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  1. Sambob

    Apex Legends

    I get the impression that people are just enjoying playing it so much that they are falling over themselves to put money into the game out of pure good will. Once they start putting out all sort of new skins like Overwatch did I can see them making serious money, dont see this as a problem at the moment at all for them. If this gets new maps and new characters and good content then I can see this absolutely killing.
  2. Sambob

    Apex Legends

    Woah...you know what, February 12th actually felt like a long day but 8.4 million hours is way longer than I thought.
  3. Sambob

    Apex Legends

    I got dropped in solo for a game last night and managed to get second with one kill. Pathfinder is so mobile that even though i had to drop on the very edge of the map to loot properly and then spent the rest of the game racing for the zone but was still able to get lots of sneak attack damage on teams and even nicked a kill on my way from balloon to balloon, then just hid in the last few circles until eventually having to make a move but it was me against a team of three and I was never really going to do much. The standard of player is much higher after only a week, Im finding it a bit harder to get the wins in now.
  4. Sambob

    Apex Legends

    Lost a fair bit of goodwill tonight I imagine, servers down and laggy when not. Had a terrible time playing tonight, desynch, matchmaking all over the place.
  5. Sambob

    Apex Legends

    Going to be on this a bit later tonight, hopefully get some winzz
  6. Sambob

    Apex Legends

    This is not a game you play with randoms... Can see what's annoying many people about the game now. Lots of bad team play, no communication and a team of randoms would get stomped by most friend teams.
  7. Sambob

    Apex Legends

    I think it does but only because this is quality and what I've seen personally from anthem is utter tripe, and so this being free its a no brainer for me but I like the genre and don't necessarily love the genre of Anthem, I think it will be a similar story with a lot of people. This isn't a DIRECT rival but it's a rival. I know I'm in the honeymoon period but this game is just the only thing I want to play at the moment, I can't get enough. Zooming around on zip wires and getting some good kills and the wins are starting to roll in now, think I got like 5 or 6 tonight nearly got three in a row. Going to try and take a break from it just so I don't burn out but this is as much fun as I can remember having had with a game in a long time.
  8. Sambob

    Apex Legends

    Just seen videos of people swinging around buildings with the grapple ability, definitely trying that out later on.
  9. Sambob

    Apex Legends

    Im having to stop myself from posting every hour to say something positive about the game but completely agree that the attention to detail is great. The game is clicking a lot more and im really enjoying playing as Pathfinder, his grappling hook and zipline powers make it possible to get the drop on basically anybody and also mean you can loot faster and better. Ive got it to the point where i will just zipline above players then drop midway and grapple to a place where they can get me and in general battles being able to get above enemies for the headshots is really helping, it makes me feel like a cross between Batman in Arkham Asylum, stealthing around from gargoyle to gargoyle and Spiderman in terms of mobility around the map. The other great thing is abilities, Pathfinder's passive of being able to hack the sensor beacons is so useful too. You can basically find 5 or 6 of these antenna around the map and if you hack them with Pathfinder it tells you where the next circle will be, so you can get perfect position. It seems like at the minute nobody else is doing it and of the wins ive had thats been key to them. I managed to win one game with a few kills and it made me champion the next game which was awesome, but then obviously people hunt you because you get extra points for killing the champion. I love the voice lines when its announced that there is a new kill leader or that somebody killed the champion etc Theres a real undertone to landing that ive not really felt as much with other BRs, and its basically that if you see somebody going where you are going then pull up a bit, land on the opposite side of the area you are landing and give yourself that little bit more info on where they landed as well as some time to get yourself at least something and then go in as a team. This has always been something you can do in fortnite and pubg but I think with the abilities here it pays off a lot more. I had initially been thinking this is a great game to pull in new people to the genre but after a few days thinking, I feel like the reason this game is so good and why its appealing to me a lot is actually because its a deepcut into the genre. Its almost like a next generation of BR game in that its looked so closely at what the genre has and hasnt got and its a much richer experience, I am really keen to know what Respawn's plans for expansion are at the moment.
  10. Sambob

    Apex Legends

    I won a game, killed the kill master and the champion and then the game after i was the champion. fucking love this.
  11. Sambob

    Apex Legends

    Going to be playing this again tonight, been jonesing for it. Hoping it clicks a bit more, need to work on the shooting, im enjoying the game but I feel like if I keep getting stomped my enthusiasm is bound to run out.
  12. Sambob

    Apex Legends

    I think thats what is making me so hyped about it, this is a free game, and its more polished and fresher than a lot of the premium offerings.
  13. Sambob

    Apex Legends

    I loved it, was doing rubbish but was thoroughly enjoying doing rubbish. My favourite bit was landing on the drop ship and punching people off, that's super fun. I really like the mobility of that robot dude, the abilities really open the genre up nicely I think. It won't be for everyone but I think this will have a nice little following, I can feel myself getting better after just one session with it.
  14. Love it when something new comes out and has actually taken note of the current competitors, file this one in my pants so far.
  15. I can only see this as a good thing for Titanfall 3 either way. The game makes money, the studio gets bigger, they make Titanfall 3. The game bombs, they need something else to do, they make Titanfall 3. I certainly didnt see Titanfall 3 getting made before this, the previous game didnt sell great on release by any stretch of the imagination and now there suddenly a groundswell of people talking about Titanfall 3. Titanfall 3