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  1. I haven't touched it since the first bad impression but im determined to play it, absolutely love the series so I just need to get into it.
  2. Umm, is my copy broken or is there just a fucktonne of talking? I've literally watched two episodes of peep show and done one tiny battle that lasted 7 turns. Is this what games are now? Don't know if I'm enjoying it, will let you know around Christmas when I've managed to get a few battles in.
  3. My advice is to just play this how you want in the first run through and fuck missing shit and characters etc, its made so that the choice of party has an impact and it all comes back around later on. You can infinitely re-spec once off fort joy and once you get some teleport pyramids you can have it so that you can teleport back to the ship and then back to where you were mid-fight if you want to do that although its a bit cheeky/cheap. So basically just do what you want, part of the fun for me, having played through three times co-op with a mate was deciding to be stubborn and making decisions to see how much you can fuck the plot up, killing characters earlier than they are meant to be killed to see how the game plot-corrects is impressive, they really do give you a lot of freedom and at the same time make you feel the weight of your choices. Such a great game.
  4. All jokes about platform release aside, everyone is getting this on PC yeah?
  5. Sambob

    Super Mario Maker 2

    This is still £46 in most places.
  6. I thought the whole film was pretty ace tbh, post credits were good, but didnt really make a massive impact, depends what happens next as always. Loved Mysterio, did so well by him.
  7. Sambob

    The Division 2

    I got this free with my Cpu the other day but I'm guessing there is no cross platform play on it? I don't really fancy playing it solo, would rather just not play it at all tbh.
  8. I think it's decent, there's a lot more newer, good stuff on sale this time it seems like. Depends of you've been buying regularly or not as you said. I picked up all witcher stuff for a tenner, and throne breaker for a tenner, got pathfinder kingmaker for 11 quid and then Rust for 6.50 so for around 40 quid got some pretty solid games that should keep me going for the rest of the year if I mix them in well with Apex and PUBG.
  9. Im pretty sure they have said it wont just be Midgar in the game but if they wanted to, the amount of Midgar is enough to warrant its own game. As with anything good or bad, there is ALWAYS a backlash now. You cant have a single thing that people like without a fucking neg army coming along. The trailer looked great, I cant wait to play it and im hoping they can bring some of the magic that FF15 had into this game, if they do that with open world bit at the end then this will be really special.
  10. £250 to do it yourself? thats a relatively significant upgrade to a CPU or GPU, maybe a better hardrive, more RAM, etc. Dont forget the fact that if you are building a nice powerful PC, you will want a good monitor that reflects that and the £250 quid mark is goldust for good value, 1440p, 144hz monitors at the moment, Acer are putting out some lovely stuff.
  11. Sambob

    God of War

    Finished it now, just got the Valkyries to beat and im not sure I'm going to bother. Done four of the eight and they are just not much fun to do really.
  12. Sambob

    God of War

    Been playing this the last few weeks and fucking hell this is just amazing. Absolutely loving the story in it, the characters are fantastic and so well voiced and acted. Im finding myself doing side missions just because I know the boy would like it, like the one where the spirit is obviously duping you but Atreus thinks he might see his mum again. Think I'm near the end now, desperately hoping Thor turns up but im betting they save him for a sequel.
  13. when is this even out?
  14. No as in story, it's about saving the planet from becoming this industrial fucked up thing. I guess that message has always been relevant but at no point more so than it is now.
  15. I think the point of a remake is being missed here... This is an old game now, this remake is almost certainly aimed at a new audience and as such I think it's going to make an absolute killing. It was always a game that, content wise, was released way too early. It's so relevant today and also with the current crop of youngsters this is going to resonate like your mum's special area on a Sunday morning.
  16. All change, gone for a build much closer to my original spec and told that guy I can't buy the cpu. Dont need it to be that powerful and there is no point having a skewed build. Feel pretty good for making a sensible decision. Amd 5 2600x, 1660ti 16gb ram all in a nice small, plain, case. And the thing is it will be way better than I have.
  17. Yeah this is the thing. I was happy with the originally spec'd Ryzen CPU and then this dude said he had a new sealed 8086K and would do me a great price on it. It knocks the ryzen out of the water but is more expensive.....will last me a good while if I can find the cash from somewhere though. I basically need to re-do my list because Ive now got the CPU and GPU sorted, I can keep my SSD so the list is: Motherboard Ram Power supply Case
  18. So, looks like my rebuild is on hold for a bit, my boss is not so sure about doing things through work anymore which means its got to all be cash...there is somebody that contracts for us selling a GTX 1070 for £200 and I think I could maybe get £100 for my 970 so thats a decent upgrade, then I know somebody who is willing to sell me a brand new unboxed 8086K CPU for £300 which is more than I can afford by a long way but its such a massive saving on the £500 rrp that I feel like I should sell most of my possessions to make it happen. I can keep my current 250 gb SSD and then I just need a motherboard and Ram, not cheap, to get up and running. Oh and a case and power supply. And cooling.
  19. Looks awesome, ticks all the boxes of things in interested in them doing.
  20. Sambob

    Game of Thrones

    Been about as bad of a season as I thought it would be.
  21. I love Paul Rudd's face when The Fat character was telling that rambling story. Everyone else was like oh shit he is frazzled but then Ant-Man is just loving the story.
  22. Saw it again last night, definitely want to see it in 2d on sunday maybe. The screening last night was on a small screen and it was really fucking dark too, so I am looking forward to a 2d screening to try and pick out any details of things.
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