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    Objectively bad music

    This guy has been doing this for years, and barely gotten any better. This one below is from six years earlier: Points for sticking at it I guess?
  2. Craymen Edge

    Apex Legends

    It's really slick, you can see the level of work that's gone into it. The movement and shooting feel pretty good, as you'd expect from Respawn. I payed 5 or 6 games with randoms. Unfortunately I didn't get any kills, we got jumped and wiped out the first couple of times. By the last couple of matches my squad members weren't just wandering off and dying straight away which was an improvement. Unsure as yet if it's for me.
  3. Craymen Edge

    Titanfall FTP Battle Royale game released on Monday

    I downloaded it on Origin last night, but didn't get round to launching it. I'll give it a go tonight, but not sure if Battle Royale games are for me. None of the others have interested me enough to give them a try so far.
  4. Craymen Edge

    Titanfall FTP Battle Royale game released on Monday

    What's the hurry? All the tweets in this thread seem pretty clear to me they're taking about some time today (presumably evening/afternoon due to time differences). I liked Titanfall 2, but it was the Titans and the movement stuff I liked. I'll have a look out for videos or reviews to see what it actually is.
  5. Craymen Edge

    Gaming Shout Thread

    The Caffeine bundle looked pretty decent, except that 5 of the 7 games had been given away free on Twitch Prime in the last few months. Generally though, I've not been interested in much that's been on there in a while. I don't go for the Humble Monthly, because I'd rather know what I'm getting. I did it once, because the 2 games they announced early were both ones I'd been looking out for deals on, so £12 was a steal. They seem to announce the big games for those early, then the rest of the bundle comes later and always looks like filler to me.
  6. Craymen Edge

    Post when you complete a game ‘19

    13/01/19 What Remains Of Edith Finch (PC) 22/01/19 The Red Strings Club (PC) 24/01/19 Pikuniku (PC) Tacoma (PC) Princess Remedy In A World Of Hurt (PC) 01/02/19 Quarantine Circular (PC) Another Mike Bithell short, similar to the equally good Subsurface Circular. A small, enjoyable science-fiction story, playable in a single sitting.
  7. Craymen Edge


    Using Wrecking Ball as... well, a wrecking ball, is so much fun.
  8. Craymen Edge


    There's a new Assault map on the test region right now: Paris.
  9. Craymen Edge

    Post when you complete a game ‘19

    13/01/19 What Remains Of Edith Finch (PC) 22/01/19 The Red Strings Club (PC) 24/01/19 Pikuniku (PC) 27/01: Tacoma (PC) Really enjoyed this. It was an interesting story, and I found it more engaging to play than Gone Home. Princess Remedy In A World Of Hurt (PC) A short (around 40 mins), freebie retro console-style adventure game. I think it might have originally been a game jam project. A pleasant little diversion with charming 8-bit-style looks
  10. Craymen Edge

    Website feedback

    Perils of copy & pasting large chunks of articles, possibly, especially if there's embedded media. The editor retains a lot of formatting and style information from the source site. It's much better now, anyway.
  11. Craymen Edge

    Website feedback

    The Metroid Prime 4 thread looks like this in Chrome on my phone
  12. Craymen Edge

    Post when you complete a game ‘19

    13/01/19 What Remains Of Edith Finch (PC) 22/01/19 The Red Strings Club (PC) 24/01/19 Pikuniku (PC) Very fun, cute adventure platformer. I played for free with Twitch/Amazon Prime, but it's only about a tenner to buy. it's well worth that.
  13. Craymen Edge


    I'd list it for you, but I only read half the article.
  14. Craymen Edge

    Post your latest gaming purchases

  15. Craymen Edge


    If, like me, you can't be arsed to watch 8 videos just to find out: https://variety.com/2019/film/news/oscar-nominations-2019-list-1203112405/
  16. Craymen Edge

    Post when you complete a game ‘19

    13/01/19 What Remains Of Edith Finch (PC) 22/01/19 The Red Strings Club (PC)
  17. Craymen Edge

    Random News

    Pitchford always creeps me out a little bit. I say this with no basis in fact, but he just seems a bit slimy to me. In another universe he'd be one of those guys who runs courses for virgins who want to pick up women. It's not hard to imagine him as shifty in business. I'd rather not think too hard about the other allegation.
  18. Craymen Edge


    The free game on Epic Games Launcher changed today. It's now What Remains Of Edith Finch, which I'm actually pretty interested in playing.
  19. Craymen Edge

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    It's funny that a few of us have all started playing it right now. I played through the tutorial basically at the weekend, I probably won't have time for much more until Saturday. I've wanted the game for ages, but didn't have a PC able to handle it until mid 2018. It's also the 2nd year running I've started an enormous RPG in Janurary. Last year was Divinity Original Sin, which took me months (and over 100 hours) to finish.
  20. Craymen Edge


    Going through some old videos I found this, which is my semi-annual reminder I need to record more stuff when playing with my group: Some traditional Yorkshire swearing to kick things off, followed by my favourite thing to do while playing Orisa. Really, that bridge is unsafe, it should be closed down.
  21. Craymen Edge


    Blizzard doing another one of those play games and watch streams to earn in-game stuff events: https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/news/22835080/get-back-in-the-fight-with-ana-s-bastet-challenge
  22. Craymen Edge

    Gaming Shout Thread

    An Overwatch milestone
  23. Craymen Edge

    Final Fantasy 15

    It started as Final Fantasy Versus XII intended for PS3. Six years after announcement it was changed to FFXV, changed producers, got re-written, and then took another 4 years of development to finish. I don't know if this has already been posted, but the DLC has been cancelled: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-11-08-hajime-tabata-quits-square-enix-final-fantasy-15-dlc-cancelled
  24. Craymen Edge

    Dead Cells

    I stopped playing this in September to concentrate on some larger more time consuming games, but picked it up again this week. I was expecting it to take me a little while to get back into the swing of things, but I got to grips with it immediately and beat the boss in the clock tower on my first session. I'd only got that far once previously in September and died halfway through the fight. I did die quite quickly in the next area to one of the new enemies, of course.
  25. Craymen Edge

    Post your backlog

    I daren't think about my PC backlog. I hope to spend a bit of time going through some, and not buying too many games to add to it, at least for the first few months this year. I started Witcher 3 GOTY this week, which I bought last year. I imagine it's gonna take up a lot of time, so maybe I can fit some smaller games around it.