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  1. I started this last week, got about 3 crystals in most areas and 4 in the north (plus the boss). I had no idea there were 8 crystals though, I struggled to find 4 and felt like a right champion when I did! Best keep searching - although I feel like I have been everywhere that I can :S
  2. I actually finished a game! Well, two actually. Limbo and Inside on the Switch. Never played them before, really great experience (although honestly, I had to Google the ending to Inside to figure out what it meant...).
  3. Pikman

    TV Shows

    The Alienist - Netflix. Blasted through this in a couple of days, simply couldn't stop. Easily in my top handful on Netflix, it is so moody and full of character. Highly recommend a watch!
  4. Pikman


    Anyone else read the Dark Tower books? After seeing the film was out I thought I ought to see what all the fuss was about. I won't bother with the film but I just started book 6 of the 7 and wow it is good. I haven't felt bored once! Unlike the endless walking of LotR, this is totally epic. Love it, love the characters and will be sad when it is over. Some I have read in a few days, couldn't put them down. Others are far too long for me to achieve that.
  5. I am in, let me know your Paypal details and I can ping over the 5.25 Thanks!
  6. Yay, I got a new family. Thanks dude
  7. OK.. well... I was retarded I didn't see it in my junk mail, added their no-reply to safe senders now so I won't miss it again! Mind one last try? (I learned that the link expires after 24 hours). Thanks and sorry mate
  8. Thanks! How is everyone getting the invite? I am still not seeing anything :S Did you definitely get my email right? Lots of people miss the middle 'e'. Thanks :) Jon
  9. Pikman

    Octopath Traveller

    I am about 25 hours in and realise it might not be as fun as I thought it all was... Now I am a little stuck, I need light magic and have no-one, can't overcome any of the next bosses as I need t level up and can't be bothered to grind... (Get a Switch for all the other games, although 25 hours from this isn't bad value either!)
  10. Pikman


    This might be the only game I completed in the last year, really enjoyed it! Once I got into the swing of things, it seemed less obtuse. I agree though, at the beginning I was like WTF... Fantastic experience.
  11. I wonder if it works cross country? Guessing maybe not, although my account is still set to UK so might work. If so, I am game, good idea!
  12. Pikman

    Octopath Traveller

    I had to Google that also, I had no idea to begin with, not sure what party is best to be honest. I have H'aanit available but not used her, will try and see if she compliments better. The issue I am finding is with Tressa (I think), she doesn't cause any damage to the big enemies (even when broken). I guess I need to save up for a better bow...
  13. Pikman

    Octopath Traveller

    Funny, I got so bored of Bravely but this has sucked me in. Started Chapter 2 for Tressa now, recommended lev22 and I cannot get through it at all. The end boss can KO me in one round, lol. Its weird as everyone is around lev 22, not that far off. I agree that some of the battles can last too long, its simply a case of having enough stock in the inventory to make it through. Spent the last couple of nights wandering to bump them up a bit (I couldn't write that I spent 2 nights grinding) and will try the end of Tressa's chapter 2 again soon. Good idea to switch chapters, that might work for me also! I have 6 of the characters and am using, Tressa, Olberic, Therion and Cyrus for the most part. Not sure they are such a great team :S
  14. Isn't it sad that we can decide this before it is even finished and that you are probably right?!
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