’t buy it. As so much of it is an absolute ball-ache.
  9. Borderlands was definitely one of the best things Telltale did, knocked it out of the park. They really got this wrong. A perfect example being how Danerys makes a promise to help you, then breaks character by refusing to keep that promise.
  10. They did indeed. Some DLC had been announced, but once that court case kicked off, all DLC was put “on hold”. Then once the outcome of that came out, all DLC was cancelled, and they were done with the game. In contrast, Dead By Daylight has been constantly supported by new content for 3 years now. While this could be a fun game, it will most definitely only be so if a group of mates get it. They don’t seem to know how to make playing against randoms fun.
  11. To be honest, this turned out to be the worst of Telltales output. The reason being, the relentless misery. Sure, GOT isn’t sunshine and rainbows. Bad things happen to good people. But in this, it was constant. And by the conclusion, I felt like I had achieved absolutely nothing.
  12. AndyKurosaki

    TV Shows

    Parcs and Rec had a good ending. As bad as Lost’s ending was, Dexter was way, way worse.
  13. Nah,it’s fine. I can swear and not be angry. ”Massive bollocks. Hairy flaps”. See? It’s all good.
  14. People were never going to be happy, no matter what happened. I personally enjoyed the last two series. Sure, there are faults. Undeniably so. And people are entitled to their own opinions. But screaming out loudly “THEY RUINED GOT THIS SEASON!!!”. Nah. Fuck off with that nonsense. What were they expecting to happen? They’ll no doubt kick off yet again when the books eventually get done, and have their own ending. Some people are never happy. They get an idea of what they want to happen, and when it doesn’t, out comes the anger, and the barrage of “I’M DONE WITH THIS SHOW” posts on social media. Some people like it. Some don’t. Starting up a petition, about how angry you are about a TV show, is like pissing in the wind. You don’t like it. Tough tits. Move on.
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