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  1. Sambob

    TV Shows

    Yeah it was a way better episode than the first one, really ready for episode 3 now.
  2. Sambob


    Why hasnt @Jimbo Xiii commented on this yet, or has he just fuddled himself into oblivion over it?
  3. That's the position im in, the 970 is actually not whats wrong with my machine at the moment it's the combination of i5 2500k and 4gb of DDR3 because that's the all the motherboard will support. Having said that in a more powerful rig, like the one I've specced out, the 4gb gpu will be the weakest link and most likely next bottleneck and I've read a lot of good things particularly about the value of the 1660 ti and potential longevity. My boss sometimes is happy to buy things ex vat for us and then let us pay it back almost like a salary sacrifice so if I can potentially knock 100 quid off that and pay it back over a year or something then I will be golden. I think it's important to keep in mind when upgrading like this that you are going to see a substantial increase over what you currently have so not too get too caught up in trap of feeling like you need to slightly upgrade to the next step of every component you put into the machine.
  4. Sambob

    Star Wars

    I really like the character, and I really like the actor. In interviews he comes across very well and I think he gives the film an enormous amount of credibility but that's opinions for you. I also think that the fact that you so strongly dislike him is a testament to the combination of character and actor. I agree with one armed dwarf, he is this sort of princeling, born-with-a-silver-spoon type character that has A New Hope's version of Leia's royal arrogance and at the same time he is constantly suppressing anything even the slightest bit Han Solo ish about himself. Its such a layered and nuanced performance when you analyse it, and I think that Adam driver secretely hates playing the role which adds even more to it when you see how much he commits, its very much like Harrison Ford hating star wars but still being pretty much the most iconic star wars character.
  5. Sambob

    Star Wars

    I thought you said the EU was crap?
  6. My current set up is coming up for ten years old now so im looking at this (£782 total) Ive got a GTX 970 at the minute which is going for around £50 on ebay so I might bump the 1660ti to a 2060 but im not too fussed:
  7. Sambob

    Star Wars

    Obsidian are on record as saying it was that sect of the studios first game that they made. And they were vastly understaffed and from what I've read inexperienced. They had Lucasarts do the majority of their cinematics because their animators couldnt cope. The sound guys would have these whacky ideas which added great sounds but then fucked up other parts of the game because their was no crossover. Bioware had developed some masterful games at that point, mainly baldurs gate 2 which was a barnstormer of a game and is still one of the best games in it genre however many years after the fact. It's also not true about it being only the ending. Entire main plots were cut, there is an entire planet on the disc that didn't make it, there are cinematics and voice lines buried that they said it was easier to leave in than take out properly, such is the scale of the rush job. One of the things that was most highly praised, the influence system was partly down to dumb luck because they just increased the amount everything influenced the character by a random factor, it wasn't even intentional.
  8. Sambob

    Star Wars

    I thought they were both great but it still angers me to this day that 2 wasnt half the game it could have been had they have given it to an established studio, and at the very least given them the same time that Bioware got. The knock on effects, a bit like we are seeing now with the reaction to episode 8 were huge and in my opinion contributed largely to the fact that we currently dont have a ton of really great star wars video games.
  9. Sambob

    Star Wars

    Going to assume you never read about the development of KOTOR 2? It was an unfinished game, deliberately rushed out with the evidence on the actual game disk. They then decided, as they have with a lot of the EU stuff after having initially said none of it counts, to just cherry pick certain details which has now escalated to them going 'yeah actually this is all cannon' for large sections. This comes across as just apologist.
  10. Sambob

    Star Wars

    Isnt it a bit weird that the series which they clearly didnt give enough of a shit about to finish properly is now their focus for three main films?
  11. I think I will probably go through phases as well, seems like a good way to use it.
  12. @Jimbo Xiii No normal price because I couldnt find anything. Well technically i found a lot but they didnt work and i got bored of trying over and over.
  13. Has anyone read 'The Boys'?
  14. I dont know to be honest, from what I can gather they generally add stuff that has been published for 6 months. I enjoyed secret wars, I like when they do stuff that allows them to be a bit different, like that one where it was set in like the 1400s* or something. I read civil war 2 as well the other day, its not bad, it doesnt compare to Civil war, but I hold that event in pretty high esteem, I remember it capturing my imagination so well at the time of reading it. To this day one of my favourite panels is Mr Fantastic marvelling at how amazing Spider-Man is as he takes out half the Marvel universe basically, in fact its probably my favourite bar none. EDIT: *I was referring to Marvel 1602
  15. Got Marvel unlimited because I was fucking jonesing to read comics and hates pinching them off internet. Loving it so far been reading hours of comics, just finished secret wars 2015 yesterday and that was pretty decent. There is an estimated 25000 comics on it so should keep me going for a bit.
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