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  1. I wish I was as enamoured with it as other people were. But I just wasn't. It took me forever to finish as I just couldn't face playing it. The story wasn't that interesting and the game parts of it sucked. The only bits I enjoyed from that game were the bits where you'd be left alone talking to Ellie, at which point I might as well be watching a film. From my standpoint I think I have every right to think it was shit. I was told I was in for an epic adventure and I got some mild puzzling, a fuck load of wank stealth iced off with terrible shooting. I find it hard to get excited over it because of those reasons.
  2. They're stunningly beautiful games to look at, but to play they're just awful. All the effort goes into making them look good and that's it. Mechanically they're dull as fuck. I will give them this though, TLoU was really robust, no bugs that I could find. I will at least give them that.
  3. Uncharted is shit as well. I've not played 4 so that might be better, I'm in no rush though given the previous instalments. I've said it 100 times or more, Naughty Dog games look amazing but they are boring. In my opinion that's the worse thing a game can be. Doesn't matter how good it looks or sounds if the main part of the game is vacuous. And that's TLoU down to a T. Shit stealth. Shit shooting. Shit melee combat. The core of the game is rotten and people can't see that because it looks pretty and has nice voice acting.
  4. Be careful with spoilers for tonight's episode. It has leaked and there's spoilers all over twitter already.
  5. Sly Reflex

    Sea of Thieves

    I was going to play last night but it fell through. I was sad for all time.
  6. PS1 - Gran Turismo 2. There were a lot of good games on the PS1, but that's the one I'm going for. PS2 - We Love Katamari. But close calls are Gitaroo Man. Again, a lot of good games. PSP - This one is harder. The GTA story games were pretty good. Everybody's Golf was probably the one I played the most. PS3 - I didn't like this console much. Highlights were resistance 2, Motorstorm 2 and Pixeljunk stuff. I don't really have a favourite. PSV - Easy. Earth Defence Force. Fuck the haters. Best shit game ever. PS4 - Bloodborne. Although depending on how EDF5 gets towards the end, that could be usurped. Amen, brother. That game was shit. Everyone said it was some second coming and I've never been so disappointed in my life as far as games go.
  7. Yep. You agreed to it. I don't know why you're surprised. Credited in the post. Go give him a follow.
  8. ITunes users may suffer a delay in the show going up. I'm having issues with the XML that will hopefully be sorted by the time you come to download it. While I am here, we, as in me and @Bigkopman have a few shows lined up. If you like what you hear we're open to doing shows based on suggestions, as long as it's sensible. We're still working through what we want this to be. The base idea is down but a few things might change around as I find a nice spot for where I want it to be, as well as it finding a place where you guys actually want to listen to it. I wanted to try something completely different and if it doesn't stick, then I'm fine with that. Thanks for taking time to read this and listen to the show. We hope you like it and become part of the conversation.
  9. MFGamers Podcast - Spotlight Pilot Episode 1 Andrew (@Bigkopman) and Simon put digital versus physical games under the spotlight. In a freeform discussion they cover the pro's and con’s, where things are headed and what we think about the situation as a whole, as well as some side tracking thrown in for good measure. Intro and outro provided by iron_snow_man. Go and give him a follow. Any music used belongs to the respective owners and is used under fair use. Show recorded 19th of April 2019. Podcast produced by Simon. Download the episode here. Subscribe to the feed here. iTunes link - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/mfgamers/id1318429602 Non-iTunes feed - http://feeds.feedburner.com/mfgamerspodcast
  10. And this is why MFGamers will run for another decade without any issues.
  11. If you want a challenge try Tesla. That shit is fucking impossible, even the people that are regularly in the top 10 say those challenges are clearly bullshit.
  12. Good job. Did you repeat mb mode over and over or did you collect Obsidian? Also I'm calling it Scourers Apprentice from now on.
  13. Does it have to be renewed or is that the final price?
  14. It's a great feature, but it's meant to save time as well as have a reason for existing. As a feature it could certainly do with a clean up. I seem to remember an option to stop people tagging you, would that remove them from lists? That would take so much time to edit their accounts to do that though, there's not something you could do in one swoop, unless there's bits of the forum that allow you to mass edit profiles? EDIT: Or make it so that you have to have a set amount of posts before you can be tagged?
  15. Sly Reflex

