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  1. Managed to complete the episode of Jerusalem I was stuck on. YouTube for the win,it’s a pretty simple section to get past,when you know where the car parts are. For some reason,it glitched for me, leaving a glowing area for the location of a part,where I had no chance of physicallly getting to. Third chapter of that episode,I managed first time. So that’s two episodes down, two to go.
  2. AndyKurosaki

    Mortal Kombat 11

    It’s a damn shame. Made even more insane by just how grindy and random it actually is. They could end up eventually sorting it out,like when they took the micro transactions out of Shadow Of War. But that shit shouldn’t be in the game as it is. Only reason i’ll play MK11 is for the campaign. The Towers,and Krypt can just fuck right off.
  3. Ah yeah,it’s PVP that I was on about. Though it’s PVP V zombies at the same time. Whatever it was,it was about as much fun as banging your head against a brick wall. And to be avoided,in my opinion. There’s a trophy/achievement for doing 50 matches,but that can fuck right off.
  4. Hit a brick wall at the end of episode 2 of Jerusalem. Pretty sure it was the end of the mission,had to find 3 car parts to repair the escape vehicle. I found the first 2 no bother. But I’ve no idea how you reach the 3rd. It showed the silhouette of it. But I couldn’t find how to reach it for the life of me. After 2 minutes a massive swarm headed my way,and that was me and my AI team completely boned. Will have to YouTube what the hell it wanted me to do,as I don’t fancy a repeat of that. Tried the PVE mode,and it’s absolutely awful. You have a separate levelling up class to the campaign. I got thrown into a “Capture the Objective” style match,halfway in progress, with a ton of high ranked players,with better gear/perks than me. And it was an absolute meat grinder. Pretty much every enemy one-shot me,and my guns did precisely fuck-all against them. It was an absolute chore, and I won’t be bothering with that mode again.
  5. Great news,great price. I’m in.
  6. AndyKurosaki

    Mortal Kombat 11

    The grind won’t be fixed. The article I read said you could skip it, but by paying for micro transaction currency. So that tells you right there they won’t do anything about it.
  7. I definitely intend to sink some time into this, when I can. Two of my mates will have it,so I’ll be playing with them when our schedules allow. I did read an article that claimed the multiplayer wasn’t straightforward,that though you can party up,you can’t then for instance choose exactly what episode you play,or where you start, so you can end up beginning a mission halfway through,or even at the end of it. I’ll give the PVE mode a go,but I don’t know if your class perks/weapons carry across,if so it could make things a bit unbalanced for people that have access to better guns. We shall see.
  8. Valve are dragging their heels, full stop. Steam gave them a source of income that got them complacent, to the point they can’t be bothered to make games anymore. They did their first in years in 2018, and the best they could come up with was a mediocre card game. That got a kicking, and is practically dead now. They’ll never be what they were ever again.
  9. AndyKurosaki

    World War Z

    Ok, so I wasn’t expecting a lot from this. The movie was a pale imitation of the excellent book. I’d seen almost nothing about this til it was nearly out. Having not heard of the developer,I googled them to see their track record. The absolutely awful Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn was on the list,so I didn’t have a lot of faith in this game. But I’ve just played through the first 3 missions (or Episode 1), and it’s actually fun. The “Left 4 Dead But 3rd person” call is bang on the money,as that’s exactly what this is. From the weapons,to the “here’s a supply drop point”, to the Medkits (hold down on the dpad to heal,either yourself or a mate”. Even down to the “special” zombies (puker,leaper,tank). It literally is a L4D clone. That’s no bad thing, of course. As L4D was bloody awesome, and thanks to Valve not being arsed about making games anymore (Artifact doesn’t count, as that’s practically done for), it’s the closest we will ever get. Still, it’s not just a mere clone. It adds the pyramid swarms that appeared in the film. Throws in automated defences (turrets/mines/barb wire) for tense horde moments. And it also adds perks/customisations to your weapons. You level up your class through gameplay, i’ve gone for medic,as support is how I roll. By ranking up, you gain access to better perks (heal faster, heal everyone with 1 med kit etc). By killing enemies with specific weapons, you rank that type up, gaining access to better weapons which you buy with money acquired from finishing missions. There’s 4 player co-op,obviously. And a VS online mode, which I haven’t tried yet. It has issues. Apparently some people are having their save file wiped on PS4. The game completely crashed on mission 2,to the point I had to switch my PS4 off at the plug due to it hard-locking,which sucks. And it’s allegedly a bit of a pain to party up with friends online,but I haven’t done that yet, and a private server patch is coming soon allegedly. Still,for what it is,it’s fun. If you enjoyed L4D at all, it’s fair to say you’ll like this.
  10. AndyKurosaki

    Mortal Kombat 11

    The grind seems unnecessary,but then Injustice 2 had a similar problem so it’s hardly surprising. I look forward to renting it for the campaign,Netherrealm are always good at those.
  11. AndyKurosaki

    TV Shows

    Well,episode 2 of Thrones was quite enjoyable. No spoilers,but it’s certainly setting us up for the impending chaos and death.
  12. Think I’ve racked up something like over 1300 hours on Dead By Daylight. I love the game,it’s one of the best online experiences I’ve ever had. I regularly played it with 3 of my mates,and a few others that eventually dropped off the radar. Gunning for the Platinum took a lot of commitment, due to all of the trophies being online Vs only. One Killer was an absolute chore to use ,she took me forever to manage all her trophies. Hadn’t played it for a fair few months,due to other commitments. But recently they added Ash from Evil Dead. So that got me back into it.
  13. AndyKurosaki


    I have zero creativity skills. I didn’t in LittleBigPlanet,so I certainly wouldn’t for this. Still,it’s always interesting to see what people can come up with.
  14. AndyKurosaki


    Wasn’t expecting this at all. Certainly a pleasant surprise. Though I seem to recall the occasional difficulty spike now and then. Fuck yeah to Killer7. Make that happen Capcom. Come on.
  15. AndyKurosaki

    TV Shows

    I really enjoyed last season,especially towards the end. I don’t feel the quality has dipped since they ran out of source material. It could have,as I don’t expect the books to be finished any time soon. But they’re still making it well worth watching. I didn’t love the latest episode,mostly because there’s not a lot that actually happened. Sure,there was some good parts in it,with long awaited reunions between characters. But it was hardly one of the best of the series. Still,it will all be kicking off soon enough.
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