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  1. Awesome! My cpu, the last part, was supposed to arrive wednesday but now amazon seem to have no idea when it’s coming. Could cancel and get it from elsewhere but lots of early adopter problems being reported so maybe it’s not so bad to wait a bit. Took the ssd out of the old pc to see what would happen and it worked fine, just booted to windows 8 instead of 10, so that was nice. edit - canceled the cpu and ordered from somewhere else, £6 cheaper so thought that was a good till i realised it doesn't come with the free game pass. oh well
  2. First time I’ve got a limited run games game.
  3. Just seen one cut of the dead, been meaning to watch it for a while but I don’t like horror so kept putting it off...it’s really really good. It’s the sort of thing you don’t what to know much about it before watching, although I knew about the start and that didn’t spoil it IMO. And I was fine with the horror.
  4. Good luck with the overclocking! Yeah I’m just going to leave mine stock, or maybe try the auto overclocking they have but I’m not going to do anything fancy, already got carried away and spent more than planned on the cpu so saving some on the cooler is good. Good idea with the work ssd, I hate clogging up my home pc with work crap but it would be useful to have some stuff on there so I might do the same later
  5. that plush sheep is really cool.
  6. spatular

    Random News II

    ^ looks cool, lots of shmups on there, i sort of want to get one but not sure how much i'd play it. the amazon.co.jp page (which is in english) for this says the japanese games will not be translated, which is unfortunate but expected. https://www.amazon.co.jp/b/ref=s9_acss_bw_cg_pdlcore_md2_w?ie=UTF8&language=en_US&node=6974564051&pf_rd_m=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&pf_rd_s=merchandised-search-6&pf_rd_r=5E9C56GPQ4YRTFN5ESDQ&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_p=fd46107f-cf4a-4ddc-afa0-f1ff4a29245c&pf_rd_i=6974564051
  7. cadence is really hard at the start but then can get pretty easy so the difficulty curve is odd but much easier than this... i got this after enjoying cadence, and i can't really get anywhere in it, sometimes do ok if i get a spear but still not beaten the first part/boss, and then sort of gave up on it. cool music though, i like the one that's in amplitude.
  8. nice cooler Jimbo! i'm going to live dangerously with the stock cooler, it should be fine, they're supposed to be good, just worried it might be a bit noisy. also motherboard arrived the other day - updated the bios so i'm all ready for when the cpu arrives (got an old one which doesn't support the new cpu's out of the box). oh and need to decommision the old pc to get some bits out of that.
  9. the colours are ace! but yeah i play mostly docked so not for me.
  10. yeah they're a great deal at the moment, check out the 3600 too, although there's not many reviews out yet (maybe only 1), similar price but should beat the 2700 for gaming, but less cores/threads. https://www.gamersnexus.net/hwreviews/3489-amd-ryzen-5-3600-cpu-review-benchmarks-vs-intel i've got most of the bits for the pc now too, just waiting on the mb and cpu, both should arrive in the next week or so.
  11. ordered a 3700x a 3600 would have been more sensible but i've been holding off upgrading for ages so went a bit crazy.
  12. spatular

    Virtua Racing

    I’ve been trying to improve my time on the first track and got some tips from a friend/the internet - use manual gears (you don’t have to change gear on the first track anyway), slipstream the AI, switch handling to arcade (or whatever the opposite of the default is) and roll the stick around the top to make small adjustments to the steering, also don’t brake just hammer the accelerator on/off instead. I’ve gone a bit faster but am still rubbish at the last corner. Shame about no friends filter on the leaderboards.
  13. spatular

    Virtua Racing

    I got this too, played it a load last night, really enjoyed it. Was also impressed with how smooth it is, wonder if they could do similar to stunt race fx... it’s my first time playing this so no rose tints, but yeah I won all the races last night so there isn’t much more to do except for timetrialling, I think I will play it a bit more, do some time trials and stuff. But yeah it’s good fun. edit - oh yeah the women casually walking off the track as the race starts is pretty funny, as is all the animation really.
  14. division 2 - pretty sure i completed this. maybe. outrun 2 super monkey ball beginner beat saber dlc packs 1/2 virtua racing my friend pedro dangerous driving box boy switch dirt rally 2 (still half way through the last season and not done much rallycross) cadence of hyrule
  15. virtua racing out now over here £6
  16. Aaero is £2, brilliant cross between Rez and rhythm action, if anyone’s interested im tempted by beats and shapes and zero ranger but they only have small discounts and I have other stuff to play anyway.
  17. Doubt there’s enough interest for a thread but if anyone cares, rolling gunner seems really good so far, it shows that I’m a bit rubbish at horis though.
  18. spatular

    My Friend Pedro

    Yeah that’s a great way to describe it. just finished it now, maybe sound a little down on it above but am in a bit of gaming apathy but still really really enjoyed it. Got used to the controls a bit more. About 3.5 hours total but I ran through it really quick, not replayed any missions. thought the plot/dialogue was funny too, well there isn’t much of it but that’s what I want from this type of game anyway.
  19. spatular