    Sea of Thieves

    Yeah @Blakey, play with @Maf. He wants a pirate crew! Also I have no idea how the hell chat works cross platform. Each time I've played it I've used discord to chat and then used the type command to shout at randoms. There's a megaphone as well, but I only use that to shout "Coco Pops!" at people.
  16. Is there a way to stop people that don't post from showing up when tagging? Like when I go to tag Hendo, I get @halfagogo (I miss you, you crazy fucker), @harrystrill @heleney @HK 47 @hmallett and @hollifield580A. I know you can drill down by filling out the field, but could there be a switch that stops suggesting people that'd not posted in a long time, if at all? Maybe mark accounts as dormant or something so they don't show up? I don't really want to delete them in case they ever show up again, but there's a lot of accounts that flag when you type in and it seems off to have names like @badjuju, @Reecus and @Sam89 popping up when they've not a cat in hells chance of showing up again, right? Is there anything that can be done about this? Or do we just have to live with it?
  17. Sly Reflex

    Sea of Thieves

    @Blakey will play with you.
  18. Sly Reflex

    Sea of Thieves

    Nope. There's nothing paid, apart from the game. They could have turned it into MTX hell, but so far I've seen nothing. Just boot the game and everything is there.
  19. Sly Reflex

    Sea of Thieves

    Do not, and I categorically mean, DO NOT play this alone. You need 3 or 4 people. You could Sloop but that's always a bit boring, like it's always the prelude to us getting on with 3 or 4 men and having proper japes.
  20. Sly Reflex

    Sea of Thieves

    The update is dope. This game is starting to shape up.
  21. @Maf Add it to the pile of all the other stuff we loved as kids that got remakes or was re imagined. Turtles was a big one for me. They will systematically fuck everything given enough time.
  22. I honestly cannot believe a film about a mascot that should have gone out with the 90's has managed 11 pages. Sure, 8 pages of it is pure ridicule, but still...
  23. There's rumours gaining traction that Zen have acquired the rights to make Stern tables. It stems from this tweet. Guy on the left is Gary Stern, head of Stern Pinball. Guy on the right is the VP of Zen Studios. This could mean literally anything, it's all meaningless without context, but people are putting two and two together and coming up with Stern tables will eventually end up in Zens game, which is a huge coup if true. I sort of hope it is true, but at the same time I hope that Zen don't go mad with new tables. I understand that they need time and commitment to get those tables out to the community but I'd like a split between new tables, tables based on licensed content and recreated tables. I also wish that they'd plumb the game tables a bit more, The Walking Dead and Portal 2 are great examples of how you can turn other games into tables. I feel something like Monster Hunter would make a great table. To be honest you could shoehorn anything in if you try hard enough. We might get some band tables if this news is true, which is something FX3 is sorely lacking. Only really a fan or Iron Maiden out of the tables that Stern has kicked out, but I'd take AC/DC as well. Aerosmith can suck a cock. I'd still buy it to fill out the collection, but they're not someone I'm into all that much. Thoughts?
  24. I nearly binged the whole of the Madeleine McCann doc last night. I fancied carrying on with the whole disappearance thing after watching about Ted Bundy, which is also worth a bit of a watch to see what a complete carnival that whole thing was. Anyway, the McCann thing. It's much more than what you'd expect. It goes on to show similar cases in the USA about a kid that disappeared and also cross references behaviours that alerted people from other murders committed by Ian Huntley. There's a bit in it where they bring in dogs to see if they can find any evidence and it's oddly horrifying in a way I can't fully articulate. It's worth a watch, although it is quite long and there's lots of reading since there's a lot of Portuguese talking in it. I've been surprised at the quality though, it's very thorough and well presented.
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