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  1. spatular

    Splatoon 3

    no, game sold separately
  2. spatular

    Random News II

    ^ yeah i only just heard of that too, its going to be "free" on gamepass and netflix too apparently.
  3. spatular

    Splatoon 3

    not sure i would put it as strongly but yeah maybe these ones should be called something different, even as a big splatoon fan i don't want to watch 30 mins of every single thing in the game explained. glad i watched it later and skipped most of it. i'm really looking forward to the game still anyway
  4. i find the combat pretty confusing, especially with so many people on screen (the chaos is sort of cool too though), theres so many different systems, ive read a few combat guides and picked up bits from each but theres still lots more i dont understand than i do. im quite far in so probably some combat spoilers here (just had a crazy long cut scene at the end of chapter ) but this is my current basic plan for longer fights, no idea if its a good idea mind. i should be using the break/topple/etc combos but havent really been. And no classes setup really because i keep changing them because that unlocks stuff or something. i usually avoid optional missions but the hero quests can be quite good so been doing those. edit- been playing on easy and it has been mostly easy, but one recent fight i nearly died, after i realised i had no tanks so having a mix of classes is important, who'd have thought!
  5. Been waiting for this to be cheap, its currently in the monthly humble choice thing so signed up for a month then canceled.
  6. Ive played this a bit too, generally enjoying it so far, but not without reservations. Think the story starts a bit slow but picks up a lot imo. The combat sort of starts slow too with not much to do, but its just added loads of stuff you can do into the combat and left me a bit confused, and its hard to practice to understand it as most enemies die so quickly, not complaining about that mind. Ill have to look at some youtube guides or something for the combat, similar to the second game. Think the graphics are technically impressive with everything going on and the scale of it all, its pretty smooth considering too, but the art style isnt great so far, a bit dull, seem to remember the older games having some more impressive looking landscapes so hopefully theres more to come. The extra teammates make the combat a bit more confusing too. But yeah overall enjoying it.
  7. Im struggling to think of any proper remakes, maybe because i rarely play a game more than once. The shottriggers games on ps4/switch like ketsui/garegga/esp ra.de./etc are ports, really accurate ports, with extra features/modes, but its just good to have them on more modern systems. Gravity rush on ps4 was better than the vita one because it just suits a bigger screen and better controller, but the game was basically the same i think. Persona 4 golden was good but i think id be fine with playing the original too. id like to play mgs twin snakes but havent. oh yeah samus returns and zero mission are sort of remakes, those are really good
  8. Shame about this news as its a really great game that could do with an update, but at the same time at least its still available to play on pc/xbox/mobile iirc.
  9. I think the standard one looks better personally, and there wasnt really anything that cool in the limited edition iirc, but yeah i still wanted it too
  10. yeah that's where i've played it too, just to keep things simple it's got 3 different names on saturn - layer section and galactic attack.
  11. Yeah i havent been keeping up to date on all the releases too well and not a big raiden fan although not tried this version (raiden fighters is cool). think your right thats already out on other formats. Did you like the switch version? ray force games are getting an m2 (edit - maybe not shottriggers release but it is apparently m2), think ive only played the first one before but its good, so will be ordering that. https://www.amazon.co.jp/-/en/dp/B0B5GY7ZG4
  12. Yeah like a dragon is great, ive been wanting to try tony hawks too!
  13. yeah similar to others i'm not sure i've ever sat down and planned to play a game uninterupted for hours and hours, maybe done 7 or 8 hours like that i guess? but i have booked a week off work to play a new game and might play that nearly all week but it won't be uninterupted, i'll stop for food/sleep/etc. done that for some halo/destiny games.
  14. the new stuff is out now apparently. it's also now on android/ios but only if you have netflix.
  15. Splatoon 3 is the big one for me. Also will get xenoblade and bayonetta, so anything with a 3 really. Hopefully there will be other new stuff that ill like too.
  16. yeah, then you unlock easy mode and it's barely any different, well i couldn't tell what was different anyway, maybe sometimes less enemies and maybe they fire less often but i found its still really hard anyway. it does have infinite continues and gets rid of the checkpoints so you can credit feed through the game. DANGERMAN pointed out to me that deathsmiles 1+2 is out physically over here now (ps4/switch), wish i'd known that was going to happen before getting the more expensive limited versions.
  17. ^ nice one! i played some of that new pocky rocky game recently, didnt really get on with it unfortunately, its really difficult/oldschool, nice graphics though.
  18. yeah thats cool, your right it sort of is like that, you could play it just to get through it but even then youd have to replay levels still because they can be difficult and you need a certain amount of gold times to progress, the gold times are not particularly difficult but would probably require a few retries on average, and the levels are mostly very short, like 30 seconds to a minute usually, although there are a few longer ones. so while you could play it without replaying loads you would have to replay stuff, and i definitely think people who like timetrails or stuff like super meat boy will enjoy it more.
  19. yeah thats sort of what i thought but neon white isnt like that so thats why i was asking
  20. Surprised to see the question mention it but yeah neon white, and the Kirby game for me. What's run based?
  21. spatular

    Splatoon 3

    don't really need an oled switch unfortunately https://store.nintendo.co.uk/en_gb/nintendo-switch-oled-model-splatoon-3-edition-000000000010009643.html
  22. netflix and amazon do this all the time, guess its just how this sort of business works 🤷‍♂️
  23. Yeah those yakuza games were on there at some point in the past but had been removed.
  24. i really like it yeah! guess there are some caveats though, i really like rhythm action games, its basically a copy of beatmania that plays with a pad, and the music is hit and miss, the 4 button mode is pretty easy to get into so it's worth a try, 6 button mode is great but took a lot of getting into. was going to post a video to give people an idea what it's like but will have a look to check the song isn't a dlc one first..
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