    My Friend Pedro

    This is a 2D platformer, run and gun type thing, where you can do all kinds of fancy things, such as shoot at two things at the same time, bounce bullets off things, skateboard, kick things/skateboards at people, slowdown time, and dodge bullets. when you're doing the cool things it's a lot of fun. i often forget to do the cool things and just run through a level shooting everything, which is still pretty fun. especially i find the controls for dodging bullets to be tricky so forget to do it, and slowdown time i keep forgetting to do but the controls for it aren't tricky. but the controls for shooting 2 things at once work well imo - you aim one direction and lock on by holding down the left trigger then aim elsewhere and fire with the right trigger. there's some gimmicky levels that are a bit different, they probably arent really any good but i really enjoyed the 2 i've done so far because of how over the top they are and they don't last long. the levels are very short but there's a lot of them, apparently it's quite a short game, think i'm about 2 hours in. you get graded for each level, i think that's where the game will come into it's own if you get into trying to get a better score/grade - so i think it's good that the levels are short for this. i'm not sure if i'll bother replaying it like this though, don't really know how the scoring works, i'll have to look into it. paid ~£13 which seems like a fair price for it. apparently was playing it in 4k, switched to 1080p and upped the graphics settings, couldn't really tell the difference. so yeah i like it so far and at times it's brilliant, but maybe doesn't live up to how great the trailers for it are (possibly it does but i'm not good at it). also a banana tells you what to do.
  20. spatular

    15 Years of GOTY

    these might be on the wrong year as i looked at wiki for some of them which probably has american dates, and some games i didn't play in the year of release. 2004 - halo 2, 1000 year door, half life 2, mgs3 - played this later 2005 - gt4, jungle beats, touch kirby, guitar hero, ouendan 2006 - zelda twilight princess, EBA, guitar hero 2 2007 - halo 3, portal, mario galaxy, rock band, pgr4 2008 - l4d, mirrors edge, mgs4, wipeout hd 2009 - mushihimesama futari 1.5, drop 7, trials hd, persona 4, dj hero 2010 - mass effect 2, halo reach, blur, espgaluda 2, rock band 3 2011 - mario 3d land, portal 2, deus ex hr, child of eden, witcher 2 - i played this later 2012 - dishonoured, forza horizon 2013 - pikmin 3, mario 3d world, zelda link between worlds, runner 2 2014 - destiny, mario kart 8, titanfall, driveclub 2015 - witcher 3, p4 dan, mgs5, dirt rally, ori, life is strange, rock band 4 2016 - dishonoured 2, titanfall 2, thumper, deus ex md 2017 - zelda botw, prey, gravity rush 2, persona 5 2018 - beat saber, dj max respect, ketsui, into the breach - played this later
  21. spatular

    Cadence of Hyrule

    nice one for splitting the threads up Hendo. the difficulty at the start is rediculous, then i got a spear so i could attack form 2 spaces away instead of 1 which makes it a lot easier, you dont need to know the patterns as well with a space buffer, then i got a poisoned spear so i could attack from 2 spaces away then run away and wait for them to die, again making the game easier, played most of the game like this and it was pretty fun, i enjoyed it (also bottles with health potions and fairies helped, especially for bosses). then near the end i got some super over powered sword that possibly made the last bit too easy. so yeah i finished it but don't really feel like i learnet to play it properly, with a close range weapon it is so much harder, you'd need to know exactly what the enemy is going to do, and harder still having to time your blocks with zelda. the music is great.
  22. spatular

    Cadence of Hyrule

    I got the hyrule version today, seems like it’s supposed to be a bit easier, the amount of times I’ve died on the second screen is very high, I’m not sure if I’m getting better or it just seems that way because I’ve unlocked better weapons through perserverence. Also one time I found a shop but had no money, now I have money but I’m miles away from the shop dammit. I’ll die soon so that won’t matter anyway. Not really sure what I think of it yet, never got the original because I don’t like rogue likes, but I really like rhythm games, but it looked like I’d hate it, then they add Zelda music and make it easier so I got it, initially i was right and I hated it for a bit as I died over and over again straight away, as said I’m doing better now and not hating it as much, probably because I have better weapons and more hearts. Oh yeah I started off as Zelda, which seems to make it really difficult, started again as link and the shield not running out of power helps a lot.
  23. Oh yeah beat saber does require moves, oh well if you get moves get beat saber!
  24. spatular

    Xbox E3 2019

    I got an old elite controller, kept pushing the buttons on the bottom by accident so took them off, the sticks are heavier so bounce back to centre oddly, think I prefer the standard Xbox one controller, except maybe the dpad is slightly better on the elite. Edit - im sure if you can get used to the extra buttons they’re great though, and cheaper than alternatives like scuf.
  25. spatular

    Forza Horizon 4

    it's really really hard to correct any slides while off-road, i think it doesn't let you put on enough opposite lock or something. don't worry about checking it (it could be something specific to my wheel/settings), similarly i'm quite happy to play it with a pad, and not in a hurry to get the expansions, i'll wait for a sale
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