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  1. Sambob


    Another episode down, and am more in love with the series. The bit where the mandalorian is contemplating a decision in the last episode was so fantastically done. One of my favourite things of recent times. Also, somebody needs to use the theme song as a rap sample because its awesome.
  2. Sambob


    Yep agreed, everything they are doing at the moment is working for me.
  3. I feel like im near to the end now, just done the third temple/shrine thing so that feels like im getting there. Absolutely in love with the game, really enjoying the atmosphere it builds up. I have it on the third highest difficulty and I have had one or two moments of frustration where ive been near to lowering the difficulty but ive stuck with it. The main problem is that the combinations of enemies at times hasnt been super well thought out IF you want to play the game like it wants you to play it, if that makes sense. I guess what I mean is that you are MEANT to be a parry master but when you get mobbed the game just doesnt handle that too well with some of the enemies having attack patterns that are a bit OP when combined with other enemies. That doesnt happen all too often but when it does you have to either cheese it a bit or lower the difficulty and I feel like having to cheese it is not very Jedi-like and when I have to do it it makes me not feel like a Jedi at all so it breaks the immersion that the game builds up so well. Will post more, with spoilers, when ive finished but this is definitely in my top three games of the year because of all the things that it does so well.
  4. Sambob


    Wtf, I go away for ten minutes and everyone sleeps on the Star Wars hype? I am absolutely LOVING this series, and I dont even care about anything wrong with it. It feels like its something for the hardcore Star Wars fan, as the feedback from people ive spoken to that love Star Wars love this. From my point of view, as a Star Wars fan, its absolutely hitting the spot. Its filled the Star Wars void in a way none of the films have done since the Original Trilogy, and im stupidly happy that it exists in the format that it does.
  5. Sambob

    Destiny 2

    I very easily set up my PS4 saves on PC, it was really simple through the Bungie site. I am right back in this now, playing Crucible until 1 am last night, shitgun titan 4 lyfe. I do agree with the comment about story mode stuff, ive got no idea where to start but im just going to go around doing whatever I can find. I imagine I will buy the forsaken and Shadowkeep DLC at this rate. Going to be playing a lot this weekend so see where we get to. EDIT: Amanda Halliday has all the legacy quests apparently, not sure where she is but thats where you go. You are fucking welcome.
  6. Sambob

    Destiny 2

    I was thinking about starting again on PC, but im a little bit daunted by not having a clue whats what anymore. Can you link accounts and stuff?
  7. I haven't touched it since the first bad impression but im determined to play it, absolutely love the series so I just need to get into it.
  8. Umm, is my copy broken or is there just a fucktonne of talking? I've literally watched two episodes of peep show and done one tiny battle that lasted 7 turns. Is this what games are now? Don't know if I'm enjoying it, will let you know around Christmas when I've managed to get a few battles in.
  9. My advice is to just play this how you want in the first run through and fuck missing shit and characters etc, its made so that the choice of party has an impact and it all comes back around later on. You can infinitely re-spec once off fort joy and once you get some teleport pyramids you can have it so that you can teleport back to the ship and then back to where you were mid-fight if you want to do that although its a bit cheeky/cheap. So basically just do what you want, part of the fun for me, having played through three times co-op with a mate was deciding to be stubborn and making decisions to see how much you can fuck the plot up, killing characters earlier than they are meant to be killed to see how the game plot-corrects is impressive, they really do give you a lot of freedom and at the same time make you feel the weight of your choices. Such a great game.
  10. All jokes about platform release aside, everyone is getting this on PC yeah?
  11. This is still £46 in most places.
  12. I thought the whole film was pretty ace tbh, post credits were good, but didnt really make a massive impact, depends what happens next as always. Loved Mysterio, did so well by him.
  13. Sambob

    The Division 2

    I got this free with my Cpu the other day but I'm guessing there is no cross platform play on it? I don't really fancy playing it solo, would rather just not play it at all tbh.
  14. I think it's decent, there's a lot more newer, good stuff on sale this time it seems like. Depends of you've been buying regularly or not as you said. I picked up all witcher stuff for a tenner, and throne breaker for a tenner, got pathfinder kingmaker for 11 quid and then Rust for 6.50 so for around 40 quid got some pretty solid games that should keep me going for the rest of the year if I mix them in well with Apex and PUBG.
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