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  1. A couple of Epic exclusives like Borderlands 3 are starting to appear on third-party sites like Humble and Green Man Gaming, which is a good start (and they're where I buy most of my games tbh), but as yet they're the same price wherever. Hopefully this leads to a little bit of price competition down the line, but I'm not optimistic it'll be soon. It seems to me Epic's priority right now is delivering value to publishers, not customers, I think they'll discourage discounting.
  2. It's a shame Raptr tried to become a social network at the expense of the game tracking thing. I think I could have logged 100 hours in games like Forza 2 and 3, and Bad Company 2, and maybe Rainbow 6 Vegas. I spent ages in those Forza games in the livery editor, and significant time both online and in the fastest lap modes. R6 Vegas was the de facto online game for a while. Most sessions would either begin or end with a long session in that game. It was kind of replaced later with Bad Company 2 for a while. By the time it started to peter out with the release of Battlefield 3, I was already my days of playing on xbox live were starting to wane. Hating Battlefield 3 might have hastened the process. I don't have time to play many games for that long these days, but a few have hit the 100 hour mark: I absolutely rinsed Hitman 2016, but there were still things I could have done in that game, if I'd wanted to. Hitman 2 will definitely get there and Witcher 3 will most likely reach the 100 hour mark in time. Borderlands 2 and Divinity Original Sin times are just how long it took me to get through everything (with maybe a little time on a second character on B2). XCOM comes from multiple play-throughs. I spent a hell of a lot of time on Guild Wars back in the day, but don't have the client to check. My top played game currently is Overwatch by a long way. At the moment it's a 560 hours, and I still play that a couple of times a week, sometimes more.
  3. Fighting monsters in Skellige in the middle of a big storm was really atmospheric
  4. I've only just watched it, and it's just a standard reveal trailer. I don't know why this one in particular is getting such criticism for not having gameplay when pretty much all games are revealed like that. It didn't do a lot for me - the first Knights of the Old Republic is the only Star Wars game I can remember playing for more than an hour or so, definitely the only one I ever finished, so I'm not the type to get hyped by a trailer like that. I did like the Titanfall 2 campaign though, so hoping from something good from Respawn.
  5. Those pictures are now in a different order that when I posted them. Weird.
  6. I decided to stop doing sidequests and head to Skellige, which is basically Northern Ireland but Vikings? The scenery is gorgeous, and the music as you ride to the first quest marker after landing on the island is amazing. I definitely noticed a slight increase in difficulty, the Drowners and Wolves I encountered take a little more to put down than the ones I was fighting just before I left Novigrad.
  7. I'm officially spending far too much time using Ansel in The Witcher 3
  8. Don't really know why, other than my existing physical copies are god knows where, and it was less than £3 to get them both on Steam the other day.
  9. Love the cover art, that's one of the best I've seen since Red Alert 3.
  10. Craymen Edge


    A long but interesting read from Jason Schrier at Kotaku: How BioWare's Anthem Went Wrong
  11. Craymen Edge


    We got confused by Overwatch's April Fool prank on PC, partly because it wasn't quite April 1st yet when we were playing. Yeah, I voted for myself.
  12. More Witcher 3/Nvidia Ansel shots:
  13. I really should be finishing some of my existing games before buying new ones, but:
  14. Randy Pitchford is such an oily repulsive prick. Ugh, oh god. he's doing his shitty magic. I liked the trailer though, it captures the character of the other games pretty well.
  15. Playing around with the Nvidia driver photo mode stuff. The amount of camera control you have in The Witcher 3 is fantastic compared to other games I've used it with. You can move the camera pretty much anywhere, including through open windows if the opening is large enough.
  16. Locking up third party games to a single store on a so-called open platform is shit, but so far there's nothing announced I'm not willing to wait longer for in return for a bit of choice.
  17. Awesome. How long until it's announced as an Epic store exclusive? The first one was great. Eventually. I came close to installing and playing it again a few times in the last couple of years, I think it was the extra step of having to check I had all the right community fixes that stopped me. I look forward to seeing more of this.
  18. Hypnospace Outlaw is pretty wild.
  19. I stopped watching about 10 minutes into the Giant Bomb Quick Look and bought this.
  20. I think I'm the only person left.
  21. Craymen Edge

    The Division 2

    One of the better things about Steam is their download speeds, they're pretty much the best out there. The community boards, guides and walkthroughs etc. can be useful, but are also full of gamers... Meanwhile, the Epic store doesn't have a search option.
  22. Craymen Edge

    The Division 2

    It's not really competition if it's available in fewer places. It won't be available on third party sites for PC like Greenmangaming , humble etc. so there'll only be the one price.
  23. Those Nier tracks did nothing for me. I'm not really really into listening to game music outside of games though, for the most part. It's something I might do for an hour or two a couple of times a year. I remember liking the music of Into The Breach quite a lot when I was playing it.
  24. Craymen Edge

    TV Shows

    Taika Waititi to Write and Direct TIME BANDITS Series Misleading headline from The Nerdist there, as it seems it's just a pilot at this time, but Waititi and Time Bandits sounds like a great combination. It appears it's going to be an Apple TV thing. If it goes ahead, I hope there's an easy way to watch it as someone without any Apple products or services.
  25. This is really slow going for me, as I really only get to put proper time into it on Sundays (and occasionally Saturdays). After taking a couple of sessions to really get going for me, I'm absolutely loving it. I'm being pretty easy going with mixing story and side missions and contracts, taking on whichever is closest or most appropriate for my level. I just finished the Bloody Baron questline on my last session, which was excellent. I like how going off to investigate one thing diverts you onto another set of missions before bringing you back to the main storyline. All the while keeping you engaged and not feeling too much like you're ticking off a checklist of errands.
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