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  1. Crazy excited for this Amazingly I haven’t played the original!
  2. Pikman

    Super Mario Odyssey

    Realised I’m a bit bored of my current games, despite some new ones, and I went back to this last night to see what else I could find. 100’s of moons still remain... Discovered so many cool things, still love it, Nintendo are still amazing
  3. Pikman

    Cadence of Hyrule

    Oh boy, this is fun :) I nabbed the demo as I really wasn’t sure about it at all. Turns out, amazing music and oddly fantastic to play! Only on the first map (assuming there are others at some stage or maybe it expands) and currently in the first temple.
  4. I started this last week, got about 3 crystals in most areas and 4 in the north (plus the boss). I had no idea there were 8 crystals though, I struggled to find 4 and felt like a right champion when I did! Best keep searching - although I feel like I have been everywhere that I can :S
  5. I actually finished a game! Well, two actually. Limbo and Inside on the Switch. Never played them before, really great experience (although honestly, I had to Google the ending to Inside to figure out what it meant...).
  6. Pikman

    TV Shows

    The Alienist - Netflix. Blasted through this in a couple of days, simply couldn't stop. Easily in my top handful on Netflix, it is so moody and full of character. Highly recommend a watch!
  7. Pikman


    Anyone else read the Dark Tower books? After seeing the film was out I thought I ought to see what all the fuss was about. I won't bother with the film but I just started book 6 of the 7 and wow it is good. I haven't felt bored once! Unlike the endless walking of LotR, this is totally epic. Love it, love the characters and will be sad when it is over. Some I have read in a few days, couldn't put them down. Others are far too long for me to achieve that.
  8. Pikman

    Nintendo Switch

    I am in, let me know your Paypal details and I can ping over the 5.25 Thanks!
  9. Pikman

    Nintendo Switch

    Yay, I got a new family. Thanks dude
  10. Pikman

    Nintendo Switch

    OK.. well... I was retarded I didn't see it in my junk mail, added their no-reply to safe senders now so I won't miss it again! Mind one last try? (I learned that the link expires after 24 hours). Thanks and sorry mate
  11. Pikman

    Nintendo Switch

    Thanks! How is everyone getting the invite? I am still not seeing anything :S Did you definitely get my email right? Lots of people miss the middle 'e'. Thanks :) Jon
  12. Pikman

    Octopath Traveller

    I am about 25 hours in and realise it might not be as fun as I thought it all was... Now I am a little stuck, I need light magic and have no-one, can't overcome any of the next bosses as I need t level up and can't be bothered to grind... (Get a Switch for all the other games, although 25 hours from this isn't bad value either!)
  13. Pikman


    This might be the only game I completed in the last year, really enjoyed it! Once I got into the swing of things, it seemed less obtuse. I agree though, at the beginning I was like WTF... Fantastic experience.
  14. Pikman

    Nintendo Switch

    I wonder if it works cross country? Guessing maybe not, although my account is still set to UK so might work. If so, I am game, good idea!
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