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  1. On episode 2 of Tiger Kings myself. The words “what the fuck” spring to mind.
  2. I can guarantee, fighting a Marauder with other enemies is most definitely a different kettle of fish. Try dealing with him when being bombarded with attacks from Mancubus, Cacodemons, Revanants, or those bastard snake things. You’ll find tactics go flying out the window, and your health/ammo/armour get pissed away. Its by far the worst part of the entire game, dealing with that all at once. I’d certainly not attempt higher difficulties, due to bullshit like that.
  3. Email from Shopto: “Your order has now reached our warehouse”. Groovy.
  4. Maurader’s do indeed rock up on a semi regular basis. Not constantly, but usually once per level. Apparently the Balista works well against them. I mostly used my Super Shotgun, seeing as all your really powerful weapons do fuck-all against him. I just felt he ruined every fight he showed up in. You have to focus on killing the bastard, as he’s such a pain in the arse. But doing so while being bombarded by other enemies is a chore. I think it was Skill Ups review that said you could remove Marauder from the game, and it would be a vast improvement. And I absolutely agree. He’s not fun, he’s just a cheap cunt.
  5. Hoping mine gets sent today so that it arrives on Thursday. Worked out that way for Doom Eternal. Shopto are pretty reliable like that.
  6. The email does say something along the lines of “We will ship it as soon as possible in order for you to receive in time of release”. So I’m optimistic it’ll be next week. No worries if it doesn’t, I’ll have Resi 3 to keep me busy.
  7. ShopTo emailed me to say it will be processing “as soon as possible”. Mine is on the same back-order category.
  8. Yeah, Totems are shite. Especially when they’re well hidden. Whoever thought they were a good inclusion can go to the same “fuck off” part as those responsible for the Marauder.
  9. Well, I’m not really enjoying this much, to be honest. I loved Symphony of the Night, and I’m up for a good Metroidvania game. But this isn’t doing a lot for me. The boss fights, of which I’ve done 3, are really pissing me off. One against a samurai took me multiple attempts, what with him taking forever to kill, and him dealing obscene amounts of damage. After a short while of playing, and getting battered, I end up going “fuck this” and wanting to play something else.
  10. Shopto have advised me my copy has reached the warehouse. So I expect it’ll arrive Thursday/Friday.
  11. Certainly changed my weekend. Previously I’d spend time with my girlfriend. This weekend, I gamed pretty much both days. It hasn’t changed my weekly pattern, as I have work to do from home, so I’m still working 9 to 5.
  12. I can’t really understand the benefit to cutting so much content (apologies if my previous post was spoilerific). I already knew that the multiple choices were gone, as was the brilliant Mercenaries mode. But it seems that removed content has been replaced with... nothing. I don’t give a toss about the multiplayer mode included with this. I tried the demo, and found it to be pretty boring. It’s certainly not something I’ll be putting much time into, that’s if I even bother with it at all. Certainly not cancelling my pre-order, as I’m sure I’ll still enjoy the campaign. But it does seem they may have been better off delaying the game to add more content to it. Though with 2 doing so well last year, and the end of this generation in sight, they probably went “Fuck it, get it out the door”.
  13. Mixed reviews then. Still looking forward to playing it for myself. And the reduction in puzzles doesn’t really bother me, as I suck at those anyway. EDITED BY JIM BECAUSE SPOILERS
  14. I’d be happy to get it early. But then I’m waiting for Resi 3 Remake. So if it doesn’t, no worries.
  15. Well, this is a weird one. I’ve always enjoyed the EDF series. With its army of enemies, terrible dialogue, and absolute carnage, it’s consistently been a fun series. Many people don’t touch it due to its janky looks, but it’s certainly a good time. This one was developed by a different team, Yukes. And it definitely tells. It looks slightly graphically better than say, EDF5. It’s still not ‘triple An quality, but you can definitely tell the difference. However, that does go against one of the series’s main high points. Quite often in an EDF game, you get bombarded with enemies. To the point where you can barely see what’s going on. Chaotic, sure. But fun to blast your way through. That unfortunately never happens here. Sure, there’s the occasional swarm attacking you. But never on the scale that EDF5 provides. The series trademark awful dialogue is also absent. There’s no furious chants of EDF, or ridiculous conversations between allies. Everything said in this one is instantly forgettable. Combat wise, you have 4 classes to choose from, ranging from your standard Soldier, to being able to jet pack around, to wiring around the level Spider-man style. All with the typical range of over-the-top weapons. I was mostly having fun with this. Until I reached the final boss of level 52. There, it stopped being fun, and became a frustrating chore. Throughout the fight, the boss has its energy recharged by support ships. If you haven’t brought in a good long-range weapon, this renders the fight impossible. Enemies constantly respawn, and choose to ignore your squad and go straight for you. So while you’re trying to aim a rocket at the bastard health recharging ship, an enemy will often run into your face, and into your rocket, damaging you. Then, as if that’s not bad enough (and it is), multiple more recharge ships show up. Just to make your life a misery. I was hammering away at the fucker for a good 20 minutes, at least. Eventually, a further form of the boss appeared. By this point, the health recharge ships were constant, and the respawning enemies constantly got in the way of my line of sight of the boss. Then without any warning, it activated a massive area of attack energy blast, that killed me instantly. Do all that again? Fuck no. I’d seen online various people say “the last boss is fucking awful”. So I thought I’d prepared for it as best as I could. But that motherfucker, can fuck right off. I’m done.
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