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Donkey Kong Country Returns: Tropical Freeze


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I just wrote a massive post about this that would have got me lost of pluses and a pulitzer prize but I lost it all because my laptop is an utter fuck.

Anyways, this should be called Donkey Kong Country Again But Looks Lovely because it really does. I don't have your fancy schamncy Xbones and PS4's but for cartoony graphics these are awesome, DK's fur in the opening cut scene looks amazballs.

I still have Donkey Kong Country Returns pretty fresh in my mind so this feels like more of the same just with some bells and wistles. I played DKCR on the 3DS so I'm enjoying having this on the big screen. More of the same means the same controls which still have the same problems. You can whiz about like a trooper, doing you platforming as demanded but there is still that horrible delay between pressing the jump button and actually jumping that I could never get on with. He does the same when he rolls too, you hit the L or R buttons and there's a couple of frames of animation that leave you vunerable before he launches his attack.

Ive played up to halfway through the second area. The first area is the normal introduction, all jungle with a few underwater bits. The underwater conrols are nice by the way, you have a thrusting manouver that propels you through the water with speed, you can also use it to launch out of the water when near the surface. Worthy of note is how the music changes in to a nice chill out version of the current score, DKC has laways gotten water music right. The second area is WIndmill Plains, I kinda wish this would have been first, its different enough to convert anybody who thinks they might have just picked up the previous version again. The music has been good too aand it has an autumnal setting that feels nice and fresh.

The main differnce this time round is the introduction of Dixie and Cranky inside the barrels as well as just Diddy. Diddy still has his jet pack to boost your jump, Dixie gives you extended height on your jump similar to Yoshi with that dip and extra effort at the end and Cranky has a pogo stick jump a la Duck Tales (awoo-oo) that you can perform indefinitely if you so choose. It lets you jump on spikes and other surfaces that would otherwise kill you.

There are only 6 worlds this time around but the individual levels are longer. The first boss fight was a bit drawn out, that cunt took some hitting and I fucking howled when i died after hitting him about six times but falling prey to the poopy jump delay.

Its good so far, i guess that's all you really need to know. Haven't.encountered any ice yet.

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Sweet baby Jesus at Christmas this is pissing me off! I'm on the 3rd level (training for ill, not for me!).

Taking a good deal of coordination, I think I'm getting worse at games..

Looks lovely though and seems to be a proper DK game :)

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Says mister achievements.

Ive changed my ways, I thought that was evident through the games Ive been playing recently.

I've set a time on the first level for us to fight over. It's a shit time, bronze, but should be good racing each others times.

Cool, i'm down for that. Its on like Donkey Kong.

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This is pretty damn exceptional, but unsurprisingly so. I think Cranky is a bit of a game changer as his ability really makes you play different. And yeah, it looks amazing.

I'm a bit into the second world so far. I did go back and try to get all the jigsaw pieces for the first world but I even managed to miss one using the bird on that level where you are a silhouette, which pissed me off. I've not tried to get all the jigsaw bits on the 'K' level... that cunt was bad enough to get through, let alone root around in.

I'll have another bash tomorrow but I'm away next week so I'm not gonna be able to get in deep for ages. Laaaame.

Oh yeah, and I tried the time trial. My time is shocking, I just don't think I know how to play quickly. I need to use that roll more but I'm not used to using it, I like jumping on heeds.

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